THE HEART GARRISONED OR, The Wisdome, and Care of the SPIRITUAL SOULDIER above all things to safeguard his HEART.

Delivered in a Sermon which was Preached to the Honoured GENTLEMEN of the ARTILLERY COM­PANY, on the Day of their ELECTION, at BOSTON in New-England June, 5. 1676.

By Mr. Samuel Willard.

Prov. 25.28.

He that hath no rule over his own Spirit, is like a Citty that is broken down, and without walls.

Phil. 4.7.

And the Peace of GOD which passeth all understanding, shall keep your Hearts and Minds through Christ Jesus.

CAMBRIDGE, Printed by Samuel Green, 1676.


Prov, 4.23. Keep thy Heart with all diligence, for out of it are the Issues of Life.

THat the Life of a Christian is a continued War­fare, is a Truth, proved not only by the Infalli­ble Testimony of Scripture, but also by the un­failing Observation and Experience of the Peo­ple of God in all Ages; whose Entrance into Christ by Con­version, is a listing them Souldiers in his Camp. This Warfare, being attended with so much d [...]nger, managed with so much difficulty, and the Issue being a matter of so great Consequence, as is but darkly shadowed out by all the Warr [...] and Com­bustions which are upon Earth; hence the Scripture affords its spiritual Tracticks, and Directions for the prosperous ma­nag [...]ng of this holy Warr: Commending you therefore to the Field, for the Exercise of Skill, and improving of your selves in what may belong to your Military Function as men at Arms, give me feave to Rub up your memories lit­tle, in some plain and practical duties of a Christian Soul­dier·

The words of my Text are the great Charge given by Jesus Christ, the true Solomon (Captain General of the Hosts of his People) to all those that are under his Colours, enga­ged in his Service. That the phrases or Terms used here are Metapho [...]ical, or Allusive to matters Military, such as are Conversant in the Original Language do understand. In the words observe four things.

1. The Subject about which this Charge is Conversant, [Page 1] the Heart, and that under a Limitation, or especial Intima­tion, thy Heart, the Heart is here Compared to a Castle or Fort, under the Service and Command of God, exposed to the Assaults of Enemies, and in danger of damage by them; and every one hath a heart of his own to which he ows a par­ticular Respect, and over which he hath an especial Charge.

2. The Charge it self, which is given: Keep thy Heart, the word signifies, to Fortifie, Protect, and defend; to keep a thing with Locks, and Barrs, and a strong Guard, as Am­munition or Treasure is kept, when an Enemy is expected to make an Assault upon it, see Nah▪ 2.1. A Noun from this Verb is translated a Watcher or Watch-man, Jer. 4.1 [...]. and another, a Tower or place to watch in, Hab. 2.1.

3. The Emphasis which is put upon this Charge; with all Diligence, the English of the Phrase is, with all keeping: or, as the Hebrew affix doth bear, and is often used, above all keeping: the word is often in Scripture Translated, to preserve; and it properly signifies to be careful to keep off, or prevent any mischief, that is likely to be done, if not lookt to; it signifies to preserve in Safety, Gen: 28 10. It is a Me­taphor from a Watchman in a Tower, or a Garrison in a For­tification; hence a Noun from this Verb, is Tra [...]slated a Watch, or a place to discry danger from, Hab. 2.1. and ano­ther is that signifies the Watch, or time allotted to a several Company in their Turns to stand out upon Observation: Exod. 14.24 Lam 2.19. and another that sign [...]fies a Watch that is set, Neh. 13.30.

4. The force or weight of the Charge is added: for out of it are the Issues, or outgoings of Life; q. d. if here thou be negligent, thy Life goes for it: it is the Storehouse and Trea­sury of Life? Of all Laws, those that are Military are the most strict and severe, to put men upon the more Care and Vigilancy; hence to neglect the heart is here presented as a Capital Crime: It is as much as a mans Life is worth to be Se­dulous, and Vigilant in his Charge. Hence,

It is the most weighty and solemn Charge lying upon every one that marcheth under Christs Standard, Doctrine. diligently to keep [Page] his own Heart: there is indeed a great deal else which he hath to look to, as follows in the Sequel of the Chapter: his mouth, Lips, Eyes, Hands, Feet, but all this is in order, and Sub­ordination to the Heart.

The word heart in Scripture use, comes under various Ac­cepta [...]ions: It is taken properly for that Organ in the Body of a living Creature, which is the Fountain of Life, Seat of the Vital Spirits, & Spring of motion & Operation: Metaphori­cally, for the midst or Inside of any thing, so, the heart or midst of the Oak, 2 Sam: 18.14. the heart or middle of the Sea by a Metonimy of the Subject, for the Soul in general, for the wil, unedrstanding, Conscience, Affections, memory, & lastly, for all the Faculties and Operations of the Soul Collectively taken, whose prime Seat is in the Heart, so in the Text, the heart of man is a little Kingdoms, or Dynasty which ows Fealty to the Crown and Empire of Heaven, understanding, will, Affecti­ons, and all their Operations are to be employed in Gods Ser­vice. The keeping of the heart here required implies, and intends both danger and duty.

I. Danger, or else the work were Superfluous, and this danger is twofold.

1. That the Heart is exposed to Enemies which will seek the Life of it, who are alwaies watching to make a surprize: where no Enemy needs to be suspected, no garrison needs to be kept, to train up Souldiers in times of peace, were an Emp­ty Flourish, were it not that Warr may arise; The Spirit of God would not have us to be secure: or think our selves to be beyond the reach of spite and malice, to do us harm, but to account that we dwell among Murderers, and in the midst of deadly Enemies, who seek, and would gladly rob us of the Life of our Souls.

2. That to lose the heart to those that [...] wait for it, is a great and sore Loss; that it is not a piece of Lumber, which is little to be Cared for, but a [...]owel to be preserved with utmost Care. In times of danger, it is better to draw off from, and abandon such places as are of no Consequence, then to Expend fruitless and Excessive Charges for the main­teining [Page 4] of them; where the Charge out-bids the Rational Benefit, it is foolishly laid out, it's better left to the Enemy, but is not thus in regard of the heart, and therefore we are Commanded not to seek a safe Retreat from it, but stoutly to stand to it, and upon no Terms to forgoe it.

2. Duty, summarily Conteined in three things.

1. That the Heart is to be kept for God, whose Right and Prerogative it is to have the Rule over, and obedience of it: he challengeth it as his own, Prov. 23.26. my Son give me thy heart; he requires it as our duty of Allegiance, as the performance and discharge of our Sacramentum mili­tare, to look after it, neither are we to account any Service tedious, or hazards superstuous, that we undergo in this de­signe.

2. Hence it is to be kept from all those that would rob him of the Rule and Command over it, all that would usurp his Title, and Challenge to themselves Dominion of the Soul: we cannot serve two Masters, if we are for God, we must be for no other, there are many that bid much for this Rule, and would fain hold the Scepter, and have the Command of the heart; But, socium habet neminem, he must have the sole and whole ordering of it, according to his own good pleasure without Controul.

3. Hence we are bound to supply our selves with all ne­cessaries requisite for the defence and preservation of our hearts from the force or fraud of the Enemies of our Souls: what is a Souldier without Arms? or Arms without Skill? or Skill without prudent Conduct? or all without Careful and watchful Improvement? so that in all these things we are to be Furnished, that nothing be wanting, least through our defect, and heedlessness we come under the deserved blame of Imprudent and Careless Subjects.

I shall pass over the Reasons briefly.

Reason1. From the worth or Excellency of the Heart, or Soul, this is the Nobler part of man, the most Honourable, the man is cal­led from it frequently in Scripture, it is the most useful, take-it away, and the Body is left a Lump of unserviceable mat­ter, [Page 5] a meer piece of Corruption: it is more worth then a world, Math. 16.26. it is the Palace of the great King, the Throne of the Spirit of God, the Treasury of Heavenly Riches, if we had a Thuosand of natural Lives to lose, the Loss of all were Inva­luable, & to be despised, if Compared with the Loss of this one·

From the great price which was paid for the Redemp­tion of the Soul; it was once in the hands of Enemies, Reason 2. under the Power of destroying Evils, in slavery to cruel ma­sters; but there was a great Summe laid down to procure its Ransome: It is true, Christ redeemed the whole man, Soul and Body are joyntly his Purchase; but the Soul was the great thing, hence there is an Emphasis put on that, Psal. 3. Answerable therefore to the great Cost which was laid out in Redeeming should be the Care in keeping: he that hath been once in the Enemies hand felt his Rage, tasted deep of his Cruelty, and for a great price Ranso [...]med, will look to himself.

From the many Enemies which seek the Ruine of the Soul. Satan, whose great design is at that;Reason 3. In all his Indentures which he makes with any, his Bargain is for the Soul; the drift of all his Assaults, and forcible and Po­litick Temptations, is to deceive the Soul: the Trade which he drives is to Attempt all Courses that he may devour it: he besiegeth the Heart, and if he can but get and keep his Throne there, he is Content: As the Pope Answered to the Question, whether the Recusant Papists should expose them­selves to suffer Banishment, or rather go to the Publick As­semblies; let me have their hearts (said he) and let the Queen have their Bodies: Satan is willing men should do, and take pains in doing outward Services, he suffers them to read, hear, pray, give Alms, &c. they may go as farr as they will in bodily Service, only let him have the Homage of their hearts: this is the strong hold whereof being pos­sessed, he endeavours to keep it with all his Force. The World; what is the designe of the men of the world, but, as Satans Souldiers, either by force or fraud to get the Con­quest of this, either to draw the heart away from God by [Page 6] Temptations, or fright it from Godliness by Persecution? and what use doth Satan make of the things of the world, but to make Traps and Snares, and baits to enveagle Souls, and allure them after him, that he may make a Seizure on them? the world it is the great Engine of Battery, which is used in the Siege which Satan layes to the Soul. And Lust within; what doth this lurke in the Soul for, but as a Spy watching its Season and Advantage to betray it? what else is its business, but to do all it can, to make the heart a Semina­ry of sinful thoughts, to entertain all manner of wickedness? to keep Intelligence upon all the inward motions and stirr­ings, and seek opportunity to Communicate it to Satan? lying in wait to kill every good thought in its Birth, nay, to stifle it in its Conception? to make a party strong within, that in a stress and shock of Temptation, may vote a Resig­nation, and forcibly open the door thereunto? to be alwayes plotting and practising secret Treason against the Crown of Heaven? thus are all our Enemies combined to drive this one designe to destroy our Souls.

Reason4 From the danger the Heart is Exposed unto, if it be not Carefully and Resolutely kept: it is alwayes in danger of being led out of the way, by these cunning Cheaters, drawn into sna [...]es with fair and Insinuating Speeches, trained into Ambushments, and so be surprized by its Enemies; It dwels among Murderers, such as are very sly and wise to do mis­chief; it is Environed on all sides without, and within are Enemies, and if it Catch a wound, how dangerous must that wound needs be? wounds in the Heart are mortal, a prick with a pin brings Death there, which a deep gash in a Limbe will not do: nothing but the Balme of Christs Blood will [...] the wounds of the Soul. Put these things together, and they will spell to us the Truth of this Doctrine.

Use I. Of Information.

1. That the Life of a Christian here is a stat [...] of Militan­cy; every man indeed is a Souldier, either under Christ or the Devil; Engaged in a Warr, which will Issue either in his Happiness or Ruine: the Christian especially is called [Page 7] into a field of warr, where he must grapple with Enemies Fierce & Cruel; fight for his life, or else lose it; sadly therefore are they mistaken, who hope to Arrive at a Crown of glory before they have first engaged themselves in a warfare, h [...]c iter Elysium.

2. Hence the Life of a Christian is a Laborious Life. A Souldiers Employment, if duly followed, is no matter of Ease or Pleasure, but he must learn to make a Recreation of that which another would account a Death; to satisfie himself with hunger, and Thirst, and Cold, and Travailing, and Watching & Battails: how much more the Christian, who hath,

1. A Watchful Enemy, & therefore he must not sleep: he hath an Enemy who is alwayes lying in wait to find him at a dis­advantage, and having so found him, he will be sure to fall on, and at such a time we may be sure it is no little mischief that he then doth.

2. A busie Enemy, that loves not to ly still, and therefore he must not expect long to be out of Actual Service; let matters go either way, Satan still pursues his designe, Mar­cellus-like, of whom Hannibal said, that he could never be quiet, nec Victor, nec Victus; beating, or beaten, all was one.

3. An Vnwearied Enemy, and hence the Christians Ex­ercises must be Constant, whom alwayes fresh Forces of new and Vigorous Temptations are sent up against.

3. See here the Reason why so many Professors fall into Snares, are Caught in Ambusher, & get so many wounds; It a [...]iseth through the great neglect that there is in the world of the practice of this duty: It is the Judgement of some, that it is nothing to be a good Souldier, needless to have, and if needful, easie to attain to Skill: many more there be, who think it nothing to learn the Rules of a Christian L [...]f [...] ▪ & indeed a thing needless to acquaint themselves with the wayes of God, and how to keep themselves out of the Enemies hand, neither do they regard how many wounds they receive, or what harm the Enemy doth them; having (as they pretend) that Panpharmacon, the Blood of Christ to [...]eal all: Let this therefore reprove that great neglect which is found among the Army of Professors, of this so Important [Page 8] a Duty: Oh! what little looking to, and careful keeping of our Hearts? the most of men think it enough to look to their outward Conversation: how few attend this Duty in its Extensiveness, to use all Endeavours about it? in its In­tensiveness, to improve all diligence? in its Eminency, to keep their heart above all keepings? there is a great deal of Care now used, in these Times of danger and Warr, to keep our bodily Lives from the Comm [...]n Enemy, to save our goods, we look after our Flocks, and our H [...]rds, and we can give very good Reason for that; but are not hearts mean while neglected? where almost is the man that useth dili­gence, Care and endeavour about this [...] how loose and Remiss, how Careless and Secure are we? how open do we lay our Hearts to Satans Assaults? how little fortifying is there a­gainst the Enemy, and standing upon our Gua [...]? this is a matter to be lamented; hence it comes to pass that Religion lies a bleeding, and many strong men fall before the Force and Fraud of their Enemies: this deserves a Reproof; Is not the Heart undervalued? men use to be most Careful of that which they most p [...]ize, especially in Times of danger; and shall that which is most worth, have least esteem? o [...] do we know our Enemies? is either the [...] or Froud, or En­mity of Satan discovered? neither do we set a due Esteem on the Glory of God, shall we sin that grace may abound, God Forb [...]d. Nay, it Argues, that men are not acquainted with their own Hearts, Jehu like, they presume their hea [...]ts are right, know not, and therefore fear not [...]hose Trai [...]ors that are secretly lodged within; and certainly the things of the world have too high a price set upon them, m [...]n have not a true Judgement nor Valuation of things: well, these things will bring sore Losses, and at the last [...] in sad Lamenta [...]i­on and Mourning.

Vse2. For Exhortation and Direction: and here let me Challenge this whole Audience to look upon themselves as Concerned in it: you see here what God expects at your hands, and w [...]th what great Solemnity [...]e [...]equires it: every one of us ows a heart to God, and he look, [...]hat we should [Page 9] keep it for him; there are many that seek to Rob him of his Right, and [...]herefore the more diligence and Industry ought we to use; sad is their Condition who have Alienated Gods Right, and betrayed to Satan, World, and their own Lusts, the Hold, and Possession of their Hearts: let such mourn for their Apostacy, and lament for their Infidelity, and sigh to Heaven for Deliverance, imploring the help of God for their Recovery; get your Hearts into Subjection unto God, and then keep them for him: let him have the Lordship and Do­minion over them; suffer no Vsurper to assume his Throne.

For Motive.

1. Consider, the Equity of your Cause; no Change of Suc­cess can groundedly put it into question, it is a defensive Warre, your Souls are Hostilely Invaded, the whole Country of your Heart is filled with Enemies; there may be many N [...]ce Scruples against a Forreign Invation; and I do believe that the People of God oftentimes engage in needless Quar­rels, and if they are beaten soundly they may thank them­selves: thus Josiah goes uncalled against Necho, to meet a Death he might have avoided had he kept his place; but self Preservation is a Rule written in the Law of Nature, practiced by all Ranks of Beings, and legible enough in the Hearts of fallen men: your Cause is just, it is in Gods Right, which is undeniable; it is for your own Preservation from Eternal Ruine, which is Indubitable; it is against usurping Enemies who cannot make good the least true Title against Cruel Enemies; whose tender mercies are cruelty, and it is better dying in a good Cause then Conquering in a bad one:

2. Consider, the weight and greatness of the Cause you are engaged in: Remember you carry your Life, Honour, Glo­ry, Liberty in your right hand, which must either manfully be defended, or basely lost: they are poor and trifling things which the men of the world scufle and fight for, i [...] compa­red with the Exigencies of this Warfare: In particular.

1. Consider, the worth of that you fight for, and what you must lose, if you lose the day: it is to keep your H [...]arts, your Souls from the Destroyer; you may a little Ra [...]e the [Page 10] worth of them if you Consider, either the value which the whole Trinity sets upon them, God the Father in those choice Decrees of Election and Reprobation, when he intended the highest manifestation of the glory of his Name in such as should be Eternal monuments of it, he chose Souls to be the Subjects thereof: and God the Son in the great price of Redemption which he paid for Souls, to buy them out of the hands of Divine Revenging Justice, and purchase them for himself, that he might have Everlasting Society with them, to which End he counted not his precious Life too dear to Sacrifice to the displeasure of a justly provoked God: or God the Holy Ghost, in the Labour and Care which he layes out about them, in striving and Endeavouring with them in Or­dinances and Providences with great patience for the pro­moving of their Eternal good: or the holy Angels, in that Cheerful Ministration of theirs to, and for the good of Souls: or Devils in their Constant and Indefatigable pains which they take for to gain Souls to themselves, 1 Pet. 5.8. Or, Consider the Soul in its Capacities, it was made after the Image of God, Aurae Divinae particula, endued with an Vnderstanding capable of the most Sovereign Tru [...]h, and Will fitted for a Closure with the chief good, Capacitated for the Everlasting Fruition of God in Glory: is there any Excellency in man above other Creatures, it is by this? Is there any worth in the body, it is made so by this? and when it leavs it, it is an useless Carkass.

2. Consider, what great difficulty is in keeping the Heart, think therefore how many Enemies it hath that are practi­sing against it.

1. The Rebellious Flesh, which bears an Enmity against the Spiritual good of the Soul, Rom. [...].7. there is a world of this Rebellion in the best of us, which is both Irreconcile­ably Opposite against God, not to be perswaded by Promi­ses, nor Terrified by Threatnings, Rom 7 5. and exceeding subtle to deceive, full of Carnal Reasonings, and Politick Ar­guings: and also Resolute and Violent in its way, heady in the Prosecution of its designes, [...]glect the Careful Inspecti­on [Page 11] over it, but for a moment, and it breaks Prison, and it playes Rex.

2. The Power and Po [...]icy of Satan, called Powers of Dark­ness, from their great Force; Spirits from their Nature, and Spiritual Approaches which they make, wily Adversaries, because of their sly and subtle Stratagem [...]; Foulers, having from the beginning employed their Devilish wit to lay Ambushes in secret places to Ensnare Souls; adde to this their Sollicitous Endeavours without discouragement, their Constant Sedulity without weariness in the pursuit of their designes; these things render Satan Formidable.

3. What great matter of Temptation there is in the world; from the men of the world, partly by feigned Friendship to draw away the Heart from God, and partly by professed En­mity, and practiced Cruelty to fright it from his Service: and from the things of the world, which are in their Nature so fitted and Accommodated to seduce and allure, to draw away the Heart after them, and hold it in Compliance, and so to lead the Creature into the Snares of the Devil.

3. Consider, what depends upon this Duty attended or neg­lected: keep thy Soul, and keep thy Life: though God saves none for doing, yet he doth it in a way of doing: If we keep not our selves, God will not keep us, but in this way are we led to Eternal Life: to neglect our Care and Watch, and guard, hazard our Everlasting Ruine: God requires this of us as a Duty, to neglect it is to break the Laws of Gods Camp: if the Heart be not kept, it will be lost, and it will be an unspeakable Loss, so much as the S [...]ul is worth, such is the Loss: Consider what is lost when the Soul is lost, God is lost, Christ is lost, Heaven is lost, a Kingdome of glo­ry is lost: and if all this be lost for want of looking after, thou wilt when it is too late Cry out of thy Folly and mad­ness.

3. Consider, what Encouragement thou hast to put for­ward in this Service; For,

1. God himself looks or, he observes all thy Labour and Fi­delity, and he will own all that thou dost for him, thy sin­cere, [Page 12] though weak Endeavours shall be accepted, yea, and Crowned too, and he so stands by thee, as one that ready is to lend thee an helping hand when thou art in a Strait, and be thy strength against Enemies that are more and mighty then thou art; be but true to him, and thou shalt never want As­sistance from him, nor be discountenanced in what thou dost for him.

2. Thou marchest under a brave Commander, Jesus Christ the Captain of our Salvation, valiant, prudent, successful; who never turned his back, when he was Confronted with the Powers of Earth and Hell, and set upon by the wrath of an angry God; upon whom his most watchful Foes could never take the least Advantage, who never marched into the Field, but came out again a through Conquerour; who hath led Captivity Captive, overcome the World, triumphed over Devils; he will both lead us up, and bring us off, what Coward would not be valiant under such a Leader.

Nil desperandum Christo Duce.

3. Thou shalt have both Success and Wages, do but resist, by the grace and strength of God, and thy Enemies shall fly before thee; hold out with a holy Resolution in the Cause of God, and thou shalt receive a Crown of glory, Im­mortality, and Eternal Life: in this Engagement none ever were slain fighting; all the harm comes by flying: none ever that engaged in this Cause had any Reason to complain that they served an hard Lord.

Now would you manage this business to Advantage, and defend this Fortress, so as that it may be kept for God, and in his obedience, labour to be, and shew your selves good Souldiers of Christ.

I must needs acknowledge it farr better for me to occupy a lower place in this body, or part of the Army of the Church Militant, as being fitter to receive then to give Instruction; but, it being the Lot and Custome of these dayes to call forth, not alwayes the most Skilful, to Ezercise others, and therein [Page 13] to quicken up themselves, & to put forward in Military Skill. I submit to, and owne the Providence of God, and crave of him, who teacheth the Hands to warr and the Fingers to fight, to direct these following Directions.

1. Get the Heart and Spirit of a Souldier: there are some Virtues belonging to this Vocation, without which kept in Exercise a man can never be Renowned: These are—

1. Prudence for the managing of affairs; without this, great strength attended with never so much of Resolution, is but like Po [...]iphemus without an Eye: It was the Com­mendation of Alexanders Army, though but small for so great an undertaking as the Asian Conquest was, yet he scarcely had a Common Souldier, but was fit to lead a Squa­dron, nor a Captain of a Phalanx, but knew how to ma­nage an A [...]my: and to this prudence is r [...]quisite, Skill to Consider, an [...] Compare [...]ll Cases, and suitably to apply them; and hence, both an Acquaintance ▪ with the History of for­m [...] [...]mes, and Ability to Judge between Ra [...]ional, and ei­ther meerly Casual, or Supernatural Events. It is not enough to know what hath been done, but why, else we may follow Presidents to our harm; thus Vano, in that Fa­tal Battel of Cann [...], takes Example from former Leaders, and draws up his Army, narrow in Front, deep in Fla [...]ke, forgetting that that had been done against the Elephants, whereas there were at that time none, and so exp [...]sed him­self to be gau [...]d by the horse, o [...] which the Enemy had great plenty, which lost him the day. The Enemies of our Souls are wily, they come not up alwayes in one way or method, but have many Stra [...]agems, and subtle devices, and we must nei­ther be ignorant of them, nor yet of the way how to Cir­cumvent and avoid them.

2. Prowes [...] or Fortitude: Courage is the Life of a Soul­dier; Cowardice is the most disgra [...]ful Epithe [...]e that can be put up [...]n him, hence that, Eph. 6.10· be strong or Couragiou [...]: the proper work or Service belonging to Warr requires this Spirit of Valour; he that is called to look danger in the Fac [...], to expose himself to push of Pike, dint of Sword, to meet with [Page 14] Rage and Fury, to see men falling on the right and left hand, to pass through Fields scattered with dead bodies, and gar­ments rolled in Blood, had not he need to have some Spirits in him? this is a Christians Constant Employment; his Enemies are potent and furious, his hazards eminent, his Battels frequent, and many of his Fellow Christians, some bleeding of deep and dangerous wounds which they have gotten, and others Cowardly running away from their Co­lours, and betraying of their Cause: oftentimes is he left, with Paul, alone, and no man to stand by him, or second him when beset with Enemies; he had need then to streng­then his Resolution.

3. Hardiness: hence is that Counsel given to Timothy, 2 Tim. 2.3. as a good Souldier of Christ endure hardness; [...] Souldier must expect to be acpuainted with hardships, and should therefore harden himself for them: tedious marches, hard lodging, Course Fare, to be pinched back and belly, ex­posed to Storms and Tempests, stand out upon watchings, be ready to run up upon every Assault, and not be afraid of blows ▪ nor faint under wounds, these are the Lessons of the School of Warr; hence men delicately brought up are no waies fit for Field Service: great and sore are the difficulties that attend a Christian in his Course and Pilgrimage here, every step of his way is Encountred with fresh Trials, he goes not to Heaven in a Feather Bed of Ease and delicacy, but it is through much Tribulation that he enters into glory.

4. Fear: the Scripture saith, blessed is the man that fear­eth alwayes; there is a fear not unbecomi [...]g a Souldier, nor a disgrace to his Courage, a fear of exposing himself to unnecessary dangers, undertaking needless Tasks, running up­on unneedful hazards, pulling upon himself disadvantages, a Fear of Caution not to make Imprudent Attempts, nor such Charges as savour more of vain glory then wisdome, and bring a man Credit but by Accident: it is an easy mat­ter to lead men up against an Enemy, and Engage them in a Fight, but to bring them off again with honour and Safety, his Labor, hoc opus est; It was a Counsel given by a Fool, [Page 15] but well becoming a wiseman, when the King of Spain con­sulted his Nobles how to get an Army over the Alpes; nay rather, said he, Consider how to get them back again? Satan hath as well his Ambushes to Catch the heady, as his Troops to pursue and overtake the Cowardly Christian: Fabious Maximus did more against Vafrous Hannibal cun­ctando, by prudent and Considerate delayes, then Servilius Marcellus, and many other Hot-Spurs by furious Assaults, whom he never failed to draw into Sna [...]es; and it is valour enough, in many Cases, not to be afraid to stand upon our Guard, and keep our ground, till further and better Oppor­tunity.

5. Sobriety: he that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things, 1 Cor. 9.25. observable is that of the Poet: ‘Invadunt urbem summo vinoq sepultam:’ the world is full of sad Examples upon this Account: when was Babilon taken, but when Belshazzar had been solemni­zing his Birth day with his Court, (and doubtless his Soul­diers rock pattern from him) in his drunken Festival: yea, the vanities of the world are the very weapons which Satan useth to wound the people of God withal, who, through Intemperance and Ex [...]s [...] in lawful things, betray [...]the Cause of God: in licitis perimus omnes: how many are there who having begun in the Spirit, have ended in the Flesh, being bribed and Corrupted by the pleasures, profits, and honours of a vain world: sober Christians are most like to be true and valiant: then was Rome in a rising posture, when the Scep­ter and the Ploughshare could Interchangeably take their turns, as occasion [...]equired: he that can be content with a dinner of Herbs, will not be tempted with Pyrthu [...]'s gold, said, Fabritius to the Embassadour, seeking to draw him away, to betray his Country to the Enemies of it: could we but seek and use the world and things of it with a Spirit of [...]nd [...]ff [...]rency, we were then fit for Christs Camp, as long as Satan can Catch us with these things, we shall make poor work of it.

6. Fidelity: this, though it be last named, is not the [Page 16] least Vertue of a Souldier: he that will not be true to his Trust, is not fit to be trusted: Treachery is a thing so ha­ted among men, the worst of men, that they who, for the turne to their own Advantag [...], love the Treason, yet never can endure the Traitour, and hence they speedily take him out of the way, and that is most frequently his Reward: God requires Truth in the inward part, that the Soul be for him, and stedfast in his Covenant, and hold on without war­ping: Satan will present and proffer many Bribes, tender and promise great things; worldly Accomodations, Ease, plea­sure, honour, &c. but the Christian hath sworn to God, and must perform, and if he be faithful unto the Death, if he hold out against all alluring Temptations, he shall have a Crowne; but if he look back, he shall be judged as a Trai­tour, unworthy of Life.

2. Provide your selves with Armour of Proof, and Skill to use it: The Scripture directs us to a [...] and gives us full and plain Rules for improvement. A good Souldier, if unarmed, is not fit for Service, some pieces may seem troublesome to carry, but they will be missed in the Fight if left behind: well may he expect to be shot through that wants his Shield; how shall the head be defended with­out the Helmet? what hurt can he do his Enemy, that is without his Sword? and be sure it be the Armour of God, no other will save us, or harm our Enemy a Soul void of true grace is easily carried by every Assault that is made upon it▪ get a Shield of Faith, a Helmet of Salvation, a girdle of Truth, a Breastplate of Righteousness, the Sword of the Spirit, &c. and learn how to use your Arms; handling of Arms indeed begins to be accounted but a meer Flourish, and unnecessa­ry point of Discipline, and thereupon it begins to be laid aside as useless: but I assure you, the Christian hath to do with Enemies Skilful to do harm, and if he himself be a bun­gler, he shall get many a scratch, yea, and deep wounds too, yea, and it may be harm himself with his own weapon: God is a man of Warr, he is the Teacher of Israel, go to him for Instruction: pray much, and practice much, so shall the [Page 17] graces of the Spirit be in use, and you shall rhrough Divine Assistance be able to repel your Soul Enemies.

3. Make it your Calling and Employment to guard your Hearts, defend your Souls, keep off your Enemies, and use all Courses to th [...]t End appointed in the Word of God, and which have by the people of God been found to be Ad­vantagious in this designe: here observe, the Warr is pro­perly Defensive, the Heart is to be kept, you are garrison Souldiers: therefore.

1. Fortifie thy Heart with all Care: he that knows his own weaknes [...], and his Enemies both strength and Polic [...], never thinks he hath done enough, Phil. 3.11, 12. present grace will not do; some are ready to say that Forts are only occasions to take off the Edge of true Valour, but our sad Experience hath taught us that the want, or weakness of them hath cost many a Life: he that hath done most this way to his heart, shall find work enough to defend it, and trial sufficient of his Courage, it may be we have some time found our selves in the Assaults of Temptation to come off with shame and sorrow, through neglect of seasonable streng­thening our hearts against them: this should excite us to the work especially, Considering we know not how soon we may be called to run with Horsemen. I know the stur­dy Spartans lived long without Walls, and prospered; but Christians, like the Conies, are a feeble Folk, and it is there­fore their wisdome to take the Advantage of the Rock.

2. Prudently cut off all supplies from your Enemies, it is an Impolitick Course to leave an Enemy that makes an Invasion, any thing behind to live upon: make no Provision for the Flesh, is the Apostles Counsel; i. e. Cut off all Provision when it comes to Assault you let it find none, hence, morti­fie Carnal desires, call in wandring Affections, get your Hearts off from the things of the world, is there any thing in thy heart, that cannot be useful and serviceable for Christ, set fire to it, least the Enemy reap Advantage by it.

3. Be Careful in Reparations: a Fort alwayes Assaulted is liable to Breaches, Engines of Warr make many gaps, [Page 18] Temptations oftentimes make a way into the Soul: observe therefo [...]e, where they are made, and how: take this here as a Rule, if you would not be mistaken here, that a breach is not only then made, when thy heart is drawn in to give its Consent to the Commission of sin, but when the strength of thy Resolution against it is weakned; here the Enemy will soon clap his Ladders: if God help thee to oppose Temptation with a full Resolution of grace, the Bullets then are dampt; but if thou do but so much as deliberate the Wall is shaken: having therefore found it, stop it presently, call off vain and Impertinent Thoughts, and not only so, but, in a way of Re­pentance, renew thy Vows, Prom [...]ses and Resolutions, little Breaches will soon grow great ones, if not speed [...]y made up.

4. Look well to the Watch: our Saviour Christ gives strict Command again and again, upon this Account; to sleep on the watch in time of a Siege is a Capital Crime. It was a tart, but a just Sarcasme of that Captain, who in walking the Rounds found one that should have been watching, asleep, drew his Sword, and ran him through, saying, dead I found thee, dead I leave thee: how many Examples of sad Consequence hath the world Experienced upon this Ac­count: look to all within: knowest thou not that thou hast a Soul Enemy lurking in thy bosome, that will readily upon Advantage open the gates to Satan and the World? keep a holy Jealousie upon thy Faculties, disarm thy Affections, and do severe Execution upon any Lusts that are found rang­ing: keep an Eye upon Satan; walke the Rounds of thy Soul continually; look to the Cinque Ports, set a strong Guard upon every Sense, and know who stands at the Eye, Ear, &c. beware what motion thou openest the door to; it is easy for an Enemy to put on the habit of a Friend; stop every Suggestion without, and well examine it: every thing that complains against sin is not grace: you know the Story of Zopirus, when his Master could not take Babilon by [...]orce, he mangles and cuts himself, and so falls off, com­plaining of his Lords Cruelty, which won him so much Cre­dit as lost the City. Leave no place unguarded, trust none [Page 19] to its own strength, what seeming Impossibilitis have been done upon such Advantages; beware of being Imposed up­on, Satan fre [...]uently Alarums us loudest, where he intends the least Assaults, sends up Drums and Trumpets on one side, to draw us thither, whiles he comes si [...]ently upon our backs. Keep your Eyes in your heads, and looking round.

5, Put forward in ev [...]ry Assault, and fight Couragiously: when thou art Assaulted by Temptation, fly not before it, much less lay down Arms, and cry Quarter, here is no mer­cy to be expected, our spiritual Enemies are Vnreconc [...]le­able, think this, If I yield I dye, if I resist I can but dye, think of thy Oath given to God, remember none ever were over­come but by yield [...]ng; and count it a quarrel worth the ven­turing thy Life in. It will be a Death or worse to thee to bear the brand of a Coward, for throwing away more then the World can Repair, for want of Resisting.

6. Finding thy own strength to f [...]il, which thou wilt do, call in help: much debate is in the world about using Aux­iliary Aid. I sha [...]l not now m [...]ddle with the Question: though I know Abraham made use of help, and that of Hea­t [...]n too; this I am sure of, the present Case is out of dis­pute, n [...]ther admits of those Obiection [...] which are made against humane Aid, Christ is both able and willing, and Faithful too: keep therefore before thee a Constant Ap­prehension of thy own Insufficien [...]y, let that direct thee to him. When I am weak, I am strong, a Christian is never in more danger then when Carnally Confident: this wound­ed Peter, and [...] a Saint besides; Consider thine Ene­mies, remember what poor things have tempted thee▪ hence, when Temptation comes, first, with Jacob, wrestle with God, and then wrestle with the Temptation by Faith, 1 John 5.4. keep an Eye to Heaven, resolve by the grace of God, never to yield, do all thou hast to do through him strengthening thee.

7. After every Victory gotten or Politick Retreat of thine Enemy, beware of growing Secure and Remiss: how often have a few wounded and beaten men gotten signal Victories [Page 20] on such Advantages: Satan sometimes Retreats, and seems to fly, like Hannibal, on purpose to draw us into an Am­bush: but if God Assisting, he be worsted, yet will he Rally again, thou art in a Country that will never be Clear of Ene­mies, yea, Enemies whose Scouts are alwayes out, and keep­ing Espial upon thee; thank God for every Battel gained, but remember still, thou art in the Field upon thy high pla­ces, and must therefore sing, not with thy Harpe, but Arms in thy hand, when was David surprized worst, but when he thought himself clear of danger.

I have now done with the Directions, give me leave to speak a few words in the Head of the Company, and so I shall deliver up my Commission: Remember, if you are Christians, you are bound for Heaven, your way lies through the Enemies Country, and you have a great Charge to carry with you, a Soul more precious then what the world accounts most worthy Account; a Soul given up to God, & devoted to his Service; a Soul which there are many who seek to Rob you of, and ly sculking in every bush to surprize: be therefore vigilant, be sober, be Couragious, be Faithful to God: Heaven is a prize reserved for him that keeps his heart: keep this, and you keep all, lose it, and you lose all, neither is there any Redemption or Ransome Valuable for its Reco­very: God, and Christ, and Angels look on to behold the Battels, and there is an Arm stretch from Heaven to afford you help in time of need: be not dismayed, God is with you, whiles you are true to him: be not discouraged, you shall shortly see all your Enemies dead at your Feet: be not weary, after a few more Skirmish [...]s, a little more Scuffling with sin, & Satan, and World, and the Warr will be at an End; and that which is Laborious and hard in doing, will in the Re­view be delightful: —haec olim meminisse.

How Cheerful can Souldiers after the Battel, discourse together of all the hazards of the [...]ght? Heaven will be never the more unpleasant to remember what we went through for it: Behold Christ is coming, and his Reward is with him: be thou Faithful to the Death and thou shalt have [Page 21] a Crown of Life; hold on to the End, and thou shalt be saved; if Christ lives, you shall live also: the Conquest is sure, only be you Resolute, the day shall certeinly be yours, and in the End of your Warfare, you shall be pos­sessed of an Inheritance, Incorruptible, and that Fadeth not away, Reserved in Heaven for you, where you shall enjoy Everlasting Triumph over all your Enemies, and Reap the F [...]uit of your Labour, even Life Eternal.


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