Several LAWS & ORDERS Made at the GENERAL COURT Holden at Boston the twelfth of May 1675. And Printed by their Orders, Edward Rawson. Secrt.


IN Answer to the Petition of Several Inhabitants of Boston, as also other Towns in this Colony;

This Court judgeth it meet to Declare and Order, The Law re­straining Book-debts lengthned for two years. That the Law Restraining of Book Debts shall be, and hereby is lengthened for two years more from this time, any thing in that Law notwithstanding.


IT is Ordered by this Court and the Authority thereof; Prohibition of Sheeps-wool That henceforth it shall not be lawful for any person or persons whatsoever, directly or in­directly to export any Sheeps-wool out of this Jurisdiction by Sea to any Forreign parts, on penalty of forfeiting all such quantities, or parcels of Wooll, that shall be taken a board any Ship or other Vessel with intent to transport the same; the one half to the Informer, and the other half to the publick Treasury.

The penaltyAnd that no Master of any Ship or other Vessel shall receive any Sheeps-wool aboard his Ship or Vessel to be transported, on penalty of forfeiting the full value or worth thereof: And the Select men of every Sea-port Town are hereby required to choose in each Town one meet person An­nually to inspect this matter and execute this Order.



Whereas this Court is Informed of the usefullness of Raccoon furrs for makeing a good sort of Hatts, for the supply of the Country; It is therefore Ordered and Enacted by this Court and the Authority thereof, Raccoon [...] not to be [...] ­ported on penal­ty. that from and after three months after the Publication hereof, no Raccoon furs or skinns shall be Shipt for exportation out of this Ju­risdiction upon the penalty of the forfeiture thereof, the one halfe to the Informer, the other half to the Country. And to the end that this Law may be duely ex [...]cuted: It is Ordered; That such persons as are Appoint­ed to execute the Law prohibiting the transportation of Sheeps-wooll shall in like manner execute this Order.

IT is Ordered by this Court and Authority thereof; That it shall not henceforth be in the power of any Marshal to make, Marshals not to make a Deputy constitute or ap­point any Deputy in his place or stead to serve Attachments, or levy Execu­tions where the said Deputy is personally related or concerned; Nor shall it be lawful for any Constable to make a Deputy to serve Attachments or levy Executions in any case; Any Law, Custome or Usage to the contrary, notwithstanding.

FOr the better Direction and Regulating of all Clerks, Secretaries, Mar­shals and Constables, in reference to the Granting and Serving of Execu­tions:

It is hereby Ordered and Enacted by this Court; Directions to Clerks, Secreta­ry and Marshals about Executi­ons, &c. That all Executions shall be made according to the words of the Judgement, without Addition or Substraction; and that the Officer that grants the same keep upon Record the Day, Month and Year when it was granted: And that all Marshals and Constables take care to see their return Recorded, and in case of Houses or Lands taken upon Execution, it concerneth the person or persons to whom they are delivered, to see it duely Recorded, which being done, shall be a legal Assurance of such Houses and Lands to Him and his Heirs for ever.

WHereas the Marshals Oath requires them to make Return of such Attach­ments as they serve to the Courts to which they are returnable which in ma­ny cases is very chargeable and troublesome:

It is therefore Ordered; Marshals Dire­ctions to make return of Attachment. That henceforth Marshalls and Constables shall be obliged only to make their return upon the back side of the Attachment, and the same deliver to the Plaintiff, or his order sealed up when demanded, giving first a Copy thereof to the Defendant, if he desires it, and that no Marshal or Constable shall be bound to serve any Attachment till they have their Fees paid them, which the Law allows; any LAW USAGE or CUSVOME to the Contrary notwithstanding: And the aforesaid Clause in the Marshals Oath, relating to the Return of Attachments to the Court is hereby repealed and declared disobliging.


WHereas the Law requiring Constables to have Black staves, injoyns them to take their said staff with them, when they are in Execution of any part of their Office, which in some cases proves inconvenient by giving op­portunity to Delinquents to escape: For prevention whereof, and as an Expla­nation of the said Law;

It is hereby Declared; That it is intended that Constables acting from their own Authority, Constables dire­ctions about their staves. and by vertue of the duty of their Place and Office shall then alwayes take with them their Black staves in the Execution of their office: But when they shall act by vertue of warrant to them directed from Authority, they shall then be at liberty whether to carry their black staff, or not.

WHereas the allowing and Appointing of all Commission, military Officers in this jurisdicton, belongs properly and only to this Court by law is found both peaceful and satisfactory; and inasmuch as this Court may not and be acquainted with many useful and fit persons for that Service.

It is therefore hereby Ordered; Way for nomi­nation of Milita­ry Officers. That henceforth it shall, and may be lawful for the Committee of Militia, in the several Towns where there shall be need to present the names of two or three meet persons in their Towns for such service and Office to this Court for their approbation, or otherwise as they shall see Cause, &c.

IN regard of the remoteness of the County of Devonshire, and there being no Magistrate near those parts whereby it is matter of difficulty to have the County Court there kept by one of our Magistrates according to the Law.

It is therefore hereby Ordered; How and by whom the Coun­ty Courts in De­vonshire are to be kept That hereafter it shall, and may be lawful for the County Court of Devonshire from time to time to be kept by such Gentlemen as shall be by this Court annually Commissionated to that Ser­vice, &c.

FOr Explanation of the Law Title Military: Sect. 9. In Exemption of Masters of Ships and other Vessels above twenty Tuns from Training:

It is hereby Declared; Masters of Ves­sels to Train ex­cept That it is only intended in that Order, the exem­ption of such Masters as Trade and Passe to Forreign parts, and not of those whose imploy of their Vessels is in these parts, and near where they live upon these Coasts.


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