THE Purchases are to be made from the Indian Sachims and to be Recorded before the Governour.

The Purchasers are not to pay for their liberty of purchasing to the Governour.

The Purchasers are to set out a Town, and Inhabit together.

No Purchaser shall at any time contract for himself with any Sachim, without consent of his Associates: or special Warrant from the Governour?

The Purchasers are free from all manner of Assessments or Rates for five years after their Town-plot is set out, and when the five years are expired, they shall only be liable to the publick Rates, and Payments according to the Custome of other Inhabitants both English and Dutch.

All Lands thus Purchased and possest, shall remain to the Purchasers, and their as free Lands to dispose of as they please.

In all Territories of his ROYAL HIGHNES, Liberty of Conscience is allowed, Provided such Liberty is not converted to Licentiousness, or the disturbance of others, in the exercise of the Protestant Religion.

The several Townships have liberty to make their peculiar Laws, and Deciding all small Causes within themselves.

The Lands which I intend shall be first Planted, are there upon the West side of Hudsons-River, at, or adjoyning to the Sopes, but if any number of men sufficient for two or three, or more Towns, shall desire to plant upon any other Lands they shall have all due encouragement proportionable to their Quality, and undertakings.

Every Township is Obliged to pay their Minister, according to such agreement as they shall make with him, and no man to refuse his Proportion, the Minister being elected by the Major part of the Householders Inhabitants of the Town.

Every Township hath the free choice of all their Officers both Civil, and Military, and all men who shall take the Oath of Allegiance to his Majesty, and are not Servants, or day-labourers: but are admitted to enjoy Town-lotts are esteemed freemen of the Jurisdiction, and cannot forfeit the same without due Process in Law.

R. Nicolls.

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