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Poems. Selections

dc.contributor Kenny, Anthony St Johns College Clough, Arthur Hugh, 1819-1861 2018-07-27 2019-07-04T09:49:33Z 2019-07-04T09:49:33Z 1848-1861 1987-01-02
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dc.title Poems. Selections
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<B AMBARVALIA> <P 1> THE human spirits saw I on a day, Sitting and looking each a different way; And hardly tasking, subtly questioning, Another spirit went around the ring To each and each: and as he ceased his say, Each after each, I heard them singly sing, Some querulously high, some softly, sadly low, We know not,---what avails to know ? We know not,---wherefore need we know ? This answer gave they still unto his suing, We know not, let us do as we are doing. Dost thou not know that these things only seem ?--- I know not, let me dream my dream. Are dust and ashes fit to make a treasure ?--- I know not, let me take my pleasure. What shall avail the knowledge thou hast sought ?--- I know not, let me think my thought. What is the end of strife ?--- I know not, let me live my life. How many days or e'er thou mean'st to move ?--- I know not, let me love my love. Were not things old once new ?--- I know not, let me do as others do. And when the rest were over past, I k . . .
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