A CATALOGUE Of Rare and Valuable BOOKS, Being the greatest part of the Library of the Late Reverend and Learned, Mr. Joshua Moodey, And part of the Library of the Reverend & Learned, Mr. Daniel Gookin, Late of Sherbourn, Deceas'd.

With a Valuable Collection of BOOKS, Imported in October last from LONDON.


  • Divinity
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Poetry
  • Miscellanies
  • Mathematicks
  • Voyages and Travels.

To be Sold by AUCTION, At the House of Mr. Elisha Odlin, on the South side of the Town-House in Boston, On Tuesday, the 23d Day of December 1718. Beginning at Three aClock Afternoon.

The BOOKS to be shewn by Samuel Gerrish Bookseller, near the Old Meeting-House in Boston from Thursday the 18th Day of December, until the Day of Sale.

BOSTON: Printed by Samuel Kneeland, at the lower End of Queen-Street, for Samuel Gerrish, near the Old Meeting-House, where Catalogues may be had gratis, 1718.


The Conditions of the SALE.

I. THat all Buyers do give in their Names, and Places of Abode, paying also Five Shillings in the Pound in part for the Books they shall buy, and so proportionably for lesser Sums; which Money shall be deducted upon the Payment of the rest, and delivery of the Books.

II. That all Buyers shall be obliged to pay their Money to Samuel Gerrish Bookseller, or his Order, for the Books they shall buy, and take their Books away within Fourteen Days after the Sale is ended, upon the Forfeiture of One Shilling in the Pound, to be paid unto the said Gerrish out of the aforesaid Praemium.

III. That no Person advance less than 6d.each biding after a Book rises to 10s. and after it rises to 20s. not less than 12d.

IV. That no Books shall be delivered in the time of Sale, unless they are paid for.

V. If any difference arise concerning any Book Sold, it shall be put up to Sale again immediately, unless the Company can easily decide the Dispute.

[Page 1]

Books in FOLIO.

1 ANTONII Angellii Commentarii in Psal­mos. & Divini Officii Cantica.

2 Calvini Comment. in lib. V. Mesis.

3 ——in Isaiam. Jerem. & Lam.

4 ——Proelectiones, in Duodecim Prophetas Minores.

5 Annotations on the Old and New Tes­tament, by the Revd. Assembly of Divines.

6 Bp. Hall's Works.

7 The History of the Council of Trent, gilt and letter'd.

8 Grimstone's History of the Estates, Empires, and Prin­cipalities of the World.

9 The Roman History, by T. Livius, with the Breviaries of L. Florus. A Chronology, and the Topography of Rome in Ancient Time. translated by P. Holland.

10 Johnston of the Excellency of Monarchical Govern­ment, especially of the English Monarchy. letter'd.

11 A. Burgess's Comment. On 1 Cor. 3. with the Godly and Natural Mans Choice, upon Psal. IV. 6. 7. 8.

12 Dr. Jermin's Comment. On Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

13 Hildersam's 108 Lectures upon the Fourth of John.

14 Hutcheson's Exposition on the XII Small Prophets

15 Bayne's Comment. upon the whole Epistle to the Ephesians.

16 Calvin's 199 Sermons on Deuteronomy: in English, newly Bound. (Some Pages wanting.)

17 Newman's Concordance to the Holy Scriptures. Printed at Cambridge by John Field. (newly & neatly Bound.)

18 Byfields Exposition upon the Epistle to the Colossians with the Resolution of many chief Cases of Conscience, (newly Bound.)

[Page 2]19 R. Rogers's Comment. upon the Book of Judges.(newly and neatly bound.

20 Mr. Thomas Shepard (of Cambridge) on the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Published by Mr. J. Mitchel of Cambridge, and Mr. Shepard of Charlestown.

21 Augustini Marlorati, Expositio Ecclesiastica in Novum Testamentum.

22 J. Lorini in Actus Apostolorum Commentaria.

23 Divi Cyrilli Opera Omnia.

24 Molleri Praelectiones in Psalmos.

25 Calvini Comment. in Omnes Epistolas.

26 Fox's Ecclesiastical History, containing the Acts and Monuments of Martyrs. Vol. 3d. (with Cutts.)

27 Dr. Goodwin's Works. Vol; 1st.

28 ——Vol. 2d.

29 Grimestone's History of the Netherlands, with curious Cuts.

30 The Christian Warfare against the Devil, World and Flesh, deseribing their Nature, the manner of their Fight, and means to obtain Victory, By J. Downame.

31 Times Storehouse, containing Learned Collections, Judicious Reading, and Memorable Observations, of worthy Personages, English, French, Italian, Spanish, &c. upon divers Subjects.

32 Hughes's Exposition upon the Book of Genesis, and 23 Chapters of Exodus.

33 Sermons, Or Homilies of the Church, in the Time of Queen Elizabeth.

34 Dr. Roberts's Key of the BIBLE, unlocking the Richest Treasury of the Holy Scriptures.

35 D. Twissi De Praedestinatione Animadversiones.

36 Calvini Comment. in Isaiam, & Praelectiones in Da­nielem.

37 ——Praelectiones in Jeremiam, & Lamentationes.

38 Joannis De Pineda Comment. in Feb. 2 Volumes.

39 ——Comment. De Rebus Salomonis Regis. Libri. Otto.

40 ——Comment. in Ecclesiasten.

41 Dr. Willet's Synopsis Papismi: Or, General View of the Papistry, with the Life of the Author.

[Page 3]42 Grimestone's History of Spain.

43 Goodwin's Redemption Redeemed.

44 Dr. Twisse of the Riches of GOD's Love unto the Vessels of Mercy, consistent with His Absolute Ha­tred of the Vessels of Wrath. With other Discourses.

45 Calvin's Institutions. Englished by T. Norton.

46 Spiritual Refinings, in 2 Parts. I. A Treatise of Grace and Assurance. II. A Treatise of Sin, with its Causes, Differences, Mitigations, and Aggravations. In 161 Sermons. By A. Burgess.

47 Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity.

48 Hutcheson's Exposition of the Gospel according to John.

49 The Dutch Annotations upon the whole BIBLE. Tran­slated by Theodore Haak Esq in 2 Vol. (newly and neatly bound.)

50 Dr. Willet's Commentary on Romans.

51 Corn. A Lapide Comment. in Pentatenchum.

52 ——in Quatuor Prophetas Majores.

53 ——in Duodecim Prophetas Minores.

54 ——in Omnes Pauli Epistolas.

55 ——in Acta Apostolorum, & E­pistolas Canonicas.

56 Gerhardi Harmonia Evangelica.

57 Fox's Acts and Monuments. 2 Vol.

58 Maylyne's Lex Mercaroria, or Ancient Law Merchant. With Dafforie's Directions for the perfect Ordering and keeping Accompts.

59 Ainsworth's Annotations upon the Five Books of Mo­ses, The Book of Psalms, and the Canticles.

60 The Works of that Famous Divine, Mr. William Perkins, in 3 Vol.

61 Baxter's Catholick Theology, in 3 Books.

62 Downame's Guide to Godliness; Or, a Treatise of a Christian Life, with another Treatise of Security.

63 Cotton's Exposition upon the 1st Epistle of John.

64 Calvini Comment. in Acta Apostolorum, & Omnes Epistolas Canonicas.

65 T. Aquinatis Enarrationes in quatuor Evang.

66 Herodotus, in Greek.

[Page 4]67 Calvini Comment. in Acta Apost. & Bullingeri Con­ciones 100 in Apocalypsin.

68 D. Hillarii Lutubrationes.

69 Grimestone's Imperial History; Or, The Lives of the Emperors from the first Foundation of the Roman Monarchy, to this time.

70 The Commentaries of Messire Blaize de Montluc, Marshal of France. (Gilt and Letter'd.)

71 Ness's History and Mystery of the New-Testament. Vol. 4.

72 Dr. Sibb's Commentary upon II Cor. I. Published by Dr. T. Manton.

73 Dr. Willet's Comment. upon Leviticus.

74 Daniel's History of England.

75 Harris's Works.

76 Greenham's Works.

77 Dr. Homes's Resurrection Revealed: Or, The Dawn­ing of the Day-Star,&c.

78 Dr. Williams's right way to the best Religion.

79 Hildersam's 152 Lectures upon the 51st Psalm.

80 Roberts's Merchants Mapp of Commerce.

81 Dr. Homes's Resurrection Revealed raised above Doubts and Difficulties.

82 Dr. Taylor's Comment. upon the Epistle to Titus, with the Authors Life and Death.

83 Rogers's 103 Sermons upon the Book of Judges.

84 Crook's Divine Characters, in 2 parts. Acutely Distin­guishing the Secret and undiscerned Differences between 1st The Hypocrite in his best dress of seeming virtues, and the True Christian in his Real Graces. 2ly. Between the Daily Infirmities of the Godly, and the Reigning Sins of the Unregenerate.

85 Byfield's Exposition upon Colossians.

86 Scapulae Lexicon Graco-Latinum.

87 D. Chameri Panstratia Catbolica. in 4 Vol.

88 D. Petri Martyris Loci Communes.

89 H. Bullengeri Comment. in omnes Apostol. Epistolas.

90 Calvin's 149 Sermons upon the Book of Job, in English translated by A. Golding.

91 The History of Polybius translated by Grimestone, with the manner of the Roman encamping, gilt and letter'd

[Page 5]92 Greenwood's Astronomy.

93 Allen's Doctrine of the Gospel.

94 Dr. Morton's Catholick Appeal for Protestants.

95 Dr. Stillingfleet's Sermons on Several Occasions.

96 Flton's Exposition on the Epist. to the Colossians.

97 Trapp's Exposition upon all the Books of the New Testament.

98 Cotgrave's French and English Dictionary. to which is added Sherwood's English and French Dictionary.

99 Fox's Acts and Monuments. Vol. 1

100 Aretii Comment. in Novum Testamentum. in 2 Vol.

101 Pistorii Illustrium Veterum Scriptorum de Rebus Germanicis Collectio.

102 Fuclidis Elementorum 6 Libri Priores Cum Cheube­lii algebra Regulis.

103 Gualtheri in Ada Apost. Homilia.

104 Briggh Arithmetica Logarithmica.

105 Quick's Synodicon in Gallia Reformata, in 2 Vol. (neatly bound and letter'd.)

106 Dr. Plot's Natural History of Oxfordshire, with curi­ous Copper Cuts (Letter'd)

107 Trapp's Exposition upon the XII Minor Prophets to whhch is added, The Righteous Mans Recompence, Or a True Christian Characterized and Encouraged.

108 A Concordance: Containing a Survey of Theological Propositions: with their Reasons and Uses in Holy Scripture. by W. Knight.

109 Dr. Sanderson's Sermons.

110 Dr. Willet on Exodus.

111 Whately's Prototypes: Or, Examples of Persons mentioned in the Book of Genesis, practically applyed for Information and Reformation. with the Author's Life and Death, written by Mr. Henry Scudder.

112 Roberts's Mystery and Marrow of the Bible, Vol. 2.

113 Pemble's Works.

114 Dr. Kellet's Miscellanies of Divinity.

115 Dr. Williams's True Church.

116 Durham's Exposition of the Book of the Revelation.

117 Brathwait's English Gentleman, and Gentlewoman. Enlarged. with A Ladies Love Lecture, and the Tur­tles Triumph.

[Page 6]118 Dr. Homes's Works.

119 Martin's History of the Reigns of Twenty Kings, from William the Conqueror, to Henry the Eighth, &c.

120 B. Theodoreti Opera Omnia.

121 Chemnitii & Gerhardi Harmoniae Evangelicae Libri 5.

122 Isidori Opera Omnia.

123 Calvini in Harm. Evang. Comment.

124 ——Proelectiones in Duodecim Prophetas Mi­nores.

125 Cowley's Works. with his Life.

126 Parker's Discourse against the Sign of the Cross.

127 Dr. Willet's Comment. on Romans.

128 Dr. More's Enquiry into the Mystery of Iniquity.

129 Byfield on Colossians.

130 Elton on Colossians.

131 Sherwood's English and French Dictionary.

132 Dr. Jermin's Comment. of Ecclesiastes.

133 Calvin's Comment. on Isaiah in English. (a few pages wanting) newly bound.

134 Phillips's New World of Words; Or a General English Dictionary.

135 Byfield's Exposition of the 3 first Chap. of the 1st Epist. of Peter.

136 Shepard on the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

137 Pareus on the Revelation, Translated by E. Arnold.

138 A. Burgess's 145 Expository Sermons upon the 17th Chap. of John.

139 Hutcheson's Exposition of the Gospel of John.

140 Birckbeck's Protestants Evidence: Taken out of good Records. Recommended by Dr. F. Reynolds.

141 Hall's Practical and Polemical Exposition of the 3d and 4th Chap. of the 2nd Epist. to Timothy.

142 Dr. Owen on Hebrews. Vol. 1.


1 D. Heinsii Exercitationes Sacrae, in Novum Testa­mentum.

2 Fr. Junii Anal. Expl. in lib. 5 Mosis.

3 ——Sacrorum Parallelorum, Libri Tres.

[Page 7]4 Calvin's Harmony of the Evangelists, with his Com­mentary upon John. in English.

5 Caryl's Exposition with practical Observations upon the 1, 2, 3. Chap. of Job.

6 ——Ditto upon the 18, 19, 20, 21. Chap. of Job.

7 Blake's Treatise of the Covenant, with a Sermon at his Funeral by Mr A. Burgess. And a Funeral Oration by Mr. Samuel Shaw.

8 Dr. Sanderson's Sermons.

9 Bolton's Directions for a Comfortable Walk with God.

10 Greenhill's Exposition with Useful Observations upon the five first Chap. of Ezekiel.

11 Ramus's Way to Geometry, translated and enlarged by W. Bedwell.

12 The Triumphs of Rome over Despised Protestancy.

13 Dr. Manton's Practical Exposition with Notes on the Epistle of Jude.

14 Dr. White of the Sabbath

15 Roborough of Justification.

16 Greenham's Works, 2nd part.

17 Dr Owen's Mystery of the Gospel Vindicated, with an Appendix.

18 Burroughs of Gospel Conversation; with the Misery of those that have their Portion in this Life.

19 Dr. Owen's Practical Exposition of the 130th Psalm.

20 The Works of Mr William Bridge. Vol. 3.

21 Bolton's Four last Things. with his Life and Death &c.

22 Rogers of the 39 Articles.

23 The Letters of Monsieur De Balzac, in English.

24 Bancroft's Epigrams, Epitaphs, and Plays.

25 Sr. Christ. Sibthorp's Friendly Advertisement to the pretended Catholicks of Ireland. with, A. Bp. Usher's Epistle concerning the Religion of the Ancient Irish and Scotch.

26 Dod and Cleaver on the 10 Commandments.

27 Cobbet's Vindication of the Covenant Estate of Chil­dren, with their Right to Baptism.

28 Cotton's Bloudy Tenet washed, wherein many Questi­ons concerning Liberty of Conscience, &c. are discussed.

29 Holbrook's Saint Paul's Triumph, &c.

[Page 8]30 Rutherford of the Covenant of Grace.

31 Alvarii De Institutions Grammatica lib. tres.

32 Clavis Apocalyptica.

33 Augustanae Consessionis Articuli.

34 Dicsoni Expos. Anal. Omnium Apost. Epist.

35 Rolloci Comment. in lib. Danielis.

36 ——Comment. in Epist. Pauli ad Ephes.

37 Hooker's Survey of the Sum of Church Discipline.

38 Greenhill's Exposition with Useful Observations upon the whole Prophecy of Ezekiel, in 5 Vol.

39 The Morning Exercise Methodized.

40 Wells's Practical Sabbatarian: or, Sabbath Holiness Crowned with Superlative Happiness.

41 Dr. Preston's Works, in 3 Vol.

42 A Collection of Fast Sermons Preached to the Honou­rable House of Commons, by Several Excellent Mini­sters. from May 1642. to March 1643.

43 Calvin's Comment. on the Acts, in English.

44 A Collection of Choice Sermons upon Select Occasions, by Dr Stoughton.

45 Perkins's Comment. on Hebrews XI.

46 Burroughs's Exposition of the 1, 2, 3 Chap. of Hosea.

50 A Treatise of the Nature, and Choice of Habitable Places.

51 Aristotelis Logica.

52 Zanchii De Religione Christiana Fides.

53 Calvini Comment. in Epist. ad Gal. Ephes. Phil. Colos.

54 Dr Owen's Enquiry into the Original, Nature, Insti­tution, Power, Order, and Communion of Evangelical Churches. With an Answer to Dr. Stilling fleet in De­fence of the Nonconformists.

55 Dr. E. Reynolds's Three Treatises, of the Vanity of the Creature, The Sinfulness of Sin, The Life of CHRIST.

56 Prynne's Histrio-Mastix. The Players Scourge, or Actors Tragedie.

57 Brinstey's True Watch; Or, The Call of the Lord to Speedy Repentance &c. Taken from the IX Chap. of Ezekiel.

[Page 9]58 An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Na­ture, with several other Treatises. By Nat. Culverwell.

59 Dr. Preston of the Divine Essence & Attributes of GOD.

60 Caryl's Exposition with Practical Observations upon the whole Book of Job, in 12 Vol. (compisat, and neatly bound.)

61 Rutherford of Liberty of Conscience.

62 Elton's Complaint of a Sanctified Sinner Answered: Or, An Explanation of the VIIth Chap. 10 the Romans.

63 The Doctrine of Justification cleared, by Hen. Roborough.

64 Heylin's Description of the World.

65 Burroughs's Irenicum. Heart Divisions Opened in the Causes and Evils of them.

66 Eight Sermons upon Publick Occasions, Preached before the King. By the Bishop of Eli, Chichester, and Dr. Andrews.

67 Taylor on the Parable of the Sower, and the Seed,

68 Cowper's Heaven Opened, in Two Parts.

69 Ld Galloway's Commentary upon the 4, 5, 6, and 7, Chap. of the Revelation.

70 I. Zabarellae De Rebus Naturalibus, Libri XXX.

71 D. Parei Comment in Romanos.

72 G. Amesii Lectiones in Psalm's.

73 Gouldman's Lat. and Eng. Dictionary.

74 Brightman on the Revelation.

75 Calvin's Sermons on the Epist. to the Galations.

76 The Buckler of the Faith, by Peter Du Moulin.

77 Dr. E. Reynolds's Sermons upon the whole 14th Chap. of Hosea.

78 ——Sermons upon Several Occasions.

79 Robotham's Exposition of Solomon's Song.

80 Clarkson's Practical Divinity of the Papists.

81 Hieron on the 51. Psalm.

82 Burroughs of Moses's Choice: Discovering the Hap­piness of a Self-denying Heart.

83 Baxter of Justification.

84 A Justification of the Religion prosessed in England. By W. T.

85 Taylor's Exposition with practical Observations upon the Nine first Chap. of Proverbs.

[Page 10]86 Oldisworth's Holy Royalist.

87 Burroughs's Exposition of the Prophecy of Hosea, in 4 Vol.

88 Dr. Sibbs's Commentary upon the XIV. Chap. of Hosea. with the Saints Priviledge.

89 Dr. E. Reynolds on the 110th. Psalm.

90 Dr. White on the Sabbath.

91 D. Parei Comment. in Epist. ad Hebreos.

92 Theod. Bezae ad Ada Colloguii &c Respensia.

93 Riveti Exercitationes in Gonesin.

94 ——Comment. in Exodum.

95 ——Explic. Decal. Exod. XX.

96 ——Comment. in Hoseam, & Psalmorum Pro­pbeticorum &c.

97 Sr. Henry Vane's Meditations; Or, the Mystery and Power of Godliness.

98 The Book of the Revelation Paraphras'd; with Anno­tations on Each Chapter. By Edw. Waple B. D.

99 Prynne's Histrio- Mastix. The Players Sccurge, Or Actors Tragedy.

100 Gale's Court of the Gentiles. in 3 Vol.

101 The Holy BIBLE, in a fair Character, with the Marginal Reading, and Quotations. (neatly bound and gilded.)

102 Policy Unveiled; Or, Maximes of State.

103 The Morning Exercise against Popery, by Sundry Mi­nisters in, and about London.

104 Dr. Owen's Practical Exposition of the CXXX. Psalm. with his Effigies.

105 D. Rogers's Practical Catechism. with a Treatise of the Two Sacraments.

106 Gurnal's Christian Armour; Or, The Saints War against the Devil. 1st part.

107 Dr. Manton's Exposition with Notes upon the Epist. of James.

108 The Orthodox Evangelist. By Mr. John Norton of Ipswich in New-England.

109 Cowper's Heaven Opened.

110 Gataker of the Nature and Use of Lots.

111 A Collection of divers Excellent Tracts of Dr. John Lightfoot.

[Page 11]112 Burgess of Justification, in 2 parts.

113 Dr. Downame's Lectures on the XV. Psalm.

114 Aristotelis de moribus. Lib. decem.

115 H. Zanchii de Natura Dei lib. V.

116 Clenardi Institutiones in Graecam Linguam.

117 D. Parei Comment. in Epist. ad Galatas.

118 Duns Scoti Philosophia Naturalis.

119 N. Caussini De Eloquentia Sacra et Humana. lib. XVI.

120 Beverly's Scripture Line of Time.

121 Danet's Compleat Dictionary of the Greek and Ro­man Antiquities, with Usefull Mapps.

122 A Concordance to the whole BIBLE, according to the last and best Translation. Recommended by Dr. Featly, and Dr. William Gouge.

123 Jackson's Annotations upon the whole Book of Isaiah.

124 Prynne's Soveraign Power of Parliaments and King­doms. with Romes Master-peice; Or, the Grand Conspiracy, Reveal'd.

125 The Holy BIBLE, in a fair large print, with Margi­nal Readings and Quotations.

126 Weemse's Works, in 6 Vol.

127 Taylor's Comment. upon the Epist. to Titus.

128 Dr. Charleton's Enquiries into Humane Nature.

129 Caryl's Exposition with Practical Observations upon the 1, 2, 3. Chap. of Job. Vol. 1.

130 ——4, 5, 6, 7, Chap. Vol. 2.

131 ——8, 9, 10, Chap. Vol. 3.

132 ——11, 12, 13, 14, Chap. Vol. 4.

133 ——15, 16, 17, Chap. Vol. 5.

134 ——18, 19, 20, 21, Chap. Vol. 6.

135 ——22, 23, 24, 25, 26, Chap. Vol. 7.

136 Wilson's Christian Dictionary.

137 Dr. Sibbs's Exposition of the Book of Canticles.

138 Leigh's Critica Sacra, upon the New Testament.

139 Cowper's Anatomy of a Christian.

140 Feltham's Resolves.

[Page 12]


1 A New-England Psalm Book.

2 Dr. Va [...]'s Wisdom and Innocence.

3 Quarles's Enchiridion.

4 Gutbrie's Tryal of a Saving Interest in CHRIST, with the way to attain it.

5 Assembly of Divines Confession of Faith, with the Lar­ger and Shorter Catechisms, &c.

6 Cooper's Christians Daily Sacrifice.

7 Two Sermons by Mr. Thacher, and Mr. Dansorth.

8 Becon of the Mass.

9 Bunny's Christians Exercise.

10 Augustine's Meditations, Prayers, &c.

11 Mr. Colman of the Government and Improvement of Mirth.

12 A Pastor's Legacy being the Substance of 14 Farewell Sermons.

13 Perkins's Exposition of the Lords Prayer.

14 Dr. Goodwin of the return of Prayer.

15 Things to be more Thought upon.

16 Three Discourses by Mr. Wadsworth.

17 A Latine Psalter.

18 Robertson's Hebrew Psalter.

19 Erasmus's Manual for a Christian Soldier.

20 The best acquaintance and highest Honour.

21 The Rule of Behaviour, Touching Spiritual Matters and Temporal.

22 The Mirrour of Martyrs.

23 Bunworth of the French Disease.

24 Twelve Sermons on Various Subjects by Mr. B. Wad­sworth.

25 Dr. I. Mather of Faith and Fervency in Prayer.

26 Stoddard's Appeal to the Learned.

27 Dr. I. Mather's Meditations on the Lords Day. &c.

28 Youth's Behaviour: Containing I. His Duty towards GOD. II. Of his Conversation amongst Men.

29 Sr. Henry Blount's Voyage into the Levant, &c.

[Page 13]30 Smith's History of Our Saviour, The Evangelists, and Apostles.

31 Potteri Theses Quadragefimahes in Scholis Oxonii.

32 Salustii Opera.

33 Ovidii Epistola, Amorum &c.

34 Cl. Claudianique exstant, [...] Vita Authoris.

35 J. Sleidani De 4 Summis Imperiis lib. [...].

36 Justiniani Institutionum lib. 4.

37 Cornelii Taciti.

38 Hesrodi Opera, cum Aunot.

39 Corn. Nepotis.

40 Rubrica Generalis Breviarii.

41 Philippi Cluverii Introduct. Geogr. lib. 6.

42 Julii Caesaris Comment.

43 Ausonii Opera.

44 C. Suetonius Tranquillus.

45 L. Apuleii Opera.

46 J. Barclaii Argenis.

47 Nav. Testam. Gr.

48 Menasseh Ben Israel De las Oraciones Del Mas.

49 Prophete Isa. Jer. Baruch, Ezek. Dan. cum Duode­cim aliis minoribus.

50 J. Audoeni Epigramatum &c.

51 Palmer's Memorials of Godliness and Christianity.

52 A Pastors Legacy.

53 Dr. C. Mather and Mr. Colman's Sermons to a Wo­man under Sentence of Death.

54 Singing of Psalms the Duty of Christians under the New Testament. by T. F.

55 Dr. C. Mather of Discontent.

56 The History of the House of Orange.

57 A Survey of the Tunkish Empire, with the Life of Mabomat the Impostor.

58 Collings's Spouse under the Apple Tree; Or, The State of the Elect by Nature. with 4 more Treatises by the same Author.

59 Brooks's Heavenly Cordial.

60 Venning's Canaan's Flowings, with other Curious Peices.

61 A Confession of Faith in Eng. and Indian.

[Page 14]62 A Pattern of Catechistical Doctrine.

63 Sedgwick's Riches of Grace Displayed.

64 The Repugnancy of Sin to the Principles of Reason.

65 Bp. Hall's Meditations and Vows, Divine and Mo­ral &c.

66 Case's Treatise of Afflictions. With another of Cor­ruption in the Saints.

67 Allien's Sure Guide to Heaven. With Practical Ca­ses of Conscience, Resolved.

68 Dr. C. Mather's Funeral Discourses, upon the Death of Relatives.

69 Mr. H. Peter's Legacy to his only Child.

70 GOD a Christian's Choice, a Treatise of particular Covenanting with GOD, by S. Winney. &c.

71 R. Allen of Singing of Psalms.

72 Tillam of the Seventh-Day Sabbath.

73 Goodwin's GOD a Good Master and Protector.

74 Gouge's Faith of Dying Jacob, with the life and Death of Mr. Isaac Hubbard. and the Young Stu­dents Monitor.

75 Profit and Pleasure United; or, the Husbandman's Magazine. with Cuts.

76 The School of Recreation. with Cuts.

77 Vincent of Judgment.

78 A Relation of the Death of the Primitive Persecutors. translated by Dr. G. Burnet, with a large Preface concerning Persecution.

79 Soveraign Comforts for a Troubled Conscience by Mr. R. Yarrow.

80 The Call of the Son of GOD.

81 Taylor of Grace, being a Relation of his Experiences, With a Vindication from the Reflections of Mr. Denis

82 Bp. Hall's Contemplations upon the Historical part of the Old Testament. neatly bound. 2 Volumes.

83 Dr. Stillingfleet of the Idolatry of the Church of Rome.

84 The Life and Death of Mr. Matt. Henry.

85 England's Treasure by Foreign Trade.

86 Shepard's Theses Sabbaticae Or, Doctrine of the Sabbath. with a Resolution of divers Select Cases of Conscience.

[Page 15]87 Baxter's Divine Appointment of the Lords Day.

88 Lud. Abelli Medulla Theologica.

89 Senecae Tragedia.

90 Basiwicki Flagellum Pontisic. &c.

91 Alstedii Metaphysica.

92 Amesii De Conscientia. libri 5.

93 Jacchei Instit. Metaphysica. lib. 6.

94 Janua Linguarum.

95 Q. Curtii Hist.

96 Maccovii Metaphysica.

97 Hogelandi Cogitationes, quibus Dei Existentia

98 J. Ravis Text. Epitbet. Epit.

99 A. Hereboordi Colleg. Ethicum.

100 Palmer's Memorials.

101 The best Acquaintance.

102 Dr. I. Mather on the Sabbath &c.

103 The City of Refuge &c.

104 English Liberties.

105 Rosse's Animadversions upon Hobbs's Leviathan.

106 Lee's Triumph of Mercy in the Chariot of Praise.

107 Steele's Antidote against Distractions.

108 Milbourne's Version of the Psalms, with Tunes.

109 A Collection of Treatises by Mr. A. Dent, Mr. W. Leigh, Mr. H. Greenwood, and others.

110 Mr. Willard's Discourse of Justification.

111 D. Quevedo's Glass for Favourites.

112 The Young Schollars best Companion, by E. Cole.

113 The Practice of Piety.

114 The Stratagems of War: Or, The Celebrated Practi­ces, Wise Sayings, Brave Exploits &c. of Great Ge­nerals Ancient and Modern.

115 Dr. Sibbs's Fountain Sealed, with his Effigies curiously engraver.

116 Mr. Josh. Moodey's Discourse upon Psalm. 84. 10.

117 Winstanly's Prophecies fulfilled, with other peices.

118 Hughes's Aphorisms concerning the Sabbath.

119 Gearing's Clavis Coeli; Or, a Treatise of Prayer.

120 ——GODS Soveraignty Displayed. from Job. IX. 12. (written soon after the burning of London.)

121 The Romish Mass-Book Faithfully translated into Eng­lish, with Notes, and Observations.

[Page 16]122 Mr. Colman's Two Discourses, Viz. Upon Job XI. 7, 8, 9. and upon Luke XI. 21, 22. neatly bound up together.

123 Fleming of Faith (in two parts.)

124 Maschil: Or, the Faithful Instructor. A Work of great Use to Christian Householders.

125 Powels Concordance to the whole BIBLE, recom­mended by Dr. Owen.

126 Rutherford's Letters.

127 Bonifacius: Or, Essays to do good.

128 Dickson's Exposition on Matthew.

129 Baxter's Gildas Salvimus: Or, the Reformed' Pastor.

130 Herbert's Temple. Sacred Poems and Private Ejacu­lations. with his Life and Effigies.

131 Echard's Gazetteer, 1st. and 2nd Part, in two Vo­lumes. the 11th Edition much enlarg'd.

132 A Letter from some Aged Nonconforming Ministers, to their Friends. with other peices.

133 C. Nepos's Lives of Illustrious Men. Done into Eng­lish by Mr. Creech, and others. with cuts.

134 Gailbard's Treatise of the Education of Youth.

135 Oldham's Works. with his Remains. (gilt and let­ter'd.)

136 Herodian's History of the Roman Emperors.

137 The Holy BIBLE, with Marginal Quotations, a choice print, neatly bound, black.

138 Biblia Sacra, Latina.

139 Hereboordi Collegium Ethiaum.

140 Byfield's Principles, Or, Pattern of wholsome Words.

141 Farnabii Rbet. & Orat. &c.

142 Baronii Metaphysica.

143 Miltoni Logica, cum Effigie Authoris.

144 Burgersdicii Logica.

145 Bythneri Institutio Linguae Sanctae

146 Baronii Annale's Ecclesiaestici, Epit.in 2 Vol.

147 Verulamii Novum Organum.

148 Lee's Triumph of Mercy in the Chariot of Praise.

149 Blake's Ebenezer: Or, Profitable Truths after Pesti­lential Times.

[Page 17]150 Despagne upon the Creed, and the Lords Prayer &c.

151 Garbutt's Demonstration of the Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST. &c.

152 A Collection of Several Treatises, viz. The Christi­an Conventicle &c.

153 Ellis's Genteel Sinner: Or, England's Brave Gen­tleman Character'd.

154 Mr. I. Sewall of Family Religion &c.

155 Hodder's Arithmetick.

156 Arts Treasury: Containing Extraordinary Rareties, and Curious Inventions.

157 The Mothers Blessing: Or, Mrs. Leigh's Counsel to her Children.

158 Mr. I. Moodey's Sermons upon Psal. 84. 10.

159 Mr. Willard's Mourners Cordial.

160 Mr. Pemberton's Funeral Sermon, upon the Death of Mr. Willard. with a Poem By Mr. Colman.

161 Rogers of the Changeableness of this World.

162 Bury's England's Bane: Or, the Danger of Drunken­ness.

163 Bp. Reynolds's Meditations on the Fall and Rising of Peter. with his Effigies curiously engraven.

164 The Universal Monitor, of Moral and Divine Pre­cepts.

165 The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America.

166 The Life of Mr. Jonathan Mitchel, by Dr. C. Ma­ther.

167 The True Non-conformist.

168 Whitaker's Answer to Rainolds.

169 The Golden Rule; Or, Royal Law of Equity ex­plain'd.

170 Masters's Duty of Submission to Divine Providence.

171 The Pdiory of Impostors.

172 Sedgwick's CHRIST'S Counsell to his Languishing Church of Sardis.

173 Cruso's Sermons, with his Effigies.

174 Capel of Tentations, Their Nature, Danger, and Cure, with an Epistle by Dr. Sibbs.

175 Dr. Owen's Truth and Innocency Vindicated: In a Survey of a Discourse of Ecclesiastical Polity.

[Page 18]176 Wither's Fides Anglicana: Or, a Plea for the Pub­lick Faith of the British Nations.

177 Bp. Wilkin's of Prayer and Preaching. (gilt and letter'd.)

178 Disney's Essay upon the Execution of the Laws.

179 Dr. Blackall's Sermons at Mr. Boyle's Lecture in the Year 1700.

180 Dr. Tillotson's Sermons upon Several Occasions.

181 The Government of the Tongue, by the Author of The whole Duty of Man.

182 Characters & Criticisms upon the Ancient and Modern Orators, Poets &c.

183 Wilson's Sermons on Several Texts, in Gen. Exod. and Levit.

184 Several Years Travels through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, &c.

185 A Second Tale of a Tub: Or, The History of Ro­bert Powel, the Puppet-Show-man.

186 Coles Lat. and Eng. Dictionary (a few pages wanting.)

187 Martin's Description of the Western Islands of Scotland. with Maps.

188 Buxtorfi Epit. Gram. Heb.

189 Brounei in Libellos Wolzogii De Script. interp. Et velthusii de Idol. a super stit. examen.

190 Poet a Minores Graci.

191 Confessio Fidei, cum Catechismo Majori & minori.

192 Senecae Tragedia,

193 Lubini Clavis Graca Lingua & Martini Epitome Lexici.

194 Bythneri Inst. Lingua Sanita.

195 Phrases Lingua Latina.

196 Luciani Dialog. Select.

197 Preservatis Contre Le Changement De Religion.

198 The Arch Bishop of Dublin's Sermon upon the 30th January 1670.

199 The Anabaptists Anatomized, and Silenced in a Pub­lick Dispute.

200 The Wars of England, Scotland and Ireland &c. with cuts.

[Page 19]201 Woodrosse's Treatise upon Simeon's Song.

202 Mr. Willard's Childs Portion. Upon I. John, 3. 2.

203 The Mystery of the Lords Supper briefly explained, by Thomas Watson. with other discourses.

204 Dr. C. Mather's Memorable Providences.

205 Dr. I. Mather's Discourse of the Nature and Pow­er of the Holy Angels.

206 Fleming's Confirming Work of Religion.

207 The fulfilling of the Scripture. the 2nd Edition, with many rare Historical Additions.

208 Essays to do Good.

209 Bp. Bramball's Vindication. with a large Preface.

210 The History of the Reign of Lewis the XIII.

211 A Collection of Sermons &c.

212 Dr. Owen's Discourse of Evangelical Love and Peace.

213 Hutcheson's Exposition of the XII Small Prophets, in 3 Vol.

214 The History of Don Fenise.

215 The Clerk's Tutor Improv'd.

216 The Consolidator; Or, Memoirs of Transactions From the World in the Moon. By the Author of The Time born English Man. (gilt and letter'd.)

217 Gibson's Anatomy of Humane Bodies. Enlarged both in the discourse and Figures.

218 Dr. Tillotson's Sermons of the Divinity and Incar­nation of our Blessed Saviour.

219 Fleming's Discourse of the First Resurrection.

220 Dr. Bently's Dissertations on the Epistle of Phalaris, and the Fables of Aesop, Examin'd by the Honoura­ble C. Boyle Esq.

221 The Royal Sufferer.

222 An Account of Switzerland. Written in the Year 1714.

223 The Prince of Conti's Works with his Life. &c.

224 The History of the Bucaniers of America with 25 Copper Plates.

225 Mag [...]i Physiologiae Peripat. lib. VI. cum Comment.

226 Keckermani Syst. Compend. Totius Mathematices.

227 Wase's Essay of a Practical Grammar.

228 Posselii Calligraphia Orat. Linguae Grecae.

[Page 20]229 Buxtorsi Epit. Gram. Heb.

230 ——Gram. Chald. & Syriae.

231 Schickard's Hebrew Grammar.

232 Farnabii Phrases.

233 Biblia Hebraica, Cum punctis.

234 Aristophanis Comedia Gr. & Lat.

235 Amesii Bellarminus Enervatus.

236 Mr. Pemberton's Funeral Sermon upon the Death of Mr. Willard.

237 Vincent of Love.

238 The Character of a Weaned Christian: Or, the Evan­gelical Art of Self-Denyal. by S. S.

239 Allen's Perswasive to Peace and Unity among Chri­stians.

240 Christian Recreations, divided into Dialogues.

241 The History of the Revolution in Portugal in 1640.

242 The Christian Indeed.

243 Dr. Outram's Sermons upon Faith and Providence &c.

244 DesCartes his Metaphysical Meditations, with Mr. Hobbs's Objections. And the Authors Answers, with his Life, by W. Molyneux.

245 The History of Baptism.

246 Thirteen Sermons on Practical Subjects by I. Havett.

247 Dr. Jer. Taylors Rule and Exercise of Holy Living, and Holy Dying. (with Several Cuts.)

248 Mission's New Voyage to Italy: with curious Ob­servations on several other Countries. (with curious figures.) in 2 Vol.

249 Piscatoris Comment. In Vet. & Nov. Test.

250 ——Disputatio Theol. De Predestinations.

251 Tilenii Disputationes Theol.

252 Herodoti Hist. libri IX.

253 Buxtorfi Epit. Gram. Heb.

254 Burgess's Call to Sinners. With the Christian Tem­per.

255 Ness's Spiritual Legacy: Or, the Holy Life and happy Death of Mr. John Draper.

256 Gearing of GOD's Soveraignty.

257 A Treasury for Dealers.

[Page 21]258 Dr. Owen's Humble Testimony unto the Goodness and Severity of GOD. upon Luk. XIII. 1—5.

259 Bailey's Mans Chief End.

260 The Holy BIBLE.

261 Mr. Wise's Churches Quarrel Espoused.

262 Christian Recreations.

263 Henry's Communicants Companion.

264 Love of Grace: The Truth and Growth, and diffe­rent Degrees thereof.

265 The Christians Justification Stated, by W. Allien.

266 Slater of Growth in Grace.

267 A Discourse of the National Excellencies of Eng­land, by R. H.

268 Gouge's Word to Saints and Sinners.

269 Symonds's Case and Cure of a Deserted Soul.

270 Deolitile's Young Mans Instructor, and Old Mans Remembrancer.

271 Dr. Owen's Truth and Innocence Vindicated.

272 Howe's Redeemers Dominion over the Invisible World &c.

273 Browne's Real Christian; Or, Sincere Good man, Described. Recommended by Dr. Daniel Williams, Dr. Oldfield, and others.

274 Salmon's Anatomy of Humane Bodies with 29 Ana­tomical Sculptures.

275 Dr. Edwards Veritas Redux. Evangelical Truths Restored.

276 Derham's Physico Theology; Or, a Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of GOD, from His Work of Creation.

277 Vita Germanorum Theologorum. a Melch. Adamo.

278 Chronicon Carioms.

279 Smetius.

280 Calvini Comment, in lib. Josue.

281 Loniceri Chronicorum Turcicorum Tom.

282 Keckermani Logica.

283 Janua Linguarum.

284 Julii Caesaris Scaligeri De Subtilitate Libri 15.

285 Buxtorsi Thesaurus Gram. Lingua Sancta.

286 Alstedii Legica System. Harmonicum.

[Page 22]287 Brightmanni Comment. in Cantica Canticorum &c.

288 Amesii Coronis.

289 Sedgwick's Flashes of Lightnings of the Son of Man. in Several Sermons.

290 Dr. Tho. Taylor of Repentance. A Man in Christ; Or, a New Creature. with a Treatise of Meditati­ons from the Creatures.

291 Stubs's Non conformity to the World. &c.

292 Binning's XXVIII Sermons of Fellowship with GOD.

293 Day's Communicants Instructor; Or, Sacramental Catechism. with a persuasive to Full Communion.

294 A Description of the Kingdoms of Japan and Siam. (with a large Mapp.)

295 Dr. G. Burnet's Mystery of Iniquity unveiled.

296 Sedgwick's Doubting Christian Resolved.

297 Love's Mariners Jewel; Or, a Pocket Companion for the Ingenious.

298 Phelpes's Caveat against Drunkenness.

299 Rutherford's Letters.

300 Ness's Compleat and Compendious Church History, with a Scripture Prophecy.

301 ——Divine Legacy.

302 The Fundamentals of the Protestant Religion. Eng­lished by Sidney Lodge &c.

303 Chamberlaine's Present State of England. 1673.

304 Ward's Works.

305 Judiciall Astrology, Judicially Condemned.

306 Cotton's Exposition upon the whole Book of Canti­cles.

307 Mr. Willard's Blessed Man.

308 Sedgwick's CHRISTS Counsell to his Languishing Church of Sardis.

309 Dyke of a good Conscience.

310 Doolittles Directions how to live after a wasting Plague.

311 R. Allen's Rebuke to Backsliders, and a Spurr to Loyterers.

312 Clarkson of Saving Grace.

313 Dr. Owen of the Sabbath.

[Page 23]314 Mr. James Nalton's Twenty Sermons upon Several Texts. With Mr. Matt. Poole's Epistle and the Au­thors Effigies.

315 Charnock's Two Discourses. Of Man's Enmity to GOD; And of the Salvation of Sinners.

316 Bp. Wilkins of Prayer and Preaching,

317 The History of Baptism.

318 The Life and Death of Mr. Philip Henry. with his Effigies. &c.

319 Trenchfield's Cap of Gray hairs for a Green head.

320 The Holy BIBLE, with Marginal Quotations, an excellent Print. neatly bound and gilded.

320 Caussim De Sybmolica Egyptiorum.

321 Hogelande Cogitationes de Dei Existentia &c.

322 Rainoldi Orationes.

323 De Vanitate S [...]entiarum.

324 Sleidani De 4 Summis Imperiis, lib. tres.

325 Fremundus De Bello Belgico. cum Appendice De Furcribus Galiers.

326 Burgersdicii Colleg. Physicum.

327 Idea Theologia Speculativa.

328 Corn. Taciti Opera.

329 An Epitome of Ortelius's Theatre of the World, with curious Mapps.

330 Dr. Owen of the Divine Original &c. of the Holy Scriptures.

331 Mr. Willard's Fountain Opened.

332 Bp. Hall's Practical Cases of Conscience Resolved.

333 Several Tracts of Dr. G. Burnet's.

334 Dr. C. Mather's life of Mr. John Eliot. &c.

335 Penn's Primative Christianity Reviv'd.

336 The Present State of Affairs in England, Scotland and Ireland. 1600

337 Nesse's Christians Mirrour. Or looking-Glass.

338 A Sober Guess Concerning Several Dark Prophecies in the Revelation.

339 Penn's Defence of a Paper entituled Gospel Truth.

340 An Account of New Inventions and Improvements necessity for England. by way of letter to the Duke of Marlborough

[Page 24]341 The British Language in its Lustre: Or, a Copious Dictionary Welsh and English.

342 Cocker's Arithmetick.

343 Durbam's Exposition of the Ten Commandments. with the Resolution of Several Momentous Cases of Conscience.

344 Cotton's Treatise of the Covenant of Grace.

345 The Holy Cheat, by Sr. R. L. Estrange.

346 Symonds's Three Treatises.

347 Alline's Sure Guide to heaven. with the Resolution of Cases of Conscience.

348 Quevedo's Visions Burlesqu'd, by a Person of Quality.

349 Allien's World Conquered: Or, a Believers Victory over the World.

350 Tillinghast's Works.

351 Lockyer's Olive-Lease: Or, a Bud of the Spring. &c.

352 Reyner's Precepts: Or, The Rule of the New Creature.

353 Dickson's Exposition of 100 Psalms in 2 Vol.

354 The Life of Mr. William Burkitt.

355 Dr. Edwards's Sermons on Special Occasions. with his Effigies:

356 Hind's History of Greece.

357 Abridgement of the Laws in his Majesties Plantations.

358 Ursini Catech.

359 Zanchius De Scriptura Sacra.

360 Rolloci De Vocatione Tractatus.

361 SenecaeTragedia.

362 Baronii Disput. Theol.

363 Florus Anglicus.

364 Commenii Synopsis Physicae.

365 Janua I inguarum.

366 Barclaii Euphorm. Satyrici.

367 Antique Historia Synopsis.

368 Sententiae Cicer. Demost. Terent. &c.

369 Amesii Utriasque Epist. Divi Petri Explic. Analyt.

370 Greek Testament (4 pages wanting.)

371 A Description of the Grand Signor's Seraglio.

372 Dr. Rolls's Loyalty and Peace. Two Discourses.

373 Lye's Childs Delight. With an English Grammar.

374 Dr. Cappel's Hinge of Faith and Religion.

[Page 25]375 Caryl of the Nature and Principles of Love. With an Epistle by Dr. Owen, and the Authors Effigies.

376 Englands Vanity: Or, The Voice of GOD against the Monstrous Sin of Pride in Dress and Apparel.

377 W. Allen's Perswasive to Peace and Unity among Christians.

378 Nesse's Christians Walk and Work on Earth, until he attain to Heaven.

379 The Life of Mr. Richard Hooker.

380 Fuller's Word to Young Men.

381 The present State of Persia. By Mons. Sanson, done into English, with Figures.

382 Continuation of the Friendly Debate, with an Ap­pendix.

383 Dr. Owen of the Nature, Power, &c. of Indwelling Sin in Believers.

384 Wingate's Arithmetick, with a Table of Logarithmes.

385 Hutcheson's Exposition of the XII. Small Prophets, in 2 Vol.

386 Swinnocke of the Incomparableness of GOD, in His Being, Attributes, Works, and Word.

387 Cotton on the whole Book of Canticles.

388 The History of Baptism.

389 Wilson's Sermons on several Tears.

390 Bp. Wilkins's Mathematical and Philosophical Works. With his Life, and Effigie.

391 Mr. Colman on the Parable of the X Virgins.

392 Dr. Edwards of the Existence and Providence of GOD, (in Two Parts.)

393 Cowley's Works, in 2 Vol. with Cuts.

394 The Holy BIBLE, with the Marginal Quotations, &c. neatly Bound, and excellent Print.

395 P. Mornaei De Veritate Religionis Christians.

396 Ventus Testamentum Gracum ex Versione Septuaginta Interpretum.

397 Epitome Thesauri Lingua Sancta.

398 Beza Homilia.

399 Alciati Emblemata, cum Cl. Minsis Comment.

400 Methodus Med [...]ndi.

401 Fustachii Philiseph.

[Page 26]402 Keckermani Disput. Philosoph.

403 Aretii Comment. in Acta.

404 Calvini Institutiones. Epit.

405 Shower's Practical Reflections on the late Earth­quakes, in 1692.

406 Baxter's Poor Man's Family Book, in a Plain and Familiar Conference.

407 Digg's Unlawfulness of Subjects taking up Arms against their Soveraign.

408 A Collection of Reflections, Sentences, and Maxims, Historical, Moral and Divine.

409 Firmin's Life.

410 Robinson's CHRIST the Perfect Pattern of a Christians Practice.

411 Some Passages of the Life and Death of the Earl of Rochester, by Dr. G. Burnet.

412 The Holy BIBLE, in a neat Character, with Marginal Quotations, &c, neatly bound and gilded.


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