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Libro llamado Relox de principes. English

dc.contributor Ward-Perkins, Kate Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?
dc.coverage.placeName Berlin 2018-07-27 2019-07-04T10:58:59Z 2019-07-04T10:58:59Z 1529 1978-01-01
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dc.description.abstract Published in part as the editor's inaugral dissertation (xiv, 100 p.) 1910 Reprint of Lord Berners' translation of a French version of Libro aureo de Marco Aurelio, a surreptitious edition of Guevara's work, which appeared without the author's name in 1528-1529. The genuine edition, enlarged and revised, appeared in 1529 under the titles: Libro llamado Relox de princepes. This was translated into English under the title: The diall of princes. It is a fictitious account of Marcus Aurelius (cf. R. Foulché-Delbosc in Revue hispanique, t. 33, p. 377-382; Cejador y Frauca. Hist. de la leng. y lit. castellana; t. 2, p. 86-90; Guevara, Diall of princes, with introd. by K. N. Colvile, p. xvii-xix)
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dc.title Libro llamado Relox de principes. English
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<p 99> <s 2b> <t the tabvl.> <l 1> Of the byrthe and lynage of Marke Aurelie Anthony emperour. Cap. i. What maysters Marke Aurelie had in his youthe. Cap. ii. What sciencis Marcus the emperour lerned, And of a merueylous letter that he sente to Polion. Cap. iii. Howe for the wysedome of Marcus many wyse men floryshyd in his tyme. Capitu. iiii. Of the emperour Marcus sonne named Uerissimus. Cap. v. What wise aunciente men Marcus chose to instructe his sonne. Cap. vi. Howe it chaunced to fyue wise menne, wherfore they were put out of the emperours house. capi. vii. Howe the emperour reasoned with the maysters that shulde lerne his sonne. cap. viii. Howe the maysters of princis oughte to kepe theym from vices. cap. ix. Howe themperour Marcus nouryshed the princessis his doughters. cap. x. HoweMarcus the emperour dyd chose and proued his sonnes in lawe. cap. xi. What themperoure Marcus sayde to the father of a yonge man, that wolde mary one of his doughters. Capi. xii. How a sonne in lawe . . .
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