An Humble PROPOSAL, for the Inlargement of UNIVERSITY LEARNING in NEW ENGLAND, By the TRUSTEES hereafter named, to whom the Manage­ment of this Affair is committed.

THE Good People of this Nation, as they are, and have been Honourable for their professed Love, to the hated wayes and truths of Christ in those perillous and evil times, which some years since we saw, so are they also no less worthy of acknow­ledgment, for their indeared affection to his Faithful Servants, who were then ex­posed to cruel sufferings by that evil Generation, of whom, as now it is, so, we hope it will be ever true concerning them, which the Prophet speaks in another case: Thou art cast out like a Branch that is abominable, like the raiment of them that are slain, thrust through with a Sword, and as a Carcass trodden under foot.

The special subjects of that wrath and rage which then appeared, in those wicked and unreasonable men, were the good old Non-Conformists, to which Tribe, the People of New England, both by joyning to bear witness against all Traditions of men in the Worship of God, and by pertaking with them in the afflictions of the Gospel are most neerly related; of them, it may be said, they feared not the wrath of man, when it was like the roaring of a Lyon, but they indured as seeing him who is invisible, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches then the revenues of England: Hence it was, that they so willingly suffered the spoiling of their goods, the leaving of their dearest friends, the loss of their native Country, to the peril of their lives, both by Land and Sea, and though the Lord hath led them to a Wilderness, where they have been as a People separated from their brethren and exposed to dwell alone in solitary places, yet they can and doe declare to the praise of his love and goodness, that he hath not been a barren Wilderness to them, nor a Land of Darkness; but hath testified his signal owning of them, by providing for them in those ends of the earth, where he hath set them down in quiet habitations, with rest round about, under the fulness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ, accompanied with a Godly Orthodox and Learn­ed Ministry, the propagation whereof (as the outward and visible means of such a blessing) is their present and great endeavour.

And because, as sometimes David said upon the like occasion, They will not serve the Lord with that which cost them nothing; they have according to their ability, if not above, and beyond it, (considering their late great losses, and other yearly burdens in reference to public affairs) laid some foundation for a Seminary of Learning, the ordinary means whereby the Lord is pleased to make way for the free passage of his everlasting Gospel, which they look at and rejoyce in, as the standing portion and entailed inheritance of them and theirs for ever.

We cannot but be very sensible in their behalf, how much the Lord hath smiled upon their small beginnings, by suc­ceeding the studious endeavours of those, who have been trained up in their Cambridg, of whom some are eminently useful among themselves at this present, and of the [...] many, who have been called forth into other parts both of Ame­rica and Europe, have given large, and full proof of their faithfulness and fitness [...] of the [...] of the [...] of God, which we take as a token for good, superadded to all other obligations under Gods kind dealings with his People of New-England.

We must now crave leave, as in their names, humbly to recommend and propose that foundation for University Learning (which hath been laid by them) to be both every way inlarged, as also to be built upon, by the goodness and favour of their ever honoured, their deerly beloved Brethren, and worthy Christian Friends in England, who work the work of the Lord as they also do: And according to our present instructions, we shall only address our selves to such Persons of Worth and Re­putation among the People of God, who are (in spiritual respects) neer of kin to the special objects of their deserved bounty. And we do beseech and intreat them humbly, unto whom we shall repair upon this occasion, that they will do the Kinsmans part in raising up, if we may so say, the name of Christ on his inheritance.

And for their necessary information touching this Work in hand, wherein the erecting and supporting of illustrious Schools and Colledges, adequately answerable to the increase of their Youth and Children in New England, is particular­ly intended; We must, and do declare, That all those sums of money, or other Donatives which have been given for the furtherance of Preaching to the Indians, are applied and appropriated to that Service only: So that this business of advancing University Learning by illustrious Schools and Colledges, hath not had, or ever shall, or can have the allowance of one farthing from that liberal Contribution.

One thing more must be offered to special consideration, namely, That all the provision which they have towards this great Undertaking, is not sufficient, according to a very low and moderate Computation, for the twentieth part of those who are born in that Country, and capable of such Improvement: So greatly hath the Lord been pleased to bless his People in those parts with increase of Children.

In pursuance of what we have proposed, we judg it expedient to give some account of that Authority by which we act in this Case, for which end we shall recite and extract some particulars, the Original whereof is in our custody, and at all times ready to be produced upon any just occasion.

‘We the Governor, and General Court of the Massachusets in New England out of the knowledg and confident assu­rance we have of the Wisdom, Faithfulness and Sincerity of your selves, hereafter named, together with your natural care and readiness to promote so worthy a design; have requested, constituted and appointed, and by these presents do request, constitute and authorize you Nathaniel Bacon Esq Herbert Pelham, Richard Saltonstal and Henry Ashurst Esquires; Mr. William Hook Master of the Savoy, Mr. John Knowlles of Bristol. Mr. Thomas Allen of Norwich, Ministers of the Gospel, you and every of you as Trustees, for the raysing and managing of a Revenue in England, to­wards the education of the youth and children of New England in University Learning; Giving and hereby granting to you, or any three or more of you, with such gifts as you shall receave, to purchase Lands, Rents, Reversions, or Annuities to and for the use aforesaid; and in case of death or removal of any of you the said Trustees, power is here­by given to the rest to elect and constitute one or more in his or their stead; as also to choose and appoint such Officers under you, as you or any three or more of you shall think necessary: And further to do and act in the Premises as in your wisdome and discretion you shall judg meet: And in testimony hereof, We have hereunto affixed the Seal of our Collony this eleventh day of May, One thousand six hundred fifty and nine.

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