The APPRENTICE'S MONITOR; OR, INDENTURES IN VERSE, Shewing what they are bound to do.
Proper to be hung up in all Shops.

EACH young Apprentice, when he's bound to Trade,
This solemn vow to GOD and Man has made.
To do with joy his Master's just commands,
Nor trust his secrets into other hands.
He must no damage to his substance do,
And see that others do not wrong him too.
His Master's goods he shall not waste nor lend,
But all his property with care defend.
He shall not buy nor sell without his leave,
Nor lie, nor injure, nor at all deceive.
Taverns and ALE-HOUSES he shall not haunt,
Those snares to Youth, those scenes of vice and want.
At CARDS and DICE he shall not dare to play,
But fly from such temptations far away.
O Youth! remember thou to this art BOUND,
See that no breach of this in thee be found.


MY Son, behold what GODS commands impart;
Love GOD with all your strength, and mind, and heart.
Take care that you unto another do
What you wou'd have another do to you.
On these as on their great design and end,
The Prophets and the Law alike depend.

Sold by S. HAZARD, (PRINTER to the CHEAP REPOSITORY for Religious and Moral Tract) at BATH; J. MARSHALL, at the Cheap Repositories, No, 27, Queen-Street, Cheap-Side, and No. 4, Aldermary Church Yard; and R. WHITE, Piccadilly, LONDON; and by all Booksellers, Newsmen, and Hawkers, in Town and Country.

☞ Great Allowance to Shopkeepers and Hawkers.

Price an Half-penny, or 2s. 3d. per 100.—1s. 3d. for 50.—9d. for 25.

[Entered at Stationers Hall.]

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