THE Prophetic NUMBERS OF DANIEL and JOHN CALCULATED; In Order to shew the TIME, WHEN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT For this FIRST Age of the GOSPEL, is to be expected: And the Setting up the MILLENNIAL KINGDOM OF JEHOVAH and his CHRIST.

By RICHARD CLARKE, Minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.

REV. xix. 10.

The Testimony of JESUS is the Spirit of Prophesy.

1 JOHN iv. 1.

Beloved, believe not every Spirit; but try the Spirits, whether they are of GOD: for many false Prophets are gone out into the World.

1 COR. ii. 14, and 15.

But he that is spiritual discerneth all Things, yet he himself is discerned of no Man.

The natural Man receiveth not the Things of the Spirit of God: For they are Foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

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I Was led by extraordinary impres­sions to compute the numbers of Daniel and John, who are both be­loved prophets, and the counter­parts to each other: They contain the beginning and end of all the great confusion, which sin has brought into the works of ALEIM JEHOVAH.

First, I was led to consider, where the theocracy of the God of Israel ended, after the ancient departure out of Egypt, when his judges or rulers were cast off by their kings.

[Page 4] This fell out in 427 years, when Saul was chosen: Then was I led to consider, that about this time the ANTICHRIST of false interpretation for the gospel was nourished with great ease and honour at the courts of emperors, eastern and western, who did as much destroy the spirit of the gospel, as the kings of Judah and Israel did the spirit of the law and the prophets.

This was near 1095 years before the CHRIST of the ALEIM of Moses, who is the king or head of Israel, promulged again the theocracy of the triune JEHOVAH in the beloved Son.

From this date I was conducted to calculate the last number of Daniel in the close of his prophecy:Dan. xii. 12.blessed and holy is he, that cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days, but go thy way 'til the end be; for thou shalt rest and stand in the lot at the end of the days.

These two numbers make 1762.

In verse 9 Daniel was bid to go his way; for the words were closed up and sealed, 'til the time of the end: Verse 9. that is, it would not be revealed, 'til the season of its fulfilling was coming on and ex­piring. The LOT here is a term of the law, the LORD'S PORTION, or the FIRST-BORN, the leading character of that dispensation.

[Page 5] Within four years of this time, under the gos­pel,SIXTUS III. in the year 432. there was a pope, whose name was Sixtus III. which period nearly agrees.

This ought to appear an extraordinary mark to such, who believe, that the whore of Babylon, and the great city, signify the corrupt church of Rome only: since the THIRD SIXTH in all the languages of Babylon the great, answers to 666.

But if this number should compose the name of the BEAST, it must be remembered, that the whore rideth on the scarlet or purple coloured beast; Rev. xvii. 3. and therefore it cannot be interpreted con­fusedly. For she appears the same as Babylon the great, which contains all the peoples,Verse 5. and multitudes and kindreds and tongues. We must allow that all mankind rise out of water and blood of fallen Adam, and the spirit of this outer court. This is the whore, sitting over these waters. The 70 tongues arose in Adam's fall, though the typical history be shewn at old Babel. It means then in spiritual prophesying, that the carnal and corrupt heart, the animal man of St. Paul, the heart and flesh of fallen Adam, had so defiled the gospel by base in­terpretation, that the power of the beast was set up upon the new spirit, 1 John v. 8. water and blood of JESUS,Ezek. xi. 19. to be poured out upon all of the old flesh. Then the schools and sons of the prophets were confined to a few only: And the two great leaders of the church in this age were Jerome and Austin, 1 Corin. xiv. 29, 30, 31, 32. we need not say more.

[Page 6] The world, the corrupt heart set up the beast, a false interpretation to save the crucifying and living and dying with Jesus, because he had done all, as was pretended, and carried away the law and the prophets;John v. 5, 6, 7, 8. instead of the bles­sed Jesus opening the law and the prophets, and fulfilling his mighty powers and spiritual priest­hood in them, of a new spirit, and water and blood, the one holy seed and work that he had been, and will be doing till sin, and misery its wages and curse, are no more,—Amen.

As the church of Rome, by the baseness and submission of other churches of Africa, had the greatest hand, in bringing in one confusion and false lip of interpretation after another, she may be considered as an eminent Antichrist, full of false tongues and stammering lips;Isaiah xxviii. 11. but in what light can she answer to the name Mystery or Babylon the great, which comprehendeth all the peoples, and tongues, and languages, and nations; and in her was found the blood of pro­phets, and of saints, Rev. xviii. 24. and of all that were slain upon the earth.

Can words describe the World more plain­ly, which our saviour uses so continually in the gospel of St. John, and he scatters this word through his epistles. This disciple of the bo­som best knew the mysteries, the deep and prophetic sense of his master's kingdom.

There are many antichrists, saith this belov­ed writer,1 John ii. 18. who understood the full force and spirit of prophesying: And antichrist will come, that is, an eminent one, the church of Rome, and another, even Mahomet.

[Page 7] Yet it must be considered, that the one tem­per and disposition, which slew all the true in­terpreters and messengers of the revelation of God, in every part of the great city, which is the world, slew them in Judea, and in Rome; under Mahomet, and in Gentilism: They slew their bodies, or rejected their interpretation by a false lip and lying tongue set up against them, which is the spiritual death of prophesying in the sense of Paul and John, evangelical prophets, and of the ancient prophets.

Secondly, I was led to compute the time, when the temple of Solomon was seized by the old typical Babylonians after its building; and the spiritual prophets, or interpreters of that temple had written.

The siege of Jerusalem fell out in 428, and the taking of the temple, about two years after.

This is near the same time as before, and would expire by adding the 1335 days of Daniel, in 1763, or 1765. This is near the same time when Jesus Christ the PROPHET of his own spiritual, and heavenly temple disappear­ed in a manner: For after he had shewn the MYSTERY which he had been doing among the 70 nations, or tongues of the world, by all the rites and figures of the law; how he had killed and slain and poured out the false water and blood of Adam, and had been pour­ing his pure and holy water, and blood and spirit, which he brought to light on the cross? [Page 8]how he had done all the parts of the true sa­crificer and feeder of his people: Then came the time, when the true temple and all its spiritual and inward priesthood was over­thrown; when things imputed were setting up instead of the royal blessings implanted and ingrafted into the old dead tree, the tree of mortal flesh, through him as the tree of life, with twelve fruits, mediating or coming be­tween our foul water and blood. For these holy powers were to quicken the dry bones, the dead earth, and vessels of Adam's fallen ta­bernacle, into living spirit, and water and blood, by continual union, touch and inha­bitation of the Lord of the GLORY, or the CHERUBIM overshadowing the world, as the temple.

I was then led to compute the number 666, by adding the one thousand two hundred and sixty days for the prophesying of the two wit­nesses in sackcloth,Rev. xi. 3. before the false prophets should be cast down.

My mind was guided to consider the time, when Antiochus, a type of an insolent power, and defiler of the sanctuary, that should rise up in the new temple, did all those impie­ties and mocking insults on the old temple,1 Mac. i. as recorded in Maccabees, for three years and an half. This is the number of time so famous among the Jews on his account.Lightfoot. Vol. II. p. 513. This event fell out about 168, or 167, before Christ: Deducting these numbers from 1926, it will bring us to 1758, or 1759, when the slaying of the witnesses at the end or towards the ex­piration of their testimony will most likely [Page 9]begin. This slaying of prophetic testimony does not mean only shedding blood, but mak­ing merry over it,Joshua vii. 21. as this golden tongue of St. John, which is covered, describes the peoples, and tribes, and languages, and nations, rejoic­ing over the prophets;Rev. xi. 9, 10, 11. not suffering their dead bodies, their rejected prophesies, to be put in graves; that is, forgot and buried in silence, but talking of their testimony, and sporting with it.

Again, The first name of Babylon the great,Rev. xvii. 5. wrote on her forehead is mystery: Mystery always signifies something concealed, and to be explained. The Hebrew word for mystery, according to the pronuniciation of the natural vowels, or sounds is sater. Samech Aleph Thau He Resh [...] 60 1 400 5 200.

Let us then join Antiochus under the law to his antitype under the gospel, who cast out the mystery of a life hid with Christ in GOD,Col. iii. 3. to a mystery of iniquity and folly, of Jewish rites and figures with an heathen sense and meaning: And this will bring us to a time, when the false prophet,2 Thesal. ii. 9.10. the lying and stammer­ing lip of interpretation, had got into the tem­ple, and was working his lying wonders with all deceivableness of unrighteousness and speaking lies in hypocrisy. 1 Tim. iv. 2.

We shall approach the time,Babylonian Thalmud 500, or 505 years after CHRIST. when the Ba­bylonian Thalmud, that spiritual captivity of the treasures, the sacred vessels and holy myste­ries of Moses was proclaimed with universal joy and triumph. At this time such a doctri­nal [Page 10]of the sacred truths, of the new temple of Jesus was set up, and drove out Moses and his prophets, and Jesus the son of the new house of glory,Heb. iii. 6. and Paul, and John and Peter, his prophets with golden tongues.

Count 1260 days for the two witnesses in sackcloth from both periods,Rev. xi. 3. as they are dis­puted: They will make 1760, or 1765. Near this time Babylon with her strife of 70 tongues will be put to silence by the golden bells,Psalms xxxi. 20. on the typical garments, which are so many tongues and voices proclaiming the great high priest Jesus saviour,—Amen. Luke ii. 10. Soon the false and lying tongue will be put to silence all over the earth; for the Lord of the glorious Cheru­bim will take to himself those only, who were made holy by his own living, and divine substance being offered into their new temples, and present­ed into them: For this only must be the power of his endless life freely communicated to them. He is the prophet,Heb. vii. 16. priest and king in all his spiritual characters, and powers given of rich grace into his peculiar subjects, and children.

Others expect Christ to be a sin offering, which Paul the prophet says, was only once to be of­fered in our flesh:Heb. ix. 24, 25, 26, 27. But the people of his ho­ly spirit, water and blood, who are truly par­takers of his spiritual and divine nature,2 Peter i. 4. were to feed on him as their daily meat and drink-offering, and peace-offering from the altar of fire: From whence he is feeding his great congregation, and covering them under the glory of all the cherubim burning to the four corners of the earth.Ezek. i. 4. Chap. x. 6, 7.

[Page 11] Now this mystery of Babylon the great,Psalms xxxi. 20. is just opening; and a first-born lot out of her strife of tongues, and many peoples, and languages, and nations, will be brought under the tents of Sem, who is the first born of God the Aleim:Gen. ix. 26, 27. Who is the man child of Psaiah and of St. John, Isai. lxvi. 7. and the prophets. They will dwell with him,Rev. xii. 5. the son, the strong male. our elder brother the first born-Jesus under that glory, where the general assembly and church of all the first-born have been hid,Jer. xx. 15. xxx. 6. and will be made known at the brightness of his coming:Ezek. i. 26. For all who are born of the flesh,Dan. vii. 13. by the will of man, and of his spirit, water and blood, and live after the flesh, will die,John iii. 6. and their carca­ses will be an abhorrence unto men.Isai. lxvi. 24.

After these calculations I was led to consider the 2300 days of the eighth of David. which were appointed for cleasing the sanctuary.

An host, or holy number as some interpret, was given against the daily offering by reason of transgression, Dan. viii. 12, 13. to tread down the truth to the ground, and it practised and prospered.

The daily offering is the whole compleat ser­vice of the temple every day, which was do­ing for the nations of the four corners of the earth.

So long as this number was secret, so long should Babylon the great, and her kings, and peoples, tread down truth; Dan. viii. 13. and the sanctuary under foot; institute and support false religion in opposition to the one revelation of Moses and Jesus Christ.

[Page 12] In the thirteenth verse,Verse 13. the saint who is call­ed the revealer of secrets, or wonderful Num­berer in the margin, answers that the time was 2300 days. Evening.

Why they call this HOLY ONE the wonderful numberer does not appear, unless they took it from the ancient Jews, who apprehended some great truth concealed: For it is properly the one just or HOLY ONE answered to the question.

However it is declared,Verse 17. that at the time of the end, should be the vision of that number.

I was then led to count this number, from the time of Belshazzar's impious feast and moc­kery with all the great lords,Dan v. and concubines of his vast kingdom, when they drank out of the sacred vessels of the temple, which his fa­ther had taken away.

This is only a typical Babylon, for all nations and tongues were not shut up in this empire.

This fell out in 538 years according to the most exact chronologies we have, and it runs down to 1762 under Christ: The kingdom of this type was taken at midnight, and himself slain by Cyrus, who put an end to the captivi­ty of Judah.

Judah is a figure of the first-born. Judah on whom the blessing was to be,Gen. xlix. 8, 9, 10. because he was to be Joseph the younger in the flesh,1 John v. 7. a sin-offering of love, to the glory of Aleim Jehovah, the Father, word, and holy spirit.

[Page 13] This feasting and drinking out of the ves­sels of the temple expresses in that fine way, in which GOD hides himself from prophane and mocking tempers; it expresses too the blindness of the christian age we are now in, who use the vessels without the sense of the new temple.2 Peter liii, 3. Jude 18. Col. i. 26. Chapt. iii. 3. Peter and Jude describe the last times abounding with scoffers and mockers at sacred truths, at the mystery of a life hid in Christ with GOD, the whole godhead.

This profanation was the first committed, after the going out of the prophesy; and it describes the general character of the sensual heart and life on earth: Cain, Ham, Ishmael, and Esau are contained under this picture, who drank out of the vessels and figures of religion without attending to the great and spiritual blessings. It points out the age when they should through all the kingdoms, and tongues and nations of the world, be drunk with wealth and pleasure, 'till Jesus should come on a sud­den, and cut them asunder, and give them their portion in the fire and lake of Hell.

Our time cannot be affirmed to be exactly true; but at midnight, that is, at an hour un­expected, as at the passover in Egypt, (though they had warning) will Babylon the great fall,Exod. xi. 4.5. and the delivere of all the holy people, or segullah selected out of all nations shall come:Exod. xix. 5. They shall go out of captivity to their own country,Mal. iii. 17. the new Heavens and new earth un­der the true Cyrus Christ, King of kings, and Lord over the lords of the whole earth. God appointed Cyrus, at the first deliverer in type, [Page 14]by Isaiah, Isai. xliv. 28. xlv. i. one of the prophets of the whole gospel dispensation.

Hence we must look for this overthrower of Babylon, the great city, and all kingdoms, and cities and peoples of the world under the gospel, when the Lord shall be exalted in that day.Isaiah. ii. 11.

Lastly, The prophet Daniel speaks, that he (the Messiah) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week; Dan. ix. 28. and in the division of the week, he shall cause the oblation to cease, and for the over-spreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined, shall be poured upon the desolate.

The 70 weeks of Daniel are 490 days;Dan. ix. 27. by centuries 49,000 years, or by ten times seven hundred for each week, they will make 7000 years according to the mystic sense of the an­cient Jews, who allowed 7000 years for the week of the world. Seven of these weeks run up to the seven weeks of pentecoste, and to the seven sabbatic years to the jubilee. In equal por­tions, they make 49,000 years: For ten weeks, allowing a century or double jubilee for each day, make the equal portions of the whose seventy weeks, and reduce them to seven sabbatic years.

On this ground a week of years in Daniel is 7000. In verse 26th he says, desolations are cut off, by which we may understand, that the time of them were shortned, as our Lord has told us,Matth. xxiv. 22. that those days should be shortened for the elect's sake. It may be hence concluded, [Page 15]that the judgments of God will be for these days, or first week of the gospel happened, by reason of the great sins, and impieties of all nations, and christian kingdoms in a more high degree.

This particular circumstance St. Paul also mentions: He will finish the account or num­ber, and cut it short in righteousness;Rom. ix. 28. for a short account will the Lord make on earth.

Our Lord was crucified on the sixth day of labour, or servile week of the old law; Matt. xxvii. 46. but he expired about the three in the afternoon,Mark xv. 53. at the ninth hour, the time of offering the evening sacrifice.

It was about the sixth hour and there was darkness over all the earth,Luke xxiii. 44, 45, 46. until the ninth hour when Jesus gave up the spirit.

This period does not fill up a whole day, but falls short of a portion; wherefore the spi­ritual sense (in which alone all parts of the holy high priest's life will be fulfilled in a dignity becoming his high name) cannot compleat a sixth day of a thousand years for every day of the servile week.

The piercing of his side before the sun of this world set, between the 3d and 6th hour,Zach. xiv. 8. appears to be the time of the great pouring his living waters and precious blood into the righ­teous;Ezek. xlvii. 5. and pouring out the vials of his wrath upon all the wicked, in a double cup for all corrupt christians, and much more for those who have a purer gospel.

[Page 16] This time of a portion of 12 hours for a day is mentioned by the greats prophet Jesus Christ, John ix. 12. are there not twelve hours in a day: But these hours cannot be measured, to pro­portion them to one thousand years, because we are not informed how soon he was pierced after his death.

At this time the daily offering to the nati­ons of the earth of the precious water and sanc­tifying blood, the ransom, will be taken away from them; for the bridegroom will be gone, and this period of the one week from the 70 of Daniel, will be shortned for the over-spead­ing of abominations.

At that time there will be no more oblation of his spirit, and water and blood, shed out of the glory of the Cherubim, 1 John v. 6. which covers all kingdoms peoples and tongues and nations under its spreading wings, and its wheels are high and lifted up touching Heaven and earth.

Somewhere in the cutting,Ezek. i. 15, 18. or division of this day, will the sun be darkened, which now lightens kingdoms and cities and peoples to follow the lusts of the flesh, and the lust of the eye, and the pride of life; and above all to the lust of wealth: The stars will drop down from the heavens at once,I John ii. 16. in one hour.

Then the rocks will be rent, the graves shall be opened, and the dead will arise, and all na­tions shall stand before the son of man.

The 120 years of typical Noah, were short­ened: The Aegyptians, Chaldees and Persi­ans [Page 17]preserved the typical sense of the 120 years, and interealated a month at the end of every hundred and twenty years, which they called the GREAT MOON.

Our Lord's body was 36 hours in the grave, which is the long day of typical Joshua in his great victory;Joshua x. 12, 13, 14. for then the sun was stopped in his course: In the antitype is meant,Isaiah xxviii. 21. that the sun of righteousness, Eccl. xlvi. 4. in the going down of this day, will arise and break forth with heal­ing in his wings to the general assembly of the first-born out of all nations.Heb. xii. 23.

Then will he rain down waters of life,Num. xxiv. 7. and sprinkle his holy blood on his people; Jer. li. 13. then will he cast down his heavenly fire,Eze. xliii: 2. which shall burn the outer-court, and all that are Gentiles, Zach. xiv. 8. in the flesh and not in the spirit. Rev. xi. 2.

The whole congregation of the first-born and first fruits, is going with Jesus Christ, the Lord and head, to enter the new earth and new heavens, while the heavens that are now, are kept in store, 2 Pet. iii. 7. reserved unto fire against the day of judgment, and perdition of ungodly men.

The VEIL of the hidden temple shall be o­pened; the wicked and scoffer will see the kingdom of Christ within, brought to light,Luke xvii. 21. and shall howl with astonishment, fear and an­guish,Mark iv. 11. at their madness and folly in scorning the mystery of the kingdom. Mat. xiii. 11.

For he shall cry with his VOICE as the sound of many waters; Eze. xliii. 2. and all this world of the Curse shall vanish before him,Rev. i. 15. who will plant his [Page 18]THRONE,Rev. xxi. 4. and glorious kingdoms; wherein death and sorrow and curse shall be no more.

The word which is translated in the midst of a week,Robertson Thes. ling. sanc. in Cheth. root. 101. signifies any division, and not an equal one, as Kimchi has shewn: This appears the concealed meaning of a time, times, and the dividing of time twice mentioned in Daniel. Dan. vii. 27. xii. 7.

It seems then to refer to the cutting of the last part, whatever portion GOD shall appoint for it.

This circumstance is answered again by St. John, where the woman is nourished in a wil­derness for a time, times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

Both these prophets beloved of their Lord, (whose deep sense veil the whole kingdom of Jesus from the beginning to the fall of Baby­lon of death, and hell and sin) bear a view to their master's language; that those days, or the time of one week should be cut off, or shor­tened; and for the reason assigned by Daniel, the over-spreading like a flood, of abominable impieties of the whole world: This Age is the exact picture of it;Rev. xviii. 14. when Babylon falls, and all her fine and goodly things for which her soul lusted, are no more to be found.

The only number remaining is that of the 1290 days,Dan. xii. 11. in the last chapter.Verse 11.

This number extends 30 days above the 1260 of St. John: And it is to be explained [Page 19]in the great sense for the ages of ages to suc­ceed,Mat. vi. 13. Ephes. iii. 11. which are mentioned in several places.Rev. xiv. 11.

These must be divided in a double portion for jubilees, and a third for centuries, the aera of the Gentile church.

860 jubilees make 43,000 years: The first 7000, or one week or age being added, they fill up the fifty days of Pentecoste, Levit. xxiii. 15, 16. and the fif­tieth year of jubilee;Levit. xxv. 8, 10. the feast of weeks and the seven great sabbaths of years.

The last 430 of this number reckoned by centuries of Japhet the Gentile, amount to the same number. If they are compounded, they make 86,000 years: But as the 14 sabbatic years at the end of every 6000 must be consi­dered as years of release, by adding these,Exod. xxi. 2. the double year of 100,000 is filled up:Deut. xv. 9, 12. 100 years was typical Noah in building his ark,Gen. vii. 13, 14. for all creatures; where Ham the servant of ser­vants, goes in with his brethren Shem and Japhet.Rev. xiv. 6.

The 1260 days of St. John can give only 84,000 years; and the 14 sabbatic years will not give the two octaves,Lev. xxiii. 15. the eighth day to each period, which is the crown of pentecoste, Deut. xvi. 9. and of jubilee. Lev. xxv. 10.

We must remember, that this first great week, or first age will be shortened: It will not run so many sabbatic years, nor years of jubilee, nor centuries, as the prophesies re­garding time declare, in many places produced and explained.

[Page 20] The prophesy of Mr. Love ought not here to be omitted, as it is not his own. I have not seen a word of his, or the calculations of any one.

Let us give the account of this prophesy in his own expressions.

"The prophesy which Jehoram copied off, and translated out of the Hebrew language as it is written on Seth's pillar in Damascus: Which pillar is said to have stood since before the flood, and was built by Seth, Adam's son, and written by Enoch, the prophet; as likewise the holy precepts whereby the patriarchs walk­ed, before the law was given to Moses, which was also engraven on the said pillar, whereof many Jews have copies in their own language, written on parchment, and engraven on brass and copper: But the alteration of the date makes them to stagger at it, not knowing that the dates were to be altered by the birth of Christ.

"First, this prophesy is intitled, a short work of the Lord's in the latter age of the world.

"Great earthquakes and commotions by sea and land shall come in the year of God 1756.

"Great wars in Germany and America 1757.

"The destruction of popery, or Babylon's fall, in the year 1758.

"The anger of GOD against the wicked in the year 1759.

[Page 21] "GOD will be known by many in the year 1760. And this will produce a great man.

"The stars will wander, and the moon turn as blood in 1761.

"Asia, Africa, and America will tremble in 1762.

"A great earthquake over the whole world in 1763.

"GOD will be universally known by all: Then general reformation and peace for ever; when the people shall learn war no more: Hap­py is the man that liveth to see this day."

These things have hitherto had an accom­plishment sufficient for the opening of a vision of prophesy. Popery is his own conception of Babylon; and it's fall will be by the spirit of prophesying, that is, of interpreting sacred writ, which is the testimony of Jesus. Rev. xix. 1.

The year 60 appears the rising of the wit­nesses, when greater gifts of the spirit will be poured forth over the christian world.

The other effects 1761, 1762, 1763, ap­pear to be the physical changes, which the messiah, the Lord of the glory of the Cherubim is working, 'till he bring the glory to open view.

Spiritual prophesying, or unfolding the my­stery of GOD, even the father;Col. ii. 3. and of Christ (in whom are hid the treasures of wisdom and knowledge) will run like a a silent stream, and [Page 22]speak like a soft voice a Bath-col: It will es­cape the carnal heart and eyes,Rev. iii. 18. which have not the unction of Christ the great prophet in them.1 John ii. 20.

As for my own part I shall leave myself to be judged by the sons of the prophets; for the spirits of the prophets or interpreters of holy writ,1 Cor. xvi. 32. are subject to the prophets.

The false prophet of the law, and of Christ, is the false representation of the mistery of the gospel: And this is that character,2 Thes. ii. 9. which worketh lying wonders even to deceive if it were possible,Rev. xiii. 13. the chosen people of GOD.

Lastly, No manifestation of the divine good­ness; no execution of judgments ever came without a double voice of comfort to the good and of terror to the wicked. It is of small mo­ment who is the mouth, an angry Jonah, or a Daniel; a covetous Balaam, or a John.

For these are public characters, designed for the edifying of the whole church, whatever may be the end of the messengers: for both good and bad men have been made instruments to cut off all evasion and objection on this point.

No time carries more marks than the pre­sent world and age for the fall of Babylon the great, when every kingdom is looking out for more gold,Rev. xviii. 13. and silver, and precious stones, and odours, and wine and ointment, like the old Jews at the first revelation of the mystery, of the Messiah: He will come as in the days of Noah, and Lot and Jerusalem: He will hide himself under the spiritual glories of his kingdom from [Page 23]the prophane, and sensual; from the rich and noble according to the flesh, 1 Cor. i. 26. wh [...] the humble and lowly in heart, in whatever part of the earth, or station of life, shall find God and Christ, Isai. lxii. 32. revealed in their souls,John iii. 29. and shall be ready with the holy garment of the bride, Matth. ix. 15. to meet the bridegroom at his open manifestation and marriage. Rev. xxi. 2.9.

He, that hath ears to hear, let him hear.xxii. 17. Mat. xi. 15. Mark iv. 9. Luke viii. 8. Rev. ii. 7. AMEN.

We will now draw all the numbers into a short view.

The 70 years of Jeremiah in chap. xxv. 12. xxix. 20. were understood by Daniel, Dan. ix. 21. and they appear to be the 70 weeks of years which Gabriel informs him of at the 24th verse.

These 70 weeks make 490 days; and these days allowing a century or double jubilee for each day, which is the end of time with the church of Christ among the Gentiles; they will make 49,000 years. This number will answer to the seven weeks of Pen­tecoste, and to the seven times seven years up to the jubilee. Thus are filled up the seven Ages of the gospel, before the Messiah shall have finished his glorious conquest over sin and death.

The proper theocracy of God was thrown off by ask­ing a king about the year 427:1 Sam. viii. 7, 8, 9. The theocracy of God by the Messiah under the gospel was departing about this time: The famous number of Daniel of 1335 days in chap. xii. 12. measured from this year of the Christ of God, runs down to 1762.

Within four years of this period we meet with the pope Sixtus the third, or third sixth: by adding these we shall come to 1766.

The typical temple of Solomon was taken by the typical Babylonians in 430, but the siege of Jeru­salem [Page 24]began in 428 years after the building of the tem­ple. Under the Messiah the prince of peace, and Lord of the true temple, spiritual interpretation ceased about this time. If we measure this period by 1335 days of Daniel, they will expire in 1763, or 1765.

The number of St. John of 666 and 1260 days for the prophets in sackcloth added together,Rev. xi. 3. make 1926 years. Measure this period from Antiochus who defiled the temple under Moses, 167 or 168 years before Christ, to his antitype of the gospel, or the power of Anti­christ: This will lead us to the year of Christ 1758, or 1759.

Again. Let us compute the period of the Baby­lonian Thalmud proclaimed after Christ, in the year 500, or 505: reckon 1260 days or years, before Meses and the Messiah, Rev. xi. two witnesses of God rise and come forth: and this will reach to the year 1760, or 1765.

If we reckon the number of Daniel in chap. viii. 12, 13. of 2300 days appointed for the cleansing of the sanctuary, Dan. v. from Belshazzar's impious feast, and the taking of the typical Babylon 538 years before Christ; this will conclude in 1762 of our time.

The cutting short of this first age of the gospel has been fully explained: So that the only number of Daniel remaining is the 1290 days from the taking away the daily oblation. Dan. xii. 11.

These appear to be days of jubilees and centuries, whose meaning I have opened in page 18 and 19; according to my light, and the gift of God in Christ.

These witnesses of God in prophetic numbers concur­ring so nearly in time are left to speak for themselves. May the Christ of God anoint our eyes,Rev. iii. 18. that we may see and be wise to understand the signs of the times. Dan. xii. 10.


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