THE GHOST OF John Young The HOMICIDE, Who was Executed the 17th of August last, For the MURDER of Robert Barwick, a Sherif's Officer. The following MONODY is written with a View of rescuing his Memory from OBLOQUY, and shewing how inconsistent sanguinary Laws are, in a Country which boasts of her Freedom and Happiness. By Mrs. FAUGERES.



The Ghost of John Young, &c.

THE glooms of Night had veil'd days gaudy beam,
The slumbering winds in whispers breath'd no more,
And old Hasp [...]doc * pour'd his ample stream,
In sullen murmurs by sad Nassau's shore.
When as I roam'd in Melancholy mood,
Where new broke earth compos'd a little mound,
Lo! bending o'er a weeping Spectre stood,
And from his bosom pour'd a plaining sound.
"Alas," he cried, "within this narrow place,
"How sleeps obscure the remnant of my frame;
"How marr'd how mangled ere it fill'd this space
"Ah, how pursued by Obloquy and Blame:
"Thou whom the sons of Men call Justice here,
"Wherefore should Cruelty thus sway thy Laws,
"Why should'st thou ope to Perjury thine ear,
"And shut thine eyes upon a Strangers cause.
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"I, yes I, made a Fellow Mortal bleed,
"With all his powers and faculties awake;
"But in a Frantic hour I did the deed,
"And took the Life which God alone should take
"Yes, I a Murderer was by rage propell'd;
"And I have heard the last the harsh decree,
"But, if the Maniac is a Murderer held,
"Say cool deliberate actors, what are ye?
"What title best will with your temper chime,
"Who can pass sentence with a tearless eye,
"Who break the ancient sacred laws of Time,
"And bid the Young the vigorous mortal, 'die.'
"Whose steady hand [...] weigh out the set reward
"For him who shall extinguish Life so dear,
"Who send the soul perhaps all unprepar'd,
"The Judgement of the eternal Bar to hear,
"But time we gave to make thy peace with God,"
"How did ye know the texture of my mind?
"How know how soon my soul would kiss the Rod?
"Or to Fates awful Mandate be resigned.
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"And Oh, it is a Callous Heart indeed,
"That to the fainting criminal denies,
"One small restorative § when pale fatigue,
"Stops his weak breath and dims his heavy eyes
"But Pity whither hadst thou fled to mourn,
"When the firm Tongue my sad decree which gave,
"Bade me (though once dismist) again return,
"To tell me that I was denied a Grave.
"Ah, hadst thou lingered still within those Walls,
"My Bosom had not known the anguish rise,
"Caus'd by the sounds "On thee, the sentence falls
To be dismembered by the Greedy Knife."
"No greiving Friend it (sternly seemed to say,)
"Shall mark thy Tomb and whisper "here he lies,"
[Page 5]"No tear** fraternal shall bedew the [...]
"That hides thy mangled Corse from human eyes,
"But in some Pit obscure thy Flesh annoy'd,
"Shapeless and bare shall mingle with the ground
"And when corruption hath that Flesh destroy'd
"Where will a Vestige†† of thy Frame be found.
"Shame on the Country where such laws pre­vail,
"Savage as those of rude and barbarous lands,
"Where Power from Justice wrests the trembling scale,
"And cooly dips in human gore his hands.
"Say why does Law condemn the wretch to death,
"Who urg'd by Fury hath his fellow slain?
"Could taking mine restore anothers breath?
"Or cause his clay cold breast to glow again?
"Was I thus punish'd to avenge the Dead?
"Or was it that the living might be taught
"To look upon the Murderer's doom with dread?
"And shun the path with such affliction fraught.
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"If so, why might not the Offender be
"Within some Prison's lonely walls immur'd,
"Shut from the blessings of Society,
"And to the bonds of useful toil innur'd,
"Cut off from every earthly hope, the Soul,
"No worldly wish would dare to stretch abroad
"But as its mournful years in silence roll,
"Would seek a reconcilement with its God.
"Thus would thy Hands, O Law be free from stain,
"And thus would the Inhabitant of Time,
"When he who gave should call the Soul again,
"Return it back▪ unfullied with a Crime.

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