THE PSALMS HYMNS And SPIRITUAL SONGS Of the Old and New Test­ament, faithfully translated into ENGLISH metre, For the use, edification, and comfort, of the Saints, in publick, & private, especially in New-England.

2 Tim: 3.16, 17. Col 3.16.

Let the word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching & ad­monishing one another in Psalms, Hymns, and spirituall Songs, singing to the Lord with grace in your hearts.

Ephe: 5.18, 19 Bee filled with &c.

James 5.13.

Printed by Samuel Green at Cambridg in New-England. 1651.


TO the Godly Reader

WEE knew that these Psalms▪ and Hymns▪ & spiritual Songs though in other languages. (& so [...] in ther pr [...]ti­cal measures) were i [...]ired [...]y the Holy-Ghost, to holy m [...]n of old [...] for the edification, and [...] of the Church and people of God in all ensuing ages [...] the [...] [...]f the world. And for these Holy [...] wee [...]ve with speciall care & [...] tran­slated them into such Meet [...]rs as are most usuall and [...] for such holy poems, in any [...] l [...]nguage, he [...] especial [...]y [...]th to the gravity of the [...] of Sacred writt▪ and [...] of the verse. And for fuller satisfaction of the godly desires of all. [...] sundry inter­pretations▪ accord [...]ng to the latitude of the sig­nification of the [...] ▪ commonly noted with an asterism thus [ [...]] And some other various readings, though not so noted.

Exod: 1 [...]. [...].
I to the LORD will sing, for hee
triumpht in glory so·
The horse hee and his rider down
into the Sea did throw.
[Page] Deut: 32.30.
How should [...] chase a thousand▪ two
ten thousand put to [...]ight:
Ps [...]l. 4.4.
Stand you in awe▪ and do no [...] si [...] &c:
Psal. 11 3.
If that the firm foundations,
shall wholly min'd bee:
As for the man that righteous is
what then perform can hee
v. 4. His eye behold▪ and his ey-lids
the sonne of men do try.
Psal. 12. v. [...].
Thus saith the LORD▪ for cry of poor▪
for spoyling of the meek:
I'le rise now, him in safety set,
that boldly he may speak.
Thus saith the LORD, for poor mens cry.
for spoyling them that are
The meek, I'le rise now set him free▪
from him that would him snare.
Psal. 17.13.
The wicked [...] thy sword▪
v. 14 From mortals by thy sword O Lord
Their son [...]s are [...] excellence.
Psal. 21 12.
[...] then thou [...] a butt.
[...] 22. [...] concerning [...] [...]orning [...]
[...] 2. of men a very [...]:
And [...] despis'd
[...]mongst the people am▪
[Page] Psal. 27.13.
I should have [...] but that I.
Psal. 29. v. 7.
Jehovah [...] voyce parts [...]ames of fy [...]
v. 9. And in his temple every [...]
his glory doth declare.
Psal. 34.5. and flowed near.
Psal. 35.16.
They mocking hypocrites among.
Psal. 37. v. 40.
From wicked men them save he shall▪
because they trust in him.
Psal. 45.5.
Thy shafts are sharp within their heart
foes to the King that bee:
Wherby the people overcome,
shall fall down under thee.
Psal. 51.17. 1 [...].
A contrite spithe, broke contrite heart
Psal. 68.27.
And Naphthlyes Lords there were.
v. 31. From Egypt shall come messengers
Psal. 77.10.
Then in my self I said should this
cause mine infirmity:
That changed now the right hand is
of him that is most high.
Psal. 106.4 [...] ▪ 46.
And in [...] much mercyes did repent▪
and made them pitty'd bee
Of [...]ll those that did ca [...]ry them
into captivitie.
[Page] Psal. 116.1.
I love the LORD▪ because hee doth &c:
Psal. 119.30. 2 m.
thy judgments view'd I have.
Psal. 145.9.
The LORD is good to all o're all &c:
Isay 25.2.
For thou a Citty mad'st an heap.
a Citty [...]ene't to fall▪
The strangers pallace, Citty none▪
[...] built it never shall.
H [...]b: 3.9.
His chario [...] of salvation were.
Set [...] by thy bow their channels leave▪
Th'o [...]ths words to th'tribes yt thou didst sweet
Thou didst y earth wt rivers clea [...].
verse 13.
Didst wound▪ thou the [...]oundation
[...] to the neck discovered.

¶ THE SONG OF MOSES Exod: 15. T [...]en S [...]ng Moses & the Children of Isr [...]e [...] this Song unto the LORD & spake [...]:

SIng to ye LORD for he excells
in glorious renown:
He hath the horse & cavaleer▪
into the sea [...]ast down.
2 JAH is my strength, & song, & he
is my salvation:
My God hee is, I'le him prepare
an habitation.
My Fathers God hee is also
I'l [...] him exalt, the s [...]me.
3 Je [...]vah is a man of w [...]rr
Jehovah is his name.
4 Hee Pharoahs chariots & his host,
into the sea hath c [...]st:
And his choise Captaines drowned were
[...] i'th red Sea t [...]y pas [...].
5 The depths them hid▪ to'th bottō they
sank down even as [...] stone▪
6 J [...]hovah [...] right h [...]nd in power
most [...] is [...]
LORD thy [...]
those [...] thee [...]
7 And in thine excellency great▪
thou h [...]st o're-thrown thy fo [...]s▪
Thou didst send forth thy wrath which as▪
the stuble did them wast.
8 Together gathered were the waves
ev'n with thy nosthrills blast▪
The [...]ouds stood upright as an heap
the depths in mid-Sea froze.
9 The foe said▪ I'le pursue, I'le catch▪
I will the spoil dispose.
My lust on them shall filled bee▪
my sword draw out will I,
My hand shall them again possess,
or stroy them utterly▪
10 Thou with thy wind didst on them blow,
the Sea them covered:
They in the mighty waters sunck,
as if they had been lead.
11 LORD who's like thee among the Gods▪
who's like thee▪ glorious
In holiness, fearfull in prayse,
in doings m [...]rvelous!
12 When thou didst forth thy right hād stretch
the earth them swallowed.
13 The people whō thou hast redeem'd
thou hast in mercy led;
Thou by thy strength shalt guid them to
that holy [...] of thine.
14 The folk shall hear▪ & [...]ear, & greive
sh [...]ll they of P [...]lestine.
15 [...] Edoms Dukes▪ shalbe amaz'd▪
and Mo [...]s mighty men
Trembling shall [...], away shall melt
[Page]all Canaans dwellers then.
16 Fear upon them & dread shall fall
by thine armes mightiness.
They shall ly still as doth a stone,
untill thy people pass▪
Untill thy people LORD shall pass▪
which thou hast purchased.
17 Till thou hast brought them in▪ & till
thou them hast stablished▪
In mount of thine inheritance
O LORD the place wherin
Thou hast prepar'd thy Sanctuary
for thee to dwell therin.
LORD which thy hands established
18 Jehovah he shall reigne
For evermore through ages all,
for ever Soveraigne.
19 For Pharaohs horse, & charrots his▪
and horsmen down they went;
Into the Sea, Jehovah then
the Sea upon them sent:
The waters of the Sea on them
he turned back in hast
But on drie land in midst of Sea
the sonns of Israel past▪
Miri [...]ms Answer.
21 Sing to the LORD for he excells
in glorious renown:
Hee hath the horse, & cavallier
into the Sea cast down.

¶ The Propheticall Song of Moses. Deut 32.

O [...] heav'ns give ye attentive eare▪
[...]o what I shall declare:
And also thou O earth shalt heare,
what my mouths sayings are▪
2 My doctrine like the rain shall drop
my speech distill shall as
The dew [...]as [...]ain on tender heaths.
and like the showres on grass.
3 Becaus that I Jehovahs name
will publish all abroad:
See that ye greatness atribute
therfore unto our God.
4 That ROCK his work most perfect is:
for's wayes all judgment bee:
A God of truth▪ an [...] without sin,
both just and right is hee.
5 But they defil'd them selves, their spot
is not his childrens stain▪
A crooked generation they
and froward do remain.
6 O foolish people and unwise▪
the LORD thus pay do yee▪
Thy Father that th [...]e bought, & made▪
and stablisht is not hee▪
7 Remember dayes of old, the yeares
of every age marke well;
Thy father ask▪ and he'l thee shew:
thine elders will thee tell.
[Page]8 When as the highest shar'd their lots
unto the nations.
When as the seperation hee
did make of Adams sons:
The borders of the people hee
did set where they should dwell:
According to the number of
the sonns of Israel.
9 Becaus Jehovahs portion
his chosen people bee.
The lot of his inheritance
Jacobs posterity.
10 He found him in a desart [...]and▪
and i'th vast deserts cry:
He led him round, him taught▪ him kept
as th'apple of his ey.
11 As th'eagle stirreth up her nest▪
and [...]l [...]tters o're her young▪
Spreads out her wings▪ & takes them up▪
beares them her wings upon.
12 Ev'n in such wise Jehovah led
him up and down alone:
A [...] God [...]lso with him
[...] any one.
13 [...] pl [...]ces of the earth
14 [...]
[Page]Hee from y flinty rock likewise
did make him oyle to take.
14 On butter thou of kine▪ & on
the milk of sheep didst feed:
With fat of lambs, & goates, & rams▪
that were of Bashans breed:
Together with the fatness of
the wheaten kidneies fi [...]e:
Thou of ye grapes didst also drink
the blood, refined wine.
[...] But Je [...]urun then waxed fat
and wantonly did kick:
Thou art grown fat▪ thou gross art gro [...]
art clos'd with fatness thick.
Then he forsook the mighty God▪
who had him mag [...]'d
The Rock of his salvation
hee also vilifi'd.
16. They with strange Gods his jealousie
did kind [...]e as a [...]:
And with abominations
they did provoke his ire▪
1 [...] They did to divills not to God
their sacrifices there.
To Go [...]s unknown, new up-startes, whom
your fath [...]rs did not feare.
18 T [...] ROCK who thee begotten hath
ten [...] h [...]st thou not:
The [...]ghty God who formed thee
[...] forgot.
[Page]19 And this Jehovah [...] ▪ and hee
dispising them did lo [...]th.
Becaus of the provo [...]king of
his sons & daughters [...]
20 He said I'le [...] from them
what is their and I'le see:
For they a very froward race,
they faithless children be [...].
21 With that which is no God they have
mee mov'd to jealousie▪
The have provoaked me to wrath
with Idols [...]:
With what's no people I'le provoak
them unto jealousie:
Them with a foolish nation
to anger move will I▪
22 For fyre [...] in [...] wrath
shall b [...]rn to hell below:
And wast the earth with her increas
hils bottoms free also.
23 I mischiefs will upon them heap.
[...]ine arrowes on them spend:
With hunger burnt, with he [...] devo [...].
with bitter plagues them end.
24 The [...]eth of cruell beasts I will
upon them send also:
The poyson of the serpents too
which on the [...] do go.
25 The sword without & [...] within▪
young men and maids bereave:
[Page]Which neither shall ye sucking babe▪
nor hoar [...]e headed leave.
26 And into corners, I did say
that I would scatter them:
I'le their remembrance make to ceas
from 'mongst the sons of men.
27 But yt I fear'd their enemies wrath:
their foes there it would strange▪
And say our high hand not y LORD
it is, wrought all this change.
28 For they'r a Nation counselless
nor understanding find.
29 O [...] were they wise: this understood!
their latter end would mind!
30 How should one chase a thousand, two
ten thous [...]nd put to flight▪
Had not their Rock them sold & them
Jehovah shut up quite.
31 Becaus their Rock unto our ROCK
[...]s no [...] to be compar'd:
Yea though our enemies themselves
as ju [...]ges should be heard.
32 For their Vine is of Sodoms Vine▪
and of Gomorrahs field:
Their [...] of g [...]ll, to them
they bitter clusters yield.
33 Their wi [...]e as Dragons poyson is▪
[...] Adders cruell [...]ll.
34 Is not this stor'd with me, & se [...]ld
amongst my treasures all:
35 Vengeance is mine & recompen [...]e
in time their foot shall slide:
For their woe-day is nigh & soon
mishaps shall them be-tide.
36 Becaus ye LORD his folk shall judge▪
for's servants too repent:
When none shut up or left he seeth▪
and that their powr is spent.
37 And he shall say those Gods of theirs▪
now where becom are they:
Where is ye Rock, on whom they did
their expectation stay?
38 Which [...] their sacrifices fat.
dr [...]nk their wine-off [...]ings too▪
Let them arise, help you & bee
a hiding place for you.
39 See now that I▪ even I am hee
and ther's no God with mee:
I kill & quicken, wound, & heal,
none from my h [...]nd c [...]n free.
40 For I to heaven lift mine han [...]:
and s [...]y I live for [...]ve.
41 If my bright sword I wher & if
my hand on judgement st [...]y:
I'le render vengeance to my [...]
I'le [...]
42 I'le m [...]ke mine [...] with blood
& flesh my [...]
For blood of sl [...]in & of them that
are in c [...]ptivity:
[Page]More then from first revenges were.
upon the enemy.
43 Sing joyfully yee Nations, with
those that his people bee;
Because that of his servants all
revenge y blood will hee▪
And to his adversaries bee
will [...]nder vengeance due
And hee will mercy to his land
and to his people shew.

¶ THE SONG OF DEBORAH AND BARAK. Judg: 5. Then Sang Deborah & Barak the Son of A [...]oam on that day Saying.

IN that he Israel hath reveng'd
bless yee therfore ye LORD.
[...] that the people offered
themselves of free accord.
3 Give ear [...] Kings, yee Princes hear▪
sing to the LORD I will:
I even I'le sing to the LORD,
the God of Israel.
4 LORD whē thou wē [...]st frō S [...]i [...], when thou
didst [...] feild:
The earth did [...] ▪ y heav'ns did drop.
th [...] [...] distild.
5 Before y presence [...]f ye LORD
[...] melting fell:
Even [...] y LORD
the God of Israel.
6 In dayes of Sh [...]mgar Anaths son
high wayes in J [...]els dayes
Untrodden were; the passengers
did travell through by-wayes▪
7 The villagers did cease to bee▪
they ceas'd in Israel;
Till that I Deborah▪ rose I rose
a moth'r in Israel.
8 New Gods they chose, then wars a­rose▪
& in ye gates have been:
'Mongst fourty thousand Israelites
was sheild, or spear then seen?
9 My heart to Israels Rulers is,
that did of free accord,
Present themselves amongst ye folk:
bless ye therfore the Lord.
10 Speak ye your minds, all ye yt doe
upon white asses ride:
Yee that in judgment [...], & yee
th [...]t walk the way beside.
11 Who from ye archers noi [...]e were freed
there [...] they now record.
In p [...]ces where they waters [...]
the just acts of y LORD.
His rightous acts to them that dwell
in Isr [...]els townes [...]:
Then [...] the people of y LORD
goe down unto the [...].
12 Wake, wake, [...], wake awake
a song sing: Barak [...]
[Page]Abinoams son, & captive lead
thou thy captivityes.
13 Unto y remnant hee gave rule
above the Nobles then.
Amongst ye folk the LORD gave mee
rule over mighty m [...]n.
14 From out of Ephraim a root,
'gainst Amalek there was:
Thy followers O Benjamin,
amongst thy folk did pass.
From out of Machi [...] governours
descended also then:
And out of Zebulon came they
that handle writers pen.
15 And Issachar▪ even Issachar
his peeres with Deborah went:
And also Barak was on foot
into the valley sent,
Because of those divisions that
in Reuben did appear,
Full many great impressions
of heart amongst us were.
16 Why didst thou 'mongst ye sheepfolds stay
the ble [...]ting flocks to he [...]r
For Reuben his divisions▪
heart searchings great there were.
17 Gil [...]d by Jordan [...] why
[...] in ships reside▪
On [...]
and in his [...].
18 Both Zebulun▪ & Nephthali
[...] people that did yield.
Their lives in danger unto death
upon the open field.
19 The Kings came & they fought then fought
the Kings of Canaan▪
In Taanach by Migiddo's streames:
no money▪ gain they wan.
20 From heav'n they fought, y stars by course
did fight 'gainst Sis [...]ra.
21 Then Kishons brook, old Kishōs brook
that brook them swept away.
O thou my soule hast trod down strength.
22 Then broke their hors hoofs were.
By plunging pransings, pransings of
their mighty horses there.
23 Curse Meroz, curse her dwellers, curse▪
Jehovahs Angel said:
For they came not to aid the LORD▪
'gainst might ye LORD to aid.
24 Jael y Kenite Hebers wife
'bove women blest shall bee:
Above the women in the tent,
a blessed one is shee.
25 Hee water askt, shee gave him milk▪
in Lordly dish shee fetcht
26 Him butter forth; unto ye nayle
shee forth her left hand stretcht.
Her right hand to ye workmans maul,
and Sisera hammered:
[Page]Shee peirc't & struck his temples through
& then cut off his head.
27 He at her feet bow'd, fell, lay down,
hee at her feet bow'd where
Hee fell; wheras hee bowed down▪
hee fell destroyed there.
28 Out of a window Sisera
his mother look't, & said,
The lat [...]ess through, in cōming why
so long's his charriot staid:
His charrets wheeles, why tarry they:
29 Her wise dames answered;
Yea shee turn'd answer to her selfe,
30 And what have they not sped:
The prey by poll a maid or twain
what parted have not they:
Have they not parted Sisera
a partie coloured prey:
A party coloured nield-work prey
of nield-work on each side,
That's party colloured, meet for necks
of them y spoiles divide:
31 So perish let thine enemies all
O LORD: but let each wight
That doe him love be like ye Sun
that goes out in his might.

¶ THE SONG OF HANNAH 1 Sam: 2. And Hannah prayed & s [...]id

MY heart doth in Jehovah joy▪
my horn in Jah is lift on high:
My mouth inlarg'd is o're my foe:
For in thy health rejoice doe I.
2 Like to ye LORD ther's holy none:
Because there is none else but thee:
And other rock there is not one.
That to our God compar'd may bee.
3 Speak ye out no presumpteous word,
No harshnes from your mouth proceed.
For God of knowledge is ye LORD
Also by him are actions weigh'd.
4 The strong mens bowes are shivered
And they yt slipt are girt with might:
5 The full have hir'd thēselves for bread
And ceased hath ye hungry wight.
So that ye barren seaven bare.
The fruitfull woman▪ weak is grown.
6 The LORD doth kill, & life doth spar [...]
He lifts up & to grave brings down.
7 The LORD both poor and rich doth make
He raiseth up, & bringeth low.
8 The poor he up from dust doth take.
The beggar lifes the dunghil fro:
To give them place with princely lords
To make them heirs of glories throne:
For th'earths foundatiōs are the LORDS
And he hath set the world theron.
9 His holie ones [...]heir feet he will
I reserve so▪ that they shall not fall:
The vile in darkness shall be still.
[Page]For no man shall by strength prevail.
10 The adversaries of the LORD
Shall broken be to pieces small.
And he from heaven shall accord.
To thunder forth upon them all.
The borders of the earth the LORD
Shall justly judge and he likewise
Unto his King shall strength afford:
And make his Ointeds horn to rise.

Davids Elegie: 2 Sam 1.17. And David lamented with this lamenta­tion over Saul & [...]ver Jonathan his son.

19 UPon thy places high is slaine
the flower of Israel.
How are the mighty fallen down.
20 In Gath this never tell.
Nor shew't in streets of Askelon,
lest Philistines rejoice:
Lest daughters of th'uncircumciz'd
should make triumphant noise.
21 Yee mountaines high of Gilboah
let there be never dew.
Nor raine, nor fields of offerings,
let ever be on you.
For there the mighty one his shield
receiv'd disgracefull foile,
The shield of Saul as he had not
anointed been with oile:
22 The bow of Jon'than did not turn
back from the blood o'th slain▪
From fat o'th mighty, and Sauls sword
did not return in vain.
23 Most lovely Saul and Jonathan▪
and pleasant did abide.
While they did live, & in their death
them nothing did divide.
They swifter then the Eagles were.
they Lyons did excel,
24 In strength▪ O weep yee over Saul
daughters of Israel:
[...] did in Scarlet you array▪
with deckings manifold:
Who did on your apparrell lay
The ornaments of gold.
25 In middest of the battle how
the mighty fallen lye▪
O Jonathan cut off wast thou
upon thy places high▪
26 O thou my brother Jonathan
I am distrest for thee:
A loving kind, companion
thou hast been unto mee:
Thy love to mee in wonder past
the love of women far.
27 How are the mighty fall'n and w [...]st
the weapons be of war!



O Blessed man yt walks not in
th'advice of wicked men
Nor stādeth in ye sin̄ers way
nor scorners seat sits in▪
But he upō Jehovah's law
doth set his whole delight
And in his law doth medi­tate
both in the day & night.
3 He shall be like a pla [...]ted tree
by water brookes, which shall
In his due season yield his fruit,
whose leafe shall never fall:
And all he doth shall prosper well.
4 The wicked are not so:
But they are like unto the chaff▪
which wind drives too & fro.
5 Therfore shall not ungodly men
in judgment stand upright▪
Not in th'assembly of [...]he just
shall stand the sinfull wight.
[Page 2]6 For of the righteous men, the LORD
acknowledgeth the way:
Wher [...]s the way of wicked men
shall utterly decay.


WHy rage the heathen furiously▪
vain things the people muse:
2 Kings of ye earth doe set themselves
and Princes plotting use.
With one consent against the LORD.
against his Christ also.
3 Let us assunder break their bands.
and their cords from us throw.
4 He that in heaven sire shall laugh▪
the LORD deride them shall.
5 Then to them in his ire he'l speak▪
in's wrath sore vex them all.
6 But I anoint my King upon
Zion my holy hill.
7 The counsell that establish't i [...]
declare abroad I will.
The LORD to me said. Thou' [...]t my son.
this day I thee begot.
8 Ask thou of me▪ and I will give
the heathen for thy lot:
And of the [...] thou shalt possess
[...] abroad.
9 Thou shalt [...] potters [...]
[...]nd [...] with non [...].
[Page 3]
10 And now ye Kings be wise, be learn'd
ye Judges of th'earth (H [...]ar.)
11 Serve ye the LORD with reverence▪
rejoyce with trembling fear.
12 Kis ye the Son, le [...] he be wroth▪
and ye fall in the way.
When his wrath but a litle burn [...]:
blest all that on him stay.

PSAL: III. A Psalm of David when he [...]ed from the face of Absalom his s [...]n.

O LORD my foes how great are they▪
How many up against me stand▪
2 No help is to my soul▪ they say,
In God for him at any hand.
3 My shield and glory yet art thou,
LORD, and th'up- [...] of my head.
4 I with my voyce to All cal'd, who
[...] holy [...] me answered. Selah
5 I laid down, slept, and wake did I▪
I [...] Jehovah up did bear.
6 The [...]olk that round against [...],
Ten thous [...]nds of [...] not [...]ea [...].
7 O LORD my God to save [...].
[...] all mine [...] ye [...] thou [...] stroke
[...] cheek bone▪ [...]
[...] of the wicked [...].
8 This and [...]
[Page 4]Unto Jehovah doth pertain▪
Thy people specially upon
Thy blessing doth and shall [...].

PSAL: IV. To the chief musician on Negi [...]th, a Psalm of David.

GOD of my justice when I call
O hear mee; when distrest
Thou hast inlarg'd mee▪ shew mee grace,
and hear thou my request.
2 Yee sons of men my glory turn
to shame how long will you?
How long will yee love vanitie
and still deceit pursue? Selah
3 But know ye LORD hath set apart
for him his gracious saint:
The LORD will hear when unto him
I pour out my complaint.
* 4 Be stirred up; but do not [...]inn
consider seriously
Within your heart, with silence deep
when on your bed you lie.
5 The sacrifice of righteousness
[...]et sacrificed bee;
And confidently put your trust
upon the LORD do yee.
6 Many [...] say, O who
will [...] good to see?
[Page 5]The light, LORD, of thy countenance
let on us lifted bee.
7 Thou hast per gladness in my hear [...]
[...]more then the time wherin,
Their corn & their new wine also
have much increased bin▪
8 In peace with him I will lie down
and I my sleep will take:
For mee in confidence to dwell
thou LORD alone dost make.

PSAL: V. To the chief musician on Nehiloth A Psalm of David.

JEHOVAH to my words give ea [...],
my meditation weigh.
My King my God my cries voice hea [...]
for I to thee will pray.
3 Thou in the morn my voice shalt hear
LORD in the morning I
Will unto thee direct my pray'r
and will looke up on high.
4 For thou art not a God that will
in wickedness delight:
Nor shall with thee dwell any ill.
5 Nor fooles stand in thy [...]ight:
Craf [...]men [...] sin thou [...] them.
6 Thou shalt him stroy that [...]:
The LORD will loath the b [...]oo [...]y men
and them that guile devise.
[Page 6]
7 But I will to thy house draw [...]
in thine abundant grace▪
And I will worship in thy fear
towards thy holy p [...]ce.
8 Conduct mee in thy righteousness
by reason of my spyes;
O LORD thy wayes most streight-express
also before mine eyes.
9 For in their mouth no faith they have
their inward parts are wrong:
Their throat is as an open grave,
they flatter with their [...]ongue.
10 O God make thou them wholly wast▪
them from their plots let fall:
Out i [...] their [...]aps of sin them cast.
for 'gainst thee [...]et they all.
11 But l [...]t all joy that trust in thee▪
shout ever let the same:
For thou defend'st them: glad let bee
in thee that love thy name.
12 For thou LORD wil [...] thy blessing yield
unto the righteous one:
And [...] with a shield
with acceptation.

Second Meeter.

O LORD give ear to what I say,
My meditation understand.
2 [...] King▪ my God to thee I pr [...]y.
Voyce of my cry do thou [...].
[Page 7]3 My voyce the morning time within.
O thou Jehovah shalt it hear:
I will to thee i'th morning time
Address, and will mine eyes up-rear.
4 For thou'rt a God hast no delight
In [...]in; nor ill dwell with thee shall.
5 Fooles shall not stand before thy fight.
Who mischief work, thou hat'st them all.
6 Thou wilt bring to destruction quite▪
Them that do lying falshood pra [...]e:
The man of blood, and of deceit,
Jehovah will abominate.
7 But in thy many mercies [...]
Enter into thy house will I:
I in thy fear my self will bow
Before thy house of sanctity.
8 Because of mine observing spyes.
Lead me forth in thy righteousness:
Before my face thy way likwise
Do thou Jehovah streight-express.
9 For in their month no truth they have.
Their inward part iniquities:
Their thro [...] [...] open grave▪
Their tongue is smooth with flatteries.
10 O God make thou them wholly wast.
From their own plots let them fall [...]:
Out in th [...] heaps of sin them cast.
For they against thee rebell [...] [...]re.
11 Let them who trust in thee repose.
[Page 8]Rejoyce and ever shouting bee,
For thou defendst them: yea let those
That love thy name be glad in thee.
12 Becaus JEHOVAH thou wilt yield
A blessing to the righteous one:
And wilt him crown as with a shield▪
With gracious acceptation.

PSAL: VI. To the chief musician on Neginoth upon sheminith a Psalm of David.

LORD in thy wrath rebuke mee not
Nor in thy hot wrath chasten mee.
2 LORD pitty mee for I am weak,
LORD heal mee for my bones vext bee.
3 Also my soul is vexed sore:
How long LORD wilt thou mee forsake.
4 Return O LORD my soule relea [...]e.
O save mee for thy mercies sake.
5 In death no mem'ry is of thee,
And who shall praise thee in ye grave?
6 I [...]aint with groans? all night my bed
Swims; I with tears my couch [...] have
7 Mine eye with grief is [...] ▪ & old,
Becaus of all mine enemies.
8 But now depart away from mee,
All ye that work iniquities:
Becaus Jehovah now hath heard
The voice of these my weeping tears.
[Page 9]9 The LORD hath heard my humble suit
Jehovah will receive my prayers.
10 Let all mine enemies be ashamd,
And greatly troubled let them bee▪
Yea let them be returned back.
And be ashamed suddenlie.

Another M [...]eter.

IEHOVAH▪ O rebuke me not,
when thou shalt angry bee:
And in thine indignation hot
O do not chasten mee.
2 O LORD becaus that weak am I.
be gracious unto mee:
Jehovah heal thou me, for why
my bones they vexed bee.
3 And vex't my soule is vehementlie:
but thou LORD how long space▪
4 Return O LORD, my soul set free:
O save me for thy grace.
5 For they who are in death at all
of thee no mem'ry have;
With thanks confess to thee who shall,
that is within the grave?
6 I tyred am with groaning cries,
to swim I make my bed
Through all the night: my couch likewise,
with teares I watered.
7 With gr [...]ous in [...]gnition
[...] are mine [...]:
[Page 10]And they are old and dim beco [...]
'mongst all mine enemies.
8 All ye that work iniquity▪
away from mee [...] gone:
Becaus the LORD hath heard the cry
of my complaining moan.
9 My humble suit for grace also
Jehovah doth it hear:
Jehovah will my prayer unto,
vouchsafe a gracious [...]ar.
10 Asham'd and vexed vehemently
be all mine enemies:
Let them return, and suddenly
let them be sham'd likewise.

PSAL. VII. Sligga [...]on of David which [...]e s [...]ng unto the LORD concerning the words of [...] the [...].

O LORD my God, I do repose
my confidence in thee:
F [...]m all my persecuting foes,
s [...]ve and deliver [...]n [...]ce.
2 Le [...]t like a r [...]ting Lion hee
my soul in pieces tear.
He tears, and to [...]
there doth not one [...]ppear.
3 O LORD that art a God to mee
[...] thing done [...] I▪
[Page 11]And if that in my hands there bee
wrongfull iniquity:
4 If ill rewarded him have I
with me who was at peace:
(Who causeless was mine enemy
yea I did him releas.)
5 My soul pursue then let my foe,
take it, yea tread to clay
My life, and in the dust also
let him my honour lay.
6 Becaus mine enemies rage, arise▪
LORD in thy wrath up st [...]nd:
Awake thou up for me likewise,
thou judgment didst command.
7 The peoples congregation so
shall round encompass thee:
And for the same return do thou
unto the place on high.
8 The LORD y peoples judg shall bee▪
Jehouah judg thou mee,
After my righteousness in mee,
and mine integritie.
9 Let ceas the wickeds malice n [...]w,
the just yet ratify▪
Becaus O righteous God, even thou
the hearts and reines dost [...]ry
10 For God, my shield, them yt are right
in heart, he saved hath.
11 God that doth judg ye righteous w [...]gh [...]
God daily kindleth wrath▪
[Page 12]
12 Unless that [...]rning he repent▪
his sword he sharp will [...]het:
Already he his how hath bent,
and hath it ready set.
13 The instruments of death for him
he ready doth prepare:
His arrowes ready makes for them
that persecutors are
14 Behold h [...] shall in travell bee,
with vain iniquity:
And mischiefe [...]ore conceiv'd hath hee,
but shall bring forth a li [...].
15 A pit he digged hath▪ likewise
he de [...]ed deep the same▪
But f [...]l'n into the ditch he is,
that he himself did frame.
16 His own mischievous travell shall
upon his head turn down;
His dealing violent shall fall
likewise upon his crown.
17 According to his righteousness▪
Jehovah prayse will I:
And to his name a psalm address,
who is the LORD most [...]igh.

PSAL: VIII. To the chief musician upon Gi [...]ih. A Psalm of David.

O LORD our Lord in all the earth
h [...]w doth thy name excell▪
[Page 13]Who hast above the heavens set
thy Majesty to dwell.
2 Out of the mouth of sucking b [...]bes
thou fittest strength also.
That thou mightst still thine enemies▪
and self avenging foe.
3 When as thine heavens I behold.
thy fingers workes which are:
The Moon together with the Stars,
the which thou didst pre [...]e▪
4 O what is wretched man that [...]
in mind thou shouldst him have▪
And what the son of man whom thou
to visit dost vouchsave?
5 For then the Angels thou hast him
a litle made m [...]re low:
With glory thou hast crowned him
with Majesty also.
6 Above thy handy works thou hast
giv'n him dominion:
All things thou hast under his feet
put in subjection.
7 The sheep and oxen all of them.
also the field-beasts; Yea
8 The fowles that in the ayre do fly▪
and fishes of the sea▪
9 Of those yt pass through paths of sea,
O LORD our Lord, in all the earth,
O how thy name excells!
[Page 14]

To the chief musician upon [...]. A Psalm of David.

LORD I'le thee prayse withall my heart
thy wonders all proclaim.
2 I will be glad and joy in thee:
most high I'le sing thy name.
3 In turning back, my foes they'l fall;
and perish at thy fight.
4 For thou maintainst my right & cause:
in throne fit'st judging right.
5 Thou hast the heathen folk rebukt
and wicked ones destroy'd:
For ever and for evermore▪
thou hast their names made void.
6 Destructions (O thou foe) are come
to end perpetual:
Thou hast stroy'd cities▪ they are gone
with their memorial.
7 Nevertheless Jehovah shall
for evermore endure:
And unto judgment he his throne
prepared hath most sure.
8 And he the habitable world
shall judge in righteousness:
Unto the people judgment give
he shall in uprightness.
9 A refuge for oppressed on [...]s.
Jehovah shall becom:
[Page 15]A refuge high he is to them
in seasons troublesome.
10 They also that do know thy Name
in thee will put th [...]ir trust:
For them th [...]t do thee seek O LORD,
forsake thou never dost.
11 O sing ye pr [...]yses to the LORD,
that doth in Sion dwell:
The de [...]ds also that he hath done
among the people tell.
12 He to remembrance do [...]h them call,
when he for blood doth seek:
He also never doth forget
the crying of the meek.
13 Jehov [...]h mercy on me have,
f [...]om them that do me h [...]te,
M [...]rk mine [...]fflictions that arise▪
thou lift'st mee from de [...]ths gate:
14 That I in Sions daughters gates
thy pr [...]yses all may show:
And that in thy s [...]lvation
I may rejoyce also.
15 The he [...]then [...]re sunck down into
the pit th [...]t they had made:
Th [...] foot is taken in the net,
which privily they laid.
16 [...] judgment which [...],
[...] is made known▪
The [...]:
Deep Medita [...]on.
[Page 16]
1 [...] Down into h [...]ll the wicked ones
shall turned be together.
And all the [...] of th [...] world
that do not God remember.
18 Becaus the nee [...]y ones shall not
forgotten [...]
The exp [...]ctation of [...]he poor
for aye shall not [...]e [...]y.
19 O let not [...] man prevail,
but O Jeho [...]ah rise:
The [...] in peopl [...] in thy [...]ight
[...]et judge [...] [...]e li [...]ewise.
20 J [...]hov [...]h▪ [...]o thou put in fear
ev'n e [...]ery one of them:
That so the [...] know
that they be sorry men, Sela [...]


WHy st [...]ndst thou LORD far off▪ why had'st
thy self in times of streigh [...]
2 In pride the wicked persecutes
th [...] poor afflicted wight:
Caugh [...] be they in their plots forecast.
3 [...] [...]f his hearts desire
Th [...] wicked boasts; and bless he doth
the ch [...]rle; that stirr [...] GODS ire.
4 The wicked one according to
his countenances pride
Will not inquire: that th [...]ir's no God
so all his thoughts abide.
[Page 17]5 Hi [...] way [...]s doe alw [...]yes bring forth grief
on high thy in [...].
Above his fight: his pr [...]ssing foes
puff at them all will hee.
6 Within his heart hee [...]hus hath said▪
I shall not mooved bee:
from age to age that am not yet
in ill adversitie.
7 His mouth with cursing filled i [...].
deceits & fallacy:
Under his tongue perversnes is▪
also iniquity.
8 In lurking places of the townes
he sits: in secret dens
Hee sl [...]y [...]s the harmless: 'gainst the poor
his eyes down slylie bends.
9 Hee c [...]osly lurkes as lyon lurkes
in den [...] the poor to catch
Hee lurks, and trapping them in's net,
th'afflicted poor doth snatch.
10 Down doth he croutch and to ye dust
he humbly bowes withall:
That so a multitude of poor
in his strong pawes m [...]y fall.
11 Hee saith in's heart, God hath forgot
he hides his face aw [...]y.
So that he will not see this thing,
unto eternall [...]ye▪
12 Jehovah rise thou up, O God
[Page 18]lift up thine hand on high,
Cast not the meek afflicted one,
out of thy memory.
13 O wherfore doth the wicked man
contemn th'Almighty one▪
Hee in his heart saith, thou wilt not
make inquisition.
14 Thou seest, for thou markst wrong and spight
with thy h [...]nd to repay:
The poor leaves it to thee: thou art
of fatherless the stay
15 The wickeds [...]rm in pieces break,
and of the evill one,
Search thou out his impiety,
untill thou findest none.
16 Jehovah King for ever is,
and to eternal [...]ye:
Out of his land the heathen folk
are perished away.
17 Th [...] meek [...]fflicted mans desire
Jehovah thou doest hear:
Thou firmly dost prepare their heart,
thou mak'st attent thine ear.
18 To judge the fatherless & poor:
that ad [...] no more h [...] may
The [...] of sorrowes from the land
with terrour to dismay.

PSAL. XI. To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

[Page 19]
I In the LORD do put my trust,
how therfore do you [...]y?
Unto my soul, like [...] bird,
fly to your hill [...]way.
2 For [...]oe the wicked b [...]nd their bow▪
their [...] fi [...] on string pr [...]pare:
That they may shoot i'th [...] them,
in heart that upright are.
3 * If that the firm foundations
be who [...]ly overthrown:
Yet for the m [...]n th [...]t righteous is
wh [...]t is i [...], he hath done?
4 The LORD in's holy Temple is:
the LORDS throne's in the sky:
* His [...], his ye lids too
the sons of m [...]n will try.
5 The man that truly righteous is
ev'n him the LORD will prove:
His son [...] the wicked hates▪ [...] him▪
th [...]t viole [...]ce doth love.
6 [...], fy [...]e, & brimstone, he will [...].
ungodly men upon;
And [...] tempest of [...]heir cup,
[...] b [...] the portio [...].
7 B [...]c [...]us the LORD that righteous [...]
all righteousn [...]ss doth [...]ove:
His [...] the upright one
[...] [...]oth approve.
[Page 20]

To the chief musician upon Shemin [...]th A Psalm of David.

SAve O Jehovah now▪ because
the godly one doth ceas:
For f [...]om among the sons of men
the faithfull do decreas.
2 Unto his neighbour every one
sp [...]kes lying vanities:
They with a flattering lip do speak,
with double heart likewise.
3 Jehovah shall cut off ev'n all
the lips of flatterings.
And [...]e shall [...]ut off every tongue▪
which bo [...]steth of great things.
4 Which [...]hus have said▪ we wt our tongue
[...] powr shall get.
Are not our lips our own, for who
lord over us is set?
5 * Thus s [...]ith y LORD for sighs of the [...]
that w [...]nt, for poor opprest.
I [...], from such [...]s puff
[...] him▪ will give him rest.
6 Jehovahs words pure words they bee
[...] that is try'd
In earthen furnace seven times
that h [...]th been puryfi'd.
7 Th [...] [...] [...]hem keep▪ O LORD thou shalt
preserv [...] them every one
For [...] in saf [...]ty f [...]om
this [...]
[Page 21]8 The wicked men on ev'ry side
do walk presumpteously▪
When vileness by the sons of men
exalted is on high.

PSAL: XIII. To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

JEhovah O how long wilt thou
forget me▪ what for [...]ye?
How long wilt thou so closly hide
from me thy face away?
2 How long shall I in soul consult▪
in hearts grief dayly goe?
How long ex [...]uted over me
shall be my deadly foe▪
3 Consider me O LORD my God:
and answer me likewise.
Lest that I sleep the sleep of death
enlighten thou mine eyes.
4 Lest that mine enemy thus should say,
against him I prevaile:
Lest those th [...]t trouble me rejoyce,
if being mov'd I faile.
5 But I have set my confidence
thy bounteous gr [...]ce upon▪
My heart shall very [...] rejo [...]ce
in thy s [...]vation.
6 Unto Jehov [...]h to [...] of [...]
[...]ing [...]
[Page 22] [...] hath dealt wi [...]h me
[...] bounteously.

PSAL: XIV. To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

THe foolin's heart [...]aith ther's no God
they [...]re corrupt [...] one.
A [...]ominable worke [...] they doe▪
that do [...]h good there is none.
2 The LOR [...] from heaven looked down
on sons of men▪ to see
If any that doth understand
that seeketh God there bee▪
3 They altogether filthy are:
they all aside are gone▪
There is not any that doth good▪
no not so much as one.
4 The workers of iniquiti [...]
do they not know at all▪
That eat my folk as bread they eat▪
on GOD they do not call.
5 There with a very greivous fear
[...]f [...]righted sore they were▪
For God i'th generation is
of such as righteous are.
6 The counsell of the poor opprest
ashamed you would make;
And th [...]t becaus Jehovah hee
doth for his refuge take▪
[Page 23]
7 Who Israels he [...]lth from Sion gi [...]?
his folks capti [...]itie:
When GOD shall turn▪ J [...]cob shall joy.
glad Israel [...] bee.

PSAL: XV. A Ps [...]lm of David.

O LORD who in thy tab [...]rnacle
[...] sojou [...]ne [...] shall bee▪
[...] who is he inh [...]bit shall
thy hill o [...] sanctitie?
2 The man that walketh uprightly▪
that worketh righteousn [...]ss▪
And he who from his he [...]rt doth speak▪
the words o [...] faithfulness.
3 Who with his tongue b [...]ck [...]iteth not
nor doth his neighbour hurt▪
Nor yet against his neighbour doth
take up an ill rep [...]t.
4 Whose eyes contemn the person vile:
but those the LORD that f [...]r
He honour's them; and ch [...]ngeth not,
though to his hurt he swear.
5 Nor gives his coyn to usury.
not take a bribe doth hee
Against the harmless: thus who doth▪
[...] never moved bee.

PSAL: XVI. [...] Psalm of David.

[Page 24]
O Mighty God preserve thou mee:
for upon thee I rest:
2 Thou art my Lord, unto the LORD
my soule thou hast profest:
My goodness reacheth not to thee:
3 But to the saints on earth:
And to them that are excellent,
in whom is all my mirth.
4 Who to strange gods do hasten gifts,
their greifs shall multiply:
Their blood-drink-offrings I'le not pour▪
their names my lips shall [...]y.
5 Jehovah is th [...] portion
of mine inheritance:
So is he likewise of my cup:
thou dost maintain my chance.
6 The lines that fall'n are unto mee,
in pleasant places are:
Yea goodly is the heritage
that fa [...]leth to [...] are.
7 I will Jehovah humbly bless,
who counse [...]s me aright:
My reins also do me instruct
in seasons of the night.
8 B [...]fore me I the LORD have set▪
[...]s present evermore:
Becaus he is at my right hand▪
[...] all not [...]ide therfore.
9 Th [...]rfore my heart rejoyceth much
my glory's g [...]ad withall:
[Page 25]More-over also dwell in hope
my flesh securely sh [...]ll.
10 Becaus thou wilt not leave my soul
in deaths-estate to bee:
Nor suffer wilt thy holy one
corruption for to see.
11 Thou wilt me shew the paths of life,
joyes fullness is before
Thy presence; and [...]t thy right hand
are pleasures evermore.

PSAL: XVII. A Prayer of David.

IEhovah▪ h [...]ken to the right,
attend unto my cry:
Give [...] unto my prayer, that goes
from lips that do not ly.
2 My judgment from thy face let come,
thine eyes let see the right.
3 Mine heart [...] examined,
and visited by night.
Thou h [...]st me as in furnace try'd▪
and yet sh [...]lt n [...]thing find:
For th [...]t [...]y mouth shal [...] not transgress,
I am resolv'd [...].
4 For what [...] the workes of men,
[...]y thy lips [...] have I:
The [...] doth destroy▪
[Page 26]
5 Uphold thou my forth-going steps,
within thy beaten w [...]y:
L [...]st otherwise at any [...]ime
my footst [...]ps [...].
6 Becaus tha [...] thou wi [...]t answer mee
O Go [...] on thee I call:
Inc [...]ne [...]hou unto me thine ear,
hear thou my [...]peech w [...]thall.
( [...])
7 Shew forth thy wondrous grace on them
that trust on thee repose.
O thou that sa [...]'st by thy [...]ight hand▪
from [...] foes
8 As th' [...]pple of thine eye me keep,
in thy wings shade me hide:
9 From wicked men my deadly foes,
who wast me on each side.
10 Clos'd in their fat they are, and they
boast with their mouth lik [...]wise:
11 They round us in our steps on earth
they set their bow'd down eyes.
12 He like a renting Lyon [...]s▪
that ready is to [...].
In secret [...] as hee
a renting [...]ion were.
13 Arise do thou his f [...]ce prevent▪
m [...]ke him bow down O LORD:
O set my soul at freedom from
the wicked on thy sword.
* 14 From [...] O LORD▪
from m [...]n that mo [...]tall are:
[Page 27]And of this passing world who have
within this life their share:
Thou with thine hidden treasure dost
their bellys fill also:
* Their sons are fill'd, their residue
they leave their babes unto.
15 In righteousness thy favour I
shall very clearly see:
And waking with thine Image I
shall satisfied bee.

PSAL: XVIII. To the chief musician. A Psalm of David the seruant of the LORD who sp [...]ke unto the LORD the words of this [...]ng, in the day that the LORD del [...]vered him from all h [...]s enemyes, and from the hand of Saul: and he said.

I'Le dearly love thee LORD my strength
2 The LORD's my rock, my fort likewise
And Saviour mine, my God, my strength,
My shield [...]n whom my trust relyes.
My safetys horn, my Towr likewise.
3 Upon Jehovah I will call▪
Who, to be praysed worthy is.
So from my foes be sav'd I shall.
4 Deaths sorrowes me encompassed:
And floo [...]s of Belia [...]righted mee.
5 Hell [...] p [...]ngs me round envyroned:
The snares of death prevented mee.
[Page 28]6 In my streights on the LORD cal'd [...].
And to my God cry'd: he did hear
My voyce f [...]om's Temple, and my cry
Before him came into his ear.
7 Then th'earth did shake▪ & qu [...]ke like­wise
Mov'd hi [...] foundatiōs [...].
8 [...] from his [...] did rise▪
An [...] from his mouth devouring fyre:
By [...] inkindled wer [...].
[...] Lik [...]wis [...] the heavens he down bow'd.
And he discended▪ also [...]h [...]re
Was at his feet a gloomy cloud.
10 And he on Cherubs rode apace:
[...] on the wings of wind he fl [...]w.
11 He [...] his secret place:
His cove [...] round bout him drew
[...] w [...]ters, [...]nd thick clouds of skies.
12 From brightness th [...]t before him was
[...], likewise
It [...] & coal [...]s of fyre did pass.
1 [...] J [...]hov [...]h [...]hundred forth also:
[...] the heavens in his ir [...].
[...] his voyce to go.
[...] burn [...]g [...].
14 [...] s [...]rrowes did send out.
And [...] them scattered:
And lightni [...]gs he did [...]ur [...] [...]ou [...].
And them w [...]th [...]read discomf [...]tted.
15 The channe [...]s where the w [...]ters past
Were seen▪ the groundworks of y world
[Page 29]Appear'd▪ [...] thy rebuke, at blast
Of th [...] disple [...]sures breath O LORD.
16 [...] from above sent, he me [...]et,
The waters great he [...]rew me fro:
17 From my strong foes me free he set:
From them that h [...]ted me also.
For they were mightyer then I.
18 Th [...]y mee pr [...]vented in the day
Of that my d [...]rk calamity:
Yet was the LORD for me stay.
19 And he me led a large place to:
Hee sav'd me, [...] did delight
In mee▪ The LORD rep [...]y'd me so
According as I did aright.
After the pureness of my hands,
He gave a recompence to m [...]e▪
21 B [...]caus I kept the LORDS commands:
Nor from my God went wickedlie.
22 For's judgments all were in my sight:
Nor from me his decrees put I.
2 [...] And I before him was upright,
Mee kept from mine [...]niquity.
24 Therfore the LORD rew [...]rded mee,
A [...]cor [...]ing [...] right:
After mine hands integritie.
Th [...]t did [...]ppear before his sight.
25 With persons m [...]rcyfull that are.
T [...]ou mercifull thy self wilt show:
Thou upright wi [...]t thy self declare.
With such as upright are also.
[Page 30]
26 W [...]h such as follow purity.
[...] pure thou wilt declare:
[...] wilt turn thy self awry.
Against [...] all th [...]t froward are.
27 B [...]caus th [...] s [...]fety wilt [...]fford
To po [...]r fo [...]k▪ but high loo [...]es suppress.
28 For [...] ye LORD
My God will lighten my darkness.
2 [...] For through [...] then I ride:
And [...] poo're w [...]ll.
30 Gods [...], y LORDs word tryd
[...] trust in him, he's [...] to all.
31 For who is God the LORD but hee▪
Or who [...] our God beside▪
3 [...] It's God with strength y girdeth mee:
And me in perfect w [...]y doth guide.
33 He makes my fee [...] like as the Roe:
And on m [...] high place mak [...]s me stand.
34 [...] do break the brazen bow:
S [...] w [...]ll [...] he learnes my hand.
35 And of thy sa [...]ing health y shield▪
Thou hast bestowed upon mee:
And thy [...] hand h [...]th me upheld.
T [...]y [...]eekne [...]s mad [...] me great to be.
36 Thou under m [...] my st [...]ps mad'st large▪
So [...] slide.
37 My foes [...] charge
38 I [...] not rise:
[Page 30]39 For thou hast girded me likewise▪
Unto the war [...] with fortitude.
Thou hast subdued under mee.
Those that did up against me rise.
40 My foes their necks thou gavest mee.
That I might wast mine enemyes.
41 [...] cry'd, but none to save they finde
To God but with no answers meet.
42 I bea [...] them then as dust i'th winde▪
And cast them out as dirt i'th street.
43 And thou h [...]st mee delivered.
From people that contentio [...]s bee:
Thou of the heathen madst me head▪
The folk I knew no [...] shall fear mee.
44 They'l at first hearing me obey:
Themselves sh [...]ll strangers yield to mee.
The strangers sons shall fade aw [...]y;
And from their closets frighted bee.
46 Live LORD and let my Rock be b [...]est:
GOD of my health exalted bee.
47 GOD that for me revenge exprest:
And brings down people under me [...]
48 [...] from mine enemies▪
And [...] life me higher then
[...] did up against me rise:
An [...] freedst me from ye [...].
4 [...] I will therfore to thee [...]
[...] ye heathen [...]:
J [...]h [...]v [...]h to thy [...]
[Page 31]My prayses will I in a song.
[...]0 He giveth great salvation▪
Unto his King: and doth display
His mercy to his ointed one:
To David and his [...]eed for aye.

PSAL: XIX. To the chief musici [...]n, A Psalm of David.

DEclare abroad the heavens doe
the Majesty of God:
And forth the firmament doth show
his handy work abroad.
2 Day speakes to day, night doth likwise
knowledg to night declar'd.
3 There neither speech nor language is▪
where their voyce is not heard.
4 The coasts of all the earth throughout▪
their line is gone unto:
The ends of all th [...] world about:
their words do reach also.
5 A Tabernacle he in those
hath pitched for the Sun:
Who bridegroom like▪ from chamber goes
gl [...]d gyants race to run.
6 The utmost end of heavens fro▪
h [...]s course and compassing.
To [...] therof: from [...]s heat also
there hidden is no thing.
7 Jehovahs Law is perfect-pure,
and doth the soul convert:
[Page 32]Jehovahs Testimonies sure,
makes wise the simple [...].
8 The Statutes of the LORD are right
and do rejoyce the heart:
The LORD [...] Command is [...], and light
doth to the eyes imp [...]rt.
9 Cl [...]n is Jehovahs awfull-fe [...].
and doth endure for-ever:
The Trueth Jehovahs judgments are
and Righteous altogether.
10 Then Gold, then much-refined-gold,
more to be prized farr:
Then honey sw [...]eter-manifold▪
and hony-comb, they are.
11 Thy servant he morover i [...]
admonished from hence:
In keeping of the same likwise,
great is the recompence.
12 Who can his errours throughly know▪
from secret faults clense mee:
And from presumpteous sinn [...] also;
keep thou thy servant free.
13 O let them never over mee,
usurp don [...]ion:
Then clear and up [...]ight shall I bee,
from great tr [...]nsgre [...]sion.
14 Words of my mouth▪ thought [...] [...]
let accept [...] bee:
LORD in thy [...] [...]ock who [...]
and [...] free.
[Page 33]

To the chief musician, A Psalm of David.

I'Th day of sore affliction,
the LORD to thee at end:
The name of Jacobs mighty God▪
thee mightily defend.
2 Send thee help from [...]is holy place:
from Sion strengthe [...] [...]hee.
3 Mind all thy gifts▪ and sacrifice
accepted let it bee. Selah
4 Grant thee according to thy heart▪
thy counsell all fullfill.
5 Wee in thy perfect saving health
rejoyce with shouting will:
And in the name of our God, wee
our banners will erect,
When as thy supplications all
Jehovah shall [...]ff [...]ct.
6 Now know I that Jehovah doth
save his anoynted dear;
With saving strength of his right hand,
from's holy heav'n hee'l hear.
7 In Charriots some their confidence:
and some in horses set:
But of the LORD our God the Name
wee never will forget.
8 So we arise, and stand upright:
they are brought down and fall.
9 S [...]ve LORD, and let the King [...] hear,
when unto him we call.
[Page 34]

To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

IEhovah in thy strength
the King shall joyfull be:
And joy in thy salvation
how vehemently shall he!
2 Thou granted hast to him
that which his heart desir'd▪
And thou hast not with-holden back
that which his lips requir'd. Selah
3 For with blessings of good
thou hast prevented him;
Thou on his head of finest gold
hast set a Diadem.
4 Of thee he asked life.
thou did'st it freely give:
Ev'n length of dayes to him, that hee
for ever-more should live.
5 In thy salvation
his glory hath been great.
Thou honour hast, and majesty
likewise upon him set.
6 For thou for evermore
h [...]st him for blessings made:
Thou mak'st him with thy countenance
to bee exceeding glad.
7 Because that in the LORD
th [...] King [...] and hee
Through mercy of the highest one
shall not [...] bee.
[Page 35]
8 Thine hand shall find out all
that enemyes are to thee:
And thy right h [...]nd shall find out the [...]
of thee th [...]t haters bee.
9 Thou set'st as fiery ov'n
them in times of thine ire:
The LORD will swallow them in' [...] wrath
and them consume with [...].
10 Thou wilt destroy the fruit
that doth of them proceed
From off the earth, a [...]d from amongst
the sons of men their seed.
11 Becaus against thee they
an evill did intend:
A wicked plott they have devis'd,
but cannot work their end.
12 * For thou shalt turn their back,
when ever thou shalt place.
Thine arrowes ready on thy string
f [...]ll right ag [...]inst their face.
13 Jehovah in thy strength
on high extolled bee:
And we will sing, ye [...] pr [...]yse with psalms
thy mighty [...] will wee.

PSAL: XXII. To the cheif musician upon A [...]e [...]eth [...] David

MY God, [...] wherfore h [...]st thou
so [...] me: [...]nd why
[Page 36]Art thou so farr off from my help▪
and from words of my cry▪
2 My God, I in the day time cry.
but me thou dost not hear:
And eke by night, and [...]nto me
no quiet rest is there.
3 Nevertheless thou holy art,
who constantly dost dwell.
Among the thankfull prayses of
thy people Israel.
4 Our fathers hertofore in thee
have put their co [...]fidence:
They tru [...]ed have and thou to them
didst give deliverance.
5 They unto thee did cry aloud,
and were preserved sound:
In thee they put their confidence
and nought did them co [...]found.
6 * But I [...] worm and not a man,
of men a very scorn:
And I among the p [...]ople am
despised as forlorn.
7 All they that do upon me look
[...] me do make▪
They with the [...]ip do make a mow,
the head in scorn th [...]y [...].
8 Upon the LORD he rol'd himself▪
let [...] now [...]id him quit [...]:
Let him [...]erive him, bee us
in him he doth [...].
[Page 37]
9 But thou art he that me out of
the belly did'st forth take:
When I was on my mothers breasts,
to hope thou did'st me [...]ke.
10 I from the [...] have been
committed unto thee:
Yea from my mothers belly, thou
hast been [...] God to [...]ee.
11 Be thou not farr away from mee:
for tribulation
Approacheth very neer at hand.
and helper there is none.
12 Great-many bulls on every side
have me encompassed:
The mighty bulls of [...] have
me round environed.
13 With their wide op'ned mouths on m [...]
they gaping so appear:
As if that ea [...]h a ravening
and roaring Lyon were.
14 Like waters I am spilt, my bones
disjoynted are likewise,
Like unto melted wax my heart
amidst my bowells lyes.
15 My strength is like a pot [...]h [...]rd dry'd,
my [...] eke cleaveth f [...]st
Unto my [...]; and to the dust
of [...] brought me thou h [...]st.
16 For [...]ogs h [...]ve compast me about▪
th'assembly me beset
[Page 38]Of wicked ones, they peirced through
my hands and eke my feet.
17 My bones I may them number all:
they lookt, they did me veiw.
18 My cloaths among them they did part:
lots for my coat they threw.
19 But thou LORD be not farr my strēgth
hast thou to succour mee.
20 My soul from sword, my darling from
the powr of dogs set free.
21 Out from the Lyons mouth also
oh saved that I were▪
For thou from hornes of Unicornes
didst me vouchsafe to hear.
22 Thy name I will declare to them
that brethren are to mee:
Amid'st the congregation I
will prayses give to thee.
23 Yee that do f [...]r the LORD him praise▪
all Jacobs seed do yee
Him glory he, and dread him all
ye Israels seed that bee.
24 For he th'affliction of the poor
loaths not, nor doth despise:
Nor hides his face from him, but heares,
when unto him he cries.
25 Within the congregation great,
my pr [...]yse is of [...] still.
Before them that him reveren [...]e,
[Page 39]perform my vowes I will.
26 The meek shall eat and be suffic'd:
Jehovah prays [...] sh [...]ll they.
That do him seek; your heart shall live
unto perpetual [...]y.
27 All th'ends of th'earth remember shall
and turn unto the LORD:
And thee all heathen families
to worship shall accord.
28 Because unto Jehovah doth
the kingdom [...]ppertain:
Likwise [...]mong the n [...]tions he
is Ruler Soveraigne.
29 Earths f [...]t ones eat and worship shall:
all who to dust descend.
(Who c [...]nnot keep alive his soul)
before his face sh [...]ll bend.
30 With service a posterity
him shall [...]ttend upon:
Which to the LORD shall counted bee
a generation.
31 Come shall th [...]y, and his righteousness
by them [...] [...]hall bee▪
Unto [...] people yet unborn▪
that done this thing hath hee.

PSAL: XXIII. A Psalm [...]f David.

T [...] LORD to me a sh [...]pheard is:
[Page 40]2 Hee in the foulds of tender gra [...]s
doth make me down to ly:
Hee leads me to the waters still.
3 Restore my soul doth hee▪
In paths of righteousness, he will
for his names sake lead mee.
4 In valley of deaths shade although
I walk I'l [...] fear none ill:
For thou with me thy rod, [...]lso
thy st [...]ff me com [...]ort will.
5 Thou h [...]st sore me a tab [...]e spread▪
in presence of my foes:
Thou dost [...] with oyle my head▪
my cup it ouer-flowes.
6 Goodness and mercy my dayes all
shall surely follow mee:
And in the LORDs house dwell I shall
so long is dayes shall bee.

PSAL: XXIIII. A Psalm of David.

THe earth Jehovahs is▪
with [...] the store of it.
The habitable worl [...] is his▪
and they theron [...] [...]it.
2 For it's foundation
he on the [...]:
And it the water flouds upon
most [...]ond [...]y hath stayd.
3. Jehovahs hill on high
[Page 41]who shall ascend into▪
Within his place of Sanctity
who shall there stand also▪
4 The cloth in hands▪ likewise
the pure in heart, and hee
Who hath not lif [...] his soul to lyes,
no [...] sworn [...].
5 The benediction hee
shall from the LORD receive:
From God of his salvation hee
his righteousness shall have.
6 This is the progenie▪
that seek him▪ even they
That for thy face inquiring bee:
this Jacob is [...]elch.
7 Yee gates lift up your heads▪
[...]nd dores that last for ay
Be ye lift up▪ that enter in
the King of glory may.
8 This glorious King who's hee?
Jehovah puiss [...]nt.
And vali [...]n [...] Jehov [...]h is▪
in battell va [...]iant.
9 Yee gates lift up your heads▪
and dores th [...]t [...] for ay.
Doe ye lif [...] up, [...]
the King of glory may
10 The glo [...]ou [...] King oh say
who [...] it th [...]t m [...]y [...]ee▪
The [...]
the glorious [...]ing is he. Sel [...]h.
[Page 42]

A Psalm of David.

I Lift my soul to thee O LORD.
2 My God I trust in thee;
Let me not be asham'd▪ nor let
[...]y foes joy over mee.
3 Yea let not them that wayt on thee,
be fil'd with shamefullnes:
But let them all ashamed bee:
who causlesly transgress.
4 Thy wa [...]es Jehovah [...]o me show;
thy paths make me discern:
5 Make thou me in thy truth to goe.
and cause thou me to learn:
For of my health thou art the God;
on thee I wayt all day.
6 Thy bowels LORD & mercyes mind,
for they have been for ay.
7 My sinns of youth and trespasses.
to mind oh do not take:
O mind me in thy tenderness
LORD for thy goodness sake.
8 The LORD's good & upright, therfore
he'l sinners teach the way.
9 The meek he will in judgment guide.
and teach the meek his way.
10 Jehovahs paths they mercy are.
and truth all of them too:
To them that keep his covenant,
and testimonies doe.
[Page 43]11 For thy names sake, Jehovah, I
do humbly th [...] [...]:
To pardon mine iniquitie,
for it is very great.
12 Who feares the LORD▪ him he will teach,
the way that he shall chuse:
13 His soul shall dwell at ease: his seed
[...]s heires the earth shall use.
14 The secret of the LORD's with those
th [...]t do him reverence:
And of his coven [...]nt he to those
will give intelligence.
15 Mine eyes continually bee
upon Jehovah set:
For it is he that will set free
my f [...]et out of the net.
16 O turn thou unto me thy face.
and on me mercy show:
For I am in alonely case.
afflicted poor also.
17 My streights of heart inlarged bee:
bring me from my distress.
18 My pain and mine affliction see:
and all my sinns release
19 My foes mark▪ for they many bee:
and cruelly me hate.
20 My soul keep, free me, nor let mee
be sh [...]m'd who on thee wayt.
21 Let soundness and integrity
keep me, who trust in thee.
[Page 44]22 From all his troubles Israel
O God do thou set free.

PSAL: XXVI A Psalm of David.

JUdge me, O LORD, for walk I do
in mine integrity:
Upon the LORD I trust also,
slide therfore shall not I.
2 Search me, O LORD, prove me likwise.
my r [...]ines and mine heart try.
3 Because thy grace is [...]fore mine eyes,
and in thy tru [...]th walk I.
4 With persons vain I have not sate▪
nor with dissemblers gone.
5 Church of malignants I do hate.
and fit the wicked from.
6 In cleanness wash my hands I will.
so LORD thy altar [...]ound.
7 With thankfull voyce that I may tell,
and all thy wonders sound.
8 Thy houses-habitation dear
O LORD in love have I.
The place and tabernacle where
resides thy Majesty.
9 Let not my soul with sinners ly.
with men of blood my life.
10 In who [...] b [...]nd's guile, and bribery
in their right hand is rise.
11 Redeem, and pitty me, for I
walk in mine uprightness:
[Page 45]My foot stands right the LORD will I
in church assembly bless.

PSAL: XXVII. A Psalm of David

THe LORD my light is, and my health.
what shall make me dis [...]aid:
The LORD is of my life the strength,
who shall make me afraid▪
2 When wicked men mine enemyes
and foes in battle come.
Against me▪ no [...]at up my flesh.
they stumbled, and fell down.
3 If that an host against me come,
my heart undaunted is:
If warr ag [...]inst me should arise:
I am secure in this.
4 One thing I asked of the LORD:
which [...]ill I will request:
That [...] of all my life the dayes.
may in the LORDs house rest.
To veiw the beauty of the LORD:
and in his Temple seek.
[...] For in his tent, in th'evill day.
he will me hidden keep.
Hee will me hide in secrecy
of his pavillion.
And will me highly lift upon
the rocks munition.
6 Moreover at thi [...] time my head
on high [...]all [...] bee:
[Page 46]Above mine [...] who do [...]
al out [...] mee▪
Therfore in's tent I'le sacrifice▪
of joy an offering:
Unto Jehovah sing will I▪
yea I will prayses sing.
7 When as I with my voyce do cry,
me O Jehovah hear:
Have mercy also upon mee.
and unto me give ear.
8 O seek ye for my countenance,
(when a [...] th [...] saidst to mee:)
LORD I will seek thy coutenance:
mine heart did answer thee.
9 O hide not thou thy countenance
away from me therfore.
Thy servant put thou not away
in thy displeasure sore:
O God of my salvation.
do not from me depart,
Nor yet forsake me utterly,
for thou mine helper ar [...].
10 My father and my mother both
though they do me forsake.
Yet will Jehovah gathering
unto himself [...] take.
11 Jehov [...]h teach the [...] the w [...]y.
and be a guide to mee
[Page 47]
12 Give me not up unto the will
of my fierce enemies.
For witness false against me stand.
and breath out cruelties.
13 * which had [...] me but that I
believed for to see
Jehovahs goodness in the land
of them that living bee
14 Doe thou upon Jehovah wayt.
thy selfe there strengthning [...].
And so [...]hy heart he strengthen shall;
wayt on the LORD I say.

PSAL: XXVIII. A Psalm of David

IEhovah unto thee I cry.
My Rock be thou not deaf from me:
Lest thou be dumb from me, and I
Like them to pit that go should bee.
2 The voyce of my request hear thou,
For grace when unto thee I cry:
When I lif [...] up mine hands unto
Thine Oracle of Sanctity.
3 With ill men draw me not away.
With workers of unrighteousness.
That peace unto their neighbours say.
But in their hearts is wickedness.
4 Give thou to them like to their works
And like the evill of their deeds:
Give them like to their handy-works'
And render unto them their meed [...].
[Page 48]
5 Because unto Jehovahs work
They did not wise attention yield:
Neither unto his handy work.
He will them wast, and not up-build.
6 The LORD be blest, for heard hath hee
The voyce of my request for grace.
The LORD's my strength, & shield to me▪
My heart staid on him, helpt I was.
Therfore my heart will gladness show;
And with my song I'le him confess:
Jehovah his Anointed to
Their strength and towr of safety is.
8 Salvation on thy folk bestow.
And bless thou thine inheritance:
Unto eternity also
Do thou them feed, and them advance.
This in any common tunes.
[...] Save LORD thy people, bless also
thou thine inheritance:
And ev'n eternity unto
them feed and them advan [...]e.

PSAL. XXIX. A Psalm of David.

O Yee the sons of mighty ones.
Jehovah give unto:
Unto Jehovah glory give.
and potency also.
2 Unto the LORD do ye ascribe
[Page 49]his glorious names renown:
In beauty of his holyness,
bow to Jehovah down.
3 The LORD's voyce on the waters i [...].
the God of glory great
Doth thunder forth. Jehovah is
on many waters set.
4 Jehovahs voyce is full of powr.
the LORDs voyce glorious.
5 The LORDs voyce Cedars breaks▪ the LORD
breaks those in Lebanus.
6 Hee makes them like a calf to skip.
the mountaine Lebanon:
And like a youthfull Unicorn.
the hill of Sy [...]on.
7 * Jehovah [...] voyce strikes flames of fyre.
Iehovahs voyce doth make
The desart shake: Iehovah makes
the [...]adesh desart shake.
9 The LORDs voyce makes the Hinds to calve
and makes the forrest bare.
* But his whole glory he within
his Temple doth declare.
10 Iehovah on the deluge sate▪
the LORD [...]its ever King.
11 The LORD to [...] folk gives strēgth: the LORD
them blessed peace will bring.

PSAL: XXX. A Psalm, a Song at the dedication of the house of David.

[Page 50]
LORD I will thee extoll on high,
for thou hast made me [...]ise:
And joyfull hast not made to bee.
o're [...]e mine enemy [...]s.
2 I LORD my God to thee cry'd have▪
and thou hast m [...]de me whole.
3 Jehovah, thou out of the grave
hast raysed up my [...]:
From pits descent thou quicknedst me.
4 O sing unto the LORD.
And ye his saints▪ give thanks when yee
his holyness r [...]cord.
5 For's wrath doth but a while [...]bide.
life in his love doth [...]:
If weeping lodge an ev'ning tide.
yet joy at break of day.
6 For in my prosprous state I said,
now [...] I never slide.
7 LORD by thy favour thou hast made
my mountain f [...]st abide:
8 [...] thy face, I troubled was.
LORD I to thee did cry:
Also my humble suit for grace
unto the LORD made I.
9 What profit in my blood can bee,
when I to pit go down?
Sh [...]ll dust giv [...] glory unto thee▪
shal [...] [...] truth make known▪
1 [...] Doe [...] me O Jehovah hear,
and on me mercy have:
[Page 51]To me Jehovah be thou near.
an helper me to save.
11 My mourning then a dance [...]
for me thou turned hast:
With joy thou didst [...] gird also.
and off my sackcloth cast.
12 Soe shall my glory sing thy [...]
and never silent bee:
Jehovah O my God alwayes▪
I will give thanks to thee.

PSAL: XXXI. To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

IN thee O LORD I put my trust,
let me be shamed never:
Accordingly as thou art just.
O doe thou me deliver.
2 Bow down to me thine ear, with speed
let me deliverance have,
My Rock of strength, and house of fence,
O be thou me to save.
3 Because a Rock thou me unto.
and fortress mine wilt bee:
Therfore for thy Names sake O doe
thou lead and guide thou mee.
4 O pull thou me out of the net,
which to ensnare me they
Full privily for me have set,
because thou art my stay.
[Page 52]
5 Into thy hands [...]
reposing do [...]
Jehovah God of [...],
thou hast [...]
6 Who lying [...]
such men [...]
But as for [...]
my [...] upon the LO [...]
7 I in thy mercyes will be glad▪
and joy, because that thou
Did'st view my streights, in anguish [...]
my soul thou did [...] know.
8 And thou hast not enclosed [...]
within the enemies hand.
But in the place of [...],
thou [...]and'st my feet to stand.
9 O LORD, because distrest am I,
in mercy send reliefe▪
My soul, my belly, and mine eye,
consumed are with griefe.
10 Because my life with sorrow quailes,
with sighs my yeares decay:
And for my sinns, my vigor fayres,
my bones do pine away.
11 To all my foes a scorn am I,
chiefly my neighbours to:
A fear to friends, they that me spy,
without did flee me fro.
12 I as a dead man am forgot,
that's out of memory:
[Page 53]And like unto a broken pot,
ev'n such an one [...]m I.
13 Because that I of all the rout
the [...]indering did hear:
On every side me round about
there was a trembling fe [...].
While as that they against me did
together counsell take,
They craftily have purposed
my life away to make.
14 But O Iehovah upon the [...]
my confidence doth stand,
I said thou art a God to mee.
15 My times are in thy hand.
From the hands of mine enemyes,
do thou deliver mee,
And from the hand of them likewise
that my pursuers bee.
16 Thy countenance to shine upon
thy servant do thou make:
O give to me salvation
even for thy mercies sake.
17 O LORD let me not be a h [...]m'd▪
for calld on thee I have;
Oh let the wicked men be sham'd,
and silent in the grave.
18 Let lying lips be silenced,
'gainst hi [...] [...] is upright,
That [...]o such grievous speeches spread,
[...] in despite.
[Page 54]19 O how great good hast thou in store.
laid up, and w [...]ought for them.
Who fear and trust in thee before
the sonn [...] of earthly men!
20 Thou in the secret of thy face,
shalt hide them f [...]om mans pride:
From strife of tongues in cover [...] place,
thou shalt them safe [...]y hide.
21 O let Iehovah blessed bee,
because he hath made known▪
His kindness wonderfull to mee,
within a fenced town.
22 For I in hast said I am cast
out from before thine eye;
My suit for grace yee heard thou hast▪
when I to thee did cry.
23 O love the LORD all ye his saints,
the faithfull he doth guard;
But he unto proud doers grants,
a plentyfull reward.
24 See that encouraged you bee,
and [...]et your heart w [...]x strong:
All whosoever hopef [...]llie,
doe for Iehov [...]h [...]ong.

PSAL: XXXII. A Psalm of David, A [...].

OH blessed is the man to whom
trespass is pardoned,
[Page 55]And he to whom transgression
is wholly covered.
2 O blessed is the man, to whom
the LORD imputes not sin,
And he who such a spirit hath
that guile is not therin.
3 My bones whilst I did silence keep
with age did wear away,
By reason of my roaring-cry▪
continuing all the day.
4 For heavily thy hand did ly
upon me day and night:
That into summers scorching drought.
my moisture turned quite. Selah
5 My sinfull trespass unto thee
I have acknowledged:
And my perverse iniquity,
I have not covered;
Against my s [...]lf my sinns, said I,
I'le to the LORD confess:
And then of mine iniquity
thou didst the sin release. Selah
6 For this each godly one to thee
in finding times shall pr [...]y.
Sure [...]y, in fl [...]ds of waters great,
come nigh him shall not they.
7 Thou [...]rt my hiding place, thou shalt
f [...]om trouble set me free;
Thou with songs o [...] deliverance
shalt [...]ound encompass mee▪ Se [...]ah
[Page 56]
8 To thee I will instruction give.
teach thee likewise will I.
The way wherin thou shouldest goe▪
I'le guide thee with mine eye.
9 Bee ye not like the hors and mule,
which do not understand.
Whose mouths with bridle bit we rule.
to bring them to command.
10 To every one that wicked is
their sorrows do abound,
But him that on the LORD relies,
shall mercy compass round.
11 Be joyfull in Jehovah yee,
yee righteous ones rejoyce:
And all in heart that upright bee
shout forth with chearfull voyce.


YE just in GOD rejoyce,
prayse well th'upright doth suit.
2 Prayse GOD with harp with psaltery sing▪
to him on ten string'd lute.
3 A new song sing to him,
aloud play skilfully?
4 Because Jehovahs word is right.
his workes all verity.
9 Hee loveth righteousness,
and also equity:
The earth is fully furni [...]'t with
the LORDs benignity.
[Page 57]6 For by Jehov [...]hs word
the heavens had their frame.
And by the spirit of his mo [...]th
all th'armies of the same.
7 The waters of the seas,
[...]he gathers as an heap:
Together as in store-houses,
he [...]ayeth up the deep.
8 All men throughout the earth,
let them Jehovah fear:
Let all the dwellers of the world
unto him reverence bear.
9 Because he did but speak
the word▪ and it was made;
Hee did give out commandement,
and it was firmly staid.
10 The LORD doth bring to nought,
the h [...]thens counsel wise:
Hee makes to be of none effect,
what people do devise.
11 The counsel of the LORD
abide for ever [...],
The cogitations of his heart
to generations all,
12 O blessed nation,
whose God Iehovah is:
And people whom [...],
he chosen [...].
13 The LORD from heav [...]n look [...]s,
[Page 58]all sons of men views well.
14 Look from his dwelling place doth he,
to all on earth that dwell.
15 The hearts of every one
alike he doth them frame.
And all their operations
he well doth mind the same.
16 By multitude of hosts
no King himself doth save,
Nor yet by multitude of strength
they strong deliverance have.
17 A horse a vain thing is
to be a saviour,
Nor shall he work deliverance
by greatness of his powr.
18 On them that doe him fear▪
loe, is Jehovahs ey:
Upon them that do place their hope,
on his benignity.
19 To save alive in dearth,
their soul from death to free.
20 Our soul doth for Jehovah wait,
our help and shield is hee.
21 For our heart joyes in him,
in's holy name trust wee:
Thy mercy LORD let be on us,
like as wee trust in thee.

PSAL: XXXIIII [Page 59] A P [...]alm of David when he changed his behaviour before Abimelech, who drave him away and hee departed.

I Will the LORD in seasons all
bless in humility,
And in my mouth his prayses shall
abide continually.
2 My soul shall in Jehovah make
with joy her boasting chear,
The humble shall great pleasure take
when they hereof shall hear.
3 With me together O do yee
Iehovah magnifie,
And let us [...]ll herin agree
to lift his name on high.
4 When I Iehovah sought unto,
then he to me gave ear:
Hee me delivered also,
from all that was my fear.
5 * They look't to him and lightned were
no shame did them appall.
6 This poor m [...]n cry'd, the LORD did hear
and sav'd from troubles all.
7 The LORD his Angel every where
incamp [...]th round about:
Each one of them that do him fear,
from ill to free them out.
8 How bountifull Iehovah is.
O tast and see likewise:
[Page 60]O great is that mans blessedness.
whose trust on him relies!
9 Oh see that ye Jehovah fear
his holy ones that bee,
Because that such as do him fear▪
no want at all shall see.
10 Young Lyons they are brought to wāt,
and suffer lack of food:
But they that fear the LORD no want
shall have of any good.
11 Oh come ye children unto mee,
give you attentive ear:
And I will you instruct how yee
the LORD aright shall fear.
12 Who is the man whose heart is bent
that long his life may bee,
Who loveth dayes, and hath intent
prosperity to see.
13 Thy tongue from ill, thy lipps also
from speaking guile keep thou.
14 Depart from evill, [...]nd do good,
seek peace and it pursue.
15 Upon th [...] men that righteous are,
the LORD doth set his eye:
And likewise he doth bow his ear
when unto him they cry.
16 Iehovahs face is set against
them that do wickedly,
That he of them from off the land
[Page 61]may cut the memory,
17 When as the righteous men doe cry,
the LORD doth hear their call:
And gives to them delivery
out of their troubles all.
18 Iehovah near is such unto
as broken hearted bee:
Whose spirit contrite is also.
ev'n such ones save will hee.
19 The just mans grie [...] [...]re many a one,
from all GOD sets him free:
Hee keepeth all his bones, that non [...]
of them should broken bee.
21 Evill shall slay the wicked men,
and whosoever hate
The righteous man, ev'n all of them
shall sure be desolate.
22 Their soules that do Iehovah serve.
he freely doth redeem:
Nor utterly shall any swerve,
that put their trust in him.

PSAL: XXXV. A Psalm of David.

PLead LORD wt them yt with me plead.
Against them fight, that fight with me.
2 Of shield & buckler take thou hold,
Stand up my helper for to bee.
[...] Draw out the spear and stop the way
Gainst them that my pursuers bee:
And to my soul [...] doe th [...] say
I am salvation unto thee.
[Page 62]
4 Let them confounded [...]e & sham'd
That seek my soul how they may spill,
Let them be turned back & sham'd,
That in their though [...]s divise mine ill,
5 As [...] the wind be they,
GODs Angel let them drive also.
6 Let dark and [...]ippery be their way,
GODs Angel drive [...] [...]o and fro.
7 For [...] within a pit
They hidden have for me a n [...]t,
They causlesly have digged it
That they therin my soul ma [...] get.
8 Let seiz upon him unaware
Destruction; let his [...] withall
That he hath hid himself insnare.
Into that ruin let him fall.
9 My soul shall in the LORD rejoyce,
In his salvation joyfull bee.
10 My bones shall say as with one voyce▪
Jehovah who is like to thee?
Who set'st the poor afflicted free
From him that is for him too strong.
Yea such as poor and needy bee
From him that spoileth him with wrong.
11 False witnesses did up arise,
What I kn [...]w not they charg'd on mee.
12 They [...] likewise,
[...] soul might [...].
13 [...] for me, [...] they were▪
My cloth [...]ng then of sackcloth was;
[Page 63]My soul I bow'd with fasts, my prayer
Did back into my bosome pass.
14 As he my friend or brother weer,
So my behaviour I have kept;
I bowed down with heavy chear,
As one that for his mother wept.
15 But they were gla [...] [...] woe to see,
And they together gathered weer.
Yea th' [...]bjects 'gainst me gathered bee:
And restless me-unwitting tear.
16 * They▪ mocking parasites among,
In fe [...]sts doe gnash their teeth at mee.
17 Oh LORD how long wilt thou look on
My soul from their destruction free:
My darling free from Lyons set:
18 Soe will I give thee thanks alwayes.
Within the congregation great,
Among'st much people I'le thee pr [...]yse.
19 O let them not rejoyce o're mee.
That [...]re my wrongfull enemyes:
And they that hate me [...] slie,
Let [...] not twinkle with their eyes.
20 Because they do not [...] for peace.
But in their thoughts they do invent
Ag [...]inst them p [...]otts of guile fulness,
That in the l [...]nd for peace are bent:
21 Their mouth 'gainst me hath op'ned been
And [...], our eye it saw.
22 LORD be not silent, thou hast seen;
[Page 64] LORD do not farr from me withdraw.
23 Arise and to my judgment wake▪
My God and LORD unto my plea.
24 LORD judge me for thy justice sake,
My God least o're me joy should they.
25 Let them not say their hearts within,
Aha▪ our souls desire have wee:
Now have wee quite up swallowed him▪
Oh let them never say of mee.
26 Sham'd let the [...] and confounded bee,
At once, who at my hurt are glad;
Let such as boast themselves 'gainst mee
With shame and with disgrace be clad.
27 Let them be glad and shout for joy
That favour do my righteous cause:
Yea let them say continually.
Extolled be the LORD with prayse,
Who in his servants faring well
Doth his delightfull pleasure take.
28 So shall my tongue thy justice tell▪
And of thy prayse all d [...]y shall speak.

PSAL: XXXVI. To the chief musician. A Psalm of David. the servant of the LORD.

THe trespass of the wicked one
saith in assured-wise
Within my heart, the fear of God
is not before his eyes.
[Page 65] [...] Because that [...]e in his own eye [...]
Untill that his iniquity
be found in hatefull thing▪
3 The words are vanity and guile▪
which from his mouth proceed:
Hee hath left off for to be [...]
and do the goodly deed.
4 Hee▪ when he lyeth on his bed,
doth m [...]chiefe meditate:
Hee sets himself in no good way,
he doth not evill [...].
5 Thy mercy O [...]ehovah is▪
within the heavens high:
Thy faithfullness doth reach likewise
unto the cloudy skie.
6 Like mountains great thy righ [...]sness
thy judgement [...] like [...]
The mighty deep▪ [...] sav'st O LORD
both m [...]n and [...] [...]lso.
7 O GOD, thy loving kin [...]ess is
of wondrous excellence:
Therfore in shaddow of thy wings
mens sons put co [...]dence.
8 They of the farness of thy house
unto the full shall take,
And of the rivers of thy joyes
to drink thou shalt them make.
9▪ For wi [...]h thee is the spring of life,
light in thy light wee see:
[Page 66]O stretch thy loving kindness forth
to such as knowledge thee.
10 To them that upright are in heart▪
stretc [...] out thy gracious love.
11 Let no proud foot against me come,
nor wicked hand me move.
12 There are they fallen all of them,
that work iniquities:
They are ca [...] [...] and never shall
be able to arise.

PSAL: XXXVII. A Psalm of David.

F [...]e [...] not thy self, because of them,
that evill workers bee▪
Nor envious be against the men
that work iniquitie.
2 For even like unto the grass
cut quickly down are they:
And like unto the tender herb,
they wither shall away.
3 Upon Jehovah put thy trust
and be thou doing good:
So shalt thou dwell within the land,
and faith shall be thy food.
4 See that thou set thy hearts delight
also upon the LORD;
And then the wishes of thy heart
to thee he will afford.
[Page 67]
5 Rowl on the LORD thy way trust him▪
and hee'l it bring to pass.
6 As light thy justice hee'l bring forth,
thy judgment as noon dayes.
7 [...]est in Jehovah, and for him
with patience do thou stay:
Fret not thy self because of him
who prospe [...] in his way;
Nor at the man, who brings to pass
the crafts he doth devise.
8 Cease ire, and wrath leave, to do ill
thy self fret in no wife.
9 For evill doers shall be made
by cutting down to fall▪
But those that wayt upon the LORD.
the land inherit shall.
10 For yet a little while and then
the wicked shall not bee:
Yea thou shalt diligently mark
his place, and it not see.
11 But humble men th'inheritance
shall of the earth possess.
Also they shall themselves delight
in multitude of peace.
12 The wicked plotts against the just,
gnashing at him his teeth.
13 The LORD shal laugh at him, because sword
his day at hand he seeth.
14 The wicked have drawn out their
and bent their bow have they,
[Page 68]To cast the poor and needy down.
to kill th'upright in way.
15 Their sword shall enter their own heart
their bowes shall broken bee.
16 The just mans little better is.
then wickeds treasurie.
17 For th'armes of wicked shall be broke:
the LORD the just doth stay.
18 The LORD doth know upright mens d [...]yes,
and their lott is for ay.
19 They never shall ashamed bee,
in any time of ill:
And when the dayes of famin come,
then shall they have their fill.
20 But wicked men Jehovah's foes,
as lambes fat shall decay;
They shall consume; yea into smoak
they shall consume away.
21 The man ungodly borrow doth,
and never doth rep [...]y:
Wheras the just man mercy showes,
and freely gives away.
22 For such as of him blessed bee,
the earth inheri [...] shall:
And they th [...]t of him cursed are,
[...]y cutting down shall fall.
23 The footsteps of a godly man,
a [...]e ordered [...]ight:
Ev'n by the LORD, and also hee
[Page 69]doth in his way delight▪
24 Although he fall yet shall be not
be utterly down cast.
Because Jehovah with his hand
doth yet uphold him fast.
25 I have been young, and now an old.
yet have I never seen.
The just man left, so that his seed;
for bread have beggers been.
26 But every day hee's mercifull
and sends: [...]his seed is blest.
27 Depart from evill, and do good.
and ever dwell at rest.
28 Becaus the LORD doth judgment love
his saints forsakes not hee:
Kept ever are they; but cut off
the sinners seed shall bee.
29 The just inherit shall the land,
and therin ever dwell.
30 The just mans mouth doth wisdom speak
his tongue doth judgment tell.
31 The Law of his God is in's heart,
none of his steps shall stray.
32 The wicked watcheth for the just,
and seeketh him to slay.
33 Jehovah will not such an one
leave up into his [...]nd.
Nor [...]y [...] will he condemn
when judged he doth stand.
[Page 70]34 Wayt on the LORD, and keep his way
and he shall [...].
Th'earth to inherit [...] when [...]:
the wicked [...].
35 The wicked man I have beh [...]ld
in mighty [...]
And spreading [...].
like as a [...].
36 Nevertheless he [...].
and loe then was not hee:
Morover I did seek for him
but found he could not bee.
37 Take notice of the perfect man,
and th'upright one attend:
[...]ecause that unto such a man.
peace is the latter end.
38 But such men as transgressors [...],
together perish shall:
The latter end shall be cut off▪
of men ungodly all.
39 But the salvation of the just,
doth of Jehovah come:
Hee is their strength to them in times
that are most troublesome.
40 Yea help and free them will ye LORD▪
he [...] deliver them▪
From wicked men▪ because that they
do put their trust in him.

PSAL: XXXVIII. [Page 71] A Psalm of David, [...].

IN [...] LORD [...]
And in [...] not mee.
2 For [...] upon [...].
In [...] thine [...].
3 There [...] in my [...].
Because thy [...] doth lie:
Nor in my bones is any re [...]
Because of [...].
4 Because that mine iniquities,
Above my [...]
Like [...] heavy burden lies,
Too heavy they for me to bear.
5 My wound [...] [...] corrupt are grown▪
My foolishness doth make it foe.
6 I troubled am and much bow'd down:
I all day [...]long a [...] goe.
7 Fill'd are my loyns with loathsom so [...]r,
And ther's no soundness in my flesh.
8 Weak am I, and sore br [...]ak, I roar
By reason of my hearts distress.
9 With thee LORD is all my desire,
My groaning is not hid from thee.
10 My heart doth pant, my strength doth tire
And mine eyes sight is gone from mee.
11 My [...]ore my lovers stand there fro▪
My friends stand off [...]y kinsman eke.
12 Who seek my life say snares also,
Who seek mine hurt, they [...]i [...]chief speak:
[Page 72]And all day long [...] guile.
13 But as one deaf, I did not hear,
I as a [...],
Whose mouth at all not open w [...]re.
14 As one that [...] not was I▪
And in who [...]e mouth reproofes none were.
15 For I O LORD on [...]
O LORD my God thou wilt me hear.
16 O how tho [...] me, because said I.
Else they will joy o're [...] with pride:
Themselves 'gainst me they magnify.
When as my foot doth slip aside.
17 For I to halt am ready still,
Also my grief abides with mee.
18 For I declare my trespass will,
And for my sin will sorry bee.
19 Yet nevertheless mine enemies
They lively are, and strong also,
Who causlesly me hate likewise▪
In number mightily do grow.
20 Moreover they that for my good.
Doe render evill unto mee:
Because that I do follow good,
To me they adversaries [...].
21 Jehovah do not me forsake.
F [...]om me O do not [...]arr depart.
22 My God▪ hast to my rescue make,
O LORD who my salvation art.


[Page 73]
I Said I will look to my wayes.
lest I sin with my tongue:
I'le keep my [...] with [...], while I
the wicked [...] among.
2 With silence I as dumb abode,
my mouth I did refray [...]
[...] of the thing that's good▪
and stirred [...] my pay [...].
3 My heart within me waxed ho [...],
whiles I was musing long:
In me the [...]ire inkindled was,
then spake I with my tongue.
4 O LORD, mine end▪ and of my day [...]
[...]et me the measure learn:
That what a momentany thing
I am, I may discern.
5 Behold thou mad'st my dayes a span,
mine age as nought to thee:
At's best estate sure every man,
is wholly v [...]nitie.
6 Sure man w [...]kes in an emptie show▪
vain stirr they therfore m [...]ke:
Who he [...]p up wealth, but do not know
who shall the same up take.
7 And now O LORD what wa [...]t I for▪
my hope is set on thee.
8 Free me [...] from all my trespasses▪
the [...] scorn m [...]ke not mee.
9 I [...]ilent was and [...] my mouth,
this [...] because thou h [...]st.
[Page 74]10 Remove thy stro [...]k away from mee▪
by thy hands blow I wast.
11 When with [...] thou doest correct
man for iniquity.
Thou blasts his beauty like a moth.
sure each man's vanity.
12 LORD hear my prayr, hark to my cry.
nor at my teares still bee:
For a [...] my fathers all am I▪
strange sojourner with thee.
13 O turn aside a-while me fro,
that I may strength recall.
Before that I from hence shall goe▪
and be no more at all.

PSAL: XL. To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

WIth expectation for the LORD.
I wayted p [...]tiently:
And he inclined unto mee,
hee also heard my cry.
2 Hee brought me from the dreadfull pit,
out of the mi [...]y cl [...]y:
And on a rock he s [...]t my feet,
hee stablished my way.
3 A new song put he in my mouth.
our Gods pr [...]ise to [...]
Which man [...].
and trust upon the LORD.
[Page 75]4 [...] the LORD
doth [...]
Nor doth the proud respect, nor such
5 O thou [...]ehovah, thou my God▪
hast many a word or wrought:
And likewise towards us thou [...]
conceived [...] a thought:
Their [...] cannot be reck'ned up▪
in [...] thee:
Would I declare and speak of them,
beyond accompt they bee.
6 Thou sacrifice and offering▪
doest not at all desire:
Thou boar'st mine ear, no sin-offring,
nor burnt one dost require.
7 Then said I loe I come; it's writt
i'th books roll thus of mee.
8 To do thy will my God I joy.
thy lawes in my heart bee.
9 Within the congregation great.
thy righteousness I show:
Loe I have not refrain'd my lips,
Jehovah thou doest know.
10 I have not hid thy righteousness
within my heart alone,
I have declar'd thy faithfullness
and thy salvation:
I have not from th'assembly great
thy grace and trueth conceald.
[Page 76]11 Let not thy [...]ender [...]
from me O LORD with hold:
Let both thy kindness and thy cr [...]h,
keep me my life throughout.
12 Because [...]
have [...]:
My sinns have caught me, so that I
not able am to see:
More are they thou [...] of mine [...],
therfore my heart failes mee▪
13 Be pleas'd LORD, to deliverance:
to help me LORD make hast.
14 At once aba [...]t and sham'd let bee,
who seek my soul to wast,
15 Let them be driven back and sham'd,
that wish me misery:
Let them be wast to quit their shame▪
that say to me fy fy.
16 Let all be glad and joy in thee,
that seek thee, let them say
Who thy salvation love, the LORD
be magnify'd alway.
17 I poor and needy am, on mee
the LORD yet care doth take:
My help and my deliverer thou;
my God no tarrying make.

PSAL: XLI. To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

[Page 77]
O Blest is he that wisely doth
unto the poor [...]:
The LORD will him deliverance
in [...] of [...] send.
2 The LORD will keep & make him live▪
on earth he blest shall bee:
And give him not unto the will
of his sore enemie.
3 Upon the [...] of [...]
the LORD will [...]rengthen him:
Thou also wilt make all his bed▪
within his [...] time.
4 I said, Jehovah, unto mee,
thy tender grace I crave:
Heal thou my soul, because that I
against thee sinned have.
5 Those men that be [...],
with evill me [...];
When will the time come he shall dye,
and perish shall his name▪
6 And if he comes to visit mee,
he speakes [...]ine lies in heart:
Hee [...]eapeth evils, then he goes
abroad them to impart.
7 All that me hate against me they
together whisper still:
Against me they imagin doe,
[...] malicious ill.
8 Thus doe they [...] ▪ some ill disease
unto him [...]:
[Page 79]And seing now he lyeth down▪
he shall rise up no more.
9 Morover my familiar friend.
on whom my trust I set:
His heel against me lifted up.
who of my bread did eat.
10 But LORD me pitty▪ and me raise,
that I may them requite.
11 By this I know asuredly,
in me thou dost delight▪
For o're me triumphs not my foe.
12 And me thou dost me stay▪
In mine integrity and set'st
mee thee before for ay.
13 Blest hath Jehovah Israels God,
from everlasting been,
And unto everlasting is▪
Amen yea and Amen.


PSALM XLII. To the [...].

[Page 80]Ev'n in such wise, O God, my soul,
after thee panting lookes.
2 For God, even for the living God,
my soul it thirsteth sore:
Oh when shall I come & appear,
the face of God before!
3 My teares have been unto me meat,
by night and eke by day:
While all day long they unto mee,
where is thy God? do s [...]y.
4 When as unto my memorie,
these things recall I doe,
Then I pour out my soul in mee,
for I with troops did go:
With them unto Gods house I went,
with voyce of joy and praise:
I with a multitude did go,
that did keep holy-dayes.
5 My soul why art cast down? and why
stird in me? thy hope place
In God, for praise him yet shall I,
for health is in his face.
6 My God, my soul in mee's cast down;
therfore thee mind I will:
From Jordans land, and Hermonites,
and from the little Hill.
7 At sounding of thy water spouts,
deep unto deep doth call:
Thy wa [...]es pass over mee, and eke
thy breaking billowes all.
[Page 81]
8 His loving kindness yet the LORD
command will in the day:
And in the night his song's with mee,
to God, my life; I'le pray.
9 I'le say to God, my rock, O why
hast thou forgotten mee?
For pressure of the enemy,
why should I mourning bee?
10 As with a sword within my bones,
mine enemies me upbraid:
While all the day, where is thy God?
they unto me have said.
11 My soul O wherfore dost thou bow
thy self down heavily;
And wherfore in me makest thou
a stirr tumultuously?
Hope thou in God, because I shall
with praise him yet advance:
Who is my God, he also is
he [...]lth of my countenance.


JUdg me O God, and plead my cause,
from nation merciless;
Both from the man of guile and wrong,
O send thou me redress.
2 For [...] my strength thou ar [...] the God,
why [...] thee [...]?
Why [...] for the sore
[...] of the see?
[Page 82]
3 O send thou forth thy light & trueth,
let them lead and being mee,
Unto thy holy hill, and where [...]
thy tabernacles bee.
4 Then will I to Gods Altar go,
to God my chearfull joy:
Yea thee to praise O God my God.
I will my harp imploy.
5 My soul O wherfore doest thou bow
thy self down heavil [...]?
And wherfore [...] makest thou
[...] stirr tumultuously?
Hope thou in God, because I shall
with praise him yet advance:
Who is my God, he also is
health of my countenance.

PSAL: XLIIII. To the chief mus [...]cian for the sonns of Korah Maschil.

WEe with our eares have heard. O God
our fathers have us told:
What workes thou wroughtest in their dayes
even in the times of old.
2 How thy hand drave the heathen out.
and planted them thou hast:
How thou the people did'st afflict,
and out thou didst them cast.
3 For by their sword they did not get.
the lands possession:
[Page 83]Nor was it their own arm that did
work their salvation:
But thy right hand, thine arm also,
thy countenances light▪
Because that of thine own good will
thou did'st in them delight.
4 Thou ar [...] my King, O mighty God▪
thou [...] the s [...]me [...]:
For Jacob be commandement
deliverances procure.
5 Through thee as with an horn wee will
push down our enemies:
Wee through thy Name will tread them down
that up against us rise.
6 Because it is not in my bow,
that I affiance have:
Nor is it any sword of mine,
that shall at all me save.
7 But thou [...]st from our foes us sav'd,
and [...]arers put to sh [...]me.
8 In God wee all d [...]y-long do boast,
and praise for ay thy Name.
9 But now thou hast forsaken us,
and shame upon us c [...]st:
Nor with our Military troopes,
gone forth to battle hast.
10 Back from before the enemy
thou [...]ak'st us to recoyl:
They also that our haters bee,
do for themselves us spoyl.
[Page 84]
11 Thou hast us given, like as sheep,
to slaughter that belong:
Thou hast us also scattered,
the heathen folk among.
12 Thou dost thy people set to sale
for that which is no gain:
And by their prices no increase
of riches dost obtain.
13 Unto our neighbours a reproach,
ev'n us thou dost expose:
A scorn wee are and mocking stock,
to them that us inclose.
14 Among the heathen people thou
a by-word dost us make:
Also among the Nations,
at us their Heads they shake.
15 Before mine eyes continually
abideth my disgrace:
And likewise with confounding shame,
o're-covered is my face.
16 By reason of the scorners voyce.
who doth with sc [...]ffs despight:
By reason of the enemy,
and self-revenging wight.
17 Though all of this bee come on us,
wee have not thee forgot:
Likewise gainst thy covenant,
[...] have wee not.
18 Our he [...]rt is not turn'd back, nor have
our steps from thy way stray'd▪
[Page 85]19 Though us thou break'st in [...] place
and hid'st us in deaths shade.
20 Had wee forgot Gods Name▪ or [...]o
a strange god stretcht our hands▪
21 Shall not God search it [...]
hearts secrets understands,
22 Yea wee▪ for thee, are all day kil'd:
counted as sheep to slay.
23 Awake why sleep'st thou LORD [...] [...]ise
cast us not of [...] for ay.
24 Thy countenance away from us
O wherfore doest thou hide?
Why dost thou mindless of our griefe,
and sore distress abide.
25 For down to dust our soul is bow'd,
to th'earth our bellies cleave.
26 O thou that art out help arise,
in mercy us relieve.

PSAL: XLV. To the chief musician upon Shoshannim for the s [...]nns of Korah, Mas [...]l a song of loves.

MY heart good matter boyleth forth,
my workes I utter then,
Concern the King, my tongue is like
a [...] write [...]pen.
2 Thou fairer art th [...]n sonns of me [...],
grace powred is in [...]
Upo [...] thy lips: God the [...]ore hath
thee blest or ever-more.
[Page 86]
3 Thy wasting sword O mighty one,
gird thou upon thy thigh:
Thy glorious-magnificence,
and comely Majestie.
4 Ride forth upon the word of truth,
meekness and righteousness:
And thy right hand shall lead thee forth,
in workes of dreadfullness.
* 5 Thine arrowes sharp: the people they
shall fall down under thee,
Yea in the heart (they shall fall down)
foes to the King that bee.
6 Thy throne's O God for ev'r & aye,
the Scepter of thy state
A scepter is of righteousness.
7 Thou wickedness doest hate,
And lovest justice, God therfore,
thy God hath oynted thee,
With oyl of gladnes them above,
that thy companions bee.
8 Myrh, Aloes, and Cassia's sm [...]ll,
all of thy garments had:
Out of the Yvory pallaces,
wherby they made thee [...]
9 Among thy honourable maids [...]
Kings daughters present stand▪
The Queen in finest [...]-gold
is set at thy [...].
10 O daughter harken and behold,
doe thou incline thine [...]ar:
[Page 87]See thine own people thou forget,
and fathers house [...].
11 So in thy beauty to delight
the King he shall accord;
And bowing down him worship thou,
because he is thy LORD.
12 Thou shall be present with a gift
the daughter there of Tyre:
The rich amongst the people they
thy favour shall desire.
13 The daughter of the King shee is
all glorious within:
And with imbroyderies of gold.
her garments wrought have bin.
14 Shee is led in unto the King,
in robes with nedle-wrought:
Her fellow Virgins following her,
shall unto thee be brought.
15 With gladness forth they shall be brought
also with joyfulness.
So to the pallace of the King,
they entring have access.
16 In their stead who thy fathers were,
thy [...] they shall bee:
Whom thou may'st place in all the earth,
in Princely [...].
17 Thy Name remembred I will make
through generations all:
Therfore for ever and for aye,
the people praise thee shall.
[Page 88]

To the chief musician, for the sonns of Korah A song upon Alem [...]th.

GOD is our refuge strength & shield,
in troubles very neer.
2 Therfore we will not be afraid,
though th'earth removed were:
Though mountains move to midst of Seas.
3 Though waters roaring make,
And troubled be, though at their waves,
the mountains trembling shake.
4 There is a River, streams wherof,
make glad the Citty of God:
The holy place where the most high
doth settle his aboad.
5 God is within the midst of her,
be moved shall not shee:
When early morning doth appear
God shall her helper bee.
6 The n [...]tions made tumultuous noise,
the Kingdomes moved were:
Hee did give forth his thundering voyce,
the earth did melt with fear.
7 The God of armies is with us,
the everlasting J [...]h:
The God of J [...]ob is for us,
a refuge high, Selah.
8 O come ye forth behold the works,
[...] which [...]:
The fearfull desolations,
[Page 89]which on the earth he brought.
6 Unto the utmost ends of th'e [...]rth,
warrs into peace he turns:
The spear he cuts, the bow he breaks,
in fire the charriot burns.
10 Be still and know that I am God,
exalted be will I,
Among the heathen: through the earth
I'le be extolled high.
11 The God of Armies is with us,
the everlasting Jah:
The God of Jacob is for us,
a refuge high Selah.

PSALM XLVII. To the chief musician, A Psalm for the sonns of Korah.

CLap hands all people shout for joy,
To God with voice of singing mirth.
2 For [...] is the LORD & high,
A King m [...]st great o're all the earth.
3 To us the people he subdues,
And [...]tions [...]t our feet to lye.
4 For us our heritag [...] [...] will chuse;
His loved Jacobs [...] hye.
5 God is [...] shou [...],
Jehovah wi [...]h [...].
6 Sing [...] aloud:
Sing prayses to our King with voice.
[Page 90]7 For God of all the earth is King,
Praise him each understanding one.
8 Over the heathen God doth raigne:
God sits upon his holy throne.
9 The peopl' of Abr [...]hams God among,
Princes of people gathered bee:
For shields of th'earth to God belong,
Exalted mightily is hee.

PSAL: XLVIII. To the chief musician, A song and psalm for the sonns of Korah.

GReat is Jehovah, greatly hee
is to be praised still:
Within the Citty of our God,
within his holy hill.
2 Mount Sion's fairly situate,
the joy of th'earth so wide:
The Citty of the mighty King,
is on the Northern side.
3 God in her pallaces is known,
to be a refuge high.
4 For lo the Kings assembled were,
they past together by.
5 They saw and so they marvieled
they greatly troubled were,
They also hasted fast away.
6 Fear felt upon them there,
As on a woman travailing,
[Page 91]they such a paine did find.
7 In pieces thou the Tarshish ships,
dost break with Eastern wind.
8 I'th Citty of the LORD of hoasts,
wee saw as we heard say:
I'th Citty of our God, God will
establish it for ay.
8 O God our thoughts have been upon
thy free benignity:
And that within the middest of
thy house of Sanctity.
10 According to thy Name O God.
so is thy praise unto.
Th'ends of the earth, thy right hand's full
of righteousness also.
11 O let mount Sion joyfull be!
and triumph let them make:
They that of Judah daughters are,
ev'n for thy judgments sake.
12 About the hill of Sion walk,
and go about her yee;
And do ye reckon up thereof
the tow'rs that therin bee.
13 Doe yee full well her bulwarks mark,
her pallaces view well:
That to the generation
to come, ye may it tell.
14 Because this God he is our God,
for ever, and for [...]y:
[Page 92]And he will be [...] guide to us,
ev'n to our [...]ying day.

PSAL: XLIX. To the chief mus [...]cian, A Psalm for [...] Kor [...]h.

HEar this all people & give ear,
all in the world that dwell.
2 Sonns both of low and higher men,
th [...] rich the poor as well.
3 I with my mouth varietie
of wisdom will imp [...]rt:
Of understanding much shall bee
the musings of my heart.
4 Unto a speech proverbiall,
I will incline mine ear:
I will upon the Ha [...]p withall,
my doctrine dark declare.
5 Why should I be at all afraid,
in d [...]yes th [...]t evill bee?
When that my heels iniquity,
about shall comp [...]ss mee.
6 Those men that make their great estates
their st [...]y to [...]rust unto:
Who in the plenty of their wealth
themselves do boast [...]lso.
7 Ther's not a m [...]n of them that can
[...]y any meanes redeem
His [...], nor to God can give
[...] ransome meet for him.
[Page 93]
8 So dear their souls redemption is,
and ever ceaseth it.
9 That he should still for ever live,
and never s [...]e the pit.
10 For he doth see that wise men dy,
the fool, and bruitish too:
Do perish, and their rich estate,
to others leave they doe.
11 They think their houses are for ay,
to generations all:
Their dwelling places, and their lands
they by their names do call.
12 But man in honour being set;
abideth not a night:
But he becometh like unto
the beasts that perish quite.
13 This way of theirs their folly is;
yet thei [...] posterity▪
Delighting in that which they say,
approve it vehemently.
14 Like sheen so are they laid in grave,
dea [...]h shall them feed upon;
And th'upright over them i'th morn
shall have dominion:
And from the pl [...]ce wheras they dwell,
the beauty which they have.
Shall utterly consume away,
within the rotting grave.
15 But surely God redemption
unto my soul will give▪
[Page 94]Even from the graves prevailing powr, Selah
for he will me receive.
16 Be not afraid when as a man,
in wealth is made to grow.
And when the glory of his house,
abundantly doth flow.
17 For when as hee doth come to dy,
nought shall he take away:
Nor shall there after him descend,
his glorious array.
18 Although in his life time, his soul
for blessed he did take:
And men will praise thee when as thou
much of thy self dost make.
19 Hee shall go to his fathers race,
they never shall see light:
In honour man and knows not, is
like beasts that perish quite.

PSALM L. A Psalm of As [...]ph.

THe Mighty God Jehovah spake,
and he the earth doth call:
Even from the rising of the Sun,
therof unto the fall.
2 The mighty God hath clearly [...]
from out of Sion hill:
Which of all beauty excel [...]nt,
doth the perfection fill.
[Page 95]
3 Our God shall come & not be still,
fyre wasteth in his fight:
And round about him shall be rays'd,
a storm of wondrous might.
4 To judg his people he from high,
calls heavens and earth likewise.
5 Bring me my saints that cov'nant make
with me by sacrifice.
6 And th'heavens shall his righteousness,
apparently make known:
Because the mighty God himself,
is righteous judg alone.
7 Hear O my people, and I'le speak▪
yea I will testifie:
Also to thee O Israel,
I ev'n thy God am I.
8 As for thy sacrifices I
will find no fault with thee:
Or thy burnt offrings to have been,
continually with mee.
9 I'le take no bullocks nor he-goats,
from hous or fields of thine.
10 For forrest-beasts, and cattell all,
on thousand hills [...]re mine.
11 The [...]owls that on the mountains [...]
all of them do I know:
And wild-beas [...]s, in the fiel [...]s [...],
they a [...]e with me also.
12 If I were hung [...]y I would not
it unto thee declare▪
[Page 96]For mine the habitable world,
and fullness of it are.
13 Of bullocks eat the flesh, or drink
the blood of goats will I?
14 Thanks offer unto God and pay
thy vowes to him most high.
15 And in the day of sore distress,
do thou unto him cry:
And I'le deliver thee, and then
thou shalt me glorify.
16 But to the wicked God doth say,
why doest thou mention make▪
Of statutes mine, why in thy mouth,
shouldst thou my cov'nant take?
17 Wheras thou dost instruction hate,
and my words from thee cast.
18 When thou didst see a thief with him
then thou consented hast:
And likewise with adulterers,
thy part hath been the same.
19 Thy mouth to evill thou dost give;
and guile thy tongue doth frame.
20 Thou sittest down, and so against
thy brother dost declaime:
The son of thine own mother thou
with slander dost defame.
21 Th [...]se things thou didst. I silent was▪
[...] thought [...]t of me likewise,
[...] thy self; I'le thee reproove.
[Page 97]and rank them in thine eyes.
22 Now therfore this consider yee,
that God forgotten have:
Left that in pieces I you tear,
and there be none to save.
23 Who so doth prayses sacrifice,
hee glorifieth mee:
Who orders right his way likewise,
shall Gods salvation see.

PSAL: LI. To the chief musician, A Psalm of David when Nathan the Prophet came to him after hee had gone in to Bathsheba.

HAve mercy upon mee O God,
according to thy grace:
According to thy mercyes great,
my trespasses deface.
2 O wash me throughly from my guilt,
and from my sin me clear.
3 For I my trespas know, my sinns
before me still appear.
4 Gainst thee, thee only I have sin'd,
this ill done thee be [...]ore:
When thou speak'st [...], and [...]
wh [...] thou dost [...] therfore.
5 [...],
I [...]:
Also [...],
in sinned [...].
[Page 98]
6 Behold thou doest desire the trueth,
within the inward part:
And thou shalt make me wisdom know,
in secret of my heart.
7 With Hysop do mee purifie,
I shall be clensed so:
O wash thou me, and then shall I
be whiter then the snow.
8 Of joy and gladnes make thou mee,
to hear again the voice:
That so the bones which thou hast broke
may chearfully rejoice.
9 From the beholding of my sin,
hide thou away thy face:
And eke all mine iniquities,
O do thou clean deface.
10 Clean heart O God in me create,
also a spirit right,
11 In me renew. O cast me not
away out of thy sight.
12 Nor from me take thy holy Spirit.
restore the joy to mee
Of thy salvation, and uphold
mee with thy Spirit free.
13 Then will I teach thy wayes to those
that work iniquitie:
And by this meanes shall sinners bee
converted unto thee.
14 O God, God of my health set mee
free from blood-guiltiness:
[Page 99]And so my tongue shall joyfully,
sing of thy righteousness.
15 LORD open thou my lips, and forth
my mouth thy praise shall show.
16 For thou desir'st not sacrifice,
I would it else bestow,
Burnt offrings thou delights not in.
17 Of God the sacrifice,
A broken spirit, a contrite heart
God thou wilt not dispise.
18 In thy good pleasure O do good
unto thy Sion hill:
The walls of thy Jerusalem,
O do thou build up still.
19 The sacrifice of justice shall
please thee with burnt offring.
And whole burnt offring; then they shall
calves to thine Altar bring.

A [...] other M [...]ter.

O God h [...]ve mercy upon mee,
According to thy kindness dear:
And [...] thy mercies many bee,
O do thou my tran [...]gre [...]s [...]ns clear.
2 From my perve [...]sness with me through,
And from my [...] purifye.
3 For my [...] I do know,
My sin is still before mine eye.
4 Gainst thee, thee only sin'd have I,
And done this evill in thy sight:
[Page 100]That when thou speak'st thou just maist be
And when thou judgest cleared quite.
5 Behould, perverse iniquitie▪
Was that estate I shap'd was in:
My mother that c [...]ncerned mee.
Even shee did me conceive in sin.
6 Behould, it is the trueth that thou
Desirest in the inward part:
And thou shalt make me wisdom know,
Within the secret of my heart.
7 O from my sin me purifie
With hysop, clean I shall be so:
O wash thou mee, and so shall I,
In whiteness go beyond the snow.
8 Of joy fullness and gladness make
Thou me to hear again the voyce;
That so the bones which erst thou brake,
Again they gladly may rejoyce.
9 Hide from my sinns thy face apart,
Blot out all mine iniquities.
10 O God creat in me clean heart:
In me renue right spirit likewise.
11 Cast me not out from thee before,
Nor from me take thy spirit away.
12 Mee thy salvations joy restore;
And me with thy free spirit stay.
23 Thy [...] transgressors teach I will,
And sinners shall be turnd to thee.
[...]4 O God, God of my safety still,
From guilt of blood deliver mee:
[Page 101]
Thy righteousness [...],
In singing shall my [...] also.
15 Set open then my lips O LORD.
And forth thy [...] show.
16 For thou no offring dost desire;
Or else I would i [...] freely bring:
Nor yet a sacrifice require,
Thou [...] no delight therin.
17 But unto God the sacrifice
Well pleasing, is a [...]:
O God thou never will [...]
The heart that's broken and [...].
18 O do thou good to Sion hill.
In thy good pleasure [...]:
And of Jerusalem [...]
Do thou the walls [...] on high.
19 The sacrifice of justice [...]
Then please thee, with burnt offering▪
And who [...]e burnt offring; then they [...]
Their calves unto thine Alt [...]r bring▪

PSAL: LII. To the chief [...] Mas [...]h [...]l, A Psalm of David: when Doeg the Edo [...]te [...] and told Saul, and said unto him, David is come to the house of Abimelech.

O Man of might wherfore [...]
thus [...] thy self [...]
The goodness of the Mighty God,
endureth ever still.
[Page 102]2 Thy tongue injurious mischief doth
presumpteously devise:
And like unto a rasor sharp,
it workes deceitfull lies.
3 Thou lovest evill more then good,
more to speak lies then right.
4 O guilefull tongue thou dost in all
devouring words delight.
5 God shall likewise for evermore.
destroying thee deface:
Hee shall thee take away, and pluck
thee from thy dwelling place.
Out of the land of th'living ones.
hee also will root thee. Selah
6 The just shall fear and laugh at him,
when they this thing shall see.
7 Lo, this man made not God his strength
but put his trust upon.
His store of wealth: he strengthned was,
in his transgression.
8 But in the house of God am I,
like as an Olive green:
In Gods benignitie for ay,
and ay my trust hath been.
9 Because that thou this thing hast done,
I'le praise thee evermore:
And on thy name will wayt, for this
is good thy saints before.
[Page 103]

PSAL: LIII. To the chief musician upon Mahalath Masch [...]l; A Psalm of David.

THe fool in's heart saith ther's no God
they are corrupt each one,
Abominable sinn they doe:
that doth good there is none.
2 God from the heavens looked down▪
on sonns of men to see,
If any that doth understand
that seeketh God there bee.
3 They altogether filthy are,
each one is backward gone:
There is not any that doth good,
no not so much as one.
4 The workers of iniquities,
have they no knowledge all?
Who eat my people even as bread,
on God they do not call.
5 They greatly fear'd where no fear was:
'gainst thee in camp that lies
His bones God scattered, and them sham'd
for God doth them despise.
6 O who is hee that graciously
to Israel will fulfill,
His manifold salvations▪
from out of Sion hill?
When God his people shall return,
that have been captive led:
Then Jacob shall therin rejoyce,
and Israel shall be glad.
[Page 104]

To the chief musician [...]n Neginoth▪ [...], A Ps [...]lm of David, when the Ziphims came and said to Saul doth not David hide himself with us.

SAve thou me by thy Name O God,
and judg me by thy powr.
2 God hear my prayer, hark to the words
that from my mouth I pour:
3 For strangers up against me rise,
and who oppress me sore,
Pursue my soul: the mighty God
they set not them before. Selah
4 Lo God's mine help, the LORD's with them
that do my soul sustain.
5 He to my foes shall ill reward:
them in thy trueth restrain.
9 I will unto thee sacrifice,
with voluntaryness:
I will thy Name confess O LORD,
because that good it is.
7 For he hath me delivered,
out of all miseries:
And its desire mine eye hath seen,
upon mine enemies.

PSAL: LV. To the chief [...] M [...]schil; A Psalm of David.

O God do thou give [...]
my supplication:
[Page 105]And hide not thou thy self away,
from my petition.
2 O be attentive unto mee,
and answer me return:
I in my meditation,
do make a noise and mourn.
3 By reason of the enimies voyce,
and vile one that opprest:
For wickedness on me they cast,
and me in wrath detest.
4 Mine heart in me is pained sore,
death's terrours me surprize.
5 Trembling and fear do on me come,
and horrour on me seize.
6 Then did I say, O who to mee
wings of a dove will give!
That I might f [...] away▪ and might
in quiet dwelli [...] live.
7 Lo then farr oft I wander would,
and in the des [...]r [...] stay. Selah
8 Soon from the storm and wind I would,
and tempest scape away.
9 O LORD on them destruction bring,
do thou their tongues divide:
For strife and violen [...] I within
the Citty have espide.
10 About it on the walls therof,
they walk both n [...]ght and day:
Mischief also and sorrow d [...]e,
in middest of it stay.
[Page 106]
11 In midst therof ther's wickedness.
deceit doth there abide:
Likewise out of the streets therof,
guile turneth not aside.
12 For't was no foe reproached mee.
I could it then abide:
Nor did my hater vaunt o're mee,
from him I could me hide.
13 But thou it was the man that wer [...]
my well esteemed peer:
Which wast to me my special guide,
and mine aquaintance neer.
14 Wee did together counsell take,
in sweet society:
And wee did walk into the house
of God in company.
15 Let death seiz on them, and let them
sink down quick into hell:
For wickedness amongst them is,
in places where they dwell.
16 But as for mee, I'le call on God,
and me the LORD save shall.
17 At evening, morn, and noon I'le pray
and I aloud will call,
And he also will hear my voyce.
18 Who hath my soul set free
In peace, from w [...]r [...], that was 'gainst mee,
for many were with mee.
19 God shall both hear, and them afflict,
[Page 107]who doth of old abide. Selah
Because that they no changes have,
Gods fear they lay aside.
20 Gainst such as be at peace with him,
hee hath put forth his hand:
Hee also hath the covenant,
which he had made profand.
21 Whilst warr was in his heart, more smooth
then butter were his words,
His words more soft then any oyl [...]
but yet they were drawn swords.
22 Thy burthen on Jehovah cast,
and he support thee shall:
Hee will not give the righteous man,
to be remov'd at all.
23 Thou God shalt bring them down to hell
the men of blood who bee:
And guile, shall not live half their dayes,
but I will trust in thee.

PSAL: LVI. To the chief musician upon Ionath Elem Rech [...]kim, M [...]htam, of David, when the Philistims took him in Gath.

O God upon me mercy have,
for man would swallow mee:
Hee fights against me all the day.
oppress me sore doth hee.
2 Through out the day mine enemies
to swallow [...]ee devise:
[Page 108]Who fight [...]ng [...] me O most high,
they many are likewise.
3 I'le put my t [...]ust in thee alwayes,
when [...] I am afraid:
4 And [...] God his word will prayse,
in God my trust is staid:
For nothing b [...] afraid I will,
that flesh can do to mee,
5 All day they wrest my words for ill:
gainst me their thoughts all bee.
6 Themselves together they combine,
themselves they closely hide:
Because they watch this soul of mine,
in to my steps they pri'de.
7 What shall they thus escape away,
by their unrighteousness:
O God in wrath without delay,
the people down depress.
8 Of all my wandrings to and fro,
thou hast the reck'ning took:
My teares thy bottle put into,
are they not in thy book?
9 Then shall mine enemies turn back,
when I do cry to thee:
This know I ma [...]ured-wise▪
that God will be [...].
10 In God I'le [...] the word.
In God [...]
[Page 109]what man can do me ill.
12 O God upon me are thy vowes,
I'le render praise to thee.
13 Because that thou my soul from death
hast set at libertie:
And wilt not thou also my feet
from falling set them free?
That I fore God may walk i'th light
of them that living bee.

PSAL: LVII. To the chief musician Al-taschith Mictam of David, when he fled from Saul in the cave

O God to me be mercifull,
be mercifull to mee;
Because my soul for shelter safe,
betakes it self to thee:
Yea in the shaddow of thy wings,
my refuge I have plac't,
Untill these sore calamities,
shall quite be over-past.
2 To God most high I cry: the God
that doth for me perform.
3 Hee will from heaven send, and save
mee from the spitefull scorn▪
Of him that would with greedy hast
mee swallow utterly;
God will send forth his mercy kind
and [...] his verity.
[Page 110]
4 My soul amongst the Lyons is,
I fyre brands ly among:
Mens sonns whose [...]eeth are spears & dar [...]
and as sharp swords their tongue.
5 Above the heavens hight do thou
exalt thy self O God:
O let thy glory be extoll'd,
o're all the earth abroad.
6 They for my steps prepar'd a net,
my soul is bowed down:
They dig'd a pit for mee, but they
in mid'st therof are thrown. Selah
7 My heart prepared is O God,
my heart prepared is:
Sing will I, and sing praise with psalm [...].
Up O my glory rise▪
Awake both Psaltery, and Harp:
my self I'le early w [...]ke.
9 Among the people LORD to thee
I will confession make.
10 Among the Nations I'le thee praise,
for thy benignity
Is great, to heav'n, thy trueth likewise
doth reach the cloudy sky.
11 Above the heavens hight do thou,
exalt thy self O God:
O let thy glory be extoll'd,
[...] all the earth abroad.

PSAL: LVIII. [Page 111] To the chief musician Altaschith Michtam of David.

DOe yee O congregation
speak righteousness indeed▪
In judgement do ye sonns of men,
with uprightness proceed?
2 Yea you injurious wickedness
in heart, will working bee:
The weight of your hands violence,
weigh out i'th land do you.
3 The wicked are estranged [...],
the womb, they go [...]
And even from the belly they
their falshood do display▪
4 Ev'n like a serpents [...]
the poison that they [...]
They [...]re like as the Adder [...]
that stoppeth up her [...].
5 Who will not hearken to the voic [...]
of such as charmers are:
Although the charmer in his charms
none of his cunning spare.
6 With in then mouth do thou their teeth
break out, O God most strong:
Doe thou O LORD the mighty teeth
break of the Lions young
7 As waters let them melt▪ way,
continually that flee:
And when he bends his [...] let them
as [...]ut assunder bee.
[Page 112]8 As melts a snail, let every one
of them away so run,
Like womens timeless birth; that they
may never see the Sun.
9 Before your pots can feel the thornes▪
so shall he them surprise,
As with a whirlewind; both alive,
and in most wrathfull wise
10 The righteous shall rejoice, when as
hee doth the vengeance see;
Hee shall his feet wash in the blood.
of them that wicked bee.
11 So men shall say assuredly
ther's for the righteous fruit:
Sure ther's a God that in the earth,
doth judgment execute.

PSAL: LIX. To the chief musician Alt [...]sc [...]ith Michtam of David, when Saul sent and they watched the house to kill him.

MY God from them deliver mee,
that are mine enemies:
Set thou me up on high from them
that up against me rise.
2 From them that painful-wickedness,
do work deliverance:
And be to me a Saviour,
from such as bloody bee.
[Page 113]
3 For loe they for my soul lay wait;
the mighty men combine
Gainst me, not for my trespass LORD,
nor any sin of mine.
4 Without iniquitie in mee,
they run and ready make
Themselves: do thou behold, also
unto my help awake.
5 LORD God of hoasts, thou Israels God
to visite rise therfore
All heathens; who sin wickedly
to them shew grace no more. Selah.
6 At ev'ning back they do return,
they utter such a sound
As doth a dog, and so they go
About the Citty round.
7 Behold they beltch out with their mouths
with in their lips are swords:
For who is he that doth us hear?
these are their very words.
8 But thou O LORD wilt laugh at them,
and all the heathens mock.
9 And for his strength I'le wait on thee▪
because God is my rock.
10 The God of my benignity,
with good prevent shall mee;
God shall give me upon my foes
my full desire to see..
11 Them stay not lest my folk forget,
but scatter them apart,
[Page 114]By thy strong powr; and bring them down,
our shield and LORD who art.
12 For their mouths sin, and their lips words
and in their pride them take:
And for their cursing, and their lies,
which in their speech they make.
13 Consume thou them, in wrath consume
and let them be no more:
So they that God in Jacob rules,
shall know the earth all o're. Selah
14 And they at evening shall return
a noise as dogs shall make:
And so about the Citty round,
a compass they shall take.
15 And they shall wander up and down,
to seek what they may eat:
And if they be not satisfi'd,
then shall they grudg therat.
16 But I will sing thy powr; and shout,
thy kindness in the morn:
For thou my tow'r and refuge art,
when as I am forlorn.
17 A psalm of praise I will sing forth,
O thou my strength to thee:
For God is mine high tower, the God
of mercy mine is hee.

PSAL: LX. To the chief musician upon Sha [...]hen Sdu [...] Michtam of David, to to [...]ch when [Page 115] hee strove with Aram Naharaim, and with Aram Zobah [...] when Joab return­ed [...]nd sm [...]te of [...] in the valley of salt, twelve thousand.

O God thou hast rejected us,
and scattered us abroad;
Thou hast displeased been with us,
return to us O God.
2 The land to tremble thou hast caus'd.
thou it assunder brake:
Do thou the breaches of it heal,
for it doth moving shake.
3 Thou hast thy people caus'd to see,
things that are hard to bear:
And thou hast caused them to drink,
the wine of trembling fe [...]r.
4 But thou bestowed hast on them,
a banner who thee fear:
That it on high before the truth
di [...]playe [...] may appear. Selah.
5 That those that thy beloved are
may be deliver'd free:
O do thou save with thy right hand,
and answer give to mee.
6 God in his Holyn [...]ss [...] spoke,
therin rejoyce [...] [...]:
See [...] the vale
of [...].
7 To m [...]e [...] [...]ppertain.
[Page 116]Ephraim the strength is of my head.
Judah my Lawes prescribes.
8 Mo [...]b my wash-pot is, I will
o're Edom cast my shoo:
O Palestine because of mee
bee thou triumphant too.
9 O who is it that will me bring
into the Citty strong?
And into Edom who is hee
that will me lead along?
10 Is it not thou O God who did,
us cast away thee fro?
And thou O God who wouldest not
forth with our armies go?
11 From trouble give unto us help,
for help of man is vain:
Through God wee'l do great acts; he shall
our foes tread with disdain.

PSAL: LXI. To the [...]hi [...]f mus [...]cian upon [...] of D [...]vid.

GIve ear O God unto my cry,
u [...]to my [...].
2 When my [...] opprest, to thee
[...] from th'earth's end:
Lead [...] rock
3 [...] and strong fort,
[...] been from th'enemy.
[Page 117]
4 Within thy Tabernacle I,
for ever will abide;
Within the covert of thy wings,
I'le seek my self to hide. Selah
5 For thou O God hast heard the vowes,
that I to thee have past:
The heritage to them that fear
thy name, thou given hast.
6 Unto the King his dayes there shall
bee added dayes by thee:
His yeares as generation,
and generation bee.
7 In presence of the mighty God.
hee shall abide for ay:
Benignity and truth prepare,
that him preserve they may.
8 So then will I for evermore,
unto thy Name sing praise:
That I the vowes that I have made.
perform may all my daies.

PSAL: LXII. To the chief musician to Iedu [...]un, A Psalm of David.

TRuly my waiting soul relyes
in silence God upon,
[...]cause from him there doth arise
all my salvation.
2 Hee only is my Rock, and hee
salvation is to mee:
[Page 118]And he is my defence that I,
mov'd greatly shall not bee.
3 How long against a man will yee
plot mischief? you shall f [...]ll▪
All as tottering fence you bee,
and like a bowing w [...]ll.
4 His exellence yet to suppress,
they counsel do impart:
They lies do love, with mouth they bless,
but curse within their heart. Selah
5 My soul wait thou on God alone,
my hopes on him abide.
6 My Rock and safety he alone,
my Towr, I shall not slide.
7 On God doth my salvation,
and glory make abode;
The rock of my munition,
my refuge is in God.
8 Yee people upon him O see
you put your trust alway:
Pour out your heart before him yee,
God is our hopefull stay. Selah.
9 Sure base mens sonns are vanitie,
and high mens sonns a ly:
When joyntly [...]hey in balance lie,
more light then vanity.
10 In robbery be not vain, nor yet
trust in oppression:
If wealth increase yet do not set
your hearts de [...]ight theron.
[Page 119]11 Once spoken hath the God of might,
this word once and again,
I plainely heard that powrfull-might,
doth unto God pertain.
12 Also to thee benignitie,
O LORD doth appertain:
For even as his work shall bee,
thou rendrest man again.

PSAL: LXIII. A Psalm of David when he was in the wilderness of Iudah.

O God thou art my God, I will
betime for thee enquire:
My soul doth thirst for thee, thee still
my flesh doth much desire.
I'th land wheras no waters bee,
that thirsty is and dry.
2 As in thine house I saw, to see,
thy strength and Majesty.
3 Because thy loving kindness more
in goodness doth excell
Then life it self: my lips therfore,
thy praises forth shall tell.
4 Thus I'le thee bless continually,
whilst that alive I am:
And I these hands of mine on high,
will lif [...] up in thy name.
5 So as with marrow, and with f [...]t [...],
my soul shall filled bee:
[Page 120]With joyfull lips my mouth also
shall tender praise to thee.
6 When thee I to remembrance call▪
as on my bed I lie▪
In watches of the night withall
when on thee muse do I.
7 Because thou art my help, I will
rejoyce in thy wings shade.
8 My soul cleaves close unto thee still:
thy right hand hath me staid.
9 But they that seek my soul to wast,
down under earth shall go.
10 Slain by the sword, they shall be cast
a part the foxes to.
11 Yet shall the King in God rejoyce,
all they that by him swear▪
Shall likewise glory, but their mouth
bee stopt that lies declare.

PSAL: LXIIII. To the chief musician A Psalm of David.

O God when I my prayer make,
my voice then do thou hear:
Also do thou preserve my life
[...] from the enemies fe [...]r.
2 From secret plotts of wicked men,
[...] me in secrecie:
From th'in [...]rection of all them,
that work iniquitie.
[Page 121]
3 Who have their tongue so sharply whet
as if it were a sword:
And bend their bows to shoot their shafts,
a very bitter word.
4 That they in secrecie may shoot
the perfect man to hit;
They suddenly do shoot at him,
nor are affraid of it.
5 Themselves they in a matter ill,
encourage how they may
Lay snares in secret: 'tis their talk
who shall them see? they say.
6 They do search out iniquitie,
a search exact they keep:
The inward thought of every man,
and heart is also deep.
7 But God shall shoot at them a shaft;
their wounds be suddain shall.
8 So as they shall their own tongue make
upon themselves to fall.
All that them see away shall flee.
9 All men shall fear and tell
The workes of God, for of his deed
they shall consider well.
10 The just shall in the LORD be glad,
and trust in him he shall:
And they that upright ar [...] in heart,
in him shall glory all.

PSAL: LXV. [Page 122] To the chief musician, A Psalm and Song of David.

SIlence to thee: the praise O God,
in Sion▪ paid shall bee
2 The vow to thee. Who hearest prayers
all flesh shall come to thee.
3 Workes of iniquitie prevail
against me sore do they:
But as for our transgressions,
thou shalt them purge away.
4 O blessed is the man of whom
thou thy free choice dost make,
And that he may dwell in thy courts
him near to thee dost take:
For with the good things of thy house
be satisfied shall wee,
And with the holy things likewise
that in thy Temple bee.
5 In righteousness thou by the things
that dreadfully are done,
Wilt answer give to us, O God
of our salvation:
On whom the end [...] of all the earth
do consi [...]tently stay,
And likewise they that are remov'd
[...] off upon the sea.
6 He g [...]rt with might, doth by his strēgth
[...] doth swage
7 The noise of seas, noise of their waves
[Page 123]also the peoples rage.
8 Who in the utmost parts do dwell,
they at thy tokens quake:
The morns out-goings and the nights
thou to rejoice dost make▪
9 Thou visit'st th'earth, and warrest it.
with Gods flood water-fill'd,
Thou makst it rich: thou corn preparst.
when so thou hast it till'd.
10 Herridges richly waterest thou,
her furrows thou sets fast:
With showres thou makst it soft to bee,
her springing blest thou hast.
11 Thou with thy goodnes dost the year▪
a-dorn as with a crown:
Also the paths where thou dost tread
they f [...]tness do drop down.
12 On pastures of the wilderness
they dropping do distill:
And girt with joy on every side
is every little hill.
13 The pastures clothed are with stocks,
corn over-covering
The valleys is, so that for joy
they shout and also sing.

PSAL: LXVI. To the chief musician, A Song or Psalm.

[Page 124]
O All yee Nations unto God
a noise triumphant raise.
2 Sing forth the honour of his name:
make glorious his praise.
3 How dreadfull in thy workes art thou?
thus unto God say yee,
Through greatness of thy might, thy foes
shall yield themselves to thee.
4 All they to thee shall bow themselves
that dwell upon the earth:
And sing unto thee, they shall sing
unto thy name with mirth.
5 Come hither and the workes of God Selah.
which he hath wrought O see:
In doing to the sonns of men
how terrible is hee!
6 Hee did the Sea to dry land turn:
a way thereby they had
On foot to pass the river through,
there we in him were glad.
7 Hee ruleth by his power for aye,
his eys the nations spy:
Let not those that rebellious are
lift up themselves on high. Selah.
8 Yee people bless our God, and make
his pr [...]yses voyce be heard,
9 Which holds our soul in life, and hee
lets not our feet be stirr'd.
10 For God thou hast us prov'd, thou hast
us tri'd, as silvar's t [...]de,
[Page 125]11 Into the net brought us thou hast,
on our loynes straitness ty'd
12 Men o're our heads thou madst to ride,
through fyre and water pass
Did wee: but us thou brought'st into
a place that wealthy was.
13 With offrings I'le go to thine house,
my vowes I'le pay to thee.
14 Which my lips uttered, and mouth spake,
when trouble was on mee.
15 Burnt offerings I will offer thee.
that full of fatness are,
Of Rams the incense; bullocks eke
with goats I will prepare. Selah
16 Come hither harken unto mee,
all ye that God do fear:
And what he hath done for my soul,
to you I will declare.
17 With mouth I cry'd to him, and with
my tongue extoll'd was hee.
18 If in my heart I sin regard,
the LORD will not hear mee.
19 But now assuredly God hath
vouchsafed me to hear:
Hee to my supplications voyce.
did give attentive ear.
20 O blessed be the mighty God,
because my pray'r hath hee
Not turn'd away: nor yet his own
benignity from mee.
[Page 126]

To the chief musician on Negin [...]th, A Psalm or Song.

GOD gracious be to us and gi [...]
his blessing us unto,
Let him upon us make to shine
his countenance also.
2 That there may be the knowledg of Selah
thy way, the earth upon,
And also of thy saving health
in every nation.
3 O God let thee the people praise,
let people all praise thee.
4 O let the nations rejoyce,
and glad O let them bee:
For judgment th [...] with righteousness
shalt give thy folk unto;
The nations that are on the earth
thou shalt them lead also.
5 O God let thee the people praise,
let people all praise thee.
6 Her fruit abundant by the earth
shall then forth yeelded bee.
7 God ev'n our own God, shall us bless
God bless us surely shall:
And of the earth the utmost coasts
they shall him reverence all.

PSAL: LXVIII. To the chi [...]f musician on Neginoth, A Psa [...]m or Song.

[Page 127]
LEt God arise, his enemies
let them dispersed bee:
Let them also that do him hate,
away before him free.
2 Like as the smoke away is driven,
so drive thou them away:
As wax at fyre melts, wicked so
let in Gods sight decay.
3 But let the righteous ones be glad.
O let them joyfull bee:
Before Gods face let them also,
rejoyce exceedinglie.
4 To God, sing, to his name sing praise,
that rideth on the skies,
Extoll ye him by his name Jah:
before him joy likewise.
5 A father of the fatherless,
and of the widdows case
God is a judg; and that within
his holy dwelling place.
6 God seats in hous the desolate,
those that in chains are bound
He frees; but those that rebells are,
dwell in a barren ground.
7 O God when as thou didst go forth,
in presence of thy folk:
When through the desart wilderness
in marching thou didst walk. Selah.
[...] The earth did at Gods presence shake:
from heavens the drops down fell:
[Page 128]Sinai it self did move before
the God of Israel.
9 O God that on thy heritage,
didst send a plenteous rain▪
Wherby when as it weary was,
thou it confirm'dst again.
10 Thy congregation dwelt therin:
thou didst O God prepare
Of thy benignitie▪ for them
that poor afflicted are.
11 The LORD ye word gave, great's their troop
that have it published.
12 She that at home stayd parts the spoil,
when Kings of hoasts fled, fled.
13 Though ye have lien among the pots▪
like doves wings be shall yee:
With silvar deckt, her feathers eke
with yellow gold that bee.
14 When there th'Almighty scattred Kings
t'was white as Salmons snow.
15 Gods hill like Bashan hill, high hill,
like Bashan hill unto.
16 Why do ye leap ye loftie hills?
this is the very hill,
In which God loves to dwell, the LORD
dwell in it ever will.
17 Gods charriots, twice ten thousand fold
thousands of Angels bee;
With them as in his holy place,
[Page 129]on Sinai's mount is hee.
18 Thou didst ascend on high, thou ledst
captivity captive,
For men, yea for rebellious ones,
thou diddest gifts receive.
19 That God the LORD might dwell with them
who daily doth us load
With benefits, the LORD be blest,
even our salvations God. Selah
20 The God he of salvation is,
that is our God most strong▪
And to the LORD JEHOVAH doth
issues from death belong.
21 But God shall wound the enemies head
the hairy scalp also,
Of him that in his trespasses
on forward still doth go.
22 The LORD said I'le bring back again,
again from Bashan hill:
My people from the depths of seas
bring back again I will.
23 That thou mayst dip thy foot in blood,
thy dogs their tongues likewise,
May be imbrued in the same
blood of thine enemies.
24 They have thy goings seen O God.
thy goings in progress
Ev'n of my God, my King, within
his place of holiness.
[Page 130]25 Before them did the singers go,
then they that play to song:
The D [...]msells that on Timbrells play
were them the midst among.
26 Within the congregation,
bless God in humble wise;
Ev'n bless the LORD, who from ye spring
of Israel doe arise.
27 Ther's little Benjamin their chief,
there Judahs lords, and there
Their counsel, Lords of Zebulon,
and Naplithali there were.
28 The strēgth thou hast, ev'n by thy God
the same commanded was;
Confirm, O God, the thing which thou
for us hast brought to pass.
29 For thy house at Jerusalem.
Kings shall bring gifts to thee.
30 Rebuke the troups of spearmen, troups
of bulls that mighty bee:
With peoples calves, and him that doth
with silvar peeces bow:
The people that themselves delight
in warr, O scatter thou.
* 31 From Egipt there shall Princes come,
and th'Ethiopians land
Shall speedily unto the LORD,
reach h [...]r out-stre [...]ched hand.
32 Earths kingdoms sing ye un [...]o God:
unto the LORD sing praise. Selah.
[Page 131]33 To him that rides on heav'ns, of heav'ns
that were of ancient dayes.
Lo he his voyce a strong voyce gives.
34 To God [...]scribe ye might,
His excellence o're Israel is,
his strength is in the height.
35 Thou God art from thy Temple dread:
the God of Israel hee
Gives strength, and to his people powr,
O let God blessed bee.

PSAL: LXIX. To the chief musician, upon Sh [...]shannim, A Psalm of David.

THe wa [...]ers in unto my soul
[...]e come, O God, me save.
2 I am [...] muddy deep sunk down,
wher [...] I no standing have:
Into deep waters I am come,
where floods me overflow.
3 [...] my crying [...];
my throat is dried so,
Mine eyes fail, for my God I wayt.
4 They that have hated mee
W [...]hout a cause, then mine heads hairs,
[...] number bee:
[...] enemies wrongfully
they [...] would me slay,
Th [...]y might [...]e, then I restor [...]d,
[...] took not away.
[Page 132]
5 O God thou know'st my foolishness,
my sin's not hid from thee.
6 Who w [...]yt on thee, Lord GOD of hoasts
let not be sham'd for mee:
O never suffer them who doe
for thee inquiry make,
O God of Israel to bee
confounded for my sake.
7 By reason that I for thy sake▪
reproach have suffered:
Confusion my countenance,
hath over-covered.
8 I as a stranger am become,
my brethren ev'n unto.
[...] my mothers children I
an ali [...]nt am also.
9 For of thy house the fervent zeal
hath quite up eaten mee:
And on m [...] their reproaches fell,
that have reproached thee.
10 In fasts I wept, and spent my soul,
this was reproach to mee.
[...] And I my garment sackcloth made,
yet must their proverb bee.
12 They that do sit within the gate,
against me speak they do;
Unto the drinkers of strong drink,
I was a song also.
13 Bu [...] I in an accepted time,
to thee LORD, make my prayer:
[Page 133]O God me in thy saving trueth,
and in much mercy hear.
14 Deliver me out of the [...],
and me from sinking keep:
Let me be freed mine haters from,
and out of waters deep.
15 O're-flow me let not water floods,
nor me let swallow up
The deep, and let not thou the pit,
her mouth upon me shu [...]t.
16 Jehovah, hear thou me, for good
is thy benignitie:
After thy mercyes multitude,
O turn thy face to mee.
17 And from thy servant hide not thou
thy countenance away:
Because that I in trouble am,
hear me without delay.
18 O draw thou nigh unto my soul.
redeem thou it likewise:
Deliver me, because of them
that are mine enemies.
19 Thou my reproach hast known, also
my shame, and my disgrace:
Mine advarsaries every one,
they are before thy face.
20 Reproach mine heart hath by [...] griev'd
I sought some me to moa [...]
But none there was: and sought for some
[Page 134]to comfort, but found none.
21 In stead morover of my meat,
they gave unto me gall.
They gave me vineger to drink,
to quench my thirst withall.
22 Their table let before their face
to them become a snare,
And that let be a trap, which should
have been for their welfare.
23 Their eyes let darkned be likewise,
that they may never see;
With trembling also make their loynes
to shake continuallie.
24 Pour out thine ire on them, let soi [...]
on them thine anger fell.
25 Their pallace let be desolate:
none in their tents let dwell.
26 Because they do him persecute,
on whom thy stroke is found,
Also they talk unto the grief,
of them whom thou dost wound.
27 Do thou to their iniquity,
iniquity more add:
Into thy righteousness for them
let entrance none be had.
28 Out of the book of living ones,
O do thou them forth blot:
And them amongst that righteous are
bee written let them not.
[Page 135]29 But I, O God, am poor and sad:
let thy he [...]lth lift me high
30 With song I'le praise the name of God
with thankes him magnify.
31 Unto Jehovah this also
shall be more pleasing farr.
Then any oxe or bullock young,
that horn'd, and hoofed are.
32 This thing when as they shall behold,
then shall be glad the meek;
Also your heart shall ever live,
that after God doe seek.
33 Because the LORD ye poor doth hear,
nor's prisoners doth despise:
Let heav'n, earth, seas, him praise and all
that mo [...]es therin likewise.
35 For God will Judahs Citties build,
and Sion he will save:
That they may dwell therin, and may
it in possession have.
36 And of his servants then the seed
inherit shall the same:
Also therin inhabit shall
they that do love his name.

PSAL: LXX. To the chief musician, A Psalm of David to bring to remembrance.

O God to rescue mee;
LORD to mine help ma [...]e hast.
[Page 136]2 Who seek my soul asham'd let bee.
and let them be [...]:
Turn'd back and [...] be they
that in my [...] delight.
3 Turn'd back be they, [...]
their [...] for to [...].
4 Let those [...]
be glad and joy in thee:
Who love thy [...]
God magnifyed bee.
5 But poor and needy I,
hast, God, to me, I pray:
Thou art my help, and liberty.
O LORD do not del [...]y.


JEhovah I for safety doe
betake my self to thee,
Confusion to be put unto.
O never suffer m [...]e.
2 Mee [...] in thy righteousness,
let me deliverance have:
O bow thou down thine [...] to mee,
also do thou mee save.
3 Bee thou my habitation fast,
where I may still resort:
Thou me to save commanded hast,
for thou'rt my Rock and Fort.
4 My God, from wicked's hand me free,
from fierce hand and unjust.
[Page 137]5 Becaus thou LORD GOD are my hope
and from my youth my trust.
6 Up from the [...] thou did [...]
thou [...]
Out of my moth [...] [...]
my praise shall [...]e of thee.
7 To many [...]
but thou my refuge strong.
8 Let with thy praise my mouth be filld▪
and honour all day long.
9 Unto the time of older age,
O cast me not away:
And doe thou not abandon mee▪
when my strength doth decay.
10 For they that be mine enemies,
those men against me spake,
Who for my soul lay-wayt likewise
together counsell take.
11 They say God hath him quite for-gone
now persecute him yee,
And apprehend ye him, for none
there is to set him free.
12 O God from me depart not farr;
my God to help me hast.
13 Who my soules adversaries are
O let them be abash't:
Yea let them quite consumed bee:
let them be covered [...]ke
With foul disgrace, and in [...]amie,
[Page 138]that for my hurt do seek.
14 Howbeit I with patience still,
on thee will w [...]lting bee:
And more and more yet and I will,
to all the praise of thee.
15 My mouth shall forth thy righteousnes,
and thy salvation show,
From day to d [...]y, for of the same
no numbers do I know.
16 I in the strength of GOD the LORD,
will still along go on:
I will thy righteousness record,
yea even thine alone.
17 From my youth up O mighty God,
thou hast instructed mee,
I hither to have shew'd abroad
the wonders wrought by thee.
18 And now also when I am old,
and [...] O God,
Forsake me not, till I have tould
thy mighty powr abroad,
Unto this gen [...]ration,
[...]nd unto every one
That [...]all h [...]rafter [...]e to come,
thy strong dominion.
19 Also th [...] righteousness O God,
is high [...]
[...] thou hast wrought▪
O God [...] to thee▪
[Page 139]20 Thou who hast caused me to see
afflictions great and sore.
Shalt turn and quicken [...] and mee
from depths of th'earth restore.
21 Thou shalt my greatnes multiply,
and comfort me alwayes.
22 Also with timed psaltery
I will shew forth thy prayse.
O thou my God, sing forth will I
to thee mine harp upon,
Thy faithfullness and verity,
O Israels holy one.
23 My lips rejoyce with shouting shall.
when I to thee shall sing:
My soul which freely thou from thrall,
to liberty didst bring.
24 Likwise my tongue shall forth declare,
thy justice all day long:
Because that they confounded are,
and sham'd that seek my wrong.

PSAL: LXXII. A Psalm f [...]r Solomon

O God thy judgment give the King:
Thy justice likewise to his son.
2 Just judgment he thy folk shall bring:
And to thy poor see judgment done.
3 The mountains shall abundantly
Unto the people bring forth peace:
The little hills accordingly
By executing righteousness.
[Page 140]
4 Poor of the people judg he shall,
And children of the needy save:
Hee shall to pieces break ev'n all
Them that with fraud oppressed have.
5 They shall thee fear, while Sun & Moon
Endure through generations all.
6 Like rain on mourn grass he shall come
As show [...]rs on earth distilling-fall.
7 The j [...]st shall flourish in his dayes,
And store of peace till no moon bee.
8 And from the Seas unto the seas,
From floud to lands end reign shall bee.
9 They that dwell in the wilderness,
Themselves before him bow they must:
And they who are his enemies,
They verily shall lick the dust.
10 Upon him presents shall bestow,
Of Tarshish, and the Iles the Kings:
Shebahs, and Sebahs Kings also
Shall unto him give offerings.
11 Yea unto him all Kings shall fall,
And serve him every nation:
12 For needy crying, save he shall,
The poor and helper that hath none.
13 The poor and needy snare shall bee,
The souls eke of the needy save.
14 Their souls from fraud, and wrong set free
By him shall they redemptiō have.
Their blood shall in his eyes be dear.
15 And he shall live, and Shebahs gold
[Page 141]They shall him give, still by him prayer
Shall [...] dayly be exto [...]d,
16 Of corn an handfull shall be there
I'th land the mountains tops upon;
Whose fruit in shaking shall appear,
Like to the trees of Lebanon:
And who are of the Citty [...]they
Like grass on earth shall flourish all.
17 His name it shall endure for [...]
As long as Sun continue shall.
Even so his name continue shall,
And men in him themselves shall bless▪
And of the world the nations all▪
Shall him the blessed one profess.
18 O let Jehovah blessed bee.
The God the God of Israel.
For by himself alone doth hee
Work things that wondrous are to t [...]ll.
19 And blessed be his glorious Name
For ever▪ let the earth fil'd bee
Full with the glory of the same,
Amen, also Amen say wee.

For [...] tune [...].

And aye be blest his glorious name,
let a [...]l the earth fill'd bee:
Likewise with glory of the same,
Amen Amen say wee.
[Page 142]


PSAL: LXXIII. A Psalm of Asaph.

SUre God is good to Israel:
ev'n to the clean in heart.
2 But yet my feet had almost slipt▪
my steps did well-nigh start.
3 For at the fools envious was:
to see lewd men in pe [...]ce.
4 For without bands through death they pass,
their strength doth nothing cease.
5 Like other mean men they are not,
[...]n toylsom miseries:
Nor stricken with like plagues are they,
as other mortalls bee.
6 Pride therfore like a chain doth sence,
them on each side about:
And like a garment violence
doth cover them throughout.
7 Out of the fullness of their fate
extended are their eyes:
They do enjoy more prosprous state
then what their hearts devise.
8 Corrupt they are and wickedly
speak guile; they proudly talk.
[Page 143]Their mouth the heavens doth defy,
their tongue through th'earth doth walk.
10 Therfore his people hitherto
do [...] themselves about;
And waters of their cup o're-flow,
that are to them wrung out.
11 And they have said how can it bee
that God this thing should know.
Is there in him that is most high
herof the knowledg too▪
12 Behold th'ungodly men are these,
yet have tranquillity:
They do within the world increase,
in rich abillity.
13 Sure I have washt my heart in vain,
and hands in innocence:
14 For every day I plag [...]'d have been,
each morn with chastizments.
15 If I should say that I will make
this declaration:
Loe of thy sonns I should offend
their generation.
16 When as I thought this thing to know
it was too hard for mee.
17 Till I did to Gods Temple go
where I their end did see.
18 Surely in places slippery,
these men thou placed hast:
To desolations suddenly▪
[Page 144]thou doest them also cast.
19 As in a moment how are they
brought to destruction▪
And how are they con [...]'d away,
with sad confusion?
20 Like to a dream, as when a man
awaking doth arise.
When thou awak'st their Image then
O LORD thou shalt despise.
21 My heart with grief was leaven'd so,
prickt were my reines in m [...]e.
22 So foolish I, and did not know:
like as a beast with thee.
23 Nevertheless continually.
before thee I do stand:
Thou hast upheld me stedfastly,
also by my right hand.
24 Thou with thy prudent counsell shalt
direction to me give;
Up afterward also thou shalt,
to glory me receive.
25 In heav'n above but thee alone,
who is it that I have?
And there is nothing th'earth upon
beside thee that I crave.
26 This flesh of mine, also my heart
doth fill me altogether:
The Mighty God he is my part,
and strength of heart for ever.
[Page 145]
27 For lo, they that are far from thee.
shall utterly decay;
All that a who [...]ng go from t [...]ee
thou shalt consume away▪
28 But as for mee, it's good that I
neer unto God repair:
I do on God the LORD rely,
thy workes all to declare.

PSAL: LXXIIII. Maschil of Asaph.

O God why hast thou cast us [...]?
thy rage why dost thou keep▪
For evermore thus smoaking out,
against th [...] pasture sheep▪
2 Mind thou thy church thou boughtst of [...]
ev'n thy possessions [...]od.
Which thou redeemd'st: this S [...]ons mount
wherin thou hast aboad.
3 Unto the lasting ruinous-wast [...].
lift up thy foot on high:
All that the fo [...] hath [...]illy done,
within thy Sanctuary.
4 Within the congregations
wherin thy people met,
Thine enemies roar: their ensignes they
for tok [...]ns have up set.
5 The m [...]n that axes on thick trees
did lift up, had renown▪
6 But now with [...]x and m [...]ules at once
they beat their carv'd workes down.
[Page 146]7 They fy [...]ed have thy Sanctuary;
thy Name its dwelling place
By casting down unto the ground,
they do prophanely raze.
8 Let us together them destroy:
thus in their heart they said,
Gods Synagogues throughout the [...]
all in the flames they laid.
9 Our signes wee see not ther's no more,
a Prophet us among:
Nor with us any to be found
that understands how long.
10 How long yet shall th'oppressing foe,
O Mighty God defame?
Thine enemy for evermore,
shall he blaspheme thy name?
11 Why dost thou hold thine hand? pluck from
thy [...]oss [...]m thy right hand.
12 God is my King of old, and workes
salvation 'midst the land.
13 Thou didst by thine Almighty powr,
divide the Sea assunder:
The Dr [...]gons heads in [...] thou
didst break the waters under.
14 The heads of the Leviathan
thou into pieces brake
To people that in des [...]rts dwell [...]
[...] thou didst him make.
15 Thou cla [...]'st the [...] the flood
[...] up fonds of [...]ight.
[Page 147]
16 Thine is the day and night is thine:
thou [...]un prepa [...], and light.
17 Of all the borders of the earth▪
foundations layd'st thou fast:
The Summer and the winter both
the same thou formed hast.
18 Remember this the enemy doth
Jehovah: and the foolish [...]olk,
blasphemed have thy name.
19 O do not to the multitude
thy Turtles soul deliver:
The congregation of thy poor,
forg [...]t not thou for ever.
20 Unto thy Cov'nant have respect;
for where dark places bee,
Throughou [...] the earth▪ th [...]y filled are
with [...] of crueltie.
21 O never [...] th'oppressed one,
return away with th [...]e.
O [...]et the poor and needy one
give prayse unto thy name.
22 Arise O God plead thine own cause▪
[...] thou in memorie,
How [...] by day [...] foolish man,
with [...] reproacheth thee.
23 Thine enemies voyce f [...]rget not thou▪
the [...] of those▪
Continually ascends on high.
that rise thee to oppose.
[Page 148]

To the chief musician [...] Psalm or Song of Asaph.

O God to thee give thanks wee do,
wee do give thanks to thee:
How that thy Name is neer also,
thy wonders shew to bee▪
2 When I receive th'assembly shall,
judg uprightly I will.
3 The earth melts and its dwellers all,
I stay its pillars still. Selah.
4 I said unto the foolish ones,
deal not so foolishly:
Also unto the wicked ones,
lift not the horn on high.
5 Lift yee not up your horn on high;
with stifned neck speak not.
6 For from East, west [...] or wilderness,
promotion is not got.
7 But God is judg: one he sets up,
another down doth tread.
8 For in the LORDs hand is a cup,
the wine is also red:
Of mixture full, hee poures therout:
but yet the wicked ill
That are on earth, the dregs therof
wring out, and drink them shall.
9 But as concerning mee alwayes,
I will declare [...]broad:
And I will sing a psalm of praise,
to him that's Jacob. God.
[Page 149]10 Of men ungodly all the horns
also cut off will I:
But of the righteous ones the horns
shall be exalted high.

PSAL: LXXVI. To the chief musician, on Negi [...]oth, A Psalm or Song of Asaph.

IN Judah God is known: his Name
is great in Israel.
2 In Salem also is his Tent:
in Sion he doth dwell.
3 Hee arrowes of the bow there brake,
shield, sword, and battell too. Selah.
4 More bright and wondrous excellent
then mounts of prey art thou.
5 They that are stout of heart are spoil'd
they slept their sleep outright:
And none of them have found their hands,
that were the men of might.
6 O thou that art of Jacob God,
as thy rebuke outpast,
The charriot and the horse also,
to sleep of death are cast.
7 Thou even thou art to be fear'd!
O who is he therfore,
When once thou angry art that can
thy presence stand before?
8 Thou didst out from the heav'ns above
cause judgment to be heard;
[Page 150]The earth also in silence was.
exceedingly [...].
9 When is that God himself arose
his judgment to dispence.
Of all the [...] ones of the earth
to be the safe defence. Selah
10 Assuredly the wrath of [...]
shall praises to thee gain:
And the remainder of their wrath
the same thou shalt restrain.
11 Vow to the LORD your God, and pay:
all that about him [...].
And bring ye an oblation.
to him that is our FEAR.
12 The spirit that in Princes is.
assunder cut shall hee:
Unto the Kings on earth that are,
hee shall most dreadfull bee.

PSAL: LXXVII. To the chief musician, to Iedu [...], A Psalm of Asaph.

MY voyce was to the mighty God,
yea cryed out I have;
My voyce was to the mighty God,
and ear to me he gav [...].
2 In my distress I sought the LORD,
my sore [...] in the night.
And cea [...]d not▪ my soul also
refused comfort quite.
[Page 151]3 I did remember God, likewise
disquieted was I:
I did complain, my spirit also
[...]'rewhelmd was heavily. Selah.
4 Awaking thou dost hold mine eyes:
I cannot speak for feares.
5 I have considered dayes of old.
of ancient times the yeares.
6 To my remembrance I do call,
the song in night I had:
I commun'd with my heart, also
strict search my spirit made.
7 For ever will the LORD cast off▪
and pleas [...] will he not bee?
8 His tender mercy is it c [...]ast
to perpetuitie?
His promise doth it fayl for aye [...]
9 W [...]t to bee gracious
Hath God forgotten? and [...]hut up
in wrath his bowells thus? Selah.
* 10 Then said I this my weakness is,
yet to remembrance I
Will call the yeares of the right hand,
of him that is most high.
11 I will unto remembrance call,
the actions of the LORD:
Thy wondrous workes of ancient time▪
I surely will record.
12 I'le [...]use of all thy workes likewise,
and of thy doings talk.
[Page 152]13 Within the Temple is the way
O God, where thou dost walk.
14 What God so great as our God is?
works wonderfull that are
Thou God hast done; among the folk
thou dost thy strength declare.
15 Thy people thou from thraldom hast
with thy strong arme set free,
Of Jacob, and of Joseph too
those that the children bee. Selah
16 Thee did the waters see, O God,
thee did the waters see:
They were afraid▪ the deeps also,
could not but troubled bee.
17 With waters were the clouds pour'd forth
the skies a sound out sent:
Also thine arrowes on each side,
abroad dispersed went.
18 Thy thunders voyce in heaven was:
thy lightnings they did make
The world enlightned, and the earth
did tremble and did shake.
19 Thy wayes i'th sea, thy paths and steps,
unknown are in the deep.
20 By Moses [...]nd by Arons hand,
thou ledst thy folk like sheep.

PSAL. LXXVIII Ma [...]il of Asaph.

GIve [...]istning ear unto my Law,
yee people that are mine:
[Page 153]Unto the sayings of my mouth,
do you your ear encline.
2 My mouth I'le ope in parables.
I'le speak things his of old:
Which we have heard & known; and which
our fathers have us told.
4 Them from their children wee'l not hide,
but shew the age to come,
The LORD his praise; his strength and workes
of wonder he hath done.
5 In Jacob he a witness set,
a Law in Israel,
Hee gave, which he our fathers charg'd
they should their children tell.
6 That th'age to come & children which
are to be born might know;
That they who should [...]rise, the same
might to their children show.
7 That they upon the Mighty God
their confidence might set:
Gods works, and his commandements
might keep, and not forget.
8 And might not like their fathers bee,
a cross, stiff race, a r [...]ce
That set not right their hearts; nor firme
with God their spirit was.
9 The armed [...]o [...]ms of Ephr [...]im,
[...] with th [...]ir bow,
Did turn their back the day wherin,
they did to battle go.
[Page 154]10 Gods cov'nant they observed not,
to walk in a Law [...]eal'd.
11 His works and wo [...]den they forgot,
[...] to them prescrib'd.
12 Hee many a wondrous thing did work
before their [...] eyes,
Within the land of Egipt seen,
in [...] field lik [...]wise.
13 Assunder he the sea did [...],
and caus'd them through to pass:
And he the waters made to stand,
th [...] as an heap it was.
14 With cloud by day, with fyre by night
15 [...] them▪ Rocks he clave,
In wilderness, as from great deeps,
drink unto them he gave,
16 Ev'n from out of the stony rock
streams he did bring also,
And caused water to run down,
like as the rivers do.
17 Moreover they did add yet more
against him for to sin:
By their provoaking the most high
the wilderness within.
18 Morover they within their heart
by tempting God did tr [...]e,
By asking [...] for meat
their l [...]st to [...].
19 And spake against the mighty God,
and said wh [...] is God [...],
[Page 155]Within the des [...]rt wilderness
to [...]?
20 Lo he th [...] [...] thence,
[...] out, and stream [...] did flow▪
Can he [...] people [...]esh provide?
21 The LORD heard, he was wrath for this,
so kindled wa [...] a fyre,
Gainst Jacob: and gainst Israel,
there c [...]me up wrathfull [...].
22 For they in God believed not:
nor in his [...]ealth did hope:
23 Though from above he charg'd the clouds
and dores of heav'n set [...]:
24 On them he Manna [...]aind to eat;
and gave them heavens wheat.
25 Each man of them eat Angels food:
to'th full he sent them meat.
26 I'th heav'ns he made ye east wind blow
brought south wind by his powr.
27 He flesh on them like dust: wing'd foules
like sand of seas did showr.
28 And in the middest of their camp
he caused it to fall,
Ev'n round about on every side
their dwelling places [...].
29 So they did eat they filled were
abundantly also:
For that which w [...]s their own desire,
he did on them bestow.
[Page 156]
30 They from their hasting [...]
were not [...]estrang'd at all,
But while their meat was in their mouth,
31 Gods wrath did on them [...],
And slew their fat on [...], and smo [...]e down
the choise of Israels men.
32 Yet for all this they sinn'd, nor did
believe his wonders then.
33 Therfore in vanity the dayes
[...]e of their life did spend:
And he their yeares brought hastily
unto a fearfull end.
34 When he them flew, then after him
they sought with their desire,
And they return'd and after God,
they early did enquire.
35 Likewise that God was their strong rock,
they call'd to memorie:
And how that their redeemer was
the mighty God most high.
36 Yet with their mouth they flattered him
and to him their tongues ly'd.
37 For right their heart was not with him,
nor did in's cov'nant 'bide.
38 But full of mercy he forgave
their sin, and stroyd them not;
Yea oft he turn'd his wrath aside,
nor rays'd all's anger hot.
39 For he recalled unto mind,
[Page 157]how that frayl flesh they were:
And as it were a passing wind,
that doth no more appear.
40 How oft in desart vext the [...] him,
and grief put him upon?
41 Yea they did turn, tempt God, and did
stint Israels holy one.
42 His hand they did not keep in mind,
nor on the day they thought,
Wherin he from the enemy
for them deliverance wrought.
43 How he his signes miraculous,
in Egypt wrought likewise:
And also in the field of Zo [...]n,
his fearfull prodigies▪
44 Also how he their rivers had
converted into blood▪
And so as that they could not drink
the waters of the flood.
45 Amongst them which did them devo [...]
he sent forth divers flyes:
And to destroy them, them amongst
he sent the frogs likewise.
46 He gave their fruit to th'catterpillars▪
to Locusts eke their toyl.
47 He did their vines destroy with hayl:
with frost their figtrees spoyl.
48 Their cattle he delivered up
unto the hayl also;
[Page 158]And he their hea [...]ds of cattle [...]
hot thunder-bolts unto.
49 He cast on them [...]erce ire▪ and wrath,
and indignation strong;
And sore distress, by sending forth
ill Angels them among.
50 He made a way unto his wrath,
their soul he did not save
From death, but unto pestilence,
their lively ones he gave.
51 He within Egypt land also
the first born all did smite:
Those that within the tents of [...]
were chiefest of their might.
52 [...]ut like a flock of sheep [...]e made
his people forth to go:
And in the desart like a flock,
he guided them also.
53 In safety he them led likewise.
so that they did not fear;
But in the sea their enemies,
he overwhelmed there.
54 The border of his holy place
them therunto be brought:
Yea even to this mountain which,
by his right hand he bought.
55 Fore them he cast the heathen out,
he did their lot divide
By line; and Isr'els tribes he made
in their tents to abide▪
[Page 159]
56 Yet they did tempt, and bitterly
did grieve the God most high:
Also his Testimonies they
kept [...] attentively.
57 But like their fathers, back they turn'd
and faithlesness did show:
They turned were aside ev'n like
unto a warping bow.
58 For the [...]r to anger did provo [...]k
him with their places high:
And with their graven Images,
mo [...]'d him to jealousy.
59 God hearing this, was wrath, & loath'd
Isr'el with hatred great.
60 So Shiloah [...] tent he left [...] the rent
which he among men set.
61 And he delivered up his strength
into captivity:
Also into the enemies hand
his glorious Majesty.
62 To th'sword he gave his folk: and was
wroth with his heritage
63 Their young men fyre devour'd their maids
none gave in marriage.
64 Their Priests fell by the sword▪ likwise
their widdows did no [...] weep▪
65 Thou did the LORD [...]s one arise
aw [...]ned out of sleep.
Like as a strong man [...]
[Page 160]66 doth shout. Hee also smot
His foes [...] so gave he them
an everlasting [...].
67 Then he did Josephs [...]ent refuse▪
nor Ephraims tribe approv'd.
68 But did the tribe of Judah chuse:
mount Sion which he lov'd.
69 His holy place he builded then,
like pallaces on high:
Like to the earth which he did set
to perpetuity.
70 Hee of his servant David then
di [...] his election make,
And from the place of folding in
the sheep he did him take.
71 From following of ye ews with young.
he did him then advance:
His people Jacob for to feed,
Isr'el his heritance.
72 S [...] he them fed according to
his hearts integrity:
And by his skilfullnes of hand
them led accordingly.

PSAL: LXXIX. A Psalm of Asaph.

O God the heathen entred have
thine heritance, and defil'd
Thine holy Temple; they on heapes
Jerusalem have pil'd.
[Page 161]2 Thy [...] bodies that are dead,
they given have for meat
To th'fowls of heav'n▪ to th'beasts of th'earth
flesh of thy saints to eat.
3 Their blood they have forth poured round
about Jerusalem;
Like unto warers: and there was
none for to bury them.
4 To those that near unto us dwell
reproach become are wee:
A scoffing and a scorn to them,
that round about [...] bee.
5 How long Jehovah wilt thou still
continue in thine [...],
For ever [...] shall thy jealousy
burn forth like unto fyre?
6 Upon the heathen pour thy wrath,
who never did thee know:
Upon the kingdoms that have not
call'd on thy name also.
7 Because they Jacob have devour'd,
and they his dwelling place,
To utter desolation
did wonderfully raze.
8 Mind not against us former sinns.
O let thy bowel [...]s hast,
Us to prevent, because wee are
near utterly layd wast.
9 God of our safety help thou us,
[Page 162]for th'honour of [...]:
Free us also, and purge away
our sin ev'n for the [...].
10 Why say ye heathen where's their God?
Before their [...] to light,
The vengeance of thy saints blood [...],
and that before our [...]ight.
11 Before thee [...]et the prisoners [...]
come up, accordingly
As mighty [...] thine arme, save those
that are design'd to dy.
12 And to our neighbours seven-fold.
into their [...] pay:
Their vile reproach wherwith O LORD
reproached thee have they.
13 So wee thy folk and pasture sheep,
will give thee thanks alwayes:
And unto generations all,
wee will shew forth thy prayse.

PSAL: LXXX. To the chief musician upon [...] Eduth. A Psalm of Asaph.

THou that leadst Joseph as a flock.
O Israels shepheard hear;
Who dwel [...] between the Cherubi [...].
O shine thou forth most clear.
2 Ephraim before, and Benjamin,
Man [...]sehs tribe also:
[Page 163]O stirr thou up thy strength, [...],
[...] salvation show.
3 O God [...] thou us again.
and cause thy [...]
To shine forth upon us, that wee
may have deliverance.
4 LORD God of [...], how long wilt thou
s [...]oak 'gainst thy peoples prayers.
5 Thou makest them to feed upon
the bread of mournfull teares.
And giv'st them many teares to drink.
6 Our neighbour [...] strife likewise
Thou mak'st us, and amongst themselves,
do laugh our enemies▪
7 O God of hoasts turn us again,
and cause thy countenance
To shine forth upon us, so wee
shall have deliverance.
8 From Egypt thou hast brought a Vine,
forth also thou didst cast
The heathen people, in their room,
the same thou planted hast.
9 Yea thou before it didst prepare
a room, where it might st [...]nd:
Thou didst it cause deep root to take,
and it did [...] the [...],
10 Her shade hid hills, her bough [...] also.
like goodly Cedars stood.
11 Shee sent her bough [...] unto the [...]
[Page 164]her branches to the [...]
12 O why then hast thou broken [...]
her hedges utterly,
So that all those do pluck at her
that in the way pass by?
13 The Boar out of the wilderness,
doth wasting it annoy:
And wild beasts of the field, the same
devouringly destroy.
14 Wee do beseech thee to return,
O God of hoasts, incline
To look from heaven, and behold,
and visit thou this Vine▪
15 The Vineyard which thou hast also
with thy right hand set fast:
That branch lik [...]wise which for thy selfe
confirm'd thou strongly hast.
16 It is consumed with the fyre,
and utterly cut down:
They perish do, and that because
thy countenance doth frown.
17 Upon the man of thy right hand,
thine hand let present bee:
Upon the son of man whom thou
hast made so strong for thee.
18 So from henceforth wee never will
from th [...]e go back [...]t all:
O do thou quicken us, and wee
upon thy Name will call.
[Page 165]
19 LORD [...] of [...],
[...] cause thy [...]
To [...]
shall have deliverance.

PSAL: LXXXI. To the [...] A Psalm of [...].

UNto the might [...] our strength▪
sing with a [...] voyce:
Unto the God of Jacob [...],
make ye a joyfull [...].
2 Take up a psalm of melody▪
the [...].
Together with the Psal [...]ery▪
and [...] string.
3 As in the [...] of the [...]
with Trumpet [...]
As in appointed time and day
of our solemnity.
4 B [...]cause that unto Israel,
this thing a statute was;
And by the God of Jacob this
did for a judgment pass.
5 This witness he in Joseph set▪
when he through Egypt went;
Wheras a language I did he [...]r,
but knew not what it ment
6 I from the burden which he bare
his shoulder did set free:
[Page 166]His hands also w [...]re from the pots
delivered by [...]
7 Thou calld'st in [...]eats, and I [...] [...]eed
in thunders s [...]cracie▪
I answered thee: at Merib [...]h
its waters proved thee. Selah.
8 Hear O my people, and I will
unto thee testifie:
If that thou wilt O Israel,
hear me attentively.
9 There shall not any strange God be:
in midst of thee at all;
Nor unto any forreign God.
thou bowing down shalt fall.
10 I am the LORD thy God, who thee
from land of Egypt led:
Thy mouth ope wide, and thou by mee
with plenty shalt be fed.
11 My people yet would not give ear,
unto the voyce I spake:
And Israel would not in mee,
their full contentment take.
12 So their perverse intents of heart
I left them up to have:
And let them walk on in their way
which their own counsells gave.
13 O that my people unto mee
obedient had bin!
And O that Israel he had
walked my wayes within.
[Page 167]
14 I should within a little time
have pulled down their foes:
I should have turn'd my hand upon
such as did them oppose.
15 The [...] of the LORD to him
obedience should have f [...]ynd:
But unto [...]
their time should have remaynd.
16 And with the finest of the wheat
have nourisht them should hee:
With h [...]ny of the rock, I should
have satisfied thee.

PSAL: LXXXII. A Psalm of Asaph.

THe mighty God doth stand within
th' assembly of the strong:
And he it is that righteously,
doth judg the gods among.
2 Give judgment of unrighteousness
how long a time will yee?
Will yee accept the countenance
of those that wicked bee?
3 See that the needy yee defend▪
also the fatherless:
Unto th' afflicted justice doe▪
and to them in distress.
4 The wasted poo [...], and those [...]
in need, deliver yee:
And them redeem out of the han [...],
of such is wicked [...].
[Page 168]
5 They know not, [...]
in darkness they walk [...]
The earths foundations all of [...]
quite out of course are [...].
6 I said▪ th [...] ye are gods, likewise
sonne of the high [...] all.
7 But ye shall dy like [...], and like
one of the princ [...]s fall.
8 That thou mayst [...] the earth, O God
do thou thy self advance:
For thou shalt have the nations all
for thine inheritance.

PSAL: LXXXIII. A Psalm or Song of Asaph.

O God do not thou silence keep▪
no longer speech refrayn,
O mighty God, do thou likewise
no longer still remayn
2 For loe they that thine enemies bee
do rage tumultuously:
And they that haters be of thee,
have lift the head on high.
3 Against those that thy people are,
they crafty counsell take:
Also against thy hidden ones
they consult [...] m [...]ke.
4 They said, lest they a [...]ation bee
let's cut them down therfore,
That in remembrance Isr [...]els name
may not be any more.
[Page 169]
5 Because they couns [...]l taken h [...]e
together with consent:
And in confederacie close
they are against thee [...].
6 The tabernacle of Edo [...],
and of the Ish [...]elites,
The people of the Hagarens,
and of the Moabites.
7 Gebal, and Ammon, Amaleck,
together do conspire:
The Philistims, with them that bee
inhabit [...]nts of Tyre.
8 Assur morover is combin'd
with them in amity:
And they have been an arm of strength
to Lots posterity.
9 As thou didst to the Midianites,
so do to them also:
As Jabin to, and Sisera
at Kishons brook, so do.
10 Who near to End or suddenly
were quite discomfited:
Who also did become as dung
that on the earth is spread.
11 Like unto Oreb, and like Zeeb,
make thou their Nobles fall;
As Zebah, and Zalmu [...]na too,
make thou their Princes all.
12 Who said, for our possession,
Gods houses let us take.
[Page 170]13 My God them like a wheel, like straw
before the wind them make.
14 As fyre doth burn a wood, and is
the flame sets hills on fyre:
15 So with thy temp [...]st them pursue,
and fright them in thine ire.
16 Do thou their faces all f [...]l full
of ignominious [...]h [...]e:
That so they may O LORD▪ be made
to seek unto thy name.
17 Put to confusion let them bee,
and vexed sore for ay:
Yea let them unto shame bee put.
and utterly decay.
18 That men may know that thou whose name
JEHOVAH is alone:
Art over all the earth throughout
advanc't the highest one.

PSAL: LXXXIIII. To the chief musician upon G [...]ttith A Psalm for the [...] of Kor [...]h.

HOw amiable LORD of hoasts
thy Tabernacles bee?
2 [...] longs for Jehovahs [...],
Unto the strong and living God,
my heart and [...] shout▪
3 Yea sp [...]rrows [...] house, her nest
[...] [...]ndes out.
[Page 171]
Wherin shee may her young ones lay,
thine Altars neer unto▪
O thou that art of Armies LORD,
my King my God also.
4 O blest [...]re they within thy house
who dwell▪ still they'le thee praise▪
5 Blest is ye man whose strength's in thee
In whose heart are their wayes.
5 Who as they pass through Baca's Vale
a [...]o [...]ta [...]n do it make:
Also the pools that are therin,
their fill of rain [...]o take.
7 From strength to strength they go: to God
in Sion all appear.
8 LORD God of hoasts, O hear my prayr
O Jacobs God, give ear.
9 Behold O God, our s [...]ield: the face
of thine annoynted see.
10 For better's in thy Courts a day
then else-where thousands bee:
I rather had a door-keeper
be i'th house of my God,
Then in the tents of wickedness
to settle mine aboad.
11 Because the LORD God is a Sun,
he is a shield also:
Jehovah on his people grace
and glory will bestow:
No good thing will be hold from them
that do walk uprightlie.
[Page 172]12 O LORD of Hoasts, the man is blest
that puts his trust in thee.

PSAL: LXXXV. To the chief musician, A Psalm for the sonns of Korah.

O LORD thou favour'd hast thy land:
Of Jacob the captivity,
Thou hast returned with thine hand.
2 Thou also the iniquity
H [...]st of thy people pardoned:
Thou all their sin hast covered. Selah.
3 Thou all thîne anger didst withdraw:
From thy fierce indignation
Thou turned hast thy self away.
4 O God of our salvation,
Convert thou us, and do thou make
Thine anger towards us to flake.
5 Ay shall thy wrath be us upon?
Wilt thou thine indignation
Draw out to generation?
And unto generation?
6 Wilt thou not turn and quicken us?
That joy in thee thy folk may thus!
7 LORD on us shew thy mercy: eke
Thy saving health on us bestow.
8 I'le hea [...] what God ye LORD will speak
For hee' [...] speak peace his folk unto,
And to his saints: but let not them
To foolishness return agen.
[Page 173]
9 His saving health is nigh at hand,
Surely to all that do him fear;
That glory ma [...] dwell in our land.
10 Mercy and truth are me [...] full near,
Prosperit [...], and righteousness.
Embracing did each other kiss.
11 Trueth springs out of the earth: also
From heaven looketh righteousness.
12 Yea, GOD shall yt that's good bestow:
Our land eke shall yeild her increase.
13 Justice shall go before his face▪
And in the way her steps shall place.

An other M [...]er.

O LORD thou favour'd hast thy land:
Jacobs captivity
2 Thou hast brought back. Thou pard'ned hast
thy folks captivity,
Thou hast close covered all their sin.
3 Thou hast thy wrath off cast,
Thou from the fierceness of thine ire,
thy self returned hast.
4 Turn us again, O thou the God
of our salvation:
And towards us cause thou to cease
thine indignation.
5 Wilt thou be angry still with us
for evermore? wh [...] shall
Thine anger be by thee drawn out
to generations all.
[Page 174]
6 Wilt thou not us revive? in thee
thy folk rejoyce shall [...]
7 Shew us thy mercy, LORD on us
thy saving health bestow.
8 [...] what God the LORD will say
because he will spe [...]k peace,
Unto his folk, and saints: lest they
return to foolishness.
9 Sure nigh to them that do him fear▪
is his salvation:
That glory may within our land
have habitation.
10 Mercy and truth do joyntly meet,
justice and peace do kiss.
11 Truth springs from [...] righte­ousness
from heaven looking is.
12 Yea what is good ye LORD shall give:
yield shall her fruit our land.
13 Justice shall 'fore him go, and make
her steps i'th way to stand.

PSAL: LXXXVI. A Prayer of David.

BOw down O LORD thine ear,
hear me attentively:
For I am poor, afflicted sore,
and needy too am I.
2 In safety keep my soul,
for gracious am I?
My God save thou thy servant now,
that doth on thee rely.
[Page 175]
3 Jehovah gracious
O be thou unto mee▪
Because that I aloud do cry
through all the day to thee,
4 O make thy servants soul
that it may joyfull bee:
Because that I O LORD, on high
do lift my soul to thee.
5 For thou O LORD art good,
to pardon proan also;
And to them all on thee that call
in mercy rich art thou.
6 Jehovah to thine ear
O let my pray'r have place▪
Attend unto the voyce also
of my requests for grace.
7 I'th day of my distress
to thee I will complain:
Because that thou will me unto
an answer give again.
8 Amongst the gods O LORD
like thee not any bee:
And no works are that may compare
with those are wrought by thee▪
9. The Nations all O LORD,
whom thou hast made, the same
Shall come adore, ev'n thee before
and gloryfie thy Name.
10 Because thou Mighty art,
the things that thou hast done,
[Page 176]They wondrous are, and do declare
that thou art God alone.
11 Teach me thy way, O LORD;
walk in thy Truth will I:
Thine holy Name to fear the same
mine heart in unionly.
12 With all mine heart I will,
O LORD my God thee prayse:
And also I will gloryfie
thy holy Name alwayes.
13 Because that unto mee
thy mercy doth excell
My soul set free hath been by thee
en'n from the lowest hell.
14 O God the proud arise
and violent troops 'gainst mee:
My soul seek they to take away,
and 'fore them set not thee.
15 But LORD a tender God▪
thou art, and gracious,
Long suffring too, in mercy thou,
and trueth art plenteous.
16 O turn to me thy face,
and on me mercy have:
Thy strength give thou thy servant now,
thine handmaids sonn O save.
17 Shew me a sign for good;
and let my haters see;
Bee sham'd also: because LORD thou
[Page 177]dost help and comfort mee.

Another Metre.

LORD bow thine ear, hear me because
I needy am, and poor.
2 Because a gracious saint I am,
preserve my soul therfore:
O thou my God thy servant save
that doth on thee rely▪
3 To me be gracious LORD, because
to thee I dayly cry.
4 Rejoyce thy servants soul, for LORD
to thee mine lift I do
5 Because Jehovah thou art good,
to pardon proan also:
And to them all in mercy rich,
thou art that on thee call.
6 LORD hear my pray'r, attend the voyce
of my requests withall.
7 I'le in my troubles on thee call,
for thou wilt answer mee.
8 LORD none's like thee amongst ye gods
and like thy works none bee.
9 The Nations all whom thou hast made
shall come, and (LORD) the same
Before thee shall bow down themselves,
and gloryfie thy Name.
10 Because thou Mighty art also,
the things that thou hast done:
[Page 178]They wondrous are and do declare,
that thou art God alone.
11 Me O Jehovah teach thy way,
walk in thy tru [...]th will I▪
With reverence to fear thy Name
my heart in union ty.
12 Thee LORD my God with all my heart
I will confess with prayse:
And likewise I will gloryfie
thy holy Name alwayes.
13 Because thy kindness mercifull,
is very great to mee:
And thou hast from the lowest hell
my soul delivered free.
14 O God the proud against me rise,
and troops of violent men
Have sought my soul: and they have not
thee placed before them.
15 But LORD thou art a tender God,
and very gratious▪
Long suffering too: in mercy thou
and trueth art plenteous.
16 O turn thou unto me the face,
and on me mercy have:
Unto thy servant give thy strength,
thine handmaids sonn O save.
17 Show me a sign for good, that they
which hate me, may it see.
And be asham'd, because LORD thou
dost help and comfort mee.
[Page 179]

A Psalm or song for the sonns of Korah.

HIs groundwork's in the holy hills.
2 Jehovahs love excells
To Sion's gates, more then to all
the tents where Jacob dwells.
3 Gods Citty things of glorious f [...]me,
are uttered of thee. Selah.
4 I Rahab will, and Babel name,
to them that knowledg mee;
Behold Philistia, and Tyre,
with Ethiopia there:
5 This man was born. This & that man
was also born in h [...]r [...]
Of Sion thus it shall be said,
And he that is most high
Ev'n he himself shall her prepare
a place of constancy.
6 The LORD when he the people tells,
shall count there born was hee.
7 There singers, and musicians are:
my springs are all in thee.

PSAL: LXXXVIII. A song or Ps [...]lm f [...]r the sonns of Korah to the [...] of Hema [...].

LORD God of my salvation,
Before thee day and night [...] I.
2 O let my p [...]y [...]r [...]
[Page 180]Incline rhine ear unto my cry.
3 Because my soul is troubled so,
And to the grave my life draw's nigh.
4 Counted with them to'th pit that go:
As on that hath no strength am I.
5 As free among those that be dead,
Like to the slain in grave up shut:
By thee no more remembered;
And by thy hand that off are cut.
6 Thou hast me layd i'th pit most low▪
In darknesses within deep caves.
7 Hard on me lies thy wrath, also
Thou me afflictst with all thy waves. Selah
8 Men that of mine acquaintance bee,
Away from me thou farr hast put:
To them thou loathsom makest mee,
From comming forth I am up shut.
9 Because of mine affliction
Mine eye with mourning pines amay:
Jehovah, I thee call upon;
And to thee stretch my hands all day.
10 Shew wonders to the dead wilt thou?
Shall dead men rise & thee confess? Selah
11 I'th grave wilt thou thy kindness show
In lost estate thy faithfullness?
12 Thy works that wonderfull have been,
What shall in darkness they be known▪
And shall thy righteousness be seen,
In that land of oblivion?
[Page 181]
13 But unto thee LORD have I cry'd:
At morn my pray'r preventeth thee.
14 Why casts thou LORD my soul aside,
Why dost thou hide thy [...] from mee▪
15 I'm poor afflicted▪ and to dy
[...] from my youthfull [...]:
[...] with [...]
While I do bear thy horrid [...],
16 Thy voice wrath over me doth go▪
Thy terrours they do me dismay.
17 As water [...] comp [...]ss me th [...]y do:
Together they me round all day.
18 Friend and companion thou hast farr
Removed off away from mee:
To those that mine acquaintance are▪
I am in dark obscuritie.

PSAL: LXXXIX. Mase [...]il of Ethan the Ezrahito.

THe mercyes of Jehovah sing
for evermore will I:
I [...]le with my mouth thy truth make known
to all posterity.
2 For I have said, that mercy shall
for ever be up-built:
Establish in the very hea [...]ns
thy faithfulness thou wilt.
[...] With him that is my chosen one
a covenant made I have:
And to my servant David I
by oath this promise [...].
[Page 182]4 To perpetuity thy seed
establish sure I will:
Likewise to generations all,
thy throne I'le build up still. Selah.
5 Also the heav'ns thy wonders LORD,
they shall with prayse confess:
Within th'assembly of the saints,
likewise thy faithfulness.
6 For to the LORD the heav'ns within
who is't we can compare?
Who's like the LORD among the sonns
of them that mighty are.
7 God greatly in the Church of saints
is to be had in fear:
And to be reverenc't of all those
that round about him are.
8 Jehovah O thou God of hoasts,
strong Jah who's like to thee?
Thy faithfulness on every side
doth round encompass thee.
9 Over the raging of the sea
thou didst dominion bear:
When as the waves therof arise,
by thee they stilled are.
10 Like to one slain, thou broken hast
in pieces Rahab quite:
Thou hast disperst thine enemies,
ev'n by thine arm of might.
11 To thee the heavens do belong,
[Page 183]the earth likewise [...] thee:
The world with fulness of the same
by thee they sounded bee.
12 The North together with the South
thou didst create the same:
Tabor likewise▪ and [...]rmons hill,
rejoyce shall in thy Name.
13 Thou hast a very mighty arm,
thy hand in strength is great:
And also that right hand of thine
aloft on high is set.
14 The habitation of thy throne
justice and judgment are:
Their way before thy face to go
both grace and truth prepare.
15 O blessed are the people that
the joyfull sound do know:
LORD in thy countenances light,
they up and down shall go.
16 They all the day shall in thy Name
rejoyce exceedingly:
And in thy righteousness they shall
be lifted up on high.
17 Because that thou art of their strength
the glorious dignity:
Our horn eke shall exalted bee
in thy benignity.
18 Because Jehovah is to us
a safe protection;
And he that is our Soveraign,
[Page 184]is Isr'els holy-one.
19 Then didst thou speak in vision
unto thy saint▪ and said,
On such an one as mighty is
I have salvation laid.
20 One chosen from the folk [...] I rais'd,
my servant David I
Have found, him I anoynted with
my oyle of sanctity.
21 With whom my hand shall stablish't be
mine arm him strengthen shall.
22 Also the enemy shall not
exact on him at all:
Nor shall the sonns of wickedness
afflict him any more.
23 Before him I'le beat down his foes,
and plague his haters sore.
24 My Mercy yet, and Verity,
with him shall be the same:
His horn likewise shall be on high
exalted in my name.
25 Morover I within the sea,
will cause his hand to stand;
Likewise within the rivers I
will se [...]e his right hand.
[...]6 To me, my Father thou▪ my God,
and health's Rock, he shall cry.
27 And I will [...] him my first born;
then [...] Kings more high.
[Page 185]28 My mercy I will keep for him,
to times which ever last:
With him also my covenant
shall be establish't fast.
29 Morover I his seed will make
for to endure alwayes:
And I his throne establish will
like as of heav'n the dayes.
30 If that his sonns forsake my Law,
and from my judgments swerve:
31 If they my Statutes break, and do
my precepts not observe;
32 Their bold transgressions with the tod,
then visit sore will I:
Likewise with stripes I visit will,
their cross iniquity.
33 My loving kindness yet from him
away take will not I:
Nor suffer will in any wise,
my Faithfullness to ly.
34 The Cov'nant I have made with him,
shall not by me be broke:
That which is gone out of my lips
I never will revoake.
35 On e [...]ware I by my Holiness
if I to David ly.
36 [...] assuredly shall last
to perpetuity.
And [...] the Sun [...] his throne▪
[Page 186]37 It like the moon shall stay:
And as in heav'n a witness true,
shall stablisht be for ay.
38 But thou hast cast off, and abhor'd;
wroth with thine oynted one,
[...]9 Thou art. Thy servants covenant
thou hast made it as none:
By casting it unto the ground,
thou hast prophan'd his crown.
40 His forts to ruin thou hast brought,
his hedges all broke down.
41 All spoyl him by the way that pass,
his neighbour's scorn hee's made.
42 His foes right hand thou hast extoll'd,
thou mak'st all's enemies glad.
43 And of his sword the edge thou turn'st
nor mak [...]st him stand in [...]ight.
44 Thou dost his crown cast down to ground
and cease his glory bright.
45 And of his youthfull yeares the dayes,
thou hast diminished:
All over with confusion
thou hast him co [...]d.
46 How long Jehovah, wilt thou hide
thy self, for eve [...] [...]ore?
Like as a burning fyre [...]ide
shall thy displeasure [...]?
48 To thy remembrance do thou call,
how short a time have I:
[Page 187]Wherfore hast thou created all
mens sonns to vanity?
48 What man alive in strength so great,
that death he shall not see?
That from the hand of grave shall set
his soul at libertie? Selah.
49 Thy former loving kindnesses
O LORD, where are they [...]?
Which in thy truth, and faithfullness▪
to David thou didst vow?
50 O LORD do thou thy servants scorn
unto remembrance call:
How in my brest I have it born,
from mighty people all.
51 Wherwith O LORD thine enemies,
do cast reproach upon:
Wherwith they do reproach the steps
of thine anoynted one.
52 O let Jehovah blessed bee
to generations all▪
Amen so let it be also
Amen, be so it shall.


PSAL: XC. A Prayer of Moses the man of God.

THou Lord our stay, hast been an house
of habitation
[Page 188]From generation unto us
to generation.
2 Before the mountains were begot,
the earth and world before
Thou formed hadst; thou art a God
from ay for evermore.
3 Thou dost by bruising to decay
turn miserable men▪
Yee sonns of men, then thou dost say,
return ye back agen.
4 For while a thousand yeares do last,
it is but in thy sight
As yesterday when it is past,
and as a watch by night.
5 Thou dost them bear away like as
a flood that overflowes:
Like sheep they are, and as the grass
which in the morning growes.
6 Which in the morn is flourishing,
and springing up doth rise;
Which is cut down at evening,
it withereth up likewise.
7 Because by reason of thine ire,
wee wasted are away:
And by thine angers burning fyre
wee speedily decay.
8 Thou hast set our iniquities
before thee in thy sight:
Our secret evills are likewise,
before thy faces light,
[Page 189]
9 Because that in thy fury all
our dayes away are rol'd:
Wee spend away our yeares withall▪
like as a tale that's told.
10 The time is threescore yeares & [...],
which our years dayes contain:
And if through strength they fourscore been
their strength is grief & pain.
For soon its gon, and hence we pass.
11 O who is he doth know
Thine angers strength? according as
thy fear thy wrath is so.
12 O give thou us instruction
to number so our dayes,
That we our hearts may therupon▪
turn into wisdoms wayes.
13 Jehovah turn thy self again▪
how long yet shall it bee?
14 O let it thee repent for them
that servants are to thee.
15 According to the dayes wherin
affliction we have had:
And yeares wherin ill we have seen▪
now also make us glad.
16 Unto thy servants O do thou
thy handy work declare:
And shew thy comly glory to
those that their children are▪
17 The beawtie of Jehovah thus
our God let on us bee:
[Page 190]Confirm our handy work on us▪
confirm'd be it by thee.


HE that within the secrecie
of th'highest doth reside▪
In shaddow of th'Almighty hee
shall lodging safe abide.
2 He is my hope and fortress high,
I of the LORD will say
He is my God, and in him I
my confidence will stay.
3 The fowlers snare surely from thence
he shall deliver thee:
And from th'infectious pestilence,
he also shall thee free.
4 Hee with his feathers shall thee hide▪
thy trust in's wings shall bee:
His strength shall as a shield abide,
and buckler unto thee.
5 With feare thou shalt not bee dismaid
for terrour by the night;
Nor of the arrow be afraid,
that hath by day his [...]ght.
6 Nor for the plagues infection,
that walkes in darkness fast;
Nor for the sore destruction,
that doth at noon day wast.
7 A thousand at thy side shall fall,
yea and ten thousand heer
[Page 191]At thy right hand, but yet it shall
not unto thee come near▪
8 This thing thou only with thine eyes
shalt heedfully regard;
Thou shalt behold how that likwise
the wicked have reward.
9 For (thou hast said) Jehovah thou
art my protection;
The highest one thou mak'st also
thine habitation.
10 Not any evill casually
shall unto thee befall:
Not yet shall any plague come nigh
thy dwelling place at all.
11 Because that hee his Angels will
command concerning thee:
That they may thee preserve from ill,
wheras thy w [...]yes shall bee.
12 The hollow of their hands upon
thee save they shall up beare:
Lest thou thy foot against a stone
should'st dash at unaware▪
13 Thou shalt upon the Lyon strong,
and on the [...]dde [...]go,
The Dragon and the Lyon young▪
thou trample shalt also.
14 For hee hath set his love on mee.
him therfore free will I▪
Becaus [...] thrown my n [...]me hath hee.
I will him set on high.
[Page 192]
15 Hee shall in prayer call on mee▪
and I will answer him.
I will with him in trouble bee,
I'le freely him redeem.
And I will honour him also.
16 Him I will satisfy
With length of dayes▪ and to him show
my saving health will I.

PSAL XCII. A Psalme or [...] for the Sabbath day.

Unto Jehovah thanks to give
it is a comly thing:
And prayses forth, O thou most high
unto thy name to sing.
2 Thy loving kindness forth to show
within the morning light:
Thy truth and faithfulnes also,
to shew forth every night.
3 Upon a ten string'd instrument.
the [...]saltery upon.
Upon the solemn [...]ounding harpe:
with meditation.
4 For thou Jehovah through thy work
h [...]st made mee to reioyce:
And also in thy handy work
I will triumph with voice.
5 How great Jehovah are thy workes;
[...] are very deep.
6 [...] knowes not, nor the foole
[...] art doth keep.
[Page 193] [...] When as the wicked like to grass
doe springing up arise.
When they are in a flourishing case,
that work iniquities.
8 It is that they may bee destroy'd
to perpetuity,
But thou Jehovah dost abide
Forevermore most high.
9 For loe O LORD thine enemyes
for loe thy foes sh [...]ll fill,
The workers of iniquities,
they shall bee sc [...]ttred all.
10 By thee mine horn shall bee [...] old
as Unicorns on high,
And with fresh oyl, when I am old▪
anointed bee shall I.
11 Also upon mine enemyes,
mine eyes their wish shall see:
Mine ear of wicked men likwise,
shall hear that rise 'gainst mee.
12 Hee flowrish shall [...] righteous is.
the Date tree like unto,
Hee shall bee like the Cedar trees▪
in Lebanon that grow.
13 They that within Jehovahs house
are planted stedfastly▪
They in the court-yard of our God
[...] flowrish pleasantly.
14 Their f [...]uit they shall when they are▪ [...]
[Page 194] [...]
They shall bee [...]
shall [...]
15 To shew [...]
bee is a Rock to mee:
And tha [...] [...]
is altogether free.


JEhov [...] [...]
with lofty [...]
Jehovah [...]
with strength [...]
The world also is [...]
2 Thy throne [...]
tho [...] [...].
3 The floods [...]
the [...]:
The [...]oods on high [...] lifted up
their [...].
4 The LORD on high is more in might▪
Yea then the [...]
of [...].
5 Thy [...]
Jehovah sanctity
Doth [...] come [...]
unto eter [...]ty.


[Page 195]
LORD God [...]
the recomp [...] [...]:
O Mighty God shine clearly forth,
to [...].
2 Thou Judg: of [...] self
the [...].
3 How long O LORD [...] wicked men?
4 O [...] long shall [...],
and [...]
How long shall all such boast themselves
as [...] wickedness▪
5 LORD they [...] break▪
6 The widdow and the [...],
and [...].
7 The LORD [...] shall [...]
nor Jacob [...] [...].
8 Learn bruitish people; and yee fools
9 Who plant the ear, shall he [...] hear?
who form [...] eye not see▪
10 Who [...] shall he not check
[...]knows [...]
11 Iehovah knowes the thoughts of [...],
that they are [...].
LORD blest is he whom thou correct [...]st:
[...] Law [...]ost train▪
13 [...] give him quietness,
[Page 196] [...]
such [...]
14 Because Jehovah [...]
his people [...]:
Nor yet will he f [...]rsake [...]
inheritance for ay▪
15 But judgment [...]
it shall return agen:
Likewise all upright [...] in [...]
they shall [...] it [...].
16 Against the [...]vill doers who
will up for me arise▪
Who will stand up for me 'gainst them
17 Had not the LORD [...] help [...] my soul
had neer in silence dweld.
[...]: LORD
thy mercy me upheld.
16 Amidst the multitude of thoughts
that are within my mind;
Still from thy consolations
my soul delight doth find.
20 What shall the throne of wickedness
have fellowship with thee▪
Mischievous molestation
which forgeth by decree.
21 They joyntly gathered themselves,
together they with stood
The soul of him that righteous is,
[Page 197]and [...] the guiltless blood.
22 Nevertheless Jehovah is
to me a refuge high:
My God he also is the Rock
where I so safety [...].
23 Their mischief he on them shall bring;
and in their wickedness
Shall cut them off, the LORD our God
ev'n he shall them suppress.


O Come let us unto the LORD
shout forth wi [...] joyful voice,
To th'Rock of our salvation,
[...] make triumphant noise.
2 Let us with giving thanks draw nigh
his holy presence to:
Let us with psalme triumphantly,
unto him sing also.
3 For God the LORD most mighty i [...],
great [...] o're all Gods hee.
4 [...] deeps are in his hand, and his
the strength of mountains bee.
5 Th [...] Se [...] to him belonging is,
because he made the same:
And also the drie land is his,
for it his hands did frame.
6 Come let us worship with accord,
and bowing down adore;
[Page 198]Him that [...]
O let [...].
7 Because [...]
his pastures [...],
And of his hands the sheep: [...] yee
to day his voyce will [...]
8 O let not [...]
hardness your heart [...] possess:
As in the day of [...] they
did in the wilderness,
9 Your Fathers did me [...] ▪ and try.
and there my works lookt on.
I fourty yeares [...]as grieved by
that generation▪
10 And said, in heart this [...],
my wayes they do not know.
11 To whom I sware in wrath; if they
into my [...] should go.


SIng to the LORD, a new [...]ong sing
all th'earth the LORD [...].
2 Sing to Jehovah▪ bless [...] Name,
[...] his salvation [...].
3 His glory [...] the he [...]then [...],
to all his wonders spread.
4 For great's the LORD, [...] to [...] prays [...]
above all Gods in dread.
5 Because vain Idols are they all
which heathens gods do name:
[Page 199]But [...]
6 [...]
abide before [...]
Both Fortitude and Beawtie are
within his holy place.
7 [...] all,
unto the LORD [...]:
Both Majesty [...],
give ye [...] the LORD.
8 The glory to Jehovah give,
that to his [...] is [...]:
And bringing an oblation
into his Cou [...] [...].
9 In beautie of his Holyness
do yee the LORD adore:
The universall [...] likewise▪
in fear stand [...].
10 'Mongst heathens say Jehovah reigns:
the world shall 'stablisht bee,
It shall not move: in Righteousness
the people judg [...].
11 O let the [...] [...]o glad▪
and let the earth rejoyce [...]
Let Seas and fulness of the same,
with roaring make a noyse.
12 O let the field be full of joy,
and all things the [...] about:
Then all the trees within the wood
they joyfully shall [...]hout.
[Page 200]
13 Before Jehovah▪ for he comes
to jud [...] the [...]arth c [...]mes hee:
The world with justice▪ and the folk
to judg with equitie.


THe LORD doth reign, the [...]
O let he [...]t rejoyce:
The many I s [...]es with [...]
Let them lift up their voyce▪
2 About him round
Dark clouds there went,
Right and judgment
His throne do found.
3 Before him fyre doth go,
And burnes his foes about.
4 The world was light also
By lightnings he sent out:
[...] earth it saw
Did tremble too.
5 Hi [...]s melt also
Like wax away:
At presence of the LORD
At his presence who is
Of [...] the earth the LORD.
6 Th [...] Righteousness of his▪
Th [...] heavens high
They forth [...]o show:
[...] folk also
His glory see.
[Page 201]
7 Who grav [...]n Images
Do serve, on them remayn
Let dreadfull [...]
And who in Idols [...]
Themselves do [...].
With worship bow
To him all [...]
Gods Angels [...].
8 Sion heard, and was glad,
Glad Judah's daughters were:
This cause O LORD they had,
Thy judgments did appear.
9 For LORD thou high
All earth set o're:
All Gods before
In dignitie.
10 Yee that do love the LORD.
The evill hate do yee:
To his saints soule afford
Protection doth hee▪
He will for them
Freedom command
Out of the hand
Of wicked men.
11 For them that righteous are
There surely is sown light:
And gladness for their share
That are in heart upright.
12 Joy in the LORD, Ye just confess.
His Holiness [...] yee record.
[Page 202]


herat rejoyce the earth▪
O let the Island [...]
be glad with chearfull mirth.
2 About him round encompassing
both clouds [...] darknes are:
Justice and judgment for his throne
a stable [...] prepare▪
3 Before him go [...]s a fyre, and b [...]rns
around his enemies.
4 His lightnings did make light ye world.
the earth saw, shook likewise.
5 The hills before Jehovahs face
did melt as wax away:
Before the presence of the LORD,
that [...] doth stay.
6 The heavens high his righteousness
do all abroad [...]:
His glorious Majesty to all
the people doth appear.
7 To [...] that g [...]ven Idols serve,
confusion [...]et befall:
That [...] themselves in Idols vain,
yee gods him worship [...].
8 When [...] heard, shee did rejoyce,
rejoyce with one accord.
Did Judahs da [...]ghters and the cause
thy [...] O LORD.
[Page 203]9 For over all the [...],
Jehovah [...]:
Likewise above all gods [...]
extolled mightily▪
10 Ye that do love the LORD, here ill:
[...]e keepe [...] of them
That [...] his saints he will them [...]
from hands of wicked men
11 To every one that righteous [...]
is [...].
And [...] all of them
that are in [...].
12 O ye therfore that righteou [...]
[...] the LORD:
And thankfully confess when yee
his Holiness record.


UNto the LORD a new song [...]sing▪
for wonders he hath done:
His right h [...]nd and his holy [...].
hi [...] victory hath [...]
2 Jehovah his salvation,
hath made for to be known.
His righteousness [...] fight,
he openly hath [...]
3 His mercy and his truth he doth
to Isra [...]ls house think on:
The ends of all the earth have seen▪
ou [...] Gods salvation.
[Page 204]
4 Unto Jehovah all the earth,
make ye a joyfull voise:
Shout ye with [...] fervency,
sing praise, and [...] rejoice▪
5 With Harp sing to the LORD: with Harp
and wi [...]h the voice of psalms.
6 Before the LORD the King rejoice,
[...] Trumpet [...] sound and Shal [...],
7 The [...] with her fulness [...]:
the world, and there who dwell▪
8 O let the [...] clap hands: let hill [...]
rejoyc [...] together well.
9 Before the LORD, because to judg,
the [...] come forth doth [...]ee:
With justice shall he judg the world.
and folk with equitie.


IEHOVAH he as King doth reign▪
O let the people quake:
Hee sitteth on the Cherubims,
the earth then let it shake.
2 Jehovah great in Sion is▪
and o're all people high
3 Thy great and fearfull Name let them
praise, for [...] Sanctity.
4 The Kings strength judgment loves, & thou
dost equity ordayn▪
Both judgment thou, and righteousness
in Jacob dost maintayn.
[Page 205]5 Do ye the LORD our God exalt▪
in bowing worship yee:
Before the footstool of his throne.
the Holy one i [...] hee.
6 Moses and [...] with his Priests.
Samuel with them that call
Upon his name, call'd on the LORD,
and he them answerd all.
7 Within the pillar of a cloud
when unto them he spake:
They kept his witness and decree
which he for them did make.
8 Thou answer'dst them O LORD our God
a God that p [...]rd'ning [...]:
Although on their inventions
thou vengeance taken hast.
9 Exalt the LORD our God also,
before his holy hill:
Bow down your selves because ye LORD
our God is holy still.

PSALM C. A Psalm of prayse.

SHout to Jehovah, all the earth
2 With joyfulness. The LORD serve yee
B [...]fore his presence come with mirth.
3 Know that Jehovah God is hee;
It's he that made us, and no [...] wee,
His folk, his pasture sheep also.
4 Into his ga [...]es with thanks come yee:
With prayses to his Court yards go.
[Page 206]
5 Give thanks to him▪ bless ye his na [...]e,
Because Jehovah he is good:
His mercy eyes is th [...] same,
His trueth throughout all age [...] [...].

[...] M [...]ter.

MAke ye a joyfull noyse unto
Jehovah all the earth.
2 With joyfulness Jehovah serve,
before him come with mirth.
3 Know that, Jehovah he is God.
he made us, and not wee:
His folk and pasture sheep, wee [...].
4 With thanks O enter yee
Into his gates▪ and courts with prayse,
thank him and bless his Name.
5 For good's the LORD, his mercy ay
and truth and [...] the same.

PSAL. CI. A Ps [...]lm of David.

I Mercy will and judgment sing,
LORD I will sing to thee.
2 I'le wisely do in perfect way.
who [...] thou shalt come to mee▪
I will [...] midst of my house walk
in mine hearts uprightness.
3 I will not set before mine eyes
the work of wickedness:
I hate their work that turn aside▪
it shall not cleave me to.
[Page 207]The froward heart from me shall part▪
none evill will I know.
I'le cut him off that slandereth
his neighbour privily:
can not bear the proud in heart▪
nor him that looketh high.
6 Upon the faithfull in the land
mine eyes shall be, that they
May dwell with me, he shall me serv [...]
that walks in perfect way.
7 Hee that a worker is of guile
in my house shall not dwell:
Before me settled shall not bee
the man that lies doth tell.
8 Yea all the wicked of the land▪
I early will destroy:
To cut off from Gods Citty all
that work iniquity.

PSAL: CII. A Prayer of the afflicted when he is overwhelmed, and powreth [...]ut his complaint before the LORD.

IEHOVAH hear when I doe pray,
And let my cry come unto thee.
2 From me hide not thy face away,
[...] day when trouble is on mee:
Thine [...]ar to me O do thou bend,
[...] day I cry hast, answer mee.
[...] For as the smoak my dayes do spend,
And like an hearth my bores burnt bee.
[Page 208]
4 My heart is finite, and [...] dry▪
That I to eat my bread forget.
5 My groanings voyce, the cause is why
My bones unto my skin are set.
6 In desart like a Pe [...]ican,
Like Owl in wilderness am I.
7 I watch, and like a Sparrow a [...]
On house top solitarily.
8 My [...]oes reproach me dayly yet,
Gainst me they rage, 'gainst me they swear.
9 That I for bread do ashes eat;
And mix my drink with weeping tear,
to Thine anger is the cause herof▪
Also thy vehement disdain:
For thou hast set me up aloft,
And thou hast cast me down again.
11 Shade-like my dayes decline away;
And like the witherd grass I fall.
12 But LORD thou dost abide for ay;
Thy mem'ry eke to ages all.
13 Thou wilt arise and forth wilt show,
Thy mercy Sion her upon:
Because her time of favour now,
Yea time appointed is come on.
14 For in her stones thy servants (dear)
Delight her dust they pitty [...]o.
15 So heathens shall ye LORDs name fear,
All Kings of th'earth thy glory too.
16 When God shall Sion up erect,
Hee in his glory shall appear.
[Page 209]17 The poor's petition hee'l respect▪
And he will not despise their pray'r.
18 This shall in writt inrolled bee,
For the succeding after race▪
The folk which shall created bee,
They herupon the LORD shall praise.
19 For from his Sanctuary high,
From heav'ns the LORD y earth doth see.
20 To hear their groans who prisoners ly,
To loose them that death's children bee.
21 The LORD praise in Jerusalem,
His Name in Sion to record,
22 When peoples joyntly gather them,
And Kingdoms for to serve the LORD.
23 Weak in the way my strength he made▪
And of my life [...]ut short the d [...]y.
24 In middest of my dayes, I sai [...],
My God O take me not away:
Thy yeares throughout all [...]ges st [...]y.
25 Thou hast the earth's foundations layd
For elder time, and heavens they,
Are works yt thine own hands have made.
26 They perish shall, but thou shalt last:
Yea like a garment they [...] all
Wax old, and as a vesture wast
Thou shalt them change, be chang'd they shall
27 But thou the same abidest still
And of thine yeares none end shall bee.
28 Thy servants race continue will;
[Page 210]Their seed shall stablisht bee with thee.

PSAL: CIII. A Psalm of David.

THe LORD bless, O my soul, and all
in me his holy Name.
2 The LORD bless O my soul, and all
his bounties mind the same:
For he it is, that doth forgive
all thine iniquities.
3 And it is he that doth relieve
all thine infirmities.
4 Who ransoms from destruction
thy life, and crowneth thee
With his most dear compassion,
and kind benignitie.
5 Who with good things aboundantly
doth satisfie thy mouth:
So that like as the Eagles bee,
renewed is thy youth.
6 The LORD doth judgment, justice too,
for all oppressed ones.
7 His wayes to Moses he did show,
his acts to Isr'els sonns.
8 The LORD is mercifull, also
hee's very gracious:
And unto anger he is slow,
in mercy plenteous.
6 Contention he will not mainteyn
to perpetuity:
[Page 211]And he his wrath will not reteyn
unto eternity.
10 According to our sinns likewise,
to us he hath not done;
Nor hath he our iniquities
rewarded us upon.
11 Because ev'n as the heavens are
in height the earth above:
So toward them that do him fear,
confirmed is his love.
12 Like as the East and west they are
farr in their distances;
Hee hath remov'd away so farr
from us our trespasses.
13 A Fathers pitty like unto;
which he his sonns doth bear:
Like pitty doth Jehovah show,
to them that do him fear.
14 For he doth know this f [...]me of ours,
hee minds that dust we bee.
15 M [...]ns d [...]yes are lik [...] ye gr [...]ss like flowr,
in field, so flowe [...]eth h [...]e.
16 For over it the wind doth pass,
and it away doth go:
Also the place wheras it was
no longer shall it know.
17 Who fear the LORD, his mercy is
on them from ay to ay:
So likewise doth his righteousness
[Page 212]on children's children stay.
18 To such as keep his covenant
that do in mind up lay:
The charge of his commandement,
that it obey they may.
19 The LORD hath in the heavens high,
established his throne:
And over all his Royalty
doth bear dominion.
20 O ye his Angels that excell
in strength, bless ye the LORD▪
That do his word, that harken well
unto the voyce of's word.
21 All ye the Armies of the LORD,
O bless Jehovah still:
His ministers that do accord,
his pleasure to fulfill.
22 Yea all his works in places all
of his dominion,
Bless ye Jehovah: O my soul
Jehovah bless alone.


O 'Thou my soul Jehovah bless,
thou LORD my God, in might
Excel'st, thou art with comliness
and Majesty bedight.
2 Who dost thy self with light aray,
as if a robe it were:
Who like a curtain dost display,
the heavens every where.
[Page 213]
3 Who doth the beams of's chamber lay
i'th waters, and he makes
The clouds his charriots, and his way
on wings of wind he takes.
4 His ministers a fiery [...]ame,
his Ang [...]s spirits makes
5 The earth he founded on her frame,
so that it never shakes.
6 As with a robe thou with the deep,
didst over-spread the land:
Aloft above the mountains steep,
the waters they did stand.
7 When thou didst them rebuke, they fled▪
ev'n then away full fast:
And at thy thunders voyce they sped
their course away in hast.
8 They up aloft by mountains past,
down by the vales did go:
The place for them which fixt thou hast
untill they come unto.
9 Thou hast appointed them a bound
which they may not pass o're:
That they to cover the dry ground,
may turn again no more.
10 Into the vales he sendeth springs,
which run among the hills:
Thence drink to all field-beasts he brings;
wild Asses drink their fil [...]s.
12 The fowls of heav'n dwell there, which [...]ing
among the sprigs with mirth.
[Page 214]13 [...] lo [...]s to hills he ra [...]n doth bring
[...] wo [...]ks fruit [...]lls the earth.
14 For [...] grass, and for mans good
he makes the herb to spring:
That what may serve them for their food;
hee from the earth may bring.
15 And wine mans heart that maketh glad.
and oyle to make's face bright:
And for the heart of man gives bread.
it to support with might.
16 Jehovah's trees that are most strong,
no fill of sap do want:
The Cedar trees of Lebanon,
the which himself doth plant.
17 That so the little birds may there
upon them build their nest:
As for the Stork the fir-trees are
the places of her rest.
18 The hills for wild goats refuge bee,
the conies rocks enclose.
19 The Moon for seasons set hath hee:
the Sun his setting knows.
20 Thou darkness mak'st and night comes on
when wood-beasts creep out all.
21 Roar for their prey [...]o Lions young,
from God for food they call.
22 The Sun doth rise, they in their denns
then couch, they go aside.
23 Man to [...] work and labour tends
[Page 215]untill the evening ti [...]e.
24 Thy works (LORD) are how manifold▪
them all thou mad'st with skill:
The earth doth of thy riches hold
abundantly her fill.
25 So doth this Sea so great and wide,
wherin things creeping bee,
Beyond all count▪ sm [...]ll beasts, beside
those of great quantitie.
26 There go the ships, there thou didst make
Leviathan to play.
27 Their food in season to partake,
all on thee waiting stay.
28 They gather that thou dost bestow,
thine h [...]nd thou openest wide▪
With such things as are good they so
are fully satisfied.
29 Thou hid'st thy face, they troubled are
their breath thou tak'st away,
Then do they [...] wise repair
un [...]o their d [...]st do they.
30 Th [...]u m [...]k'st thy spirit forth to go,
th [...]y [...]re creat [...]d then;
And of the earth the face also
thou dost renew agen.
31 The glory of Jehovah shall
[...] et [...]rnity,
The LORD sh [...]ll in his doings all,
[...] pleasure joyfully.
[Page 216]32 The earth doth fall a trembling when
he th [...]rupon doth look:
The mountains he doth touch, and then
th [...]y therupon do smo [...]k.
33 I'le to the LORD sing chearfully,
throughout my life alwayes:
While I [...] being have, will I
unto my God sing prayse.
24 Full sweet the meditation
of him shall be to mee:
I in the EVEN-BE [...]ING one,
exceeding glad will bee.
35 From off the earth let sinners cease,
and wicked be no more:
O thou my soul Jehovah bless,
praise yee the LORD therfore.


O Praise the LORD, call on his name:
' [...]ong people shew his facts.
2 Sing unto him, sing psalms to him:
[...] of all [...]s wond [...]us acts.
3 Let their he [...]rts joy that seek ye LORD
bo [...]st in his ho [...]y Name.
4 The LORD seek, and his strength his face
seek ye alwayes th [...] same.
5 Remember ye what he hath done,
[Page 217]6 O ye his servant Abrahams seed,
yee Jacob sonn [...] elect.
7 Hee is the LORD our God, through th [...] earth
his judgments take effect.
8 His Covenant for evermore,
and his commanded word▪
A thousand generations to,
he doth in mind record.
9 The cov'nant which he heretofore
did unto Abraham make:
And unto Isaack afterward,
likewise an oath did take.
10 And unto Jacob for a Law,
hee did confirm it fast:
To Israel for a covenant,
that evermore should last.
11 Hee said I'le give thee Canaans land:
by lot heirs to be there.
12 When few, yea very few in count,
and strangers in't they were:
13 When they did from one nation,
another pass unto:
When as they from one kingdom did
to other people go.
14 Hee suffred none to do them wrong,
yea Kings for them che [...]kt hee.
15 Touch ye not mine [...]noynted ones;
my prophets [...] not yee.
16 Hee cal'd for [...]mine on the land;
[Page 218]all [...] of bread he brake.
17 Before th [...] sent a man: they sold
Joseph a slave to make.
18 Whose feet they did with fetters hurt:
hee did in yron [...] ly.
19 Untill the time his word did come,
the LORDs words did him try▪
20 The King, the peoples ruler sent,
loos'd him, and let him go▪
21 Hee made him lord of all his house,
of all's wealth ruler too.
22 That he his noble Peers might bind
according to his heart;
And that unto his Senators
hee wisdom might impart.
23 Then also into Egypt land,
his father Israel came:
And Jacob was a sojourner
within the land of H [...]m.
24 Hee much increast his folk, and made
them then their foes more strong.
25 Their heart he turn'd his folk to hate,
to do his seruants wrong.
26 His servant Moses he did send,
and Aaron whom he chose.
27 His signes and wonders them amongst,
they in H [...]ms land disclose.
28 Hee darkness sent and made it dark,
nor did they 's word gainsay.
[Page 219]29 Hee turn'd their waters into blood▪
and he their fish did slay.
30 Great store of Frogs their land brought forth
in chambers of their Kings.
31 He spake, there came mixt swarms, and lice
in all their coasts he brings.
32 He gave them hall for rain, and in
their land, fyres flame did make.
33 Their vines and figtrees both he smote
their coast trees eke he brake.
34 He spake, and then the Locusts came▪
and Catterpillers such,
The number of them was so great
that none could count how much.
35 All their lands herbes they ate and did
fruit of their ground devoure:
36 All first born in their land he smote,
the chief of all their power.
37 He also thence did bring them forth
with silvar, and with gold;
And there was not among their tribes,
a feeble person told.
38 At their outgoing Egypt joy'd,
for on them fell their dread.
39 A cloud for cov'ring, and a fyre
to light the night he spread.
40 They askt▪ and he brought qualls, with bread
he fill'd them from the sky
41 He clave the rock, and waters flow'd,
[Page 220]floods ran in places dry.
42 For on his holy promise hee:
and servant Abraham thought.
43 With joy his people, and with songs,
forth he his chosen brought.
44 He of the heathen people did
the land on them bestow:
The labour of the people they
inherited also.
45 To this intent that so they might
his Statutes keep alwayes:
And that they might his Lawes observe:
therfore Jehovah prayse:


THe LORD pr [...]ise▪ to the LORD give thanks
because that good is hee:
Because his mercy doth indure,
to perpetuitie.
2 Who can the LORDs strong acts forth tell
or all his prayse display.
3 Blest they that judgment keep, & who
doth righteousness alway.
4 With favour of thy people, LORD,
do thou remember mee.
Mee v [...]sit with the say [...]ng health,
that comes alone from thee.
5 To see thy chosens go [...]d, and in
thy n [...]tions joy r [...]joyce:
That I with thine inheritance,
may lift a glorious voyce.
[Page 221]
6 As our forefathers did so wee
have finned swervingly:
Wee pr [...]ctis'd have iniquitie,
wee have done wickedly.
7 Our fathers learn'd not wonders thine
in Egypt did not mind
Thy many mere yes▪ but at Sea▪
red Sea r [...]bel'd unkind.
8 Nev [...]rtheless he saved them,
evin for his own Names sake:
That by the same his mighty power▪
hee manifest might make.
9 The red Sea he rebuk't also,
and up the same was dry'd:
So them as through the wilderness▪
hee through the Sea did guid.
10 And from his hand that hated them,
hee freely did them save:
Hee from the enemies hand likewise,
to them redemption gave.
11 The waters overwhelm'd their foes:
of them was left not one.
12 They did believe his word, they sang
his prayses therupon.
13 They soon forgot his works, nor would
they for his cousel stay.
14 But much in wilderness did lust,
i'th desart God try'd they.
15 And he their suit them gave; but sent
[Page 222]leanness their soul into.
16 They env'd Moses in the camp,
Aaron Gods faint also.
17 The opned earth D [...]than devour'd,
and hid [...] troop.
18 And fyre was kindled in their rout,
flame burnt the wicked up.
19 In Horeb made a [...]lf [...]so.
molt Image worshipt they▪
20 They chang'd their glory to be lik [...]
an ox that rareth hay.
21 They God forgot their Saviour which
in Egypt did great acts.
22 Works wondrous in the land of Ham▪
by th'red sea dreadfull facts.
23 And said, he would the [...] [...]roy, but that
his chosen Moses then.
Stood in the breach 'fore him, to turn
his wrath from wasting th [...].
24 Yet they despis'd the pleasant land,
nor did believe his word.
2 [...] But murmur'd in their rents, the voyce
they heard not of the LORD.
26 To make them fall l'th desart, then
'gainst them he lift his hand.
27 Mongst nations to cast down their seed
and [...]nn them in the land.
28 And to [...] or they joynd themselves
[...] of the dead.
[Page 223]29 Their works his wrath did thus pro­ [...]
30 Then [...] rose, and judgment did:
and so the plague did stay.
31 Which justice in him counted was,
to age and age for ay.
32 At th'waters of contention,
they angred him also▪
So that with Moses for their sake▪
if very til did [...]
33 Because his spirit they [...]
with [...] lips he spake [...].
34 The nations, as [...] LORD them charg'd
they wholly did not wast.
35 But were amongst the heathen mixt:
and learnd their works to do.
36 And did their Idols serve, which them
became a share unto.
37 Yea unto Divels they their sonn [...]
and daughters offered.
38 And guiltless blood, blood of their sonns
and of their daughters shed.
Whom unto Canaans [...]dols they
gave up in sacrifice:
The land with blood abundantly
polluted was likewise.
39 Thus with the works were they defil'd
which they themselves had done
And they did go a whoring with
inventions of their own.
[Page 224]
40 [...] against his folk▪
the anger of the LORD:
So that he the inheritance
which was his own abhord.
41 So gave he them to heathens hand,
their haters, their lo [...]ds were.
42 Their foes them thr [...]d [...]ender their hand,
made them the [...] to bear
43 Oft he delivered them, but they
[...] bitterly:
With their own counsels▪ and want low
through their iniquity.
44 Yet he regarded their distress,
when he did hear their pl [...]int.
45 And he did so remembrance call
for then [...]is covenant.
And in his many mercyes did
46 repent. And made them bee
Pitty'd of all that led them forth
into captivitie.
47 Save us O LORD our God, and us
from heathens g [...]thring [...]ayse
To give thanks to thy holy Name▪
to triumph in thy prayse.
48 The LORD the God of [...]
from [...]y to ay bles [...] bee:
And let all p [...]ople say Amen.
O prayse Jehovah yee.
[Page 225]


PSAL: CVII. Gods got [...] to [...] Travellers.

WIth thanks unto ye LORD confess,
because that good is hee:
Because his loving kindnesses
last to eternitie.
2 So say the LORDs redeem'd, whom bough [...]
he hath from th'enemys hands.
3 And from the East, & west hath brought
from South, and northern lands.
4 I'th desert stray'd [...]n desert way,
no dwelling Town they stand.
5 They hungry were and thirstie they,
their souls within them pin'd.
6 Then did they to Jehovah cry▪
when they were in distress.
Who did them set at liberty,
out of their anguishes.
7 In such a way as was most right,
he led them forth also:
That to a Citty which they might
inhabit, they might go.
8 O that men praise Jehovah would▪
for his great goodnes then!
And for his [...] manifold
unto the sonns of men▪
[Page 226]
9 For he the soul that longing lies▪
doth throughly satisfy:
The hungry soul he fills likewise,
with good abundantly.
(2) to Prisoners.
10 Such as in darkness, and within
the shade of death abide:
The [...] who are sore afflictions in,
and fast in irons ayed.
11 Because they in rebellion
against Gods word did rise:
They also of the highest one
the counsell did despise.
12 Therfore with sore affliction
he did bring down their heart:
Down did they fall, and there was none
could help to them in part.
13 Then did they to Jehovah cry,
when they were in distress:
Who did then set at liberty,
out of their anguishes.
14 Hee did them out of darkness bring,
also deaths shade from under.
As for the hands that they were in
he did them break asunder.
15 O that men praise Jehovah would,
for his great goodness then!
And for his wonders manifold
unto the sonns of men!
16 For he did into shivers shake
[Page 227]the gates th [...] were of brass:
And he the [...]
that made of yron was.
(3) to the [...]
17 Fools do for their iniquities,
and [...] affliction bea [...]:
18 Their soul abho [...] all meats likewise
they to deaths ga [...]e draw nea [...].
19 Then they unto Jehovah cry
when they are in distress:
Who setteth them at liberty,
out of their anguishes.
20 Hee did send out his words and [...]
unto [...] [...]ealing gave:
From out of their destructions [...],
he likewise did them save.
21 O that men prayse Jehovah would,
for his great goodnes then!
And for his wonders manifold
unto the sonns of men!
22 And of thanks-giving sacrifice
let them their offrings bring:
While they his works declare likewise
[...]et them for gladness sing.
(4) to the Sea-faring
23 Who go to Sea in ships, theirs acts
in waters great who doo.
24 Th [...]se do behold Jehovahs facts,
i'th deep his wonders too.
25 For he commandeth, instantly,
the stormy wind doth rise:
[Page 228]Which lifes the waves therof on high,
they mount up to the skies:
26 Down to the depths again they strike,
their soul with ill doth quail.
27 They [...]oel, and [...] drunkard like,
and all their [...] doth sail.
28 Then do they to Jehovah cry.
when they are in distress:
And he them bringeth speedily
out of their anguishes.
29 He makes the storm a calm▪ that so
the waves therof are still.
30 Their rest glads them, he brings them to
the hav'n that they did will.
31 O that men prayse Jehovah would▪
for his great goodnes then▪
And for his wonders manifold,
unto the sonne of man!
32 Also the peoples church within,
him let them highly rayse:
Assembled where the Elders bin;
him also let them prayse.
(5) to Pl [...]er [...]
33 He turns streames to a desert sand▪
to drought, the springing well.
34 To barrenness a fruitfull land;
for their sin there that dwell.
35 He to a pool turns wilderness;
and dry ground to a spring.
36 Scars there the hungry; they address
[Page 229]their town of [...].
37 They [...] do plant, & [...]
they likewise sow their fields:
Which [...] them their fruitfullness
with much [...] yields.
38 And in such wise he doth them bless,
that they are much increast:
And to become by wasting less
he suffers [...] their beast.
39 Again they [...] diminished,
and also bowed down;
By tyranny impoverished,
and by affliction.
40 On Princes pour contempt doth hee,
and causeth there to [...],
Where solitary desarts [...]ee,
wherin there i [...] no way.
41 Yet he on high affliction [...]
the needy makes to rise:
And like a flock of sheep unto
doth make him families.
42 The righteous ones behold it shall,
and they shall joyfull bee:
And bridle up their mouth shall all
that work iniquitie.
43 Who so is wise, and will with care
these things observing learn;
Jehovah [...] mercyes, what they are
they clearly shall discern.
[Page 230]

A Song or Psa [...]m of David.

O God my heart [...], I'le sing,
yea with my glory p [...]se.
2 Awake thou [...] and [...],
my self I'le early raise.
3 O thou Jehovah, thee will I
the people praise among:
Also amongst the N [...]tions,
thee will I praise [...] song.
4 For great above the heavens is
thy free benignity:
Thy verity also doth reach
unto the cloudy sky.
5 [...] thou [...] up on high
above the heav'ns O God:
Also thy glorious Majesty,
o're all the earth abroad.
6 That [...] who thy beloved are,
delivered may bee:
O do thou save with thy right hand,
and answer give to mee.
7 God spoken hath in [...]s Holiness.
rejoyce therfore I shall.
Of Sechem I'le division make,
and mete out Succoths vale.
8 Mine Gilead is▪ Manasseh mine,
and Ephraim also hee
Is of mine [...]ad the strength, the Law
shall Judah give for mee,
[Page 231]9 My [...] is, I will
my shoo [...]:
And o're the land of [...],
I will in [...] sing.
10 Who will me lead along unto
the Citty for [...]'d?
Who is he that to Edom will
conduct me as a guid?
11 [...] not this perform O God,
who didst us cast thee fro▪
And likewise wilt not thou O God,
forth with our Armies go▪
12 From trouble give us help [...] for vain
is mans salvation.
13 Through God we shall do valiantly,
for hee'l our foes tre [...]d down.

PSAL: CIX. To the chief musi [...]ian A Psalm of David.

GOD of my praise, hold not thy peace
2 For they who wicked bee
Th [...]ir mouth, and mouth of guilfullness
are opned wide 'gainst mee.
Gainst me they speak with lying tongue.
3 And compass me about
With words of hate: and me against▪
with out a cause th [...]y fough [...].
4 They for my love, mine enemies are,
but I my prayer make,
[Page 232]5 And ill for good rewarded mee;
and hate for my loves sake.
6 Appoint a wicked person, that
o're him may have command:
And likewise at his right hand let
the adversary stand.
7 When he is judged, let him then
condemned be therin:
And let the pray'r that he doth make,
bee turned into sin.
8 Yea let his dayes be few, and let
his chardg another take.
9 His children let be fatherless,
his wife a widdow make.
10 His children let be vagabonds,
let them a begging go:
And from their places desolate,
let them seek bread also.
11 Yea let th'extortioner catch all,
that doth to him pertain:
And let the stranger spoil, what hee
did by his labour gain.
12 Let there not any be to him,
that mercy may express:
Nor any one that savour may,
his children fatherless.
13 Let go into perdition,
the race that of him came:
In th'after generation▪
[Page 233]ou [...] razed be his name.
14 Remembred with the LORD, be his
fathers iniquitee:
And of his mother let the sin
out-blotted never bee.
15 Before Jehovah let them bee
continually put:
That from out of the earth he may
the mem'ry of them cut.
16 Because that he remembred not,
compassion to impart:
But did pursue the needy poor,
to slay the broke in heart.
17 As he did cursing love, so let
the same unto him come:
As he did not in blessing joy,
so be it farr him from.
18 With cursing like a robe, as hee
him cloth'd; so let it go
In to his bowels water like,
like oyl his bones into.
19 Like as a garment let it bee
to him, him to aray:
And for a girdle where with hee
may gird himself alway.
20 Thus let mine adversaries bee,
rewarded from the LORD:
Thus them reward against my soul,
[...]hat speak an evill word.
[Page 234]21 But thou Jehovah, LORD do well,
[...] sake with mee:
Because that good thy mercy is,
O do thou set me free.
22 For poor and needy I, my [...]
in me is wounded too.
23 Like falling shade I pass, I'm [...]
as Locust too, and [...].
24 Through fasts, my knees are weak [...] my fle [...]h:
its [...] doth forsake.
25 And I am their reproach, they look
at mee, their [...]eads they shake.
26 Jehovah O my God mee help;
in mercy saye thou [...].
27 That they may know this is thy [...]
LORD that it's done by thee,
27 Though they do curse, yet do thou bless
let them ashamed bee▪
When they arise; but let him joy,
that servant is to thee.
29 Mine adversaries O let them
with shame be cloth'd upon:
And be they cloth'd as with a cloak.
with their confusion.
30 Unto Jehovah with my mouth.
give hearty thanks will I:
Yea him among the multitude,
with praise I'le glorify.
31 For he shall stand at right [...]
the poor afflicted one▪
[Page 235]From those that do [...] his soul,
to give salvation▪

PSAL: CX. A Psalm of David.

THe LORD did [...] unto my Lord▪
[...] at my right hand,
Till I [...] a stool
wheron thy feet may [...].
2 The LORD shall of thy strength ye rod,
from [...] of Sion send:
In middest of thine enemies,
thy conquering powr extend.
3 Thy people are in thy dayes powr▪
in holy beauties free,
As dew from early mornings womb,
thou h [...]st thy youth to thee.
4 The LORD hath sworn, and never will
repent what he did say.
By th'order of Melchezedeck,
thou are a Priest for ay.
5 The LORD (who is at thy right hand)
shall wounding strike through Kings:
Upon the day wherin that hee
his indignation brings.
6 Hee shall among the heathen judg:
and fill with bodies dead
Great places, and o're many lands,
he shall strike through the head.
7 Out of the torrent he shall drink▪
[Page 236]i'th way [...]:
Because of this therfore he shall
lift up the head on high.

Another [...]. R L.

THe LORD did say unto my Lord▪
To sit at my right [...].
Till I thy foes thy [...].
2 The LORD [...] out of [...]
Thy [...] of [...]
The rule amid thy [...].
3 Thy people volunt [...]ers [...],
In beauties of A tr [...] sanctitie.
Upon the day of thy great powr
So of thy youth [...] be the dew
As from the morning word [...] [...]
The dew [...] [...].
4▪ The LORD hath sworn, and nev'r will hee
Repēt, that thou a Priest shall bee,
by th'order of Melchizedec [...].
5 The LORD at thy right hand shall slay
And strike through Kings upon the day
When as his [...]ury forth shall [...]reak.
6 The hea [...]en [...]e shall judg among,
The places with dead bodies throug [...]:
The heads of countries great strike dead
7 Hee of the torrent in the way
Shall satisfie his thirst that day:
And so on high lift up the [...]ead.


PRaise ye the LORD, Jehovah I,
with all my heart will praise:
[Page 237]I'th private [...] of th'upright▪
and publick meeting place.
2 The opperation of the LORD
exceeding [...] in might:
Sough [...] they are by all of these
that have in them delight.
3 His work in glorious Majesty,
and comely honour is:
And to perpetuall [...] doth stand
that righteousness of his.
4 To be [...] he hath made
his d [...]ing [...] marvelous:
[...]ull of compassion is the LORD,
and likewise gracious.
5 To them that fea [...] him he doth give
their men as for a prey:
Hee in remembrance will retein
his covenant for ay.
6 Hee of his works the mighty powr
did to his people show:
In that the heathens heritage,
he did on them bestow.
7 Both verity and judgment are
the working of his hands:
Yea very faithfull also are
each one of his commands.
8 They settled are in [...]bleness.
for ever and for ay:
Yea perfected in verity,
and uprightness are they.
[Page 238]
9 He [...] to his folk [...],
that covenant of his▪
Por [...]y [...] Name
Holy and [...]
10 The LORD [...] [...] [...]ginning [...]
of [...] all they
That do his will have prudence good,
his praise endures for ay.

PSAL: CXII. [...].

WHo fears ye LORD, [...] man is he▪
That much doth in his Lawes de­light.
2 His seed on earth shall mighty [...],
Blest shall the race [...] th'upright
3 Wealth in his house, much riches too▪
His in [...]de lests for ay likewise.
4 Unto the upright man also,
There doth in darkness light arise.
Hee gracious is, and righteous;
And full is of compassion.
5 A good man lends, and fauour shows:
His works guids with discretion.
6 He sure shall nor be mov'd for ay:
Ay shall the just be in record.
7 No evill tidings shall him stay:
His heart's fixt, trusting on the LORD.
8 His heart's con [...]md, he shall not fear:
Till on his foes his will he see.
9 He hath disperst, he gives to th'poor:
His righteousness for ay shall bee;
[Page 239]His horn with honour high shall rise.
10 The lewd shall grieve, and melt away,
And gnash his teeth when this he spies,
The wickeds wish shall quite decay.

Another M [...]ter.

PRayse ye the LORD, blest is ye man,
that doth Jehovah fear:
That doth in his commandements
his spirit greatly chear.
2 They also mighty upon earth
shall bee that are his seed:
The race shall blessed be that doth
from th'upright one proceed.
3 And there shall be within his house
both wealth, and much rich store:
His righteousness morover doth
indure for evermore.
4 In midst of darkness▪ there doth light▪
to upright ones arise:
Hee gracious is, and pitty full,
and righteous is likewise.
5 A good man gracious favour shews,
and ready is to lend:
And with discretion his affayrs
he carryes on an end.
6 Unmoved be for evermore
assuredly shall hee:
In everlasting memory
the righteous man shall bee.
[Page 240]
7 By evill tidings that he hears
he shall not be afraid▪
His trust he putting in the LORD
his heart is firmly staid.
8 His heart is sure established,
fear shall not him surprise:
Untill he see what he desires
upon his enemies.
9 Hee to the poo [...] disperst, and gave,
his justice lasts for ay:
With honour also shall his horn
on high exalted stay.
10 The wicked shall both see, and grieve,
gn [...]sh with his teeth shall hee.
And melt away: and their desire
shall fayl that wicked bee.

PSAL: CXIII. Halleluiah.

PRayse oh ye servants of the LORD,
Jehov [...]hs Name O p [...]yse.
2 Oh blessed be Jehovahs name,
from henceforth and always.
3 From rising to the setting Sun,
the LORDs name's to be prays'd.
4 The LORD all nations is above.
o're heav'ns his glory's rays'd.
5 Who to the LORD our God is like:
who dwelleth upon high
6 Who all that is in heav'n and earth,
bow's down himself to spy.
[Page 241]7 The needy from the dust he lifes:
the poor lifts from the dung▪
8 That he wish Princes may him set,
his peoples [...] among.
9 The [...] house to keep
he maketh; and to bee
A joyfull [...]:
therfore the LORD prayse yee.


WHen Israel did depart
th' [...] from among▪
The house of Jacob from a folk
that strangers were in tongue.
2 Judah his holy place,
his Lordship [...] wa [...].
3 The beast saw, and [...] and back
4 The mountains [...] aloft,
[...] if they had been [...]
The [...] also [...].
as if they [...].
5 Thou bee [...] thou fly▪
6 Yee [...]
like [...] be ye [...]
7 Before the LORD his face
O tremble earth with fear:
When as the presence of the God
of Jacob doth appear,
[Page 242]8 Who turn'd the stony rock
into a wavery lake:
A water-running fountain hee
did of the [...]int stone make.


NOt to us, not to us O LORD.
But glory to thy Name afford:
Both for thy truth and mercy's sake.
2 The heathen wherfore should they say,
Where is their God now gone away▪
3 But heav'ns our God his seat doth make
He hath done whatsoever he would.
4 Their Idols silver are and gold;
The handy work of men they were.
5 They mouths have speechless yet they bee
Eyes have they, but they do not see.
6 Ears have they, but they do not hear:
They roses have, which smell no [...]ot.
7 Hands have they, but they handle not:
Feet have they but they do not go:
And through their throat they never spake
8 Like them are they that do them makes
And all that trust in them are so.
9 Trust to the LORD O Israel:
Hee is their help, their shield as well.
10 Oh Aarons house ye LORD trust yee:
Hee is their help, their shield also.
11 Who fear ye LORD, him trust unto:
Their help, their shield also is hee.
[Page 243]12 The LORD hath mindfull been of us:
Hee'l bless us, hee'l bless Israels house,
Hee'l blessing Aarons house afford.
13 Who fear Jehovah, great and small
14 He'l bless, The LORD increas you shall
15 You & your sons. B [...]est of ye LORD
16 Which heav'n & earth made. heav [...]ns heav'ns bee
The LORDs; but th'e [...]rth mens [...]ons gave he
Nor any that to silence bow,
But we will bless the LORD both now
And ever henceforth. Praise [...] LORD.

Another Me [...]ter.

NOt unto us LORD, not to us,
but thou the glory take
Unto thy Name, bo [...]h for thy truth
and for thy mercyes sake.
2 For wherfore should the heathen say,
where is their God become?
3 Our God is in the h [...]av'ns, he hath
whatever pleas [...]d him done.
4 Their Idols silver are and gold,
m [...]ns handy work they bee.
5 Mouths have they but they do not speak
and eyes, but do not see.
6 Ears have they, but they do not hear:
nought smell their noses [...]oe.
7 Hands have they, but they handle not,
and feet, but do not goe;
[Page 244]
And nothing [...] they through their thr [...]
8 Like unto them are they
That do them make, and all that do
their trust upon them stay.
9 O Isr'el trust thou in the LO [...]D,
hee is their help and shield.
10 O Aarons house trust in the LORD▪
hee is their help and shield.
11 Who fear the LORD, trust in ye LORD
hee is their help and shield.
13 The LORD hath mindfull been of us,
his blessing he will yield,
The house of Israel bless he will:
hee Aarons house will bless.
13 Hee will bless them that fear ye LORD:
the greater with the less.
14 Jehovah unto you, to you,
and to your sonne shall add.
15 You are the blessed of the LORD:
th [...]t heav'n and earth hath made.
16 The heav'ns unto Jehovah do
the heav'ns to him belong:
But he the earth distributed
the sonne of men among.
17 The dead praise not ye LORD, nor such
to sil [...]nce as de [...]nd▪
But [...]s for us, wee'l bless the LORD,
from henceforth without end.
[Page 245]
[...] I Love; because Jehovah doth
my voice, and prayer hear.
2 And in my dayes will call, because
he bow'd to none his [...],
3 The pangs of death on every side
about beset me round:
The pains of hell g [...]t hold on mee,
distress and grief I found.
4 Upon Jehovahs Name therfore
I called, and did say:
Deliver thou my soul O LORD,
I do thee humbly pray.
5 Jehovah gracious is, and just;
our God is kind also.
6 The LORD the simple keeps, and hee
mee sav'd when I was low.
7 Oh thou my soul do thou return
unto thy quiet rest:
Because the LORD hath bounteously
to thee himself exprest.
8 Because that thou my soul from death
hast set at libertie:
Thou hast mine eyes from tears likewise,
and feet from fall set free.
9 I in the land of living ones,
will walk the LORD before.
10 I did believe, th [...]rfore I spake:
I was [...]fflicted sore.
11 That every man a lyar is;
I in my hast did say.
[Page 246]12 For all his benefits to mee,
the LORD what shall I pay?
13 I'le take the cup of saving health,
[...] on the LORDs Name call.
14 I'le pay the LORD my vows, you now
before his people all▪
15 In presence of Jehovah is
accounted very dear:
The death of every one of those
his gracious saints that are.
16 I verily thy servant [...],
thy servant LORD am I,
I of thy handmaid am the son:
my bands thou didst [...]ty.
17 Of thanksgiving the sacrifice,
to thee I offer will:
Jehovahs Name I earnestly
will call upon it still.
18 Unto Jehovah I will pay
the vowes, were m [...]de by mee:
Now in the presence of them all
that his own people bee.
19 Within the court-yards of the house
that to the LORD belongs:
In mid'st of thee Jerusalem,
oh prayse the LORD with songs.


YEe Nations all Jehovah praise;
And give him praise ye people all.
[Page 247]2 For great to us his mercy is:
HIS truth la [...]s ay, the LORD extoll.

The 2 M [...]ter.

ALL Nations prayse the LORD; him praise
2 all people. For his grace
Prevails on us: HIS truth ay lasts:
therfore Jehovah prayse.

The 3 M [...]ter.

O Prayse Jehovah, all
Yee Nations every where:
Yee people great and small,
2 Praise him. For's mercyes dear
Great to us bee,
For ay the LORD makes true his word:
The LORD praise yee.


O Give ye thanks unto the LORD,
because that good is hee:
Because his loving kindnes lasts
to perpetuitee.
2 For ever that his mercy lasts,
let Israel now say.
3 Now let the house of Aaron say,
that's mercy lasts for ay.
4 Yea they which do Jehovah fe [...]r,
let them now also say;
That's loving kindnes doth endure,
unto perpetuall ay.
[Page 248]5 I did lift up my voice to Jah,
from out of streightnes great:
The LORD an answer gave to mee,
with an inlarged s [...]at.
6 The LORD is for mee, I'le not fear
wh [...]t man can do to mee.
7 Jehovah takes my part with them
that helpers of me bee.
Therfore upon them that me hate,
see my desires shall I.
8 It's better on the LORD to trust;
then on man to rely.
9 It's better on the LORD to trust:
then trust in Princes put
10 All nations round me, but I'le them
off in the LORDs name cut
11 They compast me about, yea they
me compassed about:
But in Jehovahs N [...]me I will
them utterly root out.
12 They comp [...]st me like [...], th'are quencht
like as of thorns the flame▪
But I will [...]
them in Jehovahs Name.
13 So [...]e [...] me fall,
the LORD [...].
14 The LORD [...] song,
and sav [...]ng [...] hee.
15 The t [...]bernacles of the just,
[Page 249]the voyce of joy afford,
And of salvation, strongly works
the right hand of the LORD.
16 The right hand of Jehovah is
exalted up on high,
The right hand of Jehovah is
a working valiantly.
17 I shall not dy, but live, and shall
the works of J [...]h declare.
18 The LORD did sorely chasten mee,
but me from death did spare.
19 Oh set wide open unto mee,
the gates of righteousness:
I will go into them, and will
the pr [...]yse of Jah confess,
20 This is Jehovahs gate, at which
the just shall enter in.
21 I'le prayse thee, for thou hast me heard
and hast my safety bin.
22 The Stone which builders did refuse,
hea [...] corner Stone [...]
23 This is the doing of the LORD [...]
its wondrous in our eies.
24 This is the very day the which
Jehov [...]h [...]e hath made;
Wee will exceedingly rejoyce▪
and [...] will be glad.
25 Jehovah I do thee beseech▪
s [...]lvation now [...]fford:
I humbly thee intreat, now s [...]nd
[Page 250]prosperity, O LORD.
[...]6 Hee that comes in Jehovahs Name,
O let him blessed bee:
Out of Jehovahs house, to you
a blessing with do wee.
27 God is Iehovah, also hee
light unto us affords,
The sacrifices bind unto
the Altars ho [...]ns with cords.
28 Thou art my God, and I'le thee praise;
my God I'le set thee high:
The LORD praise, for hee's good, for ay
lasts [...] benignity.

PSAL: CXIX. The First [...]. A

[...]LL blest are men upright of way,
Wall in Jehovahs Law who do.
2 Who keep his records▪ blest are they,
[...] heart who seek him too.
3 And th [...]t wo [...]k no iniquity:
But in his wayes do walk in [...]eed.
4 Thou ch [...]rged hast attentively
Unto thy Precepts to give heed.
[Page 251]
5 O that my wayes thou wouldst direct,
To keep thy Statutes heedfully▪
6 When I all thy Commands respect▪
Then be ashamed shall not I.
7 When thy just Judgments I shall [...]
With hearts uprightness I'le thee praise,
8 Me utterly forsake not thou▪
I will observe thy Statute-wayes.
(2) B
9 BY what may youth redress his way?
Thy Word by heeding therunto.
10 I sought thee with whole heart: me stray
Therfore let not thy Precepts f [...]o.
11 Thy Word I have hid in my heart:
That I might not offend 'gainst thee.
12 Thou O Jehovah blessed art:
Thy Statutes therfore teach thou mee.
13 I with my lips di [...] forth display,
The judgments of thy mouth ev'n all.
14 I in thy Testimonies way
Rejoyce, more then in riches all.
15 I'le in thy Precepts meditate:
And have respect unto thy Wa [...]es.
16 Mee in thy Laws I'le recreate:
And not forget what thy Word sayes.
(3) C
17 COnfer this grace thy servant to▪
That I m [...]y live thy Word to keep.
18 Un [...]ei [...] min [...] eyes that I may so
See from thy L [...]w, thy wonders deep.
19 On earth I [...] sojourner:
Hide not therfore thy Lawes [...] fro.
[Page 252]20 My soul is broken with desire,
In seasons all thy Iudgments to.
21 Thou hast rebukt the proud, the same
Are curst, which from thy Statutes swerve,
22 Roll off from me reproach; and shame:
For I thy Records do observe.
23 Ev'n Princes sate, and 'gainst me spak [...]
But on thy Lawes th [...] servant mus [...]d.
24 Thy Records for my joy I take:
And [...]em men of my counsel us'd.
(4) D
25 DOwn to ye dust my soul [...]:
O quicke [...] me after thy Word.
26 I [...]owd my wayes, thou heard me hast:
Thy Statute learning me [...]fford.
27 Make me to know thy Precepts way:
So I'le muse on thy wondrous wayes.
28 My soul with grief doth melt away:
According to thy Word me rayse.
29 The way of Lying from mee [...]ake,
An thy Law graunt mee gr [...]ciously.
30 The way of T [...]uth my choyce I make,
Thy Iudgmen [...] sore m [...]e Layd have I.
31 Thy Records I doe close [...]y heed,
Oh LORD on me shame do not cast.
32 [...] run thy P [...]ecepts way with spe [...]d:
When thou my heart en [...]arged hast.
(5) E
33 ENform me LORD in thy Laws way:
And I will keep it to the end.
[...]4 Skill give me, and I'le keep thy Law:
[Page 253]Yea it with all my heart attend.
35 In thy Laws path make me to go:
Because that I delight therin.
36 My heart unto thy Records bow:
And [...] not to coveting.
37 From vain fights turn away mine eye:
And in thy Way receive thou mee,
38 Unto thy servant ratifie
Thy Word, who stands in aw of thee.
39 My slaunder which I fear remove:
Because th [...] Judgments good they bee.
40 Lo for t [...]y L [...]ws I [...]onging love▪
O in thy justice quicken mee.
(6) F
41 FInd me out let thy mercies all,
After thy Word salvation LORD,
42 So I my scorners answer shall:
Because I trust upon thy Word.
43 Truths word my mouth quite take not fro:
Because I on thy Iudgments st [...]y.
34 And I shall ay thy L [...]ws keep so▪
For everl [...]sting, and for ay.
45 And I will walk at liberty:
Because I do thy Precepts seek.
46 Nor will I blu [...]h, wh [...]n fore Kings I,
Shall of thy Testimonies speak.
47 Also my self in thy Commands
Which I have lov'd, de [...]ight I will.
48 And to thy Precepts lift my hands
Belov'd; and mind thy Precpts sti [...].
[Page 254]
49 GOod to thy servant make thy word:
On which to hope thou didst me give,
50 In grief this did [...]e joy afford:
Because thy Word doth make me live.
51 The pro [...]d have much derided mee:
Yet have I no [...] thy L [...]w declin'd.
52 Thy Judgments LORD of old that bee
I did recall, and comfort find.
53 Mee caught hath dreadfull tremble [...]ng:
For wicked men thy Law forsake.
54 I in my house of wandering,
My songs did of thy Statutes make▪
55 O LORD thy name I mind be night,
And kept with c [...]re thy Law have I.
56 This had I, for I kept aright
Thy Precepts very heedfully.
(8) H
5 [...] HErin the LORD is my choise part:
I said that I will keep thy Word.
58 I beg'd thy face with all my heart:
Thy promis'd mercies me afford.
59 When as I thought upon my wayes:
I turn'd my feet thy Records to
60 I hasted, and made no delays:
To keep with heed thy Statutes so.
61 The bands of wicked men rob'd mee:
Yet did I not forget thy Laws.
62 I'le rise at midnight to praise thee:
Thy righteous Iudgments are the cause.
63 Companion to them all them [...] I:
That fear thee, and thy Laws keep [...].
[Page 255]64 [...] full of thy benignity.
Oh LORD thy statutes let mee know.
(9) J
65 JEhovah with thy servant thou
After thy wo [...]d right well hast done.
66 Good r [...]st, and knowledge teach me now
For I believe thy pre [...]epts on.
6 [...] I [...], ere thou didst me chastise:
But I thy word observ'd have now.
68 Thou art good, good thou dost likwise.
Thy [...] cause thou me to know.
69 The proud against me lies do raise:
Thy L [...]ws I'le keep with my heart [...] might
70 The heart of them is fat as grease.
But in thy Law I do delight.
71 Its good for me I was chastis'd,
That so th [...] Statutes learn I should.
72 Laws of thy mouth I more have pri [...]d.
Then thousand silverlings, and gold.
(10) K
73 KNow make me, learn thy Laws will I
Thy hands me formed have, & made
74 Who fear thee, mee shall see and joy;
For hope I in thy Word have had.
75 Thy Judgments LORD are just I know
And faithfully thou chastnedst mee.
76 As thou hast spoke thy servant to;
Now let thy Grace my comfort bee.
77 Send me thy Grace that live may I.
For as my joy thy Law I chuse.
78 Shame pr [...]ud ones, that me wrongfully
[Page 256]Do harm, who on thy Precepts [...]use.
79 Let them that fear thee man to mee.
And such as have thy Records known.
80 Sound in thy Laws my [...] bee▪
That so I shame may suffer [...].
(11) L
LOok for thy Word I do, likewise
My soul doth f [...]int, for help [...] thee
82 And for thy [...] mine [...].
I said, when wilt thou comfort mee.
83 I like a [...]
Yet do I not thy Laws forgoe.
84 What are thy servants [...] oh whe [...]
Wilt thou doom on my troublers doe▪
86 The proud have digged pits for mee,
Which do not unto thy Law suit.
86 All thy Commandments faithfull bee.
Help mee, whom they misper [...]e [...] mee.
8 [...] On earth th [...]y almost did me wast:
But I thy Laws did not forsake.
88 The Law of thy mouth to hold fast,
Mee in thy mercy lively make.
(12) M
89 MAde f [...]st thy word in heaven is,
O LORD for ever to endure.
90 fro [...] [...] to [...] thy fathfulnes.
Thou fo [...]mdst the earth, and it stands sure.
91 They stand as thou didst see them right,
For all [...]re servants thee unto.
92 Had not thy Law been my delight,
Then had I peris [...]t in my wo.
[Page 257]
93 Thy Precepts nev'r forget will I:
Because [...]y them thou quicknedst mee.
9 [...] Th [...]n [...] own am I▪ save mee, for why
I [...]ought thy Precepts studiouslie.
95 The wicked w [...]tch me, to stroy mee:
But▪ thy Testemonies mind.
96 Of [...] perfection [...]nd I [...]ee▪
But very large thy Law I find.
(13) N
97 NOw oh how much thy Law I prize▪
[...]t is my study al [...] the day.
98 [...] then my foes [...] me more wise▪
By my Law, for [...] with me [...].
99 More then my seachers al [...] I know:
Because thy Laws my study [...].
10 [...] I know more then [...] do:
Because I kept thy Law with care.
101 From each ill path my feet I stay,
That to I may thy Word obs [...]rve.
102 Because thou first me taught the way▪
I did not [...] thy Judgments [...].
10 [...] Thy Words [...]
More to my mou [...]h then [...] they▪
104 I from thy Precepts wisdom [...];
I therfore ha [...]e [...] way.
(14) O
105 OF my feet is the lamp thy Word:
And to my path the [...] [...]ight.
10 [...] [...], and will to do [...]ccord.
That I will keep thy Judgments [...]ight.
107 I am afflicted very [...]:
LORD quicken me after thy Word.
[Page 258]108 My mouths free offrings own therfore
And me thy Judgments teach O LORD.
109 My soul is in my hand alway:
But I have not thy Law forgot.
110 Vile men for me a snare did l [...]y:
Yet from thy Precepts straid I not.
111 Thy Records I inherit [...]o
For ay▪ for my hearts ioy th [...] bee.
112 My heart to do thy L [...]ws I bow▪
To th'end, ev'n to eternitie.
(15) P
PUrsue vain thoughts with hate I do:
But dearly love thy Law do I.
114 My Covert, and my Shield art thou:
I on thy Word wait hopefully.
115 Depart from me vile men, that I
May keep my Gods Commandements.
116 By thy Word stay me, live shall I:
Shame me not for my confidence.
117 I shall be safe if thou me stay:
And still with joy thy Lawes I'le eye.
118 Thou treadst down from thy Laws who stray:
For their deceit is vanity.
119 Th'earths lewd ones all thou w [...]st dost make
Like dross, thy Laws I love therfore.
120 For fear of thee my flesh doth quake:
And I do dread thy Judgments sore.
(16) Q
121 QUite to oppressors leave not mee,
I judgment do & righteousness
122 For good thy servants surety bee:
[Page 259]Let not the proud ones me oppress.
123 Mine eyes for thy salvation fail:
As [...]lso for thy righteous Word.
124 In Mercy wit [...] thy servant deal:
And thy Laws learning me afford.
125 I am thy servant, make me wise:
Thy Testimonies for to know.
126 Time for the [...] LORD to work it is:
For men thy Law do overthrow.
127 Therfore do I thy Precepts love:
Above Gold, yea the [...] Gold.
128 All false way [...]s hate I, for above
All things thy Laws most right I [...].
(17) R
RIght wondrous [...]re thy T [...]stimonies▪
Therfore my soul keeps them with care.
130 Light thy Word's entrance gives like wise:
Th [...]m pru [...]ent m [...]kes yt si [...]ple are.
1 [...]1 I gape▪ and for thy P [...]ecepts pant:
B [...]caus [...] I [...]o [...]ged for the s [...]me.
132 Look on me, and such grace me grant
A [...] thou dost them that love thy Name.
133 Guide by thy Word my steps, and let
No wickedness bear rule in mee.
13 [...] From mens oppression free me set:
And keeper of thy Laws I'le bee.
135 Thy face let on thy servant thine:
And me to [...]earn thy Statut [...]s c [...]use.
136 For water floods flow f [...]om mine ey [...].
Be [...]ause men do not keep thy Laws.
[Page 260]
(18) S
137 SIncerely just art thou O LORD:
Thy Judgments upright are also.
138 The Precepts which thou dost record
Are right: Yea very faithfull too.
139 My [...] confirmed me, for why
Mine enemies thy Word forget.
140 Thy Word is pu [...] exceedingly:
Therfore thy servant loveth it.
141 Small am I, and despis'd therfore:
Yet thy Commands forget not I.
142 Th [...] Righteousness for evermore
Is just: thy Law is verity.
143 On me seiz'd anguish [...]nd [...]istress:
Yet thy Comm [...]nds delights me give,
144 [...] thy Records righteousness:
Make thou me wise▪ [...]nd I shall live.
(19) T
145 TO hee with all my heart I cry:
LORD he [...]r me, keep thy L [...]ws I will.
146 [...] to thee, save me, that I
May keep thy Testimonies still.
147 [...] I prevent▪ and cry:
I for [...]hy Word do hop [...]full wait.
148 Mine eies prevent the watch, that I
Upon thy Word may meditate.
149 My voice LORD [...] of thy mercy hear:
After thy Ju [...]gment [...] quicken mee.
150 Who follow mischief [...]hey draw near
And from thy▪ Law farr off, they bee.
15 [...] But O Jehovah, near art thou:
[Page 261]And all thy [...] Verity.
152 I long since of thy Records knew▪
Thou set'st them for [...].
(20) V
153 VIew mine affliction, and me fac [...]
For I thy Law do not forget.
154 Plead thou my cause, and ransom mee,
For thy Words [...].
155 [...]
Sith they thy Law [...] to find nev'r strive.
156 Th [...] [...] LORD great [...]
After thy Judgments [...]
157 Great my pursuing enemies:
Yet nothing from thy Laws I swer [...]
158 I sinners s [...]w, was griev'd likewise:
For they thy Word do not observe.
159 Se [...] LORD; thy Precepts love do I:
Graunt of thy Grace that live I may.
160 Thy Words beginning 's veritie:
And all thy Judgments right for [...]y.
(21) W
WIthout cause Princes me do toyl:
But of thy Word my heart's in [...].
262 As one yt hath found out much spoyl:
So I rejoyce do in thy Law.
163 I [...] and do at [...]:
But dearly love thy Law do I.
164 Seven times [...] d [...]y I praise thee, for
The Judgments of thine equity.
165 Who love thy Law great peace have they
And such shall find no stumbling stone.
[Page 262]166 LORD, I for thy salvation stay:
And thy Commandments I have done.
167 My soul thy Testaments doth keep:
And them abundantly love I.
168 Thy Laws I, and thy Records keep:
For all my wayes before thee [...].
(22) Y
YIeld LORD my cry t'aproach thy face
As thou hast spoke me prudent make.
[...]70 [...] let my request for grace
Approach: free me for thy Words sake.
171 My [...]ips [...]hall [...] praise [...] when thou
Thy St [...]tutes hast made known to mee.
172 And forth thy Word my tongue [...]h [...]ll [...]how
For all thy Precepts righteous bee.
17 [...] To help me let thy hand be near:
For [...] Commandments chose have I.
174 [...] for thy salvation dear:
LORD▪ and my joys in thy Law [...]y.
175 [...] my so [...]l [...] to [...] thy praise:
And let thy Judgments give me ayd:
[...]76 Because I have not left thy Laws:
Thy servant seek like lost [...]heep strayd.

The Second M [...]eter for Commo [...] tunes.

1 part Aleph.
ALL blest are th'upright in the way:
who in the LORD, Law go.
2 Who keep his R [...]cords, blest are they:
whose whole heart seeks him too.
3 Yea they do none iniquitie:
[Page 163]in's wayes who wa [...]king are.
4 To ke [...]p thou hast commanded mee:
th [...] Precepts with much care.
5 O that to keep thy Statutes then
my w [...]yes were so direct!
6 Then shall I not be shamed, when
I all thy Laws respect.
7 With upright heart I'le praise thee when
I [...]e [...]rn thy Judgments right.
8 I will observe thy Statutes: then
O do not leave me quite.
(II) Beth.
9 BY what m [...]y youth redress his way:
thy Word by hee [...]ing to.
10 [...] sought thee with whole heart: mee st [...]ay
let not thy Precepts [...]ro.
11 I hid thy Word within m [...] heart.
least I should sin 'gainst thee.
12 On thou Jehovah b [...]ded art:
thy Statutes teach thou mee.
13 I all the Judgments of thy mouth
did with my lips declare.
14 More in thy Records w [...]yes my joys:
then in all riches are.
15 I'le o [...] thy Precep [...]s [...] and still
mine eies on thy wayes set.
16 Delight me in thy Laws I will:
I'le not thy word forget.
(III) G [...]me [...].
17 GRant to thy servant [...]
to live: thy Word to [...]eep.
[Page 264]18 Unveil mine eyes, that I may see
from thy Law wonders deep.
19 On earth I am a sojourner:
hide not thy Laws me fro.
20 My soul is broken with desire:
all times thy Judgments to.
21 The proud accurst rebuk 't thou hast:
which from thy Precepts swerve.
22 Reproach and scorn f [...]rr from me cast:
for I t [...]y Laws observe.
23 Ye [...] Princes s [...]te, and spake 'gainst me:
but on thy Laws I mu [...]'d.
24 My joy thy Testimonies bee:
my [...] I them us'd.
(IIII D [...]le [...]h.
25 DOwn to y dust my soul cleaves fast:
revive me by thy Word.
26 I [...]ew'd my w [...]yes me heard thou h [...]st:
teach me thy Statutes LORD.
27 Learn me thy Precepts why, and so
thy wonders I'le record.
28 My soul doth me [...]t away for wo:
mee strengthen by thy Word.
29 From me the way of lying t [...]ke:
and [...] vouch [...]a [...]e.
30 The w [...]y of T [...]uth my c [...]oice I make:
thy [...]u [...]gments spread I h [...]ve.
31 I to thy Rec [...]r [...]s cleaving st [...]y:
to [...] LORD put not mee.
32 I [...]e of thy Pre [...]pts run the way:
when thou my he [...]rt [...] free.
[Page 265]
(V) He.
33 HElp me to know LORD thy Laws-way:
and I'le it keep to 'th end.
34 instruct me, and I'le keep thy Law:
yea with whole heart it tend.
35 In thy Laws path make me to go:
for I delight therin
36 My heart unto thy Records bow:
and not to covering.
3 [...] From vain sights turn away mine eye:
me quicken in thy way.
38 Unto thy servant ratifie
thy Word, who thee doth aw.
39 R [...]move thou my reproach I fear:
for good thy Judgments bee.
40 Lo I [...]ong for thy Precepts dear:
in thy Truth quicken mee.
(VI) Vau.
41 UNto me let thy mercies come:
thy Words salvation LORD.
42 [...] I my scorners answer shall:
for I trust in thy Word.
43 Truths word quite take not from my mouth
who on thy Judgments stay.
44 An [...] I shall alwayes keep thy Law,
for ever and for ay.
45 And I will walk at libertie:
for I thy Precept seek.
46 And I'le not blush when Kings before:
I of thy R [...]cords speak.
47 And in thy [...]recepts which I love.
[Page 266]my self delight I will.
48 And lift my hands to thy dear Laws:
and mind thy Statutes still.
(VII) Z [...]n.
49 SO to thy servant mind the Word▪
on which thou m [...]'st me rest.
50 Because thy Word hath quickned me:
this gla [...]s me when distrest.
51 Th [...] proud much scorn'd me; but I have
not from th [...] Laws declin'd.
52 LORD, I ref [...]esht my self, when I
thy Judgments old did mind.
53 Horrour tak [...] hold on me, because
vile men thy L [...]w fors [...]ke.
54 I▪ in my house of pilg [...]image;
my songs thy Statutes m [...]ke.
55 O LORD thy Name I mind by night:
and kep [...] t [...]y L [...]w have I.
56 This I obtein'd▪ for I kept right
thy Precepts c [...]refully.
(VIII) Che [...].
57 CHoice portion mine O LORD thou
I said I'le keep thy Word. [...]
58 I begg'd thy f [...]vour with whole heart:
grace promis'd mee afford.
59 I turn'd my feet thy Records to:
in thin [...]ing on my wayes.
60 I hastned, and thy Laws to do,
I did make no delayes.
61 The bands of wicked men rob'd mee:
yet left I not thy Laws.
[Page 267]62 I'le rise at [...] thee to praise:
thy Judgments just because
63 All who th [...]e fear, [...]nd keep thy Laws
comp [...]nion theirs am I.
64 Teach me thy [...]ws: for Lord th'ear [...]h's full
of thy benignity
(IX) Teth.
65 TO me thy servant LORD thou h [...]st
[...]fter th [...] Word [...].
66 Teach thou me knowledg. & good tast
for I thy Laws trust on.
67 Then strayd I ere I was chastiz'd:
thy Word yet keep I now.
68 Thou art good, good thou dost likwise
thy Statutes make me know.
69 The proud 'gainst me forg'd lies: I'le keep
thy Laws with all my might.
70 Their heart is fat, become as grease:
thy Law is my delight.
71 That [...] might thy Statutes learn,
'tis goo [...] I was chastiz'd.
72 Law of thy mouth 'bove thousands I
of Gold and Silvar priz'd.
(X) Iod.
73 I By thine hands am made, and form'd
teach me thy Laws to know.
74 Who fear thee joy when they me see:
for I thy word trust to.
75 Thy Judgments righteous are I know:
thou right afflict'st me LORD
76 Thy Grace let ch [...]r thy servant now:
according to thy Word.
[Page 168]
77 Send me thy grace that I may live:
thy Law my joy I chuse.
78 Shame p [...]ou [...] ones, who me causless
I'le on thy Precepts muse.
79 Who fear thee, and thy Records know wrong:
let them turn unto mee.
80 So And let my heart be in thy Law:
that sham'd I may not bee.
(XI) Caph.
81 CAst down my soul is for thy health:
but on thy Word I stay!
82 Mine eies fail for thy Word; when wilt
thou comfort me If [...]
83 Thy Laws forget not [...] though I
a bo [...]tle smoake am like.
84 What are thy servants days? when wilt
thou my pursuers strike.
85 The proud have digged pits for mee:
thy Law which do not suit.
86 Truth all thy Laws [...] help me▪ whom
they causless persecute.
87 They nigh me stroyd on earth, yet I
did not thy Laws fortake.
88 To keep the Records of thy mouth:
quick by thy grace me make.
(XII) Lamed
89 LORD; [...]y thy Word in heaven stands
90 Thy Truth for ay doth [...]:
The earth thou hast established,
and still it standeth [...]ast.
91 They stand this day as thou ordeind'st:
for thee they serve each one.
[Page 269]92 Were not thy Law [...]
I then had been [...].
93 I'le not forget thy Laws, wherby
thou life in me hast wrought.
94 I am thine own, oh save thou mee:
for I thy Precepts sought.
95 The wicked, watch me, [...] s [...]ay:
but I thy Records mind.
96 Of all perfection and I see▪
thy Law most large I find
(XIII) M [...]r [...]
97 MOst wondrously I love thy Laws:
my muse its all the day.
98 More wise thou mad'st me then my foes
for thy Law's with me ay,
99 More know I then my teachers: for
my muse thy Records are.
100 More wis [...] th [...]n th'ancient [...] I'm▪ be­cause
thy Laws I keep with care.
101 My feet I draw from each ill way:
that keep thy Word I might.
102 Mov'd fro [...] thy Judgments have I not
for thou me taught'st [...]right.
103 Most swee [...] I tast thy words more to
[...]y mouth then [...]ony they.
104 Much skill I through thy Precepts get
thence here I [...] f [...]se way.
(XIIII) [...].
UNTo my feet thy Word's a Lamp:
and to my p [...]th a [...]ight.
106 [...] have I, [...] it perform:
[Page 270]to keep thy Judgments right▪
107 I'm sore [...] LORD quicken me,
according to thy Word.
108 [...]y mouths free-offring own [...]:
teach me thy Judgments LORD.
10 [...] My soul's still to my hand, yet I
have [...] thy Laws forgot:
110 The vile [...] for me, yet from
thy Precepts [...].
111 Thy Records ever I possess:
for glad my heart they do.
112 I bent my heart to do thy Laws▪
alwayes the end unto.
(XV) Sam [...]ch.
SUch thoughts as wavering are I hate
but love thy Law do I.
114 My secret place, and shield thou art:
[...] thy Word rely.
115 Dep [...]rt from me lewd men, for keep
[...]y Go [...]s Commands I must.
116 Support me by thy▪ Word to live:
me shame not of my trust.
11 [...] Stay me, I shall be safe, and ay
with joy thy Laws I'le eye.
118 Thou treadst down, from thy Laws who stray
for their deceit's a ly.
119 As [...] th'earths lewd ones off thou throwst:
thy Laws I love therfore.
[...]20 My flesh doth quake for fea [...] of thee:
I dread thy iudgments sore▪
(XVI) [...].
[Page 271]121 I justice do and right, leave mee
to none who me distress.
122 Be surety for thy servants good:
least proud ones me oppress.
123 Mine eyes for thy salvation fail:
for thy just Word also.
124 In mercy with thy servant deal:
thy Statutes make me know.
125 To me thy servant s [...]ill afford:
thy Records for to know,
126 It's time f [...]r thee to work O LORD:
for men thy Law o're throw.
127 I therfore thy Commandments love,
bove Gold, yea finest Gold.
128 All false wayes hate I, therfore all
thy Laws all right I hold.
(XVII) T [...]e
FOr that thy Records wondrous bee,
my soul them keeps with c [...]re.
130 The entrance of thy Word gives light
makes wise who simple are.
131 I gape, and for thy Precepts pant,
for longings mine they bee.
132 As thou dost them that love thy Name
behold and pitty mee.
133 My steps guide by thy Word, o're me
O let not sin [...]ea [...] sw [...]y.
134 [...] m [...]ns oppression set me free:
so [...] thy Laws obay.
1 [...] Thy face let on thy servant shine:
thy Laws to lea [...] me cause.
[Page 272]136 The water- [...]ouds flow from mine ey [...]
for men keep not thy Laws.
(XVIII) Tsaddi.
THou LORD art righteous, & upright
thy Judgments are also.
138 The Records thou [...] are right
and very faithfull too.
139 My Zeal consumed me, because
thy Words my foes forget.
140 Thy Word's most pure: therfore on it
thy servants love i [...] set.
141 Small I, and slighted am: thy Laws
forget yet do not I.
142 Thy Justice righteous is for ay:
and thy Law's Verity.
143 Distress and anguish on me seiz'd:
thy Laws my joys yet bee.
144 Thy righteous Records last for ay:
that I may live teach mee.
(XIX) Qu [...]ph.
CRy'd with whole heart I have, hear me
LORD keep thy Laws I will.
146 I cryed have to thee, save mee:
and I'le thy Laws fulfill.
147 The dawning I prevent, and cry:
thy Word I hope theron.
148 Mine e [...]es prevent the watch, that I
might m [...]e thy Word upon.
149 As thou art Kind, my voice LORD hea [...]
as Just, so quicken mee.
150 Who follow mischief they draw [...].
[Page 273]farr from thy Law they bee.
151 Jehovah thou art near, and [...]
thy Precepts Truth are they.
1 [...]2 I of thy Records knew of old:
thou didst them found for ay.
(XX) Resh.
REgard my trouble, and mee free:
for I thy Law record.
154 Plead thou my cause, deliver mee:
revive me by thy Word.
155 Salvation's from the wicked farr:
for thy Laws seek not they.
156 Great are thy Mercies, LORD revive
mee in thy Judgments way.
157 My troublers many, and my foes:
nought from thy Laws I stept.
158 I sinners saw, and griev'd, because
thy Word they have not kept.
159 Mark how I love thy Precepts; LORD
revive me by thy Grace.
160 Thy Word from first is Truth, and all
thy Judgments just alwayes.
(XXI) S [...]hin.
STrong Princes causless me pursue:
thy Word yet aws my heart.
162 So in thy Word I joy, as one
that doth great boot [...]es part.
163 I lying hate, and do abhorr:
but love thy Law most dear.
164 Seven times a day I praise thee, for
thy Judgments just which are.
[Page 274]
165 Great peace have they yt love thy Law
and stumbling block have none.
166 LORD, I for thy salvation hope:
and thy Commands have done.
167 My soul thy Testimonies keeps:
my love to them is de [...]r.
168 Thy Rules, and Laws, I kept, for all
my wayes before thee are.
(XXII) Thau.
TO thee LORD let my cry come near:
wise by thy Word make mee.
170 Thee let my humble suit approach,
me by thy Word set free.
171 Thy Statutes when thou hast me taught▪
my lips praise utter shall.
172 Thy Word my tongue shall forth re­sound.
for just thy Laws are all.
173 Thy Precepts fith I chosen have:
O help me by thy might.
174 Thy saving health I long for LORD:
thy Law is my delight.
175 Thy praise to shew, let my soul live,
thy Judgments help me let.
176 Thy servant seek, like lost sheep strayd,
thy Laws I'le not forget.

PSAL: CXX. A song of degrees.

I To the LORD cry'd in my streits,
and he did answer mee.
2 From lying li [...]s, and guilfull tongue,
O LORD my soul set free.
[Page 275]3 What shall to thee a false tongue give,
or what on thee confer?
4 Sharp arrows of the mighty one,
with coales of Juniper.
5 O wo is me that sojourning
in Meshech I reside!
That I also within the tents
of Kedar do abide.
6 Long time my soul hath dwelt with him
that peace doth much abhor [...]
7 I am for peace, but when I speak,
they ready are for warr.

PSAL: CXXI. A song of degrees.

I To the hills lift up mine eyes.
from whence shall come mine ayd.
1 Mine help doth from Jehovah come,
which heav'n and earth hath made.
3 Hee will not let thy foot be mov'd▪
nor slumber, that the [...] keeps.
4 Lo he that keepeth I [...]rael,
he slumbreth not, nor sleeps.
5 The LORD thy keeper is, the LORD
thy shade on thy [...]ight hand.
6 Lest Sun by day▪ o [...] Moon by night,
should thee by stro [...]k off [...]nd.
7 Th [...] LORD will keep thee from all ill:
thy soa [...] he keeps [...].
8 thy goi [...]g out, and comming in▪
the LORD keeps now and ay.
[Page 276]

A song of degrees, of David.

I Joyd in them that said to mee,
let's at the LORDs house meet,
2 O thou Jerusalem within
thy gates shall stand our feet.
3 Jerusalem is builded up
into a Citty frame:
In't self together uniform,
compacted is the same.
4 Whither the tribes, the tribes of Jah,
to Israels witness go:
That they unto Jehovahs Name,
their thankfullness may show.
5 Because the thrones of judgment there
established remain:
The thrones that do unto the house
of David appertain.
6 Pray for Jerusalem her peace,
they prosper that love thee.
7 Peace in thy walls, thy pallaces
in them let safety bee.
8 Both for my brethren and my friends
peace bee, in thee say I.
9 I'le for our God Jehovahs house
seek thy prosperity.

PSAL: CXXIII. A song of [...]grees.

O Thou that in the heavens fitst,
I li [...]t mine eyes to thee.
[Page 277]2 Lo as unto their masters hand
the eyes of servants bee:
As maids eyes to their mistriss hand,
so are our eyes unto
The LORD our God, untill that hee
shall mercy on us show.
3 O LORD bee gracious unto us,
to us O gracious bee:
Because that filled with contempt
exceedingly are wee.
4 Our soul is fill'd exceedinglie
with scorns of men secure:
From them also that haughty bee,
our souls contempt endure.

PSAL: CXXIIII. A song og degrees of David.

HAd not the LORD been on our side;
may Israel now proclaim.
1 Had not the LORD been on our side;
when men against us came.
3 They then had swallowed us alive▪
when their wrath on us burn'd.
4 Then had the waters us o'rewhelmd▪
the stream our soul o'return'd.
5 The waters proud then on our soul,
had passed on their way.
6 Blest be the LORD that to their teeth
did not give us a prey.
7 Our soul is as a bird escap't,
out of the fowlers snare.
[Page 278]The [...] [...]nder broken is,
and we escaped are.
8 The succour which we do enjoy,
is in Jehovahs Na [...]e:
Who is the maker of the earth,
and of the heavens frame.

PSAL: CXXV. A song of degrees.

THey that do in Jehovah trust,
shall as mou [...] Sion bee.
Which cannot be remov'd, but stands
[...] perpetuitie.
[...] Like as the mountains round about
Jerusalem do stay:
His people so the LORD surrounds,
from henceforth and [...]or' [...]y.
3 The wicked [...] [...] on just mens [...]o [...].
shall [...] abiding bee:
Lest just men should put forth their hands
[...]nto iniquitie.
4 Unto all those men tha [...] [...] good,
[...] goodness LORD [...]part:
And unto every on [...] of [...]hem
that are of upright heart.
5 But who turn to their crooked wayes,
the LORD shall make them go
With workers of iniquity:
but peace be Israel to.
[Page 279]

A song of degrees.

WHen as Jehovah did return
Sions captivitie:
At that time unto them that dream
compared might wee bee.
2 Then was our mouth with laughter [...]
with singing eke our tongue
The LORD hath done great [...]
they said the heath'n amo [...]g.
3 The LORD hath done great things for us
wherof we joyfull bee:
O LORD like as the streames i'th South,
turn our captivitie.
5 Who sow in tears, shall reap in joy.
6 Who going, go, and mourn,
Bearing choice sand, shall sure with joy
bringing their [...]eaves return.

PSAL: CXXVII. A song of degrees for Solomon.

EXcept the LORD the house do build,
the builders work in vain:
Except the LORD the Citty keep,
the w [...]tchman wi [...]es in vain
2 It's vain for you to rise betimes,
watch late, to feed upon
The bread of griefs: sure he gives sleep
to his beloved one.
3 Lo sonns are th'heritage of ye LORD:
the fruitfull womb his wage.
[Page 280]4 As arrows in a strong mans hand,
are sonns of youthfull age.
5 O blessed is the man which hath
his quiver fil'd with those▪
They shall not be asham'd i'th [...]
in speaking with their foes.

PSAL: CXXVIII. A song of degrees.

O blest is every one,
That doth Jehovah fear,
That walks his wayes along.
2 For thou shalt eat with chear
Thy hands labour:
Blest shalt thou bee, It well with thee
Shall be therfore.
3 Thy wife like fruitfull Vine
Shall be by thine house side:
The children that bee thine
Like Olive plants abide,
About thy board.
4 Behold thus blest. That man doth rest.
That feares the LORD.
5 Jehovah shall thee bless
From Sion, and thou shalt see
Jerusalems goodness
All thy lifes dayes that bee.
6 And shalt view well.
Thy children then. With their children,
Peace on Isr'el.
[Page 281]

Another Metre.

THey blessed are the LORD that fear,
that walk on in his way.
2 For thou shalt feed on thine hands deed
thou happy art I say:
Yea it shall bee full well with thee.
3 Thy wife shall be like to
A fruitfull Vine, that up by thine
house sides doth flourishing grow.
Thy children round thy table found,
as Olive branches are.
4 Behold thus hee shall blessed bee
that doth Jehovah fear
5 From Sion hill Jehovah will
a blessing give thee then:
And thou shalt see prosperitie
upon Jerusalem;
Ev'n all the dayes that thy life stayes,
6 Yea thou shalt see in weal
Thy children then with their children:
and peace on Israel.

PSAL: CXXIX. A song of degrees

NOw from my youth, amy Israel say,
oft have they me assaild.
2 They me assaild oft, from my youth:
yet 'gainst me nought prevaild.
3 The ploughers plowd upon my back,
their furrows long they drew.
4 The righteous LORD ye wickeds cords
did all assunder hew.
[Page 282]
5 Let all that Sion hate be sham'd,
at once turn'd back also.
6 As grass on houses tops, bee they,
that fades ere up it grow.
7 Wherof enough to fill his hand,
the mower doth not find:
Nor therwith he his bossom fills
that up the shoaves doth b [...]nd.
8 Nor do they say that pass by them,
Gods blessing on you bee:
Unto [...] Jehovahs Name
a bles [...]ng wi [...]h do wee.

PSAL: CXXX. A song of degrees.

LORD from the deepe I cry'd to thee.
2 My voice LORD do thou hea [...];
Unto my supplications voice
[...]et be [...] thine ear.
3 LORD, who should stand▪ if thou O LORD
shouldst mark iniquitie.
4 But with thee there forgiveness [...]:
that feared thou may [...]st bee.
5 I for the LORD wayt, my soul wayts:
I hope in his Word.
6 [...] [...]orning watchers watch for morn
[...] more for the LORD.
7 Let Israel for Jehovah stay,
in way [...]ng hopefully:
Because that with Jehovah there
is kind benignity.
[Page 283]
8 Yea plenteous redemption
there is with him likewise:
And he will Israel redeem
from all's iniquities.

PSAL: CXXXI. A song of degree [...] of David

MY heart's not haughty LORD,
nor lof [...]y are mine eyes:
In things too great, or high for mee
is not mine exercise.
2 My self I surely have
compos'd, and made to rest:
Like as a child that weaned is
from off his mothers breast.
I'm like a weaned child.
3 Let Israel then stay
With expectation on the LORD,
from henceforth and for ay.

PSAL: CXXXII. A song of degrees.

REmember David LORD:
and all's affliction.
2 How to the LORD he swore, and vow'd
to Jacobs Mighty one.
3 I surely will not go
my houses rent into▪
Upon the pallace of my bed
I thither will not go.
4 I will not verily
give sleep unto mine eyes:
[Page 284]Nor slumber to mine eye-lids give
will I in any wise.
5 Untill that for the LORD▪
I do find out a seat:
A fixed habitation
for Jacobs God so great.
6 Behold at Ephrat [...],
there did wee of it h [...]r:
And wee within the helds of th'wood
did find it to be there.
7 Wee'l go into his tents,
and at his footstool bow.
8 Into thy rest ari [...] LORD: thou
th'Arke of thy strength also.
9 Oh let with righteousness
thy Priests themselves array:
And grant unto thy holy ones,
that shout for joy they may.
10 Let not for Davids sake
that servant is to thee:
The face of thine anoynted one,
away quite turned bee.
11 The LORD to David sware
truth; hee'l not [...]urn from it,
I of thy bodyes fruit will make
upon thy throne to sit.
12 My Cov'nant if thy sonns
and Law I teach them hold:
Upon thy throne for evermore
sit then their children should.
[Page 285]
13 Because Jehovah hath▪
made choice of Sion-hill:
Hee hath desired it to bee
the place [...] d [...]ell he will.
14 This is my resting place
to [...]:
Here will I dwell, and that because
desired it have I:
15 Bless her provision
abundantly I will:
The poor that [...] in her with bread,
by me shall have their fill.
16 Her Preists with saving health,
them also cloath will I:
Her holy one [...] likewise they shall
shout forth most joyfully.
17 The horn of David I
will make to bud forth there:
A candle I prepared have
for mine anoynted dear.
18 His enemies will I
with shame apparell them:
But flourishing upon himself
shall be his Diadem.

PSAL: CXXXIII. A song of degrees of David.

HOw good and sweet oh see
For brethren 'tis to dwell,
Together in unitie.
[Page 286]2 It's like cho [...]ec oyl that sell
The head upon,
That down did flow The h [...]rd unto,
Beard of Aaron▪
That further downward went
His garment [...] skirts upon.
3 Like Hermons dewes descent▪
Dewes Sions mountains on,
For there to stay
The LORD his bliss Comm [...]nded 'tis:
Ev'n life for [...]y.

Another Me [...]er.

HOw good it is O see,
and how it pleaseth well
Together ev'n in unitie,
for brethren so to dwell.
2 It's like the choice oyntment
from head to'th beard did go,
Down Aarons beard, that downward wont
his garments skirts unto.
3 As He [...]ons dew, which did
on Sions hills descend▪
For there the LORD doth blessing bid:
even life without an end.

PSAL: CXXXIIII. A song of degrees.

O All yee servants of the LORD
behold the LORD bless yee:
Ye who within Jehovahs house
i'th night time standing bee.
[Page 287]2 Lift up your hearts and bless ye LORD
[...] place of Holynes.
3 The LORD that heav'n & earth hath [...]
thee out of Sion bless.


THe LORD praise, praise Jehovahs Name,
Jehovahs servants praise him yee.
2 Who in the LORDs house stand, ye same
Who i'th courts of our Gods house bee.
3 The LORD praise, for the LORD is good
For 'tis sweet to his name to sing.
4 For Jacob to him chose hath GOD:
And Israel for his precious thing.
5 For that the LORD is great I know,
And over all gods our LORD keeps.
6 What he doth will▪ the LORD doth do
In heav'n, earth, seas, and in all deeps.
7 For vapours he a course doth take,
That the [...] from th'end [...] of th'earth should rise
He for the rain doth lightning make,
And wind brings from his treasuries.
8 First born of Egypt smite did hee,
Of mankind▪ and of beast also.
9 O Egypt wonders sent midst thee▪
O [...] Pharoah, on all's servants too.
10 Who smote great Nations. slew great kings
11 Slew Sihon king of th'Amorites,
Og also one of [...] kings.
All kingdoms of the Cananites.
[Page 288]
12 And gave their land an heritage,
His people Israels [...] to fa [...]l▪
13 For ay thy name LORD through each age
O LORD is thy memoriall.
14 The LORD his peoples Judg will bee,
And of his servants hee [...] take care.
15 The heathens Idols silvar [...],
And gold; mens hands did them prepare.
1 [...] [...] have they, yet they never spake
Eyes have they, but they do not see,
16 Eares have they, but no hearing take,
And in their mouths no breathing [...] bee.
18 They that them make alike them bee,
That trust in them so each one is.
19 O Isr [...]els house the LORD bless yee,
Thou Aarons house Jehovah bless.
20 O house of Levi bless the LORD.
Who feare the LORD him bless let them
From Sion blessed be the LORD,
Who dwelleth at [...]erusalem.


O Thank the LORD, for he is good,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
2 Give thanks unto the God of gods,
for's mercy is alway.
3 Give thanks unto the LORD of lords,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
4 To him that onely doth great signes,
for's mercy is alway.
[Page 289]
5 To him whose wisdom made ye heav'ns
for's mercy lasts for ay.
6 Who o're the waters spread the earth,
for's mercy is alway.
7 Unto him that great lights did make,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
8 The Sun for ruling of the day,
for's mercy is a [...]way.
9 The Moon and Stars to rule by night;
for's mercy lasts for ay.
10 To him who Egypts first born smote▪
for's mercy is alway.
11 And from amongst them Israel brought,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
12 With strong hand, & with stretcht-out-arm▪
for's mercy is alway
13 To him who did the red sea part,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
14 And through its midst made Israel go,
for's mercy is alway.
15 But there whe [...]m'd Pharoah, & his host,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
16 His people who through de [...]rt led,
for [...] mercy is alway.
17 To him who migh [...]y Kings did smit [...],
for's mercy lasts for ay.
18 And put to slaughter [...] Kings,
for's mercy is [...]lway.
19 Both Sihon King of th'Amorites,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
[Page 290]20 And Og who was of Beshan King,
for's mercy is alway.
21 And gave their land an heritage,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
22 A lot his servant Israel to,
for's mercy is alway.
23 Who mind's us in our low estate,
for's mercy lasts for ay.
24 And us redeemed from our foes,
for's mercy is alway.
25 Who giveth food unto all flesh▪
for's mercy lasts for ay.
26 Unto the God of heav'n give [...]hanks,
for's mercy is alway.


THe rivers on of Babilon
there when wee did sit down▪
Yea sadly then wee mourned when
wee Sion thought upon.
2 Our Ha [...]p [...] wee did hang it amid
upon the willow tree:
Because there they that us away
led in captivitie.
3 Requir'd of us a son [...] and thus
askt mirth, us wast who laid:
Sing us among a Sions song▪
then unto us they s [...]id.
4 Oh how shall wee whil'st that wee bee
[Page 291]in strangers land accord.
To sing a song that d [...]h belong
unto our God the LORD?
5 If I of thee forgetfull bee
O thou Jerusalem,
Let my right hand of her command
be quite forgetfull then.
6 Let cleave my tong my pallat on,
if mind thee do not I:
If choice joys ore I mind not more
Jerusalem my joy.
7 Remember LORD Edoms sons word▪
unto the ground said they
It raze, it raze; when as it was
Jerusalem her day.
8 B [...]est shall he bee that payeth thee,
daughter of Babilon:
Which must be wast, that which thou hast
rewarded us upon.
9 Yea happy hee shall surely bee
that strongly up doth take
Thy little ones, and gainst the stones
doth them in pieces breake.

Another Meeter.

BY water stoods of Babilon
there have wee sitten down.
Yea there wee mourned [...]
did Sion think upon.
[Page 292]2 Our Harps in midst of her wee did
hang [...]llow trees among.
3 For these they [...]s who captive led
requir'd of us a song:
Who laid us wast▪ [...] mirth, sing us
a Sions song do yee▪
4 How in a land of strangers sing
Jehovahs songs shall [...]?
5 Oh thou Jerusalem if [...]
of thee forgetfull bee:
Then let my right hand quite forget
her own dexteritie.
6 If I thee mind not let my tongue
not from my pallet move:
If I set no [...] Jerusalem
my chiefest joy above.
7 Remind LORD Edoms sonns, who on
Jerusalem her day
R [...]ze it, to her foundation▪
raze it again, said they.
8 Thou Babels daughter must be wast,
that man shall happy bee:
That like as thou us served hast,
so recompenceth thee.
9 Yea happy hee shall surely bee,
that strongly up doth take
Thy little ones▪ and 'gainst hard stones
doth them in pieces break.

PSAL: CXXXVIII. [Page 293] A Psalm of David.

[...] confess,
prayse thou the gods before.
[...] The Temple of [...]
towards [...].
I'le for [...] prayse thy [...],
and fo [...] thy verity▪
[...] all thy [...]
thy [...]
3 Thou in the thy me answer [...]
I cryed unto thee:
[...], within my [...]
didst also strengthen [...].
4 All Kings of [...] praise
when thy mouths [...] they hear.
5 They shall sing in Jehovah [...] [...],
that great's his glory there
6 Albeit that the LORD be high,
yet he respects the low:
But as for them that lo [...]ty bee,
he them farr off doth know.
7 Although I walk [...] distress,
thee quickning [...] have:
Thine hand shall my foes wrath s [...]ppress▪
and thy right hand me save▪
8 The LORD will perfect [...] for me▪
thy Mercy LORD ay [...]:
Oh do not those forsake [...]
the works of thine own hand [...].
[Page 294]

[...] of David.

O LORD [...] search & know
thou know'st my sitting down.
2 My rising up, my thought also▪
to thee f [...]rr off is known.
3 Thou [...] my path▪ and lying down.
and all my wayes know'st well.
4 For lo, each word th [...]'s in my tongue
LORD [...] tell.
5 [...] thou [...] me and bosom,
[...] dost lay.
6 [...] high and wondrous skill is more▪
th [...] [...] thereto I may.
7 [...] shall I from thy spirit go,
or from thy face where [...]y
8 If heav'n I climb▪ thou there, lo thou
if [...] I ly.
9 If m [...]rning wings I take and dwell
where [...] sea-coast bee.
10 Ev'n there thy hand conduct me shall,
and thy right hand hold mee.
11 Y [...] darkness sure shall cover mee,
if that I thus shall say:
Then shall the night about me bee▪
like to the lightsom day.
12 Yea, darkness darkneth not from thee,
but like the day shines night:
Alike unto thee both these bee▪
the darkness and the light.
[Page 295]
13 For thou my reine [...] possessed [...]ast,
and also covered mee:
Within my mothers womb thou hast.
14 My prayse shall be of thee:
Because that I am fac [...]on'd thus
in fearfull wondrous wise▪
And that thy works are m [...]rveilous,
my soul right well desc [...]es.
15 From thee my substance was not hid
when closly made was I▪
And when that I was facioned
in earths deeps curiously
16 Thine eyes did on my substance look,
when yet I wanted frame:
And all my members in thy book
were written down by name.
Which day by day should facion'd bee,
when none of them were come.
17 How precious are thy thoughts to mee
O God? how great's their summ▪
18 If I of them account should take,
more then the [...]ands they bee:
And still when that I do awake,
I present am with thee.
19 O God thou surely wilt them slay,
that wicked persons bee:
Depart therfore from hence away,
yee men of blood from mee.
20 Because that they against thee do▪
[Page 296]speak in mischievous wise:
Thine Name in vain they take also,
[...] are thin [...] enemies.
21 Jehovah, hate I not the men,
that thee do hate? likewise
Am I not sore agriev'd with them
that up against th [...] rise?
22 With perfect hate, th [...] hate do I:
I take them for my foes.
23 Search me O God, my heart descry,
thy mee, my thoughts disclose.
24 Behold in mee, if that there bee
ev'n any wicked way:
And in the way conduct thou mee,
that doth endure for ay.

PSAL: CXL. To the chief musi [...]n, A Psalm of David.

LORD free mee from the evill man,
from violent men save mee,
2 Whose hearts think mischief every day
for warr they gathered bee.
3 They in such wise make sharp their tongue
like as the Serpents do:
And underneath their lips doth ly
the Adders poyson too. Sela [...]
4 Keep me LORD from ye wickeds hand
from violent men mee save:
My goings which to overthrow,
[Page 297]in thought projected have.
5 The proud have hid a snare for mee,
with coards also, a net,
They spread abroad besides the way,
for me they grins have set. Selah▪
6 Unto Jehovah I did say▪
thou art [...] God to mee:
LORD he [...] the voyce of my requests,
which are for grace [...].
7 O GOD the LORD who art ye strength
of my salvation
My head by thee hath covered been,
the day of battle on.
8 That mans desire that wicked is
Jehovah do not grant:
His wicked purpose further not,
lest they themselves should vaunt.
9 The head of them on every side,
that do encomp [...]ss mee:
O let the mischief of their lips,
to them a covering bee.
10 Let burning co [...]les on them be cast,
hee shall make them to fall:
Into the fyre, into deep pits,
to rise no more at all.
11 Let not i'th earth establisht bee
a man of evill tongue:
Evill shall hunt to overthrow,
the man of violent wrong.
[Page 298]12 Th'afflicteds cause, ye poor mans right
I know GOD will mentain.
11 Yea just shall praise thy Name, th'up­right
shall 'fore thy face remain.

PSAL: CXLI. A Psalm of David.

JEhovah I upon thee call.
O make thou hast to mee:
And harken thou unto my voyce,
when I do cry to thee.
2 And let my prayr directed bee
before thee incense wise:
And of my soul the lifting up.
as evening sacrifice.
3 Jehovah O that thou wouldst set
a watch my mouth before,
And also of my lips be thou
the keeper of the dore.
4 Bow not my heart to any ill,
to do a wicked deed:
With men that mischief work, nor let
mee of their [...]ainties feed.
5 The just let smite mee, kindness 'tis,
let him reprove mee [...]ke.
It shall be such a precious yl,
my head it shall not break.
For yet my [...], ev'n in their woes.
6 When [...] theirs are cast
On rocks then they [...].
[Page 299]
7 As one that cutteth, or doth cleave
the wood upon the ground:
So all about the mouth of graves,
our bones be scattered round▪
8 But unto thee O GOD the LORD,
directed are mine eyes:
My soul O leave not destitute,
on thee my hope relyes.
9 O do thou keep me from the snar [...]
which they have layd for mee:
And also from the grins of those
that work iniquitie.
10 But let them all th [...]t wicked are
into their own net fall:
Untill that altogether I
escape in safety shall.

PSAL: CXLII. Maschil of David. A prayer when he was in the cave.

UNto Jehovah with my voyce,
I out aloud did cry:
Unto Jehovah with my voyce▪
my suit for grace made I.
2 Before his face I did pour out
my meditation:
Before his face I did declare
the trouble mee upon.
3 When in me was my spirit o're whelmd
then thou didst know my way:
[Page 300]I'th way I walkt, a snare for mee
they privily did lay
4 On my right hand I tookt and saw,
but no man would mee know:
All refuge faild mee, for my soul
none any care did show.
5 Unto the LORD I cry'd, and said,
my hope thou art alone:
And in land of living ones,
thou art my portion.
6 Because I am brought very low,
attend unto my cry:
From my pursuers save thou mee.
which stronger bee then I.
7 From out of prison bring my soul,
that I thy Name may prayse:
The [...] shall compass me, for thou
shalt shew me bounteous grace.

PSAL: CXLIII. A Psalm of David.

LORD hear my prayr, give [...]ar when I
do humbly ca [...] on thee:
Both in thy trueth, and righteousness
make answer unto mee.
2 And into judgment enter not.
with him that serveth thee:
For in thy sight no man that lives
shall justified bee.
3 For th'enemy hath pursu'd my soul.
my life to'th ground hath thrown:
[Page 301]And made me dwell i'th dark, like them
that dead are long agone.
4 Therfore my spirit is overwhelm'd,
perplexedly in mee:
My heart also within mee is
made desolate to bee.
5 I call to mind the dayes of old,
I meditation use:
On all thy works, thy handy work
I therupon do mus [...].
6 Morover I do unto thee,
reach mine out stretched hands:
So after thee my soul doth thirst,
as do the thirsty lands. Selah.


7 Hast LORD, hear me, my spirit doth f [...]l
hide not thy face mee f [...]o:
Lest I [...]ecome like unto them,
that down to pit do go.
8 Let me thy mercy early hear,
for I upon thee stay;
Wherin th [...]t I should walk, cause thee
to understand the way.
For I to thee lift up my soul.
9 O LORD deliver mee,
From them that be my foes; I fly
to hide my self with thee.
10 Thou art my God, thy spirit is good.
teach mee thy will to do:
Into the land of uprightness.
conduct thou mee also.
[Page 302]
11 Jehovah me O quicken thou,
ev'n for thine own Names sake:
And for thy righteousness my soul
from out of trouble take.
12 And cut thou off mine enemies,
in thy benignity:
Destroy all that afflict my soul,
for servant thine am I.

PSAL: CXLIIII. A Psalm of David.

O Let Jehovah blessed bee,
who is my Rock of might:
Who doth instruct my hands to warr,
my fingers eke to fight.
2 My goodness▪ fortress, my high tower,
and who doth set me free:
My shield, my crust, which doth subdue
my people under mee.
3 LORD what is earthly man that thou
dost knowledg of him take?
Or son of wretched man that thou
account of him dost make.
4 Man's like to vanity: his dayes
pass like a shade away.
5 LORD bow the heav'ns, come down & touch
the mounts, and smo [...]k shall [...].
6 Cast light [...]ng forth▪ and scatter them:
thy shafts [...] them distress.
7 Thine hand O send thou from above,
and work for mee release:
[Page 303]From waters great, and from the hand
of strangers sons me free:
8 Whose mouth [...] speak lies, their right hand is,
right hand of falsitie.
9 O God new songs I'le sing to thee,
upon the Psaltery:
And on ten stringed instrument,
to thee sing praise will I.
10 It's he alone that unto Kings,
salvation doth afford:
Who doth his servant David keep
free from the hurtfull sword.
11 Rid, and me free from strange sonns hands
whose mouth speaks vanity:
And their right hand, a right hand is
of lying f [...]sity.
12 That like [...]s plants that are grown up,
in youth [...] bee our sonns:
Our daughters pallace-like may bee,
as polisht corner stones.
13 Our garners full▪ affording store
of every sort of meats:
Our cattle bringing thousands forth▪
ten thousands in our streets.
14 Our oxen let be strong to work,
that breaking in none bee▪
No [...] go [...]ng out: that [...] our streets
[...] from complaints be free.
15 O blessed shall the people bee▪
[Page 304]whose [...] is such as this:
O blessed shall the people bee,
whose God Jehovah is.

PSAL: CXLV. David [...] Hymn, or Psalm of prays [...].

MY God O King, I'le thee extoll:
and bless thy [...] for ay.
2 For ever will I praise thy Name:
and bless thee every day.
3 Great is ye LORD, most worthy prais [...],
his greatness [...] none.
4 Age unto age shall prayse thy works,
and thy great [...] make known.
5 Thy Glory, Honour, Majesty▪
of them discourse will I:
And of the Admirable works,
by thee done wondrously.
6 Also men of thy mighty works,
shall speak which dreadfull are,
And I thy great magnificence,
will openly declare.
7 The mem'ry of thy goodness great,
th [...]y largely shall express:
And they shall with a thankfull voice,
sing of thy righteousness.
8 Jehovah [...] is gracious,
and mercifull is hee:
Slow unto anger, and he is
great in benignitie.
[Page 305]
9 The LORD is good to all, on all
his works his tenderness.
10 Thee all thy works shall prayse O LORD
and thee thy saints shall bless.
11 They'l of thy kingdoms glory speak,
and talk of thy powr high.
12 To make mens sonn [...] his great acts know▪
and Kingdoms Majesty.
13 Thy Kingdom is a Kingdom ay,
and thy reign lasts alwayes▪
14 The LORD doth hold up all that fall,
and all down bow'd ones rayse.
15 All eyes wait on thee, and their meat,
thou dost in season bring.
16 Thy open hand fills the desire
of every living thing.
17 The LORD is just in all his wayes,
and holy in's works all.
18 Hee' [...] near to all that call on him,
in truth that on him call.
19 Hee of them all that do him fear
will their desire fulfill:
And he will harken to their cry,
them likewise save he will.
20 The LORD preserveth all of them,
of him that lovers bee:
But whosoever wicked are,
destroy them quite will hee.
21 My mouth the prayses of the LORD,
[Page 306]discoursing shall express:
And let all flesh his holy Name,
for ay and ever bless.


THe LORD praise, praise my soul the LORD.
2 So long as I do live.
I'le praise the LORD, while that I am,
prayse to my God I'le give.
3 Tru [...] not in Princes, nor man [...] son,
who can no succour send.
4 His breath goeth forth, to's earth lie [...] turn [...]
his thoughts that day do end.
5 O blest is hee that hath the God
of Jacob for his ayd:
Whose hopefull confidence upon
the LORD his God is stayd.
6 Who heav'n, earth, sea, all in them made?
who ay his truth makes good.
7 Who for th'oppressed judgment doth,
who gives the hungry food.
8 The LORD doth loose the prisoners,
the LORD op's th'eyes of blind:
The LORD doth rayse the bowed down,
the LORD to th'just is kind.
9 The LORD saves strangers, widdows hee
and f [...]therless doth rayse:
But he of them that wicked bee
doth overthrow the wayes.
[Page 307]
10 The LORD shall reign for evermore,
thy God O Sion hee
To generations all shall reign:
O pr [...]yse Jehovah ye [...].


PRayse yee the LORD, for it
[...]s good prayses to sing,
To our God, for its sweet:
Praise is a comely thing.
2 The LORD doth rea [...]
Jerusalems And gathers them
That outcast were.
3 The broke in heart he heals,
And up their wounds doth bind.
4 The Starrs by number tells,
Hee calls them all by kind.
5 Our LORD great is,
And of great might: Ye [...] Infinite
His knowledg 'tis.
6 The LORD doth rayse the low;
To ground the vile doth fling.
7 Sing thanks the LORD unto,
On Harp our Gods praise sing.
8 Who clouds the skies,
Rains th'earth upon, And mountains on
Makes grass to rise.
9 Beasts hee and Ravens young
When as they cry feeds them.
[Page 308]10 [...] horses strong,
Nor in the legs of men.
11 The LORD doth [...]
His pleasure where, Men do him [...],
And hope on [...]s grace.
12 The LORD Jerus'lem praise:
Sion thy God confess.
13 For thy gates bares he stayes,
In thee thy sonns doth bless.
14 Peace maketh hee
In borders thine▪ With wheat so fine
Hee filleth thee▪
15 On earth sends his decree,
His word doth swiftly pass.
16 Gives snow like wooll, and hee
Hoar-frosts spreads ashes as.
His yee doth send
Like morselle to; 'Fore his cold who
Can steady stand?
18 His word sends, and them thaws,
Makes [...] blow, water flowes.
19 His Word Jacob: his Laws,
And Judgments. Israel showes.
20 Hee hath so done.
No nation to, And judgments so
They have not known.

Another Metre.

[Page 309]
PRayse ye the LORD, for good it is
prayse to our God to sing:
Because a pleasant thing is this,
2 Jehovah [...]
her building [...] up [...]:
Hee doth together gather them▪
that Israels out [...]ast [...] are,
3 The broken ones in heart he [...]eal [...]:
and binds their sorrows all
4 The number of the Starrs he tells,
all them by names doth call.
5 Great is our God, and of great might,
his knowledg without bound.
6 The LORD lifts up the humble wight,
the wicked casts to ground.
7 Unto Jehovah see that you
sing out wi [...]h thanksgiving,
Upon the Ha [...]p our God unto,
s [...]e that you prayses sing.
8 Who ov [...]-spreads with clouds ye skie,
who for the earth b [...]lo [...],
Prepareth [...] on mount [...] high,
who causeth grass to gr [...]w.
9 To beasts thei [...] food▪ to Ravens young
who giveth when they cry.
10 His pleasure not in horses strong,
[...] mans legs doth ly.
11 Who fea [...]th LORD, he joys in them,
whose hope [...] mercy stayes.
[Page 310]12 The LORD praise O Jerusalem,
thy God O Sion praise.
13 For thy [...] he hath made strong
thy children in thee blest.
14 Hee maketh peace, thy coasts along,
thee [...] with wheat o'th best.
15 Hee forth on earth sends hi [...] decree,
his word is swiftly past.
16 Hee giveth snow like wooll, and hee
doth frost as ashes cast.
17 Like morsells forth hee sends his yce,
who can his cold sustain?
18 Hee sendeth forth his word likewise,
and melteth them again:
His wind he causeth for to blow,
and then the waters flow.
19 Hee Jacob, did his Word, his Law,
and Judgments Israel show.
20 With any of the nations done
in like sort hath no [...] hee,
And judgments his they have not known,
O prayse Jehovah yee.

PSAL: CXLVIII. Halleluiah.

FRom heav'n O prayse the LORD,
Him praise the high is within.
2 All's Angells prayse afford:
All's Armies praise yee him.
3 O give him prayse,
Sun, and Moon bright, All Starrs of light▪
O give him prayse.
[Page 311]
4 [...] heav'n [...] of heav [...]n [...] him prays [...],
[...]ove heav'ns yee waters clear.
5 The LORD, Name let them prayse.
For he spake made they were.
6 Them stablisht hee
For ever and ay: Nor pass away
Shall his decree.
7 Prayse GOD from th'earth below,
Yee Dragons, and each deep.
8 Fyre, hayl, and mist, and snow,
Whirlwinds, his word which keep.
9 Mountains also,
And hills all yee: Each fruitfull tree,
All Cedars too.
10 Beasts, also cattle all,
Things creeping, fowles that fly.
11 Earths Kings, and peoples all,
Peers all, th earths judges [...].
12 Do yee alwayes,
Young men, and maids, Old men & b [...]bes,
13 The LORDs name praise,
For his Name's only high,
His glory 'bove earth and heav'n.
14 His folks horn he lifts high▪
The praise of all's saints, ev'n
The sonns who bee
Of Israel dear, His people near,
The LORD prayse yee.

Another Metre. Halleluiah.

[Page 312]
PRayse [...] the LORD, from heav'n hi [...] praise▪
him in [...] heights O praise.
2 O ye his Angels all him praise:
all ye his Hoasts him prayse.
3 Praise ye him Sun and Moon, and him
all [...] of light praise [...].
4 Yee heav'ns of heav'ns O praise ye him
'bove heav'ns and waters [...].
5 Let them the LORDs name praise be­cause
hee [...]ad, and made were th [...].
6 Yea he then fixt for ay: the [...]
he made shall not dec [...]y
7 Jehovah praise yee from the [...]
yee Dragons, and all deeps
8 The fyre, and hail, the snow, and mist,
whirlwind his word that keep [...].
9 All hills, and mountains fruitfull tree▪
yee Cedars all likewise.
10 Beasts, and all cattle, creeping things,
and every fowl that flyes.
11 Kings of the earth, and people all,
Pe [...]rs all th'earths judges too
12 Young men and maidens, both ye same
old men and children do.
1 [...] Let these the LORDs name praise be­cause
his Name alone on high:
Exalted is, his glory is
above the earth and sky.
14 Yea [...]ee exalts his p [...]op [...]es horn,
of all his saints the praise:
[Page 313]Of Israels sonns, a folk [...] near,
therfore Jehovah prayse.


PRaise ye the LORD, sing to ye LORD▪
a new melodious song:
And in the congregation,
his prayse the saints among.
2 O now let Israel joyfull bee▪
in him who hath him made▪
The sonns of Sion in their King,
O let them be right glad.
3 O let them with melodious [...]
his Name give prayse unto.
Let them sing prayses unto him,
with Timbrel, Harp also.
4 Because Jehovah in his folk
doth preasure greatly take:
The meek he with salvation
most beawtifull will make.
5 The gracious holy ones let them
most g [...]riously rejoyce
Let them upon their beds a [...]so,
lift up their singing voyce.
6 The praises high of God▪ let bee
proclaimed in their word▪
And let be ready in their hands,
a double edged sword.
7 On heathen vengeance, on the folk
[Page 314]their censures t'execute.
8 Their Kings in chaines, in yron bands,
their Noblemen to shut.
9 The judgment upon them to do,
that's written in the word:
This honour is to all his saints,
give prayse unto the LORD


PRayse J [...]h [...] prayse God, in's Sanctuary
[...]yse him in his strong fir [...]ament.
2 Prayse him [...] works done mightily
Prayse him for's greatness excellent.
3 His prayse with Trumpets sound adv [...]c [...]
Prayse him with Harp, and I [...].
4 Prayse him with Timbrell, & wi [...]h da [...]ce
Prayse him with Organs, Lutes likewise▪
5 Prayse to him on loud Cymballs sing:
Prayse him on Cymballs sounding high.
6 Praise [...]et ye LORD each breathing thing
Prayse yee the LORD [...],
Here endeth the book of PSALMS.



LET him with kisses of his mouth,
be pleased me to kiss▪
Becaus much better then ye wine,
thy loving kindnes i [...]
3 Thy name as pour'd forth oyntment is▪
because of that sweet smell
Of thy good oyntmen [...]s, therfore do
the virgins love thee well.
4 O draw thou me and readily
wee will run after thee:
Into his secret chambers hath
the King conducted mee▪
Wee will be glad, and wee likewise
in thee will much delight▪
Wee will remember more then wine
thy love; thee love th'upright.
5 O daughters of Jerusalem.
I am a comely one,
Though black, as Kedars tents, and as
curtains of Solomon.
[Page]6 Because I blackish [...], therefore
upon me look not yee,
Because that with his beams the Sun
hath looked down on mee.
My mothers sonn [...] were wroth with mee▪
they vinyards me assign
To keep; wheras I have not kept
the vineyard that was mine.
7 Tell me thou whom my soul doth [...]
where thou thy feed dost take▪
And also where at noon time thou
thy flock to rest dost make:
Because O wherfore should I bee
like to such va [...]ed ones,
That turn aside unto the flocks
of thy companions.
8 Most fair of women know'st thou not▪
thou by the flocks-steps go:
Forth on thy way by shepheards tents,
feed thou thy kids also.
[...] To troops of horse in Pharoahs coach,
my [...]ove I thee compare.
10 Thy neck with chains, with jewells rows,
thy cheeks f [...]ll comely are.
11 Borders of gold, with silvar studd [...],
for thee make up wee will
12 Whil [...]st that the King at's table fits▪
my spikenard yields her smell.
13 Like as of Mirth a bundle is
[Page]my welbelov'd to mee:
Through all the night betwixt my breasts,
his lodging place shall bee.
14 My love as in Engeddys vines,
like Camphires bunch to mee.
15 Lo fair my love, lo fair thou art;
thine eyes as doves eyes bee.
16 Lo thou art fair, my love, and sweet▪
our bed is green likewise:
Our houses beams of Cedars are,
of fi [...]r our galleries.


I Sharons rose, and lilly am
that grows the vales along.
2 As lilly is 'mongst thorns▪ my love
the daughters is among.
3 As is the Apple tree among
trees in the wood that grow:
My wellbeloved one amongst
the sonns is even so.
I with great joy sat in his shade,
his fruits I swe [...]t did tast.
4 Hee brought me to his house of wine,
his love-flag o're me cast.
5 With staggo [...]s stay; with apples mee
chear up [...] sick I
6 Under my head his left hand doth
his right about me ly.
7 O daughters of Jerusalem,
my love w [...]ke not, not raise,
By Roes, and hinds of held, I you
do charge, [...]till he please.
8 The voyce of my beloved one
upon the mountains, lo
Hee cometh leaping on the hills,
hee skipping is also.
9 As Roes o [...] [...]a [...]nes of Hinds my love,
behold he stands, and views,
Behind our wall, the window through,
himself through lattess shews.
10 My wellbeloved he did speak,
and unto me did say▪
Arise my love, my comely one,
come thou also away.
11 For lo the winter passed is,
the rain is overgone.
12 The flowers appear upon the earth,
birds singing time is come:
And of the Turtle dove the voyce
is heard our land within.
13 The figtree causeth forth to spring▪
her figs that yet are green
The vines also, with tender grape,
do give good smell I say▪
Arise my love, my comely one,
and do thou come away.
14 My dove, i'th [...]ocky cl [...]fts, close stairs
thy voyce O let me hear,
[Page]And see thy face, for sweet's thy voyce,
thy face is also fair.
15 Take us the foxes, take for us
the little [...] here,
That spoil the vines; because our vines
[...] tender grapes do bear.
16 My welbeloved one is mine,
and I am also his:
Amongst the lilly-flowrs also
his pleasant [...]eeding is.
17 Untill day break, and shades fly hence▪
turn my beloved one,
And like a Roe, or young Hart bee
the Bether mountains on.


MY souls love I by night did seek,
as I on bed did ly:
Although that I for him did seek,
yet find him could not I.
2 Now I'le arise, and in the streets,
[...] streets of Citty round:
I will him seek whom my soul loves
I sought, but not him found.
3 As they about the Citty went
the watchmen found out mee:
To whom I said, him whom my soul
doth love, O did you see?
4 It was but as a little space
[Page]that I from them had past:
But whom my soul did love▪ I found,
and then I held him fast.
I would not suffer him to go,
till I had brought him in
My mothers house▪ the chamber [...]
conceived I had bin.
5 O daughters of Jerusalem,
my love [...] not, nor raise,
By Roes, and [...] of [...], I [...]
do charge untill he please.
6 Who's this from desert that ascends,
like smo [...]k [...]e pillars tall,
Perfum'd with mirth and frankincense,
'bove merchants powders all.
7 Behold the bed the which is his,
the which is Solomons:
About it [...] valiant men
of Israels valiant ones.
8 They all of them do handle swords,
they expert are in fight:
Each man his sword hath on his thigh
for terrour in the night.
9 King Sol [...]mon made himself a bed
of wood of Lebanon.
10 It's pillars hee of silvar made,
gold was its bottom on:
Of purple was the covering
the which was spread above,
[Page]For daughters of Jerusalem,
the [...] was [...] with love.
11 Yee daughters that in Sion dwell▪
go forth, and eke behold
King Solomon, adorned with
his [...] of gold.
Wherwith on his espousall [...] day
his mother hath him crown'd▪
And in the day wherin his heart
with gla [...]ness did abou [...]d.


LO fair thou art my love▪ lo fair,
doves eyes in thy locks are:
Thy hair as flocks of goats that from
mount Gilead do appear.
2 Thy teeth are as a smooth shorn flock,
which from the washing come,
Where every one of them bear [...] twinns,
of them ther's ba [...]on none.
3 Thy lips are as a scarlet threed,
thy speech eke comly is:
Within thy locks thy temples ar [...]
like a pomgranate piece.
4 Thy neck is like to Davids tower,
built for an armory,
Where hang a thousand shields, all shields
of men of potency.
5 Thy breasts they twain compared are
[Page]to Ro [...] a couple young:
The which are twins, and have their feed▪
the lilly-flowrs among.
6 Untill the time the day shall break,
and till the shades [...] hence.
I'le get me to the mounts of mirth,
and hill of frankincense.
7 All fair thou art my lovely one▪
there is no spot in thee.
8 My spouse with me from Leb'non come
from Lebanon with mee▪
Look from the top of Amanah,
from Sheni [...]s top also,
From Hermon, from the Lyons dens▪
the Leopards mountains fro.
9 My sister spouse thou ravishest
my heart, thou dost affect
My heart with that one eye of thine,
with one chain of thy neck.
10 How fair's thy love, my sister spouse,
how better farr thy love
Then wine; and thine anoyntments smell▪
all spices far above.
11 My spouse thy lips drop honey comb,
both hony and milk are on
Thy tongue, [...]nd thy cloths smell is like
the smell of Lebanon.
12 My sister my espoused one,
a garden closely [...]utt:
A wellspring closed up thee is,
a fountain sealed up.
13 Thy cyo [...] of Pomgranates are.
like to a Paradise.
With pleasant fruits replenished.
Camphire, [...] likewise.
14 Spiknard, and Saffron, Calamus▪
[...] likewise:
All Incense trees, Myrrh▪ Aloes,
with all [...] of spice.
15 The gardens fount 'live waters-spring▪
and streams from Lebanon.
16 Wake O North wind, and come thou South▪
my garden blow upon.
It's spices, that the may flow out:
his garden come into
Let my beloved one, and eat
his pleasant fruits also.


I Am into my garden come,
my sister, spouse likewise:
And I my Myrrh have gathered up,
together with my spice,
My hony comb with hony ate▪
my wine and milk drunk I:
Eat O yee friends, drink O belov'd,
yea drink abundant [...]y.
2 I sleep, but yet my heart 'oth wake:
the voyce 'tis of my love
That knocketh, ope [...] unto mee,
O sister mine, my dove:
[Page]My love my undefiled one▪
because my head [...]
With dew, [...]
that ha [...]e by [...]
3 I have put off [...] shall
I put it on again▪
And I have [...]shed clean my [...]
how shall I them distain?
4 My wel beloved put his hand
in by the hole o'th dore,
My bowells made a troubled noyse
in me for him therfore.
5 I rose, to open to my love▪
and my hands Mirrh did [...]
My fingers eke sweet Mirrh upon
[...] handles of the lock.
6 When I the door had opened,
to my beloved one,
Then had my love withdrawn himself▪
and he away was gone:
When as he spake, my soul did fayl,
although I sought him have,
I found him not, I calld him, yet
he me no answer gave.
7 The w [...]tchmen that the Citty round▪
me found, smite, wound did they,
The keepers of the walls from mee
did take my veyl away.
8 O daughters of Jerusalem,
[Page]I charge you to him say,
If my belov'd yee [...]
for love do faint away.
9 What's thy love more then others loves
fairest of women kind▪
What's thy love more then others love,
that us thou dost so bind▪
10 My love is white, and ruddy, chief
amongst ten thousands hee.
11 His head is gold most fine, his locks
curl'd, black, as Ravens bee.
12 His eyes as doves, by water-streams,
with milk washt, set full meet.
13 His cheeks, are as a bed of spice,
as flowers of odours sweet:
His lilly-lips, drop flowing Mirrh,
his hands gold rings bedight.
14 With Ber [...]ll laid, with Saphires is
his belly Ivory bright.
15 His legs, as Marble pillars, set
on sockets of fine gold:
His look as Lebanon, as choice
as Cedars to behold.
16 Most sweet his palla [...] lovely he [...]
Ev'n altogether is:
O daughters of Jerusalem,
my love, and friend is this.


FAirest of women▪ whither i [...]
thy loved gone away▪
Where is thy love by-turn'd, that so
seek him with thee wee may.
2 My love to 's gardens down is gone▪
into the beds of spice▪
To feed in gardens, and to get
the lilly-flowrs likewise.
3 I am for my beloved one,
and my belov'd for mee:
And feed among the lilly-flowers
continually doth hee.
4 Thou art my love as T [...]rz [...] neat,
fair as Jerusalem.
Yea▪ terrible, as is an hoast,
that doth with banners stream.
5 Turn thou from me thine eyes, because
they have me overcome:
Thine hair is as a flock of goats,
which look from Gilead down.
6 Thy teeth are as a flock of sheep,
up from the washing gone,
Wherof each one bears twinns, of them
ther's not a barren one.
7 And in such wise within thy locks,
thy temples placed are:
That to a piece of Pomgranate,
the same I may compare.
8 Or Queens threescore, and fourscore is
of concubins the count,
[Page]There are so many Virgin [...] as
all number do surmount.
9 My dove, my undefiled one▪
shee is her mothers one:
Of her that did her [...] alone▪
shee is the choicest one▪
The daughters, when they her beheld.
they did her blessed call,
Yea both the Queens, and concubins,
they praysed her withall.
10 Who's shee yt looks as morning forth,
fair as the Moon so bright▪
Clear as the Sun, and terrible
as hoasts with [...]nners [...]ight?
11 To'th garden of the nuts I went
down, valley fruits to see:
To see, if Vines did bud, if bloom
did the Pomgranate tree.
12 My soul had placed me before
I ever was aware,
Upon the charriots of them that
my willing people are.
13 Turn, turn, O [...]hulamite, turn, turn▪
that wee may look on thee:
What will you see i'th Shulamite▪
as two camps company.


HOw beautifull thy feet with shoos,
O [...] daughter stand
[Page]Thy thighs, [...]
work of a skillfull hand.
2 Thy navell which no liquor wants,
is like a [...]:
Thy belly like [...] of [...]
about with lilly [...].
3 Thy two breasts, are like as [...]
that young▪ and [...].
4 Thy neck is also like unto
a towr of Ivorie:
Thine eyes like Heshbons fishpools are,
B [...]th-rabbi [...]s entrance by:
Thy nose as towr of Lebanon,
that doth Damascus [...]y.
5 Thine head on thee, like Carmell is,
hair of thy head likewise
Like purple is; the King is held
within the galleries.
6 How fair and delicate art thou,
O love, for pleasan [...]ie!
7 This stature thine, is like the Palm,
thy breasts, as cluster [...] bee.
8 I said I will the Palm ascend,
the boughs therof I held:
L [...]ke to Vine clusters are thy breasts,
thy nose as Apples smeld.
9 And as best wine, thy pallat is,
that to my love runns sweet,
C [...]sing the lips to utter speech,
of those that are asleep.
10 I am my loves, [...]
is placed me upon.
11 [...] beloved, let us forth
unto the field be gone▪
Let's lodg within the villages,
let us get [...].
12 Unto the Vineyards, [...]
if [...]owrish doth the V [...]ne▪
If that the tender grape appear,
the Pomgranates also:
If that they bud, and there my love [...]
I will on thee bestow.
13 The mandrakes give a smell, and at
our gates all sweet fruits bee,
Both new, and old, O my belov'd,
which I have stor'd for thee.


O That thou as my brother wort,
that suckt my mothers breast,
I would thee find without, and kiss,
yet none should me infest.
2 I to my mothers house would lead▪
and bring thee, who taught mee:
Spic't wine of my Pomgranate juice,
to drink I would cause thee.
3 His left hand underneath my head,
and right should me embrace.
4 O daughters of Jerusalem▪
I charge you till he please▪
[Page]Not to stirr up, nor to awake.
my wellbeloved one.
5 But who is this [...]ea [...]es on her love,
that doth from des [...]t come:
There where thy mother thee conceiv'd,
undertake Apple tree:
Where shee thee ba [...]e, who brought thee fort [...]
I there up-raysed thee.
6 Mee as [...] on thy heart,
as on thyn [...]:
For love is strong as death, and fierce
as hell, is jealous zeal.
The coales therof, are coales of fyre,
most ardent is its fla [...]e.
7 Much waters cannot quench this love,
nor can floods drown the same:
If all the substance of his house
a man would give for love.
It neverless would utterly
a price contemned prove.
8 A little sister 'tis we have,
but yet no breasts hath thee:
What shall we for ou [...] sister do,
when shee be-spoke shall bee▪
9 A s [...]va [...] towr wee' [...] [...]n her build,
if that a wall [...]ee bee,
And i [...] a door, then her enclose,
with Cedar boards will wee.
10 I am a wall, like unto tow [...]s,
[Page]my breasts they [...]re likewise▪
Like unto one that favour found,
then was I in his eyes.
11 At Baal-hammon. Solomon
a vineyard had, and hee
The vineyard [...]red out▪ to them
that should its keepers bee
Each one a thousand [...]varlings
was for it's fruit to pay.
12 The vineyard that is mine, before
my presence is alway:
Thy part O Solomon unto
a thousand doth arise,
Those that do keep the fruit therof,
two hundred have likewise.
13 O thou that in the gardens dwell'st.
they that companions are,
Unto thy voyce attending bee,
cause thou me it to hea [...].
14 Make hast, and be thou like a Ro [...]
my wellbeloved one:
Or be thou like a fawn of Harts▪
the mounts of spices on.
Here endeth the Song of Solomon.



NOw I to my beloved will
A song of my loves vinyard sing,
He hath a vineyard on a hill
Which in the horn of sto [...]e doth spring.
2 He fenc't it, and it [...] stones out threw
And planted it with choisest Vine,
Amid'st it built a towr also,
And therin made a press for wine:
Hee looked grapes it should yield then▪
But sowr-wild-grapes it forth did bring▪
3 Now dwellers in Jerusalem,
And men of Judah, judg this thing
Betwen my Vineyard, now, and mee.
4 What to it could I have done more▪
Yet when I lookt its grapes to see,
Why brought it forth wild-grapes ther­fore▪
5 And now I'le tell you, what I'le do,
My Vineyards hedg remove will I,
To be devour'd, and I'le down throw,
It's wall, and it trod down shall ly.
6 And it for desolate I'le say,
Unp [...]un'd, undig [...]d, with brambles spread,
And thornes; and to the clouds I'le say
That they on it no rain shall shed.
7 Because the house of Israel,
The LORD of hoasts his vineyard is:
The men in Judahs tribe that dwell.
They are that pleasant plant of his▪
And he for judgment did expect,
But lo there an oppressing wound;
An [...] that they justice should effect,
But lo an out-cry there h [...] [...].


JEhovah, I will give thee prayse,
though thou wast wroth with mee:
Thine anger turned is away,
and thou dost comfort mee.
2 Lo, God is my salvation,
trust, and nought fear will I:
Because the LORD Jehovah is
my strength, and melody,
And he is my salvation.
3 With joy shall yee therfore
Out of the well [...] of saving health
draw waters forth i [...] store.
4 Prayse ye the LORD, call on his nam [...]
amongst the people show
His doings; that his name's extolld.
declare abroad also.
5 Sing ye unto the LORD, for hee
things excellent hath done:
Yea, throughout all the earth abroad,
the same is fully known.
6 Cry out, and shout aloud, thou that
mount Sion dwellst upon:
For mighty in the midst of thee,
is Israels Holy one.

Another Metre.

O LORD I will thee prayse,
though thou vast wroth with mee▪
Thine anger turned is away,
and thou dost comfort mee,
2 Lo God my safety [...],
trust, and nought fear will I.
Because the LORD Jehovah is
my strength, and melody.
Yea hee my safety is.
3 With joy shall yee therfore
Out of the wells of saving health
draw waters forth in store.
4 Yee in that day shall say,
prayse GOD, his name proclaim,
Shew to the folk his deeds, declare
that lofty is his Name.
5 Sing ye unto the LORD,
because that he hath done
The things that are most excellent,
in all the earth it's known.
6 Cry out, and shout, thou loud
that dwel'st mount Sion on:
For mighty in the midst of thee,
is Israels Holy one.
LORD thou'rt my God, I'le thee exalt,
I will thy Name confess;
Who wonders dost, thy counsells old
are truth and faithfulness.
2 For thou a Citty mad'st an heap,
wall'd townes to wast, to fall.
The st [...]nger never of the town,
rebuild a pallace shall.
3 And for this cause thee gloryfie,
the mighty people shal [...]:
The Citty of dread nations,
shall reverence thee withall.
4 For thou hast been unto the poor
his strong munition:
In his distress thou art the strength
unto the needy one:
Thou art a refuge from the storm,
a shaddow from the heat:
When blasts of dr [...]adfull ones as stormes
against the wall do beat.
4 Thou shalt bring down the strangers noi [...]
as heat in places dry.
As heat by clouds-shade ceast, the branch
of dread ones low shall ly.
6 The LORD of hoasts morover shall
upon this mountain make,
A sumpteous feast of far things, for
all people to partake:
A feast of wines upon the lees,
for them hee shall prepare.
[Page]Of [...] [...]rrowy things, of wines.
on lees re [...]yn'd that are.
7 And in this mountain hee destroy
the fa [...]e of covering shall
Cast o're all people and the vail,
spread over nations all.
8 For ever hee will swallow up
death into victory:
The LORD God from all faces shall
wipe teares off utterly:
From all the [...] his folks rebuke
hee shall [...]ake clean away.
9 Lo this our God who will us save,
for him wee wayting s [...]ay:
This is the LORD, on whom wee had
ou [...] expectation,
Wee will rejoyce, and will be glad
in [...]is saluation.


WEE have a Citty very strong,
God will appoint salvation
Her w [...]lls and bulwarks for to bee.
2 Set open ye the gates that so
The righteous nation in may go
That doth observe the v [...]itie:
3 In perfect peace keep him thou wilt,
Whose thoughtfull mind on thee is built,
Because he doth on thee rely.
4 Trust in the LORD for evermore,
[Page]For in the LORD Jehovah store
Of strength is to eternity.
5 For he brings down who dwell on high
The lofty Citty low makes ly:
Hee layes it low ev'n to the floor,
Ev'n to the dust he hath it thrown.
6 The poor mans feet shall tread it down,
The feet and steps of th'needy-poor.
7 Uprightness is the just mans way,
Thou most upright, his path dost weigh.
8 Yea in thy judgments way O LORD,
Wee wayted have for thee, the same
Our soule desire is to thy Name,
And thee in mind still to record.
9 My soul hath thee desir'd by night,
Yea, I within mee with my sprig [...]t
In early seeking thee do earn:
For when on ear [...]h thy judgments bee,
The dwel [...]ers in the world sh [...]ll see,
That so they righteousness m [...]y learn▪
10 Let to the wicked grace be [...]hown,
Yet righteousness learn will he none;
But in the land of uprightness.
Hee will both deal unrighteously,
And he Jehovahs Majesty
Will not behold him to redress.
11 Jehovah when thy hand on high
Is lifted up, they will not see:
But see and be asham'd in all they
With envy at thy folk likewise,
[Page]The fyre of thy streit enemies
Shall them devour, ev'n quite away.
12 LORD peace for us ordein wilt thou,
For in us thou hast wrought also
Ev'n all our works, our God O LORD.
13 Lords others had dominion
O're us, besides thee, but alone
By thee wee will thy Name record.
14 They dead are they▪ shall live no more▪
They [...]re deceased▪ they therfore
Shall not arise, because thou hast
Them visitted, and hast them all
D [...]stroy'd, and their memoriall
Thou quite hast made away to wast.
15 Jehovah thou the nation
Increased hast, the nation
Thou hast increast abundantly:
Therfore then gloryfied art,
Thou hast remov'd it farr apart,
Where all the ends of th'earth do ly.
16 They visit thee, LORD in the hour
Of trouble, out their pray'r they pour
On them when thy chastisments light.
17 As shee that is to travell nigh,
Is pain'd, and out of pangs doth cry:
So h [...]ve we been LORD in thy sight.
18 We have conceiv'd, been paind, forth brought
As't were the wind, no health we wrought
In th'earth, nor have the worldlings slew
Thy dead, my corps shall live, and rise
[Page]Who dwell i'th dust, [...] sing likewise▪
Fo [...] as the dew of he [...] thy dew.
Th'earth shall her dead pastour also.
20 My folk, come, to thy chambers go,
And shut thy door, about thee fast▪
Hide thou thy self now as it were,
But for a little moment there,
Untill the wrath bee over-past.
21 For lo ye LORD from's place doth come
To execute on them the doom▪
That do upon the earth remain
Because of their iniquity:
Th'earth also shall her blood discry,
And cover shall no more her slain.

CHAP: XXXVIII. The Song of Hezekiah, after [...] recovery from si [...]kness.

10 I Said in cutting off my dayes,
Go to the gates of gra [...]e shall I;
And of the remnant of my yeares,
I am deprived utterly.
11 I said the LORD I shall not see,
I'th land of living ones the LORD.
And man no more behold shall▪
With them that dwell within the world.
11 Mine age away from me is put,
And moved as a shepherds tent:
I weaver-like my life off cut,
With plaing sicknes be mee spent.
[Page]Yea from the day the night untill.
Thou quite an end of mee wilt m [...]ke.
13 I count from morning, that he will
My bones all as a Lyon break:
From day to night thou wil [...] mee wast.
14 Like Crane, or swallow charter I▪
Dove like I mourn, mine eyes [...]-cast
Do fail, LORD help, opprest am I.
15 What shall I say [...]o me he hath
Both spoken, and himself done this▪
I all my life with softly path,
Shall walk in my souls bitterness.
16 LORD, by these things men live, and thou
By these my spirits life dost give:
Thou wilt recover me also,
And thou wilt make me for to live.
17 Lo, I for peace, sharp grief did find,
But freed my soul in love thou hast
From pits corruption: for behind
Thy back thou all my sinns did'st cast.
18 For graves thy prayse cannot make known
Nor yet c [...]n death thee celebrate:
S [...]h [...]s into the pit go down▪
They for thy trueth no more can wait.
19 The living, hee, the living will
Thee praise, as I this d [...]y have done:
The father to the children still,
Hee shall thy faithfulness make known.
20 Jehovah mee to save was bent;
[Page]Therfore [...] in the LORD [...]
Will sing, on stringed instrument,
Throughout our life, ev'n all the [...]



I Am the man by' [...] wrathf [...]ll [...]:
who have of grief the fight.
2 To darkness he me led, and brought
and not into ye light.
3 Hee's surely turn'd 'gainst me, all day
his hand he turns in wrath.
4 My flesh and skin, he hath made old
my bones he b [...]oken hath.
5 Hee 'gainst me [...] built, and [...]e with [...]
and travell did infold.
6 Hee hath me set in places dark,
as who are dea [...] of old.
7 Hee me hedg'd in. I can't get ou [...]:
his heavy cha'n I bear.
8 Also when as I cry, and shout,
hee shutteth out my pray'r.
9 Hee with hew'n stone enclos'd my path
hee crooked made my wayes.
10 Hee as a Bear, [...] wait for mee,
as Lyons in hid place.
[Page] [...] Hee turned hath my wayes asid [...],
and he hath pulled mee
A [...] into pieces: hee hath made
mee desolate to bee.
12 Hee bent his bow, me [...] a mark
did for the arrow place.
13 His quivers strows he hath caus [...]
into me [...] to pass.
14 To all my folk, I was a scorn:
and all the day their song.
15 Hee made me full of bitterness,
and drunck with wormwood strong.
16 And he my teeth with gravell brake,
in ashes rolled mee.
17 And far thou put'st my soul from peace
gone is prosperitie.
18 Yea I did say, my strength and hope,
is perisht from the LORD.
19 My grief and pain, wormwood & gall,
when I in mind record.
20 My soul doth them remember still▪
and in mee's humbled sore.
21 This to my heart I do recall,
and hope I have therfore.
22 It's of the mercys of the LORD
wee' [...] not consum'd away:
Because that his compassions
they never do decay.
23 They every morning are renu'd,
his faithfullness is great.
[Page]24 The LORD's my portion saith my soul
thence hope on him I'le set.
25 To them that wait for him, to'th soul
that seeks him, good's the LORD,
26 It's good to hope, and still to wait▪
for safety from the LORD.
27 It is good for a man in's youth
that he hath born the yoak.
28 Hee sits alone, and silence keeps▪
because it was his stroak.
29 Hee puts his mouth into the dust,
if so there hope may bee.
30 His cheek to him that smites he gives,
fill'd with reproach is hee.
31 For ay the LORD will not cast off,
but though grie [...] cause he should,
32 Yet will he have compassion
in's mercyes manifold.
33 For he afflicts not willingly▪
nor grieves the sonns of men.
34 To crush in pieces under's feet
earths prisoners all of them.
35 To turn aside the right of man
before the high it his face▪
36 The LORD approves not to subvert
a man in his just case.
37 Who's he that saith, and done it is,
unless the LORD it will.
38 Out of the mouth of the most high
proceeds not good, and ill.
39 Why doth a living man complain▪
a man for his sinns pain?
40 Let's search, and try our wayes, and turn
unto the LORD again.
41 Let us lift up our heart, and hands,
to God on high in heaven.
42 We trespast have, and have rebell'd,
and thou hast not forgiven.
43 Thou hyd'st with wrath, and us pursu'st
thou slay'st, and dost not rue.
44 Thou so with clouds dost hide thy self
our prayer cannot pass through
45 Amidst the people us thou mad'st
the refuse scum likewise.
46 Against us opened have their mouths
all of our enemies.
47 Fear and snare is come on us,
wast and destruction.
48 For my folks daughters wast, mine eye
runs water-rivers down.
49 Mine eye with tears doth trickle down
no intermission.
50 Untill the LORD from heav'n look down
on our affliction.
51 Mine eye affects mine heart, for all
my Citty's daughters sore.
52 Mee like a bird, my foes pursu'd,
they have no cause therfore.
53 My life i'th dungeon they cut off,
on me a stone they put.
[Page]54 The waters did flow o're raine head.
I said I off am cut.
55 I called on thy name O LORD▪
out of the dungeon low.
56 Thou hard'st my voyce, hide not thine ear▪
my cry, my breathing fro.
57 Thou [...]rewest near, and said'st fear not
i'th day I calld on thee.
58 LORD, my souls causes thou didst plead,
my life thou hast set free.
59 Jehov [...]h thou hast seen my wrong,
judg thou the cause for mee.
60 Their vengeance all, and all their plots
against me thou didst see
61 Thou hast heard their reproach O Lord
their plots 'gainst mee alway.
62 The lips of those who 'gainst me rose▪
their plots 'gainst mee all day.
63 Their sitting down, their rising up,
their musick lo am I.
64 O LORD on them a recompence
to their hands works apply.
65 Give to them senslesnes of heart,
thy curse to them afford.
66 In wrath chase, and them wast beneath
the heavens of the LORD.


REmember LORD what's come on us
mark our reproach, and see
[Page]2 Our lo [...] to strangers, houses ours
to aliants turned bee.
3 Wee orphans are, and fatherless,
our mothers widdows are.
4 Our water wee for money drunk,
our wood is sold us dear.
5 Our necks in persecution are,
wee toyl, no rest we have.
6 For fill of bread to Egypt wee
and hand to Ashur gave.
7 Our fathers sinn'd, and are no more,
and born [...]heir sinn have wee.
8 Us servants rule, out of their hands
ther's none to set us free.
9 [...] of life, for desarts sword
wee gate the bread wee lack.
10 Because of dreadfull dearth, our skin
is like an oven black.
11 They women fore' [...] in Sion, maids
in Judahs Cittys there.
12 Princes were hangd up by there hands:
not honour'd th'Elders were.
13 They took young men to gr [...]nd, the child
fell under wood also.
14 The Elders ceased from the gate,
young men their musick fro.
15 Our ha [...]ts joy ceased is, to moanes
our daunces turned bee.
16 The crown is fallen from our head,
woe to us, sin'd have wee,
17 For this our heart is faint, for this
our eyes are dimm become.
18 For Sions hill that wasted is,
the foxes walk theron.
19 Thy throne LORD is from age to age▪
thou dost remain alwayes.
[...]0 Wherfore dost thou forget [...]s ay.
us leav'st for length of dayes.
21 Turn us to thee, LORD turn we shall,
renew our dayes as yore.
22 But thou hast wholly cast us off,
thou wroth art with us fore.

The Prayer of JONAH, to the LORD his God, out of the fishes belly.

2 I To the LORD from my distress
did cry, and he gave ear:
Out of [...]ells belly I did cry,
and hee my voyce did hear.
3 Into the deep, and midst of Seas,
because thou didst me cast:
The floods me compast, all thy wav [...]
and billows o're me past.
4 Then did I say, I utterly
cast from thy sight remain:
Thy holy Temple yet will I
towards it look again.
[Page]5 The waters even to the soul
did mee encompass round:
The depths me round enclos'd, the weeds
about my head were bound.
6 To mountains bottoms I went down,
earths barrs me ay beset:
Yet LORD my God thou broughtst my life
up from corruptions-pit.
7 When as my soul did faint in mee,
thee LORD remembred I,
And in my prayr came unto thee,
into thy Sanctuary.
8 They their own mercyes leave, that do
mark lying vanityes.
9 But with the voyce of giving thanks,
to thee I'le sacrifice:
The thing the which I vowed have
to pay I will accord;
Because alone salvation,
proceedeth from the LORD.

A PRAYER OF HABAKKUK the Prophet upon Sig [...]noth.


THy speech O LORD I heard wt fears,
Revive in midst of years O LORD
Thy work: make known in midst of years
In wrath thy tender grace record.
[Page]3 God forth from Teman saued.
The Holy one from Paran hill: Selah
The skies his glory overspread,
And all the earth his prayse did fill.
4 His brightness did as light appear.
Horns from his hand proceeded rhence:
The hiding of his strength was there.
5 Before him w [...]nt the Pestelence,
And from his feet coale [...] burning went.
6 He stood, and th'earth he measured,
He looked, and the nations rent,
Ay lasting hills were scattered.
The hills of perpetuity
Did bow, his wayes for ever stand.
7 In anguish Cushans tents saw I,
The curtains shook of Midians land.
8 What did ye floods the LORD displease
What was thine ire 'gainst rivers wide?
What was thy wrath against the Seas?
That thou didst on thy horses ride.
Thy charriots of salvation were.
* 9 Made wholly naked was thy bow,
As thou to th [...] tribes didst say and swear.
The earth with rivers cleave didst thou.
10 Thee saw▪ and shook ye mountains stee [...]
The floods of waters passed by:
His voyce forth utter did the deep,
And lifted up his hands on high.
11 The Sun, and eke the Moon so bright,
[Page]Stood still within their dwelling sphear,
They moved at thine arrows light,
At th'shining of thy glittering spear.
12 Thou didst ma [...]ch through the land in wrath▪
The heathen thou didst thresh in r [...]ge.
13 Thou forth also didst make thy path,
For safety of thy heritage:
For safety with thine oynted one:
Thou from the wickeds house the head
* Didst wound: so the foundation
Was to the neck discovered
14 Thou of his villages the head
Didst with his staves strike through the same
That me they might have scattered.
Like as a whirlwind out they came:
Twas their re [...]oycing to devour,
The poor afflicted secretly.
15 Thou with thine horses went'st in pow [...]
Through Se [...], and he [...]ps of waters high.
16 [...] ▪ my [...]lly trembled then,
And at thy voyce my lips did quake▪
A oftenness my bones came in,
And I within my self did shake:
That in the day of trouble so
I might in quietness sit still:
When he ascends the people to
Them with his troops invade hee will.
17 Though figtree blossom not at all.
Nor any fruit in vines appear,
[Page]The labour of the Olive fail,
And though ye fields no men should bear▪
Though flocks shall be cut off from fold.
In stall no herd, should have abode.
18 Yet in the LORD rejoyce I would.
I'le joy in my salvations God:
The LORD God is my strength, and hee
Doth make my feet like Hinds also.
And he it is that causeth mee
Upon my places high to go.

The Song of the blessed virgine MARY.
Luke 1. verse 46.

MY soul doth Magnifie the LORD.
47 My spirit is glad also
In God my Saviour. Who [...]
his handmaids state so low:
For lo, henceforth all ages shall
mee ever blessed name.
49 For mee the strong, great things hath done.
and Holy is his Name.
50 Such also as him reverence,
his mercy is upon:
And that from generation,
to generation.
[Page]51 Hee with his [...] hath shewed strength
the [...]roud he scattered
In the devises of their heart
which they imagined.
52 Down from their seat of dignity
the mighty put hath hee:
And hath exalted them on high
that were of low degree.
53 The hungry he hath f [...]ld with good▪
the rich sent voyd away.
54 His servant Israel he hath help'd
his mercy minding ay.
55 According as he spake unto
our fathers heretofore:
To Abraham and unto his seed,
henceforth for evermore.

The Song of Zacharias ver. 88.

THe LORD the God of Israel▪
bee blest, because that hee
Hath now his people visited,
and them redeemed free.
69 And us an horn of safety rais [...]d
in's servant Davids house.
70 As by his holy Prophets mouth
hee spoken hath to us:
Which have been since the world began.
71 That from our enemies,
Wee should be say'd, an [...] from the hand
of all [...] foes likewise.
[Page]72 To grant the mercy promist to
our fathers, and by name,
73 To mind his holy covenants oath
hee sware to Abraham▪
74 That us from fear, and foes hands f [...]ee [...]
to serve him he would give.
75 In holyness and righteousness
before him while we live.
76 Thou child the Prophet of the High' [...]
shalt called be also:
For to prepare his waves thou shalt
before the LORDs face go.
77 By pardon of his peoples sinns,
to make salvation clear,
78 Whence d [...]y spring visits us from high
through our Gods mercyes dear.
79 [...] to impart unto such a [...]
in darkness do reside:
And in the shade of death; out [...].
[...]'th way of peace to guide.

The Song of Simeon. chap: 2 ver. 2 [...].

LORD me thou let'st dep [...]rt in peace,
who have thy servant been.
30 After thy were now. For mine eyes
have thy sal [...]tion seen.
31 Even that which thou prepared hast▪
before all peoples f [...]ce.
32 A light to Gentiles▪ glory to
thy peop [...]e Israels race.

Revel: chap: 4. ver 8.

The Song of the four Beasts.

O Holy, Holy, Holy LORD,
th'Almighty GOD alone:
Which was, and is, and is to come,
who sittest on the throne.

The Song of the 24 Elders, ver 11

THen Glory, Honour eke, and Pow [...]
LORD worthy art to take:
For thousand'st all, they are, and [...]
made, for thy pleasures sake.

To the Lord JESUS the Lamb of GOD, The Song of the Church. Chap: 5. verse 9.

THou worthy art to take the book,
its seals to open too:
For slain thou wast, to God u [...] hast
bought with thy blood also.
10 From every tribe, and tongue, and folk
and nation; [...] bee
Kings, Priests also, our God unto;
and reign on earth shall wee,

The Song of the Angels, & of the Church. verse 12.

THe Lamb is worthy that was slain
to take powr, riches too,
And strength, and wis [...]om, honour [...],
and glory, praise also.

The Song of all the Creatures. verse 13.

TO him that [...]itteth on the Throne,
and to the Lamb therfore:
Bee Blessing, Honour, Glory, and Powr,
for ay, and evermore.

The Song of the innumerable multitude of the Saints. chap: 7, ver 10.

UNto our God
Which sitteth on the Throne:
And to the Lamb,
Belongs salvation.

The Song of all the Angels. ver 12.

EVen so bee it,
Prayse, Glory, Wisdom too,
And Thanksgiving,
Honour, and Power also,
And might for ever,
Bee our God unto,
And evermore:
Amen even bee it so.

Another Metre. ver 10.

UNto our God alone,
that sitteth on the Throne,
Unto the Lamb also,
belongs salvation.

verse 12

AMen: let Blessing bee,
And Glory, Wisdom too,
[Page]Thanksgiving Potencie,
And Honour, Might also,
Ascrib'd for ay
And evermore, T'our God [...]
Amen wee say.

The [...]ong of Moses, and of the Lamb. Chap: 1 [...]. ver▪ 3.

O LORD Almighty God, thy works
both great, and wondrous bee.
Just: King of saints, and true thy wayes.
4 Who shall not reverence thee?
O LORD, and glorify thy Name?
for Holy thou alone:
For nations all shall worship thee,
for judgments thine are known.

Chap: 10. ver 1. O Halleluiah, saving health. Or

1 Pr [...]yse yee the LORD, salvation
power, glory, honour too,
Give [...]ee unto the LORD our God.
2 Because his judgments true,
And righteous are: for [...]udgment hee▪
hath on the great who [...]e done,
Who hath the earth corrupted with
her fornication:
Of them also that served him
the blood aveng'd hath hee
Out of her hand for shee, it shed:
Amen the LORD prayse yee.


where the first number stands for chapter Psa. the second f [...]r verse, the third for line.

Exod: 15.16. hands. r. arms. Deut. 32.4. perfect. r. judgmēt. v. 10. & 13. them r. him. v. 17 their r. your. v. 27. their r. the Psal: 19.2. l. 2. doth r. hath. Psa. 50 7 l. 4. r. God ev'n. v. 21. l. 3. r. one. Psa: 62.3.3 r. as a tottering. Ps: 6 [...].9.1. r. thou on. Ps 73.5.2. r. misery. Ps: 75.9 4. r. Jacobs. Ps: 78.30.1. r. lusting. Ps: 85 2.2. r. ini­quity. Ps 39 [...].9.2. r. dost. Ps: 102.21.1. r. Lords. Ps. 105.6 2. r. Jacobs. Ps. 106.9.4. r. depths. Ps. 119.37.2. r. revive. Cant: 4.1.4. r. Gilead. Isa [...]. 12.6.1. r. lou [...].

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