BOSTON IN NEW ENGLAND. August 9th, 1667, THE GOVERNOUR, DEPUTY GOVERNOUR AND SUNDRY OF THE MAGISTRATES, Being Assembled, do Judge meet to commend to their Beloved Brethren and Neighbours The Inhabitants of this Colony this following PROPOSAL.

WHereas through the Favour of God, and his MAJESTY our SOVERAIGNE, we have continued unto us our present enjoyments, both Civil and Ecclesiastical, in this time of Calamity to others of his Majesties Plantations, especially in the Caribdee Islands, by reason of the Malignity of the Common Enemy. The consideration of whose present distressed condition with a fellow-sympathy and helpfulness to them his Majesty in his gracious Letters, hath commended to his Subjects of this Colony, signifying, that what is done therein, would be acĀ­cepted as an expression of our loyalty to himself. The Consideration whereof is also further commended unto us by his Excellency the Lord Willoughby his Majesties Governour of those parts, declaring how seasonable some present supply of Provisions to his Majesties Forces against the common Enemy would now be, and also understanding the fleet is very sickly by reason of the want of such Provisions as are good and comfortable for their present state; notwithstanding such supplies as have been from time to time sent hence, upon the Adventure of Merchants and Gentlemen, on their private accompts, whereby not only themselves have sustained great losses many wayes, but also the Publique is thereby much disabled to afford further supply as were to be desired.

From the considerations abovesaid, we do commend to the Inhabitants of this Jurisdiction a present contribution to be made for the supply of his Majesties Fleet in those parts, to be sent to the Lord Willoughby, to the end it may be accordingly distributed among them, as his Excellency in his wisdom shall see meet; and considering that expedition will be of absolute necessity, we do therefore Nominate and Appoint our loving Friends the Gentlemen here under named, (i. e.) in Boston Mr. Edward Ting, Captain William Davis, Mr. Hezekiah Usher, Mr. John Jolliffe, Captain James Oliver, Captain Thomas Lake, Mr. Thomas Dean, Mr. Peter Oliver, Mr. Thomas Brattle, Mr. Humphrey Davy, Mr. Anthony Stoddard, Mr. Samuel Bach, and Mr. Richard Wharton. In Charlstown, Captain John Allin, Liutenant Randal Nicholls, Liutenant Richard Sprague, Mr James Russel, Mr. Laurance Hammond. And in Salem Captain George Corwin, Mr. William Browne, Captain Walter Price. For Norfolk, Captain Robert Pike. For Portsmouth and Dover Mr. John Cutts, Mr. Richard Cutts, Captain Richard Waldern and Mr. Nath. Fryer. In Hampshire, Captain John Pynchon. Liutenant Clarke of Northampton, and Liutenant Smith of Hadley. They, or the major part of them to receive the free Contributions of the respective parts of the Countrey, and they or any five of them to take order immediately for the Hire of a Vessel, taking care that her Loading be of such Provisions as be good and sound, and no other, and what they shall do herein to render an account thereof to the Governour or Deputy Governour, from time to time from whom they shall receive Order for their immediate Sayling.

The Gentlemen above named, are also impowred to communicate this to the several Towns, so as may have the best tendancy for the furtherance of the end propounded.

This Act of the Magistrates is forthwith to be printed and sent accordingly to the several Towns.

Richard Bellingham Governour.

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