Mr. RUGGLES's Sermon ON THE Usefulness & Expedience of SOULDIERS.


THE Usefulness and Expedience OF SOULDIERS AS DISCOVERED By Reason and Experience, AND Countenanced and Supported by the GOSPEL. A SERMON Preached TO AN Artillery-Company At Guilford, May 25. 1736. On the Day of their first Choosing Their OFFICERS. And now made Publick at their Earnest Desire and Charge.

By Thomas Ruggles, A. M. Pastor of the First Church There.

N. LONDON, Printed and Sold by T. GREEN, 1737.

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THE Usefulness and Expedience OF SOULDIERS.

LUKE III. 14.And the Souldiers likewise demanded of him, saying. And what shall we do?

THE Usefulness of Souldiers in this present world of Sin and Lusts, Together with the Honour and Dignity of that Employment, is a thing almost all Nations Acknowlege and Approve. But then by how much the more Nations are Civilized and become Polite, by so much the [Page 2] more is the Martial Art Improv'd and Advan­ced: And by Consequence, becomes so much the more Honourable and Useful; Improves and Enobles the Minds of men: And there­fore as its Improvements and Use is of great Advantage to mankind, so it is both Reasona­ble and Laudable for men to Endeavour to Ac­complish themselves with Military Knowlege and Skill.

DAVID that man after God's own heart, As he confesses, Psal. CXLIV 1. God had taught his hands to War, and his fingers to fight; So has be made and Dedicated one of his best Poems, To and upon, Military Employment; I mean that which is usually stiled David's Elegy, or Mourning over the Death of Saul and Jonathan, Recorded II Samuel, Chap. I.

The Poem (as one Expresses it) is a Mar­tial Poem; 'Tis written with a truly Martial spirit and life; The Subject is entirely Mili­tary; And as it discovers the Greatness of David's spirit; so no words can more Commend the true Grandure of a Military Life, or set forth the Honour of those that Excel in Mar­tial Knowlege; such as Saul & Jonathan were.

[Page 3] Nor is the Business of a Souldier Inconsistent with the Life or Character of a Christian; Those that are the profess'd Subjects of the Kingdom of Peace; yet are many times called forth into the Field to hear the Confused noise of Battle and have their Garments Rolled in blood. God has not therefore been unmindful of them; Such is the Excellency and Compre­hensive Nature of God's Word, that therein even a Souldier may learn much of his Duty; and how to Conduct himself as to be Ap­prov'd of GOD and be Acceptable in the midst of his Brethren.

A Souldier is not a person Exempted from the Laws of Reason or Religion; nor left to live at an Ungoverned and Lawless manner; (Tho' too often they give themselves too large a Liberty in this Respect.) But the Laws of Honour, Justice and Sobriety are Equally obliging upon them, as on other men. God has therefore Taught them what he Re­quires of them, & what it is they ought to Do. Our Text and Context, has an Immediate and Direct relation hereunto; They Demand, What shall we do? And John gives them a brief, but very Comprehensive Direction what their Duty is; Thus, The Souldiers also Demanded, And what shall we Do?

[Page 4] I shall not at this time trouble you with any Critical Observations upon the Text; Either who these Souldiers were; or concerning the Person of whom the Demand is made, who was John Baptist, the forerunner of Christ; It may suffice in General to say, That among the many that came to hear John's Ministry, and Enquire their Duty, the Souldiers came also to him and Demanded of him, What shall we do? The whole of the Account is perfectly Souldier-like; The Enquiry is express'd with the very Air and spirit of a Souldier in it; They Demanded; They speak as men of true Greatness of mind, as persons who were not accustomed to be Demed. 'Tis Recorded of the other persons, that came before to John, that they Asked,—But the Souldiers De­manded, [Page 5] And what shall we Do? And by John's gentle and pious Answer and Directions to them, 'Tis abundantly plain, that as he no ways Disapprov'd of their Calling, so a Soul­dier may be Taught what he should do from the Laws of Religion.

From whence in general we may make these Two Remarks.

1. Remark, That the Employment of a Soul­dier is what both GOD and the Gospel, do Allow, Countenance and Approve of.

2. Remark, A Preacher of Christ, may with­out going beyond the bounds of his Duty, Preach to and Instruct Souldiers in their Duty.

But what I shall at this time Insist upon and speak unto from the words, I shall cast into this method, under Three Doctrinal Propo­sitions, viz.

I. 'Tis a Duty, and what a People of God should take care of, That there be among them those Train'd up in the Knowlege & Business of Souldiers; as that they may become Va­liant Souldiers to fight the Lord's Battles, and be Couragious for themselves, for their Land and for their Families.

II. Consider what Influence & Countenance the Word of God does afford, to Excite and move persons to faithful & sincere endeavours to Accomplish themselves as good Souldiers.

[Page 6] III. Both Reason & Experience discover it is the Duty of Souldiers to Endeavour especi­ally to become Skilful, in those Methods of Martial Knowlege, as may furnish them to be, and in the best manner make them a Defence to their Country & answer the Ends of Soul­diers.

We begin with Considering,

PROP. I. 'Tis a Duty, and what a People of God should take special care of, that there be among them those Trained up in the Knowlege & Business of Soul­diers, as that they may become Valiant Souldiers, to fight the Lord's Battles, and be Couragious for themselves, for their Land and for their Families.

That the Employment and Business of Soul­diers is Countenanced and Approv'd, even un­der the Gospel, seems to me plain from our Text. Had it been against the mind of God, that men should have been thus Employ'd in this Business, doubtless John, whose ministry was that of Repentance, would have roughly and severely Reproved them and forbidden it.

And both the voice of Experience & Reason, which in this case is the voice of God, discover the Necessity thereof, and plainly dictate how much it is a Duty for men to become Expert and Valiant Souldiers: that they may be able to answer that noble Exhortation of Joab to the Souldiers of Judah, 2 Sam X 12. That they [Page 7] be of good Courage and play the men for their Peo­ple and for the Cities of their God.

I am not come up into the Pulpit to teach the Arts of War. This is not the business of a Minister of the Kingdom of Peace. But as Souldiers may demand of such, And what shall we do: So as the Gospel descends to consider men in every Condition and Station they are placed in Providence. As it Instructs them to be Faithful in the Calling in which they are, so it abundantly Countenances & Encourages persons being Train'd up in Martial Know­lege; and that those that have Abilities there­for, endeavour to furnish & accomplish them­selves as good Souldiers.

Whatsoever may hereafter be in the world, as yet we know and see the Time is not come, that men beat their Swords into Plough shares, or their Spears into Pruning-hooks; that Na­tion should not rise up against Nation, nor the people learn War any more. And however Peaceable the principles and designs of Reli­gion may be, yet they don't Conquer men to an entire Subjection to them, So but that a people are sometimes Call'd to the Sword, even to Defend the Enjoyment of the Privi­leges of the Gospel. And so it is likely that Wars and Fightings will be, as long as Satan's Malice and Mens Lusts are so Powerful in the world. Nor is a Martial spirit Inconsistent [Page 8] with the Profession of Religion, The best of [...] left on Sacred Record, have their Names Extoll'd for their Valour in the Exercise and Arts of War, as I may shew hereafter. Nor is it the Design of Religion, nor does it ever [...] to take away from men, or deprive them of the necessary or prudent means of Self-preservation and Self-defence, or Safety of their Families or Country.

This Land of Christians has in a peculiar manner found the Advantage thereof. Under GOD, our Lives, our Religion, our Liberties are owing to the Valiant & Martial Atchieve­ments of those of our Fore-fathers, who were mighty in Battle. Else to all Humane proba­bility, they would have been swallowed up at once, as it were, by the Vast Numbers of their Indian Enemies, whose tender mercies are Cruelty.

I know the Common-place Objections against Military Exercise; Why our Enemies are all Destroyed, It don't look likely we shall ever be engag'd in War. Besides, we live in a cor­ner of the world, as it were, and none will con­cern themselves about us. The World seems to be also all at Peace; and 'tis needless and unnecessary to trouble our selves in this Mat­ter. [...] Earnest, are these Objections? Are our Enemies all Destroyed? Whence then of late Years, have we those of our Young men [Page 9] called forth into the high places of Battle? And what Numbers of Enemies are round a­bout us on our Borders, which if permitted by God, like Locusts could and would come up and cover our Land. They are prone to Cru­elty and Revenge of themselves, which the Popish Incendiaries from pretences of Reli­gion, cease not to stir up their savage minds to Cruelty and Bloodshed.

The French (if the Judgment of a late In­genious* Author may be relied upon) are the most Inveterate & Dangerous Enemies to the English Nation. These are they that nearly Border upon; yea, in some sense Compass us round about. Who both by Interest, and more especially the Prejudices of their Religion, are set against us; so that perhaps, no People are more Envied and hated by their Neighbours. And should Wars break forth among the Na­tions, which may be sooner than our Expecta­tions, we can expect no other but there would be those who would Endeavour and use all their Power to swallow us up.

The Great GOD holds the Supreme Domi­nion over all Worlds & all Things; He Reigns in Heaven, Thrones and Dominions, Princi­palities and Powers being Subject to him: His [Page 10] Dominion Extends over all the Children of men. As by him Kings Reign, so he cuts in sunder the spirits of Princes, scatters their Counsels, & disappoints their wisest Measures, and overturns the most peaceable & prudent Measures; so that whatever fair prospects of Peace may seem to appear, through the wise and prudent Counsels of our Gracious KING, yet what Changes may be in the Right Hand of GOD Most High, none can say; and all Endeavours for Peace be blasted and disap­pointed; and we called to hear the Alarum of the Trumpet, and the Noise and confused Sound of Battle—.

NEW-ENGLAND has been famous for men of Military genius and Courage for Soul­diers, Valiant in fight. Of which we in this Government, have not (perhaps) been a whit behind the very Chiefest of all, But 'tis [Page 11] Lamentable how much a true Martial spirit is laid aside; And men are not only Careless and unconcerned about it;—as if they had no Business,—As if they had no Lives, worth Fighting for,—No Country▪ worth a Saving. But speak of it and too often Treat it with Contempt. And thus by weakning the Hands of their Neighbours, they discourage all becoming and Honourable En­deavours to attain the Skill. Shall we thus lose our Name, and Expose all that is Dear and Valuable together! Ignorance in Mili­tary affairs is the Mother of Cowardise, and tends to make men of a Little and fearful spirit and Soul. Men indeed may Talk very High, and vent themselves in Big swelling Words before hand; and make a great pre­tence and fair Shew: But certainly a person of Reason and Consideration, who comes into the Field ignorant of Military Exercise, must feel something (tho' with a much worse spirit) like David, in an Armour he had not proved.

Knowlege & Experience makes men Hardy and inspires with Courage—. Both the Ig­norance and consequent ill Effects thereof, are therefore left as an Eternal Reproach upon Laish, Judg. XVIII. 27. They lived at Ease & Secure, and so became an easy Prey to a Hand­ful of men.

[Page 12] Besides, Were not these things so; Yet there is so much true Manliness and Grandure in Military Exercise: It inspires the Mind with such Just, Honourable and Exalted Notions and dispositions: It so much tends to banish Littleness and meanness, and fill men with Greatness of spirit. (For, a truly Valiant Souldier would disdain to Kill even his Enemy in a little Under-hand and sneaking manner.) I say, were it upon these Considerations only, Every person who has any Relish for what is Just, Manly and Honourable, would labour to maintain it for the good of Mankind.*

War is one of the Heavy Judgments where­with God punisheth a wicked and Backsliding People. And when we Consider our many Crying Sins; so provoking to Heaven and de­filing our Land: When we consider the Im­pudence [Page 13] we are grown up to in Sin; the Ingrati­tude and Decay of Religion that is pure and undefiled before God; When we consider how little of a spirit of Repentance and Amendment is to be found among us, after so many repeated Threatnings and Warnings from GOD in his Word,—From His Ministers, the Watch­men of this his Jerusalem,—And by his Judgments. Can we expect any other but that he will Judge us for these things, and Avenge his Soul on such a People, whom in a spe­cial sense He has Known above all the Families of the Earth, By sending the Sword to Devour, as well as other Judgments to Consume and De­stroy us.

But thus much may serve to Illustrate and Confirm the first Truth proposed. I shall therefore now proceed briefly to Consider,

PROP. II. What Influence and Countenance the Word of God does afford to Excite and move persons to faithful and sincere Endeavours, to Accomplish themselves as good Souldiers.

And here I might begin and tell you, 'Tis the Title and Character the Great GOD takes to Himself, That he is the LORD of Hosts, the GOD of Armies. And still more to the purpose; Moses in the first Song Recorded in Scripture, thus speaks of him, The LORD is a [Page 14] Man of War▪ the LORD is his Name, Exod. XV. 3 Which, perhaps, is the boldest Metaphor made use of to represent the Most High GOD in his Word. Now, as we would be like this our Great LORD and Governour, should we also herein Endeavour to imitate him▪

I might also add, 'Tis the Stile and Character wherein our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Captain of our Salvation Represents himself, The Captain of the Host of the Lord, Josh. V. 14. The Angels are his Host. Michael, i. e. Christ, [...]ought [...] his Angels, Rev XII. 7.

It may be observed also, Satan is a skilful Warriour, and has Slain his Ten Thousands: And that in order to oppose him Successfully, To Engage against Principalities and Powers and the Rulers of the darkness of this world, against wicked Spirits in high places, which is the business of Christians; it may be of good Advantage for men to Know something of the business of Warring.

I might also reckon up and set before you a Catalogue of those Worthies which in sacred Scripture are Renown'd for their Martial Skill, as well as Singular Piety. What a Name did Abraham the Father of the Faithful gain to himself by his Val [...]rous overthrow of the Four Kings, as Recorded, Gen XIV.—And that with the Train'd Souldiers of his own House?

[Page 15] David that Excellent King, the man after God's own Heart, was also Remarkable for his Military Skill and Warlike Actions; and that not only in his Younger years, when he slew the Phil [...]ian Champion Goliah; but also after­wards, when God Rais'd and set him at the Head of his Espoused Israel. It would be too Tedious to reckon up and tell you of Gideon, Jephtha and Sampson, of Joshua & the Judges, of Jehoshaphat, Afa, Hezekiah, and the good King Josiah, who was Slain and lost his Life in Battle

I might add in the last place, The Life of a Christian is called a Warfare. As such we are to put on the whole Armour of God, To fight the good fight,—To endure Hardness as good Souldiers; So says the Apostle Paul, Fight I not as one that beateth the Air, I Cor. IX. 26. So the Church of Christ in her greatest present Glory, is Compared unto and Represented by, An Army with Banners. Which all are bor­row'd Similitudes from the business of Soul­diers.

But what I shall principally Insist upon, shall be under these Three things.

1. Military Skill and Knowlege is what the Bible does Direct and Require we should labour to Attain. That this is Countenanced and Ap­proved in God's Word, I have before observed to you; and that in our Text—. But still [Page 16] this is what we are therein Directed & required unto—. This I gather from that noble Martial Poem of David's, upon the Death of Saul and Jonathan, Wherein we find he left this Command. 2 Sam l. 18 To Teach, the Children of Israel the use of the Bow. The Bow is here Express'd by being the chief War­like Instrument then in use: Especially that wherein the Philistines, their then present and most terrible Enemies, were Expert in the use of,*

Now I can't but consider this Command as still in Force among God's Spiritual Judah. Martial Knowlege being still as necessary, and as useful, as it was in David's time: And where the Reason and Nature of things continue the same, our Obligation thereunto seems also to be binding upon us.

[Page 17] And from this Example of David, to me it appears, Our chief Military Officers should see to it, and use all proper Endeavours, that Mili­tary Skill and Knowlege should be Encouraged and promoted.

2. Again, That Military Employ is Coun­tenanced in God's Word, appears from the many grand and distinguishing Characters that are given to Souldiers that are Valiant and Ex­pert. Thus they are call'd, The Excellency or Beauty—The Glory of a People. When therefore David Employs his pen in that noble manner to Lament Saul & Jonathan, He begins and ends his Poem, thus; The Beauty of Israel is slain,—How are the Mighty fallen!—And can words be thought of more strongly,—or more greatly to describe the Excellency and Glory of Valiant Souldiers?—They were stronger than Lions—They were swifter than Eagles. Saul, tho' perhaps he was a wicked man, yet was a noble Souldier; God gave him another Heart, the Heart or spirit of a Soul­dier.

3. Valiant Souldiers, are under GOD, the supreme Refuge and Defence, the Security and Safety of a People. Upon such does very much the Earthly Security, Peace & Happiness of a People depend: As they are an Awe and Guard against Encroaching Enemies; or a De­fence against those that Invade and Spoil them. [Page 18] A People or Land without such men, is in some sort like the Vineyard of God—Whose Hedge is taken away, and its Stone-wall & Tower, broken down, and lies open a Prey for the wild Beasts of the wilderness to devour and destroy it. David therefore who well knew the Safety of making God his Trust, and that this was his principal Defence; yet blesses God who taught his Hands to fight and his Fingers to war.

And to Represent this safety and Defence to us, the Church, under Christ, is thus described, Cant III. 7, 8 Behold, his bed, which is Solomon's: Threescore valiant men are about it, of the valiant of Israel They all hold Swords being expert in War: Every man hath his Sword upon his thigh,

But I proceed briefly to say;

PROP III. Both Reason and Experience discover it is the duty of Souldiers, to Endeavour, especially to become Skilful in those methods of Martial Know­lege, as may furnish them to be, and in the best manner make them, a Defence to their Country, and answer the End of Souldiers.

I need, and shall say little under this Head. The Proposition being Evident from those that are foregoing, and the End and Design of Soul­diers. Let me just Observe to you; Almost every Country have their differing ways of ma­king War upon their Neighbours. And almost [Page 19] every Country, or Age, makes some alterations in the Instruments of Methods of War. The present is very Different from the former Age, and that from the ancient ways of Warring. Besides, there are many Stratagems & Methods of making War that are very useful & necessary to be Known by Souldiers—: Now then as the Business, End and Design of Souldiers principally, is to be a Defence and Safety to their Country, it highly becomes such, especially those that would be Expert, and in the best manner answer the End thereof, to labour to Know and understand every thing that may Enable them in the best manner to Attack and Oppose Battle, and Vanquish the Enemies they are or may be called to Encounter.

But I hasten to make some brief IM­PROVEMENT.

And here in the first place,

USE, I. Is it as we have heard? Then we may Infer, The Art Military is what every Person should Labour to Encourage and Countenace. I would not here be understood, nor do I mean, That every man should himself labour to be a Souldier. God has distributed his Gifts to men Variously, as pleases Him. One is a good Tradesman—, Another is Skilful in Me­chanicks—; On another has he bestowed [Page 20] the spirit of a Souldier, &c. Such then should Endeavour to Accomplish themselves for that Business; And all should promote & Encourage it.

And this should be the Rule for Souldiers in Chusing, or others whose business it is in Appointing and Commissionating of Military Officers, Even those that are most Expert and Valiant and furnished with a Martial spirit. Every good man is not necessarily a good Soul­dier, or qualified for Military Posts & Power.

I know 'tis too much the Humour of people not to Regard this very much;—And if men Labour to furnish themselves with Military Knowlege; Presently, He is an Ambitious and aspiring man,—He shan't be promoted to any place. An unjust and shameful Principle where it prevails.

As those that are most knowing and Skilful, are the properest persons for such Employ, so such Industry and Endeavours should be En­couraged & Rewarded, by the proper Honours that belong thereunto.

USE II. Is it so—? Then hence, Souldiers should Endeavour by all proper and necessary Methods to gain and furnish themselves with the Knowlege of every part of Military Skill. It is not Enough, That they Understand the Business of the Training Field, the Exercise of the Gun, or [Page 21] Spear, or other Military Instruments, to Bran­dish the Sword, and conduct themselves grace­fully in every part of Exercise; 'Tis not eno', That they understand the words of Command, and know how to March Regularly; Keep their Ranks and Files; That they are acquainted with the proper Facings, and make good their Ground.

But they should Obey the Commands of their Officers Chearfully, and understand the several beats of the Drum, that great Warlike Instrument; They should learn the reviving and animating Sound of the shrill Trumpet, that noble & reviving Sound; The Trumpet, that great Resemblance of the Alarum to the final Judgment.

They should also learn how to Charge their Enemies Successfully; How to make Choice of the most Advantagious Ground; when to Advance; and how to make a regular, safe and Advantagious Retreat.

Moreover, It becomes them to Endeavour to learn the Art of Encamping—, How to Defend themselves by Entrenchments and the methods of Circumvallation—: How to Fortify and Defend our Coasts, or Borders, by Castles, Forts & Garrisons; How to Besiege our Enemies; to Batter down or Scale their Walls; Break their Ramparts, and force them to Surrender.

[Page 22] How also to pursue a Victory Successfully when it is gained, And all such Stratagems and ways in use in Times of War and which Accomplish a Souldier.

In a word, How to be and how to Endure Hardness as good Souldiers.

Besides, I can't but think it part of the Bu­siness of Souldiers, to understand the ways of Fighting by Sea; in which so much of the English Strength lies; and in which they have been so Superior and Successful. That they be not Strangers to the various ways of Enga­ging in such Battles; Boarding their Enemies, and Mastering their Opposers. Together with heaving of Bombs, those terrible Instru­ments of Destruction; and all other parts of that way of Warring.

I might add, 'Tis a Souldiers Duty and Business, To see to it and take special care their Arms be kept in good Order, and them­selves well furnished with Armory, and they ever fit for Service. And be sure never enter into or appear in the Field, unless in every part they are Accomplished and Furnished for Souldiers.

How Ridiculous does a man appear in Pub­lick, when but Half Dress'd? Or like David's Messengers, with their Beards half Shaved; or their Garments cut off by their Skirts?

[Page 23] As much Ridiculous & Unseemly is it, for a Souldier to appear in the Field without every part of his Armour well Ordered. And I think Officers should be both Exemplary and very Careful in this point. But I proceed to say,

USE, III. Is it as we have heard? Then we may also learn, 'Tis a Laudable & Worthy Undertaking when men lay themselves out and Endeavour to make themselves Accomplished Souldiers, and gain all the necessary Knowlege & Skill therefor. When their Martial spirit is warmed and takes fire; and their hearts are animated to Endeavour to Acquire that Martial Knowlege as may fit them to serve GOD and their Country▪ Its certainly a Glory to a People; and then a Defence upon all that glory, when a Country has many men Skilful in War. And to me, it appears a Reproachful Negligence that Mili­tary Knowlege & affairs are so much neglected and Disregarded; Especially by those of the Military Order: That Guns and Swords must lie and be Eaten up with the Rust—; Or what is worse, Men have none at all. And Souldiers appear, Rather as if they were going to some mean and sneaking Employ, they are asham'd of, than into the Field.

If pride & Gay Attire is any where Tolera­ble, or may be Allowed, it seems to be in [Page 24] Souldiers: And without something of this, the Employ & the Persons become Contemptible and mean.

I would more Especially Direct my self [...]der this Use, to You, SIRS, at whose Desire I appear in the Pulpit at this Time; who have Demanded of me, And what shall we do.

From what I have said, You are sensible, how Honourable, Useful, Beneficial & Manly a thing Souldiery is to the World; And how much it is the Duty of all who have a Martial spirit, to Accomplish themselves with Martial Knowlege.

I trust it is with a Design for GOD's glory, and a View of rendring your selves Useful in your generation, you now undertake this Business; and not with a Vain spirit, seeking only Applause from men and to make a shew,—

Let me then press you to Consider, You are under the Eye of GOD Almighty; And He expects whatsoever we do, we do it faithfully. Engage then in it as your Duty, and steadfastly pursue your Designs. Believe, Military Skill is not Born with men; nor is it a Reproach for men to lay out themselves to Acquire it: [...] is Manly, Honourable and Useful.

[Page 25] Study then to Accomplish your selves with all the parts of Military Knowlege & Exercise: Give Diligence and application thereunto; and let your profiting appear to all. Don't become like a man going about to build a Tower, but ere he has gone thro' is unable to go any further; and men begin to mock him. Count up the Cost: and be faithful in this Calling.

You should ever Consider, GENTLEMEN, You are Voluntiers; and the World expects it is from a Love to the Art Military—, and a Design to render your selves Capable & Useful, you undertake this—. May the GOD of Armies, the LORD of Hosts, both Encourage your Hearts—, and Teach your Fingers to War.

To conclude, in a Use to all.

USE, IV. Let us Each one labour to Endure Hardness as good Souldiers of JESUS CHRIST: Let us List under his Banner; and take to our selves the whole Armour of GOD, that we may be able both to withstand and to stand in the Evil Day. He is our Captain and our King—; Our Life as Christians is a Warfare: We wrestle not only with flesh and blood, but against Principalities and Powers—, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world, against spiritual [Page 26] Wickedness in high Places. We must therefore Fight, or we shall never Overcome. Death our last Great Enemy is approaching; and there is no Discharge in this War. With respect to this there is neither Jew nor Greek, Male nor Female, Bond nor Free; but all must Engage in the Battle, All must fall by its prevailing Power; For its appointed for man once to Die. Let us then so Live, that in that dark hour, we may sing that Song of Triumph, Oh! Death, where is thy Sting? Oh! Grave, where is thy Victory? Let us so war a good Warfare, and fight the good fight of Faith, as to Overcome by the blood of the Lamb—: and become more than Con­querors. That as CHRIST has Overcome and is sat down with his Father on his Throne, we may Overcome and sit down with CHRIST, and Reign with him for ever.


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