Proposals for the Printing of a large BIBLE,

THese are to give Notice, that it is proposed for a large house-Bible to be Printed by way of Subscriptions [a method [...] England for the printing of large Volumns, because Printing is very chargeable] therefore to all that are willing to forward so good (and great) a Work, as the Printing of the holy Bible, are offered these Proposals, viz.

1. That it shall be printed in a fair Character, on good Paper, and well bound.

2. That it shall contain the Old and New Testament, with the Apocraphy, and all to have useful Marginal Notes.

3. That it shall be allowed (to them that subscribe) for Twe [...]y Shillings per Bible: [A Price which one of the same volumn in England would cost.]

4. That the pay shall be half Silver Money, and half Country [...] at Money price. One half down now, and the other half on the deli­very of the Bibles.

5. That those who do subscribe for six, shall have the Seventh gratis, and have them delivered one month before any above that number sha [...] be sold to others.

6. To those which do not subscribe, the said Bibles will not be al­lowed under 26 [...]. a piece.

7. Those who are minded to have the Common-Prayer, shall [...] the [...] and 6 d. per Book.

8. That as encouragement is given by Peoples subscribing and pay­ing down one half, the said Work will be put forward with what Expedition may be.

9. That the Subscribers may enter their Subscriptions and time of Payment, at Pheneas Pemberton's and Robert Halls in the County of Bucks. At Malen S [...]acy's Mill at the Falls. At Thomas Budds House in Burlington. At Iohn Hasting's in the County of Chester. At Edward Blake's in New-Castle. At Thomas VVoodrooffs in Salem. And at William Bradford's in Philadelphia, Printer & Undertaker of the said Work. At which places the Subscribers shall have a Receipt for so much of their Subscriptions as paid, and an obligation for the delivery of the number of Bibles (so Printed and Bound as aforesaid) as the respective Sub­scribers shall deposit one half for.

Also this may further give notice▪ that Samuell Richardson and Samuell Carpenter of Philadelphia, are appointed to take care and be assistant in the laying out of the Subscription Money, and to see that it be im­ploy'd to the use intended, and consequently that the whole Work be expedited. Which is promised by

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