JOHN CUNNINGHAM, TAYLOR, At the Mahogany Door, near the Chapel, King's Street Golden Square.
[Name on the Door.]

THE variety of Advertisements by several Master Taylors in London, who have candour and honesty enough to adhere strictly to the terms of their proposals, induces him to offer his most humble address to the Publick, in hopes of such encouragement as his ability and integrity shall claim.—Gentlemen who are pleased to favour him with their commissions may rely upon their being executed according to the following rates:

A Suit of the best superfine cloth;4150
Half trimmed ditto,550
Full trimmed ditto,5180
Superfine cloth coat;2150
Waistcoat of ditto,170
Pair of Breeches of ditto,0180
Suit of the best Second Cloth,3150
Sattin Waistcoat,1150
Corded Silk ditto,1130
Silk knit Breeches,1116
Velveret ditto,150
Manchester ditto, ribed and plain,0190
Worsted ditto, four thread,0160
Fine Bath Coating Surtout Coats,170
Suits of India Nankeen for young gen­tlemen,130
Fine Jean Fustian ditto, Hussar Dresses for Children, in pro­portion.150
Ladies Riding Habits of the best India Nankeen,2126
Ladies Riding Habits of fine Dimitty, white or coloured,3100
Ditto of Superfine Cloth, faced with Silk,550
Suit of the best Livery Cloth complete,360
Ditto, with waistcoat, coat, cuffs, and collar of coat laced,3120
If either of the above suits have Shag Breeches, it will add to the price080
Livery Drab Surtout Coats,220
Chairmens Great Coats,220
Thickset Coats and Waitscoats, lined,220
Ditto plain Fustian, lined,1160
Coachbox Coats, lined with Padua Serge, and three Capes, complete,300
Russia Drab Frocks for Grooms,0146
Striped Flannel Waistcoats, lined, for ditto,0126
Inferior sort, the Coat and Waistcoat together,0156

Laced or embroidered Clothes cheap in proportion, and executed with the greatest elegance, propriety and dispatch.

In cases of emergency a Suit made for a gentleman on one day's notice.—Whole Sets of Liveries executed in two days after receiving the order.

Although the above Prices are much inferior to Taylors Bills in general, he undertakes to fur­nish every article of the best quality.

Gentlemen finding their own Cloth, or servants liveries, will be equally acceptable; and when finished, (upon calculation), will be found not to exceed the above estimation.

No scruple as to sizes, like some of his advertising Brethren, admitting of all that comprehend common sizes.—Silk Garters to Breeches understood.—Ladies Riding Habits and Childrens Clothes made with taste, and to fit to a Nicety, which is what few Taylors attempt, and fewer perform to satisfaction.

A little consideration must be productive of the possibility of the above Plan's being executed with honour and justice, especially as every article is purchased with ready money; the underta­ker's ambition extending no further than doing justice to his customers, and procuring a genteel livelihood for his family, in preference to riches.

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