NEW YEAR VERSES, Addressed to those Gentlemen who have been pleased to favour Francis Wrigley, News Car­rier, with their Custom. JANUARY 1, 1783.

[...]CCORDING to Custom, once more I appear
[...] With the Verse you expect at the Dawn of the [...]
[...] Lenght we are got into EIGHTY AND THREE;
[...], in Spite of proud Britain, [...] are happy and free.
[...] the Times have been hard, and our Commerce gone wrong,
We still have been able to struggle along.
If some, thro' Misfortunes, are slack in the Purse,
It is not so bad but it might have been worse.
Great Things, the Year past, were reveal'd to our Eyes:
The Dutch have confess'd us their Friends and Allies,
And humbled the Pride of our haughty Invaders,
By fighting their Fleets and destroying their Traders.
If the English succeeded in taking the COUNT,
To what, in the End, did their Conquest amount?
With their Boasts, and their Brags, and their Shouts of Applause,
It but sav'd them from Ruin,—not ruin'd our Cause.
But leaving the Weight of political Cares
To those, who are plac'd at the Helm of Affairs,
To the Humours of Fortune in all Things resign'd,
I mean by my Visit to put you in Mind,
That, as true as a Clock, both early and late,
With the News of the Day I have knock'd at your Gate,
And gave you to know what the World was a-doing,
What LOUIS intended, or GEORGE was a-brewing.
If sometimes the Papers were trifling and flat,
And the News went against us,—I cou'dn't help that;
If Parties were angry, and vented their Spite,
I bro't you their Wranglings,—not help'd them to write.
I therefore presume (and not without Reason)
You'll remember your NEWSMAN, and think of the Season;
The Markets are high, and the Weather is cold;
No Party I serve, and no Pension I hold.
We Hawkers are Men, and have Children and Wives
To comfort our Hearts and to solace our Lives:
But if I say more, you'll think it is Stuff;
And a Word to the Wise is, in Reason, enough.

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