By His Excellency Coll. Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governour in Chief of His Majesties Province of New-York, &c. A PROCLAMATION

FOrasmuch as sundry of His Majesties Subjects upon the Fronteers have been most Barbariously and Inhumanely destroyed by a most Cruel and Cowardly Enemy from Canada, who lurk privily in the Woods, as Wolves and Beasts of Prey, for an Opportunity of Killing and Scalping of Persons about their Innocent Labour in the Fields, without any regard to Age or Sex. And forasmuch as it is most difficult to apprehend or find them out, or to pursue them with any Body of Men. I have there­fore, by and with the Advice and Consent of his Majesties Council for this Province, for the Encouragement of Christians or Indians to destroy such cruel and bloody Murderers, thought fit to Publish and Declare, That any Person whatsoever within this Province, whether Christian or Indian, that from henceforth shall [...] and destroy any such Enemy within three English Miles of any of his Majesties Garrisons upon the Fronteer, or within three Miles of any settled Farm, in the County of Albany, Ʋlster and Dutches County, shall have Six Pounds Reward paid out of His Majesties Revenue of this Province. And all Masters of Sloops, or other Vessels, that Trade between this and Albany, are strictly required, not to pass to and fro upon the River, unless there be two, at least, in Company; and that the Men that Navigate or have passage on board such Sloops, or other Vessels, be well provid [...]d with Arms and Ammunition for their own Defence, and to keep strict Watch, that they may not be surprized by any such Murderers.

Ben. Fletcher.

God Save the KING

Printed by William Bradford, Printer to His Majesty, at the Bible in the City of New-York 1696.

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