A Catalogue of Fees Established by the Governour and Council At the Humble Request of the ASSEMBLY

For the Governour.

FOr the great Seal to every Patent for and under 100 Acres,001200
For 1000 Acres and upwards of Arable Land, for every 100 Acres.001000
For every License of Marriage001000
For his Hand and Seal to Letters of Administration,001000
For a Certificate of Denization,001000
For a Certificate of Naturalization,001000
For a Certificate That a Vessel was built, or belongs to their Majesties Subjects,001000
For every Certeficate under the Governours Hand and Seal to go beyond Sea,001000
For every Hue-and-Cry,000300
For a Lisence to purchase Land of the Indians,010000
For a Bill of Health,001200
For the great Seal to a Confirmation for renewing a Patent,001200

The Secretary's FEES.

FOr a Patent for a House, Lot or Confirmation of Land formerly pessessed,001200
For a Patent for New Land, for and under 100 Acres,001200
And above 100 Acres, 2 s. per hundred Acres more, 2 
For a Patent for a New Township,050000
For a Confirmation of a Township,021000
For a Warrant to Surrey Land,000500
For Recording a Will, Inventary, &c. under 24 Lines,000300
For every Sheet more,000009
For every Letter of Administration of 100 l. or under,O00600
For the Certificate of a Probate of a Will,000400
For a Certificate of Letters of Naturalization or De­nization▪000600
For a Pass to Europe, of a Ship of 30 Tuns,000600
And upwards to 100 Tun,0010O0
And above 100 Tun▪001500
For the same to the West-Indies, to pay for the proportion000300
For the same to the West-Indies, to pay for the proportion000600
For the same to the West-Indies, to pay for the proportion000900
For a Certificate that a Vessel was built here, and belong­ing to their Majesties Subjects,000600
For every Petition to the Governour and Council, and Order thereon,000600
For a Lisence of Marriage,001200
For a Certificate of any matter under the Governour's Hand and Seal,000600
For a Hue-and-Cry,000300
For a Lisence to purchase Land of the Indians,000600
For a Bill of Health,000600
For all Bonds,000300
For Copying every thing Recorded in the Secretary's Office, first Sheet containing 24 Lines, eight Words to a Line,000300
For every Sheet more,000006
For a Quietus of an Administration,000600
For every Commission, where there is a Sallary or Fees allowed,000600
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Fees for the Court of 40 s. or under.

FOr the Summons,000009
For serving the Summons,000009
For the Judgment,000100
For the Summons for Evidence000006
For serving the same,000006
For the Jury for the same,000600

Fees for the Justices in or out of Sessions.

FOR EVery Warrant of Appearance,016
FOR The Justices Clerk for a Bond,016
FOR Taking Bayl in Court, or out,023
FOR Acknowledging a Deed of Sale,023
FOR A Lisence for selling Drink,030
FOR The Clerk, for a Bond for the same,023

The Judges and Justices Fees for the Court of Common Pleas.

FOR ALl Actions, from 40 Shillings to twenty Pound,026
FOR From twenty Pound and upward,050
FOR Every Judgment of Court,016
FOR Signing an Execution,006
FOR Signing a Bill of Cost,006
FOR Admittance of a Guardian,030
FOR Proving of a Will,030
FOR A Certificate for the same to the Secretary's Office at New-York,016
FOR Acknowledging Satisfaction upon Record,016

Fees for the Clark of the Sessions and Common Pleas.

FOR A Writ or Capias,016
FOR Filing a Declaration,009
FOR A Copy of a Declaration if required, every Sheet con­taining 15 Lines 8 Words to a Line,006
FOR Entring every Action,009
FOR Every Venue.010
FOR Every Subpoena, [...] [...] [...]
FOR Entring a Verdict,009
FOR Entring Judgment,010
FOR Execution,016
FOR Coppying of the Records, for each Sheet, containing 15 Lines, and eight Words to a Line,006
FOR Entry Rule or Order of Court,009
FOR Reading a Petition,006
FOR Answer thereon,006
FOR With-dawing an Action,016
FOR A Scire facias,010
FOR A Habeas Corpus,016
FOR Every Recognizance,010
FOR A Supersedeas,016
FOR Searching the Records within one Year,006
FOR Every Year backwards 3 d. more,003
FOR Entring a Plea,009

The Sheriffs Fees for the Courts of Sessions and Common Pleas.

FOR SErving a Writ, taking into Custody, and Bail Bond, without any pretence for Riding in the County,060
FOR Returning a Writ,010
FOR A Venire,030
FOR Returning the same,010
FOR Serving an Execution under a hundred Pound,050
FOR Every Ten Pound more,010
FOR Serving a Writ of Possession,0120
FOR Scire facias serving, and Return,030
FOR Every Person committed into the common Prison,030

The Cryer or Marshals Fees for the Sessions and Common Pleas.

FOR CAlling a Jury, each Cause,010
FOR Calling every Witness,0 4 ½
FOR Every Verdict,009
FOR Calling each Action,010
FOR The Person that shall Ring the Bell or beat the Drum, each Action depending in Court,009
FOR Every Jury-man each Action,010
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Council and Attorneys Fees

For Attorneys Fees,060
For Pleading each Cause,06 [...]

Fees for the Judges of the Supream Court.

FOR TAking Bail on a Capi Corpus,030
FOR Allowance, and taking Bail on a Writ of Error,060
FOR Taking Bail on a Habeas Corpus,060
FOR A Supersedeas016
FOR Acknowledging a Deed to be Inrolled,060
FOR Admitting of a Guardian,060
FOR Signing a Bill of Costs,010
FOR A Discontinuance,010
FOR A Prohibition,090
FOR [...] a Person be an Attorney,0180
FOR All Actions of Debt above 20 to 100 Pounds,050
FOR One Hundred Pounds and upwards,0100
FOR All Actions of Assault and Battery, False Imprisonment, Defamation, Actions of Trespass, and all other Personal Actions,0100
FOR Al [...] Presentments, Informations, and Indictments in [...] Matters.0100
FOR Actions of Ejectment,0100

Clarks Fees for the Supream Court.

FOR FIling a Declaration,016
FOR Copy thereof, if required, each Sheet of 15 Lines, 8 Words to a Line,006
FOR Entring all manner of Pleas, per Sheet,006
FOR Entring a Verdict and Judgment,020
FOR All manner of Executions,016
FOR Copy of the Records, for each Sheet,006
FOR A Rule of Court,010
FOR Reading a Petition.009
FOR An Order upon it▪010
FOR Copy of it.010
FOR Entring Satisfaction upon Record,010
FOR With-dawing an Action,023
FOR Every De [...] Acknowledged, [...] [...] [...]
FOR All Recog [...]nce, [...] [...] [...]
FOR A Prohibition, [...] [...] [...]
FOR Searching the Record, [...] [...] [...]
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The Sheriffs Fees for the Supream [...]

FOR SErving a Writ or Capias, taking into Custody, and [...] [...] [...] [...]
FOR Bond, without any [...] for Riding in the County, [...]60
FOR The Venire Facias and Return,0 [...]6
FOR Serving an Execution under a hundred Pound,050
FOR Every Ten Pound more,01 [...]
FOR Serving a Writ of Possession,0120
FOR Serving a Scire facias, and Return▪030

The Marshal or Cryers Fees.

FOR CAlling each Action,009
FOR Calling every Jury,010
FOR Swearing every Witness,004

Fees for the Mayors Court,

For fixing the City Seal,030

The Clarks Fees for the Mayor's Court.

FOR AN Arrest, Attachment or Summons,010
FOR Recording a Declaration,01 [...]
FOR Copy thereof, if required,01 [...]
FOR Entring and Recording the Answer,010
FOR Copy thereof, if required,010
FOR Order of Court,009
FOR Copy thereof, if required,009
FOR Entring a Judgment,020
FOR Copy thereof, if required,010
FOR Execution,016
FOR A Copy thereof, if required,009
FOR Reading and Entring a Petition,010
FOR A Copy thereof, if required,009
FOR A Warrant to summons a Jury, each Action,010
FOR With-drawing an Action,010
FOR Entring and Recording Bargains and Sales of Lands, Houses, Wills, Administrations, and other Writings [...] in Court, [...]ot above 2 Pages,026
FOR Every [...] more,006
  [...] [...] [...]
FOR A Cert [...]ficate.016
FOR A S [...]ire [...],0 [...]6
FOR An Habere Fa [...]ias [...].016
FOR Licenses for Inn-keepers, Victuallers and Retailers.026
FOR A Subpaena for Witnesses, four, or under,016
FOR If more, 3 d. for each Person subpaened,003
FOR Entring an Allowance for a Habea Corpus,016
FOR A Copy of the Records, per Sheet,006

The Sheriffs Fees for the Mayors Court.

FOR EVery Arrest and Return,023
FOR Summons and Return,016
FOR Every Bail Bond,010
FOR Every Person that shall be arrested and committed to Prison for want of Bail, or not Bailable,030
FOR Returning of a Jury in each Cause,016
FOR Every Cause in Court.010
FOR Every Execution that shall be served, if under 100 l.050
FOR Every 10 l. more,010

The Marshalls Fees.

FOR SUmmoning a Jury in each Cause,016
FOR Every Witness in Court,003
FOR Calling every Action,004
FOR Every Prisoner committed to Goal,010

Bell Ringer's Fees.

[...]OR EVery Prisoner commited,010
[...]OR Every Action in Court,004

The Jurys Fees.

FOR EVery Cause in the City, for each Man on said Jury,009
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Fees to be Received in the Custom-House By their Majesties Collector and Receiver General of the Province of New-York.

FOR ENntry of every Ship or other Vessel, burthen sixtyl.s.d.
FOR Tuns [...] upwards, inwards or outwards,0120
FOR Every Post Entry of the same,0060
FOR Lisence to load or unload,0100
FOR Every Bill of Sight,0100
FOR Every Bill of Store,0040
FOR Every Permit or Warrant of Entry,0010
FOR Every Post of the same,0006
FOR Every Certificate of Goods Landed, where Bond is given abroad,0100
FOR Every other Certificate,0050
FOR The Jerkin and Clearing the same in or out, and com­paring the Merchants Entry, and the Masters Invoice or Outvoice,0060
FOR A Cocquet, Let-Pass or Transire,0060

Ships or other Vessels burthen'd under 60 Tuns, and more than 20. Trading into or out of this Province,

FOR EVery Entry in or out,060
FOR Lisence to load or unload,050
FOR Every Post entry of the same,030
FOR A Bill of Store,026
FOR A Permit or Warrant of Entry,010
FOR Every Post of the same,006
FOR Every Bond,026
FOR A Certificate, [...] [...]0
FOR Clearing and Jerking the same, &c. in or out▪040
FOR A Let-Pass, Cocquet or Transire, [...] [...]0
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Sloops or Vessels of 20 Tuns, or under, coming or going out of this Province.

FOr every Entry in or out,030
FOR Lisence to load or unload,016
FOR A Post Entry,016
FOR A Bill of Store,026
FOR A Bill of Sight,026
FOR A Permit or Warrant of Entry,010
FOR A Post of the same,006
FOR A Bond,026
FOR A Jerking and Clearing the same in or out, &c.026
FOR Cocquet, Let-Pass, and Transire,030

Sloops, &c. Trading within this Province, to­wards the Sound, Connecticut, up Hudsons River and to East-Jarsey,

FOR AN Entry in or out,009
FOR Lisence to load or unload,004 ½
FOR Pass and Clearing,009
FOR Permit or Warrant of Entry,004 ½

Other Fees taken in the Custom-House.

FOr the Sight of every Certificate of Bond given, and entring the same in the Kings Books,026
For Cancelling a Bond, filing a Certificate, and making it returned in the Kings Books,026

Provided alwayes, That no other Fees shall be taken for or concerning the Naval Office, Tonnage, or the enumerated Com­modities, or any other thing which relates to Shipping, upon any pretence whatsoever

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Clark of the Assemb [...]

FOR REading and entring every [...] [...] [...] [...]
FOR Entring an Answer thereof,0 [...] [...]
FOR Recording said Petition, if required,0 [...] [...]
FOR The Clarks Attendance on the House, all [...], and drawing up Resolves, &c. per Diem,0100
FOR The perusal of any Act, or each Days Minutes,01 [...]
FOR A Copy of each dayes Minutes,0 [...]0
FOR An Order of the House to the Sergeant at Arms to bring any Person before the House,060
FOR Entring said Order, and Copy,0 [...]0

The Sergeant at Arms Fees.

FOR AN Arrest in the Town,0100
FOR In the Country for the first ten Miles going and coming,0100
FOR Every Mile more,006
FOR Every day a Prisoner undischarged,030
FOR The Return of an Order,020

The Door-keepers Fees.

FOR EVery dayes Attendance,0 [...]0

The Coroners Fees.

FOR VIewing of a dead Body not slain by mis-ad­venture,0120

The Surveyors Fees.

FOR SUrveying a piece of Land [...]nder 100 Acres [...]0 [...]
If more, for every day he Surveys0120
If he imployes any Person to assist him, per Diem030
FOR Every [...] in the Town, not exceeding Three Acres,060
If more than three Acres, 2 s. per Acre,020
FOR [...]lling Charges, when he does not survey, per Diem,0100

To the Attorney General for Fees.

IN Criminal Causes,011000
In Capital Causes,030000

THe House of Representatives for Their Majesties Province of New-York, do order, That this Catalogue of Fees be sent upon the Governour and Council, praying his Excellency that He may establish the same.

By Order of the House of Representatives, James Graham, Speaker.

Printed and Sold by William Bradford, Printer to Their Maiesties, King William and Queen Mary, at the Bible in New-York, 1693

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