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A Challenge to Caleb Pusey, and a Check to his Lyes & Forgeries, &c.

IT is three years since I published a Book, called, News of a Trumpet, &c. which has vext and gall'd the Quakers, to see their vile Errors and Heresies further discover'd to the World; and some Consultations there has been among 'em as I am told, to bring forth an Answer, which accordingly, I have long expected & at last have met with a right Scarrilous Pamphlet, signed by one Caleb Pusey, Satan's Harbinger by Title, wherein he pretends to answer [here and there a bit of] my said Book: He leaps over 4, 5 or 6 pages at a time with silence; and what he does speak to, he in many places Tares my Sentences to pieces, and leaves out the substance of the Sub­ject, to make me speak what I never intended [the true method of G. Fox] to render me odious. To prove this▪ I'll cite but one Passage, even the very first Quotation he brings of mine in the top of his first page where he leaves out these woods, According to what was made manifest to them, and so makes it speak as he has a mind But he having sucked such Wicked­ness from the founder of their Religion, he canot leave it till he ceases to be a Quaker

For great part of those confused sayings which I quote, he sends me to a Quakers Book for an answer, viz. to G K's Books while he was one with them. Alas poor man! is the Quakers cause so drooping that he is forced to support it with one Quakers Book to help another, which duely considered, no ways helps him neither.

I have not read above half his Pamphlet, yet meet with between thirty and forty Lyes, Perversions, Forgeries, &c Lyes of all sorts, double and single; in order to prove this I'll [Page 2] not enter his Book neither, but take that one Passage, that he quotes in his Preface, where he charges me of shamefully abusing a saying of W. Penn in his Sandy Foundation. p. 20. There he denys that W. Penn calls Christ, as Man, The finite impotent Creature. This I charge on Caleb Pusey as a Lye; Nay, 'tis a double Lye; for he adds, that W. P. meant it of us sinners; whereas the only Subject that W. P. there treats on, is Jesus Christ as the second Person in the Trinity, whom he calls The finite & impotent Creature, and denys him to have satisfied the offended infinite Justice of his Father for mans sin, for that very reason, and calls it an absurdity so to believe or affirm. I have this Book of W. Penns by me, and I do desire and intreat all modrate People that want to be satisfied in the Truth of this to come and see it; for I design to keep the Book for that purpose, to discover the baseness of this Caleb Pusey.

But above all, I admire at W. Penn, being a Man of Wit, Parts and Learning, that he should be so deeply mired in the Bog of Quakerism, as to suffer, nay, countenance such palp­able Lyes to be published in print, of his Writings, it being not only his place but in his Power to have prevented it; cer­tainly if he believes he shall hereafter give account of his Stewardship to Almighty God, he must needs believe this thing will rise in Judgment against him, which is puposely done to deceive and delude poor ignorant People. — But as for C. Pusey I have no reason to expect better friuts from him, for he is not honest in Morals, he unjustly with-holds part of an Estate from the Executor of Thomas C [...]s [...]; but be it known to him I can force him so far to be honest, provided his Brethren are no Judges in the case. However he's a fit Tool to serve the Quakers, because he can lye & abuse men without shame. But to the matter.

Let this one passage in his Preface, which he esteems a capital Crime against me [by repeating it divers times over [Page 3] and over in his Book and calls it an abominable Lye] be the Rule and Touch stone of Tryal between us in the case, and to try the rest of his wordy stuff in his Book. Therefore I here challenge him in the face of the World to let us chuse four, six or more judicious Men to judge of this Passage, and if they find me wrong, and he right, I'll be bound to print what sort of Condemnation Caleb Pusey shall assign. But if they find me right and he wrong, he shall be bound to print what Condemnation I shall assign him.

Now with this Mill-stone, through Gods assistance, will I grind this Miller, and by this Token it shall be known to the World that his case is Naught, that he makes Lyes the Quakers Refuge, and dare not refer it to any but his own Party, who are his encouragers in this wicked Work, and at whose Charge he prints, and not at his own; for New-Rome has a Publick Stock to carry on her under-ground Designs; but tis otherwise with me, I must print at my own Charge. Therefore till he accepts my Challenge, this is all the Answer I think to give him. Mean time, my Book does its Service appointed by divine Providence in England, the Land of my Nativity, where it has been Re-printed and spread for the benefit of my Coun­try-men in Defyance of Cart loads of his S [...]y Sophisms, Lyes and Trumpery, which will prevail on none but those they have already Conquered.


☞ The Reader is desired to take Notice that this Paper was writ above a year ago, and has lain in the Printers hands ever since, which has caused the Quakers to glory over the Author, as supposing he durst not make any Return to their Lyes, &c. But be it known to them that Truth seeks no Corners, nor does he, but offers to meet them before any Impartial Auditory But think he is not under any Ob­ligation to trace them in all their Serpentine turnings, &c. until they answer this fair and reasonable Challenge above offered to Caleb Pusey.

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AS to John Wo [...]d he brings long storyes in the Postscript to prove me a Lyar, when as what he brings is a con­firming of the substance of that which I charge him with, viz.. That he was Sheriff and Preacher, a thing unpresiden­tial, and that Roberts was a sufferer by his taking the said Roberts his goods, &c. I'll propose this to J. Wood, Let half a dozen of his friends relate a story, that contains many circumstances, and I'll engage they shall every one differ in relating one and the same story. And shall I therefore call them Lyars, tho' I know [...]? No, I hope I have more charity.

But what need I argue thus? for I have published nothing of John Wood that he accuses me for, but what I had and still have by me in writing, sent to me under the hands of the Widdow Roberts, and one of her Neighbours, which also well agrees with what she and her sick Husband related to me when they requested me to print it in my Almanack▪ and I believe when she again sees the writings, she will so recollect her self as not to eat her words, as I perceive some Preachers have endeavour'd to force her to do. So that J. W. wrongs me in calling me Lyar, as will be found by all who think it worth while to view the said Writings in my hands.

Daniel Leeds.

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