PSALMS and HYMNS For Sunday.

I. Psalm XXXIII.

1 YE holy Souls, in God rejoice,
Your Maker's Praise becomes your Voice;
Great is your Theme, your Songs be new:
Sing of his Name, his Word, his Ways,
His Works of Nature and of Grace,
How wise and holy, just and true!
2 Justice and Truth he ever loves,
And the whole Earth his Goodness proves;
His Word the heavenly Arches spread:
How wide they shine from North to South!
And by the Spirit of his Mouth
Were all the Starry Armies made.
3 Thou gatherest the wide flowing Seas;
Those watry Treasures know their Place
In the vast Store-house of the Deep:
He spake, and gave all Nature Birth;
And Fires and Seas and Heaven and Earth
His everlasting Orders keep.
4 Let Mortals tremble and adore
A GOD of such resistless Power,
Nor dare indulge their feeble Rage:
Vain are your Thoughts and weak your Hands,
But his eternal Counsel stands,
And rules the World from Age to Age.
[Page 4]

II. Psalm XLVI.

1 ON God supreme our Hope depends,
Whose omnipresent Sight
Even to the pathless Realms extends
Of uncreated Night.
2 Plurg'd in the Abyss of deep Distress
To him we rais'd our Cry:
His Mercy bad our Sorrows cease
And fill'd our Tongue with Joy.
3 Tho' Earth her ancient Seat forsake,
By Pangs convulsive torn,
Tho' her self ballanc'd Fabrick shake
And ruin'd Nature mourn:
4 Tho' Hills be in the Ocean lost
With all their trembling Load,
No Fear shall e'er disturb the Just,
Or shake his Trust in God.
5 Nations remote and Realms unknown
In vain resist his Sway;
For lo! Johovah's Voice is snewn
And Earth shall melt away.
6 Let War's devoaring Surges rise
And swell on every side:
The Lord of Hosts our Safeguard is,
And Jacob's God our Guide.


1 O For a Shout of sacred Joy
To God the sovereign King!
[Page 5] Let every Land their Tongues employ,
And Hymns of Triumph sing.
2 Jesus our God ascends on high;
His heavenly Guards around
Attend him rising through the Sky,
With Trumpet's joyful Sound.
3 While Angels shout and praise their King,
Let Mortals learn their Strains:
Let all the Earth his Honours sing;
O'er all the Earth he reigns.
4 Rehearse his Praise with Awe profound,
Let Knowledge gaide the Song.
Nor mock him with a solemn Sound
Upon a thoughtless Tongue.
5 In Israel flood his ancient Throne,
He lov'd that chosen Race;
But now he calls the World his own.
And Heathens taste his Grace,
6 Remotest Nations are the Lord's;
There Abraham's God is known:
While Powers and Princes, Shields and Swords
Bow down before his Throne.

IV. Psalm C.

1 BEfore Jehovah's awful Throne,
Ye Nations, bow with sacred joy.
Know that the Lord is God alone;
He can create, and he destroy.
2 His sovereign Power without our aid
Made us of clay and form'd us Men;
And when like wandring Sheep we shay'd
He brought us to his Fold again.
[Page 6]
3 We'll crowd thy Gates with thankful Songs,
High as the Heavens our Voices raise;
And Earth with her Ten Thousand Tongues
Shall fill thy Courts with sounding Praise.
4 Wide as the World is thy Command.
Vast as Eternity thy Love:
Firm as a Rock thy Truth must stand
When rolling Years shall cease to move.

V. Psalm CXIII.

1 YE Priests of God, whose happy Days
Are spent in your Creator's Praise,
Still more and more his Fame express!
Ye pious Worshippers proclaim
With shouts of Joy his holy Name;
Nor satisfied with praising, bless.
2 Let God's high Praises still resound,
Beyond old Times too scanty bound
And thro' eternal Ages pierce,
From where the Sun first gilds the Streams
To where he sets with purpled Beams,
Thro' all the wide stretch'd Universe.
3 The various Tribes of Earth obey
Thy awful and imperial Sway;
Nor Earth thy sovereign Power confines;
Above the Sun's all-chearing Light
Above the Stars and far more bright
Thy pure essential Glory shines.
4 What mortal form'd of fading clay,
What Native of eternal Day
Can with the God of Heaven compare?
Yet Angels round thy glorious Throne
[Page 7] Thou stoop'st to view: nor they alone;
Even Earth-born Men thy Goodness share
5 The Poor thou listest from the Dust;
The Sinner, if in thee he trust,
From depths of guilt and shame thou'lt raise,
That he in Peace and Safety plac'd
With Power and Love and Wisdom grac'd
May sing aloud his Saviour's Praise.
6 To Father, Son and Holy-Ghost
The God whom Heaven's triumphant Host
And suffering Saints on Earth adore,
Be Glory as in Ages past,
As now it is and so shall last
When Earth and Heaven shall be no more!

VI. Part of Psalm CXV.

1 NOt unto us: We all disclaim:
Glory alone to God's great Name
Whose Truth shall stand for ever fast,
Whose Love to endless Ages last.
2 Thou reignest, Lord, enthroned above!
Yet dost thy humble Sons approve:
Thou all Events disposest still;
For all obey thy sovereign Will.
3 The silent Dead no Praises give:
But we who by thy Mercy live,
While we have Breath will Offerings bring,
And grateful Hallelujahs sing.
4 To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Be Honour, Praise and Glory given,
By all on Earth and all in Heaven.
[Page 8]

VII. Psalm CXVI.

1 O Thou, who when I did complain,
Didst all my Griefs remove,
O Saviour, do not now disdain
My humble Praise and Love
2 Since thou a pitying Ear didst give
And hear me when I pray'd,
I'll call upon thee while I live,
And never doubt thy aid.
3 Pale Death with all his ghastly Train
My Soul encompast round,
Anguish and Sin, and Dread and Pain
On every side I found.
4 To thee, O Lord of Life, I pray'd
And did for Succour flee:
O save (in my Distress I said)
The Soul that trusts in thee!
5 How good thou art! How large thy Grace!
How easy to forgive!
The helpless thou delight'st to raise:
And by thy Love I live.
6 Then, O my Soul, be never more
With anxious Thoughts distrest,
God's bounteous Love doth thee restore
To Ease and Joy and Rest.
7 My Eyes no longer drown'd in Tears
My Feet from falling free,
Redeem'd from Death and guilty Fear,
O Lord. I'll live to thee!
[Page 9]


1 YE Nations, who the Globe divide,
Ye numerous Nations scatter'd wide,
To God your grateful Voices raise:
To all his boundless Mercies shewn,
His Truth to endless Ages known
Require our endless Love and Praise.
2 To him who reigns inthron'd on high,
To his dear Son, who deign'd to die,
Our Guilt and Errors to remove;
To that blest Spirit who Grace imparts,
Who rules in all believing Hearts,
Be ceaseless Glory, Praise and Love!

IX. Psalm CXLVI.

1 I'Ll praise my Maker while I've Breath
And when my Voice is lost in Death
Praise shall employ my nobler Powers.
My Days of Praise shall ne'er be past
While Life and Thought and Being last,
Or Immortality endures.
2 Happy the Man whose hopes rely
On Israel's God: He made the Sky
And Earth and Seas with all their Train:
His Truth for ever stands secure;
He saves th' Opprest; he feeds the Poor,
And none shall find his Promise vain.
3 The Lord pours Eye-sight on the Blind,
The Lord supports the fainting Mind,
He sends the labouring Conscience Peace,
[Page 10] He helps the Stranger in distress,
The Widow and the Fatherless,
And grants the Prisoner sweat Release.
4 I'll praise him while he lend's me Breath,
And when my Voice is lost in Death,
Praise shall employ my nobler Powers:
My Days of Praise shall ne'er be past,
While Life and Thought and Being last.
Or Immortality endures.

X. Psalm CXLVII.

1 PRaise ye the Lord: 'Tis good to raise
Our Hearts and Voices in his Praise,
His Nature and his Works invite
To make this Duty our Delight.
2 He form'd the Stars, those heavenly Flames
He counts their Numbers, calls their Names
His Wisdom's vast and knows no Bound,
A deep where all our Thoughts are drown'd
3 Great is the Lord and great his Might
And all his Glory's infinite
He crowns the Meek, rewards the Just,
And treads the Wicked to the Duft.
4 Sing to the Lord exalt him high,
Who spreads his Clouds around the Sky,
There he prepares the fruitful Rain,
Nor lets the Drops descend in vain.
5 He makes the Grass the Hills a dorn
And cloathes the smiling Fields with Corn.
The Beasts with Food his Hands supply
And the young Ravens when they cry.
[Page 11]
6 What is the Creature's Skill or Force?
The spritely Man or warlike Horse?
The piercing Wit, the active Limb?
All are too mean Delights for him.
7 But Saints are lovely in his Sight
He views his Children with Delight:
He sees their Hope, he knows their Fear,
And looks and loves his Image there.
8 Praise God from whom all Blessings flow.
Praise him all Creatures here below:
Praise him above, ye heavenly Host
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

XI. Hymn to God the Father.

1 HAil, Father, whose creating Call
Unnumber'd Worlds attend,
Jehovah, comprehending all,
Whom none can comprehend!
2 In Light unsearchable inthron'd
Which Angels dimly see;
The Fountain of the God-head own'd
And foremost of the Three.
3 From thee thro' an eternal Now,
The Son, thine Offspring, flow'd;
An everlasting Father thou,
As everlasting God.
4 Nor quite display'd to Worlds above,
Nor quite on Earth conceal'd:
By wondrous, unexhausted Love
To mortal Man reveal'd:
[Page 12]
5 Supreme and all sufficient God,
When Nature shall expire
And Worlds created by thy Nod
Shall perish by thy Fire.
6 Thy Name Jehovah be ador'd
By Creatures without End,
Whom none but thy essential Word
And Spirit comprehend.

XII. Hymn to God the Son.

1 HAil, God the Son, in Glory crown'd
E'er Time began to be,
Thron'd with thy Sire thro' half the Round
Of wide Eternity!
2 Let Heaven and Earth's stupendous Frame
Display their Author's Power,
And each exalted Seraph Flame,
Creator, thee adore!
3 Thy wondrous Love the God-head shew'd
Contracted to a Span,
The Co-eternal Son of God,
The mortal Son of Man.
4 To save Mankind from lost Estate,
Behold his Life-Blood Stream!
Hail, Lord Almighty to create!
Almighty to redeem!
5 The Mediator's Godlike sway,
His Church beneath sustains:
Till Nature shall her Judge survey
The King Messiah reigns.
[Page 13]
6 Hail with essential Glory crown'd
When time shall cease to be,
Thron'd with the Father thro' the Round
Of whole Eternity!

XIII. Hymn to God the Holy-Ghost.

1 HAil, Holy-Ghost, Jehovah, Third
In order of the Three;
Sprung from the Father and the Word
From all Eternity.
2 Thy Spirit brooding o'er th' Abyss
Of firmless Waters lay,
Spoke into Order all that is,
And Darkness into Day.
3 In deepest Hell or Heavens height
Thy Presence who can fly?
Known is the Father to thy Sight,
Th' Abyss of Deity.
4 Thy Power thro' Jesus's Life display'd
Quite from the Virgin's Womb,
Dying his Soul an offering made,
And rais'd him from the Tomb.
5 God's Image which our Sins destroy
Thy Grace restores below.
And Truth and Holiness and Joy
From thee, their Fountain, flow.
6 Hail, Holy Ghost, Jehovah, third
In order of the three,
Sprung from the Father and the Word
From all Eternity.
[Page 14]

XIV. Hymn to the Trinity.

1 HAil, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord!
Be endless Praise to thee!
Supreme, essential One, ador'd
In Co-eternal Three.
2 Inthron'd in everlasting State
E'er Time its Round began,
Who join'd in Council to create
The Dignity of Man.
3 To whom Isaiah's Vision shew'd
The Seraphs veil their Wings,
While thee, Jehovah, Lord and God
Th' angelick Army sings.
4 To thee by Mystick Powers on high
Were humble Praises given,
When John beheld with favour'd Eye
Th' Inhabitants of Heaven.
5 All that the Name of Creature owns
To thee in Hymns aspire:
May we as Angels on our Thrones
For ever join the Choir!
6 Hail, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord!
Be endless Praise to thee;
Supreme, essential One, ador'd
In Co-eternal Three;

XV. God's Eternity.

1 RIse, o my Soul and leave the Ground,
Stretch all thy Thoughts abroad,
[Page 15] And rouse up every tuneful Sound
To praise th' eternal God.
2 Long e'er the lofty Skies were spread
Jehovah fill'd his Throne;
E'er Adam form'd or Angels made
The Maker liv'd alone.
3 Thy boundless Years can ne'er decrease,
But still maintain their Prime,
Eternity's thy dwelling place,
And Ever is thy time.
4 While like a Tide our Minutes flow.
The present and the past,
He fills his own immortal Now
And sees our Ages wast.
5 The Sea and Sky must perish too
And vast destruction come;
The Creatures, look how old they grow!
And wait their fiery doom.
6 Well, let the Sea wast all away,
And Flame melt down the Skies,
My God shall live an endless Day.
When th' old Creation dies.

XVI. From the German.

1 O God, thou bottomless Abyss,
Thee to perfection who can know?
O Height immense! What Words suffice
Thy countless Attributes to shew!
Unfathomable Depths thou art!
I plunge me in thy Mercies Sea;
Void of true Wisdom is my Heart:
[Page 16] With love embrace and cover me.
While thee, All-infinite, I set
Before my ravish'd Eye,
My Weakness bends beneath the Weight:
I sink, I faint, I die!
2 Eternity thy Fountain was,
Which like thee, no beginning knew;
Thou wast e'er Time began his Race,
E'er glow'd with Stars th' eternal Blew.
Greatness unspeakable is thine
Greatness whose undiminish'd Ray
When short-liv'd Worlds are lost, shall shine.
When Earth and Heaven are fled away.
Unchangeable, all perfect Lord,
Of Life the boundless Sea,
What lives and moves, lives by thy Word
What is, is all from thee!
3 Thy Parent Hand, thy forming Skill
Firm fixt this universal Chain:
Else empty, barren darkness still
Had held his unmolested Reign.
Whate'er in Earth, or Sea, or Sky
Or shuns or meets the wandring Thought
Escapes or strikes the searching Eye,
By thee was to perfection brought.
High is thy Power above all Height:
Whate'er thou wil'st is done:
Thy Wisdom equal to thy Might
Only to thee is known.
4 Heaven's Glory is thy awful Throne,
Yet Earth partakes thy gracious Sway:
Vain Man! Thy Wisdom, Folly own:
Lost is thy Reason's feeble Ray.
What his dim Eye cou'd never see
Is plain and naked to thy Sight;
[Page 17] What thickest Darkness veil's, to thee
Shines clearly as the Morning Light.
In Light thou dwell'st: Light that no shade
No changes ever knew:
And Heaven above and Hell beneath
Are open to thy View.
5 Thou, true and only God, lead'st forth
Th' immortal Armies of the Sky:
Thou laugh'sl to scorn the Gods of Earth,
Thou thunder'st, and amaz'd they fly.
With down cast Eye th' angelic Choir
Appear before thy awful Face,
Trembling they strike the golden Lyre
And thro' Heav'ns Vault resound thy Praise.
In Earth, Air, Skies, in all thou art:
Creation seels thy Nod,
Whose Hand imprest on every Part
The Image of its God.
6 Thine, Lord, is Wisdom, thine alone:
Justice and Truth before thee stand:
Yet nearer to thy sacred Throne
Mercy withholds thy lifted Hand.
Each Evening shews thy tender Love,
Each rising Morn thy plenteous Grace;
Thy waken'd Wrath doth slowly move,
Thy willing Mercy flies a Pace.
Father, to thy indulgent Care
This Light, this Breath we owe:
And all we have, and all we are,
From thee, great Fountain, slow.
7 Parent to Good, thy bounteous Hand
Incessant Blessings down distills,
And all in Air or Sea, or Land
With plenteous Food and Gladness fills.
[Page 18] All things in thee, live, move and are,
Thy Power infus'd does all sustain;
Even those thy daily Favours shate
Who thankless spurn thy easy Reign.
Thy Sun thou bid'st his genial Ray
On all impartial pour;
To all who hate or bless thy Sway
Thon send'st the fruitful Show'r.
8 Yet while at length, who scorn'd thy Might
Shall feel thee a consuming Fire,
How sweet the Joys, the Crown how bright
Of those who to thy Love aspire!
All Creatures praise th' eternal Name!
Ye Hosts that to this Courts belong,
Cherubick Quires, seraphick Flames,
Awake the everlasting Song.
Thrice Holy, thine the Kingdom is,
Th' almighty Power is thine,
And when created Nature dies
Thy ceaseless Glories shine;

XVII. Hymn to Christ.

1 JESU, behold the Wise from far,
Led to thy Cradle by a Star
Bring Gifts to thee, their God and King:
O guide us by thy Light, that we
The Way may find, and so to thee
Our Hearts, our all for Tribute bring.
2 Jesu the pure, the spotless Lamb,
Who to the Temple humbly came,
Duteous the legal Rights to pay,
O make our proud, our stubborn Will
[Page 19] All thy Wise, gracious Laws fulfill,
What e'er rebellous Nature say.
4 Jesu, who on the fatal Wood
Pout'dst forth thy Lifes last drop of Blood
Nail'd to th' accursed shameful Cross;
O may we bless thy Love, and be
Ready, dear Lord, to bear for thee
All Shame, all Grief, all Pain, all Loss!
4 Jesu, who by thine own Love slain,
By thine own Power took'st Late again
And Conqueror from the Grave did'st rise,
O may thy Death our Hearts revive,
And at our Death a new Life give,
A glorious Life that never dies.
5 Jesu, who to thy Heaven again
Return'dst in triumph, there to reign
Of Men and Angels fovereign King,
O may our parting Souls take flight
Up to that Land of Joy and Light
And there for ever grateful sing.
6 All Glory to the sacred Three,
One undivided Deity,
All Honour, Power and Love and Praise;
Still may thy blessed Name shine bright
In beams of uncreated Light
Crown'd with its own eternal Rays.

XVIII. Adoption.

1 BEhold what wondrous Grace
The Father hath bestow'd
On Sinners of a mortal Race,
To call them Sons of God!
[Page 20]
2 Nor doth it yet appear
How great we shall be made
But when we see our Saviour here
We shall be like our Head
3 Lord, arm us with this Hope
All Trials to endure:
O purge our Souls from Sense and Sin,
As thou our God art pure.
4 If in my Father's Love
I share filial Part,
Show'r down thy Influence, holy Dove,
And rest upon my Heart.
5 We wou'd no longer lie
Like Slaves beneath thy Throne:
O let us Abba, Father, cry
And thou the Kindred own!

XIX. The Christian Race.

1 AWake our Souls (away our Fears,
Let every trembling Thought be gone)
Awake, and run the heavenly Race
And put a chearful Courage on.
2 True, 'tis a streight and thorny Road,
And mortal Spirits tire and faint:
But we forget the mighty God,
That feeds the Strenght of every Saint.
3 O mighty God thy matchless Power
Is ever new, and ever young,
And firm endures while endless Years
Their everlasting Circles run.
4 From thee the overflowing Spring
[Page 21] Our Souls shall drink a fresh Supply:
While such as trust their native Strength
Shall melt away and droop and die.
5 Swift as an Eagle cuts the Air
We'll mount aloft to thine Abode;
On Wings of Love our Souls shall fly
Nor tire amid'st the heavenly Road!

XX. Praise.

1 O King of Glory, King of Peace,
Thee only will I love;
Thee that my Love may never cease
Incessant will I move.
2 For thou hast granted my Request,
For thou my Cries hast heard;
Mark'd all the Workings of my Breast,
And hast in Mercy spar'd.
3 Therefore with all my Strength and Art
Thy Mercy will I sing:
To thee the Tribute of my Heart
My Soul, my all I bring.
4 What tho' my Sins against me cried
Thou did'st the Sinner spare:
In vain th' Accuser loud replied;
For Love had charm'd thy Ear.
5 The seven whole Days, not one in seven,
Unwearied will I praise,
And in my Heart as in thy Heaven
Thy Throne triumphant raise.
6 Soften'd and vanquish'd by my Tears
Thou coud'st no more withstand,
[Page 22] But when stern Justice call'd for Fears
Disarm'd her lifted Hand:
7 Small is it in this humble sort
Thy Mercy's Fame to raise;
For even Eternity's too short
To utter all thy Praise!

XXI. Christ's Humiliation and Exaltation.

1 WHat equal Honours shall we bring
To thee o Lord, our God the Lamb?
Since all the Notes that Angels sing
Are far inferior to thy Name.
2 Worthy is he that once was slain,
The Prince of Peace that groan'd and died,
Worthy to rise and live and reign
At his Almighty Father's Side.
3 Power and Dominion are his due
Who stood condemn'd at Pilate's Bar:
Wisdom belongs to Jesus too,
Tho' he was charg'd with Madness here.
4 Honour immortal must be paid
Instead of Scandal and of Scorn.
While Glory shines around this Head,
And a bright Crown without a Thorn.
5 Blessings for ever on the Lamb,
Who bore the curse for wretched Men!
Let Angels sound his sacred Name,
And every Creature say, Amen.

XXII. Hymn to the Holy-Ghost.

1 COme holy Spirit, send down those Beams
Which gently flow in silent Streams
[Page 23] From thy eternal Throne above:
Come thou enricher of the Poor,
Thou bounteous source of all our Store,
Fill us with Faith and Hope and Love.
2 Come thou, our Soul's delightful Guest,
The wearied Pilgrim's sweetest rest,
The fainting Sufferer's best relief:
Come thou, our Passions cool allay:
Thy Comfort wipes all Tears away,
And turns to Peace all Joy and Grief.
3 Lord, wash our sinful Stains away,
Water from Heaven our barren Clay,
Our Sickness cure, our Bruises heal:
To thy sweet Yoke our stiff Necks bow,
Warm with thy Fire our Hearts of Snow,
And there cuthron'd for ever dwell.
4 All Glory to the sacred Three
One everlasting Deity,
All Love and Power and Might and Praise;
As at the first, e'er time begun,
May the same Homage still be done
When Earth and Heaven itselt decays.

XXIII. The Offices of Christ.

1 WE bless the Prophet of the Lord,
That comes with Truth and Grace;
Jesus, thy Spirit and thy Word
Shall lead us in thy Ways.
2 We rev'rence our high Priest above;
Who offer'd up his Blood:
Live, Lord, and carry on thy Love
By pleading with our God.
[Page 24]
3 We honour our exalted King;
How sweet are thy Commands!
O Guard our Souls from Hell and Sin
In thy Almighty Hands.
4 Hosannah to thy glorious Name
Who sav'st by different Ways!
Thy Mercies lay a sovereign Claim
To our immortal Praise.

XXIV. Hymn for Sunday.

1 BEhold we come, dear Lord, to thee
And bow before thy Throne,
We come to offer all our Vows,
Our Souls to thee alone.
2 What e'er we have, what e'er we are,
Thy Bounty freely gave:
Thou dost us here in Mercy spare,
And wilt hereafter save.
3 But o! can all our Store afford
No better Gists for thee?
Thus we confess thy Riches, Lord,
And thus our Poverty.
4 Tis not our Tongues or Knees can pay
The mighty Debt we owe:
Far more we shou'd, than we can say,
Far lower shou'd we bow.
5 Come then my Soul, bring all thy Powers
And grieve thou hast no more,
Bring every Day thy choicest Hoars
And thy great God adore.
6 But above all prepare thy Heart
On this his own blest Day,
[Page 25] In it's sweet Task to bear a part,
And sing and love and pray!

XXV. Triumph over Death.

1 ANd must this Body die?
This well wrought Frame decay?
And must these active Limbs of mine
Lie mouldring in the Clay?
2 Corruption, Earth and Worms
Shall but refine this flesh,
Till my triumphant Spirit comes
To put it on a fresh.
3 God my Redeemer lives
And often from the Skies
Looks down and watches all my Dost,
Till he shall bid it rise.
4 Array'd in glorious Grace
Shall these vile Bodies shine,
And every Shape and every Face
Be heavenly and divine.
5 These lively Hopes we owe,
Lord, to thy dying Love:
O may we bless thy Grace below,
And sing thy Power above.
6 Saviour accept the Praise
Of these our humble Songs,
Till Tunes of nobler Sound we rashe
With our immortal Tongues.
[Page 26]

XXVI. From the German.

1 JESU, to thee my Heart I bow,
Strange Flames far from ry Soul remove:
Fairest among Ten Thousand thou,
Be thou my Lord, my Life, my Love.
2 All Heav'n thou fill'st with pure desire;
O shine upon my frozen Breast;
With sacred Warmth my Heart inspire,
May I too thy bid Sweetness tast.
3 I see thy Garments roll'd in Blood,
Thy streaming Head, thy Hands, thy Side:
All hail, thou suffering, conquering God,
Now Man shall live; for God hath died.
4 O kill in me this rebel Sin,
And triumph o'er my willing Breast:
Restore thy Image Lord, therein,
And lead me to my Father's Rest:
5 Ye earthly Loves be far away!
Saviour, be thou my Love alone;
Ne'er more may mine usurp the Sway,
But in me thy great Will be done!
6 Yea, thou, true Witnest, spotless Lamb,
All Things for thee I count but Loss;
My sole desire, my constant Aim,
My only Glory be thy Cross!

XXVII. Thanksgiving for God's particular Providence.

1 WHen all thy Mercies, o my God,
My rising Soul surveys,
[Page 27] Why my cold Heart, art thou not lost
In Woader, Love and Praise?
2 Thy Providence my Life sastain'd
And all my Wants redress.
While in the silent Womb I lay
And hung upon the breast.
3 To all my weak Complaints and Cries
Thy Mercy lent an har
E'er yet my feeble Thoughts had learn'd
To form themselves in Prayer.
4 Un number'd Comforts on my Soul
Thy tender Care bestow'd,
Before my infant Heart conceived
From whom thole Comforts flow'd.
5 When in the slippery Paths of Youth
With heedless Steps I ran,
Thine Arm unseen convey'd me safe
And led me up to Man.
6 Thro' hidden Dangers, Toils and Deaths
I gently clear'd my way.
And thro' the pleasing Snares of Vice,
More to be fear'd than they
7 Ten Thousand Thousand precious Gifts
My daily Thanks employ;
Nor is the least a chearsal Heart
That tasts those Gifts with Joy.
9 Taro' every Peried of my Life
Thy Goodness I'll pursae.
And after Death in distant Worlds
The pleasing Theme renew.
9 Thro' all Eternity to thee
A grateful Song I'll raise:
[Page 28] But o! Eternity's too short
To utter all thy Praise.

XXVIII. A Morning Hymn.

1 MY God how endless is thy Love!
Thy Gifts are every Evening new:
And Morning Mercies from above
Gently distill like early Dew.
2 Then spread'st the Curtains of the Night
Great Guardian of my sleeping Hours:
Thy sovereign Word restores the Light
And Quickens all my drooping Powers.
3 I yield my Powers to thy Command,
To thee I consecrate my Days:
Perpetual Blessings from thy Hand
Demand perpetual Songs of Praise.

XXIX. Heaven begun on Earth.

1 COme, ye that love the Lord,
And let your Joys be known,
Join in a Song with sweet accord
While ye surround his Throne.
2 Let those refuse to sing
That never knew our God:
But Servants of the heavenly King
May speak their Joys abroad.
3 The God that rules on high,
That all the Earth surveys,
That rides upon the stormy Sky
[Page 29] And calms the roaring Seas.
4 This awful God is ours,
Our Father and our Love:
Thou shalt send down thy heavenly Powers
To carry us above.
5 There we shall see thy Face
And never, never Sin;
There from the Rivers of thy Grace
Drink endless Pleasures in.
6 Yea, and before we rise
To that immortal State,
The Thoughts of such amazing Bliss,
Shou'd constant Joys create.
7 The Men of Grace have found
Glory begun below:
Celestial Fruits on earthly Ground
From Faith and Hope may grow.
8 Then let our Songs abound
And every Fear be dry:
We're marching thro' Immanuel's Ground
To farer Worlds on high:

XXX. The Names of Christ.

1 JOin all the Names of Love and Power
That ever Men or Angels bore,
All are too mean to speak thy Worth,
Saviour, or set thy Glories forth.
2 But o! what condescending Ways
Thou take'st to teach thy heavenly Grace:
My Eyes with Joy and Wonder see
What Forms of Love thou bear'st for me.
[Page 30]
3 Great Prophet; let me bless thy Name!
By thee the joyful Traings came,
Of Wrath appeas'd, of Sins forgiven,
Of Hell subdued, and Peace with Heaven.
4 My bright Example and my Gaide,
I wou'd be walking near thy Side:
O never let me run astray,
Nor follow the forbidden Way.
5 Jesus my great high Priest has died,
I seek no Sacrifice beside;
Thy Blood did once for all attone,
And now it pleads before thy Throne.
6 My Lord, my Conqueror and my King,
Thy Scepter and thy Sword I sing,
Thine is the Victory and I sit
A joyful Subject at thy Feet.
7 Aspire, my Soul, to glorious Deeds,
The Captain of Salvation leads:
March on, nor fear to win the Day,
Tho' Death and Hell obstruct the Way
8 Shou'd Death and Hell and Powers unknown
Put on their Forms of Mischief on,
I shall be safe, for Christ displays
Salvation in more powerful Ways.

XXXI. Solomon's Song, Ch. 2. Ver. 8. &c.

1 THe Voice of my beloved soand,
Over the Rocks and rising Grounds,
O'er Hills of Guilt and Seas of Grief
He leaps, he flies to my Relief,
2 Now thro' the Veil of Flesh I see
[Page 31] With Eyes of Love he looks at me,
Now in the Golpel's clearest Glass
He shews the Beauties of his Face.
3 Gently he draws my Heart along
Both with his Beauties and his Tongue;
Rise, saith my Lord, make haste away,
No mortal Joys are worth thy Stay.
4 The Jewish wintry State is gone
The Mists are fled, the Spring comes on,
The sacred Turtle Dove we hear
Proclaim the new, the joyful Year.
5 Th' immortal Vine of heavenly Root
Blossoms and buds and gives her Fruit;
So we are come to taste the Wine;
Our Souls rejoice and bless the Vine:
6 And when I hear my Jesus say
Rise up, my Love, make haste away!
My Heart would fain out-fly the Wind,
And leave all earthly Loves behind.

XXXII. Verse 14, &c.

1 DEar Lord, my thankful Heart revives
The Hope thine Invitation gives:
To thee my joyful Lips shall raise
The Voice of Prayer, the Voice of Praise.
2 I am my Lord's, and he is mine:
Our Hearts, our Hopes, our Passions join:
Not let a Motion or a Word,
Or Thought arise to grieve my Lord.
3 Till the Day breaks and Shadows flee,
Till the sweet drawing Light I see,
[Page 32] Thine Eyes to me ward ever turn,
Nor let my Soul in Darkness mourn.
4 Be like a Hart on Mountains green;
Leap o'er these Hills of Fear and Sin:
Nor Guilt nor Unbelief divide
My Love, my Saviour from my Side.

XXXIII. Sincere Praise.

1 ALmighty Maker, God!
How glorious is thy Name!
Thy Wonders how diffus'd abroad,
Thro'out Creations Frame!
2 In Native white and red,
The Rose and Lilly stand:
And free from Pride their Beauties spread
To shew thy skillful Hand.
3 The Lark mounts up the Sky
With unambitious Song,
And bears her Maker's Praise on High
Upon her artless Tongue.
4 Fain wou'd I rise and sing
To my Creator too;
Fain wou'd my Heart adore my King
And give him Praises due.
5 But Pride that busy Sin,
Spoils all that I perform,
Curs'd Pride that creeps securely in
And swells a haughty Worm.
6 Thy Glories I abate,
Or praise thee with Design,
[Page 33] Part of thy Favours I forget,
Or think the Merit mine.
7 Create my Soul a new,
Else all my Worship's vain:
This wretched Heart will ne'es prove true
Till it be form'd again.
8 Descend, celestial Fire
And seize me from above!
Wrap me in Flames of pure Desire
A Sacrifice to love.
9 Let Joy and Worship spend
The remnant of my Days,
And to my God my Soul ascend
In sweet Perfumes of Praise!

XXXIV. O ye Spirits and Souls of the Righ­teous, bless ye the Lord.

1 HAil, glorious Angels, Heirs of Light,
Ye high born Sons of Fire!
Whose Hearts burn chast, whose Flames shine bright,
All Joy, yet all Desire.
2 Hail, holy Saints, who long in Hope
And Expectation sat,
Till for its King, Heaven did set ope
Its everlasting Gate.
3 Hail, great Apostles of the Lamb,
Who brought that early Ray,
Which from our Sun reflected came,
And made a glorious Day.
[Page 34]
4 Hail, generous Martyrs, whose strong Hearts
Bravely rejoiced to prove,
How weak, pale Death, are all thy Darts
Compair'd to those of Love.
5 Hail, beauteous Virgins, whose pure Love
Renounc'd all low Desires,
Who wisely fixt your Hearts above,
And burnt with heavenly Fires.
6 Hail, all ye happy Spirits above,
Who make that glorious Ring
About the sparkling Throne of Love
And there for ever sing.
7 Great Lord, among their Crowns of Praise
Accept this little Wreath,
Which while their lofty Notes they raise
We humbly sing beneath.

XXXV. The Shortness of Life.

1 TIme, what an empty Vapour 'tis!
And Days how swift they are:
Swift as an Indian Arrow flies
Or as a shooting Star!
2 The present Moments just appear,
Then glide away in haste
The we can never say they're here!
Eat only say, they're past!
3 Our Life is ever on the Wing
And Death is ever nigh;
The Moment when our Lives begin
We all begin to die.
[Page 35]
4 Yet, mighty God, our fleeting Days
Thy lasting Favours share:
Yet with the Bounties of thy Grace
Thou load'st the rolling Year.
5'Tis sovereign Mercy finds us Food,
And we are cloath'd by Love,
While Grace stands pointing out the Road
That leads our Souls above.
6 Thy Goodness runs an endless Roand!
All Glory to the Lord!
Thy Mercy never knows a Bound,
Be thy great Name ador'd!
7 Thus we begin the lasting Song,
And when we close our Eyes,
Let following Times thy Praise prolong,
Till Time and Nature dies.

XXXVI. Christ our Wisdom, &c.

1 BUried in Shadows of the Night
We lie, till Christ restores the Light
Wisdom descends to heal the Blind
And chase the Darkness of the Mind.
2 Our guilty Souls are drown'd in Tears
Till thy atoning Blood appears:
Then we awake from deep distress
And sing, the Lord our Righteousness.
3 Jesus beholds where Satan reigns,
Binding his Slaves in heavy Chains,
He sets the Prisoners free and breaks
The iron Bondage from our Necks
[Page 36]
4 Poor helpless Worms in thee possess
Grace, Wisdom, Power and Righteousness.
Thou art our mighty All, and we
Give our whole selves, o Lord, to thee.

XXXVII. Gloria Patri.

1 BLest be the Father and his Love,
To whose celestial Source we owe
Rivers of endless Joys above
And Rills of Comfort here below.
2 Glory to thee, great Son of God,
Forth from thy wounded Body rolls
A precious Stream of vital Blood,
Pardon and Life for dying Souls.
3 We give the sacred Spirit Praise,
Who in our Hearts of Sin and Woe
Make's living Springs of Grace arise
And into boundless Glory flow.
4 Thus God the Father, God the Son
And God the Spirit we adore;
That Sea of Life, and Love unknown
Without a Bottom or a Shore.

XXXVIII. Hymn to Christ.

1 O Jesus, why, why dost thou Love
Such worthless Things as we?
Why is thy Heart still toward us
Who seldom think on thee?
[Page 37]
2 Thy Bounty gives us all we have
And we thy Gifts abuse:
Thy Bounty gives us even thy self,
And we thy self refuse.
3 And why alas, why do we love
Such wretched Things as these?
These that withdraw us from our Lord
And his pure Eyes displease?
4 Break off and raise thy manly Eye
Up to those Joys above,
Behold all these our Lord prepares
To gain and crown thy Love.
5 Alas, o Lord, we cannot love
Unless thou draw our Heart!
Thou who vouchsaf'st to make us know.
O make us do our part.
6 Still do thou love me, o my Lord,
That I may still love thee:
Still make me love thee, o my God
That thou may'st still love me.

XXXIX. Prayer.

1 How swiftly wafted in a Sigh,
Thou God that hear'st the Prayer,
Do our Requests invade the Sky
And pierce thy bending Ear!
2 My Suit is made, my Prayer is o'er.
If I but lift my Eye;
Thou gracious Father, canst no more
Not hear, than thou canst die.
[Page 38]
3 How shall we thy great Arm revere
Which gives this All to be,
Connects the Center with the Sphere
And spans Infinity?
4 Whate'er our ardent Souls require,
Whate'er we wish is there;
Thy Power exceeds our scant Desire
And blames our partial Prayer.
5 O! how unbounded is thy Love
Which when thou coud'st not die,
Descending from thy Throne above
Put on Mortality!
6 Thou leav'st thy Father's blissful Face
Our Guilt and Curse to assume,
To burst the Bars that stop'd thy Grace
And make thy Bounty room.
7 Then still let Prayer with me remain,
This my Companion be;
So shall I all my wants obtain,
Obtain all Heaven in thee!

XL. From the German.

1 O Jesu, Source of calm Repose,
Thy like nor Man nor Angel knows,
Fairest among ten thousand fair!
Even those whom Death's sad Fetters bound,
Whom thickest Darkness compast round
Find Light and Life if thou appear.
2 Effulgence of the Light Divine,
E'er rolling Planets knew to shine,
E'er Time its ceaseless Course began;
[Page 39] Thou when the appointed Hour was come
Did'st not disdain the Virgin's Womb,
But God with God wert Man with Man:
3 The World, Sin, Death oppose in vain,
Thou by thy dying, Death hast slain,
My great Deliverer and my God!
In vain does the old Dragon rage,
In vain all Hell its Powers engage:
None can withstand thy conquering Blood.
4 Lord over all, sent to sulfill
Thy gracious Father's sovereign Will,
To thy dread Scepter will I bow:
With duteous Reverence at thy Feet,
Like humble Mary, lo, I sit,
Speak, Lord, thy Servant heareth now.
5 Renew thy Image Lord in me,
Lowly and gentle may I be;
No Charms to thee but these are dear:
No Anger may'st thou ever find;
No Pride in my unruffled Mind
But Faith and Heav'n-born Peace are there.
6 A patient, a victorious Mind
That Life and all Things cast behind,
Springs forth, obedient to thy call,
A Heart that no desire can move,
But still t'adore and praise and love,
Give me, my Lord, my Life, my All.
[Page 40]

PSALMS and HYMNS For Wednesday or Friday


1 A Midst thy Wrath remember Love,
Restore thy Servant, Lord!
Nor let a Father's Chast'ning prove
Like an Avenger's Sword!
2 My Sins a heavy Burden are,
And o'er my Head are gone,
Too heavy they for me to bear,
Too great for me t' atone.
3 My Thoughts are like a troubled Sea,
My Head still bending down:
And I go mourning all the Day,
Father, beneath thy Frown.
4 All my desire to thee is known,
Thine Eye counts every Tear,
And every Sigh and every Groan
Is notic'd by thine Ear.
5 Thou art my God, my only Hope;
O hearken to my cry;
O bear my fainting Spirits up,
When Satan bids me die.
6 Lord, I confess my Guilt to thee.
I grieve for all my Sin;
My helpless Impotence I see,
And beg Support divine.
[Page 41]
7 O God, forgive my Follies past;
Be thou for ever nigh!
O Lord of my Salvation haste,
And save me, or I die!

II. Psalm LI.

1 O Thou that hear'st when Sinners cry,
Tho' all my Crimes before thee lie,
Behold me not with angry Look,
But blot their Memory from thy Book.
2 Create my Nature pure within,
And form my Soul averse from Sin:
Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart,
Nor hide thy Presence from my Heart.
3 I cannot live without thy Light,
Cast out and banish'd from thy Sight
Thy saving Strength, o Lord restore,
And guard me that I fall no more.
4 Tho I have griev'd thy Spirit, Lord,
His help and comfort still afford:
And let a Wretch come near thy Throne
To plead the Merits of thy Son.
5 My Soul lies humbled in the Dust,
And owns thy dreadful Sentence just:
Look down o Lord with pitying Eye,
And save the Soul condemn'd to die.
6 Then will I teach the World thy Ways:
Sinners shall learn thy sovereign Grace:
I'll lead them to my Saviour's Blood,
And they shall praise a pard'ning God.
[Page 42]
7 O may thy Love inspire my Tongue,
Salvation shall be all my Song,
And all my Powers shall join to bless
The Lord my Strength and Righteousness.

III. Psalm XC.

1 THro' every Age, eternal God,
Thou art our Rest, our safe Abode:
High was thy Throne e'er Heaven was made,
Or Earth thy humble Foot stool laid.
2 Long had'st thou reign'd e'er time began
Or Dust was fashion'd into Man:
And long thy Kingdom shall endure,
When Earth and Time shall be no more.
3 But Man, weak Man is born to die,
Made up of Guilt and Vanity:
Thy dreadful Sentence, Lord, was just:
Dust as thou art, return to dust.
4 Death like an over-flowing Stream
Sweeps us away, our Life's a Dream:
An empty Tale, a Morning Flower,
Cut down and wither'd in an Hour.
5 Oar Age to seventy Years is set:
How short the Term, how frail the State!
Or if to Eighty we arrive,
We rather sigh and groan than live.
6 Teach us, o Lord, how frail is Man;
And kindly lengthen out our Span,
Till from the Chains of Sin set free
We find immortal Life in thee!
[Page 43]

IV. The same.

1 LOrd if thine Eye survereys our Faults
And Justice grow severe,
Thy dreadful Wrath exceed, our Thoughts,
And burns beyond our Fears.
2 Thine Anger turns our Frame to Dust:
By one Offence to thee
Adam with all his Sons have lost
Their Immortality.
3 Life like a vain Amusement flies,
A Fable or a Song,
By swift Degrees our Nature dies,
Nor can our Joys be long.
4'Tis but a few whose Days amount
To three score Years and ten:
And all beyond that short Account,
Is sorrow, Toil and Pain.
5 Almighty God reveal thy Love,
And not thy Wrath alone!
O let our sweet Experience prove
The Mercies of thy Throne.
6 Our Souls wou'd learn the heav'nly Art
T' improve the Hours we have:
That we may act the wiser Part,
And live beyond the Grave.

V. A Thought in Affliction.

1 WIlt thou, O Lord, regard my Tears.
The Fruit of Guilt and Fear?
[Page 44] Me, who thy Justice have provok'd,
O will thy Mercy spare?
2 Yes: for the broken, contrite Heart
Saviour, thy Sufferings plead:
O quench not then the smoaking Flax,
Nor break the bruised Read!
3 Thy poor unworthy Servant view,
Resign'd to thy Decree;
Ordain me or to live or die,
But live or die in thee.
4 Upon thy gracious Promise, Lord,
My humbled Soul is cast!
O bear me safe thro' Life, thro' Death,
And raise me up at last!
5 Low as this mortal Frame must lie
This mortal Frame shall sing,
Where is thy Victory, o Grave,
And where, o Death, thy Sting!

VI. On the Crucifixion.

1 FRom whence these dire Portents around,
That Earth and Heav'n amaze?
Wherefore do Earthquakes cleave the Ground,
Why hides the Sun his Rays?
2 Not thus did Sinai's trembling Head
With sacred Horror nod,
Beneath the dark Pavilion spread
O legislative God.
3 Thou, Earth, thy lowest Center shake
With Jesu sympathize!
[Page 45] Thou Sun, as Hell's deep Gloom be black,
'Tis thy Creator dies!
4 See streeming from th'accursed Tree
His all atoning Blood!
Is this the Infinite? 'Tis he,
My Saviour and my God!
5 For me these Pangs his Soul assail,
For me the Death is born!
My Sin gave sharpness to the Nail
And pointed every Thorn!
6 Let Sin no more my Soul inslave!
Break, Lord, the Tyrant's Chain!
O save me, whom thou cam'st to save,
Nor bleed nor die in vain!

VII. Discipline.

1 O Throw away thy Rod!
O throw away thy Wrath!
My gracious Saviour and my God,
O take the gentle Path.
2 Thou feest my Heart's Desire
Still unto thee is bent!
Still does my longing soul aspire
To an entire Consent.
3 Not e'en a Word or Look
Do I approve or own,
But by the Model of thy Book,
Thy sacred Book alone
4 Altho' I fail, I ween,
Altho' I halt in Peace
[Page 46] Yet still with trembling steps I creep
Unto the Throne of Grace.
5 O then let Wrath remove;
For Love will do the Deed;
Love will the Conquest gain with Love
Even strong Hearts will bleed.
6 For Love is swift of Foot,
Love is a Man of War;
Love can resistless Arrows shoot,
And bit the Mark from far.
7 Who can escape his Bow?
That which hath wrought on thee,
Which brought the King of Glory low,
Must surely work on me.
8 O throw away thy Rod,
What tho' Man Frailties hath?
Thou art our Saviour and our God:
O throw away thy Wrath!

VIII. On the Crucifixion.

1 BEhold the Saviour of Mankind
Nail'd to the shameful Tree!
How vast the Love that him inclin'd
To bleed and die for thee!
2 Hark how he groans! while Nature shakes,
And Earth's strong Pillars bend!
The Temple's Veil in sunder breaks,
The solid Marbles rend.
3'Tis done! the precious Ransom's paid;
Receive my soul, he cries:
[Page 47] See where he bows his sacred Head!
He bows his Head and dies.
4 But soon he'll break Death's envious Chain
And in full Glory shine;
O Lamb of God was ever pain,
Was ever Love like thine!

IX. A Sinner's Prayer.

1 THou Lord my Power and Wisdom art
O do not then reject my Heart!
Thy Clay that weeps, thy Dust I am
That call's —O put me not to shame:
2 Thy Glories, Lord, in all Things shine,
Thine is the Deed, the Praise is thine.
A feeble helpless Creature, I
Do at thy Pleasure live or die.
3 Lord well I know, I merit Grief,
Yea endless Fears without Relief:
Ye [...] exact thy Due forbear,
And [...]are, a feeble Creature, spare.
4 Still if I wail not (still to wail
Nature denies and Flesh wou'd fail)
Lord, pardon, for thy Son makes good
My want of Tears with store of Blood.

X. Judgment.

1 WHen rising from the Bed of Death,
O'er whelm'd with Guilt and Fear
I view my Maker Face to Face,
O how shall I appear.
[Page 48]
2 If yet, while Pardon may be found
And Mercy may be sought,
My soul with inward Horror shrinks,
And trembles at the Thought;
3 When thou o Lord shalt stand disclos'd
In Majesty severe,
And sit in Judgment on my soul,
O how shall I appear!
4 O may my broken, contrite Heart
Timely my Sins lament,
And early with repentant Tears
Eternal Woe prevent!
5 Behold the Sorrows of my Heart,
E'er yet it be too late!
And hear my Saviour's dying Groans
To give those sorrows weight.
6 For never shall my soul despair
Her Pardon to secure;
Who knows thy only Son has died,
To make that Pardon sure.

XI. Christ's Compassion to the Tempted.

1 WIth Joy we meditate the Grace
Of our high Priest above;
His Heart is made of Tenderness,
His Bowels melt with Love.
2 Touch'd with a Sympathy within
He knows our feeble Frame;
He knows what sore Temptations mean,
For he hath felt the same.
[Page 49]
3 He in the Days of feeble Flesh
Pour'd out his Cries and Tears
And in his Measure feels afresh
What every Member bears.
4 He'll never quench the smoaking Flax
But raise it to a Flame,
The bruised Reed he never breaks
Nor scorns the meanest Name
5 Then let our humble Faith address
His Mercy and his Power:
We shall obtain delivering Grace
In the distressing Hour.

XII. Frailty.

1 LOrd, how in Silence I despise
The giddy Worldling's Snare,
This Beauty, Riches, Honour, Toys
Beneath a Moments Care?
2 Hence painted Dust, and gilded Clay!
You have no Charms for me:
Delusive Breath be far away!
I waste no Thought on thee.
3 But when abroad at once I view
Both the World's Hosts and thine,
These simple, sad, afflicted, few,
Those numerous, gay and fine!
4 Lost my Reslves, my Scorn is past,
I boast my Strength no more.
A willing Slave they blind me fast
With unresisted Power.
[Page 50]
5 O book not this! Let not thy Foes
Protan thy hallow'd Shrine:
Thine is my Soul, by sacred Vows
Of ftrictest Union Thine!
6 O hear my just, tho' late Request,
Once more the Captive free,
Renow thy Image in my Breast,
And claim my Heart fro thee.

XIII. Unfruitfulness.

1 Long have I sat beneath the Sound
Of thy Salvation, Lord,
But still now weak my Faith is found
And Knowledge of thy Word!
2 Oft I frequent thy holy Place;
Yet hear almost in vain:
How small a Portion of thy Grace
Can my hard Heart retain!
3 My gracious Saviour and my God
How little art thou known
By all the Judgments of thy Rod,
And Blessing of thy Throne?
4 How cold and feeble is my Love!
How negligent my Fear!
How low my hope of Joys above!
How few Affections there!
5 Great God, thy sovereign Power impart,
To give thy Word Success;
Write thy Salvation in my Heart,
And make me learn thy Grace.
[Page 51]
6 Shew my forgetful Feet the way
That leads to Joys on high,
There Knowledge grows without Decay
And Love shall never die.

XIV. From the German.

1 THou Lamb of God, thou Prince of Peace.
For thee my thirsty Soul doth [...]
My longing Heart implores thy Grace
O make in me thy Likeness shine
2 With fraudless, even, humble Mind
Thy Will in all Things may I see.
In Love be every Wish resign'd,
And hallow'd my whole Heart to thee:
3 When Pain o'er my weak Flesh prevails
With Lamb-like Patience arm my Breast:
When Grief my wounded Soul assails
In lowly Meekness may I rest.
4 Close by thy Side still may I keep,
How e'er Life's various carrent flow;
With stedfast Eye mark every Step,
And follow thee where'er thou go.
5 Thou, Lord, the dread ful Fight bast won
Alone thou hast the Vinepress trod:
In me thy Strengthening Grace be shewn,
O may I conquer thro' thy Blood!
6 So when on Sion thou shalt stand,
And all Heaven's Host adore their King,
Shall I be sound at thy Right Hand,
And free from Pain thy Glories sing.
[Page 52]

XV. Faith in Christ.

1 HOw sad our State by Nature is,
Our Sin how deep it stains!
And Satan binds our captive Souls
Fast in his slavish Chains.
2 But there's a Voice of sovereign Grace
Sounds from thy sacred Word,
Here ye despairing Sinners come
And trust upon the Lord.
3 My Soul obeys th' Almighty Call
And runs to this Relief.
I wou'd believe thy Promise, Lord!
O help my unbelief.
4 To the blest Fountain of thy Blood,
Incarnate God, I fly:
Here let me wash my spotted Soul
From Crimes of deepest Die.
5 Stretch out thy Arm, victorious King,
My reigning Sins subdue:
Drive the old Dragon from his Seat
With his infernal Crew.
6 A guilty, weak and helpless Worm
Into thy Arms I fall;
Be thou my Strength and Righteousness,
My Jesus and my All.

XVI. Longing.

1 WIth bended Knees and aking Eyes
Weary and faint to thee my Cries,
[Page 53] To thee my Tears, my Groans I send;
O when shall my Complainings end?
2 Wither'd my Heart like barren Ground
Accurst of God: My Head turns round,
My Throat is hoarse; I faint, I fall,
'Yet falling still for Pity call.
3 Eternal Streams of Pity flow
From thee their source to Earth below:
Mothers are kind, because thou art,
Thy Tenderness o'er flows their Heart.
4 Lord of my Soul, bow down thine Ear!
Hear, Bowels of Compassion, hear!
O give not to the Winds my Prayer!
Thy Name, thy hallow'd Name is there.
5 Look on my Sorrows! Mark them well:
The Shame, the Pangs, the Flames, I feel!
Consider, Lord, thine Ear incline:
Thy Son hath made my Sufferings thine.
6 Thou, Jesu, on th'accursed Tree
Didst bow thy dying Head for me:
Incline it now! Who made the Ear
Can he, can he forget to hear?
7 See thy poor Dust in pity see
It stirs, it creeps, it aims at thee!
Haste, save it from the greedy Tomb!
Come, every Atom bids thee come!
8'Tis thine to help! forget me not!
O be thy Mercy ne'er forgot!
Lock'd is thy Ear? Yet still my Plea
May speed, for Mercy keeps the Key.
9 Thou tarriest while I sink, I die,
And fall to nothing! Thou on high
[Page 54] See'st me undone! yet am I stil'd
By thee (lost as I am) thy Child!
10 Yet thou art good; and yet abide
Thy Promises; they speak, they chide,
They in my Bosom pour my Tears,
And my Complaint present as theirs.
11 Hear, Jesu! Hear my broken Heart!
Broken so long, that every part
Hath got a Tongue which ne'er shall cease,
Till thou pronounce, depart in Peace,
12 My Lord, my Saviour, hear my Cry,
By these thy Feet at which I lie;
Pluck out thy Dart: Regard my Sighs:
Now heal my Heart, or now it dies.

XVII. Salvation by Grace.

1 LOrd, we confess our numerous Faults,
How great our Guilt has been!
Foolish and vain were all our Thoughts,
And all our Lives were Sin.
2 But, O my Soul, for ever praise
For ever love his Name,
Who turns thy Feet from dangerous Ways
Of Folly, Sin and Shame.
3'Tis not by Works of Righteousness,
Which our own Hands have done;
But we are saved by sovereign Grace
Abounding thro' thy Son.
4'Tis from the Mercy of our God
That all our Hopes begin;
[Page 55] 'Tis by the Water and the Blood
Our Souls are wash'd from Sin:
5'Tis thro' the Purchase of his Death
Who hung upon the Tree
Thy Spirit is sent down to breath
On such dry Bones as we.
6 Rais'd from the Dead we live anew
And justified by Grace,
We shall appear in Glory too
And see our Father's Face.

XVIII. Inconstancy.

1 LORD Jesus when, when shall it be,
That I no more shall break with thee!
When will this War of Passions cease,
And my free Soul enjoy thy Peace?
2 Here I repent and sin again:
Now I revive and now am Slain:
Slain with the same unhappy Dart,
Which, o! too often wounds my Heart.
3 O Saviour, when, when shall I be
A Garden seal'd to all but thee:
No more expos'd, no more undone:
But live und grow to thee alone!
4 Guide thou, my Lord, guide thou my Course
And draw me on with thy sweet Force?
Still make me walk, still make me tend
By thee my Way, to thee my End;
[Page 56]

XIX. Christ our Righteousness.

1 HOw heavy is the Night
That hangs upon our Eyes!
Till Christ with his reviving Light
Upon our Souls arise!
2 Our guilty Spirits dread
To meet the Wrath of Heaven:
But in thy Righteousness array'd
We see our Sins forgiven.
3 Unholy and impure
Are all our Thoughts and Ways:
Thy hand infected Nature cure
With sanctifying Grace.
4 The Powers of Hell agree
To hold our Souls in vain:
Thou set'st the Sons of Bondage free,
And break'st the cursed Chain.
5 Lord, we adore thy Ways
To bring us near to God,
Thy sovereign Power, thy healing Grace
And thine atoning Blood.

XX. From the German.

1 MY Soul before thee prostrate lies,
To thee, her Source my Spirit flies,
My Wants I mourn, my Chains I see
O let thy Presence set me tree!
2 Lost and undone for aid I cry;
In thy Death, Saviour, let me [...]
[Page 57] Griev'd with thy Grief, pain'd with thy Pain,
Ne'er may I feel Self-Love again
3 Jesus vouchsase my Heart and Will
With thy meek Lowliness to fill;
No more her Power let Nature boast,
But in thy Will may mine be lost.
4 I feel well that I love thee, Lord:
I exercise me in thy Word:
Yet vile Affections claim a part,
And thou hast only half my Heart.
5 In Life's short Day let me yet more
Of thy enlivening Power implore:
My Mind must deeper sink in thee;
My Foot stand firm, from wand'ring free.
6 Ye Sons of Men, here nought avails
Your Strength, here all your Wisdom sails;
Who bids a sinful Heart be clean?
Thou only, Lord, supreme of Men.
7 And well I know thy tender Love:
Thou never didst unfaithful prove:
And well I know thou stand'st by me,
Pleas'd from my self to set me free.
8 Still I do watch and labour still
To banish every Thought of ill;
Till thou in thy good Time appear
And sav'st me from the Fowler's Snare.
9 Already springing Hope I feel;
God will destroy the Power of Hell:
God from the Land of Wars and Pain
Leads me, where Peace and Safety reign.
10 One only care my Soul shall know,
Father, all thy Commands to do:
[Page 58] Ah deep engrave it on my Breast,
That I in thee ev'n now am blest;
11 When my warm'd Thoughts I fix on thee
And plunge me in thy Mercie's Sea,
Then ev'n on me thy Face shall shine
And quicken this dead Heart of Mine.
12 So ev'n in Storms my Zeal shall grow,
So shall I thy hid Sweetness know,
And feel (what endless Age shall prove)
That thou, my Lord, my God art Love!

PSALMS and HYMNS For Saturday.

I. Psalm XIX.

1 BEhold the lofty Sky
Declares its Maker God,
And all his starry Works on high
Proclaim his Power abroad.
2 The Darkness and the Light
Still keep their Course the same,
While Night to Day and Day to Night
Divinely teach his Name.
3 In every different Land
Their general Voice is known:
They shew the Wonders of his Hand,
And Orders of his Throne.
4 Ye happy Lands rejoice
Where he reveals his Word:
[Page 59] We are not left to Nature's Voice
To bid us know the Lord.
5 His Statutes and Commands
Are set before our Eyes;
He puts his Gospel in our Hands
Where our Salvation lies:
6 His Laws are just and pure
His Truth without Deceit,
His Promises for ever sure.
And his Rewards are great.
7 While of thy Works I sing
Thy Glory to proclaim,
Accept the Praise, my God and King
In my Redeemer's Name.

II. The same.

1 The spacious Firmament on high,
And all the wide, etherial Sky,
And spangled Heav'ns, a shining Frame,
Their great Original proclaim.
Th' unwearied Sun from Day to Day
Does his Creator's Power display
And publishes to every Land
The Work of an Almighty Hand.
2 Soon as the Evening Shades prevail
The Moon takes up the wondrous Tale,
And nightly to the listning Earth
Repeats the Story of her Birth:
While all the Stars that round her burn
And all the Planets in their Turn,
Confirm the Tidings as they roll,
And spread the Truth from Pole to Pole,
[Page 60]
3 What tho' in solemn Silence all
Move round this dark terrestrial Hall?
What tho' nor real Voice nor Sound,
Amid their radiant Orbs be found.
In Reasons Ear they all rejoice,
And utter forth a glorious Voice,
For ever singing as they shine,
They Hand that made us is divine;

III. The same.

1 GReat God, the Heav'ns well order'd Frame
Declares the Glory of thy Name,
There thy rich Works of Wonder shine:
A Thousand starry Beauties there,
A Thousand radiant Marks appear
Of boundless Power and Skill divine.
2 From Night to Day from Day to Night
The dawning and the falling Light
Lectures of heavenly Wisdom read:
With silent Eloquence they raise
Our Thoughts to our Creator's Praise,
And neither Sound nor Language need.
3 Yet their divine Instructions run
Far as the Journeys of the Sun,
And every Nation knows their Voice:
The Sun like a young Bridegrom drest
Breaks from the Chamber of the East
Rolls round and makes the Earth rejoice.
4 Wheree'er he spreads his Beams abroad
He smiles and speaks his Maker God:
Ann Nature joins to shew thy Praise:
[Page 61] Thus God in every Creature shines;
Fair are the Book of Nature's Lines;
But fairer is thy Book of Grace.
5 I love the Volumes of thy Word:
What Joy and Light those Leaves afford
To Souls benighted and distrest;
Thy Precepts guide my doubtful Way,
Thy Fear forbids my Feet to stray;
Thy Promise leads my Heart to rest.
6 Who knows the Errors of his Thoughts?
O cleanse me from my secret Faults,
And from presumptuous Sins restrain:
Accept my poor Attempts of Praise,
If I have read thy Book of Grace
And Book of Nature not in vain.

IV. Psalm LXV.

1 ON thee the Race of Man depends.
Far as the Earth's remotest Ends;
Where the Creator's Name is known
By Nature's feeble Light alone.
At thy Command the Morning Ray
Smiles in the East and leads the Day;
Thou guid'st the Sun's declining Wheels
Over the Tops of Western Hills.
3 Seasons and Times obey thy Voice;
The Evening and the Morn rejoice
To see the Earth made soft with Showers,
Laden with Fruit and drest in Flowers.
4'Tis from the watry Stores on high
Thou giv'st the thirsty Ground supply;
[Page 62] Thou walk'st upon the Clouds, and thence
Dost thy enriching Drops dispence.
5 The Desart grows a fertile Field;
Abundant Fruit the Valleys yield
The Vallies shout with chearful Voice,
And neighbouring Hills repeat their Joys.
6 The Pastures smile in green array,
Where Lambs and larger Cattle play:
The larger Cattle and the Lamb,
Each in his Language speaks thy Name.
7 Thy Works pronounce thy Power divine;
O'er every Field thy Glories shine:
Thro' every Month thy Gifts appear,
Great God, thy Goodness crowns the Year.

V. Psalm CIV.

Part I.

1 Thee, Lord, my Soul aspires to sing,
Almighty, everlasting King,
Creator! wondrous to survey
Thy Works excite the grateful Lay.
From thy bright Throne beyond you Height
Spread Plains of Empyrean Light,
The Spheres assume the second place,
Swift moving thro' th'Eternal Space.
2 Beneach more close compacted lie
The Regions of th' inferior Sky.
Here float the Clouds, the Thunders roll,
And Tempests whirl from Pole to Pole.
Here thy obedient Spirits find
The Stores of Vengeance for Mankind:
And pleas'd thy Orders of perform
Lance the not Bolt, or drive the Storm.
[Page 63]
3 Till thou restrain'd it like a Robe
The deep involv'd the shapeless Globe;
And now tho' the proud Surges rise,
Range the wide wast, and threat the Skies,
Fix'd is their Bound, their Tumults end;
Yet where thou bidst the Main extend,
Awed by thy Voice aloof they roar,
Or gently leave th'uninjured shore.
4 Mean while the piercing Liquid strains
Thro' the tall Mountains secret Veins;
Thence down the silver Currents flow
And wander thro' the Vales below.
And while their Streams fresh Moisture yield
To the dry Cattle of the Field.
Lo, Trees project their Branches fair
And lodge the Songsters of the Air.

Part II.

1 Thou send'st, thy Creatures to sustain,
The former and the latter Rain:
See streight Herbs, Flowers and Fruits appear,
And various Plenty crowns the Year.
Grass for the Beast, the Olive grows
For Man, and the rich Vintage flows
His Life and Vigour to sustain
Waves o'er the Field the ripening Grain.
2 Lord, how dost thou all-bounteous send,
Unnumber'd Blessings without End!
"Thro' all the Earth thy Glories shine,
Thy Works pronounce thy Power divine"
To their full growth by just Degrees
Majestick rise the fovest Trees
Up to the Clouds their Arms they throw.
Their Roots the Center seek below.
[Page 64]
3 The Nations of the feather'd kind
Here hospitable Shelter find
The Stork in the tall Fir-Trees height
Here leaves her Brood, and wings her Flight.
And where their shadowy Gloom they throw
Wide waving o'er the Mountains Brow
Earth's feebler Tribes rejoice to share
Thy tender Love and guardian Care.

Part III.

1 The Moon to run her destin'd Space
Fills her pale Orb with borrow'd Rays,
The appointed Sun with just Carrcer
Metes out the Day, the Month, the Year,
His Lamp withdrawn then ravening stray
Wild Beasts, outragious for their Prey;
The Lion roars his wants aloud
And roaring, seeks his Meat from God.
2 When the East glows with opening Day
Back to their Dens they haste away:
Nor sooner are the Shades of Night
Fled from the Suns returning Light,
Then the strong Husbandman renews
His Toil, his daily Task pursues,
Till Evening calls again to rest,
Both toiling Man and weary Beast.
3 How various is thy Praise display'd
O Lord, in all thy Hands have made!
Lost in amazement down we fall;
In Wisdom thou hast made them all.
How on the Earth thy Riches shower
Incessant, unexhausted Store;
New every Morn thy Gists appear;
Great God, thy Goodness fills the Year!
[Page 65]
4 And yet, lo other Scenes disclose!
The Sea no less thy Goodness shews,
Here the finn'd Race unnumber'd stray,
Dive deep, or on the Surface play.
Here huge Leviathan may reign
Sole Tyrant of the watry Plain.
He moves; the boiling Deeps divide:
He breathes a Storm and spouts a Tide.

Part IV.

1 These all own thy paternal Care,
In thee they live and move and are!
The copius Good thy Hand bestows
Enjoy, and praise thee as it flows.
But thy blest Influence once withdrawn,
No more Joy, Light or Comfort dawn:
Dire Pain succeeds and sad Decay,
And Death demands his destin'd Prey.
2 Yet unimpair'd the Species all
Stand, while the Individuals fall;
Thy timely Care each Chasm suppleis,
One rising as another dies.
Hence thro' the whole Creation known
Still shall thy Gaardian Power be shown
Till at thy Word devouring Flame
Consame the universal Frame.
3 Ey'n in that lov'd that dreadful Day
When Earth and Heav'n shall melt away,
Thou still, my Soul, shalt sound abroad
Praise to thy Father, and thy God.
Praise thou the Lord: He is thy Friend,
The Cause of all Things and their End!
O'er Earth, Seas, Heav'n, let Time prevail!
The Rock thou buil'dst on, cannot fail.
[Page 66]

VI. Psalm CXIV.

1 WHen Israel freed from Pharoah's Hand,
Left the proud Tyrant and his Land,
The Tribes with chearful Homage own
Their King, and Judah was his Throne.
2 Across the Deep their Journey lay;
The Deep divides to make them way:
Jordan beheld their March and fled
With backward Current to his Head.
3 The Mountains shook like frighted Sheep.
Like Lambs the little Hillocks leap:
Not Sinai on the Base cou'd stand,
Conscious of Sovereign Pow'r at Hand.
4 What Pow'r cou'd make the Deep divide?
Make Jordan backward roll his Tide?
Why did ye leap, ye little Hills?
And whence the Fright that Sinai feels?
5 Let every Mountain, every Flood
Retire, and know th'approaching God,
The King of Israel: See him here,
Tremble thou Earth; adore and fear!
6 He thunders, and all Nature mourns;
The Rock to standing Pools he turns;
Flints spring with Fountains at his Word,
And Fires and Seas confess the Lord.


Part I.

1 LEt every Creature join
To praise th'Eternal God,
[Page 67] Ye heavely Hosts the Song begin
And sound his Name abroad.
2 Thou Sun with golden Beams
And Moon with paler Rays,
Ye starry Lights, ye sparkling Flames
Shine to your Maker's Praise.
3 He built those Worlds above
And fixt their wrondrous Frame,
By his Command they stand or move
And ever speak his Name.
4 Ye Vapours, when ye rise
Or fall in Showers, or Snow,
Ye Thunders murm'ring round the Skies
His Power and Glory shew.
5 Wind, Hail and flasing Fire
Agree to praise the Lord,
When ye in vengeful Storms conspire
To execute his Word.
6 By all his Works above
His Honours be exprest:
But those who taste his saving Love
Shou'd sing his Praises best.

Part II.

1 Let Earth and Ocean know
They owe their Maker Praise:
Praise him, by watry Worlds below
And Monsters of the Seas.
2 From Mountains near the Sky
Let his loud Praise resound:
From humble Shrubs and Cedars high
And Vales and Fields around.
[Page 68]
3 Ye Lions of the Wood
And tamer Beasts that graze,
Ye live upon his daily Food,
And he expects your Praise.
4 Ye Birds of lofry Wing,
On high his Praises bear:
Or sit on flowry Bows and sing
Your Maker's Glory there.
5 Ye creeping Ants and Worms
His various Wisdom shew;
And Flies in all your shining Forms
Praise him that drest you so.
6 By all the Earth-born Race
His Honours be exprest:
But those that know his heavenly Grace
Shou'd learn to praise him best.

Part III.

1 Monarchs of wide Command,
Praise ye th'Eternal King:
Judges, adore that sovereign Hand
Whence all your Honours spring.
2 Let vigorous Youth engage
To sound his Praises high
While growing Babes and withering Age
Their feebler Voices try.
3 United Zeal be shown
His wondrous Fame to raise:
God is the Lord; his Name alone
Deserves our endless Praise.
4 Let Nature join with Art
And all pronounce him blest:
[Page 69] But Saints who dwell so near his Heart
Shou'd sing his Praises best.

VIII. Universal Praise.

1 HArk, my dull Soul, how every Thing
Strives to adore our bounteous King.
Hark, each a double Tribute pays:
First sings its part and then obeys.
2 Here Nature's sprightliest, sweetest Quire
Their Lord with chearful Notes admire
And every Day they chant their Lauds,
Th' ecchoing Grove their Song applauds.
3 What tho' their Voices lower be,
The Streams too have their Melody,
Both Night and Day they warbling run,
They never pause but still sing on.
4 All The gay Flow'rs that paint the Spring
Hither their silent Musick bring;
If Heaven bless them thaukful they
Do smell more sweet, and look more gay.
5 Awake from Shame my sluggish Heart,
Awake and glady sing they part,
Learn ev'n of Birds and Springs and Flowers
How to employ thy nobler Powers.
6 O call whole Nature to thy aid
Since it was he whole Nature made:
Join we in one Eternal Song,
We who to one God all belong.
7 Live thou for ever, glorious Lord,
Live thou by all thy Works ador'd,
[Page 70] Great-One in Three and Three in One
May all Things bow to thee alone.

IX. Sun, Moon and Stars, praise ye the Lord.

1 REgent of all the Worlds above,
Thou, Sun, whose Rays adorn our Sphere
And with unwearied Swifeness more
To form the Circle of the Year:
2 Praise the Creator of the Skies
Who decks thy Orb with borrow'd Rays:
Or may the Sun forget to rise
When he forgets his Maker's Praiser
3 Thou reigning Beauty of the Night,
Fair Queen of Silence, Silver Moon,
Whose paler Fires and Female Light
Are softer Rivals of the Noon.
4 Arise, and to that sovereign Power
Waxing and waining Honours pay,
Who bad thee rule the dusky Hours
And half supply the absent Day.
5 Ye glittering Stars that gild the skies
When Darknefs has her Curtain drawn,
That keep the Watch with wakefull Eyes,
When Business, Cares and day are gone:
6 Proclaim the Glories of your Lord,
Dispers'd thro' all the heav'nly Street,
Whose boundless Trasures can afford
So rich a Pavement for his Feet.
[Page 71]
7 Thou Heav'n of Heav'ns supremely bright,
Fair Palace of the Court divine,
Where with inimitable Light
The Godhead condescends to shine:
8 Praise thou thy great Inhabitant,
Who scatters lovely Beams of Grace
On every Angel, every Saint,
Nor veils the Lustre of his Face.
9 O God of Glory, God of Love,
Thou art the Sun that mak'st our Days:
Mid'st all thy wondrous Works above
Let Earth and Dust attempt thy Praise!

X. Eupolis's Hymn to the Creator.

Part I.

1 Author of Being, Source of Light,
With never fading Beauties bright.
Thou, Fullness, Goodness, rolling round
Thy own fair Orb without a Bound.
Ei, or Jao, thee we hail,
Great Essence that canst never fail!
By Grecian or Barbarick Name,
Thy steadfast Being still the same!
2 Thee may thy humble Suppliants call
Or Truth, or Good, or One, or All!
Thee, when fair Morning greets the Skies
Now sinks in purple Waves away,
Thee will I sing, O Parent Jove,
And teach the World to praise and love.
[Page 72]
3 Lo! yonder azure Vault on high,
Lo! yonder blue, low, liquid Sky,
Lo! Earth on its firm Basis plac'd,
And round with circling Waves embrac'd;
All these creating Power confess,
All these their mighty Maker bless;
And still thy powerful Hands sustain
Both Earth and Heav'n, both Firm and Main.

Part II.

1 Scarce can our daring Thought arise
To thy Pavilion in the Skies;
Nor can a mortal Tongue declare
The Bliss, the Joy, the Rapture there.
Nor solitary dost thou reign,
But circled with a glorious Train.
The Sons of God, the Sons of Light,
For ever joying in thy Sight!
2 For thee their silver Harps are strung,
While ever beauteous, ever young,
Th' Angelick Forms their Voices raise,
And thro' Heav'ns Arch resound they Praise.
The feather'd Souls that swim the Air,
And bath in liquid Ether there;
The Lark, Precentor of their Quire,
Leading them higher still and higher,
3 Listen and learn, th' angelick Notes
Repeating in their warbling Throats:
And e'er to soft Repose they go
They teach them to their Lords below.
On the green Turf, their mossy Nest,
The Ev'ning Anthem swells their Breast
Thus, like thy golden Chain from high.
Thy Praise unites the Earth and Sky!
[Page 73]

Part III.

1 Thou, Sole from Sole, command'st the Sun
Round on the burning Axles run;
The Stars like Dust around him fly
And sirew the Area of the Sky.
He drives so swift his Race above
That Mortals can't perceive him move;
So smooth his Course, oblique or streight,
Olympus shakes not with his Weight.
2 As the fair Queen of solemn Night
Fills at his Vase her Orb of Light,
Imparted Lustre; thus we see
The solar Virtue shines by thee.
Eiresione we'll no more
Imaginary Power adore,
Since Oil and Wool and chearing Wine
And Life-sustaining Bread are thine.
3 The fragrant Thyme, the bloomy Rose,
Flower and Herb and Shrub that grows
Or on Thessalian Tempe's Plain,
Or where the rich Sabeans reign:
That treat the Tast, or Smell, or Sight,
For Food, for Medecine, or Delight,
All planted by thy parent Care
Do spring and smile and flourish there.

Part IV.

1 O ye sweet Nurses of soft Dreams,
Ye ready Brooks and winding Streams,
Or marm'ring o'er the Pebbles * sheen,
Or sliding thro' the Meadows green;
Or where thro' matted Sedge you creep
Slow trav'ling to your parent Deep,

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