To the REVEREND Mr. James Davenport on his Departure from Boston, By Way of a DREAM: With a Line to the Scoffers at Religion; who make an ill Improvement of his naming out our worthy Ministers. To which is added, A Postcript to the Rev. Mr. A—d—w C—w—Ik

ASSIST coelestial Powers my grieved Heart,
For Love and Sorrow bear an equal Part;
I love the Zeal that fires good DAVENPORT's Breast,
But his harsh Censures give my Soul no rest;
Our worthy Guides whom GOD has much inflam'd
As unexperienc'd Souls, alas, he nam'd;
Hence giddy Youth a wosul Licence take;
A monk at reverend heary Heads they make,
[Page 2]Despise the blest Instructions of their Tongue,
Conversion is become the Drunkard's Song;
GOD's glorious Work, which sweetly did arise,
By this unguarded sad Imprudence dies;
Contention spreads her Harpy Claws around,
In every Church her hateful Stings are found
But as these Thoughts my troubled Mind opprest,
Sleep sweet Cessation instantly refresh'd,
My Tumults calm, and new-born Pleasure rise,
A charming VISION swims before my Eyes.
The sacred Man is to his Shade convey'd,
On Cammomile his aking Temples laid;
Here Roses, Honey-Suckles, Jessamine
In beauteous Arches o'er the Champion twine;
Here Nature does her flowery Glories spread,
Sheets of white Lillies dress the lovely Bed,
With rich Cor'nations for his Coverlid;
Here pretty Birds employ each smiling Hour
In noble Toyls to deck the charming Bower;
Arabia Trace for Spices in the Bloom,
And with enamel'd Branches straw the Room;
Here gilded Clouds Ambrosia Drops distill,
And all the Air with matchless Odors fill;
Here gentle Zephyrs fan the fragant Flowers,
While singing Angels guard his sleeping Hours:
Now as the shining Warriors watch his Bed,
These gentle Ch [...]cks they whisper in his Head;
'Favourite of Heaven! How came it in thy Mind?
'That Grace was so much to thy self confin'd;
'Crush the proud Thought, and kill it in the Bud;
'Too long you have in this sad Error stood;
'Let Charity unclose thy drowsy Eyes;
'You'l see a Train of faithful Pastors rise,
[Page 3]'Thousands of happy Souls surround their Feet,
'Which you in Realms of Glory soon shall meet;
'The timorous Christian to his great Surprize,
'Sees himself there, tho' he himself despis'd;
'So the censorious Wonders when he views
'Souls there he thought GOD surely would refuse:
'What has the Enemy provok'd you too?
'Success is not confin'd, dear Man, to you,
'O let not Fancy turn thy Zeal aside,
'Free Grace in others must not be deny'd;
'No more attempt to touch the Judgment Throne,
'Soul Secrets to the LORD alone are known.
The Heraulds rise & touch him with their Wings;
Now in his Breast a holy Shame there springs;
He starts with rosy Blushes in his Face,
And weeping sweetly sings to sovereign Grace;
'Praise to Free Grace, that kept my erring Breath,
'Nor sent me, swiftly to eternal Death:'
[...]own his Cheeks the chrystal Showers flow,
He wrings his Hands in penitential Woe,
Cryes, 'What have I vain-glorious Mortal done,
'Strove to Eclipse the Influence of the Sun,
'Made false Report a Bandage for my Eyes,
'And boundless Grace in Numbers vast despise;
'The very End my Zeal pursu'd the most,
'The glorious End untemper'd Zeal has lost;
In lovely Language here his Lips impart
The blest Contrition of his pious Heart;
His shining Guardians listen to his Tongue,
And smiling upwards bear his mournful Song:
I'll hearken too, as yet he does not cease;
'FATHER, he cries, Creator of my Peace,
'Forgive my Guilt, I'll censure so no more,
'Thy Pardon on my Knees I here implore;
[Page 4]'Unite the Churches I have rashly rent,
'To heal the Breaches O let some be sent;
'My Error in my Mind I ever keep,
'Unhappy Shepherd thus to scatter Sheep;
'COLMAN and SEWALL I in hast exprest,
'I clasp as first rank Worthies to my Breast;
'Now all I've wrong'd, or have too rashly nam'd,
'Freely forgive, ask my self have blam'd:'
In folded Arms of Love the Prophets meet,
GOD's Work goes on by Unity most sweet.
Round him again his heavean'ly Guardians fly,
With Love and Pleasure sparkling in each Eye;
In Language here too sweet to be exprest
They still the Self-Reflections of his Breast;
One holds before a burnish'd golden Shield,
One graves his Love and Zeal upon the Field,
One from the living Greens which ever spread,
Twists up a Lawrel for his sacred Head,
One holds the fainting Hero in his Arms
With heav'nly Cordials his blest Bosom warms;
And all by turns their golden Harps employ
To banish Sorrow and encrease his Joy:
No more, best Man, do thou thy self upbraid,
Atoning Blood has Reparation made;
The glorious SAVIOUR shews the Crimson Flood,
An bids him welcome to his smiling GOD:
Now joyful Thoughts in blissful Torrents role,
And fil with Raptures his dear labouring Soul:
The Vision end, pleas'd and refresh'd I wake,
And long m [...] Rev'rend Friend the Hint should take.
But I must leave the Pleasures of my Dream,
And turn my Thoughts to a more awful Theme,
To Soul immers'd in the black Gulph of Sin,
Who [...] drink the deadly Poison in;
[Page 5]Pleas'd with the fancy'd Freedom of their Will,
They seek their crying Conscience to still;
Nor can they bear dear Nature to deface,
Pride will not Beggar be to sov'reign Grace;
Array'd in moral Duties, gaudy shew,
They for a Saviour little have to do;
They wonder any such Complaints should make,
In Reformation they a Shelter take:
Dare you appear before th' eternal Throne
In this vile Cob-webb Garment of your own!
Oh no! my Friends, repent, reform ye must,
And trust Free-Grace, or be for ever curst;
A Sovereign Saviour, all in all must be;
His Gifts, his Grace, his glorious Mercy free;
We merit nothing by our utmost Cares,
But plead the Scars his human Nature wears;
This boundless Deep no Angel fathom can,
The perfect Sacrifice is GOD and Man;
The noblest Theme that golden Harps employ;
No wonder Mortals saint beneath the Joy:
While at the worthy Man you railing stand,
Say, should such Truths as these your Minds offend?
For this you ought him highly to esteem
These Truths were often his beloved Theme,
'My worthless Works I banish from my Breast,
'And on the blest incarnate Myst'ry rest;
'Yet let a holy Life dear JESUS shew
'My humble Faith and high Prosession true;
'A helpless Worm in thy kind Arms I fall,
'Be thou my Prophet, Priest, my King and all;
'Command dear Sovereign every flying Hour,
'But with thy Precepts give the doing Power:'
Now let the Scoffers at the Word of GOD,
Tremble, for Gabriel brandishes his Sword;
[Page 6]Your raging Hearts shall feel the burning Steel,
And GOD his Terrors in your Soul reveal;
Think not the Frailties of a Man forgiv'n,
Gives you a Licence thus to storm at Heav'n;
Turn your dire Hissings into Songs of Praise,
Leave off your Railings, and amend your Ways;
Fly to the purple Streams on Calv'ry shed,
There bathe your Souls, or Vengeance strikes ye
But ah, in vain I bid you thither go, [dead:
Of this blest Fountain yet ye nothing know;
Poor blinded Nature can't her Danger see,
Unless the optick Scale removed be,
Much less descry the blessed Remedy.
0 glorious JESUS! the poor Sinner's Friend,
Our Sins, black Mountains, come and condescend
To show the charming Beauties of thy Face,
And stop the Rebels in their woful Race;
n sleeping Conscience fix thy piercing Spear,
And make them bow to thee with trembling Fear.
When they have inwards turn'd a weeping Eye,
Oh! sovereign GOD thy cheering Grace apply;
When e'er they do their Nakedness confess,
Adorn them with thy perfect Righteousness;
shew the Sacrifice thou didst provide,
That Justice is compleately satisfy'd;
let the Sinners see the cleansing Flood,
[...]heir Sins all cancell'd in the Blood of GOD:
[...]elestial Dove! Their Bosoms now inspire,
[...]hen shall they praise thee on, and never tire.
[...]rd pour a radian File of Angels round
[...] guard our Levites on their sacred Ground;
Life and Doctrine may they pure appear,
Fellow Mortals make them void of Fear;
[...] them a shining Stars in thy right Hand,
[...]hile they disp'ay thy Counsels and Commands
[Page 7]O! Grant the Promise thy blest Word has giv'n,
Let Satan fall as Lightning quick from Heav'n;
His Legions fright thy Sheep with dreadful roar,
Confine them down that they may rise no more:
We long to see, sweet CHRIST, thy riseing Throne,
That Praise and Vict'ry should be thine alone:
Lord sanctify these worthless feeble Lays,
O glorious TRINITY accept the Praise!


To the Rev. Mr A—d—ew C—w-ll, On his writing against some of the worthy Ministers of the Gospel.

GO dear lov'd C—w—l rest on D—p—t's Bed,
To ease the Pains that seize your lab'ring Head,
There let your tuneful Soul with Angels join;
There let your Sentiments and Stile refine.
May heavenly Language from your Lips distill,
And Love's soft Hand guide your ingenious Quill,
Then worthy F-x—ft you no more will blame,
Or so reflect on gentle T—r—l's Name,
Your Fathers and your Brethren don't despise;
Tho' you'r array'd with Argus shining Eyes:
An Optick- [...]old turn inward, you may view,
Some Imperfection that remains in you.
Excuse the Freedom real Friendship takes,
And le [...] your Wisdom just Improvement make:
How can Reflections those blest Lips employ,
That Heav'n has form'd to raise immortal Joy,
You have the Art to win with melting Words;
You need not use Granadoes, Darts and Swords;
Let rougher Minds these hostile Weapons take;
By Love divine hard Hearts in Pieces break.
[Page 8]My Soul by you it's glorious Power has felt.
My Bosom warms all my Affections melt:
I should not think a thousand Winters long,
While Jesus Love sounds sweetly from your Tongue
Many such Times has Sovereign Love return'd:
By many Instruments my Heart has burn'd;
Then blame me not if I should take the Part
Of all, whom GOD has made to reach my Heart;
I cannot bear a Mortal should reflect
Or treat our precious Guides with cold Neglect:
I beg on bended Knees, with flowing Tears,
You may not give me ground for future Fears;
GOD does their mutual pious Labours bless,
Don't Methods take to lessen their Success;
But Hand in Hand the glorious Work pursue,
There's sweet Employ for many more than you:
Each faithful Shepard does perform his Part;
Some rouse the Conscience, others chear the Heart;
Some from mount Sinai throw the awful Flame;
While some sweet Peace in Jesus do proclaim.
Each have their different Talents from the Lord,
And each to wandring Souls their help afford.
If I should perish, them I cannot blame;
But my deceitful Heart must take eternal Shame.


Printed for CHARLES HARRISON, in Cornhil, over agains [...] the Brazen Head, 1742.

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