By a Company of COMEDIANS,

At the New-Theatre, in Nassau-Street,

This Evening, being the 12th of November, will be presented, (By particular Desire)

An Historical Play, call'd,



The Distresses and Death of King Henry the VIth; the artful Acquisition of the Crown by Crook-back'd Richard; the Murder of the two young Princes in the Tower; and the memorable Battle of Bosworth-Field, being the last that was sought between the Houses of York and Lancaster.

Richard, by
Mr. Rigby.
King Henry, by
Mr. H [...].
Prince Edward, by
Master L. H [...]ll [...].
Duke of York, by
Master A. H [...]ll [...].
Earl of Richmond, by
Mr. Clarkson.
Duke of Buckingham, by
Mr. Mal [...].
Duke of Norfolk, by
Mr. [...].
Lord Stanley, by
Mr. Singleton.
[...] by
Mr. Bell.
Catesby by
Mr. Adcock.
Queen Elizabeth, by
Mrs. H [...]ll [...]m.
Lady Anne, by
Mrs. [...]
Duchess of York, by
Mrs. Rigby.

To which will be added,

A Ballad FARCE call'd, The DEVIL TO PAY.

Sir John Love [...], by
Mr. Adcock.
Jo [...]son, by
Mr. Malone.
Butler, by
Mr. Miller.
Footman, by
Mr. Singleton.
Cook, by
Mr. Bell,
Coachman, by
Mr. Rigby.
C [...]njurer, by
Mr. Clarkson.
Lady L [...]rule, by
Mrs. Adcock.
Nell, by
Mrs. [...].
L [...]ce, by
Mrs. Clarkson.
Lucy, by
Miss Love.

PRICES: BOX, 6s. PIT, 4s. GALLERY, 2s.

No Persons whatever to be admitted behind the Scenes.

N.B. Gentlemen and Ladies that chuse Tickets, may have them at Mr. Parker's and Mr. Gaine's Printing-Offices.

Money will be taken at the DOOR.

To begin at 6 o'Clock.

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