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Several LAVVS & ORDERS Made at the GENERAL COURT Held at BOSTON the 21st. of February, 1675. And Printed by their Order, Edward Rawson, Secr't.

Majors Liberty to Pursue the Enemy.

WHereas the Law tit. Military, Sect. 11. enjoins that no Ma­jor of any Regiment shall March with his Regiment out of the County wherein he hath Command, Majors of Counties at liberty to pursue the Ene­my nor cause any part there­of so to do without Order from the General Court, Council or Major General, except it be in pursuit of the Enemy upon a Rout;

This Court doth Order; That during these Wars, and till this Court take further Order, it shall be in the liberty of the Major of each County [Page 42] or any Inferiour Commission Officer who hath command of any Com­pany or Party of men to go out of their own proper County for Enga­ging, Pursuing or Destroying the Enemy; so as they act not contrary to particular Order from Superiour Officers or Authority.

Troopers Exempted from Impresse.

WHereas by a late Order, the Troopers were made liable to be Im­pressed by Foot Souldiers, at such time as it was supposed there would be little use of them against the Indians,Troopers exem­pted from im­press who are found by experience to be very serviceable and necessary, and have been imployed in a full pro­portion to the Foot;

It is hereby Ordered that that part of the Order concerning Troopers be Repealed.

Volunteers to be under the Martial Laws.

WHereas there are Complaints, that such Persons who list themselves Volunteers in the Countries Service, do esteem themselves from under that command which is necessary for the security of the Country; volunteers under the Martial Law.

It is therefore Ordered by this Court; That all such Persons so list­ing themselves shall be subject to all such Martial Laws as are or may be provided for the well ordering of the Forces of this Jurisdiction.

Guards & Garisons.

WHereas there is observed a great neglect of the Execution of the Law lately made, tit. Guards and Garison Souldiers:

It is Ordered by this Court; That the said Law be carefully (by the Committee of Militia,Addition to the Law tit. Guards & Garisons who are hereby Impowred in that respect, or chief Officer in each Town) put in Execution, and in particular, that daily care be taken, that a considerable part of the Souldiers by turns, in the several parts of the Respective Towns, be improved in Scouting and Warding to prevent the Sculking and Lurking of the Enemy about the said Towns, and to give timely notice of approaching Danger: And also that the Brush in High-wayes and other places (judged necessary) be cut up;Brush to be cut up & cleared And that such Persons, Youths, &c. as are not in the Roul of the Traind Bands (except such as are in publick place exempted by Law) be under Obligation to attend Command for that service, on penalty of five shillings per day for neglect.

No Guns to be discharged at breaking up the Watch on penalty of 10 shill.And it is further Ordered; That the breaking up of the Watch be not till the rising of the Sun, at what time the Scouts are to set forth; and that no Gun shall be then fired on penalty of ten shillings for each offence, these fines to be levied by the Clerk of the Band by Warrant from the Committee of Militia or chief Officer, who if they shall be convicted of [Page 43] neglect of their duty concerning any of the Premises, they or he shall be fined ten pounds to the Publick Treasury.

UPon Consideration of many Sculking Indians about our Plantations, doing much mischief and damage; And that a probable way of their Surprizal is by Scouting in small Parties; for Encouragement thereof;

This Court doth Order; That every Person or Persons, that shall sur­prize, slay,three pounds per head allowed to all taking Indi­ans Prisoners slaying them or bring in Prisoner any such Indian on the south side of Pas­cataqua River, he or they shall be allowed three Pounds per head, or the Prisoners so taken, making it appear to the Committee of Militia of that Town to which they are brought.


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