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Liber secretus artis occultae. English

dc.contributor Internet Wiretap Lapidus Skinner, Stephen, 1948-
dc.coverage.placeName London 2018-07-27 2019-07-04T10:02:06Z 2019-07-04T10:02:06Z 1624 1994-03-07
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dc.description.abstract The secret book is split into two chapters in this book Original English source (from the Bibliography, p. 172): Nicholas Flammel, his Exposition of the hieroglyphicall figures which he caused to be painted upon an arch in St. Innocents church yard in Paris : with the Secret booke of Artephius and the Epistle of Iohn Pontanus concerning the philosopher stone / done into English out of the French and Latine copies by Eirenus Orandus. -- London : by T. S. for Thomas Walkley, 1624. -- p. 141-235 (partial contents) ; 12vo. -- The secret booke of Artephius has a seperate title page.
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dc.subject.lcsh Technical formularies -- 12th century
dc.title Liber secretus artis occultae. English
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I am typing this treatise in from 'In Pursuit of Gold' by 'lapidus' (Neville Spearman Limited, 112 Whitfield Street, London W1P 6DP, ISBN 0 85435 043 8), without permission. This treatise describes the entire process of preparing the philosopher's stone. There are three seperate operations described here: the preperation of the 'secret fire' (the catalyst or solvent which is used throughout the whole work, without which nothing can be achieved, but which is seldom if ever mentioned in any alchemical treatise), the preperation of 'mercury' (a metallic vapor made from antimony and iron, said to resemble vulgar mercury (Hg) in appearance, necessary in the preparation of the stone) and the preperation of the stone itself. These operations are not presented in sequence. The reader will note that the language is allusive and recondite, that several names are used to refer to the same thing and that one name is used to refer to several things. This is, however, an exceptionally c . . .
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