Communitêr bona profundere Deûm est.

PHILADELPHIA: Printed by B. Franklin, 1741.



PAlladio's Architecture, in 4 Books; Containing a short Treatise of the Five Orders, and the most necessary Observations concerning all Sorts of Building. As also the different Constructions of private Houses, High-ways, Bridges, Market-places, Xystes, and Temples, with their Plans, Sections, and Uprights. Exemplified in a great Number of Copper Cuts. 2 Vols.

A Collection of the Works, Divine, Moral and Political, of Mr. WILLIAM PENN. 2 Vols. To which is pre­fixed a Journal of his Life, and many original Letters an [...] [...]apers not before published.

The Annals and History of Tacitus, translated by Mr. Gordon. With some fine political Discourses prefixed by the Translator. 2 Vols. 1728.

[Page 4] Helvicus's Chronology, in which the Time of the most remarkable Events in the World is assigned, and when the most famous Men lived, &c.

Wood's Institutes of the Laws of England; Published (in their natural Order, according to the common Use) for the Direction of young Beginners, or Students in the Law; and of others who desire to have a general Knowledge in our common and statute Laws. 1728.

Sidney's Discourses on Government; which, being found in his Closet, cost him his Life, in the Reign of King Charles II.

Puffendorff's Law of Nature and Nations, with Mr. Barbeyrac's Notes. To which is prefixed Mr. Barbeyrac's Historical and Critical Account of the Science of Mora­lity, and the Progress it has made in the World from the earliest Times down to the Publication of this Work. 1729.

Bailey's Universal English Dictionary; containing not only the Words and their Explanation, but their Ety­mologies from 14 or more Languages, and Accents di­recting their Pronounciation. Also explaining the Terms of Art in all Sciences and Mysteries, illustrated with near 500 Cuts. 1730.

The Gardiners Dictionary, by F. Miller, F.R.S. containing the Methods of cultivating and improving the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower-Garden, according to the Practice of the most experienced Gardiners of the present Age; interspersed with a great Deal of curious Natural Philosophy, and adorned with Copper Plates. 1731. [Given to the Library by P. Collinson, Esq; of London. F. R. S.] 2 Vol.

The History of Philosophy, containing the Lives, Opi­nions, Actions, and Discourses of all the antient Philo­sophers. By Tho. Stanley, Esq;

All the Works, Moral, Political, Historical, &c. of Sir William Temple, Bart. 2 Vols.

[Page 5] Parkinson's Paradisus Terrestris; or, A Garden of rare Flowers; with their Natures, Place of Birth, Time of Flouring, Names and Virtues. To which is annexed a Kitchen-Garden, with an Account of all Manner of Herbs, Roots and Fruits, &c. with the Art of planting an Orchard, the Nature of Grafting, Inoculating, &c. illustrated with a Multitude of Cuts.

An Essay towards a real Character and a Philosophical Language; by John Wilkins, D. D. and F. R. S. Con­taining a Distribution of all Things in Nature into their proper Genuses, Differences, Species, &c. with a Na­tural Grammar, and a most excellent English Dictio­ [...]y.

Salmon's English Herbal, or History of Plants; con­taining their Names, Species, Descriptions, Places of Growth, Times of Flowering and Seeding, Qualities, Specifications, Preparations Galenick and Chymick, Virtues and Uses; with the Culture and Management of all Sorts of Flowers: With a Multitude of Cuts, re­presenting to the Life all the Plants, Flowers, &c. 1710.

Penmanship in its utmost Beauty and Extent, in a new Copy-Book, wherein are revived and comprized all the most useful, and ornamental Pieces, of the best Matters in Europe. Engraved by George Bickham, 1731.

Mr. Bayle's Historical and Critical Dictionary, newly and accurately printed; containing the Lives, Actions and Works of all the most famous Men, with a vast Variety of other Knowledge; the Author being, for his prodigious Learning and Industry, esteemed the Wonder of this latter Age. 6 Vols, 1733.

The History of the World, by Sir Walter Raleigh; to which is added the Life of the Author, newly compil'd, and also his Trial. 1733.

A complete Collection of State Trials, and Proceedings upon High Treason, and other Crimes and Misdemeanors, [Page 6] from the Reign of King Richard II. to the End of the Reign of King George I. 6 Vols.

The Royal Commentaries of Peru; In two Parts. 1. Treating of the Original of their Incas or Kings; of their Idolatry; of their Laws and Government both in Peace and War; of the Reigns and Conquests of the Incas: With many other Particulars relating to their Empire and Policy before such Time as the Spaniards invaded their Countries. 2. Describing the Manner by which that n [...]w World was conquered by the Spaniards. Also the Civil Wars between the Picarrists and the Al­magrians, occasioned by Quarrels arising about the Di­vision of that Land; of the Rise and Fall of the Rebels; and other Particulars contained in that History. Writ­ten originally in Spanish, by the Inca Garcilasso de la Vega, and rendered into English by Sir Paul Rycaut, Knt. [Given to the Library by the Hon. James Logan, Esq]

The Holy Bible, with the Apocrypha. [Given to the Library by Mr. Robert Grace.]

Plutarch's Morals, in English. [Given by Mr. Joseph Breintnal.]

Fox's Acts and Monuments of the Church, from the primitive Age to these Times of ours; with the bloody Times, horrible Troubles, and great Persecutions against the true Martyrs of Christ, both by Heathen Emperors and Popish Prelates. 3 Vols. [Given by Mr. Robert Grace.]

The Merchant's Map of Commerce, handling the uni­versal Matter and Manner of Trade, with the Coins, Weights and Measures of all Places of Traffique. By L. Roberts. 1637. [Given by Mr. Joseph Breintnal.]

A Natural History, in Ten Centuries; written by Sir Francis Bacon. Whereto is added, his History of Life and Death, and the new Atlantis. [Given by Mr. Francis Richardson.]

Decades Duae, continentes Vitas Theologorum ex­terorum & Principum, qui Ecclesiam Christi superiori [Page 7] Seculo propagâarunt & propugnârunt: Coactae à Mel­chiore Adamo, Silesio. [Given by Mr. Lewis Timothy; together with two old and curious Manuscripts in Rolls, in some unknown Language and Character.]

The Lives of the Popes, from the Time of our Saviour Jesus Christ, to the Reign of Sixtus IV. Written ori­ginally in Latin, by Baptista Platina, and translated into English by Sir Paul Rycaut, Knt. Lond. 1688. [Given, to the Library by the Hon. James Logan, Esq]

The Antiquities of antient Britain, derived from the Phenicians; together with a Chronological History of Britain, from the first traditional Beginning to the Year 800, when it received the Name of England. By Aylett Sammes. Lond. 1676. [Given by Mr. Samuel Hale.]

Bishop Burnet's History of his own Time. Vol. I. From the Restoration of King Charles II. to the Settlement of King William and Queen Mary, at the Revolution. To which is prefixed a summary Recapitulation of Affairs in Church and State, from King James I. to the Resto­ration in the Year 1660. Lond. 1724. Vol. II. From the Revolution to the Conclusion of the Treaty of Peace at Utrecht, in the Reign of Queen Anne. To which is added the Author's Life, by the Editor, 1734.

The Works of Flavius Josephus; translated into Eng­lish by Sir Roger Lestrange, Knt. viz. 1. The Antiqui­ties of the Jews, in 20 Books. 2. Their War with the Romans, in 7 Books. 3. The Life of Josephus, writ­ten by himself. 4. His Book against Apion, in Defence of the Antiquities of the Jews. 5. The Martyrdom of the Maccabees. 6. Philo's Embassy from the Jews of Alexandria to Caius Caligula. To which is added, Discourses, and Observations on Josephus; with Maps, Sculptures, and accurate Indexes. Lond. 1733.

Ten Epistles in Verse, by Mr. Pope; containing his Essay on Man, with that on the Use of Riches, and that on false Taste, &c. Lond. 1733.

[Page 8] The History of the Wars of Flanders; written in Italian by Cardinal Bentivoglio: With a Map of the Seventeen Provinces. Lond. 1678.

The Byble in Englyshe. Ouersene at the Commaundement of Kynge Henrye viii. 1541. [Given by Mr. William Fry.]

Biblia Sacra, or, The Bible in Latin. By Tremellius and Junius. With Notes. [Given by Peter Evans, Esq]

The Britannic Constitution; or, The Fundamental Form of Government in Britain; Demonstrating the Original Contract enter'd into by King and People. Wherein is proved, That the Placing on the Throne King William III. was the natural Fruit and Effect of the Original Constitution, &c. By Roger Acherly, Esq Lond. 1727.

The History of the Reformation of the Church of England. By Gilbert Burnet, D. D. 3 Vols. The 4th Edition, with Amendments. Lond. 1715.

A new Version of the Psalms of David. By Sir Richard Blackmore, Knt. M. D. Lond. 1721.

Burchet's Naval History; or, A complete History of the most remarkable Transactions at Sea, from the earliest Accounts of Time, to the Conclusion of the last War with France. Adorn'd with Sea-Charts adapted to the History. By Josiah Burchet, Esq Secretary of the Admiralty. Lond. 1720.

The History of the Council of Trent. In which, besides the o [...]ary Acts of the Council, are declared many notable Occurrences which happened in Christendom during the Space of 40 Years and more; and particu­larly the Practices of the Court of Rome, to hinder the Reformation of their Errors, and to maintain their Greatness. Written in Italian by Father Paul, and translated by Sir Nathanael Brent. Whereunto is added the Life of the learned Author, and the History of the Inquisition. Lond. 1676.

A Treat [...]se of the fifth general Council, held at Con­stantinople Anno 553. under Justinian the Emperor, in [Page 9] the Time of Pope Vigilius. By Richard Cracanthorp, D. D. and Chaplain in Ordinary to King James I.

Camden's Britannia; or, A Description of Great-Britain and Ireland, together with the adjacent Islands. Written in Latin by William Camden; illustrated with Maps and Cuts. Translated into English, with Addi­tions and Improvements. 2d Edit. Lond. 2 Vols.

Chambers's Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences: Containing, An Explanation of the Terms; the Rise, Progress and State of Things, Ecclesiastical, Civil, Military, and Commercial; the several Systems, Sects, Opinions, &c. among Philosophers, Divines, Mathe­maticians, Physicians, Antiquaries, Criticks, &c. The Whole intended as a Course of antient and modern Learning. The 2d Edition, corrected and amended, with some Additions. 2 Vols. Lond. 1738.

Dialing, by William Leybourn: Shewing how to make all Sorts of Dials, and to adorn them with all useful Furniture relating to the Course of the Sun. Ad­orned with Sculptures. Lond. 1682.

The Civil Law in its natural Order; together with the Publick Law. Written in French by Monsieur Domat, the late French King's Advocate in the Presi­dial Court of Clermond in France. Translated into English by William Strahan, LL. D. With additional Remarks on some material Differences between the Civil Law and the Law of England. 2 Vols. 2d Edi­tion with Additions. Lond. 1737.

The History of England, from the first Entrance of Julius Caesar and the Romans, to the Conclusion of the Reign of King James II. and the Establishment of King William and Queen Mary upon the Throne, in the Year 1688. By Lawrence Echard, A. M. Arch-Deacon of Stowe. 3d Edition with Additions. Lond. 1720.

A general Chronological History of France; beginning before the Reign of King Pharamond, and ending with the Reign of K. Henry IV. Containing both the Civil [Page 10] and Ecclesiastical Transactions of that Kingdom. By the Sieur de Mezeray. Translated by John Bulteel, Gent. Lond. 1683.

History of the Civil War of France. Written in Ital. by H. C. D [...]vila. Translated out of the Original. 2d Impression. Lond. 1678.

The Lives of Pope Alexander VI. and his Son Caesar Borgia. Comprehending the Wars in the Reigns of Charles VIII. and Lewis XII. Kings of France; and the chief Transactions and Revolutions in Italy, from the Year 149 [...], to the Year 1506. With an Appendix of Original Pieces referred to in the Work. By Alex­ander Gordon, A. M. Lond. 1729.

The Rights of War and Peace; in 3 Books: Wherein are explained, the Law of Nature and Nations, and the principal Points relating to Government. Written in Latin by the learned Hugo Grotius, and translated into English▪ To which are added all the large Notes of Mr. J. Barbeyrac. Lond. 1738.

History of the City and State of Geneva. By Isaac Spon, D. M. Lond. 1687. [Given by Mr. Alexnder Graydon.]

Cosmography, in 4 Books: Containg the Chorography and History of the whole World, and all the principal Kingdoms, Provinces, Seas and the Isles thereof. By Peter Heylyn, D. D. Improved with an Historical Continuation to the present Times, by Edmund Bohun, Esq Lond. 1703.

The Works of that learned and judicious Divine, Mr. Richard Hooker, in VIII. Books, of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity. To which are added several other Treatises by the same Author: Together with the Life of the Author, written by Isaac Walton. Lond. 1723.

Historia Insignium Illustrium, seu Operis Heraldici Pars Specialis, &c. Authore Philippo Jacobo Spenero. Franco­furti ad Moenum, 1680. [Given to the Library by Mr. Gustavus Hesselius.]

[Page 11] A new Law-Dictionary. The 3d Edition, with large Additions, and the Law-Proceedings done in English, by Giles Jacob, Gent. Lond. 1736.

The Works of John Locke, Esq In 3 Vols. Vol. I. Containing an Essay concerning Human Understanding; a Letter to the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Worcester concerning some Passages relating to Mr. Locke's Essay of Human Understanding; Mr. Locke's Reply, &c. Vol. II. Containing some Considerations of the Conse­quences of the lowering of Interest, and raising the Va­lue of Money; short Observations on a printed Paper, entitled, For encouraging the Coining Silver-Money in England, and after for keeping it here: Farther Obser­vations concerning raising the Value of Money; Two Treatises of Government; Three Letters concerning Toleration: The Reasonableness of Christianity as de­livered in the Scriptures; a Vindication of the Reasona­bleness of Christianity; a second Vindication. Vol. III. Some Thoughts concerning Education; a Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul. Posthumous Works, 1. Of the Conduct of the Understanding. 2. An Examination of P. Malbranche's Opinion of seeing all Things in God. 3. A Discourse of Miracles. 4. Part of a Fourth Letter for Toleration. 5. Memoirs relating to the Life of Anthony, first Earl of Shaftesbury. 6. A new Method of a Common-Place-Book. Some familiar Letters between Mr. Locke and several of his Friends. 4th Edit. Lond. 1740.

History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. Done into English from the Original Spanish of Don Antonio de Solis, by Thomas Town [...]e [...]d, Esq Lond. 1724.

History of the Knights of Malta: By Mons. L' Abbé de Vertot. Illustrated with LXXI. Heads of the Grand Masters, &c. Engraved by the best Hands in France. 2 Vols. Lond. 1728.

A Collection of Maps, in large Folio.

[Page 12] A complete Collection of the Historical, Political, and Miscellaneous Works of Mr. John Milton. With an Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Writ­ings of the Author. 2 Vols. Lond. 1738.

The Memoirs of Sir James Melvil: Containing an impartial Account of the most remarkable Affairs of State, during the last Age, not mentioned by other Historians; more particularly relating to the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, under the Reigns of Queen Elisabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James. By George Scott, Gent. Lond. 1683.

Antiquity explained, and represented in Sculptures. By the learned Father Montfaucon. 7 Vols. Translated into English by David Humphreys, M.A. Lond. 1725.

The Antiquities of Italy: Being the Travels of the Learned and Rev. Bernard de Montfaucon, from Paris thro' Italy, in the Years 1698, 1699. Made English from the Paris Edition of the Latin Original. Adorned with Cuts, 2d Edit. Revised by John Henley, M. A. Lond. 1725.

The Civil History of the Kingdom of Naples. 2 Vols. Written in Italian by Pietro Giannone, Civilian and Advocate in Naples, and published 1723. Translated into English by Capt. James Ogilvie. Lond. 1729.

The History of the Growth and Decay of the Othman Empire. Written originally in Latin, by Demetrius Cantemir, late Prince of Moldavia. Translated into English, from the Author's own Manuscript, by N. Tindal, M. A. Adorned with Heads of the Turkish Emperors. Lond. 1734.

Historical Collections, of private Passages of State, weighty Matters in Law, remarkable Proceedings in Five Parliaments, beginning the 16th Year of King James, A. 1618, and ending the 5th Year of King Charles, A. 1629. Digested in Order of Time, and published, by John Rushworth, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq 8 Vols. Lond. 1721.

[Page 13]The Roman History: With Notes, Historical, Geo­graphical, and Critical; and illustrated with Copper-Plates, Maps, and a great Number of authentick Me­dals. Done into English, from the Original French of the Rev. Fathers Catrou and Rouillé. To which is prefixed a new and connected Summary of the Work. Lond. 1728.

Shaw's Travels; or, Observations, relating to several Parts of Barbary & the Levant. By Thomas Shaw, D.D. Fellow of Queen's College in Oxford, and F. R. S. Oxford, printed at the Theatre, 1738.

The History of the Rise, Increase, and Progress of the Christian People called QUAKERS: Intermixed with several remarkable Occurrences. Written originally in Low-Dutch, and also translated into English, by William Sewell. 3d Edit. corrected. Philad. 1728.

The General History of Spain, from the first Peopling of it by Tubal, till the Death of King Ferdinand, who united the Crowns of Castille and and Aragon. With a Continuation to the Death of King Philip III. Writ­ten in Spanish by John de Mariana. To which are ad­ded two Supplements, the first by F. Ferdinand Camar­go de Salcedo, the other by [...] Basil Varen de Soto, bringing it down to the pre [...]nt Reign. The Whole translated from the Spanish, by Capt. John Stevens. Lond. 1699.

Ship-Building unvailed. Being a general Director for Building and compleating the said Machines. By William Sutherland, Author of the Ship-Builders Assis­tant. Lond. 1717. [Given by Mr. Thomas Godfrey.]

The Horse-Hoing Husbandry: Or, An Essay on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation. Wherein is shewn a Method of introducing a Sort of Vineyard-Culture into the Corn-Fields, in order to increase their Produce and diminish the common Expence; by the Use of In­struments, described in Cuts. By J. T. Lond. 1733.

[Page 14]The Works of the Most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, late Lord Achbishop of Canterbury. 3 Vols. 10th Edit. Lond. 1735.

The History of the Affairs of Europe, but more parti­cularly the Republick of Venice. Written in Italian by Battista Nani, Cavalier and Procurator of St. Mark. Englished by Sir Robert Honywood, Knt. Lond. 1673.

Vitruvius Britannicus; or, The British Architect: Containing the Plans, Elevations and Sections of the regular Buildings, both publick and private, in Great-Britain. With Variety of new Designs in 200 large Folio Plates, engraven by the best Hands. 2 Vols. To which is added the Geometrical Plans of the most considerable Gardens and Plantations; with large Views in Perspective of the most remarkable Edifices in Great-Britain, engraven by the best Hands in 100 large Folio Plates. By Colin Campbell, Esq Architect to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Lond. 1731.

Memorials of the English Affairs; or, An Historical Account of what passed from the Beginning of the Reign of King Charles I. to King Charles II. his happy Restauration. Containing the publick Transactions, Civil and Military. To [...]ther with the private Con­sultations and Secrets of the Cabinet. By Mr Whitelock. With a complete Index. A new Edition, with many Additions. Lond. 1732.

A brief Narrative of the Case and Trial of John Peter Zenger, Printer of the New-York Weekly Journal. [Given by Mr. Henry Pratt.]

Wood's Athenae Oxoniensis; or, An exact History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their Educa­tion in the most ancient and famous University of Oxford, from the 15th Year of King Henry VII. 1500, to the Author's Death in November 1695: Represent­ing the Birth, Fortune, Pre [...]erment, and Death, of all those Authors and Prelates, the great Accidents of their Lives, and the Fate and Character of their Writings. [Page 15] To which are added, The Fasti, or Annals of the said University. By Thomas Wood, M. A. 2 Vols. 2d Edit. corrected and enlarged with the Addition of above 500 new [...]es from the Author's Original Manuscript. Lond. 1721.

The Oceana, and other Works of James Harrington, Esq collected, methodiz'd, and review'd, with an exact Account of his Life prefixed, by John Toland. To which is added an Appendix, containing all the Political Tracts wrote by this Author, omitted in Mr. Toland's Edition. Lond. 1737.

The Universal Traveller, or, A complete Account of the most remarkable Voyages and Travels of eminent Men, of our own, and other Nations, to the present Time. Containing a Relation of the Successes or Mis­fortunes that attended them in their various Attempts; intermixed with many entertaining Descriptions of the Curiosities in Art and Nature; together with the Manners, Customs. &c. observable in the Countries they visited. Collected from the best Authorities, printed or Manuscript. By Pat [...]ick Barkley, D. D. Lon. 1735.

The Works of Nicholas Machiavel; Containing, The History of Florence, The Prince, Art of War, Dis­courses on Livy, &c.



REasons for Establishing the Colony of Georgia, with Regard to the Trade of Great-Britain, with Pro­posals for raising raw Silk, and the great Probability of succeeding therein. By Benjamin Martyn. 1733.

The Practice of Perspective: Or, An easy Method of representing natural Objects according to the Rules of Art, applied and exemplified in all the Variety of Cases; as Landskips, Gardens, Buildings of divers Kinds, their Appendages, Parts, Furniture, &c. With Rules for the Proportions, Positions, &c. of Figures, both in Draught and Relievo, &c. A Work highly necessary for Painters, Engravers, Architects, Em­broiderers, &c. Illustrated with 150 Copper Plates. Written in French by a Jesuit of Paris, and translated into English.

The History of the Royal Society of London, for pro­pagating Natural Knowledge. By Thomas Sprat. Lond. 1667. (Given by Mr. J. Robinson)

The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the Experiments they have tried, Improvements they have made, and Accounts they have received from Foreign Parts, to the Year 1720. Abridged by Lowthorp and Jones. With many Cuts. 5 Vols.

A Vew of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy; By Henry Pemberton: Beautifully printed. (Given to the Library by Pet. Collinson, Esq of London.)

An Analytick Treatise of Conick Sections, and their Use for Resolving of Equations in determinate and inde­terminate Problems. By the Marquis De l' Hospital, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences. 1723.

[Page 17] Atlas Geographus; or, A compleat System of Geo­graphy, antient and modern: Giving an Account of the Situation, Trade, Manufactures, Religion, Customs and Manners, &c. of all the Countries in the World; improved by the latest Accounts of the best Travellers of all Nations. 5 Vols. Illustrated with about 100 Maps. Lond. 1717.

A New Method of Chemistry; including the Theory and Practice of that Art, laid down on mechanical Principles, and accommodated to the Uses of Life; the Whole making a clear and rational System of Che­mical Philosophy. To which is prefix'd a Critical History of Chemistry and Chemists, from the Origin of the Art to the present Time. Written by the very learned H. Boerhaave, Professor of Chemistry, &c. in the University of Leyden, and Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris. Lond. 1727.

A Dictionory Italian and English, and English and Ita­lian: Containing all the Words of the Vocabulary della Crusca, and many more taken from the most approved Authors, with Proverbs and familiar Phrases, &c. By Ferdinand Altieri, Professor of the Italian Tongue in London. 2 Vols. 1727.

A Dictionary Spanish and English, and English and Spanish, much more copious than any yet extant. By Capt. John Stevens. Lond. 1726.

The Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon, Lord High-Chancellor of England; methodized, and made English from the Originals: With occasional Notes to explain what is obscure, and shew how far the several Plans of the Author for the Advancement of all the Parts of Knowledge have been executed to the present Time. 3 Vols. By Peter Shaw, M.D. 1733. Containing the following Pieces: 1. De Augmentis Scientiarum, or, The Arrangement and general Survey of Knowledge, with its particular Defects and Ways of supplying them for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences. 2. The [Page 18] New Atlantis, or, A Plan of a Society for the Promo­tion of Knowledge. 3. The Beginning of a History of Great-Britain. 4. The Lives or Civil Characters of Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, K. Henry VII. and Q. Elizabeth. 5. Select Speeches on particular Occasions, Civil, Judicial and Moral. 6. Select Letters on various Occasions. 7. A Collection of Apothegms. 8. The Mythology, or concealed Knowledge of the Ancients, decypher'd and explain'd. 9. A Specimen of the Persian Magick 10. A Specimen of animated Astronomy. 11. A free Censure or Critique of the most eminent Philo­sophers. 12. Interiora Rerum; or, Essays upon Moral, Oeconomical and Political Subjects. 13. A Discourse of War, 14. The prudent Tradesman, or the Office of Prime Ministers. 15. A Proposal for a new Digest of the Law of England. 16. A History of the Nature, Use, and Proceedings of the Laws of England. 17. Characteristicks of a Believing Christian. 18. An At­tempt to promote the Peace of the Church. 19. A new Machine for Rebuilding the Sciences, or a particular Logick for discovering Arts▪ 20. Sylva Sylvarum; or, The Phoenomena of the Universe. 21. Memoirs for a General History of Nature and Art. 22. Scala Intel­lectûs; or, The Progress of the Understanding. 23. The History of Life and Death. 24. A Draught for the particular History of the Wind. 25. A Plan for the History of Condensation and Rarefaction. 26. An Essay towards a Scientifical History of Natural Philosophy, &c.

A Tutor to Astronomy and Geography: Or, An easy and speedy Way to know the Use of both the Globes Celestial and Terrestrial. By Joseph Noxon. 1659. [Given by Mr. D. Bush.]

The Thirteene Bookes of Aeneidos. Translated into Englishe Verse. 1607. [Given by Mr. D. Bush.]

Dialling Universal; shewing by an easy and speedy Way, how to describe the Hour-Lines upon all sorts of [Page 19] Planes, in any Latitude whatsoever. By George Serle. 1664. [Given by Mr. D. Bush.]

Moses and Aaron; or, The Civil and Ecclesiastical Rites of the antient Hebrews explainded and described. By Thomas Goodwin, B. D. Together with

An English Exposition of the Roman Antiquities; and Archaeologia At [...]ica, or the Grecian Antiquities. Bound together in one Vol. 4 to. [Given by Mr. Joseph Breintnal.]

A Voyage to the South-Sea, and along the Coasts of Peru, in the Years 1712, 1713, and 1714; particularly describing the Genius and Constitution of the Inhabi­tants, as well Indians as Spaniards; their Customs and Manners; their natural History, Mines, Commodities, Traffick with Europe, &c. By M. Frezier, Engineer to the French King. Illustrated with 37 Copper-plates. 1717.

Certain learned Tracts: Written by John Gregory, M. A. and Chaplain of Christ-Church, Oxford, 1649. [Given by Mr. Joseph Breintnal.]

The Orphan's Legacy; being a Collection of Cases relating to L [...]st Wills and Testaments, and the Offices of Executors and Administrators; necessary to be un­derstood by all Persons. By Godolphin.

The American Library; being a Catalogue of Books, Papers and Writings, relating chiefly to America; given to the Society for the Propagating of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 1713.

A System of Experimental Philosophy, prov'd by Me­chanicks: Wherein the Principles and Laws of Physicks, Mechanicks, Hydrostaticks and Opticks, are demonstra­ted and explained at large, by a great Number of curious Experiments; with a full Description of the Air-Pump, and the several Experiments thereon; as also of the different Species of Barometers, &c. Illustrated with Copper-plates. By J. T. Desaguliers. To which is added,

[Page 20]Sir Isaac Newton's Colours; The Description of the Condensing Engine with its Apparatus: And Rowley's Horary, a Machine representing the Motion of the Moon about the Earth, &c.

The Philosophical Works of the Hon. Robert Boyle, Esq Abrigded, methodized, and disposed under the general Heads of Physick, Statics, Pneumatics, Natural History, Chemistry and Medicine. Illustrated with Notes, containing the Improvements made in the seve­ral Parts of natural and experimental Knowledge, since his Time. 3 Vols. By Peter Shaw, M. D. 2d Edit. Lond. 1738.

A Collection of Charters, in Manuscript: Containing viz. The Charter of Pennsylvania, granted by King Charles II. to William Penn, Esq; The Charter granted by William Penn, Esq to the Freemen of the said Pro­vince. The Charter of the City of Philadelphia, granted by William Penn, Esq;

The British Carpenter; or, A Treatise on Carpentry: Containing the most concise and authentick Rules of that Art. 2d Edition, enlarged. By Francis Price. Lond. 1735.

The Present State of Europe; or, The Historical and Political Monthly Mercury: Giving an Account of all publick and private Occurrences, &c. Lond. 1698. [Given by Mr. Francis Richardson.]

The Hero, from the Spanish of Balthazar Gracian: With Remarks, Moral, Political and Historical, of the learned Father J. de Courbeville. By a Gentleman of Oxford. Lond. 1736.

A Dictionary English, German and French. 2 Vols. By Christian Ludwig. Leipzig and Francfurt. 1736. 2d Edition.

The History of the Inquisition. By Philip â Limborch, Professor of Divinity amongst the Remonstrants. Trans­lated into English by Samuel Chandler. 2 Vols. To which is prefixed a large introduction, concerning the [Page 21] Rise and Progress of Persecution, and tha real and pretended Causes of it. Lond. 1731.

Liberty; a Poem. By Mr. Thomson. Lond. 1735.

A compleat History of Druggs; written in French, by Mons. Pomet. To which is added what is further ob­servable in Messirs. Lemery and Tournefort; divided into three Classes, Vegetable, Animal, and Mineral; with their Use in Physick, Chymistry and Pharmacy, and several other Arts. Illustrated with above 400 Copper Cuts. Done into English from the Originals. London 1712.

A General History of Printing, from the first Inven­tion of it in the City of Mentz, to its Propagation and Progress thro' most of the Kingdoms in Europe. By S. Palmer, Printer. London 1733.

Les Provinciales; ou, Les Lettres e'crites par Louis de Montalte, a un Provincial de ses Amis, & aux RR. PP. Jesuites, sur le Sujet de la Morale, & de la Politique de ces Peres. A Cologne, chez Pierre de la Vallée. 1657.

Person's Varieties. Lond. 1631. [Given by Mr. Samuel Kirk.]

A short Account of the first Settlement of the Provinces of Virginia, Maryland, New-York, New-Jersey and Pennsylvania, by the English. To which is annexed a Map of Maryland, according to the Bounds mentioned in the Charter, and also of the adjacent Country, Anno 1630. Lond. 1735. [Given by Mr. Benj. Eastburn.]

The Religion of Nature delineated. By [...]lliam Wolla­ston. Lond. 1726. [Given by Mr. John Bard.]

A Voyage into the Levant; perform'd by the Com­mand of the late French King. Containing the ancient and modern State of the Islands of the Archipelago; as also of Constantinople, the Coasts of the Black Sea, Armenia, Georgia, the Frontiers of Persia and Asia Minor. With Plans of the principal Towns and Places of Note; an Account of the Genius, Manners, Trade, [Page 22] and Religion of the respective People inhabiting in those Parts. By M. Tournefort, of the Royal Academy of Sciences, chief Botanist to the late French King, &c. To which is prefixed the Author's Life. 2 Vols. Lond. 1718.

An Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul; where­in the Immortality of the Soul is evinced from the Prin­ciples of Reason and Philosophy. Lond. [Given by Archibald Home, Esq;]

Stanley's Lives of the Philosophers, in Latin. Lipsiae 1711. [Given by Mr. Isaac Greenwood, of New-England.]


AN Introduction to the History of the principal King­doms and States of Europe. By S. Puffendorff, Counsellor of State to the late King of Sweden. 1728.

The History of England, as well Ecclesiastical as Civil, from the earliest Times down to the Revolution. 15 Vols. By Mr. De Rapin Thoyras. — The Author employed Seventeen Years in composing it, and as he had (by consulting the ancient Records of the Tower) much better Helps than any Historian that went before him, it is esteemed the best History of England yet published. 1731.

The History of the Revolutions that happened in the Go­vernment of the Roman Republick. By Vertot. 2 Vols.

The History of the Revolution in Sweden, occasioned by the Change of Religion and Alteration of Govern­ment in that Kingdom. By Vertot.

The History of the Revolutions in Spain, from the De­cadence of the Roman Empire, and the first Foundation of the Monarchy, to the Renunciation of King Philip V. [Page 23] and the Accession of Lewis I. to the Crown of Spain. Including likewise the History of the late War. 5 Vols.

The Revolutions of Portugal. By Vertot.

A Critical History of the Establishment of the Bretons among the Gauls, and of their Dependance upon the Kings of France and Dukes of Normandy. By Vertot. 2 Vols.

Plutarch's Lives of the most famous Lawgivers, Generals, &c. among the Greeks and Romans, with Comparisons. 8 Vols. With the Author's Life by Mr Dryden, and Madam Dacier's Notes. 1727.

Geography anatomized; or, The Geographical Gram­mar: Being a short and exact Analysis of the whole Body of modern Geography, after a new and curious Method; comprehending, 1. A general View of the Terraqueous Globe, being a compendious System of the true Fundamentals of Geography, &c. 2. A particular View of the Terraqueous Globe, being a clear and present Prospect of all remarkable Countries upon the Face of the whole Earth; shewing their Situation, Government, Manners, Religion, &c. By Patrick Gordon, F. R. S. 1730.

A new Practice of Physick; wherein the various Dis­eases incident to human Body, are orderly described; their Causes assigned; their Diagnosticks and Progno­sticks enumerated, and the Regimen proper in each de­livered: With a competent Number of Medicines for every Stage and Symptom thereof prescribed after the Manner of the most eminent Physicians among the Moderns, and particularly those of London. By Peter Shaw, M. D. 2 Vols. 1730.

New Improvements of Planting and Gardening, both Philosophical and Practical. In 3 Parts. 1. Contain­ing a new System of Vegetation, &c. 2. The best Manner of Improving Flower-Gardens, &c. 3. Of Im­proving Fruit-Trees, Kitchen-Gardens, &c. To which is added a Tract, intitled, Herefordshire-Orchards. [Page 24] Illustrated with Copper Plates. By Richard Bradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F. R. S. 1730.

The Young Mathematician's Guide: Being a plain and easy Introduction to the Mathematicks. In 5 Parts; viz. Arithmetick, Algebra, Geometry, Conic Sections, Fluxions. With an Appendix of practical Gauging.

Cursus Mathematicus: Or, A complete Course of the Mathematicks. Written in French by Mr. Ozanam, Professor of the Mathematicks at Paris, viz. Algebra, Arithmetick and Geometry, and Fortification, Mecha­nicks and Perspective, Geography and Dialling. With 200 Copper Plates. 5 Vols.

An Introduction to the true Astronomy; or, Astrono­mical Lectures, read in the Astronomical School of the University of Oxford. By John Keill, M.D. F.R.S. and Professor of Astronomy in that University.

A new System of Anatomy: Describing the Animal Oeconomy, and a short Rationale of many Distempers incident to human Bodies. Illustrated with above four-score Figures drawn after the Life. By James Drake, M. D. late Fellow of the College of Physicians, and F. R. S. 2 Vols. With an Appendix.

A new Treatise of the Art of Thinking; or, A com­plete System of Reflections, concerning the Conduct and Improvement of Mind. Illustrated with variety of Characters and Examples drawn from the ordinary Oc­currences of Life. Written in French, by M. Crousaz, Professor of Philosophy and Mathematicks in the Aca­demy of Lausane. 2 Vols.

Memorable Things of Socrates: With the Life of Xenophon.

Mathematical Elements of Natural Philosophy confirmed by Experiments; or, An Introduction to Sir Isaac New­ton's Philosophy. With a great many Cuts. 2 Vols.

The Complete Tradesman. 2 Vols. Treating of the several Points necessary to be known, both by the [Page 25] younger and more experienced Tradesman; with regard to Diligence, Over-Trading, expensive Living, too ealy Marrying, Diversion, Credit, Partnership, Punctuality, Projects, Engrossing, &c. I732.

A New Medicinal Dictionary; explaining the difficult. Terms used in the several Branches of the Profession, and in such Parts of Natural Philosophy as are intro­ductory thereto. By John Quincy, M. D. 1730.

The Practical Farmer: Containing many new Im­provements in Husbandry. 1. Of Meliorating the diffe­rent Soils, and all other Branches of Business relating to a Farm. 2. Of the Nature of the several Sorts of Wheat, and the Soil proper for each. 3. Of the great Improve­ment of Barley, by Brining the Seed, after an entire new Method, and without Expence. 4. Of increasing Crops of Pease and Beans, by Horse-Howing. 5. Of Trefoyle, Clover, Lucerne, and other foreign Grasses. 6. A new Method to improve Land at a small Expence, with burnt Clay. 7. Of the Management of Sows, Sheep, Suckling of Calves, Lambs, &c. With Means to prevent, and Remedies to cure Rottenness in Sheep. 8. How to keep Pigeons, & tame Rabbits to Advantage. 9. A new Method of planting and improving Fruit-Trees in ploughed Grounds. By W. Ellis. 1732.

A Dissertation of the true Cithisus of the Ancients: Shewing that it may be successfully made use of for the Improvement of the most dry, barren and hilly Land: Also an Accout of the great Profits that may arise from sowing Lucerne, and burning of Clay. With a Cata­logue of the best Seeds, and the Season of sowing them. By J. Switzer. 1731.

Dr. Allen's Synopsis Medicinae; or, A brief and general Collection of the whole Practi [...]e of Physick. Containing the Opinions and Judgments [...] most celebrated Au­thors, concerning Diseases, their Causes and Remedies; with most Cases in Surgery; and some Observations [Page 26] very rare and uncommon; and a curious Treatise of all Sorts of Poisons. 2 Vols. 1730.

The Travels of Cyrus: Full of fine Reflections, mo­ral and political; with a Discourse upon the Theology and Mythology of the Ancients. By the Chevalier Ramsay. 2 Vols. 1728.

Ray's Wisdom of GOD, manifested in the Works of the Creation. 1728.

An Enquiry into the Original of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue: In 2 Treatises. 1. Concerning Beauty, Order, Harmony and Design. 2. Concerning moral Good and Evil. By Francis Hutcheson, Professor of Morality at the University of Glasgow. Also,

An Essay on the Conduct of the Passions. By the same Hand.

The Works of Monsieur De la Bruyere. 2 Vols. Con­taining, 1. The moral Characters of Theophrastus. 2. The Characters and Manners of the present Age; with an Account of Bruyere's Life and Writings, by Mr. Corte. With an Original Chapter of the Manner of Living with Great Men, by N. Rowe, Esq 1723.

Seenca's Morals, by Way of Abstract. By Sir Roger Lestrange, Knt. 13th Edit. 1729.

The Old and New Testament, connected in the History of the Jews and neighbouring Nations. By Dean Prideaux. 4 Vols.

The Sácred and Profane History of the World, con­nected from the Creation of the World to the Dissolu­tion of the Assyrian Empire, and Declension of the Kings of Judah. 2 Vols. By Sam. Shuckford. 1731.

Physico-Mechanical Experiments, on various Subjects; with Explanations of all the Machines (the Figures of which are curiously engraved on Copper) used in mak­ing the Experiments. By F. Hawkshee, F.R.S. 1719.

Burnet's Letters; containing an Account of what seemed most remarkable in travelling thro' Switzerland, [Page 27] Italy, and some Parts of Germany, in the Years 1685, and 1686.

Chiltern and Vale-Farming, explained according to the latest Improvements; necessary for all Landlords and Tenants of either Ploughed- Grass- or Wood-Grounds. By William Ellis.

Astro-Theology; or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of GOD from a Survey of the Hèavens. Illustrated with Copper-plates. By W. Derham, F.R.S. 6th Edit. 1731.

Physico-Theology; or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of GOD from his Works of Creation; with large Notes and many curious Observations. By W. Derham, F. R. S. 1732.

A complete English Dispensatory; in 4 Parts. By John Quincy, M. D. To which is added an Account of the common Adulterations both of Simples and Compound Medicines, with the Marks to detect them by. 1730.

The Italian Master; or, The easiest and best Method for attaining that Language. By Signor Veneroni. To which is added, a Dictionary Italian and English, and English and Italian. 1729.

A new Spanish Grammar, more perfect than any hi­therto published. To which is added, a Vocabulary of the most necessary Phrases and Words, &c. By Capt. John Stevens. 1725.

The Mathematical and Philosophical Works of Bishop Wilkins; in 5 Parts. To which is prefixed the Life of the Author. 1708.

Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. By Sir Isaac Newton. Translated into English by Andrew Motte. To which is added, Machin's Laws of the Moon's Motion, according to Gravity. 2 vols. 1729.

The Life of Mahomet, by Boulainvilliers. 1731.

Trials per Pais; or, the Law of England concerning Juries by Nisi prius, &c. With a complete Treatise of the Law of Evidence. By Giles Duncomb, Esq 1725. [Page 28] Very necessary for all to read that practise in Courts, or are likely to be Jury-men.

A complete History of the late War in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain; together with an Abstract of the Treaty at Utrecht. Illustrated with well-engraved Plan [...] of all the besieged Towns, and of each remark­able Battle. By I. Brodrick. 1732.

The Art of Surgery; In which is laid down such a general Idea of the same, as is founded upon Reason, confirmed by Practice, and further illustrated with many singular and rare Cases Medico-chi [...]rgical. 2 Vols. By D. Turner, of the College of Physicians. Lon. 1732.

The History of the Republick of Holland, from its first Foundation to the Death of K. William; As also, a particular Description of the united Provinces: Giving an Account of the Cities, fortified Places, Universities, Commodities, Customs and Manners of the Inhabitants, &c. With an exact Map. 2 Vols. Lond. 1703.

The Elements of Astronomy, Physical and Geometri­cal. By David Gregory, M. D. Professor of Astronomy at Oxford, and F.R.S. To which is added Dr. Halley's Synopsis of the Astronomy of the Comets. 2 Vols. 1715. [Given by Mr. B. Eastburn.]

An Essay of Health and long Life. By Geo. Cheyne, M.D. F.R.S. Lond. 1725. [Given by Mr. Alex. Ouchterloney.]

The Elements of Euclid, with select Theorems out of Archimedes, by the learned Andrew Tacquet. To which are added, Practical Corollaries, shewing the Uses of many of the Propositions; by William Whiston. With an Appendix of practical Geometry. Dublin 1728. [Given by Mr. D. Bush.]

A Collection of several Pieces of Mr. John Locke, never before printed, or not extant in his Works, viz. 1 The fundamental Constitutions of Carolina. 2 A Letter giving an Account of the Debates in the House of Lords 1675, relating to the Test Act. 3 Remarks upon some [Page 29] of Mr. Norris's Books. 4 Elements of Natural Philo­sophy. 5 Some Thoughts concerning Reading and Study for a Gentleman. 6 Letters to Anthony Collins and others. 7 Rules of a Society which met once a Week for the Improvement of useful Knowledge, and the Promoting of Truth and Charity. Lond. 1720. [Given by B. F.]

The Christian Philosopher. A Collection of the best Discoveries in Nature, with religious Improvements. By [...] Mather, D.D. F.R.S. [Given by Mr. D. Bu [...]]

A Collection of Miscellany Letters, selected out of the Weekly Journal. 2 Vols. Lond. 1722. [Given by Mr. Francis Richardson.]

De Jure Maritimo & Navali: Or, A Treatise of Affairs maritime and of Commerce. Very necessary to be read and understood by all such as trade and have any Dealings at Sea. By Charles Molloy. 1722.

Love of Fame the universal Passion; in 7 charecteris­tical Satyres. By Mr. Young. 1730.

Spectacle de la Nature; or, Nature display'd: Being Discourses on such Particulars of Natural History, as were thought most proper to excite the Curiosity, and form the Minds of Youth. Illustrated with Copper-Plates. The Whole consisting of Dialogues concerning Insects, Birds, terrestrial Animals, Fishes, Plants; &c. l733.

The Roman History, from the Building of the City to the perfect Settlement of the Empire by Augustus Caesar, containing the space of 727 Years. Designed as well for the understanding of the Roman Authors, as the Roman Affairs. By Lawrence Echard, A. M. of Christ-Church College in Cambridge. [...] Vols. 1724.

Caius Julius Caesar's Commentaries of his Wars in Gaul, and Civil War with Pompey; to which is added a Sup­plement to his Commentary of his Wars in Gaul; as also Commentaries of the Alexandrian, African, and [Page 30] Spanish Wars, by Aulus Hirtius or Oppius, &c. With the Author's Life. Adorned with Sculptures, from the Designs of the famous Palladio. Translated by Col. Martin Bladen. 1732.

An Essay concerning Human Understanding. By John Lock. 2 Vols. Esteemed the best Book of Logick in the World.

The Canon of the New Testament vindicated, in answer to the Objections of J. Toland in his Amyntor. By J. Richardson. Lond. 1719. (Given by Charles Read, Esq)

P. Ovidii Nasonis Epistolarum Liber: Interpretatione & Notis illustravit D.C.Helvetius; Jussu Christianissimi Regis ad usum Serenissimi Delphini. Lond. 1727. (Given by Mr. J. Roberts.)

A Treatise of the Corruption of Scripture, Councils, and Fathers, by the Prelates, Pastors and Pillars of the Church of Rome, for Maintenance of Popery. By Tho. James. Lond. 1688. (Given by J. Rabinson, Gent.)

The History and present State of Virginia, in 4 Parts. 1 Of the first Settlement and Government thereof, to the present Time. 2 The natural Production and Con­veniences of the Country, suited to Trade and Im­provement. 3 The native Indians, their Religion, Laws and Customs in War and Peace. 4 The present State of the Country, as to the Polity of the Govern­ment, and the Improvements of the Lands. By a Na­tive and Inhabitant of the Place. Adorn'd with Sculp­tures. Lond. 1705. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

The Hermit; or, The unparallel'd Sufferings and surprizing Adventures of Mr. Philip Qaurll, an English-man, who lived above 50 Years alone on an uninhabited Island, &c. Adorn'd with Cuts. Lond. 1727. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

Voyages and Descriptions, in 3 Parts, 1 A Supplement of the Voyage round the World, describing the Countries of Tonquin, Achin, Malacca, &c. their Product, Inhabitants, Manners, Trade, Policy, &c. 2 Two [Page 31] Voyages to Campeachy, with a Description of the Coasts, Product, Inhabitants, Logwood-cutting, Trade, &c. of Jucatan, Campeachy, New-Spain. 3 A Dis­couse of Trade, Winds, Breezes, Storms, Seasons of the Year, Tides, and Currents of the torrid Zone throughout the World: With an Account of Natal in Africa, its Product, &c. By Capt. Dampier. Illustra­ted with Maps and Draughts. Lond. 1699. (Given by Mr. John Sober.)

Letters of Wit, Politicks and Morality, Love, Friend­ship and Galantry, antient and modern. 1701. (Given by Mr. John Sober.)

The complete History of the Affairs of Spain,from the first Treaty of Partition to this present Time; contain­ing the glorious Actions of Queen Anne and her Allies in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, &c. to secure Spain to the House of Austria. Lond. 1709. (Given by Mr. John Sober.)

Titus Lucretius Carus, his 6 Books of Epicurean Phi­losophy; done into English Verse, with Notes, by Mr. Creech. 1699. (Given by Mr. J. Sober.)

The History of New-England; containing an impartial Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Country to the Year 1700. To which is added, The present State of New-England; with a new and accurate Map of the Country, and an Appendix containing their present Charter, their ecclesiastical Discipline, and their municipal Laws. By Daniel Neal. 2 Vols. Lond. 1720.

Miscellaneous Observations in the Practice of Physick, Anatomy and Surgery; with new and curious Remarks in Botany: Adorn'd with Copper-plates. To which is prefix'd a Letter to the late Dr. Baynard, with new and considerable Improvements in the Use of the cold Bath. By Pat. Blair, M.D. F.R.S. Lond. 1718.

The Builder's Dictionary, or Gentleman's and Achi­tect's Companion; containing the Theory and Practice [Page 32] of the various Branches of Architecture, together with the Quantities and Proportions of all Kinds of Materials, and Directions for chusing and preparing them; Rules for the Valuation of Houses, and the Expence calcula­ted of erecting any Building, great or small. 2 Vols. Illustrated with 200 Figures, many of them on Copper Plates. Lond. 1734.

Recreations Mathematical and Physical; laying down and solving many profitable and delightful Problems of Arithmetick, Geometry, Opticks, Gnomonicks, Cos­mography, Mechanicks, Physicks and Pyrotechny. By Mr. Ozanam. Illustrated with very many Cuts. Lond. 1708.

The History of the Grecian War, in eight Books, written by Thucydides. Translated by T. Hobbes, of Malmsbury; with Maps describing the Country. 2 Vols. Lond. 1723.

A Collection of Papers which passed between th [...] late learned Mr. Leibnitz and Dr. Clark, relating to the Principles of Natural Philosophy and Religion. To which are added Letters to Dr. Clark concerning Liberty and Necessity, with his Answers; and Remarks on a Book, entitled, A Philosophical Enquiry con­cerning Human Liberty. Lond. 1717.

A Reflection upon Accuracy in Style; containing the chief Rules to be observed for obtaining an accurate Style; and Observations upon all the Faults and Beauties of Writing. By Mr. Constable. Lond. 1734.

A new Method of Studying History, Geography, and Chronology; with a Catalogue of the chief Historians of all Nations, the best Edition of their Works, and Characters of them. By M. Languet du Fresnoy, Libra­rian to Prince Eugene. 2 Vols. 1730. (Given by B. F.)

The present State of Great-Britain; with divers Re­marks upon the antient State thereof. By John Chamberlayne, Esq The 30th Edit. 1729. (Given by Mr. Robert Grace.)

[Page 33] Essays of Michael de Montaigne: With an Account of the Author's Life. 2 Vols. 1685. (Given by B. F.)

Two Treatises of Government; in the latter an Essay concerning the true Original, Extent and End of civil Government. By J. Lock, Esq 1698. (Given by B. F.)

The History of Persia; containing the Lives and memorable Actions of their Kings, from the first erec­ting of that Monarchy to this Time; an exact Descrip­tion of all its Dominions; and an Account of India, China, Tartary, Arabia, &c. With the Manners and Customs of the People, &c. By Capt. Stevens. (Given by Mr Joseph Breintnal.)

The Acts of Tonnage and Poundage, and Rates of Merchandize; with a Collection of such Statutes and Parts of Statutes as relate to the Customs. 1702. (Given by Mr. Phil. Syng.)

The excellent Poems of Mr. Thomson, on the Four Seasons, with that on Sir Isaac Newton, and his Britan­nia: To which is added the Tragedy of Sophonisba. Lond. 1733.

Gay's Moral Fables, in Verse; for the Use of Prince William: With fine Cuts. Lond. 1732.

Sn [...]lgrave's new Account of Guinea and the Slave-Trade. With the History of the late terrible Downfall of the Kingdom of Whedaw. Lond. 1733.

Satyrs upon the Jesuits, written 1679; and some other Pieces by the same Hand. (Given by Mr. Dering.)

Jure Divino, a Satyr; in 12 Books. By the Author of the True-Born Englishman. (Given by Mr. S. Rhodes.)

Present State of the Republick of Letters. Several Vols.

P [...]ilipis's Pastorals.

Arbuthnot upon Air; being an Essay concerning the Effects of Air on human Bodies. Lond. 1733.

Arbuthnot upon Aliment; being an Essay concerning the Nature of Aliments and the Choice of them, ac­cording to the different Constitutions of human Bodies. In which the different Effects, Advantages and Disad­vantages [Page 34] of animal and vegetable Diet, are explained. The 3d Edit. To which are added practical Rules of Diet in the various Constitutions and Diseases of human Bodies. By John Arbuthnot, M. D. Lond. 1735.

Athenian Sports. Lond. 1707. (Given by Mr. Samuel Coates.)

The Works of Monsieur Boileau; Englished by several Hands. To which is prefixed his Life, written by Mr. Maizeaux. Lond. 1736.

Buchanan's History of Scotland, in 20 Books: Con­taining 1 An Account of its several Situations, and the Nature of its Soil and Climate. 2 The antient Names, Manners, Laws and Customs of the Country, &c. 3 A Chronicle of all its Kings, from Fergus the first Founder of the Scottish Monarchy, to the Reign of King James VIth of Scotland and Ist of England. The 3d Edit. revised and corrected from the Latin Original, and adorned with Cuts. 2 Vols. Lond. 1733.

Burnet's Theory of the Earth; containing an Account of the Original of the Earth, and of all the general Changes which it hath already undergone, and shall un­dergo till the Consummation of all Things. As also the Author's Defence of the Work. 2 Vols.

Batavia illustrata; or, A View of the Policy and Commerce of the United Provinces, particularly of Holland. With an Enquiry into the Alliances of the States General with the Emperor, France, Spain, and Great-Britain. By Onslow Burrish, Esq Lond. 1728.

The History of the Buccaniers of America; containing 1 The Exploits and Adventures of Lolonóis, Roche Brassiliana, Batt the Portugueze, Sir Henry Morgan, &c. 2 The dangerous Voyage and bold Attempt of Capts. Barth. Sharp, Watlin, Sawkins, Coxon, and others, in the South-Sea. 3 A Journal of a Voyage into the South-Sea, by the Free-booters of America. 4 A Relation of a Voyage of the Sieur de Montauban, Captain of the Freebooters in Guinea, Illustrated with Copper-plates. 3d Edit. Lond. 1704.

[Page 35] Botanick Essays; in two Parts. 1 Containing the Structure of Flowers, and the Fructification of Plants, with their various Distributions into Method. 2 The Generation of Plants, with their Sexes and Manner of impregnating the Seed, &c. Together with the Nou­rishment of Plants, and Circulation of the Sap in all Seasons, &c. Adorned with Cuts. By Patrick Blair, M. D. F. R. S. Lond. 1720.

The Works of John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, &c. 2 Vols. 2d Edit. Lond 1729.

A Discourse concerning the Being and Attributes of God; the Obligations of Natural Religion, and the Truth and Certainty of the Christian Religion; in answer to Hobbes, Spinosa, the Author of the Oracles of Reason, and other Denyers of Natural and revealed Religion. Being 16 Sermons, preached at Boyle's Lecture, &c. By Samuel Clark, D. D. late Rector of St. James's Westminster. 8th Edition. Lond. 1732.

A Critical History of England, Ecclesiastical & Civil; wherein the Errors of the Monkish Writers, and others before the Reformation, are exposed and corrected; as are also the Deficiency and Partiality of later Historians. To which is added an Essay on Criticism; as it regards Design, Thought, and Expression, in Prose and Verse. Lond. 1728.

The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, begun in the Year 1641, with the precedent Passages and Actions that contributed thereunto; and the Con­clusion thereof by the Restoration and Return of King Charles II. the 29th of May 1660. Written by the Right Honourable Edward, Earl of Clarendon, late Lord Chancellor of England, &c. 6 Vols. Oxford 1732.

The Life of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Common-Welth of England, Scotland and Ireland. 3d Edition, with Additions. Lond. 1731. (Given by Mr. Robert Greenway.)

[Page 36] The History of Charles XII. King of Sweden. By Mr. De Voltaire. Translated from the French. Lond. 1732.

The Tales and Fables of the late Archbishop and Duke of Cambray, Author of Telemachus; in French and Eng­lish. To which is prefixed an Account of the Author's Life. With a particular and curious Relation of the Method observed in training up a young Prince to Virtue and Learning. Illustrated with Copper-plates. Lond. 1736.

An Account of Denmark as it was in the Year 1692. 1st Edit. Lond. 1694.

An Account of Denmark as it was in the Year 1692. 4th Edit. To which is added, An Account of Sweden as it was in the Year 1688. Together with an Extract of the History of that Kingdom; with several Pieces relating to those Accounts. Lond. 1738.

A Collection of Voyages, in 4 Vols. Containing, 1. Capt. Wm. Dampier's Voyages round the World. 2. The Voyages, of Lyonel Wafer, giving an Account of his being left on the Isthmus of America among the Indians, with a particular Description of the Country, &c. Also a natural History of those Parts, by a Fellow of the Royal Society; and Davis's Expedition to the Golden Mines. 3. A Voyage round the World, con­taining an Account of Capt. Dampier's Expedition into the South-Seas; together with a Voyage from the West Coast of Mexico to East-India. By Wm. Funnel, Mate to Capt. Dampier. 4. Capt. Cowley's Voyage round the Globe. 5. Capt. Sharp's Journey over the Isthmus of Darien, and Expedition to the South-Seas. 6. Capt Wood's Voyage thro' the Straights of Magellan. 7. Mr. Robert's Adventures and Sufferings amongst the Corsairs of the Levant; his Description of the Archipelago Islands, &c. Illustrated with Maps, Draughts, &c. Lon. 1729.

Hibernicus's Letters, or, A Philosophical Miscellany; containing Essays on various useful and entertaining [Page 37] Subjects, interspersed with several original Poems and Translations. Written by several eminent Hands in Dublin. 2 Vols. Lond. 1734.

Epictetus's Morals, with Simplicius his Comment. Made English from the Greek, by George Stanhope, D. D. Dean of Canterbury, and Chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty. 4th Edit, corrected. With the Life of Epictetus from Mons. Boileau. Lond. 1721.

The History of the Empire; Containing its Rise, Growth, Revolutions, Government, Policy, Alliances and Negotiations: Continued from the Time of Charlemagne, down to the present Emperor Charles VI. Being an Appendix to the History of the Roman Em­pire. 2 Vols. By the Sieur Heiss. Done into English from the best Edition, with divers Remarks, and new authentick Pieces, by P. Chamberlain, Gent. Lon. 1730.

Sermons on various Subjects, by James Foster. 2 Vols. 3d Edit. Lond. 1736.

Franco-Gallia; or, An Account of the antient Free State of France, and most other Parts of Europe, before the Loss of their Liberties. Written originally in Latin by the famous Civilian Francis Hotoman, in the Year 1574. And translated into English by the Author of the Account of Denmark. 2d Edit. with Additions, and a new Preface by the Translator. Lond. 1721.

Fires improved; or, A new Method of building Chim­nies, so as to prevent their Smoaking. In which a small Fire shall warm a Room much better than a large one made the common Way. By Mons. Gauger. Made English from the French Original, by J. T. Desaguliers, LL. D. and F. R. S. 2d Edit. with an Appendix con­taining several farther Improvements. Lond. 1736. (Given by Mr. R. Grace.)

The Motion of Fluids, natural and artificial; in par­ticular that of Air and Water. With plain Draught [...] of such Experiments and Machines, which, by Descrip­tion only, might not readily be comprehended. By [Page 38] M. Clare, A. M. & F. R. S. 2d Edit. corrected and improved. Lond. 1737.

The History of Genghizoon the Great, first Emperor of the antient Moguls and Tartars. In 4 Books; con­taining his Life, Advancement and Conquests. With a short History of his Successors to the present Time; the Manners, Customs and Laws of the antient Moguls and Tartars; and the Geography of the vast Countries of Mogolistan, Turquestan, Caps [...]hac Yugurestan, and the Western Part of Tartary. By the late M. Petis de la Croix. Translated into English. Lond. 1722.

A new German Grammar. By Benedictus B [...]iller. 2d Edit▪ with Additions and Emendations. Lon. 1736.

An Enquiry into the Life and Writings of Homer. 2d Edit. Lond. 1736.

Miscellanies, by the late Lord Marquis of Halifax; viz. 1. Advice to a Daughter. 2. The Character of a Trimmer. 3. The Anatomy of an Equivalent. 4. A Letter to a Dissenter. 5. Cautions for Choice of Par­liament-Men. 6. A rough Draught of a new Model at Sea. 7. Maxims of State, &c. Lond. 1704.

L. Henepin's Travels; or, A Discovery of a vast Country in America between New-France and New-Mexico; with a Description of the great Lakes, Cata­racts, Rivers, Plants, and Animals: Also the Manners, Customs and Languages of the several Nations, &c. Lond. 1698.

An Introduction to Natural Philosophy; or, Philosophi­cal Lectures, read in the University of Oxford, Anno Dom. 1700; To which are added the Demonstrations of Mons. Huygens's Theorems, concerning the Centri­fugal Force and Circular Motion. By John Keill, M.D. 3d Edit. Lond. 1733.

New Voyages to North-America: Written in French by the Baron Lahontan: Containing an Account of the several Nations of that vast Continent; their Customs, Commerce and Way of Navigation upon the Lakes and [Page 39] Rivers; a geographical Description of Canada, and a natural History of the Colony, &c. Illustrated with Maps and Cuts. Done into English. 2 Vols. 2d Edit. Lond. 1735.

Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, Esq Lieutenant-Gene­ral of the Horse, Commander in Chief of the Forces in Ireland, one of the Council of State, and a Member of the Parliament which began on November 3. 1640. 2 Vols. Switzerland, printed at Vivay in the Canton of Bern, 1698.

Lockhart's Memoirs concerning the Affairs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's Accession to the Throne, to the Commencement of the Union of the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England in May 1707. With an Ac­count of the Origine and Progress of the designed Inva­sion from France in March 1708; and some Reflections on the antient State of Scotland. 2d Edition, with an Appendix. Lond. 1714.

A practical Treatise upon Christian Perfection. By William Law, A. M. 4th Edit. Lond. 1737.

W. Law's Serious Call to a devout and holy Life; ad­apted to the Condition of all Orders of Christians. 2d Edit. corrected. Lond. 1732.

The Life of John Duke of Marlborough, Prince of the Roman Empire. Illustrated with Maps, Plans of Bat­tles, Sieges, and Medals; and a great Number of ori­ginal Letters and Papers, never before published. By Thomas Lediard, Gent. 3 Vols. Lond. 1736.

Alciphron; or, The Minute Philosopher: In 7 Dia­logues; containing an Apology for the Christian Reli­gion, against those who are called Free-Thinkers, 2 Vols. 2d Edit. Lond. 1732.

The Manners of the Age, in 13 Moral Satyrs. Writ­ten with a Design to expose the vicious and irregular Conduct of both Sexes, in the various Pursuits of Life. Lond. 1733.

The London Magazine. Several Volumes.

Sir Thomas M [...]r [...]'s Utopia.

[Page 40] The Life of Sir Thomas More, Knt. By his Great Grahdson, Thomas More, Esq Lond. 1726.

The History of the Rise and Fall of Massanello, the Fisherman of Naples; containing an exact and impar­tial Relation of the Tumults and popular Insurrections that happened in that Kingdom (in the Year 1647) on account of the Tax upon Fruits. By F. Midon, jun. Lond. 1729.

Memoria Technica; or, A new Method of Artificial Memory. Lond. 1730. (Given by Mr. Robinson.)

A new Voyage to Italy; with curious Observations on several other Countries, as Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders and Holland; together with useful Instructions for those who shall travel thither. 4 Vols. By Maximilian Misson. 5th Edit. Lond. 1739.

The History of the Revolutions in the Empire of Morocco, upon the Death of the late Emperor Muley Ishmael; being a most exact Journal of what happened in those Parts, in the last, and Part of the present Year. With Observations, natural, moral and political, relating to that Country and People. By Capt. Braithwaite. Lond. 1729.

Explanatory Notes and Remarks on Milton's Paradise Lost. By J. Richardson, Father and Son: With the Life of the Author, and a Discourse on the Poem, by J. R. sen. Lond. 1734.

A Treatise of Ecclesiastical Benefices and Revenues. Containing, among several other curious Particulars, 1. That the Church hath been taught the Manner of possessing and administring her Temporals by Jesus Christ. 2. That Ecclesiasticks become too greedy in acquiring Estates, and that their Avarice ought to be restrained. 3. That the Bishops becoming Judges in Civil Affairs, neglect to teach the Doctrine of Christ. 4. The Original of Tythes, whether of human or divine Right. 5. The Original of the Church-Democratical. 6. The detestable Popes and p [...]ane Bishops described. [Page 41] 7. The Usurpations of several Bishops upon the Tempo­ral Princes. 8. The Original of Commendams, &c. Written originally in Italian, by the learned Father Paul, Author of the History of the Council of Trent. Translated by Tobias Jenkins, Esq and illustrated with Notes. 3d Edition. To which is prefixed the Life of Father Paul, by Mr. Lockman. Lond. 1736.

The History of Poland under Augustus II. In 2 Vols. Translated from the French of Abbé de Parthenay, by John Stacie, Esq Lond. 1736.

An Account of the Earl of Peterborow's Conduct in Spain, chiefly since the raising of the Siege of Barcelona 1706. To which is added the Campaign of Valencia. With Original Papers. 2d Edit. corrected. Lond. 1707.

The Memoirs of Charles Lewis, Baron de Pollnitz; being the Observations he made in his late Travels from Prussia thro' Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Flanders, Holland, England, &c. Discovering not only the present State of the chief Cities and Towns, but the Characters of the principal Persons at the several Courts. 4 Vols. Lond. 1737 & 1738.

The History of Polybius, the Megalopolitan: Contain­ing a general Account of the Transactions of the World, and principally of the Roman People during the first and second Punick Wars. Translated by Sir H. S. To which is added a Character of Polybius and his Writings, by Mr. Dryden. 2 Vols. 2d Edit. Lond. 1698.

M. Accii Plauti Comoediae; accedit Commentarius ex variorum Notis & Observationibus, ex recension [...] Joh. Frederici Gronovii. Amstelodami 1684.

B. Martin's Philosophical Grammar: Being a View of the present State of experimented Physiology, or na­tural Philosophy. In 4 Parts: 1. Samotology, treateth of the universal Nature and Properties of Matter or Substance, and the specifick Qualities of natural Bodies. 2. Cosmology, exhibiteth a general View of the Uni­verse, and its great constituent Parts; the Sun, Moon, [Page 42] Planets, Comets, fixed Stars, &c. 3. Aërology, com­priseth the Philosophy of the Atmosphere, shewing the wonderful Nature and Properties of the Air, Wind, Meteors, and other Phenomena therein. 4. Geology, containeth a philosophical View of the Terraqueous Globe, in all its Parts and Productions; as Minerals, Metals, Stones, &c. the Laws of Fluids; the Sea, its Tides, &c. Of Rivers, Springs, &c. Of Vegetation, and the Nature of Trees and Plants, &c. Of the Parts of Animal Bodies; and a Survey of the Nature of Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Insects, Reptiles, Shell-Animals, &c. 2d Edit, with Alterations, Corrections, and very large Additions by Way of Notes. Lond. 1738.

The History of the Revolutions of Persia; taken from the Memoirs of Father Krusinski, Procurator of the Je­suits at Ispahan: Done into English from the Original, by Father Du Cerceau, who has prefix'd a Map of Persia, and a short History of the Sophies; with curious Re­marks on Tavernier, Sir John Chardin, and other Writers that have treated particularly of that Govern­ment and Country, &c. 2 Vols. 2d Edit. Lond. 1733.

Memoirs of Philip de Comines: Containing the Histo­ry of Lewis XIth and Charles VIIIth of France; and of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy: To which Princes he was Secretary. As also the History of Ed­ward IV▪ and Henry VII. of England; including that of Europe for almost half the 15th Century. With a Supplement. As also several original Treatises, Notes, and Observations; And lastly, The secret History of Lewis XIth, out of a Book, called, The scandalous [...]hronicle: And the Life of the Author prefixed to the Whole, with Notes upon it, by the famous Sleidan. Translated from the late Edition of Monsi [...]ur Godefroy, Historiographer Royal of France. To which are added Remarks on all the Occu [...]rences relating to England. By Mr. Vuedale. 2 Vols, 2 [...] Edit. Lond. 1723.

[Page 43] Medicina Statica: Being the Aphorisms of Sanctorius; Translated into English, with large Explanations. To which is added Dr. Keill's Medicina Statica Britannica; with comparative Remarks and Explanations. As also Medico-Physical Essays, on 1. Agues, 2. Fevers, 3. an Elastic Fibre, 4. the Gout, 5. the Leprosy, 6. the King's Evil, 7. the Venereal Discase. By J. Quincy, M. D. 5th Edit. Lond. 1737.

The Method of Teaching and Studying the Belles Lettres; or, An Introduction to Languages, Poetry, Rhetoric, History, Moral Philosophy, Physicks, &c. With Re­flections on Taste; and Instructions with regard to the Eloquence of the Pulpit, the Bar, and the Stage. The Whole illustrated with Passages from the most famous Poets and Orators, antient and modern; with critical Remarks on them. By Mr. Rollin, late Principal of the University of Paris, &c. Translated from the French. 4 Vols. 2d Edit. Lond. 1737.

A cruising Voyage round the World: First to the South-Sea, thence to the East-Indies, and homewards by the Cape of Good Hope. Begun in 1708, and finished in 1711. Containing a Journal of all the remarkable Transactions; particularly of the Taking of Puna and Guiaquil, of the Acapulca Ship, and other Prizes: An Account of Alex. Selkirk's living alone 4 Years and 4 Months in an Island; and a brief Description of several Countries noted for Trade, especially in the South-Sea. With Maps of all the Coast, from the best Spanish Ma­nuscripts and Draughts; and an Introduction relating to the South-Sea Trade. By Capt. Woodes Rogers, Commander in Chief in this Expedition with the Ships Duke and Dutchess of Bristol. 2d Edition, corrected. Lond. 1718.

Spectacle de la Nature; or, Nature display'd: Being Discourses on such Particulars of Natural History, as were thought most proper to excite the Curiosity, and form the Minds of Youth. 3 Vols. Illustrated [Page 44] with Copper-plates. Translated from the Original French, by Mr. Humphreys. 3d Edition, corrected, Lond. 1736.

Discourses delivered in the publick Assemblies of the People called Quakers. By Thomas Story. Taken in short Hand, and after being transcribed at length, exa­mined by the said T. Story. Lond. 1738.

The whole Works of that excellent practical Physician Dr. Thomas Sydenham. Wherein not only the History and Cures of acute Diseases are treated of, after a new and accurate Method, but also the shortest and safest Way of curing most Chronical Diseases. Corrected from the original Latin, by J. Pechy, M. D. of the College of Physicians in London. 10th Edit. L [...]nd. 1734.

Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times. 3 Vols. By the Right Hon. Anthony, Earl of Sha [...]te [...]bury. 5th Edit. corrected; with the Addition of a Letter concerning Design. Lond. 1732.

The History of Timur-Bec, known by the Name of Tamerlane the Great, Emperor of the Moguls and Tartars: Being an Historical Journal of his Conquests in Asia and Europe. Written in Persian, by Cherefedin Ali, Native of Yezd, his Contemporary. Translated into French by the late M. Petit de la Croix, Arabick Professor in the Royal College, and Secretary and Inter­preter to the King in the Oriental Languages. With Historical Notes, and Maps. Now faithfully render'd into English. 2 Vols. Lond. 1733.

Tully's five Books De Finibus; or, concerning the last Object of Desire or Aversion. Done into English, by S. P. Gent. Revised and compared with the Original, with a recommendatory Preface, by Jer. Collier, M.A. Together with an Apology for the Philosophical Writ­ings of Cicero, in a Letter to the Translator, by Henry Dodwell. Lond. 1702.

A general History of the Turks, Moguls, and Tartars: Together with a Description of the Countries they in­habit. [Page 45] 2 Vols. With two Maps, exhibiting the antient and present State of Grand Tartary. Made English from the French Editions, with several Improvements and Additions. Lond. 1730.

A Preservative against Popery; or, The Church of England defended against the Calumnies and false Rea­sonings of the Church of Rome: In answer to a late sophistical and insolent Popish Book, entitled, England's Conversion and Reformation compared, &c. By Joseph Trapp, M. A. Lond. 1727.

A new Theory of the Earth, from its Original to the Consummation of all Things. Wherein the Creation of the World in six Days, the universal Deluge, and the general Conslagration as laid down in the Holy Scriptures, are shown to be perfectly agreeable to Reason and Philosophy. With a large introductory Discourse, concerning the genuine Nature, Style and Extent of the Mosaic History of the Creation. 2d Edit. With an Appendix, entitled, The Cause of the Deluge demon­strated: Wherein is proved, that the famous Comet of A. D. 1680. came by the Earth at the Deluge, and was the Occasion of it. By William Whiston, M. A. Cambridge, 1708.

Memoirs of the Reign of King Charles I. Containing the most remarkable Occurrences of that Reign, and setting many secret Passages thereof in a clear Light. With impartial Characters of many great Persons on both Sides. Together with a Continuation to the happy Restauration of King Charles II. By Sir Philip War­wick, Knt. 3d Edit. Lond. 1703.

Poems on several Occasios; written by Dr. Thomas Parnell, late Arch-Deacon of Clogher. To which is added the Life of Zoilus, and his Remarks on Homer's Battle of the Frogs and Mice. Lond. 1737.



EUclid's Elements of Geometry, explained in a new, but easy Method; with the Use of every Proposi­tion thro' every Part of the Mathematicks. By De Chales.

Moral Essays, contained in several Treatises on many important Duties. By Messirs. Port Royal. 4 Vols. 1724.

Spectators, 8 Vols. Tattlers, 4 Vols. Guardians, 2 Vols. Written by some of the most ingenious Men of the Age, for the Promotion of Virtue, Piety and good Manners.

Horae Lyricae; or, Poems chiefly of the Lyric Kind, sacred to Devotion and Piety, to Virtue, Honour and Friendship, and to the Memory of the Dead. By I. Watts, D. D. 6th Edit. Lond. 1731.

The Ladies Library; containing excellent Discourses upon several Vices and Virtues relating to the Sex; and Instructions for their Conduct, applied to the several States, of the Daughter, the Wife, the Mother, the Widow, the Mistress, &c. Written by a Lady, and published by Sir Rich. Steele. 3 Vols. Lond. 1732.

The Gentleman's Library; containing Rules for Con­duct in all Parts of Life. By a Gentleman. Lon. 1734.

The Odes, Satyrs and Epistles of Horace. Done into English, by Mr. Creech. Lond. 1730.

Hudibras, in Three Parts. Written in the Time of the Civil Wars. Adorned with a new Set of Cuts, by Mr. Hogarth, Lond. 1732.

Tully's two Essays of Old Age, and of Friendship, with his Stoical Paradoxes, and Scipi [...]s Dream. Done into English by Mr. Parker. 3d Edit. Lond. 1727.

[Page 47]

The Miscellaneous Works of Nicholas Rowe, Esq in Prose and Verse. 3 Vols. Lond. 1733.

The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley; in Prose and Verse. 2 Vols. Lond. 1721.

The Works of Edmund Waller, Esq in Verse and Prose. Lond. 1730. Published by Mr. Fenton, with large Observations and Notes on the Poems, &c.

An Essay upon Study; wherein Directions are given for the due Conduct thereof, and the Collection of a Library proper for the Purpose, consisting of the choicest Books in all the several Parts of Learning, By J. Clarke. Lond. 1731.

Steel's Dramatick Works. London 1730.

The Northern Worthies; or, The Lives of the [...] Czar Peter the Great, and the Princess his Wife. London 1732.

The Life of the Emperor Theodosius the Great, By t [...]e Abbot Kerchier. 1693. (Given by Mr. Jos Breintnal.)

Medicina Statica, or, Rules of Health; in 8 Sections of Aphorisms: Originally written by Sanctorius, chief Professor of Physick at Padoua. Lond. 1676. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

An exact Survey of the United Provinces of the Nether­lands; of their Cities, Castles, Fortresses, and other Dominions there. With some Remarks of their Go­vernment, Antiquities and memorable Actions. Lond. 1673. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

Dr. Burnet's Travels; or Letters, containing an Ac­count of what seemed most remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany. Lond. 1687. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

Country-Conversations, on various Subjects, viz. Co­medies, Drinking, translated Verse, Painters, Poets, and Poetry. Lond. 1694. (Given by Mr. Bush.)

The Mystery of Jesuitism, displaying the mischievous Maxims of the late Casuists. Lond. 1658. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

[Page 48]

History of the Heathen Gods, &c. Very useful for understanding the Greek and Roman Writers. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

Cato's Letters, 4 Vols. (Given by Charles Read, Esq

The Works of Mr. Edmund Spencer, in 6 Vols. With a Glossary, explaining the old and obscure Words. Published by Mr. Hughes, adorned with Cuts. 1705. (Given by Mr. William Rawle.)

Tully's Offices, 3 Books, in English: With Notes, explaining the Method and Meaning of the Author. 1716. (Given by Mr. Francis Richardson.)

Logic, or, The Art of Thinking; containing, besides the common Rules, many new Observations, that are of great Use in forming an Exactness of Judgment. By Messirs. Port Royal. Translated by Ozell. 1707. (Given by B.F.)

An Abstract and Translation of Burgersdicius's Logic; by a Person of Quality. 1097. (Given by B.F.)

The Eight Volumes of Letters written by a Turkish Spy, who liv'd 45 Years undiscover'd at Paris: Giving an impartial Account to the Divan at Constantinople, of the most remarkable Transactions of Europe; and dis­covering several Intrigues and Secrets of the Christian Courts, (especially of that of France) continued from the Year 1637, to the Year 1682. Written originally in Arabick, and translated into English. Lond. 1730.

A Continuation of Letters written by a Turkish Spy at Paris, from 1688, to 1693. Lond. 1718. (Given by Mr. Joseph Brointnal.)

Infallibility of human Judgment, its Dignity and Excel­lency; being a new Art of Reasoning and Discovering Truth, by reducing all disputable Cases to general and self-evident Propositions. By Mr. Lyons. 1725. (Given by Mr. Joseph Breintnal.)

An Epiteme of the whole Art of War. Adorned and exemplified with Copper-Cuts. 1692. (Given by Mr. D. Bush.)

[Page 49]

The Lay-Monastery; consisting of Essays, Discourses, &c. Published single under the Title of the Lay-Monk. Lond. 1714.

A rational Grammar, with easy Rules in English to learn Latin; compared with the best Authors in most Languages on this Subject. By J. T. Philips, Preceptor to his Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cum­berland. Lond. 1731.

Mil [...]on's Paradise lost and regain'd: To which is ad­ded Samson Agonistes, and Poems on several Occasions; with a Tractite of Education, and an Account of the Author's Life prefixed. Lond. 1730.

La Fausseté des Vertus humaines; par Monss Esprit▪ Amst. 1709. (Given by Mr. J. Sober.)

Florus Hungaricus; or, The History of Hungary and Transylvania, deduced from the Original of that Na­tion, and their Settling in Europe in the Year of our Lord 461, to the Year 1664. (Given by Mr, Bush.)

A Discourse concerning Time, with Application of the Natural Day, and Lunar Month, and Solar Year, as natural, for the better understanding of the Julian Year and Calendar, &c. By William Holder, D. D. 1694. (Given by Mr. Bush.)

The Philosophical Epitaph of W. C. Esq; being a Book of Alchemy, with a Catalogue of Chemical Books. Lon. 1670. (Given by Mr. Bush.)

Reflections on Aristotle's Treatise of Poesie; containing the necessary Rules for all Sorts of Poetry. By R. Rapin. Lond. 1674. With which is bound up, The Policy of the Clergy of France to destroy the Protestants of that Kingdom: Lond. 1681. (Given by Mr. Bush.)

The Adventures of Telemachus, the Son of Ulysses: With the Adventures of Aristonous. Written by the Archbishop of Cambray. Adorned with 24 Plates. 2 Vols. 12th Edition, 1728.

Miscellany Poems, by Mr. Pope. 2 Vols. 6th Edit. 1732.

[Page 50] Fables of AEsop, newly done into English, with an Application to each Fable; illustrated with Cuts. By Mr. Croxall. 3d Edit. 1731.

Poems on several Occasions, by Mr. Pomfret. With some Account of his Life and Writings. 8th Edition, 1731.

Poems on several Occasions, by Matthew Prior. 2 Volumes.

Creation, a Philosophical Poem: Demonstrating the Existence of a GOD. In 7 Books. By Sir Richard Blackmore. 4th Edit. 1718.

The Dispensary, a Poem; by Dr. Garth. With a complete Key.

Select Fables, in English Verse, by Dryden.

Addison's Miscellaneous Works, in Verse and Prose, 3 Vols. Lond. 1726.

Addison's Remarks on several Parts of Italy, &c.

The Travels of an English Gentleman, from London to Rome. Lond. 1718. (Given by Mr. Bush.)

Sallust the Historian, translated into English. To which are added, the Life and Character of the Author and his Works. By J. Rowe, Esq 3d Edit. 1726.

The Satyrs of Juvenal and Persius; translated by Dryden. To which is prefix'd a Discourse concerning the Original and Progress of Satyr. Adorned with Sculptures. 5th Edition, 1726.

The Works of Mr. H. Needler; consisting of original Poems, Translations, Essays, and Letters. 2d Edition, 1728.

An Essay upon Education of Children, by Mr. Lock.

The Gazetteer; or, Newsman's Interpreter: Being an Index of the Names of all the considerable Provinces, Cities, Towns, Forts, &c. in the known World; of special Use for understanding modern History. By L. Echard, A. M. 1731.

A Letter to the Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry. By T. S. 1733.

[Page 51]

Philosophia, per Argumenta brevi [...]er explicata; ad usum & exemplum hujus scientiae studio vacantium. Authore P. Guilhelmo Chabrono, è Societate Jesu. Paris 1650. 3 Vols. (Given by Mrs. Sarah Read.)

Greenwood's English Grammar.

Brightland's English Grammar; with the Arts of Rhe­toric, Logic, and Poetry. The Whole making a com­plete System of English Education.

Historia Literaria. Several Volumes.

Animadversions upon Hobbes's Leviathan; together with some Observations on Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World: By Alex. Rosse. London 1653. (Given by Mr. Joseph Breintnal.)

Apothegmatum Loci Communes; Conrado Lycosth [...]ne Collectore. (Given by Mr. Joseph Watkins.)

The Craftsman; by Caleb d' Anvers, of Gray's Inn, Esq Containing a great Variety of Discourses, on Political and Moral Subjects, &c. 14 Vols. to the Year 1737.

The Works of Mr. William Congreve; in 3 Vols. consisting of his Plays and Poems. 5th Edit. London 1730

A Demonstration of the Existence and Attributes of God; drawn from the Knowledge of Nature, from Proofs purely intellectual, and from the Idea of the Infinite Himself. 2d Edition, with large Additions. By Mons. Fenelon, the late famous Archbishop of Cambray, Author of Telemachus. London 1720.

Sure and certain Methods of attaining a long and health­ful Life, with Means of correcting a bad Constitution, &c. Written originally in Italian, by Lewis Cornaro, a Noble Venetian, when he was near 100 Years of Age; and made English. 5th Edition, London 1737.

The Works of Virgi [...]; containing his Pastorals, Geor­gicks, and AEn [...]is: Translated into English Verse, by Mr. Dryden. To which is added the Life of Virgil. 6th [...], Lond. 1730.

[Page 52]

Don Quixote [in Spanish] by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. En Amberes, 1719. 2 Vols.

Don Quixote, translated into English by several Hands. 4 Vols. Adorned with Cuts. 6th Edition, revised by J. Ozell, London 1733.

Memoirs of the Cardinal de Retz; Containing the Memoirs of his own Life, with the most secret Trans­actions at the French Court, during the Administration of Cardinal Mazarine; and the Civil Wa [...]s occasioned by it. To which are added some other Pieces written by the Cardinal de Retz, explanatory to these Memoirs. 4 Vols. Translated from the French, with Notes. London 1723.

Instructions for the Education of a Daughter; by the Author of Telemachus. To which is added a small Tract of Instructions for the Conduct of young Ladies of the highest Rank, with suitable Devotions annexed. Done into English by Dr. Geo. Hickes. 4th Edition; corrected, with Additions, London 1721.

The complete Family-Piece, and Country-Gentleman, and Farmer's best Guide: Containing, 1 A val [...]able Collection of above 1000 practical Family-Receipts, in Physick, Surgery, Cookery, &c. 2 Instructions to be observed in Hunting, Coursing, Setting, Shooting, Fishing, &c. A complete Kalendar for all Work ne­cessary in Gardens, Green-Houses, &c. 3 Practical Rules and Methods for the improving of Land and ma­naging a Farm, &c. 2d Edition, improved, Lond. 1737.

Farriery improved; or, A complete Treatise upon the Art of Farriery: Wherein is explained the Nature, Structure, and Mechanism of a Horse; the Diseases and Accidents he is liable to, and Methods of Cure, &c. By Henry Bracken, M. D. Author of the Notes on Burdon. 2d Edition, London 1739.

The Dunciad, by Alexander Pope, Esq With the Prolegomena of S [...]rible [...]us, and Notes Variorum. Lond. 1736.

[Page 53]In Hugonis Grotii De Jure Belli & Pacis, Lib. II. cap. priora VII, ad illustrissimum Baronem Biorneber­gium, Commentatio, J. Henrici Boechleri. Argentorati 1664.

Poems on several Occasions, by Mr. John Gay. 2 Vols. London 1737.

The Celestial Worlds discovered; or, Conjectures con­cerning the Inhabitants, Plants and Productions of the Worlds in the Planets. Written in Latin by Christianus Huygens; and inscribed to his Brother Constantine Huygens, late Secretary to King William. 2d Edition, corrected and enlarged. London 1722.

Homer's Odyssey; translated by Mr. Alexander Pope. 5 Vols. London 1735.

Homer's Iliad; translated by the same Hand. 6 Vols. London 1731.

The Independent Whig; or, A Defence of Primitive Christianity, and our Ecclesiastical Establishment, a­gainst the exorbitant Claims and Encroachments of Fanatical and dissaffected Clergymen. 6th Edition, with Additions and Amendments. 3 Vols. Lon. 1735.

Leonidas, a Poem; by R. Glover. 3d Edition, Lond. 1738.

Lady's Travels into Spain; describing the Devotions, Nunneries, Humour, Customs, Laws, Militia, Trade, Diet and Recreations of the People, &c. 10th Edition, with the Addition of a Letter of the State of Spain as it was in the Year 1700, by an English Gentleman. 2 Vols. London 1735.

Lucan's Pharsalia, translated into English Verse by Nicholas Rowe, Esq 2 Vols. [...]d Edit. Lond. 1722.

The History of the League; Written in French by Mons. Maimbourg: Translated into English by Mr. Dryden. Lond. 1684. (Given by Mr. Isaac Williams.)

Titus Livius in Nuce. High-Dutch.

Memorials▪ for the Government of the Royal Burghs in Scotland; with som [...] Overtures laid before the No­bility [Page 54] and Gentry of the several Shires in this Kingdom; as also a Survey of the City of Aberdeen; with the Epi­grams of Arthur Johnston upon some of our chief Burghs, translated into English. Aberdeen 1685.

The young Student's Memorial Book, or Pocket Library; containing, 1 The Rudiments of Logarithms, Decimals, and Algebra. 2 A very large Collection of Theorems, and Canons for solving Questions, and Problems in the various Parts of Arithmetick, Algebra and Fluxions. 3 Rules, Theorems and Canons resolving all the useful and common Problems in the Mathematical and Mecha­nical Arts and Sciences, viz. Mensuration, Gauging, Conics, plain and spheri­cal Trigonometry, Navigation, Fortification, Gunnery, Astronomy, Dialling, Optics, Perspective, Architecture, Mechanics, Geometry, &c. 4 A large Collection of Mathematical Tables, with a perpetual Almanack, adjusted to the Year 1735. 5 An Apparatus of the common Mathematical Lines, for the Operation of any Question or Problem, as it is performed by the plain Scale, &c. By Benj. Martin. London 1736.

The Lives of all the Princes of Orange, from William the Great, Founder of the Common Wealth of the uni­ted Provinces. Written in French by the Baron Mau­rier, in the Year 1682, and published at Paris by Order of the French King. To which is added the Life of King William III. from his Birth to his Landing in England, by Mr. Thomas Brown. Together with all the Princes Heads taken from original Draughts. Lond. 1693.

The Works of Plato abridged: With an Account of his Life, Philosophy, Morals and Politicks. Together with a Translation of his choicest Dialogues. 2 Vols. Illustrated with Notes by M. Dacier. Translated from the French by several Hands. 2d Edition, corrected. Lond. 1720.

[Page 55] Letters of Mr. Pope, and several eminent Persons, from the Year 1705, to 1735. Lond. 1735.

Pope's and Swift' Miscellanies. 6 Vols. Lond. 1736.

Table-Talk: Bei [...] [...]he Discourses of John Selden, Esq or his Sense of various Matters of Weight and high Con­sequence, relating especially to Religion and State. 3d Edit. Lond. 1716.

The Reign of Sultan Orchan, second King of the Turks. Translated out of Hojah Essendi, an eminent Turkish Historian; by William Seaman. Lond. 1652.

The Tale of a Tub. To which is added an Account of the Battle between the antient and modern Books in St. James's Library. 8th Edition, with the Author's Apo­logy, and explanatory Notes by W. W—tt—n, B. D. and others. Lond. 1733.

M. Tully Cicero's five Books of Tusculan Disputations; viz. 1. Of the Contempt of Death. 2. Of the Endur­ing bodily Pain. 3. Of Moderating Grief of Mind. 4. Of other disorderly Motions of the Mind. 5. Whether Virtue alone be sufficient to a happy Life. Done into English, by a Gentleman of Christ-Church College, Oxford. Lond. 1715.

Cicero's three Books touching the Nature of the Gods: Setting forth (from all Antiquity) what Perceptions Man, by the only Light of Reason, may entertain con­cerning a Deity. Done into English, with Notes and Illustrations. Lond. 1683.

FOLIO'S added.

Eliza, an Epick Poem: In 10 Books. By Sir Richard Blackmore. To which is annexed an Index, explaining Persons, Countries, Cities, Rivers, &c. (Given by Mr, Samuel Rhodes)

C. Corne [...] Taciti Opera, quae extant; Commentariis J. Lipsii illustrata. [...]em, C. Velleius Paterculus, cum N [...]tis J. Lipsii. 1648. (Given by Capt. Mackenny.)


A short Account of the LIBRARY.

THE Library-Company was form'd in 1731, by Constitutions or Ar­ticles entred into by 50 Persons, each obliging himself to pay 40 [...] for purchasing the first Parcel of Books, and 10 s. per annum to defray Charges and encrease the Library.

Ten Directors or Managers of the Library, and a Treasurer, are chosen yearly by Vote, at a General Meeting of the Com [...]y.

The Number of Members are now encreased to [...] of 70. Persons enclining to be admitted, apply to any one of the Dire [...]tors, who nominates them at the next monthly Meeting of D [...]ctors; and being allowed, and paying to the Treasurer the Value of a Share at the Time, and signing the Articles, they become Members.

Any Member may borrow a Book for 2, 3, or 4 Weeks, leaving his Note for double Value, an [...] paying a small Penalty if 'tis not return'd at the Time agreed; which Penalties are applied to d [...]fray [...]ng Charges, or pur­chasing more Books.

Every Member has an absolute Property in his Share; may devise it in his Will, or d [...]spose of it when he pl [...]ses to any P [...]son the D [...]rectors ap­prove. And Shares so sold have always hitherto y [...]ded as much as they had cost. As Shares encreas [...] yearly in Value 10 s. so much being yearly added by each Subscriber to the Stock of Books, a Share which at first was worth but 40 s. is now valued at 6 l. 10 s. But for this small Sum, which, laid out in Books, would go but a [...] Way, every Member has the Use of a Library now worth upwards of [...]00 l. whereby Knowledge is in this City render'd more ch [...]p and [...]sy to be come at, to the great Pleasure and Advantage of the [...] Par [...] of the Inhabitants.

Those who are not Subsc [...]bers may no [...]withsta [...]ding bo [...]o [...] Books, leaving in the Hands of the Librarian, as a Pledge, a Sum of Money pro­portion'd to the Value of the Book borrow'd, and paying a small Acknow­ledgment for the Reading, which is apply'd to the Use of the Library.

The Library is open and Attendance given every Saturday Afternoon from 4 a Clock 'til 8.

Besides the Books in this Catalogue given to the Library, the Company have been favour'd with several generous Donation [...]; as, a curious Air-Pump, with its Apparatus, a large double M [...]cr [...]scope, and [...]her valuable In [...] ­ments, from the Hon. JOHN PENN, Esq A handsome Lot of Ground whereon to bu [...]ld a House for the Library, from the Hon. THOMAS PENN, Esq Propriet [...]ries of the Prov [...]nce; and the S [...] of 34 l. Ste [...]l. (to be laid out in Books) from D [...]Sy [...]erse, late of Antigua.

At present the Books are depos [...]ted in the West W [...]ng of the State-House, by Favour of the General Assembly.

It is now T [...]n Years since the Company was first estab [...]sh [...]d; and we have the Pleasure of observing, That tho' 'ts comp [...]d of so many Persons of different Sects, Parties and Ways of [...], yet [...]o [...] re­lating to the Af [...]irs of the [...], have [...] us; but every Thing has been conducted with great Ha [...]ony, a [...]d to general Satisfaction. Which happy Circumstance will▪ we hope, al [...]ys continue.

Note, A Copy of the Articles o [...] Constitutions is l [...]ft in the L [...]rary, for the Perusal of all that desire to be more [...]ully [...].


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