A CONTINUATION Of the Reverend Mr. Whitefield's JOURNAL FROM A few Days after his Arrival at GEORGIA, TO His second Return thither from PENNSYLVANIA.

PHILADELPHIA: Printed and Sold by B. FRANKLIN, in Market-Street. 1740.

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SAVANNAH. Friday, January 11. 1739, 40.

WENT this Morning with some Friends, to view a Tract of Land consisting of 500 Acres, which Mr. H—m, whom I left School-Master of Savannah, was directed, I hope by Provi­dence, to make Choice of for the Orphan-House. It is situated on the northern Part of the Colony, about 10 Miles off Savannah, and has various Kinds of Soil in it, a great Part of it very good. Some Acres, thro' the Diligence of my Friend, are cleared. He has also stocked it with [Page 4] Cattle and Poultry. He has began th [...] Fence, built a Hut; all which, will grea [...] ­ly forward the Work.—I choose to hav [...] it so far off the Town, because the Chil­dren will then be more free from bad Ex­amples, and can more conveniently go upon their Lands to work: For it is my Design to have all the Children taught to labour so as to be qualified to get th [...] own Living. LORD, do thou teach an [...] excite them to labour also for that Mea [...] which endureth to Everlasting Life.

Thursday, Jan. 24. Went this Morn­ing and took Possession of my Lot. I hop [...] it is cast in a fair Ground; and GOD in answer to our Prayers, will shew th [...] he hath given us a goodly Heritage▪ [...] called it BETHESDA, i. e. The House Mercy—For I hope many Acts of Men will be shewn there; and that many w [...] thereby be stirred up to praise the LORD as a GOD whose Mercy endureth forever

Tuesday, Jan. 29. Took in Th [...] German Orphans, the most pitiable O [...] ­jects, I think, that I ever yet saw. Th [...] Bodies were exceeding nasty, and two their Heads eat raw with Lice. No n [...] Negroes could possibly look more despi [...] ­bly, or require more Pains to instr [...] them. They have been used to exce [...] ­ing hard Labour, and tho' supplied [...] [Page 5] Provision from the Trustees, yet treated in a Manner unbecoming even Heathens. Was all the Money I have collected, to be spent in freeing these Three Children from Slavery, it would be well laid out. I have also in my House near Twenty more, who, in all Probability, if not ta­ken in, would be as Ignorant of GOD and CHRIST, comparatively speaking, as the Indians. Blessed be GOD, they begin to live in Order..

This Day I began the Cotton Manu­factury; and agreed with a Woman to teach the litle Ones to spin and card. I find annual Cotton grows indifferently well in Georgia: And, to encourage the People, I this Day bought 305 lb. and have agreed to take all the Cotton, Hemp and Flax that shall be planted the follow­ing Year, through the whole Province. I see more and more the Excellency of the Charity in which I am engaged. I trust it will make Savannah lift up her drooping Head. Tho' there are fewer Inhabitants, yet, I think the People are in a better Situation than when I was here last. They now live independant on a Publick Store, Provisions (Flour especial­ly) are much cheaper; Cattle more plen­tiful; and by the Divine Blessing, if any Manufacture can be raised amongst them­selves, [Page 6] to prevent their exporting so much Money, they may yet do well. I bless GOD! My Congregations are as large as usual. The Court-House is generally full, and I keep as near as may be to my old Way of Proceeding. We have the Sacrament every Sunday, and publick Prayer and Exposition twice every Day in the Week. The LORD bless my Com­ing, and grant the Inhabitants may know the Things which belong to their Peace, be­fore they are eternally hid from their Eyes!

Wednesday, January 30. Went to Day with the Carpenter and Surveyor, and laid out the Ground whereon the Orphan-House is to be built. It is to be sixty feet long, and forty wide: A Yard and Garden before and behind: The Foundation is to be Brick, and is to be sunk four Feet with­in, and raised three Feet above the Ground, which is intended for a Cellar and other convenient Places. The House is to be two Story, with a Hip-Roof, the First ten the Second nine Foot high. In all there will be near twenty commodious Rooms. Behind are two small Houses, the one for an Infirmary, the other for a Charity-School for the poor Children of the Town that are not Orphans; for I intend to take in some of them, as my Stock will admit. There is also to be a Still-House [Page 7] built for the Apothecary. — And I trust, 'ere my return to England, I shall see my Chil­dren and Family quite settled in it. I find it will be an expensive Work: But it is for the LORD CHRIST; He will take care to defray all Charges.— The Money that will be spent on this Occasion, will keep many Families from leaving the Colony; and in all Probability bring many others over.— There are near thirty working at the Plantation already, and I would employ as many more, if they could be got.— Whatsoever is done for GOD ought to be done speedily, as well as with all our Might.

Monday, Feb, 4. Met according to Appointment with all the Magistrates, and former Trustee of the Orphans, who heard the Recorder read over the Grant given me by the Trustees, and took a Minute of their Approbation of the same, LORD grant I may carefully watch over every Soul that is, or shall be committed to my Charge!

Monday, Feb. 11. Had much of the Divine Presence yesterday, both at Morn­ing and Evening Service. Took in four fresh Orphans; and sat out with two Friends to Frederica, in order to pay my Respects to the General, and to fetch the Orphans that were in the Southern Part of the Colony, LORD preserve my going [Page 8] out and coming in, from this Time forth forever more!

PROVIDENCE, 14 Miles from Savannah.

Tuesday, Feb. 12, Lay here last Night at a Planter's House, expecting to meet the Scout Boat this Morning; but finding it did not come at the Time appointed, I and my Friends went to Bethesda, and, I hope, spent the Day to GOD's Glory, and our own good. At Night we returned to Providence. About eight o'Clock, the Scout Boat came; but it being late, we chose to defer going till the next Morning: In the mean while GOD was pleased to give us refreshing Sleep, and to fill my Soul (after it had been much cast down) with unspeakable Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost. Oh that I was careful always to behave so as not to provoke that blessed Guest to depart from me! But I find that I have yet a Body of Sin and Death. Thanks be to GOD! yet a little while, and I hope to have a compleat Victory thro' our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

DARIEN near Frederica.

Friday, Feb. 14. Lay on the Water two Nights, and reach'd the Scotch Settle­ment at Darien to Day at Noon. Was kindly received by Mr. Mc'L [...]od, the Mi­nister [Page 9] and those of his House. Engaged to take four Orphans, which were in his Flock: And about seven in the Evening, after some edifying Conversation, and friendly Offices of Love, I took Boat for Frederica; where we arrived about two in Morning; and having warmed and re-freshed ourselves, retired to Bed, blessing GOD for the bodily and spiritual Comforts which He from time to time imparted to us. Oh that my Eyes were open to see the Length, and Breadth, and Heighth of the lo­ving Kindnesses of the LORD! I can only adore it: Comprehend it I cannot: It is past my finding out.


Saturday, Feb. 16. Waited upon, and was courteously received by the General, with whom I and my Friends breakfasted, and dined, and spent most part of the Day: At Night GOD was pleased to visit me with a Fever; which obliged me to go to Bed sooner than usual: My Mind was also exercised with inward Trials; but in a few Hours both were somewhat abated; and the Remainder of the Night I was blessed with sweet Repose. Forever adored be the Keeper of Israel, who neither slumber­eth nor sleepeth!

[Page 10]
'Tis he sustains my feeble Pow'rs
With His almighty Arms:
He watches my unguarded Hours,
Against invading Harms.
No scorching Sun, nor sickly Moon,
Have leave from him smite:
He shields my Head from burning Now;
From blasting Damps at Night.
He guards my Soul, he keeps my Breath
When thickest Dangers come:
Still I'll go on, secure from Death,
'Till he commands me Home.

Sunday, Feb. 17. Found my self better in Body, tho' somewhat weak. Preached in the Morning, in a Room belonging to the Store-House. GOD was pleased to give me much Freedom, and the People seem'd very attentive—Dined with the General. Intended to go to St. Simons to the Soldiery; but it being too late to go there and preach, I thought it adviseable to preach a second Time at Frederica. The General, Soldiers and People attended very orderly. After Sermon, I married a Couple, bapti­zed a Child, and spent the Remainder of the Evening with my two Friends. Oh what a happy Thing is it for Brethren to dwell together in Unity!

Monday, Feb., 8. Rose this Morning by one o'Clock. Took Boat in order to [Page 11] go to St. Andrew's: But the Rudder break­ing, we were obliged to return back, and desist from our intended Journey.—Went to Bed, and slept for a few Hours. Spent a good Part of the Day with the General: Received from him a Bill of Exchange for One Hundred and Fifty Pounds, which he has advanced me in order to begin a Church at Savannah.—About seven o'Clock sat off for the Darien, whither I promised to return to take Mr. Mc' Leod, and the Or­phans, with me to Savannah.—The Passage to that Place is generally about four Hours; but the Wind being high and contrary, we were obliged to come to a Grapling near an open Reach, and did not get to Darien till the next Day at Noon. Mr. Mc'Leod, and his Friends, received us with Joy; and finding me ill, advised me to lie down, by which I was much refreshed, and was thereby enabled at Night to give GOD Thanks in Family Prayer. Oh who can express the loving Kindness of the LORD, or shew forth all his Praise!


Wednesday, Feb. 20. Preached about ten in the Morning to Mr. Mc' Leod's Congregation, who seemed rejoiced at what GOD enabled me to deliver at that time.—About two o'Clock took Boat for [Page 12] Savannah—But after we had [...]wed about 12 Miles, the Wind grew so rough, and the Water beat so fast into our Boat (which was but small, and very heavy [...]den) that we were obliged to put in at a Place called Doboy-Island, where we sat very comfort­ably round a large Fire, and praised the LORD with joyful Lips, for providing such a Place for our Safety. Oh GOD, thou, and thou only, art our Refuge against every Storm! O be thou my Guide, even unto Death!

Doboy-Island, and Darien.

Friday, Feb. 22. Continued all Day yesterday, to my abundant Satisfaction and spiritual Advantage, on Doboy-Island; and finding the Wind still continue high and contrary, we thought it best to return back to Darien, where we arrived this Day at Noon. The People were much pleased at our Return: And tho' I wanted to see my dear Family at Savannah, yet I felt such a peculiar Satisfaction within my­self, as gave me Hopes GOD intended some good for the Scotch People at Darien. Oh that they may have some spiritual Gift imparted to their Souls!

Sunday, Feb. 24. Preached once yesterday, and twice to Day; prayed with a sick Person; spent some Hours in conver­sing [Page 13] with a well-disposed Family.— Was enabled to see more of the Vileness of my Heart and Nature; felt GOD's Spirit stri­ving with my Spirit; and upon many Accounts, both bodily and spiritual, had reason to bless GOD for bringing me to and detaining me at Darien. I have rea­son to say, 'tis good for me that I have been here: Retirement is a sweet Means to keep up and quicken the Divine Life. LORD grant I may never be afraid to con­verse with myself and thee!


Thursday, Feb. 28. Preached on Mon­day, and settled a School, both for grown Persons and Children, on Tuesday, at the Darien, to the great Satisfaction of the Inhabitants. Set out with my Friends and Four Orphans about Six in the Even­ing: Had pleasant Weather, lay Two Nights in the Woods, and reach'd Be­thesda about Noon. Was pleased with the Improvements that had been made in my Absence. Was refreshed with some comfortable Christian Letters, that I re­ceived from New-York. Took Horse and came Home to my dear Family at Savan­nah, who received me with Abundance of Love and Joy. The People also of the Parish, I found were rejoiced at my Com­ing. [Page 14] They flocked to, and seem'd ver [...] attentive at publick Worship. GOD also was pleased to grant me some peculia [...] Vouchsa [...]ements of his blessed Presence i [...] my Soul, and I was comforted on ever Side. LORD prepare me for an Hour [...] Temptation! Amen, LORD JESUS, A [...] men and Amen.

Thursday, March 13. Buried this Even­ing, one of the Women that came ove [...] with me, who, I trust, died in the LORD The Orphans sung before the Corps, fro [...] our House to the Court-House. There preached; and after that, I gave anothe [...] Word of Exhortation at the Grave. M [...] Soul was much affected with the Awful­ness of the Solemnity. The Word cam [...] with Power. I pray GOD it may ma [...] such a deep Impression upon all our Heart, that we may be so wise as practically to con­sider our latter Eend.


Friday, March 14. Arrived this la [...] Night at Charlestown, being called the [...] to see my Brother, who lately came fro [...] England, and brought me a Packet [...] Letters from my dear Friends. Blesse [...] be GOD, his Work goes on among them! Waited on the Commissary, wit [...] my Brother and other Companions, bu [...] [Page 15] met with a cool Reception. After I had been there a little while, I told him, That I was inform'd, he had some Questions to propose to me, and that I was now come to give him all the Satisfaction I could in answering them. Upon this I immedi­ately perceived Passion begin to arise in his Heart,— ‘Yes Sir, says he, I have several Questions to put to you, but, added he, you are got above us,’ or something to that Purpose. Then he charged me with Enthusiasm and Pride, for speaking against the Generality of the Clergy, and desired I would make my Charge good. I told him, I thought I had already; but, as yet, I had scarce begun with them. He then asked me, Wherein were the Clergy so much to blame? I answered, they did not preach up Justifi­cation by Faith alone: And, upon talking with the Commissary, I found he was as ignorant of it as any of the rest. He then sneered me, with telling me of my Mo­desty, expressed in my Letter to the Bi­shop of Gloucester. He charged me with breaking the Canons and my Ordination Vow: And notwithstanding I told him I was ordained by Letters Dimissory from the Bishop of London; yet in a great Rage he told me, if I preached in any publick Church in that Province, he would sus­pend [Page 16] me. I replied, I shall regard that as much as I would a Pope's Bull. But, Sir, says I, why should you be offended at my speaking against the Generality of the Clergy, for I always spoke worthily of you?—I might as well be offended, ad­ded my Brother, at your saying, the Ge­nerality of People were notorious Sinners, and might come to accuse you, for speak­ing Evil of me, because I was one of the People. I further added, Sir, you did not behave thus, when I was with you last. No, says he, you did not speak against the Clergy; or some such Thing. Because, replied I, more Light has been given me since that time: But if you will make an Application to yourself, be pleased, Sir, to let me ask you one Question. ‘Have you delivered your Soul, by exclaiming against the Assemblies and Balls here? What, Sir, says he, must you come to catechise me? No, says he, I have not exclaim'd against them; I think there is no Harm in them. Then, Sir, said I, I shall think it my Duty to ex­claim against you. Then, Sir, re­plied he, (in a very great Rage) get you out of my House.’ Upon which I made my Bow, and, with my Friends, took my Leave, pitying the Commissary, who I really tho't was more noble than to [Page 17] give such Treatment. After this, we went to publick Prayer, dined at a Friend's House, drank Tea with the Inde­pendent Minister, and preached about 4 in the Afternoon, to a large Auditory in his Meeing-House. GOD was pleased to favour us with his Presence, during Sermon; and I spent the remainder of the Evening with my dear Brother and Com­panions, Who I trust will be all knit in one Communion and Fellowship, by Faith in a crucified GOD. Amen, So be it.

Saturday, March 15. Breakfasted, sung a Hymn, and had some religious Conver­sation on board my Brother's Ship. Preached in the Baptist Meeting-House, and was much pleased, when I heard af­terwards, that from the same Pulpit, a Person not long ago, had preached, who denied the Doctrine of Original Sin, the Divinity and Righteousness of our dear LORD, and the Operations of GOD's blessed Spirit upon the Heart. I was led out to shew the utter Inability of Man to save himself, and the absolute Necessity of his depending on the rich and sovereign Grace of GOD in CHRIST JESUS, in order to be restored to his primitive Dig­nity. Some, I observ'd, were put under Concern, and most seem'd willing to know, whether those Things were so. In [Page 18] the Evening I preach'd again, in the In­dependant Meeting-House, to a more at­tentive Auditory than ever: And had the Pleasure afterwards of Finding, that a Gen­tlewoman, whose whole Family has been carried away for some time with Deisti­cal Principles, began now to be unhinged, and to see that there was no Rest in such a Scheme, for a fallen Creature to rely on. LORD JESUS, for thy Mercy's Sake, reveal thyself in her Heart, and make her willing to know the Truth as it is in thee! Amen, and Amen.

Sunday, March 16. Preached at Eight in the Morning at the Scotch Meeting-House, to a large Congregation; visited a sick Person; went to Church; heard the Commissary represent me under the Character of the Pharisee ,who came to the Temple, saying, GOD, I thank thee that I am not as other Men are. But whether I do what I do out of a Principle of Pride, or Duty, the Searcher of Hearts will dis­cover 'ere long, before Men and Angels. Found myself very sick and weak at Dinner; went to Church again, and preach'd about Five, in the Independant Meeting-House Yard, the House itself not being near capacious enough to hold the Auditory.

[Page 19]
With restless and ungovern'd Rage,
Why do the Clergy storm?
Why in such rash Attempts engage,
As they can ne'er perform?
The great in Council and in Might,
Their various Forces bring,
Against the LORD they all unite,
And his anointed King.
Must we submit to their Commands,
Presumptuously they say?
No, let us break their slavish Bands,
And cast their Chains away.
But GOD who sits enthron'd on high,
And sees how they combine;
Does their conspiring Strength defy.
And mocks their vain Designs.

Felt much Freedom after Sermon in talking to a large Company at a Mer­chant's House, and then supped with ano­ther Friend. Expounded Part of the Chapter; prayed and went to our Lodg­ings with my dear Companions, praising and blessing GOD. Hasten that Time, O LORD, when we shall join the heavenly Choir that is now about thy Throne!

Monday, March 17. Preach'd in the Morning at the Independant Meeting-House; and was more explicit than ever, in exclaiming against Balls and Assemblies, [Page 20] to which the People seem'd to hearken with much Attention.

Preached again in the Evening; and, being excited thereto by some of the In­habitants, spoke in Behalf of my poor Orphans: GOD was pleased to give it his Blessing; and I collected upwards of Seventy Pounds Sterling for them, the larg­est Collection I ever yet made on that Occasion. A further Earnest to me, that we shall yet see great Things in America; and that GOD will carry on and finish the Work begun in his Name at Georgia.

Tuesday, March 18. Preached twice again to Day, and took an affectionate Leave of, and gave Thanks to my Hear­ers for their great Liberality. Many wept, and my own Heart yearn'd much to­wards them: — For I believe a good Work is begun in many Souls. Gene rally every Day, several came to me, tel­ling me with weeping Eyes, how GOD had been pleas'd to convince them, by the Word preach'd; and how desirous they were of laying hold on, and having an In­terest in the compleat and everlasting Righteousness of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Numbers desired privately to converse with me. Many sent me little Presents as Tokens of their Love, and [...]arnestly entreated that I would come a­mongst [Page 21] them again. Invitations were given me from some of the adjacent Vil­lages, and People daily came to Town more and more from their Plantations, to hear the Word. Providentially many of my Sermons and Journals, and my An­swer to th [...] Bishop of London, lately print­ed, were sent from Philadelphia, which gave me an Opportunity of doing the more Good. The Congregations grew larger on the Week Days; and many Things concurred to induce us to think, that GOD intended to visit some in Charlestown with his Salvation. Grant this O Father, for thy dear Son's Sake CHRIST JESUS our LORD! Amen, Amen.


Friday, March 21. Breakfasted at a Friend's House on Wednesday Morning; went on board the Sloop, pray'd, sung an Hymn, and took a most affectionate Leave of my dear Brother and other Friends. Got over the Bar about Noon; and reach'd Savannah about Noon this Day, to the great Joy of my Friends and Fami­ly, who immediately join'd with me in giving Thanks to GOD, for the signal Mercies vouchsafed unto us since our last parting. Oh how plentiful is thy Good­ness, [Page 22] O LORD, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee, even before the Sons of Men!

Thursday, March 27, 1740. Went this Day to Bethesda; and with fall Assurance of Faith, laid the first Brick of the great House. The Workmen attended, and with me kneeled down and prayed: Af­terward we sung an Hymn suitable to the Occasion; and then I gave a Word of Exhortation to the Labourers, and bid them remember to work heartily, know­ing that they work'd for GOD and not for Man. Much Satisfaction seem'd to be amongst them, and blessed be GOD's holy Name, his Work prospers much in our Hands. Near Twenty Acres of Land are clear'd, and almost ready for planting. Two Houses are already raised, and one near upon being finished. All the Timber for the Frame of the great House is sawn, and most of it brought to the Place where it is to be built. A good Part of the Foundation is dug, and many Thousands of Brick ready for Use. Near Forty Children are now under my Care, and near an Hundred Mouths are daily supplied with Food from our Store. The Expence is great, but our great and good GOD, I am persuaded, will enable me to defray it. As yet I am kept from the [Page 23] least Doubting: The more my Family en­creases, the more Enlargement and Com­fort I feel. And tho', what has been hi­therto done, comparatively speaking, may be only as a Grain of Mustard-Seed; yet I believe it will, in GOD's due Time, take Root and fill the Land; and many poor distressed Souls will come and lodge under the Branches of it. Set thy Al­mighty Fiat to it, O gracious Father! and for thy own Name Sake, let the unbelieving World know, that thou never will forget those that put their Trust in thee.

Sunday, March 30. Found myself very sick and weak in Body, but was strength­ned, notwithstanding, to go thro' most of the Duties of the Day, and to take an affecti­onate Leave of my dear Parishioners, be­cause it appeared, that Providence called me at this Time to the Northward. An unspeakable Trouble and Agony of Soul did I feel most Part of the Day, and was enabled to wrestle with my LORD, in Behalf of the People in general and those belonging to the Orphan-House in parti­cular. Blessed be GOD, he has already, I trust, in a great Measure heard my Prayer. All Things belonging to the Orphan-House succeed far beyond Ex­pectation; and some of my little Flock have lately, as far as I can judge, been [Page 24] effectually call'd of GOD. One Woman that had been a constant Attender on the Means of Grace, and thought herself a Christian for many Years, came to me, acknowledging, that she had been a Self-Deceiver, and knew Nothing of the Righ­teousness of, or true Living Faith in JESUS CHRIST. A Tradesman of the same Stamp, having; felt the Power of the same Doctrines of Grace, sent me Seven­teen Volumes of Archbishop Ti [...]lotson's Sermons, of which he had been a great Admirer, to do what I would with them. A Captain of a Ship, who had been a strong Opposer of the Truth, both wrote and came to me under great Convictions, confessing his Sin, and desirous to be a Christian indeed. Some also there are who have received the Love of GOD in the Truth of it, so that I hope, if Ten Saints could preserve S [...]dom, the few Righ­teous Souls left behind, will prevent the utter Desolation of declining Savannah. Blessed JESUS, let our Extremity be thy Opportunity; and for thy Mercy's Sake, take the Colony into thine own Hands; so shall we sing and praise thy Power.

Wednesday, April 2. Read Prayers, as usual, as soon as 'twas Light. Expound­ed the Lesson, and then went on Board with several of my Family and my Pa­rishioners, [Page 25] whose Hearts GOD has toucht by his Grace. The Weather was very pleasant, and we spent the Day to our mutual Edification and Comfort. In the Evening we wept over, and took Leave of each other: And the Searcher of Hearts only knows, what Yearnings I felt in my own Soul. I have always observ'd, that I am under a greater Concern when lea­ving Savannah, than any other Place in the World; for, it has proved a blessed Place for my Soul: And leaving my Compa­nions, and, more particularly, familiar Friends, gives Nature a deeper Wound than any other outward Trial. Dearest Redeemer, guide and preserve them in my Absence, for thy infinite Mercies Sake! A­men, Amen.


Sunday, April 13. After a short Passage of Ten Days (in which GOD was pleas'd to exercise my Body with Sickness, and my Soul with great spiritual Conflicts) we cast Anchor about Eight in the Morning at New-Castle in the Province of Penn­sylvania. Mr. G. at whose House I lodg­ed when last there, very courteously re­ceived both me and my Friends. The Minister of the Parish, who has been an Advocate for me, but was now Sick, rea­dily [Page 26] accepted my Offer to officiate for him. I read Prayers and preached twice in his Church. In the Morning I was much carried out, and in the Evening the Word came with Power. People were surprized, but much rejoiced at the News of my Arrival, which they expressed, by flocking, as soon as apprized of my Com­ing, to hear the Afternoon's Sermon. Mr. Charles Tennent, mentioned in my last, came with great Part of his Con­gregation: And People began to invite me several Ways to come and preach to 'em, but being in haste to go to Philadel­phia, I appointed to preach on the Mor­row at Wilmington, which lay in the Way thither. I went with Mr. Tennent and other Friends, after Evening Service. My Soul was much rejoiced, in hearing how mightily the Word of GOD had prevailed since I was at Pennsylvania last. The LORD was also pleased to give new Strength to my Body. I wanted Words to express my Gratitude for this and all his other innumerable Mercies from time to time, show'red down upon me.

My Soul inspired with sacred Love,
GOD's holy Name forever bless;
Of all his Favours mindful prove,
And still thy grateful Thanks express,
[Page 27] 'Tis he that all thy Sins forgives,
And after Sickness makes thee sound:
From Danger he thy Life retrieves,
By him with Grace and Mercy crown'd.
The LORD abounds with tender Love,
And unexampled Acts of Grace:
His wakened Wrath doth slowly move,
His willing Mercy flows apace.
Let every Creature jointly bless
The mighty LORD, and thou my Heart,
With grateful Joy thy Thanks express,
And in this Concert bear thy Part.

Wilmington and Philadelphia.

Monday, April 14. Had sweet Visita­tions from above, and found much of the divine Presence, and Refreshings of GOD's holy Spirit, in my Soul. Preached to near 3000 People about Eleven in the Morning, and GOD was pleased to be a­mongst us, as in the holy Place of Sinai. Many went away refresh'd and comfort­ed; and several importunate Visitations were given me, to preach in several. Country Places round about. After Ser­mon, I and my Friends dined at a Qua­ker's, who seem'd to have the Root of the Matter in his Heart, and could cry Shibboleth. Numbers embraced me with the tenderest Affection, and blessed the [Page 28] LORD of all LORDS for sending me back to them again. As soon as Dinner was over we took Horse, baited at Ch [...]ster (where the Landlord of the House would take Nothing either for the Entertain­ment of ourselves or Horses) and reach'd Philadelphia about Eight in the Evening. GOD was here again pleased to vouchsafe me great Enlargements of Heart; and it is impossible to express the Joy many felt when they saw my Temptations. Oh! how did they comfort my Heart with the Account of what GOD had done for their own and many other People's Souls, by the Doctrine I had delivered when here last. The Baptist Minister in par­ticular, who has been made instrumental to water what GOD had planted, re­counted to me many noble Instances of GOD's sovereign Grace, shewn in the Conviction and Conversion of some Mi­nisters as well as common People. Oh that the LORD may revive his Work in the midst of the Years! The World is now up in Arms; blessed JESUS, do thou now put the Sword upon thy Thigh, and whilst the Kings of the Earth are striving to extend their Dominions, do thou secretly carry on thy Kingdom in Believers Hearts, 'till the Earth be filled with the Knowledge of thee our LORD, as the Waters cover the Sea.

[Page 29]


Tuesday, April 15. Paid my Respects to the Governor and Proprietor. Went to the Commissary's House, who was not at Home, but afterwards speaking to him in the Street, he soon told me, that he could lend me his Church no more, be­cause I had not treated the Bishop of Lon­don well in my Answer to his late Pasto­ral Letter; and also had misquoted and misrepresented Archbishop Tillotson, in a Letter published in the last Week's Ga­zette I told him he had best shew that in Publick. He replied, the Printers would not publish any Thing for them, and that the Press was shut up against them. I answered, it was without my Knowledge. Upon this we parted; and in the After­noon I was much pressed in Spirit to preach upon the blind Beggar, to whom the Scribes and Pharisees said, Dost thou teach us? I stood upon a Balcony on Society Hill, from whence I preached my Farewel-Sermon last Fall: And felt somewhat of that Divine Fire and inward Support, which, I am persuaded, the poor Beggar felt, when bearing his Testimony for the blessed JESUS, before a Bench of Wolves in Sheep's Cloathing. Towards the Conclusion of my Discourse, I read to [Page 30] the People some Extracts I had taken from Dr. Edwards against Archbishop Tillotson's Writings, and then appealed to them, Where was the Presumption in pretend­ing to teach even him. It cannot be expressed how many carnal Hearts were disturbed by my Testimony against the Archbishop, that great and good Man, as they call him. But before I have done, I do not despair of seeing People bring his Works, as they once brought the Books of curious Arts, and burnt them before all Men. It's difficult to deter­mine which has done the most Mischief. Have Compassion, sweet JESUS, on thy Flock, and suffer them no longer to be given over to such Guides, who had the Form of Religion, but never felt the effectual Power of it in their Hearts!

Wednesday, April 16. Talked in the Morning with Three or Four who were convicted, and, I believe I can say, con­verted by my Ministry. In the After­noon Two Men came to me, one of which cried out, blessed be GOD, for you under him have begotten me again unto a lively Hope. Preached upon Society Hill twice: In the Morning to about Six, in the Evening to about Eight Thousand People. GOD was much with me in both Exercises. In the Afternoon I was [Page 31] particularly assisted in speaking to those Words, Yea, and all that will live Godly in CHRIST JESUS, must suffer Persecu­tion. The Storm, I find, is gathering a­pace. As the Word of GOD encreases, so will the Rage and Opposition of the Devil. LORD, support us in a suffering Hour, and evershadow us by thy Wings, till the Tyranny of our Adversaries shall be overpast. Amen, LORD JESUS, Amen.

Abington and Philadelphia.

Thursday, April 17. Rode last Night about Eight Miles after Sermon. Lay at a Friend's House, and preach'd this Morn­ing to near Three or Four Thousand Peo­ple at Abington, a District under the Care of one Mr. Treat, a dissenting Minister, to whom GOD has been pleas'd lately to shew Mercy. He has been a Preach­er of the Doctrines of Grace for some Years, but was deeply convinced when I was here last, that he had not experienced them in his Heart: And soon after I went away, he attempted to preach, but could not: He therefore told his Congre­gation how miserably he had deceived both himself and them, and desired them that were gifted, to pray for him. Ever since he has continued to seek JESU [...] CHRIST sorrowing, and is now under [Page 32] deep Convictions, and a very humbling Sense of Sin. He prea [...]hes as usual, tho' he has not a full Assurance of Faith, because it was best, he said, to be found in the Way of Duty. I believe God is preparing him for great Services, and I hope he will also be a Means of awaken­ing some false dead-hearted Preachers a­mong the Dissenters, who hold the Form of sound Words, but never felt the Power of them in their own Souls. I observed a great Presence of God in our Assembly, and the Word, as I was in­formed afterwards, came with a Soul­convicting and comforting Power to ma­ny. When I had done, I took a little Refreshment, baptized a Child, and hasted to Philadelphia, where I preach'd to up­wards of Ten Thousand People, upon the Woman that was cured of her bloody Issue. Hundreds I found were graciously melted; and many, I hope, not only thronged round, but also toucht the LORD JESUS CHRIST by Faith. Near Ten came to me after Sermon, labouring un­der deep Convictions; and could tell me the Time when, and Manner how the LORD JESUS made himself manifest to their Souls. What gives me greater Hopes that this Work is of GOD, is, be­cause these Convictions have remained on [Page 33] many ever since I was here last. Some have not only Righteousness and Peace, but also Joy in the Holy Ghost. Blessed be GOD, there is a most glorious Work begun in this Province: The Word of GOD every Day mightily prevails, and Satan loses Ground apace. LORD JE­SUS stretch out thy Arm, and let not this Work be stopped, till we see that new Heaven and new Earth wherein dwelleth Righteous­ness.

German-Town and Whitemarsh.

Friday, April 18. Was employed for Two Hours this Morning in giving An­swers to several that came to me under Convictions, amongst whom was a Negro or Two, and a young Girl of about Four­teen Years of Age, who was turned out of the House where she boarded, because she would hear me, and would not learn to dance. Set out about Nine a Clock for Whitemarsh, about Twelve Miles from Philadelphia. Had near Forty Horse in Company, before we reach'd the Place. Preach'd to upwards of Two Thousand People, and perceived great Numbers much melted down and brought under C [...]victions, when I made free Offers to [...] of JESUS and his Benefits, if they would believe on him. Took a little [Page 34] Refreshment at a Quaker's: Baptized two Children belonging to the Church of Eng­land. Returned back and preached at German-town with much of the divine Presence, to near Four Thousand Hearers; and came to Philadelphia about Seven in the Evening, refreshed both in Body and Soul. Blessed be the LORD GOD of Israel, who seems to be building up his spi­ritual Jerusalem, and to be gathering toge­ther the Outcasts of Israel.


Saturday, April 19. Was still much engaged in giving Answers to, and pray­ing with divers, that applied to me, under deep Convictions of their damnable Con­dition by Nature. Preached Morning and Evening to Seven or Eight Thou­sand People each Time: And it much rejoiced my Heart to see with what Or­der and Devotion they constantly attend. Scoffers seem to be at a Stand what to say; they mutter in Coffee-Houses, give a Curse, drink a Bowl of Punch, and then cry out against me, for not preaching up more Morality. Poor Men! Where is the Morality they so much boast of? If GOD judges them, as he certainly will do, by their Morality, on which they so much rely, out of their own Mouths will [Page 35] he condemn them: Their Morality, fals­ly so called, will prove their Damnation. They say, but do not. And how can they, since they are Ignorant of a Living Faith in JESUS CHRIST, which alone can en­able us to do any Thing acceptable in the Sight of GOD? From such prophane Mo­ralists may I turn away! My Soul, come not nigh their Dwellings; mine Honour, be not thou united to them.

Sunday, April [...]. Preached this Morn­ing at Seven a Clock, with much Clear­ness and Freedom, to about Ten Thou­sand People, and collected One Hundred and Ten Pounds Sterling for my poor Or­phans. The People threw in their Mites willingly, and thereby reminded me much of what GOD had done for me at Moor­fields and Kennington-Common, when last in England. Went to Church Morning and Evening, and heard the Commissary preach a Sermon upon Justification by Works, from James ii. 18. Many Peo­ple seeing me go in, followed me, and Numbers of them told me afterwards, the Commissary, tho' undesignedly, had confirmed them more and more in the Truths which I had delivered. In the Evening I preached from the same Words, to about Fifteen Thousand Peo­ple, and consuted the false Doctrines and [Page 36] many fundamental Errors contained in the Commissary's Discourse; for he all a­long took Faith to be only an Assent to the Truths of the Gospel. He said St. Paul and St. James spoke of the same Kind of Justification; that Works menti­oned by St. Paul, were only the Works of the ceremonial Law; that the Doc­trine of an imputed Righteousness had done much Harm, and hindred the Conversion of the Heathens; that we were to be justified by our Works at the last Day, and consequently were to be justified in the same Manner now. To all these Things I endeavour'd to answer distinctly, and was obliged, in the Conclusion of my Discourse, to tell the People, since CHRIST was not preached in the Church, they might go hear him preach'd where they could. After Sermon we collected Eighty Pounds Currency, for my Children at Georgia; and came Home rejoicing in Spirit, to see how Satan was continually bruising his own Head. Little do my Enemies think what Service they do me; if they did, one would think, out of Spite they would even desist from opposing me. Oh what a good Master is JESUS CHRIST!

Greenwich & Gloucester, in West-Jersey.

Monday, April 21. Had fresh Appli­cation [Page 37] made to me by Persons under Con­victions. Went by Water about Four Miles, and then rode in Company with many others, who came to meet me at Greenwich, in the West-Jerseys, and about Twelve Miles from Philadelphia. There being a Mistake made in the News about the Place where I was to preach, I had not above Fifteen Hundred Hearers. At first I thought I was speaking to Stocks and Stones; but before I had done, the Power of the LORD came on the Congre­gation, the Holy Ghost overshadowed them, and a gracious Melting was visible in most that heard. Sermon being ended, I dined with my Friends, was taken very ill in the Way, lay down for about an Hour, rode back to Gloucester where I took Horse in the Morning. I preach'd with some Power to about Fifteen Hun­dred People. It being but Four Miles dis­tant from Philadelphia, many came in Boats from thence; and the Moon shining very bright, we went back to Town ve­ry pleasantly. GOD was pleased to com­municate fresh Strength to my Soul; we sung Hymns good Part of the Way, and GOD enabled me to second it by a warm Exhortation. About Eight at Night we reach'd Philadelphia, with no small Satis­faction in my own Soul, that I had this [Page 38] Day been plowing up some Fallow Ground, and opening a Way into a Place where I find there has been a great Fa­mine of the Word of GOD. I must con­fess I am in that Respect like minded with St. Paul, and desire to go chiefly where CHRIST has not been named. Oh that the LORD may endue me with his Meekness, Holiness and Zeal; and then, after I preach to others, I shall not be a Cast­away myself. Amen, LORD JESUS, A­men.


Tuesday, April 22. Hearing a Sloop was going to Georgia, I shut up myself for some time in the Morning, in order to write some Letters to my dear Friends at Savannah. Preach'd both Morning and Evening to rather larger Congregations than I have yet seen in a Week-day. There were not less than Ten Thousand People. A sweet Power was amongst them, and when I came to take my Farewel, being about to depart for New-York on the Morrow, a great Number was quite dissolved into Tears, and wept sore­ly. Many of the Negroes were also much affected, and, I trust, some will now ex­perimentally know the LORD JESUS, and feel the Power of his Resurrection. This [Page 39] Day I bought Five Thousand Acres of Land on the Forks of Delaware. Or­dered a large House to be built thereon for the Instruction of those poor Crea­tures. The Land, I hear, is exceeding rich. It's a Mannor, and pays only a White Rose yearly for chief Rent. I took up so much, because I intend settling some English Friends there, when I come next from England. I have called it NAZA­RETH. And, I trust, in a few Years the LORD will let us see much good come out of it. Amen, LORD JESUS, Amen.

Went in the Evening to visit a young Woman under deep Convictions. She was struck down by the Power of GOD's Word on Sunday, and has continued ever since sick in Body, and under great Ago­ny of Soul. I talk'd and pray'd with her, and with near Twenty more in the Room. My Soul was exceedingly carried out, and the Power of the Holy Ghost descended in a wonderful Manner, upon most that were there. I also gave them a strong Exhortation. They wept sorely and pray'd earnestly; and I have not seen Cir­cumstances more like those of the Apostles, when the Holy Ghost shook the Room where they were lifting up their Voices with one Accord to the most high GOD. By this we know, O LORD, that thou art [Page 40] the same Yesterday, To-day and forever! — Grant that the Holy Ghost may in like Manner fall on all them that shall hear the Word from, or pray with me at any other Time. Amen and Amen.


Wednesday, April 23. Was more than ordinarily employed the first Part of the Morning in writing Letters, and prepa­ring for my Journey. Set out about 8 in the Morning with many Friends. Baited at a Friend's House in the Mid­way▪ Reach'd Neshaminy about Three in the Afternoon, and preach'd to up­wards of Five Thousand People in old Mr. Tennent's Meeting - House Yard. When I came there, my Body, thro' Heat and Labour, was so weak and faint that my Knees smote one against another. My Visage changed, and I was ready to drop down as soon as I had finished my Prayer: But GOD was pleased so to re­vive me by Communications from him­self, that I spoke with great Demonstra­tion of the Spirit, and with Power. A very great Commotion was in the Hearts of the Hearers. Great Numbers were much melted; and one in particular, after Ser­mon, came to me with strong Cryings [Page 41] and Tears, saying, you have brought me under deep Convictions; What shall I do to be saved? I gave him the Apostle's An­swer, Believe on the LORD JESUS, and thou shalt be saved. Upwards of Fifty, I hear, have lately been convicted about this Place. The LORD grant his Arrows may stick fast in them, till they have got a closing Interest in JESUS CHRIST: For many, I find, receive the Word with Joy for a Season; but, having no true Root in themselves, soon fall away. — Better for such, that they had never been convicted at all. LORD, if it be thy Will, have Mercy on such Apostates, and let them be renewed again unto Repentance. Amen and Amen.

Montgomery and Shiphack.

Thursday, April 24. Was hospitably entertained with my Friends last Night, at Montgomery, about eight Miles from Ne­shaminy, whither I came to make this Day's Journey the easier.— Wrote some more Letters to my Flock and Family at Sa­vannah. Preached at Shiphack, six Miles from Montgomery; where the Dutch People live.— It was seemingly a very Wilderness Part of the Country; but there were not less, I believe, than 2000 Hearers. GOD was with [...]e much in the latter End of [Page 42] the Sermon: And when I had done, Peter Bochler, a Deacon of the Moravian Church, a dear Lover of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, preached to his Country-Men in Dutch.— Travelling and Preaching in the Sun, again weakened me much, and made me very sick; But by the di­vine Assistance, I took horse, rode twelve Miles, and preached in the Evening to about 3000 People, at a Dutchman's Plan­tation; who seemed to have drank deeply of GOD's Holy Spirit. Here GOD much strengthened and quickened me. The German Brethren were exceeding loving to me, and I spent the Evening with many of them, in a most agreeable Manner. The Order, Seriousness and Devotion of of these People in Common Life, is most worthy of Imitation. I never saw so much Simplicity as in them: Surely GOD was with us this Night. They prayed and sung; in their own Language; and then GOD enlarged my Heart to pray in ours. I know not when I have prayed with much greater Power. Many Tears trickled down my Face; and afterwards I was in a great Agony in the Field. Do thou, O blessed JESUS, who wast in an A­gony in the Garden, hearken unto the Peti­tions thou didst in that Hour enable me to send up!

[Page 43]

AMWEL, in East-Jersey.

Friday, April 25. Rose before Day. Sung and pray'd with my own Friends and the German Brethren. Set out before Sun-rising, and reached Amwel, Thirty­five Miles from Skippack, (where I had appointed to preach) by Six at Night. Some Thousands of People were gathered together, expecting I would have been there by Noon: But Mr. Gilbert Tennent and Mr. Rowland, mentioned in my last Journal, coming there to meet me, the former had given the People Two Ser­mons. In my Way thither, the LORD was pleased to bring me low, by inward Trials and very great Weakness of Body, occasioned by the Heat of the Sun, Want of Sleep, and the Length of the Journey: —But before I had preached Six Minutes, bodily and spiritual Strength was given me; and the LORD was pleased to set his Seal to what he enabled me to deliver. After Sermon, a Friend took me in his Chair. An old Christian invited me and my Company to his House, Five Miles Distant from the Place where I preached. We were comfortably refreshed under his Roof: And tho' my Body was weak, yet my Soul was strong in the LORD, and in the Power of his Might. [Page 44] Oh that I may wax stronger and stronger every Day! Amen and Amen.


Saturday, April 26. Was much comfort­ed and refreshed, both in Body and Soul, last Night after I went to Rest. Sung Psalms, and prayed, and set out for New­Brunswick about Eight in the Morning. Reached thither by Four in the After­noon, and preached to about Two Thou­sand Hearers in the Evening. Many were affected. Here also my true Chris­tian Friend and Host, Mr. Noble from New-York, gave me the Meeting, and brought me a Packet of Letters from Sa­vannah, which, in a most especial Man­ner, affected me. Blessed be GOD, I hope my Friends belonging to the Orphan-House, will be Friends of GOD.

Sunday, April 27. Was told last Night by Mr. Gilbert Tennent, of Two that were savingly brought Home by my Mi­nistry, when I was here last. Got a lit­tle Time to write to my English Friends, giving them a short Account of what GOD was doing here. Preached Morn­ing and Evening to near Seven or Eight Thousand People. And GOD's Power was so much amongst us in the After­noon Sermon, that had I proceeded, the [Page] Cries and Groans of the Congregation I believe, would have drowned my Voice. One Woman was struck down, and a ge­neral Cry went thro' the Assembly. The Power of GOD descended into my Heart, and I believe the Word was sharper than a two-edged Sword. We collected both Times upwards of Twenty Pounds Sterl. for my Orphans: And at Night a Wo­man came to me under strong Convicti­ons; she told me she had been often some­what moved, but now she hoped that GOD had struck her Home; she cried out, I can see Nothing but Hell before me. —Oh that all were in as good a Way to Heaven!

Woodbridge and Elizabeth-Town.

Monday, April 28. Underwent great Conflicts in my Soul last Night, and this Morning rose early to write some Letters to my dear English Friends, who are con­tinually upon my Heart. Took a sor­rowful Leave of Capt. Gladman and my dear Brother and Fellow-Traveller Mr. Seward, whom I have dispatched to Eng­land to bring me over a Fellow-Labourer, to transact several other Affairs of the last Importance. Capt. Gladman is the Per­son mentioned in my last Journal, who was cast away at the Gulph of Florida, [Page 46] and whom GOD made me an Instrument in converting, in my last Passage to Eng­land. Hitherto he has had the Command of our Sloop; but being obliged to send him on Business to England, I have committed the Care of it to his Mate, whom GOD was pleased to bring Home to himself, when I was last at Philadelphia. This Mate, not long since, was an abandoned Prodigal and Ring-Leader in Vice: —But GOD struck him to the Heart last Fall at Philadelphia. Capt. Gladman had pray'd, that GOD would send him a Mate. This young Man was strongly drawn to come and offer himself. The Captain hired him, and now I believe he is a Child of GOD. Numbers at Phi­ladelphia cannot but see the New-Crea­ture in him: And, yet the Doctrine of Free Justification by Faith in CHRIST JESUS does Harm to the Christian World! Surely such Talkers plainly [...], that they never know what it was to believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST with their whole Heart!

Set out about Eight in the Morning, and reach'd Woodbridge by Ten, where [...] preached to about Two Thousand People. Here again I perceived my bodily Strength was small, but GOD enabled me to speak Home to many Hearts, for many were [Page 47] affected: Blessed be GOD! After Sermon I and my Friends dined at the Dissenting Minister's House, who invited me to preach; and then we hasted to Elizabeth-Town, where the People had been waiting for me some Hours. I preached in the Meeting-House, as when I was there last: It was full, and was supposed to contain Two Thousand People; near Ten Dis­senting Ministers were present; and Two Church Ministers, but they did not tarry very long. GOD gave me much Free­dom of Speech. I dealt very plainly with the Presbyterian Clergy, many of whom, I believe, preach the Doctrines of Grace to others, without being converted them­selves. No Doubt, some were offended; but I care not for any Set or Party of Men. As I love all that love the LORD JESUS, of what Communion soever; so I'll re­prove all, whether Disse [...]ters or not Dis­senters, who take his Word into their Mouths, but never felt him dwelling in their Hearts. Such close-hearted Hypo­crites are the Bane of the Christian Church. LORD JESUS convert or con­found them for thy Mercies Sake. Amen and Amen.

After Sermon I took leave of Mr. Gil­bert Tennent and Mr. Cross, another Minis­ter mentioned in my last Journal, who ac­companied [Page 48] me thus far, and told me their Souls were much refreshed by this Day's Work. LORD, not unto me, but unto thy Name be all the Glory!

After I parted from them, I intended to ride Six Miles; but being over-ruled by the Advice of Friends, I stopped and lay at an Inn all Night near the Water Side, where People take Boat to go to New-York. Our Conversation tended to the Use of Edifying; and GOD was pleased to give me an Appetite to my bodily Food, which I have not had before for some time. Surely this frail Body cannot hold me long. When, O LORD, wilt thou set my imprisoned Soul at Liberty? When shall I be dissolved and be with thee, O CHRIST! LORD give me Patience to wait till that blessed Change come.


Tuesday, April 29. Took Boat about Nine in the Morning; was blessed with a fair Gale of Wind, which brought us to New-York before Noon. Here my dear Friends kindly received me; and here also I met with Mr. William Tennent, who refreshed my Heart, by telling me what the LORD was doing for Numbers of Souls in the High-Lands, where he had lately been. JESUS CHRIST, is getting [Page 49] himself the Victory indeed. About Five in the Evening, I preached, in the Com­mon to Five or Six Thousand People; but [...] observed no Scoffers, as when I was here last. The People were still and quiet after I began, and tho' I did not perceive much Power in the Congregation, yet GOD enabled me to speak with all Bold­ness. Oh that I may never be ashamed of CHRIST or of his Gospel, for it has been the Power of GOD to my Salvation! Grace Grace!

Wednesday, April 30. Preached this Morning from a Scaffold erected for that Purpose, to a somewhat less Congregation than the Night before, but with a much greater Power; for towards the Conclu­sion of my Discourse, GOD's Spirit came upon the Preacher and the People in such a Manner, that they were melted down exceedingly. Afterwards I began to col­lect Money from private Hands, for my Orphans, and met with Success. Blessed be GOD, who has the Hearts of all Men in his Hands! — Dined at Mr. P's, but was obliged to retire as soon as Dinner was over; for my Body was weak, and my Soul was in an unspeakable Agony for near an Hour. At length I dropped a­sleep, but rose about Five in the Evening, and preached to upwards of Six or Seven [Page 50] Thousand People on our LORD's Temp­tations. Oh that I may follow the Captain of my Salvation, and be willing in all Things to be tempted like unto my Brethren, that I may be able experimentally to succ [...]r such as apply to me when tempted! Amen, LORD JESUS, Amen.

Flat-Bush on Long-Island.

Thursday, May 1. Went in a Ferry-Boat this Morning over to Flat-Bush on Long-Island; on the East Part of which, GOD has lately begun a glorious Work by the Ministry of two young Dissenting Ministers, who have walked in the Light of GOD's Countenance for a long while together. Prosper thou, O LORD, more and more, the Work of their Hands upon them! Oh prosper thou their handy Work!

At our coming to Flat-Bush the Dutch Ministers received me with all Civility, and gave me the Use of their Church. There were also Seven or Eight Dissent­ing Ministers present. I fearce was ever enabled to speak of the Doctrines of Grace with greater Freedom and Clearness. I continued discoursing on the Knowledge we ought to have of JESUS CHRIST, near an Hour and an half. GOD's Spi­rit went thro' the Congregation. Many People and some Ministers wept. My [Page 51] own Soul was much carried out, and at last I applied myself to the Ministers them­selves. Oh that we all were a Flame of Fire!


About Two in the Afternoon, having a fair Wind, we returned to New-York, where I received another comfortable Packet of Letters from Charles-Town and Savannah, amongst which were Two or Three from my little Orphans, which gave me no small Pleasure. Here GOD was again pleased to humble me both in Body and Soul, and caused me to mourn like a Sparrow sitting alone upon the House-Top. I preached in the Evening to as large a Congregation as ever: But my Spirits being exhausted, and GOD being pleased to suspend his w [...]nt­ed Assistance, I preached, as I thought, but heavily. But I have been apt to build on my Frames, and think I do no good, or do not please GOD, only because I have not pleased myself. Whereas I have often found, that my seemingly less powerful Discourses have been much owned by GOD, And I find it abso­lutely necessary, that Gospel Ministers should meet with such Thorns in the Flesh, that both Ministers and Hearers [Page 52] may know themselves to be but Men LORD, shew that thou dost love me, [...] humbling and keeping me humble as long as live. The Means I leave to thee. I am thy Clay, thou art the Potter, mould me as it seemeth good to thy sovereign good Wil [...] and Pleasure. Amen and Amen.

Friday, May 2. The Weather being we [...], and my Body much out of order, by reason of a Cold, I did not preach in the Morning; but redeemed some Time to write my Journal, which I could not do before for this Week past. However in the Evening GOD enabled me to preach in the Meeting-House; and many, I ob­served, were much affected. Oh that the LORD may not only affect, but effectually convert them, for his infinite Mercies sake!

Saturday, May 3. Preached twice in the Field, and once in the Meeting-House; and was agreeably refresh'd in the Evening with the Company of one Mr. Davenport, whom GOD has lately highly honoured, by making use of his Ministry for the Conversion of many at the East End of Long-Island. His Soul seem'd to be much wrapped up in GOD, and he told me, that GOD had brought home several Children about Eleven or Twelve Years old, as well as many other grown Persons. He has been favoured with [Page 53] large Communications from the blessed JESUS, and is looked upon as an Enthu­siast and Madman, by many of his Rev. Pharisaical Brethren. As far as I can find, there is as great an Enmity against the Work of GOD, in the Hearts of most that preach the Doctrines of Grace, as there is in our Clergy, who for the ge­nerality, entirely disown them. As Jan­nes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the Truth: Men of cor­rupt Minds, Reprobate concerning the Faith. But I trust they will not proceed much further: For their Folly shall be ma­nifest unto all Men, as theirs also was.— Hasten that blessed Time, my LORD and my GOD!

Sunday, May 4. Preached by Seven in the Morning in the Meeting-House. Went to the English Church twice, and heard two legal Sermons, tho' not quite so bad as those I heard when here last. Preached in the Evening to about Eight Thousand in the Field, and had a com­fortable Evidence, that the LORD was amongst us. I had much of the divine Presence in my Soul, tho' I have not felt such continual Enlargement of Heart, as when I was here before: I believe it is because my Adversaries have been much more silent, and have not so openly op­posed [Page 54] the Truths of GOD; tho' their secret Enmity is as great, nay, I believe, greater than ever. To speak against their favourite Writings of Archbishop Till [...]ts [...]n and the Author of The Whole Duty of Man, grieves them to the Heart; and yet Fear of the People, restrains their Fu­ry for the present. By and by the Num­ber of our LORD's Disciples will be ga­thered in, and then they must be permit­ed to bruize our Heel. LORD prepare me, LORD strengthen me against a suffer­ing Time! — Thou Son of GOD, take me by thy Hand, and then, I care not if I am thrown into a fiery Furnace, or cast into a D [...]n of devouring Lions.

Give me thy Strength, O GOD of Power,
Then let or Men or Fi [...]ds [...]ssail;
Strong in thy Strength I'll stand a Tower,
I [...]pregnable to Earth or Hell.

After Evening Sermon, Numbers came to me, giving GOD Thanks for what they had heard. They were desirous of my Return amongst them again, and brought several large Contributions for my poor Orphans. Blessed be GOD, by publick Collections and private Donations I have got upwards of Three Hundred Pounds since I came hither; and I doubt not but my dear LORD, will always [Page 55] provide for them. Oh what a blessed Thing is it to live upon GOD! I believe Elijah never lived more comfortably, than when fed by the Ravens. LORD encrease my Faith, and accept of my poor Thanks for what thou hast done for me and thy People, during my short stay here. Amen, LORD JESUS, Amen.

Staten-Island, Freehold and Amboy.

Monday, May 5. Prayed with and parted in an affectionate Manner from my dear Friends at New-York last Night. About Ten a Clock took Boat with my worthy Host, Mr. Noble, and some others, and came by Midnight to Staten-Island, where we were kindly received by one of our LORD's true Disciples. Not long after our coming on Shore, the Wind blew, and the Weather grew very tem­pestuous, and so continued all the Morn­ing; but GOD strength'ned my weak Body. About Eleven I set out, preached at a Place appointed on the Island about Seven Miles distant; and afterwards has­tened to Amboy, about Twelve Miles fur­ther, where I preached about Six in the Evening. I sent to the Minister of the Place, for the Use of his Pulpit, but he was very Angry, and said, he wondered at my Assurance in asking such a Favour. It [Page 56] being such rainy Weather, only a few People came, and I did not feel much Power in Preaching to them. After Ser­mon my Friends advised me to stay at Amboy all Night; but my dear Brother and Fellow-Labourer, Mr. William Ten­nent, coming to fetch me, I passed over a Ferry with him and his Brother Gilbert, who also came to Amboy to meet me, With them I set out for Freehold, Twen­ty Miles from Amboy, the Place where GOD has more immediately called Mr. William Tennent, Oh how sweetly did the Time glide on, and our Hearts burn within us, whilst we opened the Scriptures, and communicated our Experiences to each other! Our LORD was with us, as with the two Disciples going to Emaus. — About Mid­night we reach'd Freehold, and about Two in the Morning retired to rest, my Body being weak, but my Soul much comforted. I think I sleep with double Satisfaction, when lying in a good Man's House; for the Angels of the LORD encamp about the Dwellings of the righ­teous. Oh that we may, like them, be un­wearied in administring to, and watching over those, who are to be Heirs of everlast­ing Salvation!

[Page 57]

Freehold and Burlington.

Tuesday, May 6. Preached at Freehold in the Morning, to about Three Thou­sand; and the Power of GOD was much manifested, and many I believe brought under Convictions. Took a little Re­freshment. and went in Company with several of GOD's Children to Allenstown, about 16 Miles from Freehold: Preach'd with Power to about Three Thousand more, and afterwards reach'd Burlington, about Twenty Miles further, by Mid­night. As I came along, a Man, who has been disswaded from coming to hear me, came to me under strong Convictions, and desired to follow me whithersoever I went. I scarce know a Day wherein I have not had many apply to me for the same Purpose, and under the same Cir­cumstances. It's natural for Persons to be desirous of being with those, who have, under GOD, brought them from Dark­ness to Light. Thus the Man, out of whom the Devil had been cast, desired to go with the blessed JESUS; but our LORD's Answer I find best to be given: Go Home to thy House, and tell what great Things the LORD hath done for thee. Dear­est Redeemer, teach me in this and all other Respects, to follow thy unerring-Example! Amen and Amen.

[Page 58]

Bristol and Philadelphia.

Wednesday, May 7. Had a little refresh­ing Sleep. Cross'd a Ferry over into Penn­sylvania. Preached to about Four Thousand at Bristol; and made all possible haste to Philadelphia, Twenty Miles from Bristol. Here I was received with great Joy and Satisfaction, by my kind Host, Mr. B—t, and many other Friends. After dispatching some private Affairs, I went and heard Mr. Jones, the Baptist Minister, who preached the Truth as it is in JESUS. He is the only Minister that I know of in Philadelphia, who speaks feelingly and with Authority. The poor People are much refresh'd by him, and I trust the LORD will bless him more and more. Pity, O dearest JESUS, thy poor People, and suffer them no longer to be scattered abroad, as Sheep having no Shep­herds.


Thursday, May 8. Had what my Body much wanted, a thorough Night's Repose. Was much refreshed in Spirit, and was called up very early in the Morning, as I am always, to speak to poor Souls under Convictions. The first I think was an Indian Trader, whom GOD was pleased [Page 59] to bring home by my Preaching, when here last. The Account he gave of GOD's dealing with him, was very satis­factory. He is just come from the Indian Natives, where he has been praying with and exhorting all he met with, that were willing to hear. Some of the Indians he had Hopes of, but his Brother Traders en­deavoured to prejudice them against him: However, by my Advice, he proposes vi­siting them again next Fall; and I hum­bly hope the LORD will open a Door a­mongst the poor Heathen. The Con­version of one of their Traders, I take to be one great Step towards it. LORD carry on the Work begun; fulfil thy ancient Promises, and let thy Son have the Heathen for his Inheritance, and the utmost Parts of the Earth for his Possession. Come, LORD JESUS, come quickly.

Conversed also with a poor Negro Wo­man, who has been visited in a very re­markable Manner. GOD was pleased to convert her by my Preaching the last Fall; But being under Dejections on Sunday-Morning, she prayed that Salva­tion might come to her Heart, and that the LORD would be pleased to manifest himself to her Soul that Day. While she was at Meeting, hearing one Mr. M—n, a Baptist Preacher, whom the LORD has [Page 60] been pleased lately to send forth, the Word came with such Power upon her Heart, that at last she was obliged to cry out; and a great Concern also fell upon many in the Congregation, so that they betook themselves to secret Prayer. The Minister stopped, and several persuaded her to hold her Peace; but the Glory of the LORD shone so brightly round about her, that she could not help blessing and praising GOD, and telling how GOD was revealing himself to her Soul. After some time, she was taken out of the Meet­ing-House, but she fell upon her Knees praising and blessing GOD. She conti­nued in an Agony for some considerable Time, and afterwards came in and heard the remaining Part of the Sermon. Ma­ny, since this, have called her mad, and said she was full of new Wine: But, the Account she gave me of herself, was ra­tional and solid; and I believe, in that Hour the LORD JESUS took greater Possession of her Soul. Such Cases are not very common; but when an extraor­dinary Work is carrying on, GOD ge­nerally manifests himself to some Souls in this extraordinary Manner. And I doubt not, but when the poor Negroes are to be called, GOD will highly savour them, to wipe off their Reproach, and to shew that [Page 61] he is no Respecter of Persons: — But, that whosoever believeth in him shall be saved.

Preached in the Morning, about 11, to 6 or 7000 People. Had great Free­dom of Spirit, and clear'd myself from some Aspersions that had been cast upon my Doctrine, as though it tended to Antinomianism: But I abhor the Tho'ts of it; and, whosoever entertains the Doc­trines of Free Grace in an honest Heart, will find, that they will in their own Nature cause him to be fruitful in every good Word and Work. Many expressed how the Power of GOD was amongst them; and I believe GOD has much People in Philadelphia City. The Con­gregations are very large and serious, and I have scarce preach'd this Time among them, but I have seen a stirring among the dry Bones. At Five in the Evening I preached again, rather to a larger Au­dience; and after Sermon rode Ten Miles to a Friend's House, that I might be in Readiness to preach, according to Ap­pointment, the next Morning. How differently am I treated by my Master. He taught the People by Day, — and abode all Night in the Mount of Olives. He had not where to lay his Head; but go where I will, I find People with great Gladness receiving me into their Houses. LORD, [Page 62] I lack for Nothing: Oh prepare me so suffering Time, and make me willing, n [...] to follow a naked CHRIST! Amen, men.


Friday May 9. Preached at Pennyp [...] about Three Miles distant from the H [...] where I lay, to about Two Thous [...] People. Eat a little Dinner: Came [...] Philadelphia about Two in the Af [...] ­noon. Agreed with Persons to build [...] Negro-Schools on the Land which I h [...] lately purchased; and preached in [...] Evening with great Freedom and Pow [...] and afterwards began a Society of yo [...] Men. LORD make them good Soldier JESUS CHRIST! Amen, LORD [...] ­SUS, Amen.

Saturday May 10. Though GOD shewn me great Things already in Place, yet to Day I have seen grea [...] I preached twice with Power, and larger Congregations than ever; and the Evening went to settle a Society young Women, who I hope will p [...] wise Virgins. As soon as I enter'd Room, and heard them Singing, my [...] was uncommonly delighted; when Hymn was over, I desired to pray be I began to converse; but, contrary to [Page 63] Expectation, my Soul was so carried out, that I had not Time to talk at all. A wonderful Power was in the Room, and with one Accord they began to cry out, and weep most bitterly, for the Space of half an Hour. They seem'd to be under the strongest Convictions, and did indeed seek JESUS sorrowing. Their Cries might be heard a great Way off. When I had done, I thought proper to leave them at their Devotion. They continued in Prayer (as I was informed by one of them afterwards) for above an Hour, confessing their most secret Faults; and at length the Agonies of some were so strong, that Five of them fell into Con­vulsion Fits. The present Captain of our Sloop going near the Water-side, was called into a Company almost in the same Circumstances: And at Midnight I was desired to come to one, who was thrown into strong Convulsions; but felt some­what of Peace and Joy, after I had pray­ed with her several Times. — Her Case put me in Mind of the young Man whom the Devil tore when he was coming to JESUS CHRIST. These bodily Convul­sions, I believe, come from the Devil, who, now the Work of GOD is going on, wants to bring an evil Report upon it. But, O LORD, for thy Mercies Sake, [Page 64] rebuke him; and, though he may be permitted to bruise thy Peoples Heels, fulfil thy Pro­mise, and let the Seed of the Woman bruise his accursed Head! Amen, Amen.

Sunday, May 11. Preached in the Morning to about Fifteen Thousand Peo­ple, and observed a great Melting to fol­low the Word. Went twice to Church, and heard myself lash'd by the Commissa­ry, who preach'd from these Words, ‘I bear them Record, they have a Zeal of GOD, but not according to Know­ledge.’ I could have wished he had considered the next Words, For they being ignorant of GOD's Righteousness, and going about to establish their own Righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the Righ­teousness of GOD. Had he considered these, I might justy have said, Speaketh Mr. Commissary of this false Zeal, in re­ference to himself, or of some other Man? In the Afternoon, the Tenth of the Ro­mans, out of which his Text was taken, was appointed for the Lesson; and had he not been more perverse than Balaam, it must have restrained the Bitterness of this false Prophet. But he exclaimed loudly against me in the Pulpit; and, as I soon found, obliged many of his Hearers to do what they before were much in­clin'd to, I mean, resolve to leave him [Page 65] entirely. I bear him Record, that Expe­rience will soon convince him, that whatever mine be, his own Zeal is by no means according to Knowledge. After he had done, I preached my Farewel-Ser­mon, to I believe very near Twenty Thousand Hearers. As the Commissary's Sermon was chiefly full of personal Re­flections, I did not render Railing for Railing: However, I thought it my Du­ty, in an especial Manner, to recommend Messrs. Tennents and their Associates, be­ing most worthy Preachers of our dear LORD JESUS. One Passage out of the second Lesson in the Morning much af­fected me, ‘And the LORD had Com­passion on the Multitude, because they were scatter'd abroad, as Sheep having no Shepherd.’ I then reminded them of our LORD's Command, Pray ye there­fore the LORD of the Harvest, that he may thrust out Labourers into his Harvest; for tho' the Harvest is so great, yet the La­bourers are very few. The poor People were much concern'd at my bidding them farewel: And after I had taken my Leave, Oh how many came to my Lodg­ings sorrowing, most of all, that they were likely to see my Face no more for a long Season. I believe near Fifty Ne­groes came to give me Thanks, under [Page 66] GOD, for what has been done to their Souls. Oh how heartily did those poor Creatures throw in their Mites for my poor Orphans. Some of them have been effectually wrought upon, and in an un­common Manner. Many of them have now begun to learn to read; and one that was free, said, she would give me her two Children, whenever I settled my School. I believe Masters and Mistresses will shortly see, that Christianity will not make their Negroes worse Slaves. I in­tended, had Time permitted, to have set­tled a Society for Negro Men and Negro Women; but that must be deferred till it shall please GOD to bring me to Phi­ladelphia again. I have been much drawn out in Prayer for them, and have seen them exceedingly wrought upon, under the Word preach'd. I cannot well ex­press, how many others, of all Sorts, came to give me a last Farewel: And, indeed, I never yet saw a more general Awakening in any Place. Religion is all the Talk; and, I think, I can say, the LORD JESUS hath gotten himself the Victory in many Hearts. I have scarce had time to eat Bread, from Morn­ing till Evening. Some one or other was generally applying to me under deep Soul-Concern, and others continually pressing [Page 67] upon me, to baptize their little Infants. I did comply with as many as I could; but I was obliged sometimes to say, The LORD sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel. Many of the Quakers have been most powerfully convinced of the Righteousness of JESUS CHRIST, and openly profess the Truth as it is in JESUS; for which, I believe, they will be shortly thrust out of their Synagogues. Some of their head Men are zealous against me, and are much afraid their Foundation will be sadly shaken. Great Numbers of the Inhabitants would have immediately built me a very large Church, if I would have consented; but I am perswaded, the LORD would have the Gospel preached in the Fields, and building a Church, would, I believe, insensibly lead the People into Bigotry, and make 'em place the Church again, as they have done for a long Time, in the Church Walls: — For these Rea­sons I declined it, tho' notwithstanding, I believe they will build some Place or an­other. What I mostly fear is, now there is such a general Awakening, People will not know where to go for proper Food (for they will no longer take up with Husks, as they have done) and then fall into different Sets and Parties. LORD JESUS look upon them, let not Satan divide [Page 68] them again, but raise them up Pastors after thy own Heart, for thy infinite Mercies Sake! Amen, Amen.

With Preaching, Praying and Advising, I was truly weary by Eight at Night: However, I went and baptized Two Chil­dren: took my Leave of both the Socie­ties; and I had not prayed long in the Women's Society, but two of them fell again into violent Fits, so that I was ob­lig'd to leave them. At my Return Home, I supped with a Christian Friend, and went to Bed astonish'd at, and desi­rous to be humbly thankful for the great Things the LORD has done for me at Philadelphia. Blessed be the LORD GOD of Israel, for he hath wonderfully visited this People, and raised up for them Means of Salvation, from whence it was least expect­ed! Oh Grace, Grace!

Darby, Chester and Wilmington.

Monday, May 12. Rose very early, to answer those who came for private Advice. Visited Three Persons, one of which was under such violent Convictions, that she had not eat above an Ounce of Bread for near a Fortnight; another had a Pros­pect of Hell set before her last Night, in the most terrifying Colours; but before the Morning, received Comfort. When [Page 69] I came to my Lodgings, my Friends were waiting to accompany me on Horseback, and great Numbers of the common Peo­ple were crowding at the Door. About Nine I left Philadelphia; and when I came to the Ferry, was told, People had been crossing over, as fast as Two Boats could carry them, ever since Three in the Morning: After we had waited some Time, I and my Friends got over, and preach'd at Darby, Seven Miles from Phi­ladelphia, to about Four Thousand Hear­ers. Sweetly did the LORD assist me in speaking to them, and I believe many of the Hearers Hearts▪ were ready to break, for they wept much. After Ser­mon, and eating a little Food, I took Leave of many, then preach'd at Chester, about 9 Miles off, to about Two Thou­sand; and collected there and at Darby upwards of Forty Pounds for the Orphans. Here also I parted with more Friends; but several went with me, after Sermon, to Wilmington, Fifteen Miles from Chester. We got in about Eleven at Night. My Body was somewhat weak, but GOD strengthned me to pray, sing Psalms with, and exhort a Room full of People, for a­bout an Hour; and then I lay at a Qua­ker's House, who, I believe, was a Chris­tian indeed, and, as I observed before, [Page 70] could say Shibboleth. Oh that all of the like Denomination were like minded!

Wilmington and Whiteclaycreek.

Tuesday, May 13. Preached at Wil­mington in the Morning, to about Five Thousand; and at Whiteclaycreek, Ten Miles distant, in the Evening, to about Three Thousand. A great Presence of GOD was in both Places, especially at Whiteclaycreek, a Place under the Care of Mr. Charles Tennent. The Word, I be­lieve, was both like a Fire and a Hammer, for many were exceedingly melted, and one cried out most bitterly under Agonies of Soul. At both Places we collected a­bout Twenty-four Pounds for the Orphan-House; and the People were very sollici­tous for me to bring our Sloop up their Creek the next Time I came, that they might put in Provisions. Never did I see a more plentiful Country than Pennsylva­nia. I have seen but very few poor Ob­jects since my Arrival; every one almost enjoys Peace and Plenty; the Rich do not swallow up the Poor, as in other Provin­ces, but there seems to be a proper Bal­lance. After Sermon I rode towards Nottingham, in Company with Mr. Ten­nent, Mr. Craighead and Mr. Blair, all worthy Ministers of the dear LORD JE­SUS; [Page 71] the last especially, has been remark­ably owned of GOD, and for that has been despised by his Pharisaical letter-learned Brethren. Many others belong­ing to Philadelphia, accompanied us, and we rode through the Woods most sweetly, singing and praising GOD. We were all rejoiced to see our dear LORD's King­dom come with such visible Power, and endeavour'd to strengthen one another a­gainst a suffering Time should come.— May the great Shepherd make us willing, when called to it, to lay down our Lives for his Sheep. Amen, Amen.


Wednesday, May 14. Got to a Quaker's House, which lay in our Way to Notting­ham, about Midnight, and met with an hospitable Reception. Received fresh Power from above in the Morning, and preached both Morning and Evening at Nottingham, but with such Demonstration of the Spirit, and such a wonderful Mov­ing amongst the Hearers, as few ever saw before. I was invited thither in the strongest Terms, by some of the Inhabi­tants, who had a good Work begun a­mongst them▪ some time ago, by the Mi­nistry of Mr. Blair, Mr. Tennents and Mr. Cross, the last of which had been [Page 72] denied the Use of the Pulpit by one of his own Brethren, and was obliged to preach in the Woods, where the LORD manifested forth his Glory, and caused many to cry out, What shall we do to be saved? It surprized me to see such a great Multitude gathered together at so short a Warning, and in such a Desart-Place. I believe they were near Twelve Thousand Hearers. I had not spoke long but I per­ceived Numbers melting. As I proceed­ed, the Power encreased, till at last, both in the Morning and Afternoon, Thou­sands cried out, so that they almost drown­ed my Voice. Never before did I see a more glorious Sight. Oh what strong Cry­ing and Tears were shed and poured forth after the dear LORD JESUS! Some fainted, and when they had gotten a little Strength, they would hear and faint again. Others cried out as tho' somebody was murdering them: And after I had done in the Morning, a Woman, under the deepest Convictions, threw herself upon the Ground, and hung round my Feet, so that I thought she would have pulled me down. Never was my Soul filled with greater Power. Oh what Thoughts and Words did GOD put into my Heart! And after I had finished my last Discourse, I was so struck with GOD's Love, that [Page 73] some thought, I believe, that I was about to give up the Ghost. Oh how sweetly did I lie at the Feet of my JESUS! With what Power did a Sense of his sovereign free everlasting Love flow in upon my Soul! It almost took away my Life: However, at length I revived, and having taken a little Meat, was strengthned to go with my Brothers Blair, Tennent, and some o­ther Friends, to Brother Blair's House, about Twenty Miles from Nottingham. In the Way we refresh'd our Souls, by singing Psalms and Hymns; and got to our Journey's End about Midnight, where, after we had taken a little Food and recommended ourselves to GOD by Prayer, we went to rest, and slept, I be­lieve, in the Arms of our dear LORD JESUS. Oh LORD, was ever Love like thine!


Thursday, May 15. Preach'd at Forks-Manor, Three Miles from Mr. Blair's House, where I was earnestly invited to come, by dear Mr. Blair. And here also the LORD was pleased to cause much of his Glory to pass before us. The Con­gregation was about as large as that Yes­terday at Nottingham. As great, if not a greater Commotion was in the Hearts of [Page 74] the People. Look where I would, most were drowned in Tears. The Word was sharper than a two-edged Sword: And their bitter Yellings and Groans put me much in Mind of the Shriekings and Howlings of the Damned in Hell. Oh what diffe­rent Visages were then to be seen! — Some had their Mouths half open; others pale as Death; others wringing their Hands; others lying on the Ground; others sink­ing into the Arms of their Friends; and most lifting up their Eyes towards Hea­ven, and crying out to GOD. I could think of Nothing when I looked upon them so much as the Great Day. They seem'd like Persons awak'ned by the last Trump, and coming out of their Graves to Judgment. One would imagine none but a Devil incarnate could have with­stood the Power, or avoid crying out. Surely GOD is in this Place. — And yet one Mr. Al—son, a Dissenting Minister, a virulent Opposer of Mr. Tennent and his Brethren, after Sermon was over, whilst Thousands were under the deepest Distress of Soul, came, desiring to have a publick Disputation. I told him I was going to New-Castle, and that the Place we now were in, was by no Means pro­per to dispute in. But he thinking that was only to evade the Trial, I desired [Page 75] him to begin, and I would endeavour to answer such Questions as he should pro­pose. He then charged me with saying, That such who had only a Faith of Adherence were in a damnable. Condition. I answer­ed, Such a Thing never enter'd my Tho'ts; I only said, A Faith of Adherence was not to be rested in, but that all should ask for and labour after a full Assurance of Faith. He then brought a Passage out of Isaiah, Chap. l. ver. 10. to prove, That a Person might be in CHRIST, and yet not know it. I told him, if he was a spiritual Per­son, he would have known there was a Time, when GOD withdraws his sensi­ble Presence from a Believer's Soul; and yet, that Soul might be kept from Doubt­ing of his Interest in CHRIST. He was then about to quote some other Passage of Scripture; but by this Time the People were exasperated at his ill Treatment of me, and one cried out in his Haste, That he would take Mr. Al—son out of the Place: For this, I rebuked him sharply, saying, That was not the Spirit of CHRIST; and, at the same time, blamed Mr. A—n, for coming at such an improper Time to dispute, when he saw the Power of GOD so visibly amongst us. I also told him, that I believed he was an Enemy to GOD; but if he had any Objections to [Page 76] make, I would answer them as I rode to New-Castle, or in a Letter, if he would send his Objections to me. Upon this he seem'd sensible of his Fault, and said, he thought 'twas best to withdraw. With great Difficulty I got upon a Horse, for the poor convicted Souls hung upon me; and after I had given them a short Ex­hortation, to answer those that opposed themselves with Meekness and Fear, I rode to a Friend's House, who had invited me to Dinner, where we all rejoiced, to find what a Fool the Devil and his Ser­vants prove [...] themselves to be: For Mr. A—n did his Cause so much Hurt by this Action, and discovered his Enmity against the Work of GOD so evidently, that even his Friends began to suspect him. Blessed be GOD, I trust all of his Stamp, will shew themselves as clearly, ere it be long: —For I hate to have Com­munion with ungodly, unconverted Mi­nisters. I care not, if they all, with one Accord, were set in Opposition against me. And I pray GOD, those that he does not intend to convert, that he would be pleased to confound: For, by being suffered to worry our LORD's Sheep, they will but increase their Torment in a future State. I would, says the great St. Paul, they were even [...]ut off that trouble [Page 77] you. After this Contest, the LORD gave me fresh Manifestations of his Love. I dined comfortably with my Friends; rode, at the Rate of Eight Miles an Hour, to New-Castle, about Twenty-four Miles from Forks-Manor. Preach'd to about Four Thousand, and wrote some Letters; dispatched some other Affairs; gave a Word of Advice, and prayed with several who came many Miles under violent Convictions; and then went and supped on board our Sloop with my Friends. — Here GOD was again pleased to fill me with a Sense of his Love; my Soul was ready to burst; Tears trickled plentifully down my Cheeks; and I was much car­ried out, in Behalf of those poor Souls whom I had left behind hungering and thirsting after the Righteousness of JESUS CHRIST, LORD, for thy Mercies Sake, let them be filled!

After Supper, and singing an Hymn and Prayers, many, who have accompani­ed me ever since I left Philadelphia, as also Mr. Tennent, Blair and Craighead, took their final Leave: Their Hearts were melted with Love towards me, but being much weakned by Expence of Spi­rits, I could only sigh out my Heart's De­sire for them, commend them to GOD, and then, as soon as possible, betook my­self [Page 78] to Rest, ashamed that I could be no more affected with a Sense of the Blessings I had received on Shore. LORD, what­ever thou deniest me, deny me not a thank­ful humble Heart. Amen, LORD JESUS, Amen.

On Board the Savannah Sloop.

Friday, May 16. Rose by Break of Day. Parted with 2 more dear Friends, and put my Things and little Family in Order, as soon as I could. Was plea­singly surprized, to see what a Variety of Provisions and Sea-Store, had been sent on board by Philadelphia People; and found, that in Goods and Money, I had got near Five Hundred Pounds Sterling. — Blessed be the LORD GOD of Israel, who alone bringeth mighty Things to pass. I am now going to make an Addition to my Family of half a Dozen Persons, a Brick­layer, a Taylor, Two Maid-Servants, and two little Girls, whose Father kept a Dancing-School, and Assembly- [...]nd Con­cert-Room, in Philadelphia. Their Mo­ther, I believe, had a Work of Grace upon her Heart, was well bred, and con­cern'd much, for some Time, at the Bu­siness in which her Husband was engaged. When last at Philadelphia, I did what I could for her; but now GOD open'd [Page 79] Mr. Seward's Heart to relieve the Parents; I took these two Children; and, blessed be GOD, an End will be entirely put to the Assembly, &c. at least in that House. Many of the young Ladies have been much affected by the Word preached: And I believe those Entertainments will never be so much countenanced again. It is a Shame they should be permitted in any Christian Country. They corrupt People's Minds; unfit them for Business as well as Religion; and grieve the Holy Spirit exceedingly. Cursed are those false Prophets, who frequent such Entertain­ments themselves, or any Way encourage others. The LORD will call them to Account for it, at the last Day. Oh that I could lament my past Misconduct in this Respect, with Tears of Blood!

Saturday, May 17. Both Yesterday and To-day perceived the blessed Spirit mo­ving on the Faces of some Souls in the Vessel. Felt much of the Presence of GOD in my Heart; and had several Captains of Ships (the Wind being contrary) come to hear me pray and exhort. The LORD being with me, I observed the Tears trick­ling down their stern Faces, plentifully. Three seem'd under very strong Convicti­ons; and one especially, not long since most remarkably wicked, I am in great [Page 80] Hopes will be effectually brought home. Grant it, O LORD, for thy dear Son's Sake. Amen and Amen.

On board the Sloop and at Reedy-Island.

Sunday, May 18. The Weather not permitting us to sail, at the People's and Sailors Request, I went on Shore, and preached twice at Reedy-Island, near which our Sloop and several other Ships came to an Anchor. Having but a few Hours Notice, not above Two Hundred came together, but there was a sweet Power of the LORD amongst us; and it pleased me to see the Ships Companies haste in their Boats to hear the Sermon▪ Many People wept bitterly; and in the Evening I return'd to my Sloop, with much of GOD's Presence; and was en­abled to finish my Journal to this Day, not having Time to write a Word of it, before I came on board, for a Fort­night. Blessed be GOD, our dear LORD JESUS fulfils his Promise, and his blessed Spirit brings all Things to my Remem­brance. Thanks be to GOD for this un­speakable Gift.

Monday, May 12. Was much refreshed to Day, by Reading the Indian-Trader's Journal, mention'd a little before; and could not but think GOD would open [Page 81] a Door, for preaching the Gospel among the Alleganian-Indians. Being much pressed thereto, in Spirit, I wrote them a Letter, wherein I laid down the Princi­ples of our Holy Religion, told them the Promises of the Gospel, and caution'd them about such Things, which I thought might be an Hindrance to their Embra­cing Christianity. The Head of them is well inclined, and the white People there­about have heard of me, and have gotten my Sermons: Who knows but GOD may now now begin to give his Son the Heathen for his Inheritance, and the ut­termost Parts of the Earth for his [...]? This Trader, I really believe, is called of GOD; and GOD never sends any of his Servants on a needless Errand. Hereafter, Gospel Ministers may be sent also: — But the Gospel must be first preached to our baptized Heathens. When a sufficient Number of them are called, and the Self-Righteous reject the Kingdom of GOD against themselves, then, [...], we turn to the Gentiles. I long to see that Time, when the Earth shall be [...] with the Knowledge of the LORD, as the Waters covers the Sea. Even so; Come LORD JESUS, come quickly.

Wednesday, May 21. Preached for these Three Days last past, once every Day, on [Page 82] Shore at Reedy-Island. and perceived the Congregations encreased much every time. Felt much of the divine Assistance, both on Shore and on Board; and was enabled to exhort and pray, with great Power, to the Captains and Sailors that came to our Sloop. One Captain and a Pilot were wonderfully affected. I find they all had made an Agreement, to come constantly, so long as the Wind continued against us; But after Evening Sermon, the Weather clearing up, and the Wind being some what fair, we weigh'd Anchor, and wen [...] some few Miles towards the Bay. Blesse [...] be GOD for retarding us at Reedy-Island Tho' I long to see my dear Flock an [...] Family at Georgia, yet I rejoice in [...] Delay, because I hope some Servants GOD have been refreshed, and othe [...] brought into a fair Way of coming JESUS CHRIST. Draw them, O LOR [...] with the Cords of thy Love, and then [...] cannot fail of following after thee. [...] Love of CHRIST is a constraining Love. Oh shed it abroad into the Hearts of all [...] unbelieving Sinners. Amen and Amen


Friday, May 23. Came this Morn to Old-Kill. Road. Dropt Anchor, Wind being contrary. Went on Shor [...] [Page 83] Lewes-Town, and read Prayers and preach­ed in the Church, to a small and as unaf­fected a Congregation as any I have spoke to since my Arrival in America. The Minister hearing our Sloop was coming, stayed to give me the Meeting: But I quickly found he was one of those, who subscribed to the Articles of the Church of England in his own Sense. He inveigh'd bitterly against the Doctrines of Grace in private, but was seemingly struck Dumb, after he heard me in Publick; for he did not open his Lips about the Doctrines af­terwards. Oh how will divine Truths make their own Way, when attended by a divine Power! — They will either convict or confound Gainsayers. — As for my own Part, I am in Love with the Doctrines more and more, every Day. I find few others, besides carnal, earthly, sensual, de­vilish Men, oppose them. And I think the Church of England is by no means be­holden to Bishop Burnet, for his Exposi­tion on her Articles. He has open'd a Door for a most detestable Equivocation; and, was it possible for the Compilers of our Articles to rise again from the Dead, I am persuaded they would insist on their being taken in the Grammatical Sense. — They cannot, in my Opinion, admit of a two-fold Interpretation. But how is [Page 84] our once faithful Church become an Harlot? Her own Sons have been her Betrayers; and, I fear, if GOD does not speedily prevent, will prove her Murder­ers. Father, for thy Mercies Sake, purify her Sons, the Clergy; and grant, that all, who serve at her Altars, may be cloathed with the Righteousness of thy dear Son; and preach and live according to the Truth as it is in JESUS!

Saturday, May 24. Wrote some Let­ters to England the Way of Lisbon. Read Prayers and preach'd Twice in the Church, to a much larger and abundant­ly more affected Auditory than Yesterday. Many People stood without the Church Doors; and I was enabled to speak, es­pecially in the Morning, with such abun­dant Freedom and Power, that I cannot believe any one Hearer could avoid being affected in some Degree or another. I was carried out for a long Time, and saw the Word strike the Hearers like so many pointed Arrows. It came with such De­monstration of the Spirit, that carnal Reasoning could not resist it; Blessed be GOD! In the Evening I retired, and looked towards Georgia; but this Text was much pressed upon my mind, We essayed to go into Bythynia, but the Spi­rit suffered us not.LORD, I submit, [Page 85] thy Will be done; I desire not to move, till that which now letteth be taken out of the Way. Oh, when shall I learn to have no other Will but thine!

Sunday, May 25. Preached Twice from a Balcony, to about Two Thousand People, the Church being not capable of Holding them. In the Morning I had not much Freedom, but in the Evening▪ discoursing on Abraham's Faith, a great many, and some even of the most polite, wept much: But alas! When I come to turn from the Creature to the Creator, and to talk of GOD's Love, in sacrifi­cing his only begotten Son JESUS CHRIST, their Tears dried up. — I told them of it, and could not but from thence in­fer the dreadful Depravity of human Na­ture. We can weep at the Sufferings of a Martyr, a Man like ourselves; but when are we affected at the Relation of the Sufferings of the Son of GOD? Mons. Paschal, I have been inform'd, always wept, whenever he read of our dear LORD's Passion. And tho' Weeping be not always a Sign of Grace; yet, I think, it is an Evidence of the Hardness of our Hearts, and a Want of a due Sense of Sin, when we can weep at any other me­lancholly Relation, and yet be unmoved at the Account of the Sufferings of a dy­ing [Page 86] GOD. The divine Herbert, mo­dernized by my dear Brother, Mr. Charles Wesly, furnished me with a sweet Prayer on this Occasion.

Sin is still pressing o'er my Heart,
A Hardness void of Love:
Let suppling Grace, to cross her Heart,
Drop gently from above.

After Evening Service, thinking it time to visit my little Family (in all 17 Souls) I went on board, and GOD was with us of a Truth. I prayed with and exhorted them. My Eyes gushed out with Water, my Soul was full of a Sense of the divine Love, and my little Flock wept bitterly too. I was much carried out for them and my dear Savannah Friends; and had some Thoughts, that the LORD would now send me to them; whether that be his good Pleasure, I de­sire to be resigned, and thankful for this Delay. It has been made very beneficial to many Souls, especially to some of our own Sloop, and one more, once a profli­gate Sinner, who I trust will make an eminent couragious Saint. — I think I have now preached Sixty-Eight Times since my Arrival at New-Castle, and have been near Forty Days on Shore. The [Page 87] LORD has been much both with me and his People: And whether he is pleased to detain me longer here, or permit me to return to my dear Charge, I hope his Name will be glorified, and the Salvation of Souls promoted.

Whilst in these Regions here below,
No other Good will I pursue;
I'll bid this World of Noise and Shew,
With all its flattering Snares, Adieu.
That Path, with humble Speed, I'll seek,
Wherein, dear LORD, thy Footsteps (shine:
Nor will I hear, nor will I speak
Of any other Love than thine.

Tyby-Island, 15 Miles from Savannah.

Wednesday, June 4. Cast Anchor about Midnight at Tyby-Island, Fifteen Miles from Savannah, after a short Passage of Nine Days, a Thing very extraordinary at this Time of the Year: But our GOD is a GOD hearing Prayer. LORD, give me evermore to exercise Faith on thy Pro­mises; and then all things, whatsoever I ask in thy dear Son's Name, I know I shall receive.


Thursday, June 5, Took Boat at Tyby, about One in Morning, and arrived at [Page 88] Savannah about Eight. But, Oh what a sweet Meeting I had with my dear Friends. What GOD has prepared for me I know not; but surely I cannot well expect the like till I embrace the Saints in Glory. When I parted, my Heart was ready to break with Sorrow, but now it almost bursts with Joy. All Things concurred to make our Meeting exceed­ing happy. None of my Letters had come to hand, so that my Family did not expe [...]t me of a long Season. They had also been informed, that I was cast away, so that they received me as one rising from the Dead. Oh how did each in his Turn hang upon my Neck, kiss and weep over me with Tears of Joy! And my own Heart was so full of a Sense of GOD's Love, when I embraced one Friend in particular, that I thought I should have even expired in the Place. All that Jo­se [...] [...]t when he wept over his Brother Benjamin, or David when making a Co­venant with Jonathan, did I feel, and I could almost say infinitely more. In short, my Soul was quite big with Peace, with Love and Joy; and I took the first Op­portunity of kneeling down with my dear Family, and venting my Heart before them. Several of my Parishioners came with great Joy to see me; and after we [Page 89] had wept, and prayed, and gave Thanks▪ for a considerable Time, I took a little Refreshment for my Body, but felt my Soul so full of a Sense of the divine Love, that I wanted Words to express myself. Oh dearest JESU, why am I thus highly fa­voured! Oh free, distinguishing, sovereign, everlasting Love! And yet these are only Ernests and Prelibations of future Bliss. Hasten, dearest LORD, hasten that happy Time, when I shall arrive at Abraham's Harbour, and praise thee to all Eternity for what thou hast done for our Souls. Even so, come LORD JESUS! Make no long Tarrying, O my GOD!

Tuesday, June 10. Blessed be the LORD of all Grace, who still continues to do for me marvelous Things. This Day I hope Salvation is come to many in my House. Long have I interceeded for poor Savan­nah People; intense Wrestling have I had with GOD, time after time, both in publick and private, in their Behalf; and Friday-Night GOD most remarkably an­swered my Request. Ever since my Ar­rival, my Soul has been quite carried out with a Sense of GOD's Love, in bringing me back so opportunely; and all this Day, one or two of my Friends perceived a divine Power coming gradually amongst us. In the Afternoon one of the Men [Page 90] that I brought over, was enabled to wres­tle with GOD exceedingly, both for himself and others. About Four GOD gave me to pray intensly and particularly, with strong Crying and Tears, for my Friends who were in the Room with me. Many came into the Passage near us, and wept much before the LORD, labouring much in their Souls. After this I went up and prayed, for near half an Hour, with some of the Women of the House, and three Girls, who seemed to be weary with the Weight of their Sins. But when we were at publick Prayer, the HOLY GHOST seem'd to come into the Congregation, like a mighty rushing Wind, carrying all before it. I was so carried out in my Exposition, that the Sweat poured most plentifully from my Face, till my Animal-Spirits were almost exhausted. I had not begun long, before several began to cry sorely, and the Num­ber still encreased, till young Men and Maidens, old Men and Children, were all dissolved into Tears, and mourning after JESUS. I believe there was scarce half a Dozen in the whole Congregation, but what were deeply affected. I think I never saw the like before; it amazed me, and I think it must have affected the Heart of any one, not quite dead to GOD, to [Page 91] behold the little Lambs crying most bit­terly: And what was more extraordinary, after Church several of my Parishioners, all the Family, and my little Children, came crying along the Street; and many could not avoid Praying very loud. Be­ing come Home, I laid myself on the Bed, weak in Body and astonish'd at the Power of GOD; but finding so many come up in such a Condition, I rose from the Bed, and betook myself unto Prayer again; but had not I lifted up my Voice like a Trum­pet, the Groans and Cries of the Chil­dren and People would have prevented my being heard. This continued for near an Hour, till at last, finding their Concern rather increase than abate, I de­sired all to retire. — But Oh! how was I delighted afterwards, to hear some or other praying most intensively to GOD in every Corner of the House; and it sur­prized me to hear what a Spirit of Sup­plication was put into the Hearts of some of the Boys and Girls. It happened also to thunder and lighten, which added much to the Solemnity of the Night, and reminded us more of the Coming of the Son of Man. After my Parishioners were gone, and my Family retir'd for about an Hour; when I thought their Spirits were composed, I called all together, and sung [Page 92] an Hymn to our dear LORD JESU whose Hand alone had brought su [...] mighty Things to pass. My exerting [...] myself so much threw my Body into strong Fever; but GOD's Comforts [...] refreshed my Soul, that I slept but litt [...] the whole Night. The next Day th [...] Concern still continued, especially among [...] the Girls, Four of whom, I have grea [...] Reason to believe, are coming home trul [...] to JESUS CHRIST, with as many Boys The next Day after this Awakening, so near two Hours they cried out as violent a [...] they did the Night before. One has bee [...] so filled with Love, Peace and Joy, tha [...] she has continued almost whole Nights [...] Prayer. Her Heart burns with Desire for the Salvation of her dear Relations and Fellow-Creatures. She surprizingly is en­abled to pray to GOD for them; and ha [...] wrote such Truths, as, I am persuaded none could write, without an inward Feeling of the Spirit of GOD in their Hearts. The Boys also go on well. I walk out with them, or the Girls, under Convicti­on, once every Day; and am delighted to find what a rational Account they give me of the Work of GOD; and how they are let to see the Corruptions of their Na­ture. They are observed frequently to retire; and some of them have prayed [Page 93] extempore sweetly before me; and at other Times they have been overheard wrestling with GOD in the strongest Manner, and praying to JESUS CHRIST to deliver them from the Bottomless Pit. Several also of my Parishioners are under great Concern, but I mention my Orphans in particular, that their Benefactors may rejoice, in see­ing what GOD is doing for their Souls. Blessed be His holy Name, our Affairs are now carried on with Decency and Order; and I really believe, Savannah will yet be­come the Joy of the Earth. E'er long, I trust, the LORD will take it into his own Hands, and then the Curse, which, I believe, has hitherto been lying on it, will be taken off. I am now beginning to build a Church; and when Matters are brought to a sufficient Extremity, then, I believe, will be the LORD's Opportunity to save and deliver us. He seems to be purging the Province apace. The Sword will sweep away the Refuse of Lies; and, I trust, a Place will yet be prepar'd in this despised Place, for our dear LORD's own People. Blessed be GOD, my Children are industrious: We have now in the House near 100 Yards of Cloth, spun and weaved; I have also, several Tradesmen belonging to my House; much Cattle on our Plantation: And, I hope, 'ere long [Page 94] we shall live amongst ourselves. I have several Masters for the Children, who watch over them both in and after School-Hours: Generally, once a Day, they walk with their respective Charges, tell them of the Glory of GOD in the Creation; and praise him by singing a Hymn.— But I shall defer giving a more particular Account, till I send my next Journal. As it is un­certain when I shall return to my native Country, I thought it my Duty to send this in the mean while, that my dear Friends may give Thanks in my Behalf, and by their Prayers strengthen my Hands; For an effectual Door is Opening in Ame­rica for Preaching the Gospel. We hear of Wars, and Rumours of Wars, but let not the Servants of JESUS CHRIST be troubled: — For the LORD generally ushers in his Kingdom with dreadful Pomp, and destroys those with the Sword of the Enemy, who would not be wounded with the Sword of the Spirit. May the LORD be glorified in all his Dispensations; and may that happy Time now hasten on, wherein the Leopard shall lie down with the Kid, and the Lion eat Straw like the Ox, and the People learn War no more! — The Concern I have for Savannah, and the Orphan-House in particular, [...]es much upon my Heart, Day and Night. But I [Page 95] commit myself to GOD in a Hymn, com­posed by the Great LUTHER, and translated by my Friend Mr. WESLY,

Commit thou all thy Griefs,
And Ways into his Hands;
To his sure Truth and tender Care,
Who Earth and Heav'n commands.
Who' points the Clouds their Course,
Whom Winds and Stars obey:
He shall direct thy wand'ring Feet,
He shall prepare thy Way.
Thou on the LORD rely,
So safe shall thou go on;
Fix on his Work thy stedfast Eye,
So shall thy Work be done.
No Profit canst thou gain,
By self-consuming Care;
To him commend thy Cause, his Ea [...]
Attends the softest Prayer.
Thy everlasting Truth,
Father, thy ceaseless Love,
Sees all thy Children's Wants, and kn [...]
What best for each will prove.
And whatsoe'er thou will'st,
Thou do'st, O King of Kings!
What thy unerring Wisdom chose,
Thy Pow'r to Being brings.
Thou ev'ry where hast Way,
And all Things serve thy might;
Thy ev'ry Act pure Blessing is,
Thy Path unsully'd Light.
When thou arisest, LORD,
What shall thy Work withstand;
[Page 96] When all thy Children want, th [...]u [...]:
Who, who shall s [...]y thy Hand [...]
Give to the Winds thy Fears,
Hope, and be und [...]smay'd;
GOD [...] thy Sighs and [...] thy [...].
GOD shall lift up thy Head.
Thr [...]' Waves, and Clouds, and Sto [...]s,
He gently clears thy Way:
Wa [...]t thou his Time, s [...] shall this Night
Soon end in j [...]y [...]us Day.
Still heavy is thy Heart,
Still sink thy Spirits down;
Cast off the Weight, let Fear depart,
And ev'ry Tear be gone.
What tho' thou rul [...]st not:
Yet Heav'n, and Earth, and H [...]ll,
P [...]claim, GOD sitteth on the Throne,
And ruleth all Things well.
Leave to his sov'reign Sway,
To choose and to command:
So shalt thou, wond'ring, own his Way,
How wise, how strong his Hand.
Far, far above thy Thought,
His Coursel shall appear;
When fully [...]e the Wor [...] [...]th wrought,
That caus'd thy needless Fe [...].
Thou seest our Weakness, LORD,
Our Hearts are known [...];
O lift thou up the sinking [...],
Confirm the [...] Kn [...].
Let us in Life, in [...],
Thy [...] Truth [...]:
And [...].
Thy Love and [...]

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