By GEORGE WHITEFIELD, A. B. of Pembroke-College, Oxford.

CONTAINING Many curious OBSERVATIONS, and edifying REFLECTIONS, on the several Occurrence that happened in the Voyage.


BOSTON. Re-printed by T. Fleet, for Charles Harrison, over against the Brazen Head in Cornhill, 1740.

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Mr. WHITEFIELD's JOURNAL FROM Gibraltar to Savannah in Georgia.

My dear Friends,

THOUGH I know no Reason why you should be sollicitous about any thing that happens to such a dead Dog as I am, yet as your Love (Oh unmerited Kindness) abounds ex­ceedingly towards me, I am positive you will give Thanks unto our good GOD for all the Mercies he has conferred upon me; therefore have sent you as full and particular Account of the Remainder of my Voyage, as the little Leisure I have had from my Ministerial Offices would permit me to give.

Monday, Feb. 20. 1737. Spent the Morning on board, in writing Letters to my dear Friends in En­gland, to acquaint them of my fate Arrival. Went in the Afternoon on Shore to Gibraltar, and was un­speakably delighted with the Prospect of the Place. [Page 4] My Friend H. and I dined at an Inn, and after­wards went with Capt. W. and some other Com­pany, to view one Side of the Fort, which to us seem'd impregnable; and at the Sight of it I could scarce avoid crying out, Who is so good a GOD as our GOD?

The seeing Persons of all Nations and Languages gave me great Pleasure: And the Difference of the Value of their Money and ours, gave me Occasion to reflect on the Stupidity of those who place their Happiness in that which has no intrinsick Worth in itself, but only so much as we arbitrarily put upon it.

Went into a Romish Chapel, wherein were the Reliques of a vast deal of Pageantry, and several Images of the Virgin Mary, dressed up, not like a poor Galilean, but in her Silks and Damasks. Oh (thought I) who hath bewitched this People, that they should thus depart from the Simplicity of CHRIST, and go a whoring after their own Inventions? Surely, Was great St. Paul to rise from the Dead, and come and view the Romish Church, his Spirits would be stirred up within him, as it was at Athens, to see them thus wholly given to Idolatry.

Tuesday, Feb. 21. After having read Prayers, and wrote some more Letters to my Friends in England, went again to Gibraltar, to pay my Respects to Go­vernor S. being told by Capt. M. that he expected to see me. The worthy old Gentleman, like Sergus Paulus, received me with the utmost Candor, and [Page 5] gave me a general Invitation to come and dine with him every Day, during my Stay at Gibraltar. I thanked him for his Kindness; had about a quarter of an Hour's Conversation with him, and took my Leave for that Time.

At One o'Clock, I returned to dine with him, according to his Appointment; and was well pleased with the regular Behaviour of the Officers at Table. We had what an Epicurean would call Caena Dubia. At three I took my Leave, and walk'd about with Capt. W. and other Friends, to take a second View of the Fort; went on board about Five; read Prayers, and began expounding the Creed in the Cabbin; wrote some more Letters, and went to Bed, very thankful to GOD for sending me abroad.

Wednesday, Feb. 22. This Day I intended to stay on board, to write Letters, but GOD being pleased to shew me it was not his Will, I went again on Shore, and paid both the Ministers of Gibraltar a Visit, who receiv'd me very affectionately, and of­fered me the Use of the Pulpit. Oh what a blessed Thing it is for the Clergy to dwell together in Unity!

At Eleven went to publick Prayers, and was much pleased to see many Officers and Soldiers attend the General to Church. Methinks Religion looks doubly amiable in a Soldier.

After Prayers, dined again with the General, who gave me another particular Invitation, as I went out of the Church. He treated me with uncommon Ci­vility, and desired me to preach the following Sun­day.

[Page 6] Had an Opportunity of sending a Packet of Let­ters with my Journal to my dear Friends in England. May the good LORD give them his Blessing!

Went in the Afternoon to visit a Deserter, who had sent me a Letter, desiring me to intercede for him with the Governor, he being apprehensive he should die for Desertion; I intended to answer his Request, but the Governor was so merciful that he order'd him to be whip'd only, which I thought Punishment little enough. O Sin, what Mischief dost thou make in the World!

In the Evening return'd as usual on board, read Prayers and expounded in the great Cabbin, buried a Child, made an Exhortation to the Soldiers pro­per for the Occasion, wrote to some Friends at Deal; and went to Bed with unusual Thoughts and Con­victions that GOD would do some great Things at Gibraltar. Oh that I was a pure Vessel fit for my Master's Use!

Thursday, Febr. 23. Continued all this Day on Board, did my usual Duty in the Ship, and put my dear Friend Br's Sermon into the Hands of two Officers at Gibraltar, who came to dine on board with Lieutenant D. They behaved very much like Gentlemen, and seem'd pleased with serious Conver­sation. May the GOD whom I serve add the Chri­stian to the Gentleman!

Friday, Feb. 24. Blessed be GOD, who this Day hath sh [...]wn me that he hath heard my Prayer, and not taken his loving Kindness from me! Long before I [Page 7] reached Gibraltar, I pray'd that GOD would open an effectual Door, at the Place whither we were go­ing, and direct me where I should lodge; and lo! this Day He has answered me.—About Ten in the Morning comes Capt. M. on board, telling me that one Major S. (a Person I never saw) had provided me a convenient Lodging at one Merchant B's, and desired that I would come on Shore. I looking up­on this as a Call from Providence, received it with all Thankfulness, and went with Friend H. on Shore, but not without first praying that GOD would direct us how to behave.

About the middle of the Town Major S. gave us the Meeting, conducted us to our new Lodgings (which were very commodious) and engaged us to dine with him and Captain M. When I sent you without Scrip or Shoe, lacked ye any thing? and they said, Nothing, LORD!

About Eleven was introduced by Doctor C. to General C. who was desirous of seeing me. He re­ceived me exceeding kindly, and after a little seri­ous Conversation, we went to the Governor S's, from thence to publick Prayers; and I was highly plea­sed to see so many Officers attending on the Gene­rals to Church. Doctor C. told me he had not known Governor S. absent himself from Prayers once these several Years, except when he was hin­der'd by real Sickness. O that all others would let their Light so shine before Men!

Retired in the Evening to our Lodgings, had Fa­mily [Page 8] Prayer, wrote some few religious Letters, and spent near half an Hour in serious Conversation with the People of the House, gave Thanks for the Bles­sings of the Day, and was soon convinced that GOD had sent me that particular Lodging of a Truth. Be careful for nothing, but on every (even the minu­test) Thing, make your Wants known unto GOD. For he careth for you.

Saturday, Feb. 25. About Six this Morning went with Friend H. to the Church to pray with some devout Soldiers, who I heard used to meet there at that Time, and with whom my Soul was knit im­mediately. For all my Delight is in the Saints that are in the Earth, and in those that excel in Virtue.

After we had finished our Devotion, I made an Enquiry into their State, and found that their Socie­ty had been subsisting about twelve Years, and that one Serjeant B. (a devout Soldier indeed) now amongst them was the first Beginner of it. At first they told me they used to meet in Dens and Moun­tains and Caves in the Rocks; but afterwards upon their applying for Leave to build a little Place to retire in, Doctor C. and Governor S. gave them the free Use of the Church, where they constantly meet three Times in a Day, to pray, read, and sing Psalms, and at any other Season when they please. They have met with Contempt, and are now in Derision called the New Lights. A glorious Light they are indeed. For I conversed closely with se­veral of them, and they made me quite ashamed of [Page 9] my little Proficiency in the School of CHRIST. Many have joined with them for a Time, but a servile Fear of Man, that Bane of Christianity, made them draw back. However, some continue stedfast and immoveable, and tho' despised by the World, are no doubt highly favoured of GOD. Governor S. countenances them much, and has spoke of them often to me with Respect. Blessed be GOD, even the Father of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, who hath not left himself without Witness in any Place, but hath some every where, who serve him and work Righteousness.

The Sunday before we came hither, I was telling my Friend H. that I had reason to think, by what had happen'd to me, that GOD had some Work for me to do at Gibraltar; he answer'd that there could not much Good be expected from among Soldiers. I replied—No doubt GOD has some secret ones in all Places, who tremble at his Word. And lo he hath this Day brought me to them. By this I know thou favourest me, O LORD thou King of Saints.

There is also another Society of the Scotch Church, who in Contempt are called Dark Lanthorns. It has subsisted about a Year, and is made up of many serious Christians, as I was informed. I did not think it agreeable to visit them, but I sent them, as well as the other Society, some proper Books; had religious Talk with several of them, and endea­voured to unite both Societies together. Oh when will that Time come, when all Difference about Exter­nals [Page 10] shall be taken away, and we all with one Heart, and one Mouth glorify our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

About Eight return'd to my Lodgings, and after having wrote some Letters, went on board the Amy to marry a Couple who sent to me Yesterday to come and celebrate their Nuptials. I took that Op­portunity of exhorting them all to take heed to the Things that belong to their Peace. Some, I believe, were affected, but the Generality of them behaved so careless, that I could not but see a Difference be­tween those that have a Minister and those that have not.

About Twelve went on board my own Ship, dined, did some necessary Business, read Prayers, gave my Flock a warm Exhortation, and returned about Five on Shore, where I spent near two Hours with the devout Soldiers in the Church. Many of them conversed most spiritually, and seem'd well acquainted with the Pangs of the New Birth. May GOD perfect the good Work begun in their Hearts! O how amiable are thy Servants, O LORD of Hosts! How would the World admire them did they see their Beauties! But Satan does now as formerly dress them in Bears Skins in order to have them baited.

Sunday, Feb. 26. Between Five and Six in the Morning went with Mr. H. (which I did all the while I was at Gibraltar) and sung Psalms, prayed and expounded the Lessons to the devout Soldiers in the Church, and was much enlarged. Thanks be given unto Thee, O LORD.

[Page 11] Intended to go and preach to my People; was prevented by the Violence of the Wind; but was pleased to hear from some Gibraltar Officers, who dined that Day on board the Whitaker, that some of my Flock had the Courage to read Prayers and sing Psalms themselves, and (as I found afterwards) con­tinued so to do, during my Absence from them. Blessed be GOD! I hope I shall have some that dare be singularly Good, and will not be kept out by the Press.

Preached in the Morning at Gibraltar, before such a Congregation of Officers and Soldiers as I never before saw: The Church, tho' very large, was quite thronged: And GOD was pleased to shew me, that he had given extraordinary Success to my Sermon. O how is the divine Strength magnified in my Weak­ness! O grant I may like a pure Crystal transmit all the Light thou pourest upon me; and never claim as my own what is thy sole Propriety!

Dined with Friend H. at Governor S's, who sent most kindly to invite us. The Law at his Table was the same with that of Ahasuerus, "No one was compelled:" And all the Officers behav'd in such a decent innocent Manner every Time I dined there, that they pleased me very much. Surely some Fear of GOD is in that Place!

After Evening Prayers (for there is no Sermon in the Afternoon) I went and expounded, prayed and sung Psalms with the Society, and had near thirty Hearers. May the good LORD give it his Blessing.

[Page 12] At Night had some devout Conversation with my Host and Hostess, who seemed to love me as their own Soul, prayed for absent Friends, and went to Bed ashamed I had done so little for GOD on a Sabbath Day. But when we cannot do as we would, we must do as we can.

Monday, Feb. 27. Went to the Church, and did as Yesterday: and was visited afterwards by two of the Nonconforming Society, who seemed to be Israelites indeed: I exhorted them to Love and Unity, and not to let a little Difference about a few Externals occasion any Narrow-spiritedness to arise in their Hearts. I advised them to come and hear me expound in the Church, which they did; and providentially the Lesson was the 4th of the Ephesi­ans, from whence I took Occasion to urge on them the Necessity of loving one another with a Catholick disinterested Love; to be of one Heart and one Mind, and to join without Respect of Persons in hastening the Kingdom of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. I hope GOD gave a Blessing to what was said: For I observed they came constantly afterwards, and was told there was a perfect Harmony between them. What infinite Mischief have needless Divisions occa­sioned in the Christian World? Divide & Impera, is the Devil's Motto.

Dined and supped at General C's with Mr. H. and was received most courteously: The LORD re­ward him in that Day! The Officer seem'd studi­ous to oblige me, and to be sollicitous for my Stay [Page 13] at Gibraltar: But my Face was set to go towards Georgia. The LORD direct my going in his Way.

Tuesday, Feb. 28. Expounded in the Church as usual; went on board, read Prayers and expounded to my own Flock; dined with Friend H. at Go­vernor S's, who sent to invite us; and expounded to a large Number of Soldiers, in the Evening at Church.

Was asked by Dr. C. in the Name of the Gover­nor, Colonel C. to preach every Prayer Day whilst I stay'd at Gibraltar, which I promised to do, and perceived the Word of GOD to run very swiftly. Many of the Inhabitants pressed me to stay with them, and were exceeding kind to those who were with me, for my sake. Blessed be GOD, for thus giving me Favour in his People's Sight! LORD, what am I, or what is in me, that thou shouldest thus so highly honour me? Grant, O LORD, the more thou exaltest me, the more I may abase myself, and al­ways be looking to the Rock from whence I was hewn?

Conversed with one of the devout Soldiers, who was under strong spiritual Trials; and GOD was pleased to give him Comfort. I find it necessary more and more every Day, that Ministers should be tempted in all Things like unto their Brethren, that they may be able experimentally to succour those that are tempted.

Wednesday, March 1. Expounded in the Morning, and was highly pleased at my Entrance into the Church, to see several Soldiers kneeling in several [Page 14] Parts of the House of GOD at their private Devo­tions. O happy Gibraltar, that hast such a Set of praying Men! Some I hear often come in by Two o'Clock in the Morning, to pour out their Hearts before GOD. The LORD perform all their Peti­tions!

Preached, according to my Promise, to a nume­rous and affected Audience of Officers, Soldiers, &c. Dined (at his Invitation) at Governor S's, and ex­pounded at Night to near 200 People, amongst whom were many of the Officers, and of the ho­nourable Women not a few. O that they may with Meekness receive the engrafted Work, and that it may be a Means of saving their Souls!

Thursday, March 2. Spent Part of the Day in writing Letters. Dined and sup'd at Mr. A's, chief Civil Magistrate in Gibraltar, and was entertained with uncommon Love and Affection.

Expounded twice in the Church, as usual, and at Night had above three hundred Hearers; amongst whom were many Officers, Ladies, and Dr. C. the Minister of the Church himself, who would have had me went up into the Reading D [...]k, that I might have the greater Command of the People; but I declined it that Night. GOD be praised for sending me abroad, and prospering the Work of his Hands upon me.

When all thy Mercies, O my GOD,
My rising Soul surveys;
Transported with thy Love, I'm lost
In Wonder, Joy and Praise!

[Page 15] Friday, March 3. Still GOD lets me see greater Things than before. O that my Thanks may increase proportionably!

This Morning, besides a great Number of the Soldiers, near if not more than a Dozen of the Town's People came to Church to hear me ex­pound. Afterwards, we breakfasted with a Gentle­woman, who sent by Major S. to invite us, and most gladly received us into her House. About Ten I preached my Sermon against Swearing, and made a Farewel Application to the Soldiers that were going over to Georgia out of that Garrison. The Gover­nor had that Morning review'd them; and as I could not be in the same Ship with them, I desired they might be ordered to come to Church, that I might have an Opportunity of telling them how to behave in that Land which they were going over the Sea to protect. The Colonel and Governor most readily consented; there was a most thronged Audience, and GOD was pleased to set his Seal to my Sermon: Many Officers and Soldiers wept sore­ly, and a visible Alteration was observ'd in the Gar­rison for some Days after. O that their Convictions may end in their Conversion, and that they may bring forth the Fruits of the Spirit!

Bought some Wine out of the Money which I had collected for the Use of the sick Poor in Geor­gia. The Parsonage-House ought to be the Poor's Store-House.

Had about five hundred to hear me expound this [Page 16] Evening, and went up into the Desk, by the Ad­vice of Dr. C. who now constantly makes one of my Hearers. After this, we supp'd at Mr. B's of the Victualing-Office, and returned home with Joy and great Gladness of Heart. Who can express the loving Kindness of the LORD, or shew forth all his Praise?

Saturday, March 4. Expounded in the Morning: More Hearers than ever, some of which wept. Dined and supped with General C. who sent last Night to invite me and my Friend, and treated us with particular Respect.

Went in the Afternoon to the Jewish Synagogue, and was surprised to see one of the Head of them come from the farthest End, and put me in one of their chiefest Seats: But afterwards he told me he had heard my Sermon Yesterday against Swearing, and thanked me for it. Not unto me, not unto me, O LORD, but unto thy Name be all the Thanks and Glory! I continued with them their whole Service, and spent most of my Time there in secret Prayer to GOD, That the Veil might be taken from their Hearts, and that blessed Time might come when his chosen People should again be engrafted into their own Olive-Tree, and all Israel be saved.

Visited an unhappy Man in Prison, who last Night, in a drunken Fit, murdered a Fellow Sol­dier. I providentially met him just as he was ap­prehended, and laid before him the Terrors of the LORD. At first he seemed unconcerned; but in a [Page 17] short Time he was pricked to the Heart, desired me to come and see him, and to-day trembled and wept bitterly. Oh Drunkenness, what Mischief hast thou done? Thy Name is Legion; for behold a Troop of Sins come along with thee.

In the Evening I had near, if not more, than a thousand Hearers; and I took Occasion, from the poor Man's Example before mention'd, to warn the Soldiery not to be drunk with Wine, wherein is Excess; a Sin that most easily besets the Men of Gibraltar. May they hear and fear, and sin no more presumptuously. I had a great Hoarseness upon me; but notwithstanding, GOD enabled me to speak with Power. When we are weak, then are we strong. What Mercies has GOD shewn me this last Week! Oh that my Friends, when they hear of it, may praise him! for surely GOD has hearkened to their Prayer.

Sunday, March 5. After Morning Exposition in the Church, went and saw the Roman Catholicks at their high Mass; and shall only make this Re­mark: That there needs no other Argument against Popery, than to see the Pageantry, Superstition, and Idolatry of their Worship.

About Ten, went to the Church belonging to the Garrison; preached to a most thronged Audi­ence, and received (what my Soul longed after) the Sacrament of CHRIST's most blessed Body and Blood: Both the Generals were there, and near fifty more Communicants. The weekly Collection for the Poor was larger than ever was known: [Page 18] And ***** was so affected, that he wished himself a despised Methodist. We are not fit for GOD to work by, 'till we are despised by Men, that the Ex­cellency and Power of Preaching may be seen to be of GOD only.

Dined at Governor S's, and, at the Request of the Inhabitants and Gentlemen of the Garrison, preach'd in the Afternoon. Expounded in the Evening to above a thousand Hearers, of all Denominations; supped with General C. went home betimes, full of unspeakable Comfort: I am never better than when I am on the full Stretch for GOD. GOD grant I may not, like Jehu, drive furiously at first, and after­wards fall back; but, forgetting those Things which are behind, may I reach out to those Things that are before, and press forwards towards the Mark, for the Prize of my high Calling in CHRIST JESUS! Me­thinks I hear my dear Friends say silently,Amen. And may the great GOD say so too.

Monday, March 6. Had near, if not more than a hundred at Morning Exposition; and it being the last Day of my sojourning at Gibraltar, many came to me weeping, telling me what GOD had done for their Souls, desiring my Prayers, and promising me theirs in Return. Others both gave and sent me Tokens of their Love, as Cakes, Figs, Wine, Eggs, and other Necessaries for my Voyage, and seemed to want Words to express their Affection. The good LORD note their Kindnesses in his Book, and reward them a thousand sold!

[Page 19] About Twelve, went to the Church, according to Appointment, and made a farewel Exhortation, as GOD gave me Utterance, to a great Number of weeping Soldiers, Women, &c. after which we kneeled down, and having recommended each other to the Care of GOD, I left them, went and took my Leave of the two Generals; visited the confined Prisoner; dined at a Gentlewoman's House of the Town; left near fifty Letters to be sent to England; and about Four went on board, accompanied to the Sea-side with near two hundred Soldiers, Women, Officers, &c. who all sorrowed at my Departure, and wished me good Luck in the Name of the LORD. Surely I may now expect greater Success abroad, having such an Addition of Intercessors in my Behalf. O LORD, put their Tears into thy Bot­tle, and let their Cry come unto Thee.

Sampson's Riddle has been fulfilled at Gibraltar: Out of the Eater came forth Meat; out of the Strong came forth Sweetness. Who more unlikely to be wrought upon than Soldiers? And yet I have not been amongst any Set of People, where GOD has made his Power more to be known. Many that were quite stark blind, have received their Sight; many that have fallen back, have repented, and turned unto the LORD again; many that were ashamed to own CHRIST openly, have waxen bold; and many that were Saints have had their Hearts filled with Joy unspeakable, and full of Glory. This is the LORD's Doing, and it is marvellous in our [Page 20] Eyes: May he give a Blessing to the Books dispersed amongst them, and perfect the good Work begun in their Hearts, till the Day of our Lord JESUS! May they be my Joy and Crown of Rejoicing at the last Day; and may GOD's Mercies to me in every Place make me more humble, more zealous, more thankful, and more steady to do or suffer whatever my dear Re­deemer hath allotted for me. Into his Hands I com­mend my Spirit, as into the Hands of an all powerful Preserver.

About Five came on board, and was gladly re­ceived by my Flock, whom I hope to love better for being a little absent from them. Interceded and gave Thanks as usual, at Night on Deck; and was pleased that I was again retired from the World. It rained much, but that made us the more fervent. Water us, O LORD, we beseech thee with the Dew of thy heavenly Benediction!

Tuesday, March 7. Went and conversed with, and dispersed some Books amongst the Soldiers, that we took from Gibraltar. Three of them belonged to one of the Societies, and desired with some others, to come with me in our Ship. GOD sanctify my Ministry unto them! Most of the rest are of the Scots Church, but seem very willing to conform. What a pity it is, CHRIST's seamless Coat should be rent in Pieces on account of Things in themselves purely indifferent!

At Dinner we were likely to be struck against by the Man of War; but GOD had Mercy on us, [Page 21] commanded the Wind to shift about, and delivered us out of so great a Danger. Oh that we may sh [...]w, forth our Thankfulness, not only with our Lips, but in our Lives! How ought Creatures to live, who are, every Moment liable to be hurried away by Death to Judgment!

This Day we set sail from Gibraltar. At first the Wind was fair, but afterwards blew contrary, which made both me and many others sick. I should have wondered if GOD had not sent me a Thorn in the Flesh, after such abundant Success. May I learn to suffer, as well as to do, thy Will, O GOD!

Wednesday, March 8. Had a useful Conference with one who was an instrument under GOD, of in­troducing me at Gibraltar, and who, I trust, will make a devout Centurion. Grant this, Holy Father, for thy dear Son's sake!

Finished my Exposition on the Creed in the great Cabbin, and did my other Duty in the Ship, as usual. The Wind blew hard, and GOD sent abroad his Lightning great Part of the Day. J. D. Friend H. and myself also were sick, but not so as to pre­vent our Intercession for absent Friends. Whatever befals me, O GOD, may I never forget their Works and Labour of Love. As yet, blessed be GOD, they are always on my Mind, and I bear them on my Heart whensoever I go in and out from before the LORD. And nothing does and will support me more under all Crosses, than the Hopes of seeing [Page 22] them grown in Grace when I return to England. O GOD prepare me for so great a Blessing!

Gave myself, as much as my Indisposition of Body would give me leave, to the Word of GOD and Prayer; and was much affected with what is said of Hezekiah, 2 Chron. xxxii. 25. that because he ren­dered not again, was not thankful enough for the great Things GOD had done for him, he was per­mitted to fall thro' the Pride of his Heart. Alas! what Danger am I in of sharing the same Fate! O my Friends, cry mightily unto GOD, that no such Evil come upon me.

Thursday, March 9. Married a Couple on Deck. I endeavoured to give them a suitable Exhortation after the Solemnity was over, and hope this Couple will call CHRIST to their Marriage. It is through a Neglect of this, that we have so few happy Matches.

The contrary Wind still continuing, my Sea­sickness encreased; so that I was obliged to omit reading Prayers to the Soldiers, and go to Bed sooner than usual. I find this Sickness will purge my Body, and hope, through Grace, it will purify my Soul. Every Branch that beareth Fruit, says CHRIST, my Father purgeth it, that it may bring forth more Fruit. May that Scripture this Day be fulfilled in my Heart!

Friday, March 10. My bodily Indisposition still increased; there was a great Storm without, but, blessed be GOD, a Calm within. Sometimes indeed, my Will would inwardly rebel, which plainly shew'd me what a Distance I was from GOD: But I hope, [Page 23] through inward and outward Sufferings, I shall at length, be able to say in all Things, Father, not my Will, but thine be done.

Did my usual Duty in the great Cabbin, and be­gan expounding the Ten Commandments; inter­ceded for Friends on Deck, and went to Bed full of a Sense of my own Unworthiness. Oh that I could always see myself in my proper Colours! I believe I should have little Reason to fall down and worship myself. GOD be merciful to me a Sinner.

Saturday, March 11. Blessed be GOD, this Morn­ing the Storm began to blow over, and Light broke in upon my Soul. Was enabled to read Prayers and expound both in the Cabbin and to the Soldiers, with more Vigor than I have since we left Gibraltar. Had Reason to think my late Indisposition had been sanctified to me. Suffering Times are a Christian's best improving Times: For they break the Will, wean us from the Creature, prove the Heart; and by them GOD teaches his Children, as Gideon by Thorns and Briars taught the Men of Succoth.

All the Time of my Indisposition, my dear Friend H. mourned over me like a Dove. Blessed be GOD, Familiarity does not breed Contempt between us, but our Love to each other increases daily. JESUS CHRIST is the only Rock whereon alone true Friendship can be built.

Sunday, March 12. Expounded with more En­largement than usual, and gave my People Notice that I intended speaking to them one by one, to see [Page 24] what Account they could give of their Faith. I have not ceased warning every one of you, says the Apostle. May I follow his Steps!

Preached the Sermon GOD enabled me to make in the Storm before we came to Gibraltar, in the great Cabbin; and GOD was pleased to set his Seal to it. Had some close Conversation with my Com­panions about their Interior; interceded for absent Friends, and had Reason to hope my weak Efforts to promote his Glory had not been in vain in the LORD. May GOD give me a thankful Heart!

Monday, March 13. Blessed be GOD! this is the most comfortable Day I have had since I came last abroad, slept better than usual; was enabled to com­pose freely; [perceived my Appetite to return] was enlarged much in Intercession, and found I had Rea­son to give Thanks for my late Indisposition. O how gently does my gracious Master deal with me! Though Sorrow may endure for a Night, yet Joy cometh in the Morning. LORD, grant I may spend that Health thou hast now restored to me to thy Ho­nour and Service! It is good for me that I have been a little chastised; for who knows but I might other­wise have perished by being lifted up above measure with my last Success? LORD, give me Humility, tho' it be through Sufferings! So shall thy Blessings never prove my Ruin.

Tuesday, March 14. Began to put in Execution what I promised on Sunday,—enquired into the Faith of those committed to my Charge; and tho' all of [Page 25] them were not so great Proficients as I could wish, yet I find they know enough to save them, if they put what they know in practice; so that they can­not charge GOD, if they miscarry. Oh! that the LORD may give them his Blessing!

Had much of the Presence of GOD with me, and felt such a fervent Love for my Christian Friends, that I feared how I should behave, was GOD to call any of them from me. But I trust sufficient for such an Hour will be the Strength thereof.

Wednesday, March 15. Was much pleased with my present Situation, and had Reason to bless GOD for some further visible good Effects of my Mini­stry. Was highly delighted in seeing Friend H. active in teaching the Lambs of my Flock: He has now gotten a regular School, and the Children began to-day to come at regular set Hours: Several also of the Soldiers learn to write and read; so that my Friend is like to make an useful Man. GOD make him more and more so every Day!

Thursday, March 16. Preached this Afternoon my Sermon against Swearing, at which several of the Soldiers wept. Blessed be GOD! that Sin is much abated amongst us; and I think a visible Alteration may be perceived through the whole Ship. Not unto me, not unto me, O LORD, but un­to thy Name be the Glory!

Was much strengthned in my present Underta­king, by reading the Story of Ezra, and joined in Intercession with those who set apart that Day as a [Page 26] Day of Fasting and Prayer for the Sins of the Na­tion to which we belong. May they prove as effec­tual as those which Moses put up for the Children of Israel!

The Sick increased to-day; visited near a Dozen. May I by this frequent visiting sick Beds, learn to improve my Time of Health: For, alas, What can be done in Time of Sickness? I find but few that are able with any tolerable Patience to sustain their bodily Infirmities: But to have a wounded Spirit at the same Time, Good GOD, who can bear it?

Friday, March 17. Last Night GOD sent us a fair Wind; and we began to sail most pleasantly: I was comforted on every Side, and enabled to in­terceed fervently for all Mankind. Oh that the Love of GOD and Man was shed abroad in my Heart!

Saturday, March 18. The Weather being exceed­ing fair, and the Sea calm, I went with Capt. W. on board the Lightfoot, dined with the Gentlemen belonging to the Ship and Colonel C. who came on board to pay them a Visit: Married a Couple; dispersed Bibles, Testaments, Soldiers Monitors amongst the Men; exchanged some Books for some Cards, which I threw over-board; preach'd a Sermon a­gainst Drunkenness, which GOD enabled me to finish Yesterday; and returned in the Evening, highly delighted with seeing the Porpoises roll about the great Deep. O LORD, the Sea is full of thy Riches! marvellous are thy Works, and that my Soul knoweth right well. O that I may live to praise thee for them! [Page 27] What Mercies have I received this Week! they are more in Number than the Hairs of my Head. Oh that my Friends would give Thanks for me!

Sunday, March 19. Went with Captain W. on board the Amy; read Prayers and preach'd to above two hundred and twenty Hearers; and married a Couple, who did not behave so well as I could wish: The Bridegroom laughed several Times in the midst of the Solemnity, upon which I shut up my Prayer-Book: But he shewing his Concern by weeping, I then proceeded, gave him and the Bride a Bible, as the best Present I could make them; and exhorted all to Holiness of Life. GOD give them a hearing Ear, and an obedient Heart!

Dined with Colonel C. who treated me with the utmost Civility, and took care to dispose or some Books I brought with me to proper Persons.

About Three we returned to the Whitaker, read Prayers and preached my Sermon against Drunken­ness; after which Capt. M. made a useful Speech to the Men, and exhorted them to give heed to the Things that had been spoken. Religion is likely to go on well, when both the Civil and Ecclesiasti­cal Powers are engaged in keeping up the Purity of it. But, LORD, unless thou assist us, all our Endeavours are but in vain. Vouchsafe then, we [...] ­seech thee, to give us thy Blessing!

Had above an Hour's close Conversation with my Companions concerning their Interior; and walked with Friend H. on Deck 'till Twelve at [Page 28] Night, admiring GOD's Wonders in the Deep. Blessed be GOD for sending us abroad.

Monday, March 20. To-day Colonel C. came to dine with us, and in the midst of our Meal we were entertained with a most agreeable Sight; it was a Shark about the Length of a Man, which followed our Ship, attended with five little Fishes, called the Pilot Fish, much like a Mackarel, but larger. These I am told always keep the Shark company; and what is most surprising, tho' the Shark is so ravenous a Creature, yet let it be never so hungry, it never touches one of them. Nor are they less faithful to him: For if at any Time the Shark is hooked, these little Creatures will not forsake him, but cleave close to his Fins, and are often taken up with him. Go to the Pilot Fish, thou that forsakest a Friend in Adversity, consider his Ways and be aba­shed. This simple Sight one would think sufficient to confute any Atheist (if there be such a Fool as a speculative Atheist) in the World.

After Dinner I read Prayers and expounded to my own People; and then went aboard the Amy with Colonel C. who used me with uncommon Ci­vility; married a Couple; and came back to the Whitaker, rejoicing to see the Works of the LORD, and the Beauty of the great Deep. Who would but come abroad?

Had near two Hours close Conversation with a Gentleman, in whom appear many Marks of the New Birth. Surely he will prove a devout Cen­turion! [Page 29] How shall I be constrained till it be accom­plished!

Tuesday, March 21. Had fresh Reason to be thankful: Captain M. made me a kind Present; the Weather exceedingly pleasant; and what was the greatest Blessing of all, GOD's Holy Spirit seemed to be moving on the Faces of some of the Souls in the Ship.

The Weather growing warmer, Friend H. had some Cloths hung over to cover his School: His Children come very regular both to learn and say their Prayers at Night: Capt. W. takes great De­light in them: Capt. M. much encourages the Sol­diers to read and write; so that we begin to live as regular now as we could wish to do on Shore. Blessed be GOD for thus making his Power to be known!

Though GOD gives me so much Comfort, yet my dear England Friends are seldom out of my Mind; though absent in Body, I am present with them in Spirit. The LORD direct my Way unto them, and grant if ever I return it may be in the Ful­ness of the Blessing of the Gospel of Peace!

Wednesday, March 22. Saw a large Grampus rol­ling and spouting out Water for a long while, at a short Distance from our Ship: It put me in mind of the Behemoth spoken of by holy Job, and of the Leviathan mentioned by the royal Psalmist. O GOD, who is like unto thee!

Thursday, March 23. This Morning we began [Page 30] to have Prayers at Six o'Clock, and the Drum beat to call the People. Methinks we grow more and more regular every Day. GOD be praised!

Was very fervent in Intercession for absent Friends and all Mankind. Oh, Intercession is a most delight­ful Exercise! How does it sweeten and purify the Heart!

Visited near twelve or fourteen sick Persons; and yet such is GOD's Mercy to me, that tho' the Place where they lye is much confined, and they catch the Fever of one another, yet GOD keeps me from Infection. The Way of Duty is the Way of Safety. Now GOD has sent his Visitations abroad amongst us, I hope we shall learn Righteousness.

Friday, March 24. To-day the Sick still increa­sed, and Friend H. was very ready to assist and carry Things to them. Nothing more useful than vi­siting sick Beds. How are those to be pitied, who pur­posely shun such improving Sights!

Had still fresh Reason to bless GOD for the Suc­cess of my Ministry: Not unto me, not unto me, but unto thy Name, O LORD, be all the Glory!

We begin now to live so happy on Shipboard, that I believe we shall part with each other with Regret. By this may all Men know we are Christ's Disciples, that we love one another!

Sailed an hundred and fifty four Miles the last twenty four Hours: And was much delighted in seeing many Porpoises playing about the Ship, one of which Capt. W. catched, and Part of its Liver [Page 31] we had dressed for Dinner: It had a Head much like a Pig, and was about six Foot long. The Works of the LORD are exceeding great, and to be admired of all them that have a Delight therein.

Churched a Woman who lately was delivered of a dead Child, and afterwards gave her an Exhorta­tion applicable to her Circumstances. GOD grant she may apply it to her Heart!

Sunday, March 26. This Day GOD I trust mag­nified his Power in the Conversion of a young Gen­tleman on board, whom he has been pleased to visit with a Fever. His Convictions were strong, and, as far as I could find, a thorough Renovation begun in his Heart: The good LORD perfect it till the Day of his Dissolution. Now GOD begins to shew me wherefore he hath sent me: O that I was humble! that I might be fit for the High and Lofty One, who inhabiteth Eternity, to work by.

Preached a Sermon in the Afternoon, on Luke iii. 14.—And the Soldiers likewise came unto him, and demanded, saying, And what must we do? And he said unto them, Do Violence to no Man, neither accuse any falsely, and be content with your Wages. I made it at the Request of Capt. M. who seems in earnest about the great Work of his Salvation: He has read Arndt's True Christianity, and is now reading Law's Christian Perfection; Books worth their Weight in Gold, and which GOD has blessed to the Conversion of many. But what are Books without thy Spirit, O LORD? Do thou bless them unto him, and they shall be blessed.

[Page 32] Exchanged some bad Books that were on board (which I threw immediately into the Sea) for some good ones, blessed be GOD; all that I have found them with, as yet, have been ready to surrender them up. And I find it by daily Experience more and more that People who are truly awakened to a Sense of the Divine Life, cannot bear to read any thing trifling; but throw away their useless Book [...] as those did the Books of Divination and curious Arts, whose Conversion we read in the Acts, Chap. v.

Monday, March 27. Last Night GOD was pleased to take away a black Boy of Captain [...] after he had been ill of a violent Fever for some Days.—He was never baptised, but I had a Commission from his Master, who seemed much affected at his Death, to instruct, and baptise him, if it had plea­sed the Most High that he should recover; but GOD saw fit to order it otherwise. His Holy Will be done. About Ten in the Morning he was wrapt up in a Hammock and thrown into the Sea. I could not read the Office over him being unbap­tised, but Capt. W. ordered the Drum to beat, and I exhorted all the Soldiers, Sailors, &c. as GOD gave me Utterance, to Remember their Creator in the Days of their Youth, and to prepare for that Time, when the Sea should give up its Dead, and all Nations be called together to appear before the Son of GOD. Oh that they may be made wise by it, that they may lay to Heart what has been said, and practically consider their latter End!

[Page 33] Had our blessed LORD been here, I believe he would have wept to see what Havock Sin hath made amongst us. Do thou, LORD, teach us so to number our Days, that we may apply our Hearts unto Wisdom.

Tuesday, March 28. This Day Capt. M. began to come at Six in the Morning and join in Prayers on Deck, instead of having Prayers in the great Cabbin. Surely our Soldiers will be without Ex­cuse, since their Captain leads so good an Exam­ple; blessed be GOD, I have no reason to complain of them, for they come very regularly twice a Day to Prayer, and an Oath seems to be a strange Thing amongst most of them. Many Marks of a sound Conversation appear in several aboard, and we live in perfect Harmony, and Peace, loving and beloved of one another. Surely, my Friends, your Prayers are heard. Continue instant in them, and you shall see greater Things than these: For GOD delights in the Prosperity of his Servants.

Wednesday, March 29. Sailed near an hundred and sixty Miles every twenty-four Hours, for seve­ral Days, most delightful pleasant Weather; and had much of GOD's Presence amongst us.

Heaven is, dear LORD, where-e'er Thou art.
Oh never then from us depart;
For to my Soul 'tis Hell to be
But for one Moment void of Thee!

[Page 34] Thursday, March 30. Had still more Proofs of a thorough Conversion being wrought in some of the Ship. I hope many of us shall have Reason to bless GOD for coming on board the Whitaker. GOD grant, while I preach to others, I myself may not be a Cast-away. But GOD is Love, and he will not, if my Eye be single, let his Blessings destroy me. O let thy Power be exerted in preserving me, even me always, O my Saviour!

Renew thy Likeness, LORD, in me,
Lowly and gentle may I be;
No Charms but these to Thee are dear:
No Anger may'st Thou ever find,
No Pride in my unruffled Mind,
But Faith and Heaven-born Peace be there.
A patient, a victorious Mind,
A Life that all Things cast behind,
Springs forth obedient to thy Call;
A Heart that no Desire can move,
But still t' adore, and praise, and love,
Give me, my LORD, my Life, my All!

Friday, March 31. This being the Crucifixion of our blessed LORD, I preached a Sermon on the Penitent Thief, and I hope GOD gave it his Blessing. We begun Prayers later than usual, so that before I had done, Darkness came upon us, which put me in mind of that Darkness which overwhelmed the World, when the GOD of Nature suffered. Oh that our Hearts may rend like the Rocks, and our [Page 35] Souls arise from the Death of Sin, as the Bodies of those did from their Graves who appeared to many in the Holy City, after our LORD's Resurrection!

Had a good Instance of the Benefit of breaking Children's Wills betimes. Last Night going be­tween Decks (as I do every Night) to visit the Sick and to examine my People, I asked one of the Wo­men to bid her little Boy that stood by her, say his Prayers, she answered, His elder Sister would, but she could not make him. Upon this, I bid the Child kneel down before me, but he would not 'till I took hold of its two Feet and forced it down. I then bid it say the Lord's Prayer, (being informed by his Mother he could say it if he would) but he obstinately refused, 'till at last after I had given it several Blows, it said its Prayers as well as could be expected, and I gave it some Figs for a Reward. And this same Child, tho' not above four Years of Age, came to Night on Deck, when the other Children came to say their Prayers to my Friend H. and burst out into a Flood of Tears, and would not go away 'till he had said his too. I mention this as a Proof of the Necessity of early Correction: Children are sensible of it sooner than Parents ima­gine. And if they would but have Resolution to break their Wills thoroughly when young, the Work of Conversion would be much easier, and they would not be so troubled with perverse Chil­dren when they are old.

Saturday, April I. Wonderful pleasant sailing [Page 36] still, and what was infinitely better, had Reason to think several went forward in the great Work of their Salvation. Oh that we may be buried with CHRIST in Baptism, and rise with him to Newness of Life!

Sunday, April 2. Rose early this Morning, and joined in Spirit with my dear absent Friends, who were receiving the Holy Eucharist, and celebrating our Blessed LORD's Resurrection. I find my not being in Priest's Orders is a great Hindrance to my Ministry, which will oblige me to return to En­gland as soon as possible. The good LORD prepare me for that second Imposition of Hands!

Preached a Sermon in the Afternoon, on Phil. ii. 10. That I may know Him, and the Power of his Resurrection.Oh that we may all experience it in our Hearts! for without it, CHRIST as to us is dead in vain.

April 3. Had some farther Conversation with the young Gentleman whose Conversion I mentioned before, and who I hope is really quickened from Above. He told me he used to wonder to hear me talk that all our Thoughts, Words and Actions, ought to be dedicated unto GOD, but now he per­ceived what I said to be true. How does the new Nature give us new Notions! It seems a difficult Task to the natural Man to turn his whole Life into one continued Sacrifice, but the spiritual Man does it with Ease: He feels a divine Attraction in his Soul, which as sensibly draws his Heart towards [Page 37] GOD, as the Load-stone attracts the Needle. Draw us then, O GOD, and our Affections will ascend up after Thee!

About Eleven went on board the Lightfoot, prayed with a sick Man, preached my Sermon on the Penitent Thief. Afterwards went on board the Amy, catechised the Children, dined on a Dolphin, had some useful Conversation, preached to the Sol­diers, returned home about Six, read Prayers, visit­ed the Sick, interceded for Friends, and went to Bed praising and blessing GOD.

April 7. Great Enlargement of Heart has been given me for these four Days last past, particularly to-day, in which GOD hath vouchsafed me much of his Presence and assisting Grace; observ'd still stron­ger Signs of a thorough Conversion being wrought on some aboard; had most delightful sailing, and every thing as pleasant as this vain World can afford. These are Preparatives for future Trails: Welcome in the Name of GOD: He will uphold me. If it was not for the Corruptions of my own Heart, which are continually stirring, what have I to disturb my Peace; but as long as those Amalekites remain in my Soul, I shall never be perfectly at ease. LORD, keep me but striving, and I shall at last be more than Conqueror, through JESUS CHRIST that loved me.

April 8. Went on board the Lightfoot and Amy, and preached to the Soldiers of each Ship; dined with Colonel C. who continued extreamly civil; [Page 38] and at my return found the Sick increase upon my Hands. But few in the Ship escape: The good LORD make all their Beds in their Sickness!

Had much of the Presence of GOD with me to­day. The Heat uncommonly temperate, as it has been for some time, and the Ship sailed all Day as tho' she was carried on the Wings of the Wind. Preached two Sermons besides my Exposition at Six in the Morning, and I hope GOD set his Seal to them. Was well pleased to hear by my Friend H. (who is very active in carrying Things to the Sick) that the poor People between Decks prayed hear­tily for me.

And now indeed we live more comfortably in the great Cabbin than can easily be imagined. We talk of little else but GOD and CHRIST. GOD has greatly blessed the Country Parson's Advice to his Parishioners, that excellent Book; and scarce a Word is to be heard amongst us when together, but what has Reference to our Fall in the first, and our New Birth in the second Adam, the LORD from Hea­ven; so that we all, I trust are resolved to put my Afternoon's Text into Practice, and are determined not to know any thing save JESUS CHRIST and him crucified. Grant this, O Father, for thy dear Son's sake. Oh that I knew how to be thankful! Oh that Heaven and Earth would join with me in praising GOD!

I would not LORD, alone
Thy Praises celebrate;
[Page 39] I'd call the blessed Angels down,
I'd move the World's united State,
'Till they in fervent Songs thy gracious Acts relate.

April 10, 11. Spent good Part of these two Days in mending my Nets. Had exceeding pleasant Weather. Some more of the Sailors were convicted of Sin, and others send Notes to be prayed for, and give Thanks as regularly as in any Parish. Blessed be GOD, we live very comfortably.

April 12, or 13. To-Day Captain W. caught a Dolphin, which was most beautiful when drawn out of the Water, but its Colour soon changed. Just so is Man; he flourishes for a little while; but when once Death cometh, how quickly is his Beauty gone! A Christian may learn a Lesson of Instruction from every thing he meets with.

April 14. To-day I could have wished for some young Prodigals aboard the Whitaker, to see one of our Soldiers dying. Alas, how did his Breast heave, his Heart pant, and great Drops of Sweat trickle down his Face! his Eyes looked ghastly, and the whole Man was in a bitter Agony. Captain W. went down between Decks once or twice to see him: And I used the last Prayer several Times. About Nine at Night he expired, I fear without Hope; for he killed himself by Drinking. Oh that all Drunkards would learn from him to be wise in Time, and practically consider their latter End!

April 15. This Morning I buried the dead Sol­dier in time of publick Prayers, chose proper Les­sons, [Page 40] and gave the Soldiers a suitable Exhortation; but I was so affected with a Sense of the Misery of fallen Man, that I could not speak with my usual Vigour.

To-day was called in a Hurry to pray by one of the devout Soldiers who came from Gibraltar, and who was supposed to be expiring. I came, [I saw] and rejoiced in Spirit; for his Soul seemed full of GOD. Instead of being affrighted at the Approach of the King of Terrors, he welcomed it, and said he was going to his dear Redeemer; then he fell as it were into a Trance, and poured out his Heart in repeating some very applicable Verses out of the Psalms. Upon which we thought he would have died: But lo! God brought him from the nethermost Hell. From that Instant the Fever left him, and he recovered. Oh, what Dif­ference is there between him that feareth GOD, and him that feareth him not, in their last Hours! LORD, let me die the Death of the Righteous, and let my future State be like his!

Exercised a little Discipline this Evening on a Boy, whom Captain M. took notice of above a Week ago for behaving ill at Church, and said he would deliver him up to me: I therefore, by the Advice of his Master, ordered him to be tied, 'till he could say the 51st Psalm, which he repeated to­night very solemnly in the midst of the Congrega­tion. May it be a Warning to him for the future!

[Page 41] Sunday, April 16. Read Prayers and expounded at Six in the Morning, and preached to my own People: Then went and preached on board the Lightfoot; and afterwards dined, read Prayers, and preached on board the Amy: Returned about Five in the Evening to the Whitaker; read Prayers and preached, visited the Sick, and went to Bed blessing GOD for the Strength of the Day. All the Officers continue extremely kind, and seem studious to oblige me all they can. The good LORD reward them a thousand fold!

This Evening I was sent for by a Sailor, who has been the most remarkable Swearer on board; and whom I in an especial Manner warned about two Days ago, telling him, I believed GOD would remarkably visit him, as well as the others. He laughed, and said he hoped not. But to night he sent for me, trembling, and burning with a Fever, told me what grievous Sins he had been guilty of, and prayed most fervently for Repentance. Two or three of the same Stamp have been taken in the same Manner. GOD grant they may flee from the Wrath to come! Sinners must either bend or break.

Tuesday, April 18. Was greatly delighted in see­ing two Water-spouts, which ran along for several Mi [...], and by the especial Providence of GOD escaped us. We saw one of them coming, and were surprised to observe a sudden Calm for about six Minutes round the Whitaker, when the other Parts of the Sea boiled like a Pot. But surely the [Page 42] Everlasting I AM said to the Sea at that Instant, Let there be a Calm in that Place: For by that Means our Ship was immediately stopped in her Course, and so the Water-spout passed by before we came up to it; otherwise it would have torn our Sails in Pieces. GOD's Hand was so visible in this, that several said, they never beheld the like before. O how does Providence watch over us, when we think nothing of it! Who would but live well to be under the immediate Protection of such an Over­ruling Power? After this, several Squalls came upon us, which afforded me glorious Matter for adoring that great good GOD, whom Winds and Storms obey. The Sailors were in great Hurry and Confusion, but to my Comfort not one single Oath was heard all the while: A Proof this, that Sailors may pull their Ropes without Swearing, and that the Words spoken to them have not altogether fallen to the Ground: Blessed be GOD!

Saturday, April 22. Fled as it were on the Wings of the Wind for three Days past, sailing sometimes an hundred and seventy, sometimes an hundred and eigh­ty Miles in twenty-four Hours. I find that GOD generally sends us strongest Winds when nearest our Port. May I learn from hence a Lesson of In­struction; and the nearer I come to my Haven of eternal Rest, the quicker may I move!

Spent most of these Days in writing to my dear Friends in England, and in particular Supplication [Page 43] for Direction how to act in the Land whither I am going. The Thoughts of my own Weakness, and the Greatness of those Trials which I must necessa­rily meet with, fill me with a holy Fear. But wherefore do I fear? The Eternal Almighty I AM hath and will no doubt protect me!

Sunday, April 23. Preached twice to my People to-day, and spend most of the rest of the Day in earnest Prayer for the Divine Assistance in my pre­sent Undertaking, being as we imagined near the Haven where we would be. The Morning Lessons were exceeding applicable, so that we could not help taking Notice of it. By this I know GOD favours me.

Monday, May 1. This Morning went out upon Deck, after being confined to my Bed a Week by a violent Fever, with which all except three or four in the Ship have been visited. I was blooded thrice, and blistered and vomited once, and, blessed be GOD I can say, It is good for me that I have been afflicted: For as Afflictions abounded, Consolations much more abounded; and GOD enabled me to rejoice with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory. Satan desired to have me to sift me as Wheat, but JESUS CHRIST prayed for me, and my Faith failed not. I had all the Conveniences I could have on Shore: Capt. W. resigned his own Bed to me; J. D. and Friend H. sat up with me every Night; and nothing was wanting to make my Sickness comfortable and easy. Blessed be GOD for these [Page 44] abundant Mercies in CHRIST JESUS!

I hope I shall now experimentally sympathise with those that are sick, and learn to be more ten­der-hearted to my Fellow Christians. I am now made whole: May I sin no more, be more fervent in Spirit, serving the LORD! lest a worse Evil be­fal me.

Friday, May 5. About Ten o'Clock this Morn­ing buried the Cook of the Ship, who expired last Night. I could have wished for a hundred Tongues to have sounded a loud Alarm to the People; but the Sight of the Corpse, and the Weakness of my Body, would but just permit me to read out the Office. LORD, what is Man? Oh why are others taken and I left, but that GOD's long Suffering should lead me to Repentance? Grant it, O LORD, for thy dear Son's sake!

In the Afternoon I privately baptized a new­born Infant. Thus it is, some coming into the World, others going out of it continually. Good GOD! Who can desire to live here always?

This Afternoon, after having lain about a Week on this Coast, we saw Savannah River, and sent off for a Pilot. Oh what Joy appeared in every one's Countenance! How infinitely more joyful will the Children of GOD be, when having passed through the Waves of this troublesome World, they arrive at the Haven of everlasting Rest? Hasten, O LORD, that happy Time, and let thy Kingdom come!

[Page 45] Sunday, May 7. Last Night, by the Blessing of GOD, we cast Anchor near Tyby Island, about four­teen Miles off Savannah; and to-day GOD gave me Strength to preach my Farewel Sermon, (which I have sent you) at which many wept.

After this, I took Boat with my Friend H. and arrived safe at Savannah, having a most pleasant Passage, about Seven in the Evening. How GOD is pleased to deal with me here, I'll endeavour to inform you hereafter.

In the mean while, fail not to give Thanks for the Mercies I have received. Though we have had a long, yet it has been an exceeding pleasant Voyage. GOD, in Compassion to my Weakness, has sent me but few Trials; and sanctified those He hath sent me. I am now going forth as a Sheep amongst Wolves; but he that protected Abraham when he went out not knowing whither he went, will also guide and protect me; and therefore I cannot close this Part of my Journal better than with Mr. Addison's Translation of the 23d PSALM:

The LORD my Pasture shall prepare,
And feed me with a Shepherd's Care;
His Presence shall my Wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful Eye:
My Noon-day Walks he shall attend,
And all my Midnight Hours defend.
[Page 46]
When in the sultry Glebe I faint,
Or on the thirsty Mountain pant,
To fertile Vales and dewy Meads
My weary wand'ring Steps He leads;
Where peaceful Rivers soft and slow,
Amidst the verdant Landskips flow.
Tho' in the Paths of Death I tread,
With gloomy Horrors overspread,
My stedfast Heart shall fear no Ill,
For thou, O LORD, art with me still;
Thy friendly Crook shall give me Aid,
And guide me thro' the dreadful Shade.
Tho' in a bare and rugged Way,
Thro' devious lonely Wiles I stray,
Thy Bounty shall my Pains beguile;
The barren Wilderness shall smile,
With sudden Greens and Herbage crown'd,
And Streams shall murmur all around.

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