AN HOLY CONNEXION, Or a true AGREEMENT Between Jehovahs being a WALL of FIRE to his People, and the GLORY in the midst thereof: Or a Word in Season to stir up to a solemn Acknowledgement of the gracious Protection of God over his People; and especially to a Holy Care that the Presence of God may yet be continued with us.

As it was delivered in a SERMON Preached at Hartford on Conecticut in N. E. May 14. 1674. being the Day of ELECTION there:

By JAMES FITCH Pastor of the Church of Christ in Norwich.

Exod. 33. [...].16

[...], it thy presence go not with us, carry us not up [...]. For wherein [...] Land [...]hy People [...] [...] in thy [...], is it not us that thou [...].

1 King 8.57, 58.

T [...]e Lor [...] [...]ur God [...] as he was with our Fathers, let him not leave us nor [...], that he may [...] our heart [...] [...] him to walk in all [...].

[...]. [...] 19.

Yet thou in thy [...] not in the W [...]lderness, [...]he Pillar of the [...] the Pillar of F [...]re by night to show them [...], and [...] they sh [...]uld go.

Hos. 4 5

An [...] create upon every dwelling plac [...] of Mount Sion, and up [...]n her Assemblies a Cloud and Smo [...] [...], and [...] of a flaming [...] Glory shall [...].

CAMBRIDGE: Printed by Samuel Green. 1674.


At a COURT of ELECTION held at HARTFORD May 14th. 1674.

It is Ordered that the Thanks of this Court be re­turned to the Reverend Mr. James Fitch for the great pains he hath taken in Preaching the Election Sermon before this Court, and that he be desired to grant a Copy of his said Sermon that it may be Printed. Extracted out of the Court Records,

John Allyn Secr.
Christian Reader,

IT is amongst the sayings of the Wise Man, A Word fitly spoken is like Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver, Prov. 25.11. A Word aptly circumstanced in respect of time, and other concurrences i [...] [...]f singular use­fulness, weight and excellency: Did the Discourse following not suffic [...]ently commend it self, or needed there any further Testimony to be added thereto; we might with confidence affirm, that it was indeed a Word fitly spoken, well Timed, and otherwise also Circumstanced as to them to whom it was delivered: and surely it is no other to such to whose perusal it is now presented.

The Condition of Gods Wilderness-People (with other considerations also attending the same) bear full witness to it therein; when the Glory is depart­ing (may we not say in some, Oh that it were not in great measure departed) and the Defence also with it; what more seasonable or fitly-suited then such a [...] the design whereof is to awaken and advise to a Faithful Endeavour for [...] very and Continuance of both; How far or by what gradual Removes [...] is made already, with reference to the Lords People here in [...] Societies in particular, is not so easie nor all things Conside [...]ed so [...] to determine; that there is indeed a diminution or abatement of the Glory in the midst of us (an awful presage of its yet further and at last final withdrawing, if not timely prevented by an intervening Repentance, Faith and effectual Reformation, thereby stirring up our selves to take hold of God.) that we are in danger also of being deprived of the Wall of fire about us (threatning Aspects of Providence of late appearing towa [...]ds us therein) can­not well be denied by them that have been studi [...]us to keep the eye upon things past and present. Time was that Israel was holiness to the Lord, then all that devoured him did offend, evil came upon them, as in Jer. 2.3. But is it so at this day in respect of degrees? alas how low are we fallen? though we doubt not but the Lord hath his number, and that very considerable, whose hearts he keeps up in a holy warmth and forwardness of love [...]o him, his will and wayes, yet how ma­ny have forsaken first love; (may we say the love of N. Englands Esp [...]usa [...]s) upon the decayes whereof, or neglect to r [...]cover it, a [...]emova [...] of the Candlestick is expresly threatned, even [...]h [...]re there are many things [...]o amendable, Rev. 2.2—5 that the Lord hath indeed b [...]en the Glory and Salvation [...] peop [...], and therein grea [...]ly manifested his mercy towards us amidst many provoca­tions, is alwayes to be acknowledged with great thankfulness; that the s [...]me [Page] Lord is our alone hope in both respects for the future, it concerns us deeply, no­thing more deeply to Remember. Alas what are we if the Lord leave us? if the glory depart f [...]om us what shall we be? but a dishonour to his Name, a re­proach to Religion, a Shame to ourselves, and Grief to others, a very heap of Sins, and Chaos of Confusion; if the Wall of Fire forsake us, what shall we be, but a prey to them that are ready to devour? how soon and easily will our Adversa­ries have occasion and spirit to say insultingly enough, they are bread for us? how resistless an inroad will all manner of Evil and Enemies make upon us?

Observations of what hath been, and is, with intimations also about what may, or is like to be, according to Scripture discovery and the Lords w [...]nted way of dealing with a professing priviledged People; may not too easily be over­lookt. However the great work still remains, (which without peculiar help from above will certainly fail in its accomplishment) viz. that we believe in earnest, and demean our selves as believing, that our All is in the hand of God; In respect of Glory, and Defence, we stand and fall therein as his plea­sure is to deal with us; One thing only we may further remark, that our great Concernment is so to carry in several Capacities and Performance of Du­ties therein, that the Lord may be and continue to be the Glory in the midst of us, so shall we without failure experience the fulfilling of his [...] Wall of fire shall not be wanting: That it may so be, is the [...] Aim of the ensuing Sermon, wherein the Learned Author, a Faithful Servant in his Masters Work according to the Wisdome given him, Warns, Counsels and Excites, with reference to what may further the attainment of such an end.

That this also amongst other the Labours of the Lords Worthies for­merly, and of late may be made successful by a Blessing from Heaven; to awaken the secure, and buicken the backward, to Rouse sinners, and Recover Saints to a right sense of their several Duties in this dark and threatning day; That the work of our God may appear unto his Servants, and his Glory to their Children, that his Enlightning, Converting, Sanctifying, and there­with also Protecting, Saving Presence may be with us, that the Beauty of Truth, Peace and Holiness, an encreasing shine of zeal for God, the Purity of his wayes, and Fellowship with him [...]herein, may yet be found amongst us; and that upon all the Glory may [...] and alwayes be a Defence;

Is the Hearts Desire and Prayer of us, who are thine in him that is the Saviour of all men, especially of them that Believe.

  • John Whiting.
  • Joseph Haines.
[Page 1]

For I saith the Lord will be to her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her.

IN the foregoing part of this Chapter we have the Prophet [...] Vision specified, and the sense and meaning of it.

First. The Vision of a Man with a Measuring Line in his hand, to measure Jerusalem in the breadth thereof, and in the length thereof, in the first and second Verses.

Secondly, the sense of this Vision Explained and Confirmed.

1. Explained, That Jerusalem should be Re-inhabited and Repleni­shed, in the third and fourth Verses.

2. This confirmed with a promise of the Lords presence with them, in this fifth Verse: In which we have; (1) A promise of the Lords pro­tecting presence, and that likened to a Wall of fire round about; For [...] the Lord, will be to her a Wall of fire round about. (2.) a promise of [...] Lords glorious presence in the midst of his people, for saith the Lord, [...] will be the Glory in the midst of her. (3.) Let us consider the Copulation, yea, the Connexion of these two, when the Lord was the Glory in the [...]idst of Ierusalem, then he would be a Wall of fire round about them, and his being a Wall of fire round about them, was in order to his being the Glory in the midst of them, for so it is expounded in Isai. 4.5. Vpon all the Glory shall be the defence: Hence the Doctrine is this; ‘Doct. When the Lord is the Glory in the midst of a People then he will be a Wall of Fire round about them.’

The Lords protecting presence as a Wall of fire round about his [...] and his Glorious Presence in the midst of them are concomitants, the one doth inseparably accompany the other. For the Proof and Explication let us consider:

[Page 2]1. When Gods protecting presence is like a Wall of fire round about [...] People. 2. When the Lord is the glory in the midst of a People. 3. The [...] of the Relation and Connexion of these.

First, Gods protecting presence, as a Wall of fire, is when the Lord doth in an evident manner, and terrible manner protect them.

1. In an evident manner; making his Protection as manifest to his People as if they see a Wall of fire round about them, Isai. 26.1. In that day shall [...]he Song be sung in the Land of Judah, we have a strong City, the Lord will appoint his Sal [...]at [...]on for Walls and Bulwarks: Then is the Wall too high for the Enemy to Scale or climb over, then it is too deep to be un­dermined, and then the Wall is too high to be broken down or battered; and the Lords Salvation as a Wall of Defence in an evident manner, is, when the Lord doth defend his People, either only by his own hand, or in an extraordinary manner, blessing small and weak means for their defence.

First, Sometimes the Lord doth defend meerly and only by his own hand; and that is either by taking away the desire of the Enemy, that the Enemy shall not desire to do his People any harm as the Lord Promi­sed to his People of old, when they went up to appear before the Lord thrice in the year, at that time no man shall desire their Land, Exod 34.24 they should at that time be so safe from invasion; or if the Enemy shall desire and attempt to do his People harm: yet sometimes the Lord by his immediate hand stirreth up the spirit of some Cyrus to be their Pro­tectour, as the People, of whom the Text doth speak, did finde it upo [...] experience, Ezra 1.1. or if the Lord shall permit the Serpent to cast [...] of his mouth Waters like a flood after the Woman fled into the wilderness: yet the Lord who ruleth in Heaven above, and on the Earth, will some­times make use of the Earth to help the Woman, and the Earth shall open [...] mouth and swallow up the floods the Dragon had cast out of his mouth, [...] 12 15, 16. and thus he doth defend his People only by his own hand.

Secondly, Or by his blessing of weak and small means for their defence and that is, either when his People are in a fearful and affrighted posture, [...] it was with the King of Iudah, and his People when they heard of the Confederacie of Syria and Ephraim against them, the heart of the King of Iudah and his People were moved as the Trees in the Wood are moved with the wind, Isai 7.2. and yet the Lord made it manifest, that they were but as the two tails of smoak [...]ng fire brands, soon extinguished, ver. 4. or when his People are in a divided state, that they cannot so unite in the [...] of means for their [...] they might, as it was in [Page 3] Deborah's time, for the divisions of Reuben were great thoughts of heart, and again for the divisions of Reuben were great thoughts of heart, Iudg. 5.15. and yet the Lord gave them a Song of Triumph, and the conclu­sion was, O God let thine Enemies p [...]rish, and those who love thee be as the Sun when it goeth forth in its might, and so the Land had rest, Judg. 5. ult. and in what a feeble state was Ierusalem in Zerubbabel's time, as to de­fend themselves by any outward means; what a day of small things, and yet the Lord said, not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord, and what art thou great mountain b [...]fore Zerubbabel, Zech 4.5, 6. and thus the Lord defends in an extraordinary manner, by blessing weak means.

2. A defending in a terrible manner; we read in Exo. 14.24. that the Lord in the Morning watch, right early and timely looked forth upon the Host of Egyptians and troubled them: it was a dreadful dismaying and confounding look, and he looked through the Pillar of fire, called a Pillar, noting strength and stability; but it stood as a Wall of defence between the Israelites and the Egyptians their Enemies: and in our Text we read of a Wall of fire, it scopeth at the same, to shew us how effectually but in a terrible manner the Lord doth defend his People; and that is in such a manner as is terrible to the Enemy, and sometimes at the first appearance of it, is terrible to the Lords people themselves.

1. In such a manner as is terrible to the Enemy, sometimes the Lord by his own immediate hand doth dart into their minds such affrighting Fantasies, and dismaying apparitions as shall fill their Ears, Heads and Hearts with such confounding noises and reports, which shall make them like the Syrians of old, whom the Lord caused to hear the noise of the Chariots and Horse-men, as the noise of a great Host, and they rose [...] and fled away, 2 King. 7.6. we read of Zions Enemies in Psal. 48.5, 6, 7, 8. they saw, they were troubled, and they hasted away, Fear took hold of then as of a woman in travel, there thou breakest the Ships of Tarshish, as we have heard so we have seen in the City of our God, he will Establish [...] Selah: This is to defend his People in such a manner as is terrible to [...] Enemies.

2. And sometimes in such a manner, as at the first aspect and app [...]rance seemeth terrible to his people: the Lord will sometimes make [...] of a terrible means to be the carrier of the answer of the Prayers of [...] People, Psal. 65.5. thou dost answer us by terrible things in thy righteous­n [...]ss O God of ou [...] Salv [...]tion, and the Lord chooseth to relieve by terrib [...] things, Isai. 4.3. thou d [...]dst terrible things which we looked not for when [...] [Page 4] camest down, and the Mountains flowed down at thy presence, we did no more expect relief by such a means then to see Mountains to melt and become a plain; it is of our selves to destroy our selves, but it is the Lord alone can save us by destroying means, to make use of a Bear to preserve a Lamb is a strange and marvellous thing, but Persia was likened to a Bear, in Dan. 7 5. and Cyrus the King of Persia must become to be Protectour of the Lambs company, Ezra 1.1, 2. this is to defend his People by a Wall of Fire in a terrible manner.

Only let us distinguish of the degree of Protection:

First, Sometimes the Protection is total and full without any loss at all to Gods People, that whatever the Blasphemous threatnings of a Rab­shekah hath been in the day of Reproach and time of Zions trouble, yet the Lord putteth a Hook into the Nose, and a Bridle into the Lips of the Enemy, and would not suffer them so much as to come into the City, nor shoot an Arrow, nor come before them with a Shield, Isai. 37.38. then the Protection is total and plenary.

Secondly, Sometimes the Lord only defends the Body of his People, the most considerable part of them, and then the loss they suffer shall be va­lued at a very considerable price; when Joshua had lost about thirty six men, and had sought out and removed the accursed thing, it then must cost the Enemy no less then twelve thousand lives, Josh. 7.8—25. the Lord will make it manifest that precious in his sight is the death of his Saints, Psal. 116.15. if a Godly man did foresee at what price the Lord of Hosts doth value his life, and how many lives it must cost the Enemy, if he doth suffer the loss of his own life in the cause of God, & for his People, it would make him surely content Sampson like, to lay down his life even among the Philistims: thus you have heard how the Lords protecting presence is as a Wall of fire round about the Lords People, the conclusion of this, who is like to thee O Israel? a People saved of the Lord, the shield of thine help, the [...] of thine excellency, thine Enemies sh [...]ll be found Lyars to thee, and thou shalt tread upon their high places, Deut. 32. ult. and of this protect­ [...]g presence, as a wall of fire the Lords Peop [...]e both in Old England and [...] New England have enjoyed their time of experience in dayes of old and lately, and in particular this Colony hath [...]ound it to be true: let your Enemies in this case be Judges; here are many of you in this great Congregation, now appearing this day before the Lord, who are his wit­nesses, and are ready to say, as we have heard so we have seen in the City of our God, the Lord is [...] to be a refuge, Psal. 48.2. [Page 5] he was thus known in dayes of old to the confusion of your Enemies, and in that day known to you for your abundant joy.

But at present let us tarry no longer upon the proof of that which is so plain in the Word and Works of the Lord, in the several Generations of the Saints; and to our own experience in dayes of old, and to this very day: but let us proceed to enquire when will the Lord be a Wall of Fire round about a People? the answer to this is from the second part of the Doctrine, VVhen the Lord is the Glory in the midst of his People, then he will be a wall of fire round about them; and therefore let us enquire concerning this Glory, omitting the multiplicity of Interpretations of that Word, and coming as nextly and directly to the true Gospel sense of it (as I ca [...] I take it may be thus described: This Glory is the Splendor and Shine of Divine Excellency; as God is a God of Mercy and Holiness, appearing in the Glass of his Word and Ordinances, whereby he transformeth a Peo­ple into his likeness, and disposeth them practically to his praise and Glory.

1. A Splendor and Shine of his Divine Excellency, it is the Glory of the Sun, Moon and Stars, 1 Cor. 15.41 their Splendor in the Light and Beams suitable to their Coelestial nature and excellency; we reade of the Glory of the Son of God, John 1.14. VVe beheld his Glory as the Glory of the Son of God; that is, the Shine of his Divine Excellency suitable [...] and becoming him as he is the Son of God: The Glory of God in the midst of a People, is the Splendor and Shine of his Divine Excellency in the light, Rayes and Beams thereof suitable, his excellent Being and well-becoming his Divine Perfection; for how great is his Goodness? how [...] is his Beauty? Zech. 9. ult. and upon this Splendor is the promised defe [...] Psal. 80.1. O thou that dwellest between the Cherubims, shine bright, and it followeth in the second verse then stir up thy strength and come and save [...]

2. The Shine of Divine Excellency, as God is the God of Mercy as Holiness; for as God is the God of Nature and ruleth the Creature [...] [...] there is a Shine of his Divine Excellency, in Framing and Ruling of [...] Creatures, Psal. 19.1. The Heavens do declare thy Glory, and the Fir [...]ment thy handy work; but the Glory of which our Text doth [...] seemeth rather to be the Shine of his Divine Excellency more [...] as he is the God of mercy and Holiness, of Grace and of Purity.

First, As he is the God of Mercy and Grace, intending especially [...] Splendor and Shine of his Mercy, as in the forementioned place, Psa. 8 [...] [...] O thou that feedest Israel give ear, and hadest Joseph like a [...] [Page 6] dwellest between the Cherubims shine bright: who dwellest between the Che­rubims, who were nigh to the Mercy Seat, Exod. 25.21, 22. And the Mercy Seat was a Type of the Throne of Grace, where Christ our merciful High Priest is enthroned, and from whence for his Mercy sake he hath promised to meet with, and graciously to commune with his People in the times and cases of difficulty whatsoever: O thou that dwellest between the Cherubims shine bright; the shine of his Mercy from the Throne of Graces, and then it followeth, stir up thy strength and come and save us.

Secondly, As he is the God of Holiness; the shine of his Mercy in a ve­ry pure and holy manner called the Beauties of Holiness, Psal. 110.3. and the Cherubims which are called Seraphims in Isai. 6.3. were crying in the Temple, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts: and when the Lord doth appear amongst a People to be Glorious in Holiness, then he will be fear­ful in Praises, and do wonderful things for their safety, Exod. 15.11. Jer. 2.2, 3. I remember the kindness of thy youth, the love of thine Espousals when thou wentest after me into the VVilderness, Israel was Holiness unto the Lord, and they who destroyed him should then surely offend, and evil shall come upon them saith the Lord, So that upon this Shine of Mercy and Ho­liness amongst a People is the defence promised.

Thirdly, Appearing in the Glass of the Word and Ordinances; there is a Glory appearing in the Glass of divine Providences, and is called a Glory, Exod. 16.7, 10. but the Glory in the midst of a People seemeth to be rather a Glory appearing in the Glass of the Word and Ordinances; that which was typified by the Glory which came first into the Tabernacle of old when finished, Exod. 40.34. the Glory which likewise came into the first Temple, 1 King. 8.10. the Glory which came into the second Temple of which our Text speaketh, and is so expounded in Ezek. 43.4. and applied to that very time in ver. 7. For (saith the Lord) the place of my Throne▪ [...] of the Soles of my feet, where I will dwell amongst the Children of Israel, and this Tabernacle Glory, and Temple Glory was a Type of the true Gospel Glory: for now as in a Glass (namely) in the Glass of Word and Ordinances we behold the Glory of the Lord, 2 Cor. [...] ult and a Type of the Glory of the new Jerusalem spoken of in Rev 21 and upon this Glory thus shining in the Glass of the Word and Ordinan­ces is the promised defence, Isai. 4.5.

Fourthly, Whereby the Lord transformeth a People into his likeness, and disposeth them particularly to his Praise and Glory; this is effectu­ally and indeed the [...] People in the midst of whom he will [Page 7] be the Glory, and round about whom he will be the Wall of fire, for they have not only the Glory set before them as in a Glass; so its before multi­tudes in the Glass of Word and Ordinances: but they by beholding of this Glory are transformed from Glory to Glory by the Spirit of the Lord 2 Cor. 3. vlt. and thus its a Glory amongst them by way of transformation, and therefore we say doth practically dispose them to his Praise and Glo­ry, that such a People have not only Glory set before them as a copy, [...] ­tern, and Example, as the Rule is the Idea or Example of Eupraxie [...] Well-act [...]ng, but its a Glory in the midst of them by way of imitati [...] and practise, effectually and practically a Glory in the midst of them. And here let us take a brief view how this Glory did appear in the [...] of this People of whom the Text doth speak, by way of transformatio [...] and imitation, practically and effectually respecting their Church and Ci [...]vil State, in Rulers and in People.

1. In General, Let us Consider then the hearts both of Rulers and Peo­ple were set to seek the Lord their God with their faces Zionward weeping, they did go to joyn in a Covenant not to be forgotten, and that in a da [...] of publick Humiliation; their Hearts subscribing with their Hands, Neh. 9. ult. and they entred into a Curse and into an Oath, to walk in the Law of the Lord, Neh. 10.29. Into a Cu [...]se and into an Oath, O Dreadful [...] yet a very beautiful Solemnity they did put upon the staffe of beauty [...] Covenant of their God.

2. More particularly, then the People did lay to heart the evil of [...] and wept sore because of the Abominations committed, Ezra 10.1 and they trembled at the Commandment of the Lord, ver. 3. and then was tha [...] harmonious speech heard among them, so full of the Splendour of [...] and Godliness, some in the name of many others, saying to Ezra, Aris [...] this matter belongs to thee, only be of good courage and do it, and we are wi [...] thee, Ezra 10.4.

3. And yet more especially, how did this Glory practically appear [...] the Rulers of the Common-wealth and of the Church, [...] as [...] their purging Pollutions out of the Temple, Neh. 13.5—8. in reform [...] biting Usury, taking (as it were) the prey out of the teeth, yea, break [...] the Jaw-bone of the Oppressor, Neh. 5.1—15 and then they did [...] partially proceed without fear of any or favour to any whomsoeve [...] [...] appears in that matter of removing strange Wives, Ezra 10. severi [...] [...]gainst those who prophaned the Sabbath, Neh. 13.

To conclude this, How did their Magistrates their nursing Fathers, [...] ­rubbabel, [Page 8] Mordecai, Nehemiah and others shine with pious policy, religi­ous righteousness, and holy courage, that Zions Judges were restored as at first, & her Counsellers as at the beginning, as was promised & prophecied concerning them, Isai. 1.16, 17. & the Glory of the Lord thus appeared by way of transformation and imitation, practically and effectually in the [...] of this People, accordingly his protecting presence was as a wall of [...] round about them.

Let us now consider the Reasons of the Relation, and the connexion [...] these two; why the Lord will be a wall of fire round about a People [...]hen he is the Glory in the midst of them:

Reas. 1. Because he is the Glory in the midst of them: he will not give his Glory to another, Isai 42.8. you know what Joshua pleaded, Iosh. 7.9. that the Enemy would come and cut off their name, and Lord what wilt thou [...] for thy great Name, it is as if he had said, were it only the cutting off our Name, and the throwing down and burying our Honour in the dust, we should be silent, it becometh us to put our mouths in the dust, and to keep silence, for unto us belongs shame and confusion, but Lord, its thy Great Name, and what wilt thou do for thy Great Name? was it ever [...] while the Lords Glory is in the midst of a People that he would [...] to be laid waste, this cannot be with respect to his own Name [...] Glory.

[...]eas. 2. Thence follows an endeared respect the Lord hath to a Peo­ple while he is the Glory in the midst of them; for he loves his Glory, and therefore hath an endeared respect for those who are transformed into his [...]keness, he loves them as the apple of his eye, as in Zech. 2.3. After the Glory saith the Prophet, I am sent to the Nations who spoiled you, for he [...]hat toucheth you toucheth the Apple of mine eye saith the Lord: and we read [...] the Church was compared to a Candlestick, and the [...] [...]mon-wealth and Church were likened to two Olive [...] to stand on the right side and left side of the Candlestick, [...] supply it [...] golden Oile, that which is very precious, that the light [...]f Grace an [...] splendor of Godliness might appear in them; and while [...] thus sto [...]d with the Candlestick, they stood before the Lord of Hosts, [...] Lord of the whole Earth, as his anointed ones, and who should touch his [...] to do them any harm.

Reas. 3. The Conclusion of this is, if the Lord doth promise to pro­ [...]ct and defend us, it is upon condition that we be directed and ruled by [...]im, if he be the wall of [...] its upon condition that [Page 9] we do receive and set up himself as the Glory in the midst of us, the Pillar of Fire was to be for Direction as well as for Protection, Isai. 33.22. the Lord is our Judge; the Lord is our Lawgiver, the Lord is our King and he will save us; while the Lord ruleth among us as our Judge, our Lawgiver and our King, so long he will save us, Numb. 23.21, 22, 23. Balaam knew this to be verily true, to the confusion of all his Inchantments, for he [...] the shout of a King is in the midst of them; and it followeth, there is [...] [...]chantment, against [...], nor Divination against Israel, and to this tim [...] [...] shall be said, what hath God wrought? not but that the Lord may [...] time preserve a People in the midst of whom he is not the Glory, but [...] he be not the Glory among them, and hath no purpose to set up his Glory in the midst of them, it may be rather called a reserving them for an evi [...] day to come then at present a preserving of them. Let us now proceed to the Use:

Use 1. By way of Information: In the first place it may serve to dis­cover to us the way of the Lords dispensations and manner of his dealings with a Professing People, while he is the Glory in the midst of them, and maketh them to look forth as the morning, fair as the Moon, clear as the Sun, and terrible as an Army with Banners, Cant 6.10 but if the time be come for the coals of the fire of the Lords anger to be scattered [...] a People, fi [...]st his Glory departs out of the Temple, and then out of [...] City, Ezek chap. 10, & 11. the Glory fi [...]st d [...]parts out of the Church, [...] then out of Court and Common-wealth, and their G [...]ory becometh like [...] setting Sun, the sha [...]ows of the Ev [...]ning are stret [...]hed out upon them, the Enemy then saith▪ [...] us arise and go up by night and destroy her Palaces ▪ J [...]r. 6.5, 6 its now Zions night and our time, let us now go up and desire [...] her Pallaces.

2. [...] way of Information, we may see what Glory the Lord is engaged [...] defend: its when h [...] is the Glory in the mid [...]t of a People; [...]

1. He is not engaged to defend carnal Pompe and [...] he hath purposed to stain the pride of all such Glory, [...] contempt the hon [...]u [...]ble of the [...]arth, Isai. 23.9. this the [...] is doing upon the Kingdomes of the World at this time.

2. Neither is the Lord engaged to defend the place where [...] he hath been the Glory and hath put an honour upon that place, Ier. 9. [...] go to Shiloh and see what the Lord hath done, Shiloh was the first pla [...] where the Ark of the Lord was settled, after his People had possession [...] [...] Land of Canaan, and Shiloh was the first place where the Glory of Go [...] [Page 10] was seen by the People in a settled manner, Iosh. 18.1. but the time came when he forsook his Tabernacle in Shiloh, and the Tent which he had pitched amongst men, and delivered up his strength unto Captivity, and his Glory into the Enemies hand, Psal. [...]8.61, 62. the Ark of the Lord, the means of divine strength, and the glass of Divine Glory was taken, thence [...] lamentation, the glory is departed from Israel, for the Ark of the Lord [...], 1 Sam 4 ult.

[...] Neither will the Lord be engaged to defend that People who hath [...] Visions of his Glory and of his greatness, if they be but meer [...]isions, and have wrought no gracious reformation, and no glorious [...]ransformation among them, we read of a People who had seen his Glo [...] and his greatness, and after all the Visions they had of his Glory, yet his wrath was made known against them according to his Oath, against them in his anger that they should never enter into his rest, & they perished in the way, and we read of a burning kindled under a Glory, and as a fire shall consume, Isai. 10.16. this is verily true, not only concerning all carnal pompe and worldly Glory, but of all such persons who with a carnal eye acting under the power of carnal and inferiour Principles have been be­holding Divine Glory in the Glass of Word and Ordinances.

[...]se 2. This Doctrine calleth for Self-examination; Let us Examine [...]selves, and commune with our hearts according to the former Do­ [...]ne, we live in perilous dayes; are some Storms blown over [...] worse then those may soon come upon New-England, will the Lord be a Pillar of fire round about N. Engl. how pleasing would this be not only to Grace but to Nature, for the sake of your Wives and your Children, and the Cities [...] our God? but the Answer to this question depends upon an answer to another question, wh [...]ther the Lord be the Glory in the midst of his Churches [...] New-England? I cannot say much to the Answer of so hard a question, [...] expedient for me upon this occasion to say all I can; but I [...] present to your considerations two Rules of Tryal.

The [...] that which is most manifest is, when the Lords glory in the [...]dst of [...] is a rising glory like the rising sun powerfully convincing the beholder [...], like a rising sun looketh forth as the Morning, so heart gladding to [...]he faithful in Israel whi [...]e they behold the Lord arising gloriously into his [...] place, adorning Sanctuary means with his Salvation, & maketh his [...]ints shout for joy, this argueth clearly Is [...]i 32 9 when Zions voice speak­ing to her Ch [...]ldren so comfortably, come suck of Zions breasts and be satis­fied, milk out and be delighted with the abundance of her glory, this argueth [Page 11] very comfortably indeed for a People, Isai. 66.11. and then the Glory proves to be an affrighting Glory to those who are not faithful in Israel, that they are afraid in their close places and dare not open­ly shew themselves, Psal. 18.45. and some of them in their affrightment are driven to give God Glory, Rev. 11.13. so that when the Glory in the midst of a People proveth to be so heart-gladding to the faithful, in spirit affrighting to the unfaithful, and thus powerfully convincing [...] holders, doubtless the protecting presence of the Lord shall be in a [...] as manifest for their safety, this was the state of N. England at first [...] first glory, but we must come lower and proceed to a second Rule of [...]

2. When there is somewhat of a divine Glory yet breaking throu [...] the Clouds of all those things which are against a people, that thoug [...] [...] be a cloudy day, and yet a day the light doth prevail, that though a tim [...] of Eclipse and yet not so total but the light may be seen: now I beseec [...] you suffer me to exemplifie in some plain instances; if Christ hath some [...]thing against a Church or Christian Common wealth, because they hav [...] left their first love and do not their first works, and they are in danger [...] the removal of their Candlestick if they do not speedily repent, and [...] if there be a shine in the midst of those clowdy declinings of that whi [...] Christ owneth and calleth labour, work and patience, and cannot [...] them who are evil (who are manifestly and convictingly evil) [...] if there be yet any of the splendor of Grace and Godliness [...] through those clowdy declinings, this at present bails them, and the [...] at present preserves them, and continueth waiting and striving with [...] that they would return and do their first works: but this is only genera [...] let me speak yet a little more particularly, whatever the inormities [...] scandals of some may be, yet if there be a considerable numbe [...] of [...] who shine, but especially if the ruling and carrying [...] Grace and Godliness this will argue for that People; if [...] them a very considerable number of those who [...] God on their Forehead, Rev. 7.4. and have the qualifica [...] [...] company spoken of in Rev. 14.1. standing upon mount [...] the Lamb of God, if yet a considerable number of those who sigh be [...] of the abominations committed, Ez [...]k. 9.6, and weep s [...]rely because of [...] evils, as you heard of the People of whom the Text speaketh, but [...] if the Ruling party do, though through many difficulties shine in [...], and the Glory of God appeareth as of old in the T [...]bern [...]cle of [...] Congregation of the Lord, to the suppressing and confounding of [...] [Page 12] scandalous practises, Numb. 14.10. so if there be a divine Glory appear­ing in Church Assemblies, and Court Assemblies, and maketh the head of the Malefactor to bow down with shame, and others to hear and fear but in no wise to sadden the hearts of the Righteous, whom the Lord will not have made fad.

Honoured and Beloved in our Lord, the Question now by way of tryal [...] whether a Church or Christian Common-wealth be like Rebekah of [...] who felt two Nations, and two manner of People striving in her [...], a Jacob and an Esau, this is beyond question, for it hath been al­ [...]es thus more or less in any Christian Common-wealth; but the que­ [...]ion now with us is, which of these do prevail? whether Jacob prevailes [...] the Church, and prevaileth in the Court and Common wealth, then we may conclude they are blessed, and shall be blessed, and shall in many times and c [...]s [...]s see the face and faithfulness of the God of Israel while they behold the face of an Esau.

Vse 3. In the nex [...] place let us proceed to a Use of Exhortation; we see upon what condition we have and hold the Lords protecting presence, [...] upon condition we have and hold his glorious presence in the midst of us, his protecting presence round about us is for the sake of his Glory [...] the midst of us: its in vain for us to think or act as if we would hold [...] protecting presence, if we do not practically hold up a high esteem [...] Glory in the midst of us.

Beseech you accept of some means, some Motives;

The first Rule is, Let us call to minde the first Glory in the first planting of New-England, and of the Churches here; let us not speak or think of this to the undervaluing of that Glory which yet remaineth, (that is far [...] my scope) let us be humbly thankful for that, but as a means to retain [...] is, and to recover what is lost (if it may be) and when we call to minde that first Glory, shall not our hearts be poured out within us? not [...] how the Lord did make his Name Glorious by [...] through Sea perils, and Wilderness dangers, Isai. 63.14. [...] that [...] Glory which did then appear, multitudes [...] con­ [...]ted to thee [...] Zion, [...]hine heart afraid and yet enlarged, Isai. 60 4 5. Let [...] say Multitudes, multitudes were converted to thee, even to thee O [...], to thee O New-Haven, aad to thee O Windsor, and the same [...] be laid of many Churches of Christ in New England; and then [...] Hearts were afraid, (not with base slavish fear in times of danger,) & [...] enlarged: O the uniting Glory then manifest from the shine of mercy [Page 13] from the Throne, Grace Ruling ond Ordering both Rulers and People un­der the Glorious Banner of true Gospel holy Love, for the Banner over them was Love: then were Colonies united, and Courts united, Magi­strates united, and Ministers united, Churches united, and Plantations united; and that strengthening Exhortation how effectual it wa [...]? Hag. 2.5, 6. Be strong O Zerubbabel, be strong O Joshua the son of Iosedech, the Priest, be strong all ye People of the Land, be strong, be strong, be strong this threefold Cord how strong it is? and then you were terrible as an [...] with Banners, that your dread fell upon all your Enemies round [...] and if any adventured to spoil you they did surely offend, so as evil [...] and that speedily upon them from the Lord, looking upon them throu [...] the Pillar of fire in a terrible manner.

2. Let us in the second place consider, that the gradual withdrawings o [...] the Lords Glory from a professing People are imperceptible things, and are not discerned, unless it be by those who have the eye-salve of the Spirit, and are held under special awakenings: As first the withd [...]awing of tha [...] inward and heavenly, that hearty and most real communion with [...] and one with another in the wayes of God, that, which while enjoyed makes a Christian society a Heaven upon Earth, and worthy to bear [...] Name of the Heaven spoken of in Rev. 12.1. and that which was [...] by the Glory which came into the inward Court of the Temple, but [...] this is withdrawn, there may remain a shine of Ordinances while they [...] administred in external order, and an outward decencie; but thi [...] is [...] a shine in the outward Court of the Temple, and if they be only in for [...] and not in power, that form may be s [...]n defaced by time-serving Princ [...]ples, or there may be a holding of the form and yet a denying of the [...]wer of godl [...]ness, 2 Tim. 3.7. But such withdrawings none of first do discern, unless they be such who have the Eye-salve of the Spirit spoken of in Rev. 3.18. and are held under special awakenings upon their [...] Consciences [...] Hearts; others Laodicean like, see not [...] at last the shadows of the Evening are stretched upon [...] to the darkness of the midnight, and so to utter [...] and [...]struction.

3 If we will have the Lord to be the Glory in the midst of us, we [...] practically deny any glorying in any thing else: we must put far [...] us glorying in our shame, as those whose belly is their God, and mind ear [...]ly things, their end is destruction, Phil. 3.19. we must put far f [...]om us [...] strife and en [...]ying, glorying against one onother, or over one another, Jam. [...] [Page 14] and we must put an end to that glorying which is no better then a being haughty because of a holy mountain, Z [...]ph. 3.11, 12 if the Lord will be our Glory he wi [...]l m [...]ke us and keep us a humble People by Blasting our fruits, or threatning us with a Sword, or by some humbling means or other, if the Lamb of God be our Glory we must cast down our Crowns before him▪ Rev. 4. and esteem it our Glory, and reioycing that he hath made us [...] Jam. 1.10. and that through his Grace we can stoop low to him, and [...] another in the fear of God.

But I beseech you let the Exhortation come down yet more particu­ [...]ly: we read of an Exhortation in Psal. 24.6, 7 lift up your heads ye [...], and open ye everlasting doors that the King of Glory may come in; who is the King of Glory? [...]he Lo [...]d strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in Battail, some think this firstly relateth to the opening of the Temple Gates & Doors, when the Ark was to be brought in, upon which between the Cherubims the Lord was said to dwell, 1 King. 8 2— 5. but let me use the same Exhortation to you Right Honourable and Beloved in our [...] Jesus Christ; you who sit in Judgement, open your Doors, your Court Doors that the King of Glo [...] may come in, and be the Glory in the [...] of you; he is come in already, we bless God for his presence among [...] but O that he would come with a greater Splendor of his presence, [...] mighty in Battail, he will defend himself, and he will defend you [...] is the Glory in the midst of you.

[...] a Civil Beauty and Moral Glory in a Court, while speech and [...]lence are well observed and rightly ordered, but the Shine is when Wis­ [...]ome, Righteousness and such like virtu [...]s are with such a divine lustre and [...]thority that it commands the Ears and Hearts of those who are your Auditors to bless, and the Eyes of those who behold that they cannot but give Witness while they see Righ [...]eousness like a Robe, and Judgement like a [...] 11— 14 that is the Glory in the midst of a Court.

[...] Civil Policy needful in Civil-Estate affairs, but the shine is in [...] Wisdome from above; Civil Policy is a good Servant, but [...]vine Policy must be the Master and Ruler: Civil Policy maketh the [...] of a Court to shine with a Humane B [...]auty, and a Moral Lustre, but [...] Divine Policy maketh to shine as an Angel of God, as was said of [...]lomon, that is the Glory in the midst of a Court.

There must be an Acting and Ruling according to Humane Laws, and [...] Patent Liberties, and Charter Priviledges, but the shine is in Divine [...]ws, upon Humane Laws, as Humane Laws are reducable to, or subor­dinate [Page 15] to Divine Laws, and in no case whatsoever to be contrary to the same, and when the manner of enquiring into a case, and executing of the Law is with the Splendor of pious wisdome and religious impartiality, this is your wisdome among the Nations, that shall make them say, what people are like to you, who have G [...]d so nigh? Deut 4 6, 7. this is the way to be instrumental to put the Crown of the glory of pardoning favour upon the people, Jer. 5.1. Run you too and fro, and see if you can [...] a man who executeth judgement and seeketh truth, and I will pardon it, [...] the way to fear [...] and honour the King, and [...] to [...] with thos [...] [...] are given to change, Prov. 24 21. the good Lord perform that good [...] more abundantly to you, Isai. 28.5, 6. that he may be to you the Crow [...] glory, the Diadem of beau [...]y, the Spirit of judgement to you who sit in judg [...]ment, and of strength to you who turn the batail to the gate.

And let the Exhortation now come to the Temple-gates, O ye Temp [...]gates, lift up your heads that the King of glory may come in! we hope th [...] Lord is already come into his Temple, and we think we would not [...] what yet remains of his presence in his Temple after all our declinings [...] divisions, not for all the glory of all the Kingdomes of the world, but [...] he would come with a greater Splendor of his mercy and holiness, [...] grace and purity, we heard of the glory that it is a Shine of Gods [...] excellency as he is the God of mercy and holiness, of grace and [...]

But surely Gospel glory is contempered of Gospel peace and [...] pu [...]ity, of Gospel priviledges and Gospel power, of Gospel [...] Gospel discipline, to have and hold a proportionable [...] these; we say a proportionable respect to these, to be as verily, [...] and throughly faithful in the exercise of Gospel discipline for the [...] of Gospel holiness, as ex [...]ensive of Liberty for the honour [...] and me [...]cy, I am perswaded in this we generally agree, [...] would Shine more in the practise of it, this would be a [...] of us. We must put and keep a clean and clear [...] clean and the unclean, or otherwise holiness will [...] Ezek. 22.25. and yet we must not call that unclean [...] God [...] clean, for Gospel mercy and love will take that unkind at our [...] Acts 10.15. now the Lord direct our feet to stand in a [...] place [...] Courts of our God, and if we thus keep his charge and walk in his [...] we shall have places with those who stand by, nigh unto the [...] Z [...]ch 3.7.

5. Let us use only such means for our defence as is consistent [...] [Page 16] glory of God among us, Zion complaineth of two sorts of enemies; some forreign, they likened to Lions, Bears and Leopards, Dan. 7.5. the Babylonian compared to a Lion, the Persian to a Bear, and the Grecian to a Leopard, and some intestine and domestick enemies, likened to Foxes, Cant. 2.15. take us these F [...]x [...]s, they spoyle the vines: such was the Samari­tan who craftily pretended to help, but intended to hinder the people of God, Ezra 4. and such Tobiah and Sanballat, who many wayes [...] to hinder the work of God, Neh. 4. The Lord preserve New- [...]ngland, Courts, and Churches from any such Confedaracy with the one, [...]toleration of the other, as cannot consist with real fidelity to the Lords [...], nor real duty to our King, Isai 8.21. and you who are our Souldie [...]y and Instruments in the Lords h [...]nd to turn the battel, I beseech you Con­sider, upon what condition we have the Lord to be our defence, it's upon condition that he be our glory, behave your selves in all your military affairs and concernments, (not as the prophane Souldiery of the world) but with such a Splendor of religious courage and pious magnanimity, with such sparklings of a Spirit of Faith, Prayer, and Piety, as becometh the guard of New-England Churches, that the Angels who wait upon New-England Churches, and the glory of God in the midst of them, may de­light to be your guard, and to be with you in the Camp, and if it must [...] to the tryal, you will soon perceive, that you have more for you [...] come against you.

[...] me now adde a few words to you who are the Freemen, respe­cting the wo [...]k of the day, the Election of your Rulers▪ the Lord perswade [...]our hearts to put farre from you [...] sidings and party-taking Interests, [...] to side only with the Lord and his glory, and therefore to choose such whom you [...] perswaded in the sight of the Lord, will be instrumental (through the Lords blessing) to hold up the glory amongst you. That it may be said of this Colony, as of Judah of old, yet [...]udah ruleth with God, [...] faithful with the Saints, Hos. 11. ult. so that it may be said, yet [...] Colony ruleth with God, and is faithful with the Saints.

[...]n the last place, let us all bow down, and beg earnestly of the Lord for [...] visions of this glory. Multitudes see a glory, and yet they [...] understand not, they see and perceive not▪ [...] 6 9, 10. B [...]hold ye [...], wonder, and perish, Act. 13 41. they beheld that which causeth [...] to wonder, and yet wondring they perish, the Lord grant that we [...] have a transforming sight as you heard out of the 2 Cor. 3. ult. when [...] had been upon the Mount conversing with the Lord, his counte­nance [Page 17] shined with the reflexion of the Beams of Divine Glory▪ the Lord grant that our Rulers when they appear amongst the People may shine as those who hath been upon a Holy [...] with the Holy one of I [...]rael, and that we also may shi [...]e in pious subjection to them in, accor­ding to and for the Lord▪ we are all Ex [...]ted to shine as Lights in the midst of an [...] Generation, [...]. 2.15. O that Magistrates might more and more shine, and Deputies shine, Ministers shine, and Church-members shine, and Heads of Families shine, and this will be the means to make the Rising Generation shine in Grace and Godliness, [...] else will at least make them ashamed to appear in a profane posture: be its not Natural nor Moral Abilities, nor common gifts of the Spirit can help us with these transforming Visions, we must down upon our knees at the Footstool of the Lord, and beg of him, that if we have found fa­vour in his sight, if New England hath found favour, if your Courts and Churches hath found favour, if we have found favour for our selves and for ours, that the Lord would shew us this Glory, that yet we and ours may be for a People, for a Name and for a Praise to him.

And now I beseech you to accept of some Motives to settle the Exhor­tation:

1. Let us Consider, That if this Glory leave us what have we by way of Exchange? Jer. 2.11. My People have changed their Glory for that [...] doth not profit; if the Glory of this Holiness leave us, what is then [...] us but a turning the Grace of God into lasciviousness, Jude 4. and [...] shameful, if the glory of this Gospel, Love & Mercy leave us, what is [...] left us, but unchristianly Divisions and B [...]tings, until we be consumed one of another, Gal. 5.15. [...]f this Glory leave our Government, then our Aristo [...]crisie will degenerate into meer Tyranny, and our Democrisie into Ana [...]chy and Confusion. You know what the Kings Daughter [...] with her Brother, when he would have forced her, 2 Sam. 13.13. Nay my Brother deal not so foolishly, and as for me whether shall my shame go: shall New England Churches be forced and spoiled of their peace and puri [...] by their Brethren, yea, by their Children the rising Generation: [...] Brethren, let me this day plead the cause of your Sister, do not so foolishly with your Sister. Nay Children, let me plead the cause of your M [...]ther▪ deal not so foolishly with your Mother, but if it prove so, [...] whether shall her s [...]ame go? where shall she be able to hid [...] her [...] Christian World? if this Glory departs from New-England Churches [...] they shall be left either to dry Breasts, or to a miscarrying Womb, or [...] [Page 18] bring forth Children for the Murderer, f [...]r the Murderer, Hos 9.12, 13, [...]8.

2 Let us yet more particu [...]arly consider: That if this Glory leave us, we are of all People the m [...]st miserable; [...]ts so commonly seen when this Glory leaveth a People, that they are commonly left so such sins that Sodom claims kindred with them▪ and God calls her their si [...]ter, Ezek, 16 49. and Samaria not committed half the Abominations they are left to commit, ver. [...]2. and awful consideration respecting the rising Genera­ [...]on; and then the punishments will be proportionable with the sins in a [...]egree, Amos 3.2. you I have known of all the Families of t [...]e Earth, and you I will puni [...]h; and now I cannot wholly omit the consideration, what befel the Posterity of those People of whom the Text speaketh, when they forsook the Lord and the Lord forsook them, Famous Cotton telleth [...] in his Exposition upon Can [...]. 3.3, 4. that A [...]tiochus [...], that little Horn spoken of in Dan. 8. w [...]o [...]axed g [...]eat, and came in upo [...] him, a [...]d threw down the t [...]ue Worsh [...]p of God, robbed the Temple, took away the daily Sacrifice, set up the stature of Jupiter, Olympius, (the abominable things) and took the Circumcise Children and hanged them upon the Ne [...]ks of their Mothers, such horrid Outrages: and he further warneth us what sins made way for these miseries; they were affected not only with being like [...] other Nations in respect of Leagues, but in respect of many evil [...]ustomes and Degenerate Manners, and at last left to such bitter Divi­ [...]ns, that Brethren complained one against the other to Srangers, yea to [...] States.

Learned Hui [...] in his Exposition upon Dan. 8. saith what probably were the sins which made way for such Calamities; the Table of the L [...]rd was become contemptible among them Mal. 1.7 the Sacrifice consisted of the [...] and sick, ver. 8. their Priests became M [...]rcenary, and Holy things of base account, ver. 12 13. a robbing of God of that ought to be for the main­tenance of his Worship, Mal. 3 8 Religion a vain a [...]d bootless thing wi [...]h a [...], the proud pr [...]zed and pref [...]rred, & the [...] slighted and [...]spised, ver. 14, 15 and th [...]se made way for th [...] flood of Calamities, and the Outrages committed by that little Horne, who waxed great, in Dan. chap. 8.

My Scope in speaking of these is, that we may see that if this Glory leaveth u [...], to what sins and sorrows we and ours shall be left: the Lord [...]ke New-England wise by the harms of others; he hath this year sent this Warning pe [...]e while the Enemy came upon our Borders; O that we [...] take warning by these things.

[Page 19]3. The Motive contained in the Text and Bosome or the [...] the Lord will not be engaged to defend us if we do not keep his Glory in the midst of us; he will not account it honourable to keep house if the house be filled only or principally with vessels of dishonour and reproach: In a great [...]ouse there are some Vessels of Silver and of Gold, of Wood and Earth, some to honour and some to dishonou [...], 2 Tim 2 20▪ the Lord purge us that we may be Vessels of Honour, and the Lord will love to keep us in the Ho [...]se, and to keep House with us; we must Honour God or else he will honour himself by throwing us down, and we must prepare then for E [...]y's Doom, upon which fo [...]lowed the Lamentation of that godly Woman, with which she breathed out her Soul, the Glory is departed from Israel, 1 Sam 4. ult she heard of the death of her Father, and of her Husband▪ but the loss of these did not ly so near her heart as the loss of the Glory, and therefore above all she lamented that: they told her of a Mad Child she had brought forth, but she did not mind nor regard it, but said, Icabod, where is the Glory; O that more of this Godly Spirit was mani­fest among us, that whatever our losses are we may not lay them to heart in comparison of the loss of this Glory, and whatever our enjoyments [...] we may not regard them but call them Icabod, where is the Glory?

Lastly, Let us in the l [...]st place Consider by way of comfort to those who are Faith [...]ul in this matter, of holding up this Glory among them ac­cording to the measu [...]e of their Abilities and opportunities in publick or private occasions and concernm [...]nts; the Lord knows you have a [...] work in hand, a [...]d much opposition f [...]om without and within, [...] your comfort, the Lord is your Defence, [...] good, your strong hold, N [...]. [...] 7. and if [...]o keep your self and y [...]urs clear of the sins of the [...] the Pride, the Prodigality, Vanity and Vileness, those sins f [...]r whic [...] [...] V [...]ol of Gods wra [...]h is pouring out upon the Nations, and New-En [...] hath felt some of the d [...]ops of those Viols; you sh [...]ll be the Lo [...]ds [...] M [...]l. 3 17 and if you can [...]ot deliver the P [...]o [...]le amongst whom [...] like N [...]ah, Daniel and [...]ob, you shall deliver your own Sou [...], [...] 14 14.

And before we conclude, let us tune one Song of Thanksgivin [...] [...] the Lord not only for his protecting a [...] Presenc [...] in d [...]yes [...] remembring the work of the Lord, and his wonde [...]s of old, Psal. 7 [...].1 [...] [...] for th [...]se many years, while the Lord hath been p [...]uring out his [...] upon the N [...]ti [...]n [...], yet he hath kept it as in Cha [...]b [...]r [...], Isai 26 10 and [...] last year, while the Enemy was on our borders, and many Thoug [...] [...] [Page 20] [...] Fears what the Event would be, but we have heard the Lord [...] to us, Rise my Love and come away, the Winter is past, and the Rain is over, the voice of the Turtle is yet heard in your Land, Cant. 2.11, 12. O that we could rise so that this Glory might rise in our Churches and Courts, in our Families, and in all our concernments: But is there not a rising Glory in some Churches upon whom the shadows of the E­vening have been stretched? are there not some pull'd as Brands out of the Fire, who were in the Flames? the Lord increase their number, and their glo [...]y, and who knows what yet the Lord may do for those who yet [...] like the Burning Bush, but the good will of him who dwelt in the Bush pity and preserve them; only let us not be high-minded but fear, and yet in fear hope in his Mercy, for Salvation is nigh to them who fear him, that Glory may dwell in our Land, Psal. 85.9.


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