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St. Erkenwald (Middle English poem). English

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dc.title St. Erkenwald (Middle English poem). English
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at london in englonde no3t fulle longe tyme sythen crist suffride on crosse and cristendome stablyde ther was a byschop in that burghe blessyd and sacryd saynt erkenwolde as i hope that holy mon hatte in his tyme in that ton the temple aldergrattyst was drawen don that one dole to dedifie new for hit hethen had bene in hengyst dawes that the saxones vnsa3t haden sende hyder thai bete oute the bretons and bro3t hom into wales and peruertyd alle the pepul that in that place dwellide then wos this reame renaide mony ronke 3eres til saynt austyn into sandewiche was sende fro the pope then prechyd he here the pure faythe and plantyd the trouthe and conuertyd alle the communnates to cristendame newe he turnyd temples that tyme that temyd to the deuelle and clansyd hom in cristes nome and kyrkes hom callid he hurlyd owt hor ydols and hade hym in sayntes and chaungit cheuely hor nomes and chargit hom better that ere was of appolyn is now of saynt petre mahon to saynt margre . . .
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