LOTTERY, For EFFECTS to the full VALUE of 10,000 DOLLARS, or £. 3750, WITHOUT ANY DEDUCTION.

MR. DUNLAP, begs leave to inform the Public, That he has, just arrived in the last Vessels from LONDON, a large and very valuable Collection of Books, in Classical Learning, History, Divinity, Physic, Law, Chymistry, natural History, Voyages, Tra­vels, and Entertainment; with several Sets of the genteel­est Pictures now in Taste in England, which, as they came unexpectedly, and he still persists in his Intention of going to England, he proposes to dispose of by Way of LOT­TERY: And in Order the better to suit the various Tastes of the Adventurers in this Undertaking, and render it still more extensively useful and acceptable, especially to the Ladies, he proposes to intersperse among the Prizes the undermentioned Articles, most of which are also just arriv­ed from London, and may be depended on, as being the best and genteelest of their Kind, viz. several Cases of Sil­ver-handled Knives and Forks, fine Silver-mounted cut Glass Castors in Frames, several Dozen of Table and Tea-Spoons, Cream-Jugs and Tea-Tongs, Silver Coffee-Pots and Stands, Punch and Soop-Ladles, several Pinchbeck and Silver-Watches, Tweezer-Cases, Silver plated and gilt Snuff-Boxes, Stone Jacket-Buttons set in Silver, Ladies best brillant Ear-rings and Neck-laces, Diamond, Eme­rald, Sapphire, Stone and plain Rings, Gold and Stone-Buttons, Silver Paste and Stone-Buckles, two Pieces of very rich Brocade, several Sets of fine China, Cases of Chi­rurgical, Anatomical and other Instruments, a curious large ORRERY with its Apparatus, being the most com­plete Machine of this kind that has hitherto been seen in America: By it, may be illustrated and explained, after the most easy and familiar Manner, the Motions of all the Planets, Primary and Secondary, their Magnitudes and Distances, Stations, Retrogradations, &c. The Increase and Decrease of Day and Night, the grateful Variety of the Seasons, with the Eclipses of the Sun and Moon, &c. &c. An Air-Pump and its Apparatus, a large reflecting Tele­scope, and a Lot of Ground, lying at Gloucester, called Lil­liput, formerly belonging to Mr. D. I. Dove, which has a most delightful and pleasant Situation, and contains about two Acres of Garden-Ground, well improved, and fenced in with Boards; One Acre is planted with fine Apple, Plum, Peach, and Cherry-Trees, which bear a great Deal of choice Fruit: The other Acre, is almost all plant­ed with the largest Battersea Asparagus: There are on the Premises, a Dwelling-House, and a very large Barn, fit for storing Merchants Goods, designed either for Importation or Exportation: Besides which, there is a Cellar already dug and walled up with good Stone, about twenty Feet Square: Nigh which there is a Well of excellent Water. There is a small Grove of Pine-Trees before the Garden, from which you are entertained with a most beautiful Pros­pect of the City of Philadelphia, and of the River, for four or five Miles downwards; so that no Ship can pass or repass, but by hailing her, you may easily know from whence she came, or whither she is going. N. B. Said Lot lets for Twelve Pounds a Year, and may be entered on immedi­ately.

The Prizes to be classed in such Order, that the Fortunat [...] may have as complete a Variety as the Value of the Pri [...] he may draw, will admit of: The whole Collection to be examined by four disinterested Persons, who are best ac­quainted with the Worth of each Article, and their intrin­sic Value ascertained by them, that the Public may be s [...]tisfied there can be no Fraud in this Undertaking: Aft [...] the Drawing is finished, Care will be taken to forward the Prizes of the Fortunate, that are moveable, to any Part of the Continent, in such Manner as they may please to order and it is not doubted but the Whole will be conducted [...] the entire Satisfaction of the Public: The Drawing t [...] commence on Tuesday, the Twenty-eighth Day of April next at a House on Pettey's ISLAND, nearly opposite the City of Philadelphia, when Boats shall be provided at my own Cost to bring over such as may choose to be present at the draw­ing; and the Prizes published in the Pennsylvania GAZETT [...] and the New-York MERCURY: Prizes not demanded within Six Months after Publication as aforesaid, will be given to the PENNSYLVANIA-HOSPITAL.

Number of Prizes.Pieces of Eight. Total Value.
1Collection valuedat700is700
1 at400is400
1 at200is200
1 at100is100
2 at51is102
10 at25is250
15 at15is225
480 at6is2880
1262 at4is5048
1773Prizes. First drawn,25
3227Blanks. Last drawn,25
 Ticket drawn before the 700, 15
 Ticket drawn after the 700, 15
 Ticket drawn before the 400, 8
 Ticket drawn after the 400, 7
5000Tickets, at Two Dollars each, are10,000

This Scheme may, without Exception, be said to b [...] the most favourable one hitherto calculated for the Adventurers, as there are not near two Blanks to a Prize▪ And, as I have no other View in making this Lottery, tha [...] purely to bring my Affairs to a speedy Settlement ere [...] embark for England, there will be no Deduction, and co [...]sequently the Lottery will be upwards of FIVE HUNDRE [...] and SIXTY POUNDS richer on that Account.

TICKETS are now selling by Captain Thomas Glentworth Mr. Samuel Soumain, Mr. Iosiah Davenport, Mr. Benja [...] Loxley, and Mr. William Murray, who are appointed Man­agers, and have given Bond for the faithful Discharge [...] their Trust, as also by Ioseph Pugh, Esq in Lancaster Mr. Michael Swoap, in York-Town, Mr. M'Intire, in Carlis [...] David Henderson, Esq in Reading, Doctor Iackson, in Chester and by said Dunlap, at the Post-Office, Philadelphia

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