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Siam : rural economic survey, 1930-31 / compiled by C.J. Howgego

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dc.title Siam : rural economic survey, 1930-31 / compiled by C.J. Howgego
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CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION. This study is entitled " Au Economic Survey of the Rural Problems in Siam." However, in fact it is much more than an economic survey, and from the peculiar nature of the country, its application is much broader than to the country districts of Siam. Consequently, at the beginning of the work, it is essential to outline in detail thc exact nature and purposes of the study. NATURE OF THE STUDY. The first purpose of the study is to show the relationship of rural life in Siam to national security and development and <1vice versa.>1 It interests itself in the economic life of the country people because country people compose the dominant element in the national life of Siam and because their prosperity and living conditions determine, to a large exteut, the prosperity and security of the nation. This condition is not unique to Siam. Many other countries in Asia and in the Western World are likewise dependent upon the condition of their country people; as a . . .

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