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Piers Plowman, the A version / compiled by H. Duggan

dc.contributor Duggan, H D English U of Virginia Langland, William, 1330?-1400? 2018-07-27 2019-07-04T09:53:55Z 2019-07-04T09:53:55Z 1365-1370 1989-11-30
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Piers A from Kane (incompletely proofed) PROLOGUE A P001 In a somer sesoun $whanne softe was the sonne A P002 I shop me into a shroud $as I a shep were; A P003 In abite as an Ermyte, $vnholy of werkis, A P004 Wente wyde in @is world $wondris to here. A P005 But on a may morwenyng $on maluerne hilles A P006 Me befel a ferly, $of fairie me @ou#te" A P007 I was wery [for]wandrit $& wente me to reste A P008 Vndir a brood bank $be a bourn[e] side, A P009 And as I lay & lenide $& lokide on @e watris A P010 I slomeride into a slepyng, $it swi#ede so merye. A P011 @anne gan I mete $a merueillous sweuene, A P012 @at I was in a wildernesse, $wiste I neuere where; A P013 Ac as I beheld into @e Est $an hei# to @e sonne A P014 I sai# a tour on a toft $tri#ely Imakid; A P015 A dep dale bene@e, $a dungeoun @ereinne A P016 Wi@ depe dikes & derke $& dredful of si@t. A P017 A fair feld ful of folk $fand I @ere betwene A P018 Of alle maner of men, $@e mene & @e riche, . . .

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