THE Following TREATISE, Contains, A Brief ACCOUNT OF Persecutions, in Boston and Connecticut Governments; Taken out of AUTHORS:

WHEREBY it may be seen, That a People may be Deceived under the highest Conceit of Religion, and think­ing they are worshipping GOD, when, indeed, they are worshipping the Dragon, and persecuting the Children of GOD, that worship him in Spirit and in Truth.

By John Bolles, of New-London.

Printed for the AUTHOR, 1758.


I Observe, in a Proclamation, given forth by Governour Fitch, of Connecticut, at the desire of the General Assem­bly in October last, under the Consideration of the tokens of God's Displeasure, by his Judgments already come upon us; and what we have cause to Fear is hastening, &c.

IT is therefore Required, in order to a Reformation in said Colony, in these Words,—A Proclamation, command­ing and strictly enjoining every Assistant, Justice of the Peace and all Grandjurymen & other informing Officers within this Colony, in their respective Offices, duly to put in Ex­ecution, the Laws made for the Observation of the Sabbath or Lord's-Day, &c.

To this I Answer,— There is not the least command, example, name nor the least breath or tittle in Scripture for said Sabbath, much [Page 4] less for the observation of it; but comman­ded to be a day of labour, both in the Old Testament and New,— See Exod. 2 [...].9, 10. Six days shalt thou labour & do all thy work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God &c. Mat. 26.32. But after I am risen again, I will go before you into Galilee. Compare this with Chap. 28.1. to 10. and we may see, Christ before he suffered, as also the Angel of the Lord upon his Resurrection, and Christ himself requi­ring his Disciples, calling them Brethren, to go into Galilee, and there they should see him. Here is not the least word spoken of a Sabbath; but commanded to labour, by travailing into another Province: Luke 3.1. as also John 20.19. Then the same day, at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the Disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews. Neither is here the least tittle relating to a Sabbath, but called the first day of the week, as thro' out the New Testament; and no where called Sabbath, but first day of the week. And whereas you quote in your confession of Faith, Chap. 22.7. parag. Rev. 1.10. I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day, and apply the words of the Apostle to the first day of the week, and say, which in Scripture [Page 5] is called the Lord's Day, without any proof, from this text or any other text of Scripture, that the first day of the week was ever so intituled; or, that the Apostle had reference to any particular or natural day, but the time of Christ's revealing himself to him, and requiring him to write those mysteries as Christ purposed to reveal them; which, for ought we know, might be as long as Moses was with the Lord in Mount Sinai, writing the words of the Covenant, the ten Commandments, forty days and forty nights Exod 34.28. Thus you wrest the Scrip­tures, by putting expositions of your own devising, contrary to Scripture, and make them the foundation of your Sabbath, which is the main principle of your Religion.

And say,— This Confession of Faith, we offer as our firm Perswasion; well and fully grounded upon the holy Scriptures; and com­mend the same unto all, and particularly to the people of our Colony; to be examined, accepted & constantly maintained: We do not assume to ourselves that any thing be taken upon trust from us, but commend to our peo­ple these following Counsels. &c. Believe in all divine worship: It not enough, that this or that act of worship is not forbidden in the [Page 6] word of God. If it be not commanded and you perform it, you may fear you will be found guilty, and exposed to divine displeasure: Nadab and Abihu paid dear for offering in divine worship that which the Lord comman­ded them not, &c.

This taken out of your counsels, and much more to the same purpose, which to be brief I omit: Thus by your good words and fair speeches you deceive the hearts of the simple. Rom. 16 18. For they that are such, serve not our Lord Jesus Christ but their own Bellies; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple: That is, such as lean upon your words but don't follow your counsels, for your counsels are good; agreeing with Rom 4.15. Where no law is there is no transgression: also Chap. 5.13. Sin is not imputed when there is no law. But by your flattering words & wres­ting the Scriptures, you deceive the world and worldly powers, who are all joined to­gether in a spirit of flattery in the love and friendship of the world, and so shut your selves out from believing in God, John 5.44. And are become enemies to God, Jam. 4.4. While you think your selves more righteous than others in the performance of your own institutions of worship; but you [Page 7] are in danger of its turning to your greater condemnation.

I also observe, in the close of said Pro­clamation, — our present King intituled, Defender of the Faith, &c. As also in the close of a Proclamation, for a Fast, the 31st day of August [...]st; and both under said Governor's hand, and doubtless it is his usu­al manner so to write. It may be well for us to know how the King came by that Title, it being no Scripture title given to any King neither Jew nor Gentile; but I find the Pope gave to Henry the 8th, King of England, the Title, Defender of the Faith, and to all his Successors, because he wrote a Book against Luther, in defence of Popery, see the Hist, of Engl. N. Tindal Vol. I. Pag. 749. But said Luther was an instrument under God, of a great reformation out of Popery, which caused the Pope to do his utmost endeavour to suppress him, and by succession, the Title is continued to the Kings of England to this day, as we see; so that if we acknowlege the authority of the Title we must acknowlege the authority of the giv­er; which opens a door to all Popery, for the Pope gave the Title in commendation of the said King, for opposing God's faithful Mi­nister, for preaching against the said Pope, [Page 8] or popish Idolatry; and by said King and Parliament confirming and defending po­pish Articles, it opened a door to Bishops, Chancellors, Prelates & divers ranks of Men, both in the popish Church and common Wealth, to break in upon Christ's flock like so many sorts of ravenous Beasts, taring and devouring, and few got out of their hands, but were burnt to Death, under the name of Hereticks. Thus we may see the stupid­ness, yea, blindness of our reputed wife and learned Men; to wit, the rulers and estab­lish'd Ministers, to testify against Popery▪ & yet adore such a popish title, for now 200 years or more; for faith in God i [...] the foun­dation of [...] Religion, but without faith it is impossible to please him, see Heb. 11.6. also Mark 11 22 Jesus answering, saith unto them, have faith in God To have faith in God excludes our faith to be in Popes or Kings, or in any mortal flesh: but as the Devil deceived our first Parents thro' his subtilty, so also by this Title given to the King, by the most holy Lord Pope, Christ's vicegerent on earth, so called. It is a title of Honour, and must needs be ensnaring to the whole Kingdom; for, if the King be defender of the Faith, then every Man in authority under him, has a share in the Title, [Page 9] and may be said to be defenders of the Faith with the King, according to their office. Now let us see how far the two Govern­ments, to wit, Boston and Connecticut, have closed in practice with this popish Title, to defend their institutions of Worship; first Connecticut, see their Law, Entituled Here­ticks, as followeth.

At the Court at Kensington, 11th day of October, 1705.

  • The Queens most excellent Majesty.
  • His Royal Highness, Prince George of Denmarke.
  • Lord Arch Bishop of Canterbury.
  • Lord Keeper.
  • Lord Treasurer.
  • Lord President.
  • [Page 10]Earl of Renelaugh.
  • Mr. Boyle.
  • Mr. Secretary Hedges.
  • Mr. Secretary Harley.
  • Lord chief Justice Holt.
  • Lord chief Justice Trevor.
  • Duke of Somerset.
  • Duke of Ormond.
  • Mr. Vernon.
  • Mr. Earle.

A Representations from the Lords Com­missioners of Trade and Plantations, being this day read at the board, upon an Act passed in her Majesties Colony of Connecticut, entituled only Hereticks; whereby it is enacted, That all who shall entertain any Quakers, Ranters, Adamites and other Here­ticks, are made liable to the penalty of five Pounds, and five Pounds per week for every Town that shall so entertain them; That all Quakers shall be committed to Prison, or be sent out of the Colony; That whoso­ever shall hold unnecessary discourse with Quakers, shall forfeit twenty shillings; That whosoever shall keep any Quakers Books, the Governor, Magistrates and Elders ex­cepted, shall forfeit ten shillings; and That all such books be suppress'd; That no Master of any Vessel do land any Quakers without [Page 11] carrying them away again, under the pe­nalty of twenty Pounds.

And the said Lords Commissioners, hum­bly offering, that the said Act be repealed by her Majesty, it being contrary to the Liberty of Conscience, indulged to Dissen­ters by the Laws of England, as also to the Charter granted to that Colony, Her Ma­jesty with the advice of her privy Council, is pleased to declare her Disallowance and Disapprobation of the said Act, and pursu­ant to her Majesties Royal Pleasure there­upon, the said Act passed in her Majesties Colony of Connecticut in New England, En­tituled, Hereticks, is hereby Repealed, and declared Null and void, and of none effect.

Signed John Povey.

[Page 12] BUT notwithstanding the repealing this Law, there has been great Persecutions in Connecticut Colony, by Fining, Whip­ping and Imprisoning, and other inhumane doings, towards those that under scruple of Conscience, have withdrawn from their e­stablished Worship.

As to Boston Government, they Perse­cuted the Annabaptists in 1651, by Fining, Whipping and Imprisoning, in defence of the then established Worship: See Daniel Neal's History of New-England, Vol. I. Pag. 278, &c.

And the first People called Quakers that came from England to Boston, was in the be­ginning of July, 1656, viz. Mary Fisher and Ann Austin; but before they came on Shore, the Deputy-Governor sent on board the Ship, and took their Papers, and about 100 Books from them, and ordered them, to be kept Prisoners there until he should send for them; and said Books were Burnt by the common Hang­man. And in the Month following, came eight more, viz. four Men and four Wo­men, and Suffered in like manner: Their Boxes, Chests and Trunks being searched [Page 13] before they came on Shore; and their Books were Burnt, & they committed to Prison, be­cause such as were call'd Quakers, but not for what they had done, either good or evil; and kept close Prisoners, and a Five Pound Fine for any that should speak with them; to prevent People from having any Com­munion or Communicating to them things not practised to the worst of Murderers, together with many other Inhumanities.

I here note a Speech of John Indicot, Governour of Boston, to one that came to Boston with those aforesaid,—Take heed, saith he, you break not our Ecclesiastical Laws, for then ye are sure to stretch by a Halter— A threatning word by the Papists to the Martyrs, was, fry a Faggot. And shall we believe when God takes Vengeance on those that put his Saints and Martyrs to Death by Fire and Faggots, will not Measure the same Measure to them that put them to Death by a Halter and Gallows. I also cite another speach of said Governour, to a Wo­man, after she had been put in Prison, and Whipt Ten Stripes, with a threefold Corded knotted Whip; That they were likely to have a Law to Hang her, if she came hither again. To which she answered,— If God call us, wo be to us if we come not: And I question not, but he whom we love will make us not [Page 14] to count our Lives dear unto our selves, for the sake of his NAME. To which said Governour replied,—And we shall be as ready to take away your Lives as ye shall be to lay them down.

Patience Scot, a Girl about eleven Years old, came from Providence to bear Witness against Persecution; who was sent to Pris­on, there to remain until the setting of the Court of Assistants: The Child, it seems, was not of Years as to Law, to deal with her by Banishment, but otherwise in under­standing, for she confounded her Adversa­ries; and some of them confest, that they had many Children, and they had been well Educated; and that it were well if they could speak half so much for God as she could for the Devil: An Ignorant and Blasphe­mous Speech! See Matth. 21.16 Have ye never Read, saith Christ, out of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings thou hast perfected Praise. Luke 21.15. For I will give you a Mouth and Wisdom which all your Adversaries shall not be able to gain say nor resist. Your Priest Wilson, your high Priest of Boston, for so I find him Entituled, Said he would carry Fire in one Hand and Faggots in the other, to Burn all the Quakers in the World, &c.

[Page 15]

A Warrant sent to a Constable as fol­loweth,—To the Constable of Salem: You are required by Virtue here of to search in all suspicious Houses, for private Meetings; and if they refuse to open the Doors, you are to break open the Door upon them, and return the Names of all you find to Ipswich Court.

William Hatborn.

I shall cite a few Instances of the Causes & further Sufferings of the said People, viz. the many and cruel Whippings, the like I never Read in any History; and many and long Imprisonments, exposed to Cold, and kept from Food five Days together, not suffering them to Buy it with their own Money; and at many other Times kept from Food several Days together in a perishing Condition. A certain Woman going through Cambridge, and crying re­pent, was laid hold of, and had before two Magistrates, and was delivered to a Goaler, who thrust her into a noysom, stinking Dungeon, having nothing to lie down on, or sit on, and kept he there two Days and two Nights, without Bread or Water; and because a tender Friend brought her a little Milk in her great Dis­tress and perishing Condition, he was cast [Page 16] into Prison for entertaining a Stranger, and Fined him Five Pounds; and she was Cruelly Whipt in three Towns and sent towards Rhode Island, and towards Night left her as a prey to the wild Beasts, and draged others at Cart's-Tails, and Whipt from Town to Town, and some their Ears cut off, but all these Cruelties they not attaining to keep them out of the Government, they were Banished not to return, on pain of Death; but obe­dience to God prevailed above the fear of Man, and in obedience to God they re­turned and were put to Death, and so seal­ed their Testimony with their Blood, as in Rev. 12.11. And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their Testimony, and they loved not their Lives unto the Death. These and many more Cruelties inflicted on said People, are to be seen in George Bishop, New-England Judged: The established Ministers being the Counsellors, and executed under hu­mane Authority. Now let us hear Ga­maliel's Counsel to the Jews that Perse­cuted the Apostles, Acts 5.38, 39. viz. If this Counsel or this Work be of Men it will come to nought, but if it be of God, saith he, ye cannot overthrow it, least haply ye be found even to Fight against God: [Page 17] See also Christ's Testimony, Matth. 7. 24, 25. Whosoever heareth these sayings of mine and doth them, I will liken him unto a wise Man, which built his House upon a Rock, and the Rain descended and the Floods came, and the Winds blew and beat upon that House, and it tell not, for it was founded upon a Rock. And as the Gospel was received by the Apostles Doc­trine, notwithstanding all its opposition, and so proved it to be of God; so also notwithstanding all the Wisdom and Vi­olence used to hinder said People's Tes­timonies and Doctrine spreading among the Inhabitance, it did not hinder it but turn­ed for a Testimony against their Perse­cutors, that such doings as aforesaid were not of God, that many withdrew from the established Meetings, and kept Meet­ings by themselves, and suffered as follow­eth,—Nicholas Phelps was fined Five Shillings a Week for not coming to the established meeting, and Forty Shillings for people meeting at his House, and sent to Goal as one called a Quaker, where he was Whipt three times in five Days with a threefold corded Whip with knots, Ten Cruel Strokes each time because he would not work for to work, at their Wills he could not, Edward Wharton [Page 18] and Samuel Gaskin for not coming to the Established Meeting were fined the one Five Pounds Ten Shillings, and the other Eight Pounds concerning Swearing and Meetings, the said People were scrupulous of an Oath for Conscienee sake it being contrary to Christ's Doctrine, and upon this scruple the Authority put in force an old Law saith my Author, that all must take the Oath of fidelity; and if any Man refuse or neglect to take it by such a Time, he shall pay Five Pounds, or depart the Colony. But they not de­parting, and under the same scruple came under the Penalty of another Five Pounds; and so from Time to Time. — William Allin, his Fines were Forty Pounds, for having Twenty Meetings of the people called Quakers at his House, Four Pounds for being at Meetings a­broad, Five Pounds for entertaining those People, Twenty-five Pounds for not Swear­ing: They Summon them, saith my Au­thor, three Times a Year, as oft as they have Courts for that purpose; and fine them Five Pounds each, &c. and to satisfy said Fines take away their Cattle. Ed­ward Perry, for Meetings and refusing to Swear was fiined 89£. 18s. See George Bishop aforesaid, Pag. 187, as also for not [Page 19] coming to the Ordinances of God, and for contemning Authority therein; there­fore have we done thus and thus unto you, said your Governour. Now Boston and Connecticut doth not your foremen­tioned Persecutions well become your po­pish Title as aforesaid, tho' not to defend the Faith of God, but to defend Doc­trines of Devils against Faith in God: And now to pass from the living to the dead, when you took William Robinson & Marmaduke Stevenson out of Prison to the Gallows, your Captain with his Band of Men, led them the back way, lest it should affect the People, and placed them near the Drums, and caused the Drums to beat when they attempted to speak; that so the People might not hear them; and when their dead Bodies were cut down, their Shirts were ripped off, and they cast naked into a Pit, without a covering: Some Friends desired their Bodies to put them in Coffins and take them away, but your Executioner suffered them not, say­ing he was strictly charged to the contra­ry. And all this not because they were Murderers, but of the accursed Sect of the Quakers, see your Law of Banishment on pain of Death. Let us consider such inhumane Violent means are not the wea­pons [Page 20] of a Christian's Warfare, for when Christ was Proclaimed, it was Peace, good will towards Men, Luke 2.14. And Christ said, The Son of Man is not come to de­stroy Men's Lives but to save them, Chap. 9.56. who is also said to be King of Peace, Heb. 7 2. And James saith, The wrath of Man worketh not the Righteousness of God, James 1.20. And all that will live God­ly in Crist Jesus, saith the Apostle, shall suffer Persecution, 2 Tim. 3.12. And the Apostle John saith, This is the Victory that overcometh the World, even our Faith, 1 of John 5.4. These Texts of Scrip­ture, are sufficient to prove the contra­ry Works to be of the Devil; neither can a Christian give a greater Testimony of his Faith in God then by his Suffer­ings; and the greater his Suffering the greater his Testimony. So neither can Persecutors give a greater Testimony that they were Worshippers of the Dragon, than by their Persecutions to defend their Worship. And the more inhumane and cruel they are in their Persecutions, it shews the Devil's Wrath so much the greater: And as to said Persecutors, [...] was the life and power of Godliness they struck at, to crush and keep under, or to expel out of their Government; [Page 21] which was fighting against God himself, by disregarding his Message, and perse­cuting his Messengers: Those that thus Persecuted were our Ancestors, that left their native Land because of Persecution, and came into this, that they might in freedom Worship God according to their Consciences, but soon set up the Doc­trins and Commandments of Men to be observed for Worship to God, and esta­blished and defended them by all the a­foresaid injustice Violence and Cruelties, as is to be seen at large in said Bishope and John Whiting, both in one Volumn, containing more than 700 Pages; where­in is also observed the remarkable Judg­ments of God on divers of the most Violent Persecutors, as fore-told by the Sufferers; as also Cotton Mather, a Mi­nister of Boston, bewailing New-England under the Judgments of God, for now more than 20 Years, saith he, the Blas­ting Strokes of Heaven have rather a­bated than enlarged the growth of it: There have been several Years, wherein the terrible Famine stared the Town in the Face: The very course of Nature hath been altered; among us, a lamen­table Cry for Bread, Bread hath been heard in our Streets; pestilential Sicknesses have [Page 22] made fearful Havock in divers Places; he also complains, that through the dis­pleasure of God, he hath put over his People into the Hands of Tawny and Bloody Salvages, calling them the worst of Executioners: They stripp'd their unhappy Prisoners, and caused them to run the Gantlet, and Whipp'd them after a Cruel and Bloody manner, &c. and so with a lingering Fire roasted them out of the World. — In another Place, calls them merciless Tygers, whose tender Mercies are Cruel; and further, calls them the most beastly and bloody Things, that ever wore the shape of Men in the World; — ‘need I tell you, saith he, that those Devils Incarnate, have tied their Captives unto Trees, and first cutting off their Ears, have made them to eat their own Ears, and then have broil'd their whole Bodies with slow Fires, dancing the mean while about them, and cutting out collops of their Flesh, 'till with lin­gering Torments, they have Martyred them to Death — A wise Observation of these Things, saith he, will cause you to see, that the War, which hath been upon us, hath been a War of God—The serious People through­out [Page 23] the Country, saith he, were awakened by these intimations of di­vine Displeasure, to enquire into the causes and matters of the Controversy; the scourges of Heaven were employ­ed upon the Churches of New-En­gland, for their Mischarriages, and they lashed one Blow after another.’

Thus I have given the Reader, a View of the sufferings of said Quakers, and of the inhumane Cruelties done to them, taken out of said Bishope; as also said Mather, in his late Church History of New-England; his confessions to the just Judgment of God on them recited out of said Whiting, to which said Histories I refer the Reader.

I shall Cite some Texts of Scripture, and Conclude, Rev. 12.7, 11. And there was War in Heaven, Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon, and the Dragon fought and his Angels, it was Christ in his Saints that fought by the Word of their Testimony; And they o­vercame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their Testimony, and they loved not their Lives unto the Death. —And in the Case now treated on, it [Page 24] was the established Ministers and Au­thority in fellowship together, who fought by Persecution, under the Dragon; as in Chap. 13.6. And he opened his Mouth in Blasphemy against God, to Blas­pheme his Name, and his Tabernacle, and them that dwell in Heaven. In Answer, to this Text, I shall recite some of the foregoing Instances; as first, Governour Endicot's Answer to a Woman, as afore­said; that in obedience to God, they should not count their Lives dear, &c. Said Governour replied, — And we shall be as ready to take away your Lives, as ye shall be to lay them down. This was high Contempt against the Throne of God, and Blaspheming his Name and his Tabernacle, and them that dwell in Heaven; and in a special Manner, such Saints as should so chearfully lay down their Lives for God's Name, and truth sake, &c. As also of Patience Scot aforesaid; that they had many Children, and they had been well Educated, and that it were well if they could speak half so much for God as she could for the Devil: This was also Blasphemy, to put God in the place of the Devil, and the Devil in the place of God; but so they Worship, see ver. 4. And [Page 25] they Worshipped the Dragon, which gave Power to the Beast, and they Worship­ped the Beast, &c.

I shall also mention one instance of said Wilson, Priest of Boston; who said ‘he would carry Fire in one Hand, and Faggots in the other, to Burn all the Quakers in the World:’ Who ha­ving Friend's Books in his Hand, as they were Burning; Friend's Books by order of Authority; he threw them also into the Fire, saying, ‘From the De­vil they came, and to the Devil let them go:’ This shews he was both a Blaspheamer and a Murderer in his Heart.

I desire the Reader to take Notice. That all the aforesaid Persecutions were carried on to defend their form of Wor­ship, or image made to the Beast, Rev. Chap. 13 ver. 14, 15. And not the least tit­tle of a tender Conscience toward God in it all; neither in Ministers nor Au­thority; for when they could not over­come by Cruelty and Death, to keep them out of their Government, but their Doctrine spread among the People, then they tried to weary them out by Fines, without regard to Conscience or Scrip­ture, [Page 26] Five Shillings a Week, for not coming to the allowed Meetings; and if they met among themselves, the Fine was Forty Shillings a Time, for every Speaker, and Ten Shillings a Time for every hearer, and Forty Shillings a Time for the owner of the Place; and for refusing to Swear, the Fine was Five Pounds, so often as the Oath was ten­dered as aforesaid, and they refused for Conscience sake, because it was forbid­den by Christ, Matth. 5.34, &c. As also, James 5.12. And the not taking off the Hatt before Authority, was a Fine of Twenty Shillings; and if any entertained a Quaker, if but a quar­ter of an Hour, he was to forfeit Five Pounds, said Authority also caused Ma­ry Fisher, and Ann Austin aforesaid, to be stripped start Naked, and so to be Searched, under a suspicion of Witch­es, and misused as one of them: A married Woman, and a Mother of five Children, suffered not the like in the bearing any of them into the World; but what proof of Witches could they have in so doing: But mark what fol­lowed in Boston Government, Twenty innocent Persons were put to Death, [Page 27] for supposed Witchcraft, and above an Hundred and Fifty Imprisoned, and a­bove Two Hundred more Accused, and some fled into other Governments to save thair Lives; see Cotton Ma­ther's Book of Witches, Page 110, &c. But not one Quaker accused on that Account; see said Whiting, Page 37.

By all these doings, under a pretence to defend the Worship of God, it is evident it was to defend the Worship of the Devil, under all their formalities and institutions of Worship; the Devil was the Author of all their Cruelties: And as to the Cruelties done to the English Captives by the Indians, noted by said Mather, who calls them ‘mer­ciless Tygers, whose tende. Mercies are Cruel; the worst of Executioners, the most Beastly & Bloody Things that ever wore the shape of Men in the World, and Devils Incarnate.’ Thus he Con­demns the Cruelties done to the English Captives by the Indians, but don't call in question their Cruelties done to the Qua­kers. And as to his Confessions to the Judgments of God on them, in his late Church History of New-England; [Page 28] as also the Ministers, in the Book of their Confession, Page 94, in two Ques­tions, ‘Question 1st, What are the Evils that have provoked the Lord to send his Judgments on New-En­land?’ Their second Question, Page 107, ‘What is to be done, that so these Evils may be reformed?’

I say, neither said Mather nor Mi­nisters have called in question a word of their Persecuting the Quakers: And many of the Quakers fore-telling the Judgments of God coming upon some of the most violent Persecutors, which also came to pass; and of God's Judg­ments coming on New-England in ge­neral; which said Mather and Mini­sters have confessed too, but not as fore told by the Quakers; which shews they were in the same willful Blindness and hardness of Heart, and not willing that the Truth should be made mani­fest; as their Ancestors were that Per­secuted them; which is now more than an Hundred Years past; first the An­nabaptists, then the Quakers.

And as for Connecticut, from what is aforesaid, it is evident they have [Page 29] been vile Persecutors; and God has been going on with his Judgments, on both Governments; and they have been going on, Worshipping the Dra­gon, under their own Institutions of Worship; and Ministers, in the man­ner of Jeroboam's Priests, and defen­ded by humane Authority, which makes it the compleat Worship of the Dra­gon; and they Crying, ‘What are the Evils, that have provoked the Lord to send his Judgments on New-England?’

Will God be enquired of by such a People as this? that have rebelled against his Warnings, and so inhumane­ly Persecuted his Servants; and put some to Death, viz. Boston, and say, ‘There is not such another Church in the World, as the Church at Boston;’ See said Bishop, Page 488.

I say, will God be enquired or by such a People as this? no verily, what saith the Prophet, Isai. 1.27. Zion shall be redeemed with Judgment, and her Converts with Righteousness. That is, the obstinate Sinners shall be cut [Page 30] off by God's Judgments; and those that come to Repentance in Time, as to confess their own Sins, and the Sins of the Land, will be converted to Righteousness.

John Bolles.

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