To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty. The Humble Address of His Excellency Richard Earl of Bellomont, Your Majesties Governor, and the Council & Representatives of Your People in Your Majesties Province of New-York, Conven'd in General Assembly.

May it Please Your Majesty;

WE Your Majesties most Dutiful and Loyal Subjects convened in General Assembly, do esteem it Our chiefest Duty to lay at Your Royal Feet our Humble Thanks and Hearty Congratulations in Your Majesties Safe Return unto Your Kingdom of ENGLAND, [...] that your Majesty had Exposed Your Royal Person to many great Hazards for the Subduing the Enemy of Christendom, which by Your Au­spicious Conduct and the Glorious Success of Your Arms, hath been effected to such a Degree, as to produce the Most Honourable and Most Advantagious PEACE that ever happened to the Christian Nations in Europe.

And though We, Your Majesties most Dutiful and Loyal Subjects are in one of the least Dominions Your Majesty Possesseth in Your Empire in America, yet We having more than a common share in the great Satisfaction which all Your Majesties Subjects express upon this Joyful Occasion, We cannot but esteem Our Selves peculiarly Happy in having so Victorious a Prince as Your Majesty, who by Your Unparralled Valour hath brought so great Renown unto the English Nation, even to an height exceeding the Glory of any of Your Majesties Predecessors.

We must also with the greatest of Thankfulness acknowledge Your Majesty to be the Glorious and Only Instrument in the Delivering of Our Native Kingdom from Popery and Arbitrary Power, to which they were so much Exposed in the late Reign. And we are sensible that the Security and Safety of those Kingdoms, and Your Majesties Dominions depending thereon, [...] consist in the Long Life and Happy Reign of Your Majesty over [...]. We therefore most Humbly beg Your Majesties Gracious Acceptance of [...]ese our Congratulations and Acknowledgments, which are offered to [...]ur Majesty with the purest of Dutiful Affection, which calls Us to give [...]ur Majesty Assurance, That, under God, We do acknowledge all those [...]essings We enjoy to be wholly owing to Your Most Sacred Majesty. [...] that we shall only improve them to the Increase of Our Duty and A [...]tion to Your Majesty, and Incessantly make Our Prayers and Supplica­tions to the King of Kings for Your Majesties Long Life and Prosperous and Glorious Reign over Us.

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