By His Excellency Coll. Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governour in Chief of His Majesties Province of New-York, &c. A PROCLAMATION

WHEREAS His Majesties Companies garisons in this Province, are very much weakened by Death, Sickness and Desertion, which renders the Fronteers in some danger, upon the approach of an Enemy, It being of absolute Necessity, and a Duty incumbent upon me to take care and provide for the Defence and Preservation of this His Majesties Province, which chiefly consists in the strength of the Fronteers. And having under consideration the great hardship of Detaching the Inha­bitants, and how to joyn the ease and safety of the Province together, to prevent an inevitable Necessity of Detaching, I have therefore thought fit to publish and declare by this my Proclamation, That all Persons who are qualified to carry Arms, and will freely and voluntarily inlist themselves in any of his Majesties Companys for one Year, for their encouragement shall receive the Sum of Three Pounds paid in hand, as also Four Pence a Day over and above their Provisions; and at the expiration of the Year shall be discharged from the said Service.

Ben. Fletcher.

God Save the KING

Printed by William Bradford, Printer to His Majesty, at the Bible in the City of New-York 1696.

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