A Legacy for CHILDREN, BEING Some of the Last Expressions, and Dying Sayings, OF Hannah Hill, Junr. Of the City of Philadelphia, in the Pro­vince of Pennsilvania, in America, Aged Eleven Years and near Three Months.

The Third Eddition.

Matthew Chap. 21. v. 16.

Out of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings, thou hast perfected Praise.

Mark 9.37.

Whosoever shall receive one of such Children in my Name, receiveth Me.

Luke 18.16.

But Jesus called them unto him, and said Suffer little Children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: For of such is the Kingdom of God.

Printed by Andrew Bradford, at the Sign of the BIBLE in the Second Street, in Philadelphia, 1717.



Tender Reader;

AS the Ardent Desires of the Deceased, were for the General Good and Wellfare, of all the Sons and Daughters of Men, under what Denomination soever, So 'tis hoped, [...] of that same Love, [...] fill'd her Heart, will, more especially, [Page] redound to the Refreshing each Particular, in their Serious perusal of this little Book, which is Published, as her Last Bequest, to the World; That God over all may be Glorified in his own Works, and thy Heart with Her's, may livingly Say, So be it, now and for Evermore, AMEN.

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SOME Of the last Expressions and Dying Sayings of HANNAH HILL, Junior,

ON the Twenty third day of the Fifth Month (commonly called July) 1714. being the Sixth day of the Week, this Dear Child was Seized with a violent Feaver and Flux, which so Increased upon her by the third Day of the Week following, that both herself and others present, expected she would then have Departed: But the Lord was pleased to continue Her a little longer, to testify of his goodness for the Encouragement of the Living; At this time she was in a deep Travail of Spirit, Concerning her Future State, and divers times [Page 6] crying out, would say. Am I prepared▪ Am I prepared! Adding, Oh! that I might dye the Death of the Righteous, and be Numbered with them at Thy Right Hand! O Almighty God! Prepare me, Prepare me for thy Kingdom of Glory.

Then She Earnestly intreated those that stood about her, to help with their Prayers, that her passage might be made Easy.

A Friend present (being moved thereto, and Sympathizing with her Afflictions; Kneeled down to Prayer, during which (notwithstanding her extreem pain) she lay still, with great Attention, and Lifting up of Hands and Eyes: a little after she said, Father, I shall Dye, and am now very Willing; And being Admonished (without Fear or Doubting to Rely on GOD's Mercy, whose Love to Innocent Children was so exceding great, that Christ had bid them come unto him; and that she [Page 7] should freely Forgive all Injuries done to her, by any Person whatsoever, so would the Lord forgive her Offences against him, and freely receive her into Mercy; To which she Replyed, I do freely Forgive all, and have nothing in my Heart but Love, to both White and Black. But Father (said she) will every Body Forgive me? It was answered, Yes, doubtless, every one will readily Forgive thee. Then she desired her Father and Mother to forgive her Of­fences against them; and having their Answer, she seemed to Rejoyce, and be well satisfyed.

After some Pause, she said, O most Glorious God now give me Patience, I beseech thee, with Humility to bear what it shall please thee to lay upon thy poor Afflicted Hand-Maiden. After this she intirely made Death her Choice, and would oft say, I had rather dye and go to God, than to continue in this World of Trouble; Adding, When will the Messenger come Oh! hasten thy Messenger! [Page 8] Then turning to her Father, she said, Oh! that I could Launch away like a Boat that Sails! So would I go to my Dear Brother, who is gone to Heaven before me. Desiring the Bystanders not to grieve Because (said she) I am but going to a better place.

Doctor Owen ▪ who was one of her Phy [...]ans (after all their hopes of her Recovery fail'd) came to visit her, she prayed him to sit down by her, and said, My dear Doctor! all the Town knowes thou art a good Doctor; but I knew from the beginning that I should dye, and that all your endeavours would sig­nify nothing; But Doctor (added she, with a pleasant Air) The Lord has heitherto given me Patience and I still Pray to him for more, that I may be enabled to hold out to the End, for my Extremity of Body is very Great.

She was very Importunate in request­ing her Parents freely to give her up to the Will of God, saying, It would be [Page 9] better both for them and her, so to [...]. And when she thought to have prevail'd, Now (said she) I am Easy in Mind. Then asked her Father for a piece of Silver (which he gave her) and after she had held it and looked at it a little while, return'd it to him a­gain, saying, Now I give it to thee freely, for it was mine, because thou gavest it me. Thereby Intimating herself Gods Gift to them and her Example therein, for their Resigning her to him again Chearfully.

When any would seem to Encourage her, with hopes of Recovery, She made light of it, Saying, Why is there so much to do about me, Who am but poor Dust and Ashes? We are all but as Clay, and must Dye; I am going now; Another next Day; And so one after another: The whole World Passes away.

One taking leave of her said, I intend to see you again to Morrow; [Page 10] To which she sharply Replied, Thou mayst see me, but I shall scarcely see thee any more; though I'll not be Positive Gods Will be done.

She would, divers times, say (to her dear Mother) Art thou sorry I am going to my Dear Brother? And to others about her, Why are you Trou­bled and Weep, seeing I am but going to a better Place? Adding, Oh! that the Messenger would come! That my Glass was Run! Turning her Eyes, and Dis­course to Hannah Carpenter (who came to Visit her) she said, My Namesake, I am going to my Dear Ʋncle, (mean­ing her Husband Samuell Carpenter) who is gone to Heaven before me. An­other time she said, Dear Frances, I am coming to be with thee! Meaning her School-Mistress Frances Janney De­ceased. Another time Thomas Chalkley being present, she said, Oh! my Dear Martha! (meaning his Wife, Deceased) How do I long to be with thee!

[Page 11]She would be oft speaking of her Funeral, and desired that Friends, and others might generally be invited to her Burial; and mentioned divers Per­sons particularly by Name, that were Non-Resident, and some Strangers, that but lately came into the Country, lest they should be omited.

At a certain time, near the Medium of her Six Days, most Violent Extre­mity of Pain, (for so long was she accounted Dying, or at least more than once each Day, had the Symptoms of Death strongly upon her) with a Sorrowfull Countenance and very Mournful Voice she said, O my Dear Mother! I Fear the Lord is displeased with me again; One Answered, Dear Child, Why should'st thou Entertain such thoughts? Because (said she) I am continued, thus long, to endure this Extremity of Body, which none knows but my selfe, nor can any think how great my Pains are.

[Page 12]Her Afflicted Mother being Sore Di­strest, to see her Languishing Child lie thus without Help (and willing to try the Effect of a Dose of Medicine, which the Doctor had before prepared) prevail'd with Her to take the same, but it Immediately came up again; at which her Mother, in an Extacy of Sor­row, said, O my dear Child! I am in a great Strait, what shall I do for thee? to which she in a Solemn manner Re­ply'd, My Dear Mother! Pray to God for Direction; Then Pausing a little, she said, Dear Mother! if thou desires it, I'll take another Dose.

Not long after, it Pleased the Lord, in his tender Mercy to this Dear Soul, to Remove her Doubt, (as appear'd) For, said she, Father, I think the Lord, has shewed me that I do not bear all this for my self only; Hath he not? added she, To which one Answered, It might be so. Ah! (replyed she) He has; Glory to his Infinite Name! For he is better than Kings, Queens or [Page 13] Governours, and there's nothing can be Compared to him.

As her Mind was fully bent Heaven­ward, so she would oft speak, with earnest Desires of drawing to a Con­clusion here, and giving some Directi­ons about her Interment, Desiring that she might be Neat, and Decently laid out; and said she, I shall go Clean to God, for no Ʋnclean thing can enter his Kingdom. Prayed her Father to Provide a Horse▪ least her Mother should not be able to go to the Bury­ing Ground; Desired her Mother to take her Breast smell Bottle, and have a Chair brought to the Grave, least she should Faint there.

The Seventh Day before her De­parture, (after querying what Day it was) she said▪ I long for First Day. One replyed, Why, seeing all Days are alike to the Lord? I Know that, said she, but my fervent Desire is, to be gathered into the Heavenly Church. Then [Page 14] turning to her Father said, If I Dye to day, Pray let me be carried to the Meeting-House to Morrow.

When First Day came, she asked if her Mother intended to go to the Meeting? who Answered, No, she could not leave her Dear Child in that Condition: Then (says she) let my Cousins go for it may be the Lord will be displeased if all the Family stay at home. Adding not to look upon one an­other, but to wait upon God. Then with much thankfullness she exprest the great Satisfaction and Comfort she had en­joyed, by the Publick Testimonies of Friends; and called those that Travel­ed amongst us, of late, in that Service, to wit, Thomas Wilson and James Dickinson, &c, Gods Messengers, sent from far to Visit and Warn us.

She would repeatedly say, she was freely Resigned and Willing to Submit to the Will of God, whether in Life or Death; and was frequent in Prayer [Page 15] and Supplication to the Almighty, not only on her own behalf, but a real Concern was upon her, for the Well­fare of others: still humbly beseeching the Lord to grant her Patience, and that she would be pleased, with an Eye of Pity and Compassion, to look down upon the Poor Bowed-Down-Ones and on her his Afflicted Servant; O my good God, said she, Comfort the Mourn­ers in Sion, and Support their Drooping Heads; Be pleased to provide for the Widdows and Fatherless, and be thou both Husband and Father to them.

These were her frequent, and repeat­ed Cryes unto the Lord, and indeed it was Astonishing (in one of her Years) to see and hear, how Power­fully she was drawn forth, at times, on Various Subjects, for the space of a quarter of an hour together, to wit, That GOD in Mercy would, yet more abundantly shower down his blessings on Philadelphia▪ and the inhabitants of these parts of the World; [Page 16] The Restoration of her Beloved Aunt Preston, from her long continued and present Indisposition; Earnestly desiring the Lord to accept her Life and [...] her Dear Aunt, who was, and might be so Eminently Serviceable in the Church. A like Concern came upon her Ex­presly to Pray for her Uncle Loyd and his Family at London; and with great Fervency of Spirit, did she beseech the Lord very particularly, on behalf of her Honoured Mother, that he would be pleased to continue her; and turning to her▪ said, O my Dear Mother! don't grieve so for me, God will bless my Father; Then turning to him said, My Dear Father! Comfort, Comfort, my Dear Mother and the Lord will Comfort thee.

At another time she Prayed Earnest­ly to the Lord of the Harvest, (in regard it was very great, and the La­bourers but few) That he would be pleased to Raise up and send forth, many more Faithful Labourers into the Harvest. [Page 17] She was divers times, concerned to Supplicate the Lord, for Living Water, Oh! said she, that it might Spring up in me to Eternal Life! (Alluding to our Saviours Discourse with the Wo­man of Samaria, at Jacobs Well) Amplifying and very Suitably applying the Text.

In the time of Health, she greatly delighted to Read, had a good Memo­ry and was conversant in the Holy Scriptures, beyond most of her Age. At a time after drawing to a Conclusion of her aforesaid Prayer, she asked some present, If they had ever tasted of this Water of Life? Who Answered, Yes; Ay [Replyed she] and so do I Glory be given to thy most Excellent Name, O my God!

Not long before her Departure she said, Father the Lord hath assured me I shall be Happy, it was Answered, That is Comfortable Indeed, 'tis better than a Thousand Witnesses; Ay [Re­ [Replyed [Page 18] she] This is matter of Joy and Rejoycing, can my Soul say, by Living Experience. After she [...] some time, One offered her the Cup to Drink, but she put it by saying Not that Drink, 'tis the Divine Spring of Life, in my Self, I long after, and that I might neither Thirst, nor need to Drink any more of this.

She Desired to see John Wright, [a Friend of the Ministry▪ who, upon Notice thereof, came to Visit her] she asked him how he did, and how his Dear Wife and Children did? Told him, she was glad to see him, and that her Heart was fill'd with Love, to him, and them. She was very respectful to all that came to see her, and Gratefully acknowledged the Kind­nesses of all those that were any ways Aiding about her; Thanked even the Servants of the House, for the Services done her; and desired the Lord would bless them, that had been helpful [as she said] to Poor helpless Hannah, [Page 19] She very respectfully thanked Mary Dickinson, for her Kindnesses, and said She had been as a Mother to her in this Sickness; and duty acknowledged Sarah Rolfs and Ann Brown's good Will in their Neighbourly Visits to her. To some she gave small Tokens of her Love, and desired her Parents to do something further of that kind, to such particulars whom she named to them, in Remembrance of her.

The Council which she gave, to her Dear and only Sister and Cousin Loyd Zachary, whom she dearly loved, was very grave and Pithy, at the time when she took her Final Leave of them, viz. Dear Sister! my desires are, that thou mayest Fear God; be Dutifull to thy Parents, Love Truth; Keep to Meet­ings, and be an Example of Plainness: And Dear Cousin! Be a good Boy, Observe thy Ʋncle and Aunts Advice and the Lord will Bless thee, and they will regard thee as their Own, and do for thee. Will ye not [says she] Father and Mother? [Page 20] And continued, But 'tis better to have Treasure in Heaven where neither Moths, Rusts nor Theives can Destroy.

She had indeed an Admirable Fluen­cy of Pertinent Expressions, Suitable to the Subject matter, which pressed upon her Mind, For which she was often Thankful to the Lord, that he had not only enlarged her Heart in Prayer, but had also hitherto Enabled her to utter those Things, that were, as a Concern, upon her Mind to deliver.

A little before her Departure, [find­ing a shortness of Breath, and greater difficulty of Speech, her Spirits being now much Exhausted] She desired her Father and Mother's Assistance, on her Failure to Express the Things, which they conceived to be upon her Mind, as Doubtless finding it her Duty to Declare what she did, though with great Difficulty, for she was in all other respects very sparing of Speech, during the whole time of her Illness.

[Page 21]About an hour before her Decease, being in a Slumber, she said, The Fire would not cease burning, until all the Cha [...] was consumed, though Men Strive never so much in Vain, to Quench it. Then desired the Watchers Care of her Sister, least she should take Cold, Took some Drink at her Mother's Hand, and said, Now my Dear Mother! Pray lay thy Head close to mine, and pressed hers towards her Mother's Bosom, which sufficiently betokened the strength of her Affection and Duty to continue, even beyond Expression of Words.

Then she recommended her Spirit to God saying, Glory! Glory! Glory! And so as with the Sound of an Hymn, this Innocent Lamb closed her Eyes and Expired as one fallen into a sweet sleep, without groan or sigh. She Departed this Life the Second Day of the Sixth Month 1714. Being the second day of the Week, about two a Clock in the Morning.

[Page 22]And being her self Translated from this Life to that which is Eternal, in the Heavenly Mansion of Rest and Peace, with God her Maker and Re­deemer hath left these Fruits of Love and Good Will to her Dear Relations, Tender Companions and Young People, For whose sakes, Chiefly, 'tis made Publick, as a genuine Collection, from those who were most constantly present with this Noble Spirited, Valiant, little Maid, during the time of her Sickness, untill Death; By one whose humble prayer to the Lord, is, That it might have the Blessed Effect of exciting Children To Remember their Creator in the Days of their Youth, And to live Answerable to his Holy Will, that so they may be Eternally Happy, And God over all may Everlastingly be Glorified, in the Young and Rising Generation, World without END, AMEN.

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SInce the Decease of this dear Child, Hannah Hill junior, it is Evident, That She had a Sence of her Ap­proaching Death, for some Considerable time before she was Seized, and would be often speaking of it to divers of the Family (as they now declare) and in particular to her most Intimate Associate and Cousin Elizabeth Norris to whom she also divulged the Matter, with such a Sollid Assurance, as broke them both into great Tenderness; When being at the Burial of a Relation) she told her said Cousin, The next Burial she would be at, should be hers, which did indeed so happen accordingly; Whereby it appears, this Innocent Soul was Pre­served near unto the Lord in Spirit, who had thus highly favoured her with this Secret.

[Page 24]And the Sence that was given her, of our Friend John Lowdon's Decease is very Remarkable, viz. Being asleep in bed the Night before his Departure, she Suddenly broke forth into an Ex­ta [...]y of Sorrow, with Weeping and Sighing, which very much Surprized her Father and Mother (who lodged in the same Room) they speak tender­ly to her, and queried what was the matter? She Replied, Oh! I dream't my dear Friend John Lowdon was a Dying. They endeavoured to Pacyfie and divert her Thoughts, saying, it was but a Dream, and that they hop­ed to see him to morrow, &c. But she continued under the same Exercise, be­yond what is common (the said John Lowdon being then Twelve Miles dis­tant, where he had appointed a Meet­ing at Abington, and Preached the day before at Germain-town, about Six Miles off, so that there was then no Tydings of his Indisposition, he being taken Ill in the aforesaid Meeting, and Dyed the next Day following) And when the [Page 25] Account of his Death came, she was most Sorrowfully Affected, and earnestly desired the Corps might be brought to their House, and Buried in Town.

The Substance of a Letter from H. H. junior, to her Cousin E. Norris.

Dear Cousin E. Norris;

THe Burial of our worthy Friend, John Lowdon, was perform'd in the most Solemn manner, the Corps being carried from our House, first to the Meeting, which was very large and from thence to the Grave, where many exprest their Sorrow, for the Churches Loss: But it must needs be his exceeding gain, who expresly said (a few minutes before his Departure) he had done his days Work in his Day; and that he laid down his head in Peace with God, and in Unity with [Page 26] his People; Which that thee and I may do, is the Earnest desire of,

Thy Affectionate loving Cousin, H. Hill, Junior.

Griffeth Owen, His Testimony.

THE Lord God hath been pleased, in his great Love and Favour, to give a Gift, or Manifestation of his Holy Spirit Light, and Grace of his Dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Sons an Daughters of Men, to shew unto them, the Way to Eternal Hap­pyness, and to Direct them, and help them, to Walk in it. And although it is universally extended to all, yet it is those who gave up their Hearts, in thankful Reverence, to Obey and fol­low the Manifestations and Requirings of it, have found Favour with God. And those he raised up and Established, [Page 27] by the Power, and Spirit of his Dear Son, to be Good, Living and Bright Examples to the Children of Men, in their Generations; Paterns of Righteous­ness, Meekness, Humility, Self-Denyal, Patience, Temperance, Godlyness, Brother­ly Kindness and Charity; Which are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus which appeared, and shined forth, through them, to the World. And some hath the Lord been pleased to make Willing, to give up their Hearts, to Obey and Follow the Discoveries, and Leadings of his precious Gift; And to take pleasure in the Fruits and Way thereof, in their Young Years, Which the Lord did Adorn with the Beauty of Holiness, and made to shine as Lights to the World, And among these, or in this Calendar, may be Re­corded Young and Innocent Hannah Hill, Daughter of Richard Hill, and Hannah Hill his Wife, of Philadelphia, in Pennsilvania; Considering how she spent the short time, the Lord was pleased to give her in this World. Her Meek and [Page 28] Godly Behaviour from a Child, since she had any Knowledg of Good and Evil; Her Dutifulness to her Parents; Her love and Good Will to all, but especially to those who walked in O­bedience to the Truth. I knew her from a Child, and I never beheld any airy, light or undecent Carriage, Be­haviour or Expressions, from her, but attended with much Gravity, Modesty, Meekness and Plainness. I was several times with her on her Death-Bed, and was much Tendered and Comfort­ed, in the Sence of the Love and Power of God, that attended her; In which and by which, She uttered many Wise, Heavenly, and Excellent Expressions, beyond what could be expected from one of her Age; Some of them are, set down, as in the foregoing may be read. I was made to say, It is the Lord's do­ings, and it is Marvelous in my Eyes. These things are Published, not thinking that any thing that can be Written or Spoken, by any Man or Woman what­soever can add any thing to the State [Page 29] or Condition, of the Deceased, Whom the Lord (I believe) hath taken to himself, from the troubles of this World, to rest and dwell in the Man­sions of Glory for ever and ever, but for the sake of the Living, who are yet upon the Stage of this World, and especially our Young People, for whom my Secret Cryes and Prayers go often up to the Lord, That he would be pleased, to work upon their Hearts, as he did upon the Heart of this Maiden; a Willingness to leave off and Forsake the Vanities, Follies, Pride High-Mindedness, and the many Evils, which by Nature, they are inclined to; and bring them to live a Godly Life, Innocent and Righteous Conver­sation, That the Work of Regeneration may clearly appear in all their Actions and [...], That those who may Converse with them, and behold their Good Works (coupled with the Fear of God) may be made to acknowledge, That they are the Seed, whom the Lord hath blessed. These are the Fer­vent [Page 30] Prayers of Him, who Sincerely Desires the Prosperity and Well-being of all People, that they may come to Dye unto Sin, and to Live unto Righ­teousness, the way to Eternal Hap­pyness,

Griffith Owen.

Thomas Chalkely, His Testimony.

THere is some thing in my Mind to Write, in Me­mory of that Dear Innocent Soul Hannah Hill, jun. Who Departed this Life about the Eleventh Year of her Age, in Peace with God, and in great Love and Unity with his People, and in much Assurance of her own Eternal Happyness.

[Page 31]I Was well Acquainted with this tender Young Maiden, for several Years before she dyed, and I took good notice of her Conversation, and the more by how much it was bright and shin­ing, in that which is commendable in Youth. Oh! (saith my Soul) that the Youth of our Age and this City might follow her Example! she was a pat­tern of Piety, Plainness and Obedience to Parents, and of a Womanly and Obliging temper unto all.

It was my Lot (for which I have many times been truly thankful) to be for some Months a Co-habiter in the Family, and I Observed that she was always very Dutiful to her Parents, Loving to her Friends and Neighbours, and kind to the Servants, both White and Black. I have seen some Children very Rude and Imperious to their Pa­rents, Negroes▪ but I observed the con­trary in her; And Doubtless, it is a [Page 32] Great and Crying Sin, in either Old or Young to abuse poor Slaves.

I also Observed, That many times when other Children would be at Play in the Streets, (the which our Youth are too much addicted to in this City, and too much Winked at by their Pa­rents) she would be either at her Book or her Needle, at both which she was very Dexterous, and it rather seemed a Delight to her, than a Burden.

She could Write well, and would Indite Letters▪ that were full of Inteli­gence, her Conversation, that Way, was very desirable, as well as Viva Voce.

She had an extraordinary Gift in Rea­ding of the Holy Scriptures, and other Good Books, in which she took much Delight; And if any Friend gave her a Book, she would not seem to be satisfied untill she had Read it through; and would sometimes get much of it by Heart.

[Page 33]May the Minds, of Young People be Stirred up, by her Example, to put the same in Practice, is my Hearty De­sire. This Testimony I am Constrained to give concerning her, That she Lived and Dyed Beloved, and her Loss La­mented of, or by, all that knew her. One great Virtue I may not omit men­tioning, which would be very Becom­ing in Christians of Riper Years, she would oft Sympathize with those that were in Affliction, or under Exercise; Of which my Poor Self was a Feeling Witness; For when I Buried my Loving and Beloved Wife, after I came home from the Burial, she came to me and took me by the Hand with both hers, and leaned her Head upon my Side, in much Tenderness of Spirit, which great­ly Affected my Heart at that time, to Consider, that her Years were so Green and her Soul so Ripe, she being then about nine Years of Age. And the Dolorousness of my Mind at that Instant, and now also, causeth my Heart to Affect my Eyes, Oh! may [Page 34] I meet with them in Gods time, in his Eternal Rest and Glorious Kingdom! To which I doubt not but that those Dear Souls are ascended.

I made a Visit to this Dear Young Wo­man the Day before she Dyed, and she looked upon me, and Remembering my Wife (whom she loved Dearly) I am going to her, said she, and to my Bro­ther; another Dear Soul, who a little before he Dyed, being about four Years of Age, said, He should have a golden Chair in Heaven; and that he would take Wings and fly thither. And may all who cast their Eyes on these lines say, with the Man of God of Old, Oh! That I had Wings like a Dove, Then would I fly away and be at Rest. Even so come sweet LORD JESƲS Prayeth thy Servant

Thomas Chalkely.
[Page 35]
H annah a Sweet and tender Flower,
A h! She's gone to Heavens Bower,
N ow She's out of Mis'ry and Pain,
N ow She's in the Glorious Plain,
A ssurance to her Soul was Giv'n,
H ail Saints of Light I come to Heaven.
H er Piety and Vertues Bright,
I n her most tender Years Invite,
L ove of all that knew her right well,
L ow now she's gone on High to dwell.
T hough she be gone before her Noon.
C hrist Jesus thought it not too Soon.

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