Henry Bernhard Koster, William Davis, [...] & Thomas [...]. FOUR Boast [...]ng D [...]sputers Of this [...] briefly REBU [...]D.
And Answered according to their Folly, which [...] themselves have manifested in a late Pamphlet, entit [...]led, Advice [...] all Pro­fessors and Writers.

[...] this their [...] Pamphlet doth [...] where it was printed, [...] mentioning so many thing [...] of Babylon [...] ▪ for Example, The Coun [...]ils, and Clergie, and Ʋniversities of Babylon, page [...]The Baylonian Churches, page 4. The Babylonia [...] Beasts, page 7. The four chief Quarters of Baby­lon, page 8 And be [...]ng it self thoroughly full of [...]abel, or Confusion, it thereby plainly dis­closeth, that it was hatched in the very (enter of that great City, whose wise and learned m [...]n▪ [Page 2] most able [...] their own Conceit) to advise others, can not write but thus sinisterly, [...] with their right hands. [...]at present not [...] ­ [...]ending to touch all the fond and un [...]ound [...]pressions, occuring almost in every Paragraph of the said Pamphlet, leaving it to such as by the poor dark Devil without a Body, page 1 &c. are or may be concerned, to make their own Apology [...] shall only take a little Notice,

I Of some [...] words of these vain Braggard [...].

II. O [...] the Unreasonableness of their Chal­lenge;

III Of their abusing and traducing W. P. [...] particular.

IV. Of their slandering and mis-representing the People called Quakers in general;

V. Of their self guiltiness of what they charge us with [...].

§. 1.

Page 1. They stile themselves, The Brethren in America; page 7 The true Church of Phila­delphia or Brotherly Love, &c.

This sounds mightily afar off, and some silly Women in Germany, who may happen to see their Pamphlet, which probably for that end and p [...]pose was Printed in the [...]igh Du [...]ch tongu [...], besides the English) will be ready to think this Church or Brotherhood something real and [Page 3] considerable. But to undeceive those, who prefer Truth before Fictions and Falshood, I herewith must inform them that all these [...]pecious Names and Epithets in the pages above quo [...]ed, and more others, are a meer Kost [...]ian Chime [...]a, an idle fancy. He the said H. B. Koster arriving here in Pensilvania, his hea [...]t and head fi [...]led with Whi [...]sical and [...]isterious Imaginations, but his Hands and Purse em [...]ied of the Money, which [...] beyond Sea imparted unto him, and some [...], was as cunning as to in [...]ice and [...] [...]ve to a Commonalty of good, and so [...] a Plantation near German Town, upon a Track of Land given unto them, calling the same IRENIA, that is to say, The Home of Peace, which not long after became ERINNIA, The House of raging Contention, and now returned to the Donour, the Brethren in America being gone and dispersed, and the Church of Phila­delphia (falsly so called) proving momentary, and [...]f no moment, Mark 3, 25.

Page 3. They [...]all, how they entered the 22th day of September, 1696. into our yearly Meeting at Burlington, and there lifted up their Voices like Trumpet [...], and broke our Friends voices in the air, &c.

That at such a time and place (we being Assembled not to quarrel with any Brawle [...]s, but to worship the living God in Spirit and in [Page 4] Truth, waiting for the enjoyment of his Com­fortable-presence▪ H. [...]. Koster, with some not much unlike unto himself, came into our Meeting-House, and there as Trumpets of an uncert [...]in sound, were blown by the Prince of the Power of the Air, who ruleth and operateth in the Children of Unbelief, we do not deny. Neither i [...] the Impudency of these our [...]dver­saries a New thing unto us; For several others before them, [...]ed likewise by him, who made bold to appear in the midst of the Sons of God when they came to present themselves before the Lord, Job 1.6. entered into Friends Meeting-houses, and by their ill behaviour and disorderly Interruptings, attempted to disturb the People religiously therein gathered. With these troublesome men of Belial, H. B. K. W. D. T. R. T. B. and the rest of their Fra­ternity, in whose behalf they have signed their Pamphlet, may some out their own shame as they will. We, measurably quickned with Christ, are set down in a safe and heavenly hiding place, viz. his powerfull Name, having that satisfactory assurance, that there the Enemy and his wicked Instruments cannot approach nor hurt us, Praises to the Lord our God for ever.

Page [...] They challenge every opposing Writer or Professor, but with this Proviso, That none who [...]ll not be accounted by them as a vagabond Egyp­tian, [Page 5] and his answer at a railing Pamphlet, must write again, unless he hat [...] first appeared upon the publick Theater and [...]age [...] the Church and of the world unto a dispu [...], a [...] Philadelphia, &c. or [...]n the Houses of the [...]our Sub [...]cribers afore-mentioned, and of others.

The Church of these disputers and the World are very close one by the o [...]er, and if the ignorant Babes, Pierists and [...] will take the Counsel given them by these advisers, p. 8. and s [...]k this Church, they need not to travel f [...]rther than towards this Theater of the World, where they may be sure to find her. But ours being in God, and the members thereof chosen out of the world, and redeemed from the Contentiousness & other vain Customs of the same, will never engage in such a stage play or Theatrical Jangling and Wrangling with these Bablers and Mountebanks of Baby­lon; In whose four chief Quarters we are not so well acquainted as to find out their respective houses and lodgings▪ where they like Milstones having no grist to grind, set themselves on fire; on fire of hell, Jam. [...] 6. and [...]o as Egyptians against Egyptians, Isa. 19.2. with di­vided Tongues work and promote their own Destruction, Psalm 55.9. what reason they had to huff and hector in their Cartel, p. 1. and 2. with a Let it be known to all the World, and [...] it be known unto all the Nations, &c. And [Page] yet to suppress and s [...]other this their mo [...] ­strous Produc [...] ▪ after it came from the Press, communicating only a few Copies to those who we [...]t out from [...]s, because they were not of us, [...] also some to a Maryland Doctor, delivering [...]o [...]e to the Parties challenged, nor to any of the People called Quakers who they therein most soully [...]p [...]rse and def [...]m [...], the Ingenuous and Impartial Reader may judge. If they have writen (and printed) in haste, and now repent by leasure, as the Proverb saith, they will con­fess and forsake; which is the worst I wish them, and unto [...]ll Ga [...]-sayers of Truth, as at the cont [...]a [...]y hand I heartily should pitty their Condition, in case they or any of them here­after should go on in their Wrath, Lyes and Cl [...]morous barking against Gods everlasting T [...]uth, and the Possessors, as well as Professors thereof, which the Lord as certainly hath determined to exalt in this the day of his great Power, as the unbelieving, the abominable and all Lyars shall be cast down in the lake and bottom less Pit.

§. III.

The railing and scandalous Reproaches, wherewith they endeavour to render W. P. odious in the [...]ars of all the Nations of the world [...] thereunto they direct their advice, as [...]oresaid) are a base and detestable perverting [Page 7] and misconstruction of his words, fully ans­wered by our Friend Thomas Ellwood, in his Book, called, Truth defended, from page 113. to page 123. If these detr [...]t [...]rs, especially W. P's old servant Th [...]. Rutter (cujus anno spirant menda [...]a folles) be able to reply something thereat, let them forge as opprobrious wea­pons as ever they can, and Truth will be further defended by it self, against all their peevish and malitious objections. I a [...] this time am not to enlarge about a passage so amply and sollidly refuted. This only I would put Tho. Rutter in mind, that Ingratitude is one of the blackest Crimes among honest men, and an hard matter to have his words wrested, and to be required with Slanders for kindness, or to f [...]el a Sting, wherein good reason, Honey might be expected▪ Concerning Solomon Ec [...]le [...]s expression, I here (loathing needless repetitions, or actum agere) additionally refer our doting Opposers likewise to the 112th page of the above cited Treatise, and proceed to

§. IV.

Page 2. They say, That the root of Anti-chri­stianity, that is to say, the Denyal of Jesus in the flesh, is to be found among the Quakers. And at the bottom of the same p. 2. That the Quakers deny Jesus to be properly the Son of God, [...], page 4. That the Quakers say, Christ hath [Page 8] offered that which is not himself, but only a Garment, &c. And in the said 4th pag [...], That the Quakers deny God in his most high Spirits and Godheads Power to be the Father of Christs Body, and Mary the Mother.

All this I declare to be down right Calumnies and an absolute untruth in the whole and every part of it, as to all unprejudiced persons, who but cursorily (for he that runs may read here) will view or inspect the several solemn Con­fessions published from time to time by the said People concerning their Faith, and what they believe of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, both as he is true God and Perfect Man, must needs most conspicuously appear. For this despised People (by those Scorners called Quakerian Spirits, page 7.) alwa [...]s sincerely believed in their hearts, and confessed with their Mouths, that Christ Jesus is the OWN AND ONLY BEGO [...]TEN Son of God, the express Image (or Character) of his Substance; He in the Father, and the Father in him; He and the Father ONE, in essence, goodness, will and works; EQUAL in Power, Glory and Majesty; the same individed and indivisible Jehovah; that therefore the Evangelical Pro­phet [...]sa. 7 14. & [...].6. did right well say, His Name should be IMMANUEL (God with [...]s) the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, &c.

[Page 9]And a [...] the Quakers constantly owned and earnestly contended for Christs Divinity or Godhead, as part of the precious Faith delivered to them. So they in like manner upon all occasions professed and still do prof [...]s, that Christ Jesus, the Word of God, when the ful [...]ness of [...] was come▪ (whereof Jacob; pro­phec [...]ed many ages before, Gen 49 0) viz, under Caesar August [...]s, in the days of He [...]od was made flesh, took upon him the Na [...]ure of Man, the form of a Servant, partaking of Flesh and Blood, as Children do, made of a Woman, born of that blessed Virgin Mary, in Bethlehem of Judea, after he was conceived in her by the over [...]adowing of the holy Ghost, &c. So that they in uprightness of their [...]earts acknowledge God Almighty to be most pro­perly the Father of Jesus Christ, both in re­spect of his eternal Generation, and also of this his Conception in the appointed Time But Mary to be his Mother only in relation to the last, and not to the former.

For inasmuch as Christ Jesus is the true [...]nchangeable God, having neither beginning of days nor end of Life, he was before Mary, Abraham, or any thing that was made, visible and invisible, Jo [...]. 1 [...]. and 8.58. Col. [...].16. He was before John [...] fore runner, although he name after him, Jo [...]. 1. [...]. He was the Lord [Page 10] of David, as well as of the fruit of his Loy [...]Mat. 22.45. Acts 2.30. Both the Roo [...] and of God according to the Spirit of holiness, Rom. 1.4. He was before any of Fathers were, the first-born of every Creature▪ Col. 1.15. but concerning the flesh Rom. 9.5. He came of the Fathers of the seed of Abraham, and of the stock of David; He himself being David our Prince, the Prince of our Peace, blessed for­ever. Ezek. 37.24, 25.

Moreover it is the unanimous Faith and Con­fession of the called Quakers, That Christ Jesus, as God, or according to his Godhead, is IM­MORTAL, and never was nor can be killed; and that by reason he through death might destroy him, that had the power of death, i. e. the Devil, he took part of Flesh and Blood Heb. 2.14. He the glorious Messenger of the Covenant (fulfilling the Prophecy of Malachi [...].1.) came to his Temple, the prepared Body, which the Jews did destroy, but could never destroy him, who by his own Omnipotency was able to raise it up again in three days, Joh. 2.19. He suffered for us in the flesh, and was put to death in the flesh, 1. Pet 3.18, 4▪ 1. Consecrating thereby, as through the VAIL▪ to [...]s a n [...]w and living way, freely to enter in to the hollest, Heb. 10. [...]9. All which (if we [...]earken to the Sophistry of these del [...]ding Seducers▪ page 3.) would be a direct Oppo­sition [Page 11] to the words, Heb. 9.16. Having offere [...] himself, or by the Sacrifice of himself. But we know, their inference to be naught, and by far not so tolerable, as if one should conclude▪ that because H. B. K's Body was newly bap­tized or plung'd in water, therefore he himself was not. The Apostle Peter was quite ignorant of such an inconsiderate Consequence, saying in his first Epistle chap. 2.24. That Christ his own self bare our sins in his own Body on the Tree. This the Quakers believe, and is (I am certain) sound Doctrine, parrallel with that of Heb. 9.2 [...].

Page 5. They say, That many of the Quakers in Preachings and writings revile the Baptism and Supper of Christ, &c desiring us, to shew them, by what second Decree and Message of Christ and his Apostles the Ʋnion of the Spirit with the out­ [...]ard Creature, as Water, Bread, Wine, and th [...] [...], hath been abrogated.

I wonder, that men so forward to dispute upon the publick Theater of [...]hu [...]ch and World should be so unskilled in disputing, as to re­quire us to prove the abolishing of an Union, we all along denyed. They holding the affirm­ative, ought first to evince, that Christ Jesus united himself, the Quickening Spirit with Water, Bread, Wine, and the like outward Creatures. John the Baptist who was [...] to prepare the way before Christ, told his hear [...] in the Wilderness, I indeed have baptized you with Water, BƲT He (Christ Jesus) shall baptiz [...] [Page 12] [...] the holy Ghost, Mark 1▪ [...]. by which [...] he did not intimate an Union of the Spirit with the outward Water, but rather thereby contra-distinguish them both from each other. Christ in the days of his flesh made the s [...]m [...] difference, Acts 11.16. and Peter well remembring the words of his Lord and Master, excludeth that corruptible Element of Water, and the outward Washing, from Christs Baptism, 1 [...] [...].23. & 3.21. Paul knowing only one [...] of the one Lord, Ephes. 4.5 saith▪ I [...] [...]ade by the one Spirit, 1 Cor. 12.13. Not by the one Spirit united with the outward Crea­ture And [...] 9▪ [...]0. That the Rite [...] or Or­dinances imp [...]sed [...] those under the Law, con­sisting in Meats, Drink▪ and divers Baptisms▪ were only until the time of Reformation, pur [...]suing vers 11. But Christ being come, &c. Th [...] the People ca [...]led Quakers proc [...]aim, and say, Christ▪ the desire of all Nations is come; The Re­finer and Purifier of the Sons of Levi is come: Th [...] Repairer of the Breach, and Restorer of Paths to dwell in, is come: Christ, the SUBSTANCE is come. The Day of the Lords Redemption [...] dawned; all Figures, Types and Shadows are vanisht away; and it is not them that vili [...]e the Baptism and Supper of our Lord Jesus, who sensibly can witness their sins thereby washed off, and their inward Man nourished by the living [...]read which comes down from Heaven; but it [Page 13] i [...] those Anabaptists themselves, who (like Si [...] Magus [...] rather defile the Waters, than that the Waters should cleanse their Souls; and who (though dipped over head and ears, yet as filthy Dreamers, Jude v. 8) do dream as [...] they did [...], but when they awake [...], are empty. They fain would perswade others, that the b [...]ad which they break, is the Communion of the Body of Christ, and nevertheless are so infatu­ated as to asse [...]t, pag 7. That the body of Christ i [...] absent from the Saints on Earth; and [...]o they must eat, (or rather fancy to ea [...]) what the [...] have not.

§. V.

That these our false Accusers are themselv [...] guilty of what they blame the People called Quakers withal, (I hope) by the fore-going [...] partly evident, to such whose Eyes are not blinded by Partiality. Yet seeing they stigma­tize us with [...]piritual Babylon & Anti-christianity, pag. 2. I here, in short (though not obscure) Arguments shall demonstrate, that these our Assaulters themselves are both Babylonians and [...] Christs.

Babylonians, 1. Because of the Babylonia [...] Nature they are in; grievous Revolters▪ Slan­derers, Corrupters, Jer. 6.28.

2. Because of the confusedness of their I [...], some not understanding the Spee [...] of [Page 14] [...], who cryed for Water to be plunged [...] [...]o that they were scattered before they [...] the Tower of their [...]maginary Church.

Anti-christs, Because they set themselves against the Lords anointed, under a fair pre­tence to be for him. Christ in the greek signi­fieth Anointed, and the Preposition A [...]t, as well for as against (see Mat. 17.27. Luk. 2.34.) The very Papists make a great shew for Christs coming in the flesh, dishonouring all their Tem­ples, Cloisters and Chappels, yea, and many of their [...] High-ways with the Images of a Woman holding a Child in her Arms, which they call Jesus and Mariae his Mother: Before these statuary or painted Deities they bow their Knees, and commit Idolatry. Anti-christs in a high degree, in a gross and most Palpable manner.

But our present Adversaries H. B. K. W. D. T. R. & T. B. are more subtil; they impudent­ly charge [...]s with the Denyal of Christs coming in the flesh, and would have the World have that good Opinion of them, as if they did confess him so to be come, alledging 1 John 4 3. when in the mean time they combine and take part with our old Adversaries, owning▪ in their carnal Mind, Christ no otherwise but after the flesh, denying Christ, as Christ, to have had [...]ny [...]xistence before that Body, which was born of the Virgin Mary, arguing thus for that Body [Page 15] of flesh, to call it strictly and simply Christ Jesus. Now if this their Po [...]ition be true, then Christ had his beginning and original about 1697 years ago, and his goings forth were not from the days of Eternity, contrary to Mica 5.2. Then these American Brethren (when one day or another they should be wil­ling to put forth a Confession of their Faith and Principles, which the World is still want­ing) can only say, Christ the flesh is come, but not Christ is come in the flesh, which to deny, is according to 1 John 4.3. to be that ANTI-CHRIST. The People called Quakers can and do truly say, That He wh [...] is come in the flesh is Christ; and that he who was manifest in the flesh, & purchased us with his own Blood, is God above all, praised and Magnified forever and forever, Amen.

Francis Daniel Pastorius.

Printed and Sold by William Bradford at the Bible in New-York, 1697.

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