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The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese

dc.contributor McEnery, A.M. Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language Lancaster University Lancaste
dc.contributor.editor McEnery, A.M.
dc.contributor.editor Xiao, Richard 2018-07-27 2019-07-04T10:19:29Z 2019-07-04T10:19:29Z 2004 2004-04
dc.identifier ota:2474
dc.description.abstract The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (LCMC) is designed as a Chinese match for the FLOB and FROWN corpora for modern British and American English. The corpus is suitable for use in both monolingual research into modern Mandarin Chinese and cross-linguistic contrast of Chinese and British/American English. The corpus sampled 15 written text categories including news, literary texts, academic prose and official documents etc published in P.R.China in the early 1990s. The same sampling frame and period as FLOB/FROWN were used in LCMC. The corpus is encoded in Unicode (UTF-8) and marked up in XML.
dc.description.sponsorship UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
dc.format.extent Text data 30 files : ca. 42.8 MB
dc.format.medium Digital bitstream
dc.language Chinese
dc.language.iso cmn
dc.publisher University of Oxford
dc.relation.ispartof Oxford Text Archive Core Collection
dc.rights Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
dc.rights.label PUB
dc.subject.lcsh Componential analysis (Linguistics)
dc.subject.lcsh Linguistic analysis (Linguistics)
dc.subject.lcsh Chinese language--Modern Chinese, 1919-
dc.subject.other Linguistic corpora
dc.title The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese
dc.type Corpus
has.files yes
branding Oxford Text Archive
files.size 6648677
files.count 2 2000-present

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  • Lcmc
    • file list.doc29 kB
    • manual
      • KAT_K_PY.HTM9 kB
      • KAT_K.HTM53 kB
      • related_publications.htm4 kB
      • KAT_L_PY.HTM8 kB
      • KAT_R.HTM12 kB
      • KAT_G.HTM181 kB
      • KAT_M_PY.HTM1 kB
      • LCMC_KAT.HTM3 kB
      • KAT_N.HTM42 kB
      • KAT_C.HTM78 kB
      • KAT_A_PY.HTM49 kB
      • lcmc_info.htm10 kB
      • lcmc_license.htm22 kB
      • KAT_N_PY.HTM13 kB
      • KAT_J.HTM269 kB
      • KAT_B_PY.HTM28 kB
      • KAT_F.HTM137 kB
      • KAT_P_PY.HTM14 kB
      • KAT_C_PY.HTM10 kB
      • lcmc_tagset.htm4 kB
      • KAT_M.HTM12 kB
      • KAT_D_PY.HTM7 kB
      • KAT_B.HTM284 kB
      • Index.HTM3 kB
      • KAT_E_PY.HTM18 kB
      • KAT_R_PY.HTM3 kB
      • KAT_F_PY.HTM27 kB
      • KAT_P.HTM99 kB
      • KAT_E.HTM130 kB
      • KAT_G_PY.HTM27 kB
      • KAT_L.HTM48 kB
      • KAT_A.HTM132 kB
      • KAT_H_PY.HTM16 kB
      • LCMC_KOD.HTM6 kB
      • KAT_H.HTM77 kB
      • lcmc_copyright_py.htm35 kB
      • KAT_J_PY.HTM38 kB
      • lcmc_copyright.htm103 kB
      • KAT_D.HTM31 kB
    • data
      • pinyin
        • LCMC_H.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_G.xml3 MB
        • LCMC_R.xml407 kB
        • LCMC_F.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_E.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_P.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_D.xml762 kB
        • LCMC_C.xml785 kB
        • LCMC_N.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_B.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_M.xml269 kB
        • LCMC_A.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_L.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_K.xml1 MB
        • LCMC_J.xml3 MB
      • character
        • LCMC_P.XML1 MB
        • LCMC_D.XML716 kB
        • LCMC_C.XML734 kB
        • LCMC_N.XML1 MB
        • LCMC_B.XML1 MB
        • LCMC_M.XML254 kB
        • LCMC_A.XML1 MB
        • LCMC_L.XML1018 kB
        • LCMC_K.XML1 MB
        • LCMC_J.XML3 MB
        • LCMC_H.XML1 MB
        • LCMC_G.XML3 MB
        • LCMC_R.XML389 kB
        • LCMC_F.XML1 MB
        • LCMC_E.XML1 MB
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