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Romeo and Juliet

dc.contributor Taylor, Gary OUP Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
dc.contributor.editor Wells, Stanley W., 1930- 2018-07-27 2019-07-04T10:59:36Z 2019-07-04T10:59:36Z 1599
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dc.description.abstract Mode of access: Online. OTA website Publication based on this text: The complete works / William Shakespeare ; general editors, Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor ; editors Stanley Wells ... [et al.] ; with introductions by Stanley Wells. -- Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1986. -- (Oxford Shakespeare). -- ISBN 0-19-812926-2. Publication based on this text: The complete works / William Shakespeare ; general editors, Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor ; editors, Stanley Wells ... [et al.] ; with introductions by Stanley Wells ; and an essay on Shakespeare's spelling and punctuation by Vivian Salmon. -- Original-spelling ed. / Stanley Wells ... [et al.]. -- Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1986. -- (Oxford Shakespeare). -- ISBN 0-19-812919-X. Another publication of interest: William Shakespeare : a textual companion / by Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor, with John Jowett and William Montgomery. -- Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1987. -- Partial contents: Pp. 69-109. The canon and chronology of Shakespeare's plays -- pp. 80-89. Function words. -- ISBN 0-19-812914-9.
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dc.subject.lcsh Plays -- England -- 16th century
dc.subject.lcsh Tragedies -- England -- 16th century
dc.title Romeo and Juliet
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<T RomQ2><L 1><Y Q><P A2><C ><J :>+ <I * Romeo and Juliet - Q2>+ <I Pro>+ <D The Prologue.> <L 2><S Corus.> <L 3>{Two housholds both alike in dignitie}, <L 4>{(In faire} Verona {where we lay our Scene}) <L 5>{From auncient grudge, breake to new mutinie}, <L 6>{Where ciuill bloud makes ciuill hands Vncleane}: <L 7>{From forth the fatall loynes of these two foes}, <L 8>{A paire of starre-#crost louers, take their life}: <L 9>{Whose misaduentur'd pittious ouerthrowes}, <L 10>{Doth with their death burie their Parents strife}. <L 11>{The fearfull passage of their death-#markt loue}, <L 12>{And the continuance of their Parents rage}: <L 13>{Which but their childrens end nought could remoue}: <L 14>{Is now the two houres trafficque of our Stage}. <L 15>{The which if you with patient eares attend}, <L 16>{What heare shall misse, our toyle shall striue to mend}. <L 17><P A3>+ <I 1 1>+ <J *><D {Enter} Sampson {and} Gregorie, {with Swords and Bucklers, of the}> <L 18><J :><D {house of} Capulet.> . . .

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