Early PIETY; Exemplified in Elizabeth Butcher of BOSTON: Who was born July 14th, 1709. AND Died June 13th, 1718.

BEING Just eight Years and eleven Months old.

The Fourth Edition.

Jer. ii. 2.

—Thus saith the LORD, I remember thee, the Kindness of thy Youth—.

Matth. xxi. 16.

— Out of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings thou hast perfected Praise:

BOSTON: Printed by J. DRAPER, for C. HARRISON over against the Brazen-Head in Cornhill. M, DCC, XL, I.

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AMONG the great and precious Pro­mises contain'd in the Holy Scriptures, we find that good Word, Isa. 44.3. —I will pour my Spirit upon thy Seed, and my Blessing upon thine Off­spring. Accordingly, Our Lord Jesus Christ ma­nifested his Displeasure when his Disciples rebuked such as brought young Children to him; saying, Suffer little Children to come unto me, and for­bid them not; for of such is the Kingdom of God. And he took them into his Arms, put his Hands upon them, and blessed them, Mark 10.13.—16. Now this Action of our Saviour de­monstrates that some Children are blessed, and that with spiritual Blessings in heavenly Things, being the Heirs of the Kingdom of God. And no doubt the Infant-Seed of Believers make no small Part of the Kingdom of Glory. Yea, there have been some little Ones in whom have been found remarkable Signs of an extraordinary Conversion: Such Ma­nifestations [Page ii] of a saving Knowledge of God, and of Christ, as gave abundant Reason to hope they were taught of God; the Power of God's Grace being magnified in the natural Infirmities of their Child­hood.

The Child, who is the Subject of the ensuing Narrative, (drawn up by another Hand, and well attested;) is justly reckon'd One of this happy Number. Her Behaviour in her Sickness was a­bove her Years. And her dying Speeches seem'd plainly to shew that the Favour of God in Christ, was in her Esteem better than Life. May God support her pious Mother under her great Languish­ments and Pains, with the joyful Hope of going to this desireable Child; but more especially of being present with the Lord, when she shall be absent from the Body.

And now, Let us praise our glorious Lord, who gives such Grace unto Children, and ordains Strength out of their Mouths.

Let godly Parents be excited and encouraged to come to the Throne of Grace, to ask Grace for their Children. Blessed be God! The Infant-Seed of Believers, are not Aliens from the Common-Wealth of Israel, nor Strangers to the Covenant of Promise. No, The Promise is to you, and to your Chil­dren. God's Promise to Abraham, before the giv­ing of the Law, was, That He would be a God to him, and to his Seed after him, Gen. 17.7. And the Word of God assureth us, that the Blessing of Abraham is come upon the believing Gentiles, Gal. 3.13, 14, 16. What an Encouragement is here given to our Faith, in praying for our Chil­dren! What an Obligation is here laid upon us, to [Page iii] give up our Children unto God in Baptism, and then to bring them up in the Nurture and Admo­nition of the Lord! The more diligent and faithful we are in answering our Covenant Engagements, the more Comfort shall we probably enjoy in our Children while they live, and the more Hope shall we have in their Death, if it pleaseth God to take them from us in their Childhood.

Let Children also be affected and mov'd to in­quire after the God of their Fathers, and to seek him early. Cry to him, My Father, Thou art the Guide of my Youth. Offer up your first ripe Fruits unto God. Begin in the Morning of your Days to serve him who is the Lord of all your Time. You are strongly oblig'd to this, not only as God is your Creator, but also as you are his Chil­dren by a Covenant Relation. When you were baptized, God's Name was called upon you, and you were devoted to his Service. Do not then alienate yourselves from him; but glorify him with your Souls and Bodies which are his. Prize this great Privilege of being born under the Shadow of the Co­venant; but take heed lest you be carnally confi­dent and secure. Know it, if your Lives are a­mong the Unclean, you shall be cast into outer Dark­ness, tho' you are the Children of the (visible) Kingdom. Be earnest with God therefore to give you that invisible Grace which is represented by Wa­ter in Baptism. This divine Ordinance teacheth you, That by Nature you are defiled, being shapen in Iniquity and conceiv'd in Sin. Seek to God then to wash you thoroughly from your Iniquity, and to cleanse you from your Sin, by pouring out his holy Spirit upon you, and so applying the Blood of Christ [Page iv] to your Souls. In a Word, labour to know the ho­ly Scriptures from your Childhood, learn your Ca­techism, pray to God, keep the Sabbath holy, be du­tiful to your Parents, fly the Sins of Pride, Idleness, Uncleanness, Lying, Calling wicked Names, and all other youthful Lusts; and follow the Things that are pure and lovely and of good Report.

Now, That you may be animated and encouraged to make haste to keep God's Commandments, by the exemplary Instance of early Piety set before you in the following Pages, I do in an especial Manner commend this little Book to your attentive Reading, and you to the Blessing of that God who teacheth us to profit, beseeching him to fulfill that gracious Promise in you, Isa. 54.13. And all thy Chil­dren shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the Peace of thy Children.

Joseph Sewall.
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A Short NARRATIVE of the Life and Death of Elizabeth Butcher.

The I. SECTION. Containing a brief Account of her, from her Birth in July, 1709, to her first remar­kable Illness in Sept. 1716.

1. ELIZABETH BUTCHER, Daugh­ter to Alvin and Elizabeth Butcher of Boston, was born Ju­ly 14th 1709. Her Parents gave her up to God from the Womb, and as soon as she was capable of speaking, they began to instruct her in the Things of God.

2. When she was about two Years and an Half old, as she lay in the Cradle, she would ask her­self that Question, 'What is my corrupt Na­ture?' and would make Answer again to her­self, [Page 2] 'It is empty of Grace, bent unto Sin, and only to Sin, and that continually. 'She took great Delight in learning her Catechism, and would not willingly go io Bed without saying some Part of it.

3. She being a weakly Child, her Mother carried her into the Country for her Health: And when she was about three Years old, and at Mee­ting she would set with her Eyes fix'd on the Minister, to the Admiration of all that sat about her, who said that grown up People might learn and take Example of her. She took great De­light in Reading, and was ready and willing to receive Instruction.

4. But nothing more extraordinary as we re­member appeared in her, till she came to be a­bout six Years old. Then she began to inquire concerning God, and the Nature and Affairs of her Soul, and she said, she was afraid she had not lived up to that End for which she was made. She was asked, What was the End she was made for? The Child answered, — To glorify God: But I am afraid I have not lived to the Glory of God, as I should have done. She was told, That she must pray to God, that he would be pleased to pardon her Sins, and give her Grace to serve and glorify him.

5. She was not contented with the ba [...]e Reading of God's Word, but would frequently ask the Meaning of it. And when she was at her Work, she would often ask where such and such Places of Scripture were, and would menti­on the Words, that she might be directed to find them.

[Page 3]6. It was her Practice to carry her Catechism or some other good Book to Bed with her, and in the Morning she would be sitting up in her Bed reading before any of the Family were awake besides her.

7. One Day as she was sitting by the Fire, she ask'd,—Why our first Parents eating the for­bidden Fruit was counted Sin to them? At ano­ther Time she ask'd, Who were meant by the wise and foolish Virgins? And what was meant by the Oyl in the Lamps? And as she was read­ing a Sermon of Dr. COTTON MATHER'S, she ask'd, Who was meant by the goodly Cedar? And when she was told, she said,—And who are meant by the Fowls that are but just fledged? She was told they meant, little Children: and Christ called them to come to him. But, said she, How can I, who am but a Child, go to Christ? Being inform'd, she said, — But will Christ accept of me? She was answered, Yes; and several Places of Scripture were mentioned for her Encouragement.

The II. SECTION. Containing a short Account of her in her first Illness, from Sept. 1716, to Feb. 1710, 17.

1. IN September, 1716, she was taken ill and in her Sickness [...] her self with such wonderful Patience as that all that came near admir'd. She wou'd often put up that Request, ‘Heavenly Father, [Page 4] Give me thy Christ, give me thy Grace, and pardon all my Sins, for Jesus Christ's sake, A­men.’ Then she said, What is Sanctification? And made Answer to herself, ‘It is the Work of God's free Grace.—What are the Benefits which in this Life do accompany or flow from Justification, Adoption, and Sanctification? They are, Assurance of God's Love, Peace of Conscience, Joy in the Holy Ghost, Increase of Grace, and Perseverance therein to the End.’

2. Being ask'd, if she was willing to die, and go to Christ; she said Yes: But Child you know you are a Sinner; she said, Yes: And you know where the Wicked go when they die; she said, Yes, they are cast into Hell: And being ask'd if she was not afraid of going thither; she said, No, For Christ is an all-sufficient Saviour, and he is able to save me, and I hope he will: Tho' I have not yet seen Christ, yet I hope I shall see him.

3. A while after she said, I am weary of this World, and long to be gone: O when shall I go, O when shall I go! Her Mother asked her, if she was willing to leave her alone? She answer'd, Yes, For when you die, I hope you will go to Heaven too.

4. She feeling an Alteration in herself, de­sir'd her Mother to send for Mr. SEWALL, and when he came, he asked her how she did; she answered, Very weak: He asked her if she was willing to die? She said, Yes: He said, Do you know that you are a Sinner? She said, Yes: He ask'd her, if she had not heard that there was a­nother and a better World than this? She an­swer'd, [Page 5] Yes. He ask'd her several other Ques­tions, but they slipt my Memory. He was go­ing to ask her one Question, but said it was a great one to ask a Child, but however he would, and said to her, Child, are you willing humbly to submit to the Will of God, either for Life or Death? She said, Yes.

5. A while after she was weeping, and being asked the Reason, she said, ‘I tho't I saw the Flames of Hell, and was going there, but I tho't I saw Christ, and he called me to come to him, and then I was not afraid; and I have cried to God for Grace to serve him.’

6. A while after she was taken with Convul­sion Fits, and lay several Hours, all Hopes of Re­covery being taken away: But she reviving a­gain, her Pain returned with greater Violence: She prayed to God to take her away out of this miserable World, and cried, —‘O God, my God, If thou wilt please to take me away, I will be willing to bear what Pain thou shalt please to lay upon me: O God, my dear God, I love thee dearly!’ And this she repeated several Times over.

7. Her Mother sitting by her weeping, the Child said, Dear Mother, you make me have more Pain: Her Mother said, No, my dear Child, I don't: She said, Yes, you cry, and that troubles me, and causes me to have more Pain.

8. Mr. SEWALL being sent for again, he said, Child, Is it not better to be in Heaven with God and Christ, than to be here? She answered, Yes, Yes. He ask'd her if he should pray to God that he would be pleas'd to take her to himself? [Page 6] She made a quick Reply, doubling her Words, Yes, Yes. He asked her another Question, but being in great Trouble, it slipt my Memory: But the Child made no Answer to it, and only said, I am spent.

9. A few Hours after, her Pains abating a­gain, the Fits returned with more Violence than before, and held her for several Hours, and then left her. She lay for some Days so senseless that she knew not those that came to see her. But it pleased God to restore her again to her for­mer Health: And before she was able to sit up, she wou'd call for her Book, and lay and read by the Hour together.

The III. SECTION. Containing a brief Account of her, from her first remarkable Illness in the Fall and Winter, 1716, to her second, in April, 1718.

1. SHE had by Course read almost thro' the Old Testament; but at other Times her Delight was to read in the New, concerning the Birth of Christ, and his Sufferings; and would ask the Meaning of what she read.

2. One Day as she sat by herself reading the 7th of the Revelations, concerning the Number of them that were sealed; when she came to the 9th Verse, she was overheard to weep 'till she came to the End of the Chapter.

[Page 7]3. One Morning as she lay in her Bed, she asked, What was meant by the Fountain, and the House of David, and the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, in Zech. 13.1.

4. Hearing a Sermon from Luke 15. concern­ing the Prodigal Son; a few Days after, she was saying the Text over to herself; she then ask'd, Who was meant by the Father; and who by the Son?

5. She had begun to learn the Proofs of the Assemblies Catechism; and when she came to that in, 1 Joh. 5.7. She asked, If the Father was God, and if the Son was God also, and if the Holy Ghost was God also? For it is said here, That there are Three that bear Record in Heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost, and these Three are One: And this seems as if there were Three Gods, and yet three is but One. And she desired to be told something of this Mystery. She was told, There was but one GOD, tho' there were Three Persons in the Godhead. That Christ was the Eternal Son of God, and the same in Substance and equal with the Father in Power and Glory, and was God. Then said the Child, Tho' Christ be the Son of God, yet is He God also? Answer was made her, Yes: and the Holy Ghost was the Spirit of God, and proceeded both from the Father and the Son, and was the same in Substance with them both, and was equal in Power and Glory. And a while after she asked. If Christ took upon him the Nature of a Man? She was told that he did.

6. She rejoiced greatly when the Lord's Day came, especially if it were fair Weather for her [Page 8] to go to the Publick Worship of God. And when she came Home, she would take a Book, and sit and read, till it was time to go to the Afternoon Exercise, without the least sign of Weariness. And if she was detained at Home on the Sabbath; she would not spend the Day in Idleness, but in religious Imployments.

7. It pleased God to exercise her with great Pain in every Part of her Body, which did some­thing impair the Natural Quickness and Strength of her Senses. But between two or three Months before her Death, her Understanding was bright­ned to admiration.

8. When the Spring came on, and mention was made of the Publick Catechizing; she Rejoi­ced greatly, and would be often speaking of its drawing near. One Morning as she lay in her Bed she said; O that charming Duty, O that sweet Day is coming: Being ask'd, what Day she meant? She answered, Catechizing Day, I mean that sweet Day. A few Days after she said, I won't depend upon going to Catechizing, for I believe I shall be prevented by some means or other. She was told, If she was well and the Weather per­mitted, nothing else wou'd hinder her. Ah! said the Child, I am perswaded, I shall be prevented some way or other from going. And according to the strong Impulse she had upon her Mind, it proved to her: For she was taken Sick two or three Days before the Catechizing came, which was in April 1718.

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The IV. SECTION. Containing a more partiular Account of her in her second Illness, from April 1718. to the June succeeding, when she Died.

1 WHEN She was first taken, she was in some doubt of her spiritual State, and said, She was afraid she did not belong to God, nor love him as she should; for Mother, you have told me, that they that fear God and love him, would make it their chief Care and En­deavour to keep his Commandments; but I am afraid I have not kept them as I ought. Her Mother ask'd her, what particular Command she cou'd accuse her self of breaking? She said, The Fifth Commandment saith, Honour thy Father and thy Mother, and have I honoured you? have I obeyed you as I ought? Her Mother told her; You have been an obedient Child to me, and wherein you have offended in any small Matter, I do forgive you, and pray God to forgive you also.

2. The Day following she cryed out — I am a great Sinner, a great Sinner, what will be­come of me, Oh! what will become of me, I am afraid that God will not have Mercy on me, my Sins are so many and so great. She was told, tho' her Sins were never so many and great, yet the Mercy of God was greater, and more abun­dant than her Sins; for that was like himself In­finite, and endureth forever, that there was For­giveness with him; and that he had Promised, that those who confess and forsake their Sins should [Page 10] Mercy. But said the Child, Satan tempts me to Despair of Mercy, because my Sins are so great and many. But she was then Exhorted not to give way to the Temptations of Satan, but to hope in the Mercy of God; for the Lord taketh Pleasure in them that Fear him, and in them that hope in his Mercy. And she was told that he say'd in Isa. 55.7. ‘Let the Wicked forsake his Way and the unrighteous Man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have Mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will abundantly Pardon.’

3. A while after she said, behold I was shap­en in Iniquity, and in Sin did my Mother con­ceive me: I am a miserable and sinful Creature; Convinced I am of Sin, but afraid not Conver­ted; I am a poor Creature that has no sight of my Interest in Christ; and without a Christ, with­out a Christ, I am undone for ever; Oh for a Christ, Oh for a Christ, for a Christ to save me! And then she prayed, and said —

4. Lord, have Mercy on me according to thy loving Kindness; according to the Multitude of thy Tender Mercies blot out all my Trangres­sions with thine own Blood: Wasn me thro'ly from mine Iniquities, and cleanse me from my Sins: Create in me a clean Heart, O God, and re­new a right Spirit within me: O give me a new Heart, a humble Heart, a broken Heart, and contrite Spirit: Oh Sanctify me by thy Holy Spirit thro' out, in Soul, Spirit, and Body: Re­new me in the whole Man after thine own I­mage in Knowledge, Righteousness and true Ho­liness: Oh give me a Christ, give me thy Grace, [Page 11] Pardon all my Sins: O Lord take away all mine Iniquities, and receive me graciously, Circumcise my Heart to fear thy Name, and lead me in the Way that is pleasing in thy Sight: Oh be my God in Life, my Guide unto Death, and the un­changeble Portion of my Soul forever: Fit and prepare me for all Changes, but especially for Death my great and last Change: And this I beg for thy Son Jesus Christ's sake, AMEN.

5. In the time of her Health she was very careful of her Words, and no ill Language was ever heard to proceed from her Lips. Yet now in her Sickness, she examin'd her self what Sins she had been Guilty of, both in Words and Acti­ons. And taking a view of the Commandments, some of them she said she was afraid she had been guilty of breaking, and did accuse her self of Dis­obedience. and condemn'd her self for her Sins. And being in great Pain of Body; she said, Now am I suffering the Desert of my Sins: Oh that I might have but a Moments case: But I need not wonder that I have no case, for I deserve none: Have Mercy upon me O Lord, for I am weak: O Lord heal me, for my Bones are sore vexed: Look upon my Afflictions and my Pain, and forgive all my Sins.

6. Mr. Prince came in to see her: She desi­red him to Pray with her: He ask'd her what he should Pray for? She answered That God would be pleas'd to Pardon all her Sins, and give her an Interest in Christ.

7. A while after she cried out, O I am a poor Creature that wants Assurance: Oh for Assurance, Oh for Assurance! Oh that God wou'd be pleas'd [Page 12] to lift up the Light of his Countenance upon me! O that he would be pleas'd to own me in his Covenant, and Bless me. Her Mother seeing her in this Distress, ask'd her if she should send for Mr. SEWALL to talk with him, and hear what he had to say to her? The Child answered, Mr. SEWALL may give me Encouragement as you do, but except God speaks to me too, all will signify nothing. Well Child, said her Mother, wait upon God still, who will in his own Time, I hope, speak Peace to thy Soul. Mr. SEWALL was sent for, but he was not at home.

8. She was told for her Encouragement, that she was a Lamb of Christ's Flock; and that he had said, he would take the Lambs in his Arms, and carry them in his Bosom; and suffer little Children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven; and you know that Promise in Prov. 8.17. I Love them that Love me, and those that seek me early shall find me. The Child answered, If the Lord will please to help me, I will seek him. She was told that the Lord would help her, and was exhorted to trust in the Free Grace and Mercy of God thro' Christ. Oh, said the Child; I am willing to ac­cept of Christ, but I am afraid Christ is not will­ing: Answer was made, that if she was willing to accept of Christ, that to be sure Christ was will­ing to accept of her: She answered, I am willing.

9. A while after she said, I will venture my Soul upon Christ, and if I perish, Lord, it shall be at the Fountain of thy Mercy: For thou hast pro­mised, that whosoever cometh unto thee, thou wilt in no wise cast out. O Lord I desire as I am able, to come unto thee, and I am sure thou wilt [Page 13] not cast me off. And she was compos'd for some time: But Satan assaulted her again in setting her Sins before her; and she cried out, Oh the Sin of my Nature, (unless my Soul be sprinkled with the Blood of Christ,) is enough to undoe me, were I guilty of no other.

10. About a Month before her Death, on the Sabbath in the Afternoon, she said to her Mother; Now I have a believing sight of Christ: Now Christ is mine and I am his: Oh, how sweet is Christ: Oh he is sweet, he is sweet! and if you did but taste and feel what I do, you would long to be gone. Then she said; Come Lord Jesus, come quickly: Dear Jesus, sweet Jesus, come quickly. Then she said; Lord Jesus give me Patience, give me Patience to wait thy Time, for thy Time is the best Time: Lord Jesus give me Patience.

11. Her Mother sat weeping by her, and to comfort her, the Child said; Dear Mother, tho' we part now, it will be but a little while before you will follow and come to me: and that will be a happy meeting for us, to meet at the Right Hand of Christ in the great Day. Then she thank'd her Mother for the Instructions and Cor­rections she had given her, and said had it not been for them I might have gone to Hell; but it won't be long now before the blessed Angels will come and carry my Soul to the Bosom of Christ; Oh I long to be gone, I long to be gone to that Blessed Place: Sweet Jesus, come quickly.

12. A while after she said: My Pain is great which I undergo to go to Christ; but not so great as the Pains Christ underwent for me: Oh I wonder [Page 14] I wonder that Christ should be so willing to die for me who am so great a Sinner.

13. Mr. SEWALL was sent for again; but be­fore he came, the Child was spent with extream Pain and much speaking, that she was not able to say any thing to him. In the Night she ask'd the Young Woman that watched with her, to read the 25th of Matthew to her.

14. One Morning she ask'd; where is that Place of Scripture? Eat O Friends, drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved. The Glass stand­ing on the Table, she ask'd to have it turned, and said; my Glass is almost run, my Work is almost ended.

15. On Thursday was three Weeks before her Death, her Mother seeing an Alteration in her, said, my Child is struck with Death. Upon which she replyed, Is Death come and am I pre­pared, am I prepared? She lay still for some time, and then said; O Death where is thy Sting; O Grave where is thy Victory, and what wilt thou gain by this thing!

16. There was a Person she had a peculiar Respect for, and desired her Mother when she had opportunity, to speak to her; for she was a­fraid she did not consider her Soul and Eternity.

17. The Lord's Day following she said over the 23d Psalm, and when she had concluded it, her Mother ask'd her; if she was not afraid to pass thro' the dark Valley of the shadow of Death? she answer'd; No, for God hath promis'd that he will never leave me nor forsake me, neither will he suffer me to leave or forsake him.

18. She lying in great Pain Day and Night, [Page 15] wou'd often say, Lord Jesus give me Patience, give me Patience, that I may not dishonour God. She said, Oh if I shou'd be deceiv'd at last, and deceive others, and they think I am Good, how miserable shall I be forever?

19. Her Aunt Stone being present, and the Child being in great Pain, and complaining of those about her, for refusing to do something for her which she found relieved her, but they were fear­ful of overdoing, she said,—They do not pity me, but I hope Christ pities me, and will pre­pare a Place for me. A little while after, being restless with her Pains, she check'd her self saying, —Why do I complain? Christ endured more than this for me: I wonder how he did to bear it. And a little while after hearing it Thunder; she said, it Thunders, I am afraid God will kill me with it; but whether he kills me with that, or with this Pain, if I may but go to Christ, it will be well.

20. The Tuesday following Mr. SEWALL came to see her, and after some Discourse, he ask'd he on what she depended for Salvation? She re­plyed, on Christ and the Promises. He said, well Child hold fast thy Faith, and still trust in Christ. Then she said; Oh I long to be gone to that bles­sed Place. He asked what blessed Place? She not readily answering, he said; do you mean Heaven? She said, Yes: And when he was going away, de­sir'd him to remember her in his Prayers: And ask'd him when he would please to come again to see her?

21. Two Persons being in the Room, they said to one another; this Child has been a Child [Page 16] affliction all its Days. The Child replyed; and it is for my Good.

22. She had another Combate with Satan and said, He wou'd persuade her that Christ was with­drawn from her: And she cried out, Oh what shall I do, Oh what shall I do? I am undone! She said, O Lord, cast me not out of thy sight; cast me not away from thy presence, and take not thy holy Spirit from me: Restore unto me the Joy of thy Salvation, and uphold me with thy free Spirit; never leave me nor forsake me: But guide me by thy Counsel while here, and after­wards receive me to thine heavenly Kingdom: And this I ask for thy Son Jesus Christ's sake; and in Testimony of my desire and Assurance to be heard, I say, AMEN.

23. She was comforted again in the Night: And the Watcher sitting by her Bed side, about Midnight, heard her say,

Yonder, Yonder, up above,
Sits my Saviour, cloath'd in Love,
And there's my smiling God.

24. She said, she had something to say to Mr. SEWALL the next time he came to see her: And being ask'd, what it was, she said, she would thank him for the many Prayers he put up for her, for God had heard and answered them.

25. At another time she said concerning Christ; Why is his Chariot so long a coming? Why stay so long the Wheels of his Chariot? For me to stay is Pain; but to Die is Gain.

26. Mr. PRINCE coming to see her the Mon­day before her Death, she desired him to Pray with her, he said well, and what shall we Pray [Page 17] for now? She replyed, that I may have a saving Knowledge of Christ, that God wou'd please to Pardon all my Sins, and prepare me for Death my great & last Change.

27. The Day following, her Pains abated, and she seemed to be better for 2 or 3 Days, and no one perceived her to draw near her Change, till a few Minutes before she was taken Speechless, the Child said, something choaked her: Her Mother felt of her Hands, and finding them in a cold Sweat, and her Countenance alter, she said my Child is a going: Ah Mother, said the Child, so must you as well as I. She said something more; but her Speech and Spirits failing, we could not understand her.

She breath'd her Soul into the Arms of Christ on Friday, the 13th of June, 1718. Being 8 Years and just 11 Months old.

HAPPY the Parents, and the Pastors be,
Bringing thy Little Ones, Great GOD, to thee!
How pleasant 'tis to see them safe from harms,
Lov'd and Embrac'd, in CHRIST'S Outstretched Arms!
That this Great KING many Mansions fitly fill,
He Lists for Church Triumphant, whom he will.

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