His Excellency the Earl of Bellomont's SPEECH To the House of Representatives convened in General Assembly at New-York the 29th day of July, 1700.


I Thought a Session of the General Assembly absolutely necessary at this [...], that you might advise such measures as will best secure the five Nations of Indians in their Obedience to the Crown, which all of you know is of the [...] consequence to this, and all the rest of the English [...] America. Our Neighbours of Canada know the value of the [...] to us, and therefore with indefatigable Pains are every day seducing them from us by their Jesuits; and 'tis said, that such as will not be seduced, are many of 'em taken off by Poyson. I will order the Testimonies I have [...] of these wicked Practions to be laid before you, which I believe will convince you of the truth of them.

The proper Remedies against these growing Mischiefs the Indians them­selves have chalk'd out to us. They have often pressed me with [...] In­stance, that they may have Protestant Ministers to instruct [...] in the Christian Religion, and a Fort to cover 'em from the Incursions of the French and their Indians. I hope there will be a way [...] them with [...] for a Fort that belongs to you to provide. I am al­ways very tender of engaging you in things o [...] Expence, but the building a Fort to secure the Indians, and satisfie them, is such an Expence as I believe every Man of you will think indispensably Necessary, and that it should be built also out of hand, that the Indians may be encouraged by seeing there's care taken for their Protection.

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives:

I hope there needs no other Argument than that I have now offered to quicken you to the giving such a Supply as may [...] con­venient part of the County, for defence of the five Nations. You need not be told how much the Honour and Interest of the Crown, and your own private interest are engageds in the right Management & Preservation those Indians, and you cannot give the King a better Testimony of your Duty and Affection to his Majesties Person and Government, than by a cheerful com­plyance with what has been now proposed to you. I would offer to you the passing some necessary Laws, but that I consider 'tis Harvest time, and I will give as short an Interruption to your Country Affairs as I can; besides, I have appointed a Meeting and Conference with the [...] of the five Nations next week at Albany, which I intend accordingly to perform.

BY virtue of an Order from the honourable House of Representatives, I do appoint William Bradford to Print his Excellency's Speech. Abra. Gouverneur, Speaker.

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