Trusty and well-beloved, WEE Greet you well.

WHEREAS WEE are informed by several Addresses from Our Colony of the Massachusets Bay, and particularly by the Address coming to Us in the Name of The Governour and Council and Convention of the Representatives of the People of Our said Colony, That they had most joyfully received the Notice of Our happy Accession to the Throne of these Kingdoms, and caused the Proclama­tion thereof to be issued throughout Our said TERRITORY; WEE have thereof thought fit hereby to signify Our Royal Approbation of the same, and Gracious Acceptance of your Readiness in performing what was necessary on your parts for the Preservation of the Peace and Quiet of Our said COLONY.

And Whereas you give Us to understand that you have taken upon you the present Care of the Government until you should receive Our Orders therein, WEE do hereby Authorize and Impower you to Continue in Our Name your Care in the Administration thereof and Preservation of the Peace, until WEE shall have taken such Resolutions, and given such Directions for the more or­derly Settlement of the said GOVERNMENT as shall most conduce to Our Service and the Security and Satisfaction of Our Subjects within that Our Colony. And so WE bid you Fare-well.

By His Majesty's Command, Shrewsbury.
To such as for the time being take care forPreserving the Peace andAdministring the Laws in Our Colony of the Massathusetts Bay in New-England, in America.
Locus Sigilli.

Published by Order of the Governour & Council & Representatives, for the Satisfaction of His Majesties good Subjects in New-England.

Printed at Boston in New-England, by Richard Pierce for Benjamin Harris. Anno Domini MDCLXXXIX.

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