A Rational Account of the Natural Weaknesses OF WOMEN, And of the Secret Distempers peculiarly incident to them.

Plainly Discovering Their Nature, true Cause, and best Method of Cure, so as Women or Maids of the meanest Ca­pacity may perfectly understand, and Cure their own Illnesses: With a clear and very particular Account of Con­ception and Generation; Also of Barrenness and Miscar­riage, directing how certainly to Cure the Former, and absolutely prevent the Latter.

To which are added, Prescriptions in English of admirable and long Experienc'd Medicines, for the Cure of each Private Distemper Women and Maids are subject to, by which they may safely Cure themselves, without Trouble, the Advice, or Knowledge of any other Person.

SHEWING ALSO, The great Danger Women are in, from the Slightest Weakness, if let alone, and the Imminent Hazard they run, of be­coming incurably Barren, and of losing their Lives, by following the Advic [...] of Ignorant Persons, Unskilful Midwives, &c. Undeniably proving, That the most difficult Indispositions Women labour under, may be easily and quickly Remedied, if rightly managed according to the Method and Medic [...]nes herein Faithfully revealed.

The whole I [...]lustrated With Various Cases of Persons Cured, Proper Hints, Useful Cautions, Observations and Instructions; the like for General Benefit to the Female Sex, never befor published. Necessary to be read by all Women, in order to prevent, as we [...]l as Cure, the Weak­nesses and Distempers they are lyable to.

By a Physician.

The Second Edition, with several Additions, and Amendments.

London: Printed, and Sold at the Two Blue Posts, near the Square in Haydon Yard, in the Minories; And A. Dodd, without Temple-Bar. Price stich'd 1 s. Bou [...]d 1 s. 6 d.

Which (for the better understanding of the Book) the Reader is desired to peruse first.

THIS little Book, purely for want of Leisure to look over and Cor­rect it in order for a second Edi­tion, has been, out of Priot a con­siderable While; neither should I have spar'd time now from my other Affairs and private Practice, which indeed is sufficient to ingross all my Thoughts, had it not been very often call'd for, since the first Impression has been Sold off, and my self mush importun'd to reprint it, on account of the service the Medicines pre­scib'd in it have done, daily do, and are further likely to do, those afflicted with the Illnesses it treats of.

In this second Edition I have added, al­tered, and amended, whatever the many Observations I have made, and my longer Experience caus'd me to think necessary, and have given every where very particu­lar and more minute Directions, how the Patients should manage themselves under the Course of Remedies I have advis'd to, than was in the first Edition, so that as the Censoriousness of the Age we live in, and no other reason, made me deter­mine when I first publish'd this Book, not to set my Name to it, or be known as the Author, there will now be the less oc­casion for it.

I design'd to have added some very re­markable Cases of Persons that I have very lately Cur'd, of the several Distempers the Book treats of, and that by the very Medicines I have herein prescribed; but considering that those Additions, would inhance the price of the Book, and that the Cases inserted in the first Edition, are sufficient to illustrate the Method recom­mended, I resolv'd to let it remain (in that respect) just as it was before.

When I first commenced Physician, I consider'd how and after what manner I could render my self serviceable to the [Page]Publick in my Station, and observing that few of our Faculty had bent their Study, to gain a true Knowledge of the Cause and Cure of Female Grievances, under which abundance of Women liv'd miserably, labouring with afflicting Weak­nesses, continually Languishing and Con­suming by deplorable Illnesses, peculiar to that Sex, and at last forced to submit to Death, purely for want of proper Advice and Medicines for their Distempers, which I then thought, as I soon after found, might be easily Cured by an ingenious Physician, if he rightly understood the true Cause of them: Seriously weighing this, I resolved to Study the Cure of the Weak­nesses and Maladies incident only to Women, many of the Gentlemen of our Profession (tho' most Learned aind Inge­nious in other Cases) not rightly under­standing Female Distempers, because not inclined to Study or Practise that way, whereby thousands of Women, I believe, have lamentably suffered many Years to­gether, and numbers gone to the Grave many Years sooner, than they would have done, had they been treated in a proper Method, and with the most Efficacious Medicines.

I know it is a common Thing for some Gentlemen of our Art, to excuse their not practising in those Illnesses, by alledging that Women have their Midwives to ap­ply to in such Cases; but if they mature­ly consider'd the danger Women are in, from even the least degree of the Weak­nesses I have in this Book treated of, I am sure they would be of another Opi­nion: For indeed how can it be supposed that Midwives, though Ingenious in their proper Business, should Cure Distempers of which they know not the Cause, but are truly ignorant of the whole Matter; being unacquainted with the Medical Art, not in the least understanding the Virtue of Medicines, or the Reason of their dif­ferent Operations upon the Blood and o­ther Fluids of the Body? So that if a Wo­man is cur'd of Weakness or Illness by them, it may be justly esteem'd a mere Chance, and she has reason to thank God, that instead of Cure she did not meet with Ruin, having trusted her Life to the Unskilful; which Women would never do, if they were sensible of the Nature and Danger of even their slightest Indispositions, if not manag'd rightly.

Thus, when I first began to practise Physick, being convinced by these Melan­choly Reflections, that I could be very useful in my Generation, by studying and obtaining the perfect Knowledge of the In­dispositions incident only to the Female Sex, I resolved to endeavour to find out the real Cause thereof, and, if possible, a better and more certain method of Cure than com­monly practised, which with diligent Study, much Application and careful Observation, I quickly obtain'd in such a measure, that I thank God I have had very great Suc­cess, and have perfectly cured abundance of the Female Sex, who had suffer'd many Years under deplorable Sickness; and have also retrieved several from the edge of the Grave, who had been given over by all; insomuch, that many, who through Illness afflicting them have been reduced to mere Skeletons, and so weak as scarcely able to stand, I have, through the Blessing of God, restored to their perfect Health and Strength, so as to become more brisk and well than ever, and to Conceive and bear Children, and that by the Method and Medicines inferred in this Book, which, after many Changes and Experiments, I have pitch'd upon, and by unquessionable Experience have found them absolutely [Page]Effectual, and do now wholly rely upon them in my private Practice.

But becoming still more and more sensi­ble of the Misery most Women undergo at one time or other, through Illness afflicting them, and considering that a great many of the Female Sex, are unwilling to make known their private Indispositions to Men, (tho' that Modesty often proves the Loss of their Lives) and that those who do, many times stay till too late to be Cured, or per­haps fall into the Hands of Practitioners, that do not rightly understand their Distem­pers, or else apply to Midwives for help, commonly to their Ruin: I say, thinking on the dismal Misfortunes and Calamitous Circumstances, that thus attend, injure, and often destroy many Women in the Prime of their Age, it put me upon undertaking something whereby I might be more ge­nerally useful to the World, and in a great­er degree serviceable to Suffering Women, than I could be in Private Practice only: Therefore I chose to write this little Book, wherein I have practically treated in a familiar way, and so as the meanest Read­er may understand, of the Symptoms, Na­ture, Cause, and Cure of the Secret Illnesses that Women are subject to, and have pre­scrib'd, [Page]as before mention'd, such Medicines as will most certainty Cure them without Trouble; whereby Women, who are not willing to make known their Weaknesses and Diseases, may be acquainted with their Distempers, and know how to Cure them­selves safely, and for a trifling Charge; by which means, those who before were thought uncapable of Conceiving, may be render'd Fruitful, and others be retriev'd from the Danger of Death, which most of the Illnesses, I have mention'd, will certainly bring upon the Patients, if not timely Cur'd.

The Medicines I have advised to, are pleasant to take, safe and easie in Opera­tion, and being founded upon unerring Experience, are certainly to be depended upon, as absolutely Effectual for the Weak­nesses and Illnesses they are mentioned to Cure.

And considering the Trouble and Dif­ficulty most Women would find, to get the Medicines made up, and the hazard they would run in trusting to Apothe­caries Boys, that understand not the Art­ful Method of compounding Medicines: Therefore, that nothing might be want­ing [Page]wherein I could render my self ser­viceable, I have left a quantity of all the Medicines, mention'd in this Book, pre­pared with my own Hand, with the Gentlewoman, at the Two Blue Posts, near the Square, in Haydon-Yard in the Mino­ries, London; where this Book is also Sold, and intend always so to do, for the Benefit of the Female Sex, while God grants me Life; and I here assure the World, that I will never suffer the Medi­cines to be sold elsewhere, without first giving Notice in another Edition of this Book; so that all Persons who have oc­casion for any of the Medicines herein prescrib'd, will, by buying them there, always be sure to have them right and well prepared, upon which they may entirely rely for the Cure of the Illnesses they are appropriated to.

And the better to prevent all Abuses, I have designedly conceal'd the chief Chy­mical Preparation in every Prescription, on which Secret, the Virtue of each Medi­cine, mostly depends, and without which, would be almost insignificant, but being regularly Compounded, or mix'd, accord­ing to Art, does so alter, ferment, and a­dapt all the Ingredients in each prescribed [Page]Remedy, to the Cure of the Illness for which it is intended, that were it dis­cover'd, it would appear wonderful to all Artists in Physick.

The Reason of my thus concealing the most Powerful Ingredient of each Medi­cine, was, that because Women cannot make up the Medicines themselves, they must, had I freely declared the whole, have had them made up by an Apothe­cary, who, very likely, by reason of the dearness of the main Ingredient in each, would exact an Extravagant Price, or else not make the Medicines up right; but put in one thing instead of another, which many Apothecaries too often do, in making up Chargeable Prescriptions, to the detriment of the Patient and Disad­vantage of the Physician.

Therefore to prevent any from being so grossly imposed upon, and to reme­dy all Inconveniencies, was it, that I did not make known the chief Ingredient in each Prescription; but appointed the Me­dicines, rightly prepared with great Care and Exactness, to be Sold at the Place before mentioned, and for the fixed easy Prices set down in the Catalogue of them [Page]at the end of the Book, which Prices are as reasonable, as the Medicines can well be allowed for, and much Cheaper than they would be, if rightly made up in small quanties by any other Person, were the Specifick Preparation in each Remedy known; I having in this Second Edition, carefully calculated the intrinsick Value of them, and for the sake of those whose Cir­cumstances may not be extraordinary, low­er'd the Price where there was room for it, so that most of the Medicines are now set down at a cheaper Rate, than they were in the first Edition.

Now by this means, all Gentlewomen, and others, will be freed from Trouble, and besure of having the true Preparation, which will always prove effectual, and that at an easy Rate, by only sending a Ser­vant or other Person to the Place afore­said, to ask for such or such a Medicine, by its Name or Number, and by giving so much for it, as in the Catalogue is set down to be the Price.

Those who live in the Country may also order any Friend in London, or a Car­rier that comes to Town, to buy at the same Place any of the Medicines they [Page]have occasion for, and so be supply'd with them with Ease.

Thus the main Intent of writing this Treatise was for the Service and Benefit of the Female Sex; and therefore with­out studying Artfully to embellish it with powerful Rhetorick, or a beautiful Stile, I chose to let it appear in a plain Dress, so as to be perfectly understood by the meanest Capacity, which perhaps may give Distaste to some of our Learned Criticks, who I did not design to please, and whose Censure I do not value, being well as­sured, that all Men of Ingenuity and Candour, who Practise Physick, in whose Hands it may chance to fall, will applaud the Undertaking; for they will plainly per­ceive that an Intent of being Serviceable to my Generation, was the chief Motive of it, and will also find, (notwithstanding I have conceal'd the main Ingredient in every Prescription) that the Book will be of Use to young Practitioners in Phy­sick, I having in a more concise manner discover'd the Signs, Nature, Causes, and best and nearest Method of Cure, of Fe­male Grievances, than perhaps they may elsewhere meet with, and in the Seventh Chapter treating of Barrenness, have given [Page]such a clear and particular Account of Con­ception and Generation, as may serve to re­ctify the Notions of several, who have im­bib'd very absurd Opinions concerning them.

One thing I must inform my Readers of, which is, That while I was writing this Book, I was often concern'd, that necessity obliged me to mention Womens Weaknesses so plainly, as I found my self forced to do, to be well understood by the Female Sex; could I have made it intelligible otherwise, I should have been heartily glad; but that being impossible, I have treated of all their Indispositions, with as much Caution and Modesty as I could, and therefore hope none will make an ill use of it, or in the least blame me on that account.

I shall no longer detain my Readers, but hoping it will meet with a Reception suitable to my good Intention of Writing it for the Benefit of Suffering Women, and leaving them to judge of it themselves, subscribe my self Their

Faithful Friend and Humble Servant,


  • CHAP. I. Of the Deficiency of the Terms, and Green-sickness in Virgins. Pag. 3.
  • Chap. II. Of the immoderate Flux, or over-flowing of the Terms. P. 15.
  • Chap. III. Of the exceeding Pain and Uneasiness some Women en­dure, just upon the coming down of their Courses; and of the bad Co­lour and ill Smell of the Blood, that flows from some Persons; as also of the Disorders Women in Years are subject to, when their Courses begin to leave them. Pag. 26.
  • [Page]Chap. IV. Of the Piles. Pag. 32.
  • Chap. V. Of the Whites. Pag. 39
  • Chap. VI. Of the Downfalling of the Womb and Fundament. Pag. 51.
  • Chap. VII. Of Barrenness; with a clear and very particular Account of Conception and Generation. Pag. 55.
  • Chap. VIII. Of Miscarriage; with Directions how to cause speedy De­livery in Child-birth, and also how to Rectify the Disorders of the Lo­chia, or Child-bed Purgations. p. 71

A Rational Account Of the Natural Weaknesses of Women, &c.


IN treating of the Natural Weaknesses and Distempers peculiarly incident to the Female Sex, I shall begin with those occasion'd by the Irregularity of the Menstrual Flux, or Courses, which begin to flow in Young Women when they are about Fourteen Years old, and in some sooner: About that Age Virgins begin to grow ripe, and if in Health, to think of Love; the Blood also at certain Periods undergoes a new Ferment, and while that continues, issues out through the Blood-Vessels [Page 2]that open into the Womb: And this Natural Purgation, or Flux of Blood, is cal­led the Monthly Terms or Courses.

When they first come down in Maids, they many times do not flow above once in two Months or ten Weeks; but as the Person grows more ripe, and the blood and its Na­tural Ferment encreases, they come down oftner, till the settled Term of once a Month is fixed, and then they continue so constant­ly till Forty, Forty five, and sometimes till Fifty Years of Age, or longer, except when Illness, being with Child, or Suckling Chil­dren hinders.

They flow generally from first to last, four, five or six Days, and sometimes, though ve­ry rarely, seven; and the Quantity of Blood that comes away during that time, (if the Flux is regular, and the Person in perfect Health) is commonly as much as may be contained in the Shell of a Goose Egg; but in some Women, especially those of a strong Body and sanguine Complexion, they flow in a larger quantity than in others: If the Terms flow constantly once a Month, and in a due quantity, they generally preserve Women in perfect Health; but if they do not, or if there is any Disorder in this Flux, Women cannot be well, [...]cause the Course of Nature is then changed, and her admira­ble Order broke.

The Disorders this Monthly Purgation is [Page 3]liable to, being several, and very different, I intend to treat of them, and of the other In­dispositions Women are particularly subject to, in their Order, and under their respe­spective Heads or Chapters.

CHAP. I. Of the Deficiency of the Terms, and Green-Sickness in Virgins.

THE Deficiency or Suppression of the Courses, is when they flow too sel­dom, or but little in quantity, (that is too spa­ringly, as by Drops, &c.) or not at all: The Fault is either in the Blood, (which is then too gross or thick, occasion'd by a bad Sto­mach, ill Digestion of Food, Colds, Grief, &c. or in the Vessels of the Womb, through which the Terms flow, which then are obstructed by a Viscous or Tough Humour.

If the Badness of the blood is the Cause of the Deficiency of the Courses, the Person be­comes pale and dull, unwilling to stir about, and is afflicted with Loss of Appetite, loath­ing of Food, desire after things not fit to be eaten, bad Digestion, Pain in the Stomach, which in some Patients is so violent by Fits, as hardly to be borne, Shortness of Breath, often swelling about the Ankles, sometimes vomiting, and universal Disorder; also if any [Page 4]Blood does flow, it generally appears of a pale and wan Colour.

If the Fault be in the Vessels of the Womb, the Person then retains her usual Colour; but, at the time the Courses ought to flow, feels racking Pains in the small of her Back, and about her Loins Weariness of her Limbs, and moving Pains accompanied with a violent Motion of the Blood, flushing in the Face, Vapours, Head­ach, and general uneasiness over the whole Body; and sometimes the Blood issues out at the Nose, Hemorrhoid-Veins, &c.

When the Courses do not flow at all in Maids, and the Obstruction is of long stand­ing, it is then called the Green-sickness; but Widows, and sometimes married Women, are afflicted with this Distemper: The latter must take great Care they do not mistake the Stoppage of the Monthly Courses, occa­sioned by their conceiving, for this Disease, least by taking Medicines to cure their fanci­ed Illness, they should cause a Miscarriage; but if they have not their Courses for three or four Months together, and become pale and wan, with difficulty of Breathing, &c. without growing bigger, or having any Signs of being with Child, they may then be assured that the Deficiency or Suppression of the Terms is a Distemper, and not caused by Impregnation or Conception.

If the Deficiency or Stoppage of the Cour­ses [Page 5]is not speedily remedied, Barrenness, and very dangerous Illnesses will be produced, as Cachexy, Asthma, Inflammation, and Ulceration of the Lungs, Pleurisie, Hysterick Fits, Dropsie, &c.

Now to take off all or any of the above enumerated Symptoms, to prevent the Dis­mal Effects of this Indisposition, and to cure the Deficiency or Suppression of the Courses, whether in Maids, Married Women, or Widows, such Medicines must be given, as will cleanse the Stomach and first Passages, dissolve all viscous Humours, purifie the Blood and Juices, restore their Natural Fer­ment, and effectually open all Manner of Obstructions in any Part of the Body, after which, such Corroborating, Deobstructive Remedies must be prescribed, as will confirm the Texture of the Fluids, strengthen the Stomach and Bowels, create an Appetite, cause a good Digestion, and finally establish the Blood in its natural florid State, and thereby assuredly restore a good Colour to the Face, and perfect Health to the Body.

In the first Place therefore, three or four Days before the Terms are expected or ought to flow, the Patient must take four of the fol­lowing Purging Pills, betimes in the Morn­ing fasting; but if it be the first Time of their Stoppage, and happens, as sometimes it will, after the Courses have begun to ap­pear, then the Purging Pills must be taken [Page 6]the very next Morning, Drinking Water-Gruel, Posset-drink, Barly-water, warm Ale, or Tea, in the Working, and they will give four, five or fix easy Stools, handsome­ly cleanse the Stomach and Bowels, and do infinite Good; sometimes a Dose alone will bring down the Courses especially if the Ill­ness be but of short standing, and occasioned only by Obstruction of the Womb-Vessels. They are thus made,

No. 1. The Purging Pills.

Take of the best Russia Castor, four Grains; Opening Saffron of Steel, two Scruples; Pil Cochia the greater, two Drams; Chy­mical Oil of Savin, three Drops; of my Mineral Secret, half a Dram; Balsam of Peru, nine Drops, Syrup of Mugwort, a suffi­cient quantity, mix and make fifteen Pills.

A Day or two after taking a Dose of these Purging Pills, if the Courses do not come down, the Patient must begin the following pleasant Opening Pouder, taking full as much of it as will lie heap'd upon a Shilling betimes every Morning, and at three a Clock every Afternoon, and also about Eight a Clock eve­ry Evening, for a compleat Month toge­ther, either licking it up from a Spoon by it self, or mixing it with near half a spoonful of White Wine, or with a little of any plea­sant [Page 7]Syrup, as she likes best, and drinking a large Glass of White Wine, or a Draught of strong Mace Ale, or which is better than either, a large Glass of bitter Wine, after each Dose, and walking about at least half an Hour or more after it; and it will open all Manner of Obstructions, strengthen the Stomach, purify the Blood, rectify the Juices, take away all Paleness, Dull­ness, Weariness, Difficulty of Breathing, Pain in the Stomach &c. create an Appetite, cause a good Digestion, bring a good Colour into the Face, and make the Patient brisk, lively, active, and healthy to Admiration. It is made thus,

No 2. The Opening Pouder.

Take Winters Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs, of each one Scruple; Compound Pouder of Roots of Cuckow-pints, one Dram; Prepared Steel, half an Ounce; double Resin'd Loaf-Sugar, one Ounce; of my Aperitive Magi­stery, half a Dram; mix and make a subtile Pouder according to Art, which keep in a warm dry Place for Ʋse.

But if the Deficiency or Suppression of the Courses is of long standing, or should prove stubborn, and not to be removed after taking this Pouder for a whole Month or thirty Days together, which will very seldom [Page 8]happen, then it will be necessary to take an­other Dose of the Purging Pills, and a Day or two after that, the Pouder again in like Order as before, and so to continue it till the Illness is effectually cured, which will soon be, observing all the while she is under this Course, to abstain from all Fruit, Greens, and Herbs, and also not to drink too freely of small Liquors, such as Tea, Small Beer, &c. but only what is just sufficient to quench Drowth; for small Liquors being drank quickly after taking the Pouder, or in too large a Quantity at any time, will not only prevent its having so good Effect as other­wise it would, but also cause a little Sickish­ness at Stomach.

But if it any time the Pouder should hap­pen to lie heavy on the Stomach, or make the Patient a little sickish, she may presently be reliev'd from that, or any other Inconve­nience, by drinking a large Glass or two of good strong White Wine.

If the Patient finds four of the purging Pills work a little too much the first time she takes them, then the next time she must take but three of them for a Dose, but if she finds four of them not purge enough, then she must take five Pills for the next Dose.

But if the Patient by being long afflicted with this Illness, or by taking other Medi­cines, is brought into a very weak Condition, so as to be unfit to bear Purging, then she [Page 9]must not take the Purging Pills, but begin with the Opening Pouder, and continue to take it constantly as directed before, without taking the Purging Pills at all, and during the time she is taking the Pouder to provoke the Terms, she must use moderate Exercise almost continually, such as walking abroad, or riding on Horse-back, stirring about House, up and down Stairs, &c.

And after the Patient by taking the Purg­ing Pills, or Opening Pouder, or both, has had her Courses, then to strengthen the Womb, and its Vessels, to establish the good Texture of the Blood and Juices, and to confirm her Health effectually, so that she may not re­lapse into the former Disorder, it will be high­ly needful for her to take the quantity of a large Nutmeg of the following Corroborating Electuary, from off the Point of a Knife every Morning, and at Four a Clock, every Afternoon for a Fortnight, three Weeks, or a Month together, as she finds proper, drinking a Glass of White Wine, or rather bitter Wine, after each Dose. It is thus made.

No. 3. The Corroborating Electuary.

Take of Volatile Salt of Hartshorn, ten Grains; Russia Castor, fifteen Grains; Compound Pouder of Cuckow-pints, half a Dram; Trea­cle of Andromachus, candid Nutmegs, candid Ginger, of each two Scruples and five [Page 10]Grains; candid Orange-Peel, candid Ange­lica, Steel prepared with Sulphur, of each a Dram; Conserve of Roman Wormwood, two Drams; of my specifick Salt, ten Grains; Syrup of Coral a sufficient quantity, to make an Electuary according to Art.

This Electuary visibly revives and strength­ens the whole Body, increases the Blood and Spirits, comforts, drives away Melancholly, and makes those robust and strong who before were weak and pining, so altering the whole Frame of Nature for the be [...]ter, that one would stand amaz'd at it.

Thus having briefly made known all that is necessary for the Cure of the Deficiency or Stoppage of the Terms, whether in Maids, Married Women, or Widows; I shall con­clude this Chapter with a Letter I received while I was writing it, from a Gentleman in Hartford, whose Daughter, a young Gentle­woman, about seventeen Years of Age, had never had the Benefit of Nature, but was almost ruin'd by the Green-Sickness, being exceeding pale, short breath'd, and hardly able to move about, without any Appetite to Food, but desirous of eating Chalk, Cinders, Wall, &c. which she could scarcely be kept from; her affectionate Parents had taken the Advice of several Physicians, and the young Lady took a great many Medicines to no pur­pose, till she took my purging Pills and Open­ing. [Page 11]Pouder before mentioned, which happi­ly cured her: She chanced accidentally to take my Medicines thus:

Her Father being in London about six Weeks ago, was, with several other Elderly Men and their Wives, invited by a worthy Gentleman his Friend, to Dine with him, I being also desired, made one of the Company, and after Dinner, among other Discourse, the Gentlewomen happening to talk of the respe­ctive Sicknesses they had suffer'd, and of the Indispositions several of their Friends labour­ed under, the Hartfordshire Gentleman took that Opportunity, understanding I was a Physician, to acquaint me with his Daugh­ter's Illness: As soon as he had done, I was sent for away, but heard afterwards, that the Company proceeding on that Topick, the Gentleman of the House, and his Wife, were pleased to speak much to my Advantage, in respect to the great Success that attended my Practice in Female Distempers. 'The Hart­fordshire Gentleman went into the Country the next Morning, and coming to his House, found his Wife, who is about Thirty six Years of Age, exceeding ill, with torturing Pains in her Back, and sometimes in her Head, attended with flushing in her Face, Feverish Heat, and universal Uneasiness, which was all occasioned by a Suppression of the Courses, through a violent Cold she got, when they were just ready to flow; It being [Page 12]the first time she had been afflicted in that manner, she was the more surprized at it, and as her Husband came in, was going to send for a Physician near them, under whose Hands her Daughter had for some time been; but her Husband mentioning what he had heard of my Skill, and both of them conside­ring what little Help their Daughter had received, from the Prescriptions of all the Physicians they had consulted concerning her, resolved to send to me; accordingly, the Gen­tleman wrote his Wife's Case, in a Letter, and sent his Servant on Horseback with it immediately, desiring me to advise to what I thought proper, and send something by his Man as soon as could be; I consider'd the Lady's Case, and being sensible that her In­disposition, and all the Symptoms would be removed by provoking her Courses, which were only hindred from coming down by an Obstruction the violent Cold had caused, in the Vessels of the Womb, through which the Blood flows; I therefore sent her a Box of my Purging Pills, one Dose of which I expected would remedy the whole Matter, but least the Stoppage of the Terms should prove stubborn, as sometimes it will, I sent her a pretty large quantity of my Opening Pou­der also, with Directions to take four of the purging Pills betimes the next Morning, and if they did not accomplish the Business, to begin the Opening Pouder the Day following [Page 13]just as I have directed before in this Chap­ter, till her Courses came down, after which I wrote, that it would be necessary for her to take my Corroborating Electuary, to con­firm her Health, and prevent a Relapse for the future; I inform'd the Gentleman also, that if one Dose of the purging Pills remov'd her Illness, then if he pleased, to let his Daughter take the Pills and Pouder in the same Manner as I directed his Wife to take them, I was satisfied they would cure her also: They fol­lowed my Advice, and the Medicines had the desired Effect, not only upon the Gentleman's Wife, whom one Dose of the Pills set to rights, but also upon his Daughter, and ano­ther young Woman at Hartford, who were both cured, as by the Letter, which the Gen­tleman sent me, with a very handsome Gra­tification, appears more particularly.

Hartford, Decemb. 1. 1710.

Worthy Sir,

I Send this to return you my hearty Thanks for the great Service you have done my Family: One Dose of your Pur­ging Pills brought my Wife into good Or­der, without taking the Opening Pouder at all. I should have wrote to you before now, but that my Wife receiving so much Benefit, was resolved that my Daughter, who had been ill with the Green-Sickness [Page 14]a great while, and had taken abundance of Physick in vain, as I told you, when I was in London, should take both your Pills and Opening Pouder, as you advised in your Letter, and therefore I delayed Writing till I could give you an Account of the Ef­fect they had upon her: She being tired with taking Medicines, was with much difficulty persuaded to take one Dose of the Purging Pills, which worked very well, and being a little weak the next Day, she did not begin the Opening Pouder till the Day following; but then continued it, constantly for about three Weeks, after which, she took another Dose of the Purging Pills, and the next Day the Opening Pouder again, which she took for about tour Days more, and it brought the Benefit of Nature upon her, since which, she eats drinks and di­gests her Victuals well, looks something fresh and ruddy, and is recover'd to Admi­ration. My Wife gave the Remainder of the Pouder to a Neighbour's Daughter, who was in the same Condition, but so weak as not fit to take the Purging Pills, and that alone has Cured her, in about a Fort­night, all but Want of Strength, which she now daily recovers, and begins to look brisk, and have a good Stomach. Now Sir, my Wife and Daughter, and the young Woman, desire you to send the Corrobora­ting Electuary, that in your Letter you in­formed [Page 15]me would be necessary for my Wife to take after the other Medicines to con­firm Health, and prevent Relapse, and they believe, by the excellent Effects they have already found by your Pills and Pouder, that That will be all the Physick they shall have occasion for.

The rest of the Letter contain'd nothing but an Encomium on my Skill and Ability, with Thanks, &c. for my Civility, therefore I purposely omit it.

CHAP. II. Of the immoderate Flux, or Over-flowing of the Terms.

THE Courses are properly deem'd im­moderate, when the Blood flows from the Womb-Vessels in too large a Quan­tity, or too long together, or oftner than once a Month. In some Women they continue ma­ny Days together, in others not longer than usual, but then return often, as once a Fort­night, or sooner, and in some the Flux is more, in others less violent, many Women also, as soon as the Courses stop, are afflicted with the Whites, or Piles, and sometimes with both.

This Illness, or excessive Flowing of the Terms, is generally caused by an evil Fer­ment, occasioned by sharp scorbutick Salts in [Page 16]the Blood and Juices, and sometimes by Dis­order of the Womb-Vessels.

The Overflowing of the Courses is most commonly accompanied with a burning Fe­verish Heat, tearing Pains in the small of the Back, Pain and Heat about the Neck of the Womb, violent Head-ach, Loss of Appetite, and languishing Weakness of the whole Bo­dy; and if not speedily cured, reduces the Person exceedingly, causing total Barrenness, lasting Weakness, pining Consumption, &c. which terminate in Death, if not timely re­medied.

If the Blood that comes away is of a bright red Colour, and when taken upon Linnen and dry, discovers a pale Circle, it shews that the Blood is thin and waterish, the Vessels of the Womb too lax or loose, the Patient very weak, but not exceeding Feve­rish; but if it be of a deep red, and easily clots, it is then a Sign of a Redundancy of Blood, and that the Person is very hot feverish and uneasie, and if the Blood in coming away causes a great Itching and Un­easiness of the Parts, it shews, that the Juices of the Body are very full of sharp acrid Salts

Now to cure this Indisposition (Revulsion by Bleeding, &c. being first made) such Medi­cines must be prescribed, as by their cooling, absorbent, and sub-astringent Qualities, wil [...] put a Stop to the violent Ferment of the Blood, allay Thirst and Heat, take off the [Page 17]Fever, subdue all scorbutick acrid Salts in the Blood, rectifie the Juices, and strengthen the Womb-Vessels; by which Means, the Courses will be quickly stop'd, and the Pa­tient wholly restored to perfect Health and Strength.

For which End, and effectually to pre­vent the afore-mention'd ill Consequences, the Patient must first be let Blood in the Arm, to the Quantity of about Nine or Ten Oun­ces, and the very next Morning about six a Clock, she must take the Quantity of a very large Wallnut, or more of the following Lax­ative Electuary, either by it self, or dissolved in a little thin Water-gruel, which she likes best, and sleeping about an Hour after it; and if in about two Hours after it is taken, it should not move her to Stool, then it will be proper for her to take as much more of it, so as to give her five or six Stools: Water-gruel, Barley-water, or Tea, are Liquors pro­per to be drank after it begins to operate.

No. 4 The Laxative Electuary.

Take Extract of Cassia new drawn, Lenitive Electuary, and Cream of Tartar, of each six Drams; of my Loosening Confect, six Drams; mix and make an Electuary ac­cording to Art.

And the Day after she has been purged with the Laxative Electuary, she must begin [Page 18]the following Cooling Anodyne Pouder, ta­king as much of it as will lie heap'd upon a Shilling, in a little warm Water-gruel, or o­ther agreeable Liquor betimes every Morn­ing, and at four a Clock every Afternoon, till all Feverish Heat, and other Symptoms are entirely taken off.

No. 5. The Cooling Anodyne Pouder.

Take of Prunel Stone, one Dram; White Am­ber prepared, a Dram and a half; cool­ing Species of Gum Tragacanth, two Drams of my Anodyne Salt, three Drams and a half mix and make a fine Pouder, which keep for use.

And besides this Pouder, the Patient mus [...] take the Quantity of a large Nutmeg of th [...] following pleasant Specifick Electuary, from the point of a Knife, at Eleven a Clock ever [...] Forenoon, and at Eight a Clock every Nigh [...] till the Flux is quite stopped, the Cure perfe­ctly compleated, and the Strength wholly re­stored; minding not to eat any thing for a [...] Hour before or after each Dose, but drinkin [...] a little of any agreeable Liquor to wash [...] down. It is thus made. [Page 19]

No. 6. The specifick Electuary.

Take Balaustines, Troches of Lemnian Earth, of each one Scruple; red Coral prepared; Pomegranate Peel, of each half a Dram; Earth of Japan, Aromatick Pouder with Roses, of each two Scruples; Confect of Jacinth, a Dram; Juice of Chermes Ber­ries, Marmalade of Quinces, of each two Drams; Conserve of Red Roses, three Drams; Chymical Oil of Nutmegs, three Drops; of my Metalline Absorbent Pouder, two Scruples; Syrup of Quinces, a suffi­cient Quantity to make an Electuary.

These two Medicines being taken accord­ing to the Directions, will immediately strike at the very Cause of the Illness, allay the violent Heat and Thirst, take off the Fever, rectifie the Blood and Juices, stop the immoderate Flux, strengthen the Back, and weakned Vessels of the Womb, pre­vent the Piles (which are often caused by the common Medicines given to stop the Courses) and will bring the Patient into good order in a short time, and by continuing of them for about a Fortnight, will perfectly restore her to Health and Strength, and ef­fectually prevent a Relapse for the future.

When the Fever and all preternatural Heat is perfectly extinguished, the Patient may leave off taking the Cooling Anodyne Pouder, and take only the pleasant Specifick Electuary, as before directed; so also if the Patient should happen to be troubled with the Colick or Gripes, she must omit the Pou­der, but constantly take the Electuary till she is perfectly Cured, because it admirably strengthens the Stomach, Back and weakned Vessels, brings the Blood and Juices into ex­cellent Order, fortifies the Spirits, and firm­ly establishes Health and Vigour.

If the Patient, while she is taking the pleasant Specifick Electuary, finds her self Costive, or hard bound, then once in three or four Days she must take a Dose of the Laxative or Loosening Electuary in the Morning fasting, as before directed, (omit­ting to take the other Medicines that Day) and it will give three, or four gentle Stools, and make the Body pleasant and easie, without Griping, making sick, weak­ning, or causing the least Trouble or Confine­ment.

Note, Whilst the Patient is in this Course, it will be convenient for her to drink freely of Tea, or Water-gruel, which will cool and dilute the Blood, quench Thirst, and do much good. She mus [...] [Page 21]also mind to abstain from all strong [...] inflaming Liquors, and from hot spiced Food, or very salt Meats.

Note also, That if the Patient is reduced very low, and is so exceeding weak and faint, as not able to bear Bleeding or gentle Purging, though that very rare­ly happens, then she must have imme­diate Recourse to the Opening Pouder, and pleasant specifick Electuary, taking them as before directed, omitting either first Bleeding or Purging, or both, as she finds most proper.

Thus, these Directions being followed, and the Medicines regularly taken, the over-flowing of the Courses, though never so bad, will most certainly be cured; an emi­nent Instance or two of which, occurring to my Memory, I judge the Relation will be acceptable, as well as serviceable to the Rea­der, and therefore will insert the Particulars, and so end this Chapter.

The first Case I design to mention, is of a Gentlewoman about Thirty, who for six or eight Months before, had been afflicted with the flowing of her Courses constantly once a Fortnight, in the same quantity that used to flow, when she was in good Order, once a Month, and as soon as they went off, she was exceedingly troubled with the [Page 22]Piles for three or four Days, and after that, with the Whites to an excessive Degree which always held her till her Terms came down again. This Indisposition had reduced her to exceeding Weakness, her Stomach was much out of Order; she was continually feverish, had great Pain in her Head, but a more violent Pain in her Back, insomuch that she was hardly able to walk about House. As soon as I was acquainted with her Illness, I found that her Blood, by the pale Circle it discover'd upon Linnen, was poor, waterish, and very acrid, which occa­sioned the Feverish Heat, and all the other Symptoms.

And considering that her Stomach and Bowels were very foul, I therefore first or­der'd her to take a very large Dose of my Laxative Electuary the next Morning to cleanse them, which had very good Effect, and the Day following I caused her to begin my Cooling Anodyne Pouder, and pleasant Specifick Electuary, and take them as before directed, for two Days, which took off all immoderate Heat, and stopt her Courses, af­ter that, I directed her to continue the pleasant Specifick Electuary alone, for a Fortnight, in order to absorb all sharp Humours, rectifie her Blood, and strengthen her Back and Womb Vessels; but in three Days time she sent me Word, that she believed she should [Page 23]be troubled with the Piles, being somewhat Costive, and a little pained when she went to Stool. I therefore order'd her to take a large Dose of the Laxative Electuary again the next Morning betimes, and to omit the pleasant Specifick Electuary that Day, and so to take the Laxative One, once every three or four Days, if she found her self Costive, and the pleasant Specifick Electuary constant­ly the other Days for the Remainder of the Fortnight, or till she was quite well, and had perfectly recovered her Strength.

Accordingly she took the quantity of a large Wallnut of the Laxative Electuary, the next Morning, which gave her two or three loose Stools, and wholly freed her from all Appre­hensions of the Piles, and the next Day, she began the pleasant Specifick Electuary again, and thus by following Directions as above, she was soon perfectly cured, has had her Courses in regular Order, never in the least been troubled with the Whites or Piles; but lived in good Health and Strength ever since, it being now four Months ago.

The other Case that occurs to my Mind, was of a young Gentlewoman of about Eighteen Years of Age, of a jolly sanguine Complexion, to whom I was sent for about three Months since. Till a little before tha [...] time she had always enjoyed perfect Health▪ but then was taken of a sudden with a vio­lent [Page 24]Fever, and an exceeding Flux of the Courses; when I came to her she had had them for ten or twelve Days upon her, and they still continued to flow in an exceed­ing large quantity.

Her Fever, notwithstanding the great Loss of Blood she had suffer'd, being very high, I order'd her to bleed immediately in the Arm, which in some Measure diverted the Course of the Blood; I did not give her my Laxative Electuary, she being very weak, and her Sto­mach and Bowels not foul; but presently sent her my Cooling Anodyne Pouder, and pleasant Specifick Electuary, directing her to take both in the Manner above order'd, for about four Days; she had not taken above six Doses of each, but her Feverish Heat was overcome and her Courses stopt; on the fourth Day she happened to be a little griped, therefore I order'd her to leave off the Cooling Ano­dyne Pouder, and take only the pleasant Specifick Electuary, which she did for two or three days longer, and it perfectly cured her, she only remaining a little weak, occasion'd by the exceeding Flux she had labour'd under; but she soon recover'd her Strength without any more Medicines, and has remain'd well ever since. There was no absolute necessity for her to continue the pleasant Specifick Electu­ary any longer, because the sudden hot Fer­mentation of her Blood, which was the cause [Page 25]of her Illness, being taken off by Bleeding and the cooling Medicines, the Effects of course ceased without much Fear of return­ing: But in the Gentlewoman's Case first mentioned, it was quite different; for her Ill­ness being caused by acrid Salts in her Blood, and having continued a long time, it had much injur d the Womb-Vessels, which could not be strengthen'd sufficiently, nor her Blood have been rectified as it ought, without taking the pleasant Specifick Electuary, for a Fort­night or more; and indeed, could the young Gentlewoman have been persuaded to have taken it for Nine or Ten Days longer, which she refused, it would have been the better for her, for she would have thereby recover'd more Strength in one Day, than without it she did in three, it being so excellently pow­erful in restoring Persons weakned by that Illness.

CHAP. III. Of the exceeding Pain and Uneasiness some Women endure just upon the coming down of their Courses; and of the bad Colour and ill Smell of the Blood, that flows from some Persons; as also, of the Dis­orders Women in Tears are subject to, when their Courses begin to leave them.

AMONG the Disorders of the Courses, the Misery that some Women under­go, just upon their coming down, every time they flow, is none of the least; it being very grievous and dangerous.

They are commonly afflicted with violent shooting Pains in the Head, Pain in the Back. Stomach and Bowels, not much unlike the Colick, with most racking Misery a­bout the Region of the Womb, and some­times Palpitation of the Heart, Vapours Convulsions, &c. all which proceed from Wind, or from the smallness of the Vessels of the Womb, or from their being full o [...] [Page 27]Blood, and their Openings obstructed with a Viscous Matter, so as not freely to afford it Passage suitable to its extraordinary Ferment, which plainly appears by this, that when the Courses come down freely, the Symptoms presently abate and go off.

If this Indisposition be not remedied, there will in time follow a total Suppression or Stoppage of the Terms: To prevent which, and cure this Disorder, Carminative, Anodyne, Hysterick and Deobstructive Me­dicines must be prescribed; such as will effe­ctually expel Wind, allay Pain, correct the Viscofity of the Juices, and open all Obstru­ctions, so as to give immediate Ease to the Patient in the Fit, and entirely prevent the Return of that Indisposition for the future.

Therefore assuredly to prevent what may ensue, and entirely to be freed from this Difficulty of the Courses, or uneasy Indis­position, the Patient must take as soon as she perceives the approaching Flux of the Terms, and is in Pain, Six or Eight Spoonfuls of the following Hysterick Julep, and continue to take the like quantity, every three, four or five Hours, as there is Occasion, till the Cour­ses flow freely, or without much Pain, but no longer; minding to lie down upon the Bed, and be covered very warm immediately after taking it. It is thus made. [Page 28]

No. 7. The Hysterick Julep.

Take Mugwort Water, Penny-Royal Water, and Rue-Water, of each two Ounces; Bry­ony Water Compound, Treacle Water, and strong Cinnamon Water, of each one Ounce; Syrup of Mugwort, one Ounce; Spirit of Salt Armoniack, a Dram; liquid Laudanum, forty Drops; of my Specifick Tinctare two Drams, mix for an Hysterick Julep.

This Hysterick Julep will absolutely take off all Manner of Pain and Uneasiness, cause pleasant Rest and Sleep, support the Patient's Spirits, strengthen her Stomach, expel Wind, open all Obstructions, inlarge the Vessels through which the Blood flows, banish all the Symptoms, and finally cure the Disorder for the time present.

But effectually to cure this Indisposition, so as not to be liable to it for the future, the Patient, when the present Fit of Pain is overcome, and as soon as her Courses cease to flow, must begin my pleasant O­pening Pouder, prescrib'd in the first Chap­ter of this Book, Page 7. and take it constant­ly, and exactly as there directed, for a whole Month, six Weeks, or longer, which will assuredly free her from any future Return of Pain and Uneasiness at the time the Terms begin to flow, entirely prevent all ill Conse­quences [Page 29]of that Indisposition, and absolutely establish Health and Strength.

In some Women, the Courses are of vari­ous and ugly Colours, the Blood that flows being yellowish, livid, black, &c. and some­times has a very nauseous Smell; which dis­orders are caused by the Badness of the whole Mass of Blood, or its particular Cor­ruption in the Vessels of the Womb: The Blood and Juices therefore must be purified, and the whole Body cleansed by proper Cathartick, and Alterative Medicines, as the Case requires; but these Indispositions are safely and speedily remedied by the follow­ing Uterine Drops, the Patient taking eighty or ninety of them or more (first shaking the Vial) in a Glass of White-wine, every Morning Fasting, and at Five a Clock every After­noon, for three Weeks or a Month together, minding not to eat any thing for half an Hour before or after each Dose, but to walk about pretty much after taking them. They are made thus.

No. 8. The Uterine Drops.

Take of Tartariz'd Elixir of Property, half an Ounce; Mynsicht's Tincture of Steel, two Drams; Spirit of Penny Royal, a Dram; of my Specifick Essence half a Dram, mix according to Art, and keep them for use.

These admirable Uterine Drops will recti­fie the Stomach and Blood, purity all the Jui­ces, and powerfully cleanse the Womb; they resist all Manner of Corruption and Putre­faction in a wonderful Degree, keep the Bo­dy in good Order, and rather Loose than Bound, and so particularly correct and ex­tirpate all foul Humours, without any the least Disorder, that they effectually cause the Terms to be of a good Colour, and free from any ill Scent, &c. except the Blood is exceedingly corrupted indeed; in which Case, besides these Drops, some powerful Cathar­ticks must be also taken at due Intervals; therefore if the Patient, after taking the U­terine Drops, as before directed, for three Weeks, or a Month, should find, the next time the Courses flow, that the Blood is not brought to its due Colour, or that its strong Smell is not perfectly gone, which will very seldom happen, then she must once every four or five Days, as Strength will permit, take a Dose of my Purging Pills, prescribed in the first Chapter of this Book, Page 6. a­foregoing, taking them betimes in a Morning, as is there directed; and the intervening Days she must take the Uterine Drops also, as above order'd, continuing this Course for a Month or Six Weeks together, which will assuredly purify the whole Mass of Blood, cleanse the Womb-Vessels, strike at the Root of all Corruption and Putrefaction, bring [Page 31]the Courses to their natural Colour, and per­fectly take away all offensive Smell, restoring the Patient to pristine Health and good Or­der.

And here it will not be amiss to touch up­on the Disorders that most Women labour under, when being between Forty or Fifty Years of Age, their Courses begin first to dodge, and at last to leave them; for then they are frequently troubled with a severe Pain in the Head and Back, and about the Loyns; sometimes also with Colick Pains, Gripes and Looseness; at other times, with Vapours to a violent degree; likewise fever­ish Heats and wandering Rheumatick Pains, &c. to prevent and cure all which, no Me­thod or Medicines are more proper and bene­ficial than my Purging Pills to be taken, a Dose every Four or Five Days, as before said, and my Uterine Drops, the other days in the same Dose and Manner as above directed, and so continue them for a Month or Six Weeks together, or longer, which then will assuredly have the desired Effect.

And thus I have gone through the Weak­nesses and Indispositions that often attend the Female Sex, occasioned by the Irregularity of the Menstrual Flux or Courses, and have set down, in a plain intelligible Manner, the best Method of Cure, so as every one suffer­ing under those afflicting Illnesses, may with­out [Page 32]Trouble, or revealing their Case, cer­tainly cure themselves with the greatest Safety, Ease and Expedition imaginable.

CHAP. IV. Of the Piles.

THIS Distemper being common to Men, as well as to Women, it may be thought strange that I treat of it here; but considering that many of the Fair Sex do not care to acquaint Physicians that they are af­flicted with the Piles, it made me conclude that this Chapter would prove as serviceable, and be as acceptable to them as the o­thers.

The Indisposition called the Haemorrhoids, or Piles, is miserably painful, making the Patient exceeding Restless, Fretful and Faint; it is a Swelling and Soreness of the Haemor­rhoid Veins, just within, and sometimes just without the Fundament: When they do not bleed, they are called the Blind Piles and then they generally swell much, and cause violent Pain and inexpressible Torture at going to Stool: The Bleeding Piles though very sore, are not so bad or dan­gerous [Page 33]as the other, except the Flux is ex­ceding Violent, and continues long, for then it induces Fainting, Swooning, Loss of Strength, Citron like Colour of the Skin, re­sembling the Jaundise, Evil Habit of the Body, Consumption, Dropsy, &c.

The Cause of this Illness is most common­ly a Rarefaction and Fermentation of the Blood and Humours, as the Feverish Dispo­sition of the Patient at that time plainly shews, so that a Redundancy of Blood, Stop­page of the Terms, (either accidentally, or by irregular Methods) Colds, &c. often occasion the Piles, by hindring the usual Se­cretions, and thereby inflaming the Blood, and putting it into a great Ferment, when filling the Haemorrhoid Veins, if they easily open, it issues out, and if they do not, it there stagnates and swells them, &c. as before mentioned; sometimes the Piles are caused by hard Riding, or other violent Exercise, also severe purging, &c. but in those Cases, the Illness commonly goes off, by Ease, Rest, and temperate Living.

If the blind Piles continue long, the Swel­ling may grow Scirrhous, and an Ulcer, or Fistula, difficult to Cure, may succeed.

To prevent which, and Cure the Piles, pro­per Alterative and Cooling Medicines must be given inwardly, to allay the Ferment of the Blood, reduce its Discracy, and thereby de­stroy the prime Cause of the Distemper, [Page 34]whilst suitable intrinsick Remedies are out­wardly applied, to discuss the Tumour, ease Pain, and perfectly heal and cure the affect­ed Part.

If the Patient be Feverish, or the Pain and Inflammation great, Bleeding in the Arm, to the quantity of about Ten Ounces, will be absolutely necessary to divert the Hu­mours; after which, let as much of the follow­ing Alterative Pouder, as will lie heapd up­on a Shilling, be taken four times every Day, viz. betimes in the Morning Fasting, at E­leven a Clock in the Forenoon, at Four a Clock in the Afternoon, and at Night going to Bed: The Patient may take it in a Spoonful of Beer, Water-gruel, or any other small Li­quor, she likes better, drinking a little of the same, made luke-warm, after each Dose.

No. 9. The Alterative Pouder.

Take Cream of Tartar, six Drams; Liquorice Pouder, and White Amber prepared, of each two Drams and a half; Prunel-stone, two Drams; sweet Salt of Steel, a Dram; of my Mineral Magistery, two Drams; mix and make a fine Pouder according to Art.

This Alterative Pouder will allay the vi­olent Ferment of the Blood, restrain its Im­petuosity cool and rectify the whole Mass, and obtund and correct all acrid or sharp Humours to Admiration.

And at the same time the Patient is taking this Alterative Pouder, let the following In­trinsick Liniment be used three or four times in a Day, or oftner, applying it with a fine warm Linnen Rag, or with your warm Fingers very gently to the affected part, en­deavouring when the Piles are inward, to get as much of the Liniment up as can be. It is thus made.

No. 10. The Intrinsick Liniment.

Take Chymical Oyl of Amber, twenty four Drops; Sugar of Lead, a Dram; Oint­ment of Poplar Buds, an Ounce; of my Chy­mical Oil for the Piles, half an Ounce; mix and make a Liniment according to Art.

This Intrinsick Liniment quickly gives Ease, and mightily contributes to the Cure of both blind and bleeding Piles.

Thus the Alterative Pouder must be con­stantly taken, and the Intrinsick Liniment be carefully used according to these Directi­ons, till the Cure either of blind or bleeding Piles is perfectly accomplished: They will quickly give Ease, and assuredly compleat the Cure of the Piles in a short time; for the Alterative Pouder effectually strikes at the first Cause of that Illness, and prevents the parts being supply'd with sharp Humours, while the Intrinsick Liniment, after an admi­rable [Page 36]Manner eases all pain, discusses the Tu­mour or Swelling of the blind Piles, and heals and perfectly cures the bleeding.

The Alterative Pouder agrees with the Stomach, and takes off all Feverish Heat, without disordering the Body in the least; it sometimes makes the Belly a little loose, and thereby contributes very much to the Cure; for nothing is more tormenting, to those troubled with the Piles, than to be Costive, or hard bound, it putting them to intollerable pain and misery at going to Stool.

Therefore, if the Alterative Pouder should not loosen the Belly, it will be necessary for the Patient, once every two or three Days, to take a Dose of my Laxative Electuary, prescrib'd in the second Chapter of this Book, page 17. aforegoing, taking it exactly as is there directed; minding only to omit taking the Alterative Pouder, that Day the Laxative Electuary is taken.

The Patient, during the time she is affli­cted with the Piles, ought to drink freely of Water-Gruel, Tea, or Posset-drink, made small, and carefully abstain from strong Li­quors, Spices, Salt Meats, &c. which tend to inflame and increase the Malady.

Thus these Directions being truly observed, this grievous Indisposition, which some labour under many Months will be perfectly cu­red in a little time, so as not to return again.

About three Months ago, I was sent for to a Gen [...]lewoman who had been afflicted with the Piles almost continually, for some Years: She having taken very many Medi­cines to little or no purpose, told me, she fear'd she should never be Cured, yet least she should be wanting to her self, hearing of my Skill, was the Reason she had sent for me, and desired I would use my utmost En­deavour to free her, if possible, from her Ill­ness; She acquainted me also that sometimes they bled pretty much, and then she was much easier than when they only swell'd and did not; she was at that time in much Tor­ment, and being of a hot Constitution, and something Feverish, I order'd her immediate­ly to be blooded and prescrib'd my Altera­tive Pouder and intrinsick Liniment, the first to be taken, and the latter to be used exactly as I have directed in this Chapter, for a Week or nine Days, at the End of which, she was very well, and better, as she affirmed, than she had been for any time in nine Months before; nevertheless, I order'd her by all Means to continue the Alterative Pouder for a Fortnight or three Weeks longer, without using the Intrinsick Liniment any more.

My ordering her to take the Alterative Pouder so long, was with design to correct her Blood, and wholly subdue the Acrid Principle, or Cause of that severe Malady that had so long afflicted her, which it ef­fectually [Page 38]did, she having been very well ever since, and likely so to continue,

Much about the same Time, I had another Woman under my Care, who was also sore­ly troubled with the Piles; her Blood was very Acrid, but she was not exceeding Feve­rish, yet was then in exceeding pain, and a little before she sent for me, the Piles had bled very much, I therefore did not order her to be blooded, but directed her to take my Al­terative Pouder, and use my Intrinsick Lini­ment presently, and continue them till she was cured: In four Days time she was tol­lerably well but happening to be Costive, I directed her to take a Dose of my Laxative Electuary, once every three or four Days, and to take the Alterative Pouder, as dire­cted, on the other Days, which she did, and was perfectly cured in a Fortnights time.

I could give many more Instances of per­sons cured of the Piles by these Remedies, who by Reason of their being exceeding bad, and having been so long afflicted with them, imagined they could never be cured; but designing brevity, I shall wave that Trouble.

What I have here wrote concerning the Piles, may prove as beneficial to Men troubled with them as to Women, for the Method and Medicines I have prescribed, infallibly cure that Illness in both Sexes.

CHAP. V. Of the Whites.

THIS Disease is the flowing of a White Humour from the Cervical Glandules, or Vessels about the Neck of the Womb.

The Whites sometimes come away in large, and sometimes in but small Quantities, are attended with Pain in the small of the Back, Pain in the Head, want of Appetite, bad Digestion, Weariness, Restlessness, some­times Swelling of the Legs, pale Counte­nance, &c. Maids of a weakly Constituti­on, are often afflicted with this Malady, as well as Married Women and Widows.

If this Distemper be not timely remedied, it certainly causes incurable Barrenness, and the Blood and Juices become more and more depauperated, till a deplorable Consumption, or Dropsy &c. ushers in Death to end the melancholly Tragedy.

There are few Women, especially of the weaker sort, but at one time or other are af­flicted with this Illness, it being a Distemper often attendant upon, and caused by other Diseases; and whatever Disease reduces a [Page 40]Woman to a languid weakly Frame, it is com­monly succeeded by this Indisposition: Thus Women that are naturally of a more weak Habit or Constitution than ordinary, are more subject to the Whites than others: And as this Illness is mostly occasioned by foregoing Distempers, (tho' sometimes by sudden Frights, violent Exercise, immode­rate Venery, &c.) so it weakens the Body also more and more, till the suffering Pati­ent becomes a miserable Victim to Death, be­ing brought into a hopeless Consumption, Dropsy, &c. as aforesaid, unless cured by proper Remedies, administred by a Skilful Hand.

But the immediate Cause of the Whites, is a Weakness, Laxity or Looseness of the Cer­vical Glandules, or Vessels about the Neck of the Womb, whose Tone is either spoiled by the ill Constitution of the Stomach and Blood, (depraved by other Distempers) or by some of the Accidents, immoderate Ex­ercise. &c. before mention'd; by which Means, those Vessels cannot sufficiently re­tain the proper Humour separated by them from the Blood, to lubricate or moisten the Neck of the Womb, &c. but let it gleet or slide away in too large a quantity, thereby impoverishing the Juices of the Body, inevi­tably causing Barrenness, if not timely cured, and bringing the whole humane Frame into a pining desperate State.

Some Women indeed have this white Flux much more moderate than others, and not continually, but at times only, without cau­sing any great or remarkable Prostration of Strength, till a Year, or two, or more, after its first beginning to appear; but then it be­comes more violent and dangerous, weakning the Body excessively, and, as it were, at once, and is then much more hard to Cure; this being a known and undoubted Truth, that the longer this Flux of white Matter has af­flicted the Patient, and the larger in quan­tity it is, the longer time will be required, and the more difficult will it be, to accom­plish the Cure; the Humours being the more habituated to flow that way, and the Tone of the Glandules or Vessels, through which they flow, being the more spoiled.

Many Authors write, that if the Whites continue long, they degenerate, and become variously Colour'd, as Green, &c. and some times smell intollerably ill; but in all the Women I ever had under my Care for this Illness, I never could find any such disco­loured Flux, when there was not reason to suspect another Disease, which makes me ab­solutely of the Opinion, that a greenish Flux is never seen, but where it takes its Rise from a more malignant Distemper, which must then be manag'd wholly after a different Manner from the Illness I here treat of, otherwise the Patient may be ruined.

'Tis of great Moment, therefore, carefully to distinguish the Whites from other Di­stempers that resemble that Malady; for Numbers of Women, who have met with ill Husbands, have labour'd under a Venereal Running, or a Running caused by the Foul Disease, for some Years together, still ima­gining it to be only the Whites: Others have mistaken a Running, occasioned by an Ul­cer in the Womb for that Flux; thus it being very difficult for Women to distinguish these Distempers, and yet absolutely necessary that they should, I think it here very proper to give some Rules, by which they may as­suredly know one from the other.

The Whites may be certainly distingui­shed from a Gonorrhaea, or Venereal Run­ning by this: That whenever the Courses come down, the Whites always cease, and do not trouble the Patient again till a little while after the Courses have done flowing; whereas a Venereal Running remains con­stantly upon the Patient, and does not cease during the Flux of the Terms, but continues all they time they flow, as well as before and after.

The Whites may also be distinguished from an Ulcer in the Womb by this; That an Ulcer in the Womb, is always attended with very sharp and gnawing Pains in the Womb, and its Neck, from the very begin­ning of the Disease; whereas in the Whites, [Page 43]tho' sometimes the Humour may be so sharp as to cause Smarting in the outer Parts, yet there is no such sharp Pain felt in those in­er Parts.

The Cure of the Whites must first be en­deavour'd, if Strength will admit, by clean­ing the Stomach and Bowels with Cathar­ticks, and afterwards by rectifying the Blood and Juices, strengthning the Vessels of the Womb, and restoring the weakned Body to its pristine Vigour, with Alterative, Bal­samick, and Sub-astringent Medicaments.

The Patient therefore, to prevent the dis­mal Effects that may ensue, and entirely to Cure the Whites, if she is not exceeding weak indeed, must take a Dose, two, or three as she thinks most proper, or finds her self able to bear, of the Purging Pills prescrib'd in the first Chapter of this Book, page 6. a­foregoing, taking them exactly as is there di­rected, excepting only, that instead of four Pills, she must take but three of them for a Dose, the first time, because Persons afflicted with the Whites, are commonly much easier to be purg'd, than those troubled with a Stop­page of the Terms.

Three or Four of those Purging Pills will give four, five, or six Stools, without the least Trouble or Disorder, neither Griping the Bow­els, or making the Patient sick, but being taken every other, or every third Morning, for two or three times, as Strength will bear, [Page 44]will admirably cleanse the Body of foul Hu­mours, and prepare it for other Remedies to finish the Cure.

Therefore, as soon as the Patient has pur­ged two or three times, according to her own Discretion, and as her Constitution will al­low; she must the next Day take the quan­tity of a very large Nutmeg of the following Balsamick Electuary every Night and Morn­ing, and at four a Clock every Afternoon also, not eating any thing an Hour before or after each Dose, but drinking a Glass of Red Rough W [...]ne, or of any strong Wine more agree­able, after it to wash it down.

No. 11. The Balsamick Electuary.

Take the finest Dragons Blood, Earth of Japan, Bole-Armoniack, and candid Nut­megs, of each, a Dram and fifteen Grains; Binding Saffron of Steel, a Dram and a half; Pouder of boyl'd Turpentine, four Drams; of my Chymical Balm, a Dram and a half; Syrup of Quinces, a sufficient Quan­tity to make an Electuary according Art.

This Balsamick Electuary must be con­stantly taken till the Person is perfectly cur'd, which will soon be, provided it be taken punctually as directed; in some the Cure will be accomplished in a Fortnight, or three Weeks; but in others, whose Illness is ex­ceeding [Page 45]bad, it may perhaps be a Month or Six Weeks before it is quite finished; but its Sovereign Efficacy may be depended upon, for it will most certainly cure, and all Persons will from the first two or three Days, apparently find themselves mend exceedingly all the while they are taking it, which may serve as a Demonstration to them, that by continuing it for a reasonable Time, the Cure will be assuredly compleated.

Therefore, effectually to prevent a Relapse, I advise every one who begins this Balsamick Electuary, not to leave it off, notwithstanding they may find themselves in Nine Days or a Fortnight pretty well Cured of the Whites, but to continue taking it constantly as dire­cted, for a Month, five, or six Weeks, which then will certainly prevent any Return of that Distemper.

It never disorders the Body, but commonly keeps it rather loose than bound, is pleasant to take, and displays its Virtues aster an ad­mirable Manner, effectually answering all the Intentions of Cure; for it strengthens the Stomach and Bowels, purifies the Blood and Juices, restores the Womb-Vessels to their pristine Order, by gently straitning and re­ducing them to their natural Tone; it also wonderfully corroborates the whole Body, taking away all manner of Weakness in the Back, &c. rendring the Patient lively, brisk, healthy and strong, and perfectly putting an [Page 46]End to that troublesome Distemper, the Whites.

Whilst the Patient is under this Course, her Food ought to be of very easy Digestion, and if she drinks a Glass or two of Wine at her Meals, it will be the better; she must observe also, to avoid eating Sallets, Greens, and all sorts of Fruit.

If the Patient is troubled with the Head­ach, or is Feverish, then the Day before she takes any Medicines, it will be highly pro­per for her to bleed in the Arm, to the Quantity of eight or nine Ounces.

If she is exceeding weak, and ill before she begins these Medicines, then she must not take the purging Pills, before recommen­ded, more than once or twice, or not at all, if she thinks she cannot bear Purging, but must begin to take the Balsamick Electuary immediately, and continue it constantly till she is perfectly well, and indeed for a Week or Fortnight afterwards; for it will thereby strengthen the Body to such a Degree, and confirm the Cure of the Whites in such a Manner, as re prevent any Relapse into the same for the future.

As soon as the Courses, or any Sign of them approach, and indeed for two or three Days before they are expected, the Balsamick Electuary must be lest off, and not be ta­ken again till the Terms have done Flow­ing.

Some Women that are very subject to be Costive, may happen to be bound in their Bodies, while they are taking the Balsamick Electuary, (tho' it most commonly proves otherwise) in which Case, the Patient may take a Dose of the Laxative Electuary, re­commended in the second Chapter of this Book, Page 17. a foregoing, as is there dire­cted, so as just to loosen her Belly, but not more, observing only, to omit taking the Bal­samick Electuary that Day the Laxative One is taken.

If the Patient troubled with the Whites, labours at the same time under any Disorder of the Courses, it will be proper for her first to get Cured of that Disorder, as directed in the foregoing Chapters, before she attempts the Cure of the Whites; as for Example, suppose a Woman should be afflicted with a Deficiency of the Terms, or their flowing but sparingly, &c. and with the Whites also, which frequently happens, she must then first Cure her self of the Deficiency of the Courses, by taking the Opening Pouder, &c. prescri­bed in the first Chapter of this Book, p. 7. Exactly as there directed, and when by that Means her Terms flow regularly, and well, and are of a good Colour, &c. then she ought to begin the Remedies prescribed in this Chapter, for the Cure of the Whites, but not before.

I could give almost innumerable Instances of Persons cured of the Whites, by the Me­thod and Medicines above described, but shall only relate one or two Cases, the Parti­culars of which I believe will prove accepta­ble to my Readers.

I was sent for about seven Months since to a young Gentlewoman about Nineteen Years of Age, who for three Years before, as I was informed, had at times been troub­led with this white Flux, but it not continu­ing constantly upon her, nor flowing vio­lently, neither her self or Mother much mind­ed it, till at last growing very bad, the Whites increasing in Quantity, her Legs swelling, and her whole Body becoming more and more disorder'd, they thought proper to seek for Help.

I found her in great Distress, her Back much pained, her Appetite almost lost, her Legs a little swell'd, and the Flux (by her Mother's Relation) very severe, yet she was not exceeding feverish, therefore, I did not think fit to have her blooded, but order'd her to take two Doses of my Purging Pills before mention'd, at two Days distance from each other: They operated very well, took down the Swelling of her Legs, and made her something better; However, being a little weakned, I did not order her to purge again, but directed her the next [Page 49]Day to take my Balsamick Electuary as above, and continue it constantly till she was cured.

In about fourteen Days the Flux was so much abated, as hardly to be perceived, the Pain in her Back was nearly gone, and she be­gan to look brisk and recover Strength; but being always much subject to Costiveness, she was something bound in her Body. I there­fore order'd her the Day following to take a Dose of my Laxative Electuary before menti­oned, just to loosen her Bowels, and if she found any further occasion, to take a Dose of it every five Days, and the Balsamick Electuary constantly the other Days, which she did, for a Fortnight longer, in which time she was per­fectly cured, and has remained in compleat Health ever since.

Near six Months ago a Gentlewomen of about thirty Years of Age sent for me, and desired my Assistance, she being exceedingly afflicted with the Whites, which she had been troubled with upwards of four Years: That Illness began quickly after a Miscarriage, which had like to have proved her Death, and which was occasioned by a great Fright.

She told me she had taken abundance of Medicines, first by the Advice of her Mid­wife, and an eminent Apothecary, and af­terwards by the Direction of a Physician of good Note, without receiving any Benefit; and added, that she feared there was no Cure for her, but that she must dye, yet desired [Page 50]I would do all in my Power, and save her Life, if possible, for her Children's Sake, she having three alive.

Her Case was exceeding bad indeed; she was very ill and weak, scarce able to stir, had a violent Pain in her Head and Back, no Ap­petite to Food, was frequently very feve­rish, and almost wore to a Skeleton by the great Flux of white Matter that she had so long labour'd under, nevertheless I let her know, that with the Blessing of the Almigh­ty, I did not doubt but to restore her to Health, provided she would follow my Di­rections, and take my Medicines punctually, which she readily promised to do.

This Gentlewoman was too weak to bear Purging, therefore I forbore ordering her my Purging Pills; but considering the great Pain in her Head, and that she was inclined to be feverish, I directed her, first, to have about eight Ounces of Blood taken from her Arm, which without weakning her, diverted the Humours, and prevented a Fever, which might otherwise have happen'd, and the next Day, I ordered her to begin my Balsa­mick Electuary, and continue it constantly, as directed in this Chapter,

At the End of Five Days, I found her mightily recover'd, the Whites being nearly stopt, her Spirits revived, her Strength much encreasd, the Pain in her Head and Back almost entirely gone, and her Appetite in some Mea­sure [Page 51]come to her: However, she being some­thing hot and uneasy by turns, and not hav­ing purged at first, because of her exceeding Weakness, I advised her: though she was not in the least Costive, to take a Dose of my Laxative Electuary, once every Five or Six Days, and the Balsamick Electuary the other Days, as before, and to continue that Course till she was perfectly well, and for Nine or Ten Days after.

Accordingly she took my Advice, and in a Month from the Time she first began my Medicines, she left off taking them, having been well for about a Week before, and was then, and still remains in perfect Health and Strength, to the Admiration of all that knew her.

CHAP. VI. Of the Bownfalling of the Womb and Fundament.

WHAT is vulgarly call'd the Down­falling of the Womb, is in Reallity no such Thing, for there can be no Out-hang­ing of That, without present Death; but the Disorder commonly known by that Name, is an Out-hanging of the Vagina, or outer Neck of the Womb, and is truly only the [Page 52]Wrinkles of the Sheath, or Passage relaxed and swoln, so as to fall cut and appear, some­thing like a Ball with a Hole in the Middle: It is generally very painful and troublesome, and sometimes so much inflamed, as to threat­en a Gangrene.

This Indisposition is caused by straining or irritating the Secret Parts, by hard Labour in Child-bearing, by the Hand of an unskilful Midwife, by excessive Venery, or immoderate Exercise, as hard Riding, Dancing, Leaping, &c. or by a violent Flux, either of the Whites or Courses, which often not only re­laxes, or loosens the Vagina, but also frets or irritates it so, as to cause it to become sore, swell and hang down.

The Falling down of the Fundament is an Out hanging of the Intestinum Rectum, or great Gut, and is caused by Weakness and Relaxation of its Fibres, or tearing of them, either by severe Costiveness, violent straining in hard Labour, or sharp Looseness, &c. It is not only troublesome but dangerous, if not quickly remedied, and oftentimes becomes the Seat of a foul Ulcer or Fistula.

In the Cure of these Illnesses, the Medi­cines that we give inwardly, must be Vulne­rary, and such as will endue the Blood and Juices with a Balsamick Property, in order to strengthen and create an Aptness in the relaxed Fibres, and swoln Parts to recover their Tone, and retain their natural Station, [Page 53]when reduced, or gently put up, after peculiar Emollient, and moderately Astringent Fomen­tations have been externally applied.

If the Patient is costive, particular Care must be had to remove that Disorder, for straining at going to Stool is not only painful, but increases the Malady, as well that of fal­ling down of the Womb, as the falling down of the Fundament.

If the Part hanging down is inflamed or angry, Bleeding in the Arm will be absolutely necessary, after which, in order certainly to cure these Indispositions, the Parts affected must be bathed outwardly with my sanative Fomentation, which is thus made.

No. 12. The Sanative Fomentation.

Take of Pomegranate Peel, two Drams; dried red Roses, Pomegranate Flowers, of each half an handful; Oak Bark, half an Ounce; boil them in a Quart of Spring Water, till it comes to a Pint, which then strain out, and while it is very hot, add Sugar of Lead, white Vitriol, and my healing Salt, of each one Dram; stir it about till the Salts are dissolved, and when cold, add of common Spirit of Wine, two Ounces; which mix well, and reserve the whole for use.

This Sanative Fomentation must be used thus; Pour a little of it into a well glaz'd [Page 54]Pipkin, or other Earthen Vessel, and make it very hot over the Fire, then with a fine Flan­nel Cloth dipt into it, bathe and foment there­with the Part hanging out, either of the Fundament or Womb, as hot as can be well endured, for a quarter or half an Hour toge­ther; after which, the Patient lying down, let the Part be gently put up by a tender Hand, and kept in its Place by a Truss, or conveni­ent Bands of Linnen Cloth, minding to bathe those Parts two or three times every Day in the same manner, for five or six Days together, though the Part does not fall out again.

By the use of this Fomentation alone, with­out taking Medicines inwardly, the falling down of the Womb will be assuredly cured; but in the falling down of the Fundament, especially if it be through great Weakness, it will be very necessary for the Patient, be­sides bathing the Part affected with the Sa­native Fomentation, to take at the same time the Balsamick Electuary prescribed in the fore­going Chapter, Page 44. as is there directed, and it will wonderfully strengthen the Parts, &c. whilst the Sanative Fomentation used outwardly, will abate the Swelling, heal all Soreness, cause the relaxed Fibres to regain their Tone, and keep the Part affected in its Natural Situation.

But if the Patient is Costive and the Bal­samick Electuary should not cause loose Stools, as it generally will, then the Lax­ative [Page 55]Electuary, prescribed in the second Chapter, Page 17. aforegoing, must be taken, as there directed, in a Morning Fasting, every third, fourth or fifth Day, as the Patient finds needful; taking such a Dose of it as will just give two or three loose Stools, but not more, and minding to omit the Balsamick Electuary that Day the Laxative One is taken.

It will be convenient also for those troubled with the down falling of the Womb, if they are Costive, to take the Laxative Electuary in like manner.

Thus these Directions being punctually followed, the falling down of the Womb, (as it is vulgarly called) and also of the Funda­ment, will be certainly and effectually Cured.

CHAP. VII. Of Barrenness.

AS being the Mother of Children is the highest Honour, and most exalted State of Satisfaction, that the Fair Sex can attain to in a Married Life; so on the contrary Barrenness, of all other Misfortunes is by much the greatest, producing the most severe Affliction that can attend a Family, and causing the deepest secret Grief in a Wo­man that is possible to be imagined: What Discord? What Differences are bred in ma­ny [Page 56]of the best Families for want of Chil­dren to crown the earnest Desires of Marri­ed Persons? And what Reproaches and melancholly Reflections that want often oc­casions, with the dismal Disorders that from thence frequently arise, may be easily conceived by Judicious Persons, who will give themselves liberty to consider how great the Sorrow of that Woman must be, who knows, that could she have Children; she should be absolutely happy in a Mar­ried State, when for want of them she is perhaps treated with Ignomy and Con­tempt, and made the most unfortunate of her Sex.

This being true, it Naturally follows, that nothing is more necessary than to treat of, and faithfully discover, the Causes and Cure of Barrenness in Women, when it is done, with a real Intent of being serviceable to the World, in rendering such a considerable Number of the Fair Sex fruitful and happy, who, with the last degree of Sorrow, now labour under the ingrateful Imputation of being Barren.

And the more useful will it still appear, when we consider that the Natural Excel­lent Modesty of our Women, hinder them from openly seeking for a Cure of that un­fortunate Circumstance, which, by means of the plain modest Account I intend to give, may be secretly remedied by themselves with­out the Knowledge of others.

It is to be understood here, that I mean to write only of the Cause and Cure of Barrenness in Women of suitable Years, and not in those who are either too old, or too young; in the former, when their Terms have left them, Conception is impossible, and the latter must contentedly wait, till Age has ripen'd, and made them capable of Child-bearing; for some Women there are, who being Married very young, Conceive not till they are Nineteen, Twenty or Twen­ty two or three Years of Age, or more, and then become very Fruitful; and others that. Marrying betimes have Children at Four­teen or Fifteen: Thus there is a very re­markable and manifest Difference in the Na­ture and Ripeness of the Female Sex. This being premised.

I shall first shew the several Causes of Barrenness, and here by the way I cannot pass by, what with Concern I have often observed, viz. That many likely Women have been deemed incurably Barren, lived uncomfortably many Years, and at last gone out of the World without bearing Children, for want only of their Physician's having a true Knowledge of the seemingly unaccoun­table Cause, which in all probability might have been easily removed by a proper Method and fit Medicines, and the Women have been rendered as capable of having Chil­dren as any whatever; but to proceed.

The Causes of Barrenness are many, as the visible ill Structure or Formation of the Parts, exceeding Fatness, Scirrhous Tu­mours or Swellings in the Neck of the Womb, Ulcers, &c. in all which Cases there cannot be a regular Admission of the Male Seed, so that it is impossible a Conception should happen; but as these Causes are sel­dom seen, and as rarely Cured, I shall not enlarge upon them. Other Causes of Bar­renness are,

  • I. The Deficiency of the Monthly Terms, and then the Natural Ferment of the Blood and Juices is wanting, the lively, desirous Faculty is spoiled, neither is the Womb fit to receive the Spirituous Effluvia of the Mas­culine Seed that a Conception might follow.
  • II. The immoderate Flux of the Courses, which impoverishes the Fluids, weakens the whole Body, and thereby incapacitates a Woman to Conceive.
  • III. The Whites, Slipperiness, or over Moistness of the Womb, which weaken it and its Vessels, plainly prevent Conception, by condensing or drowning, as it were, the Vital Spirits of the Male Seed, and by that means causing Sterility.
  • IV. The Swelling of the Vagina, or Wrinkles of the Privities, so as to hang out of the Body, vulgarly called the Down­falling of the Womb, which then hinders Enjoyment.

But there are yet other Causes of barren­ness, that are not visible, the Women be­ing in perfect Health, Young, Brisk, Jolly, and as likely to have Children to all Ap­pearance, and as they themselves believe, as any in the World, and by reason the Causes of Sterility in such Women do not immediately appear, the Vulgar Practitio­ners call them occult, or unknown, and indeed are so to them; but to an Ingenious Physician, who makes Nature his Study, is expert in Anatomy, and who carefully searches into the Abstruse Principles and Causes of Things, to such, these pretended occult Causes are well known, easily account­ed for, and quickly removed, and which I will unfold.

But first it will be necessary, in order to explain and fully lay open what may other­wise appear intricate, to Women and others in treating of these Causes, to shew the Nature of Generation, and how a Foetus is produced.

Within the Body of a Woman, on each side the outer Part of the Bottom of the Womb, at about eight Fingers Breadth di­stance from it, are situated the Ovaria, so named from their Likeness to the Collection of little Eggs found in the Bodies of Fowl; these Ovaria are of an Oval Figure, a little flat on their upper Part, and about half as big as a Man's Testicles, and are vulgarly called Testicles or Stones.

In the Ovaria there are several little Ova or Eggs, almost like Bladders, contain'd in proper separate Cells, one of which Eggs in the time of Coition is foecundated or im­pregnated by the Spirituous Part or Efflu­vium of the Male Seed cast to the Womb, which Spirit or Effluvium ascends from thence to the Ovaria through the Vessels called Womb Trumpets, which are about four or five Fingers breadth long, and arise on each side from the Bottom of the Womb; the upper Part of these Womb Trumpets, being wide and open, embrace the Ovaria in the time of Enjoyment, and dilate or open so as to give free Passage to the Ef­fluvium, or Spirit of the Masculine Seed cast to the Womb, that it may instant­ly arrive at the Ovaria, where it stimu­lates, acts upon, and impregnates one of the little Ova or Eggs therein contain'd, as before mentioned; which then falls from its Cell, through one of the Womb Trum­pets, into the Womb, as a proper Place assigned by Nature for its Reception; where it is nourished, grows bigger, and becomes a Foetus.

If two or more of these little Eggs hap­pen to be foecundated, or impregnated at the same time, the Woman then has Twins, or several Children at a Birth, as is often seen.

The falling of one of the little Eggs from its Cell in the Ovaria, through one of the [Page 61]Womb Trumpets, into the Womb, often oc­casions an uncommon Sensation and gentle shivering of the Body after the Conjugal Act, which is therefore a Sign of Conception; it also causes a Contraction of the inner Neck or Mouth of the Womb, so as perfectly to close it, in order to retain the Egg in the Womb, and prevent its slipping away, till at the end of nine Months, the time allotted for its Perfection and Birth, it is become Ripe for Expulsion, and fit to live in the open Air.

And thus Conception is caused, and not by the fancied, true and equal mixture of Male and Female Seed, as was the Notion of the Ancients; for Women have no such thing as Seed other than the Ovaria, vulgarly called Testicles, before described.

Indeed in the time of Coition most Wo­men void a white limpid Humour, which having some resemblance to Seed, might help to occasion the Mistake of the Ancients; but modern Discoveries demonstrate, that this white Liquor comes from the small Pores of the Vagina celled Lacunae, and not from the Womb, neither in the time of Carnal Conjunction does it go into the Womb, which is a plain Proof that it is not Seed, but that it is only designed by Nature to create Desire in Women, lubricate the Passage to the Womb, and to cause exceed­ing Pleasure in the Conjugal Act.

Now it must be allow'd, that it is most likely a Woman should Conceive at the Moment this white Liqour is voided, pro­vided the Male Seed is at that instant emit­ted also, because then the Woman feels ex­cessive Delight, which occasions the Mouth of the Womb to open and receive the Spi­rituous Part of the Masculine Seed, the Womb Trumpets also dilate or widen to such a degree, as to give Passage to the lit­tle Egg, which when impregnated falls from its Cell in the Ovaria, through one of them into the Womb, as before taught.

And thus having discover'd how Gene­ration and Conception happens, I shall pro­ceed to treat of the Causes of Barrenness, which do not plainly appear, and are not known to Women themselves, which now from what follows may be easily conceived by Persons of tollerable Sense and Reason.

The Causes then that hinder Conception in Women of suitable Years, brisk, and not labouring under any Apparent Weak­ness or Indisposition, must be either an Ob­struction of the Womb Trumpets, which then hinders the Spirituous Part of the Mas­culine Seed from passing through them to the Ovaria, without which Impregnation or Conception cannot happen; or from the Faultiness of the Ova or Eggs contain'd in the Ovaria, so as they are uncapable of be­ing impregnated by the Vital Effluvia of the [Page 63]Male Seed, that Conception might follow; or else from an inappitency to Matrimonial Pleasure in general, which last is common to Women of a Cold Constitution, in whom the Spirits flow not to the lower Parts, they feel no Pleasure in Coition, the Womb con­tracts, its inner Neck closes, and for want of warm Desires in the mind, gives not, but refuses a suitable Reception to the Effluvia of the Male Seed, and so absolutely hinders Conception.

Thus having shewn the Causes of Barren­ness, as well those that are deemed occult, or unknown, as those that are obvious to common Practitioners and Women them­selves, I shall in the next Place point out the true and direct method of Cure.

First then, if Conception be hindred by Diseases, as the Deficiency or want of the Courses, immoderate flowing of the Terms, the Whites, Slipperiness of the Womb, out­hanging or bearing down of the swell'd Va­gina, &c. then recourse must be immediately had to the method and Medicines appointed for their Cure, under their proper Heads in the 'foregoing Chapters, and when the Patient is thereby brought into good Order, has her Courses regular, and her Body is in an apparent, healthy State, then, if she does not quickly Conceive, must be admi­nistred proper Uterine Medicines, Cordial and Strengthning, and which have a peculiar [Page 64]Faculty to prepare, fortify and invigorate the Parts appropriated to Generation, and make a Woman Prolifick, of which Nature are the Medicaments I shall by and by prescribe.

Now when Barrenness proceeds from Ob­struction or Stoppage of the Womb Trum­pets, or from the Faultiness of the Ova or Eggs in the Ovaria, (which Causes) do not ap­pear otherwise than in their Effect) or from defect or want of convenient Amorous Desire, then, and in all these Cases, Endeavours must be used to attenuate the Blood and Juices, rouse and encrease the Animal Spirits, cause them to act with Ardour, to revive the whole Humane Frame, and create Mirth, and particularly to rectify all Disorders of the Genital Parts, by such Salubrious Medicines, as are specificated to open Obstructions of the Womb Trumpets, and at the same time adapted to comfort and strengthen the whole Body, nourish, encrease and fill the Ova or Eggs in the Ovaria, make them apt and ready to be foecundated or im­pregnated and also to correct and drive away the Saturnine Habit, and all supper­fluous, cold, moist Humours, which deaden Desires to Matrimonial Pleasure, and there­by destroy even the very intent of that Di­vine Institution, such Medicines I say must be given, as will replenish the Blood and Juices, and revive an Inclination to Con­jugal Enjoyment, so that it may no more be [Page 65]burdensome, as it is to some Women, but sui­tably acceptable, that thereby happy Issue may be the Consequence.

In the first Place therefore, those who have reason to believe their not Conceiving proceeds from the 'foremention'd, occult, unknown, or not apparent Causes, must take the following Prolifick Elixir, which will open any Stoppage or Obstruction of the Womb Trumpets, fit and prepare the Ova or Eggs for Impregnation, rectify the Blood and Juices, and correct all Vicious Qualities thereof.

No. 13. The Prolifick Elixir.

Take fine Aloes and Myrrh in Pouder, of each six Drams; best Russia Castor in Pouder, and choice English Saffron well pickt, of each three Drams; Chymical Powers of Sage, Baum, Clary, Comfry, Eringo, and Amber, of each two Drams; of Tartariz'd Spirit of Wine, half a Pint; mix the Chymical Powers and Spirit of Wine first, which then pour upon the other Ingredients, and digest them in a Sand heat for ten Days, or till a very deep, strong Elixir is ob­tained; which, after it is well settled, de­cant from the Faeces, and add to it, my Tincture of Mars, and Chymical Prosi­fick Oil, of each two Ounces; mix them very well by shaking, and keep the whole close stopt for use.

Of this Elixir the Patient must take eighty or ninety Drops (first shaking the Vial) eve­ry Morning Fasting, and at Five a Clock every Afternoon also, in a Glass of White Wine, not eating any thing for about an Hour before or after each Dose. Thus it must be taken constantly for three Weeks or a Month according to the Patient's own discretion, and then forbearing that, it will be highly proper for her to take the quantity of a large Wallnut of the follow­ing Powerful Confect every Night and Morning, and also at Four a Clock every Af­ternoon, with a Glass of good Canary, or o­ther choice generous Wine, which Confect will certainly incline and dispose the Pati­ent to Conceive; for it increases the Spi­rits revives, exhilerates, and strengthens to Admiration; makes the Ova, or Eggs in the Ovaria, full, ripe, and apt to be foecun­dated, widens the Womb Trumpets, &c. and thereby absolutely removes all Natural Causes of Barrenness.

No. 14. The Powerful Confect.

Take of Chymical Powers of Vipers, a Dram; Confect of Chermes Berries, three Drams; Confect of Satyrion Roots, two Ounces and an half; of my Stimulating Essence, eigh­teen Drops; mix and make a Confect ac­cording to Art.

This Powerful Confect is exceeding plea­sant to the Palate, is certainly the most effectual Medicine for Barrenness that ever was made in the World, and may be taken for a Month together or longer.

If the Patient believes her not Con­ceiving is occasion'd through Natural Cold­ness of Constitution only, then she need not take the Prolifick Elixir, but begin to take the Powerful Confect immediately, which will in most Cases prove sufficiently Efficacious; yet taking the Prolifick Elixir first, is undoubtedly the surest way.

But if the Patient be of an exceeding Cold Constitution, and should find (as may possibly happen) that the Powerful Confect does not sufficiently answer the Intention, then it will be convenient for he, besides taking the Powerful Confect, just to anoint the Secret Parts with a very little of the following Stimulating Balm, either by means of a Feather dipt in it, or otherwise; which, being used outwardly, and the Powerful Con­fect taken inwardly at the same time, will as­suredly have the desired Effect, and promote Conception in an extraordinary manner.

No. 15. The Stimulating Balm.

Take Adeps Rosarum, and Essence of Limon-Time, of each half a Dram; Essence of O­range-Flowers, two Drams; Essence of Cloves, three Drams; Essence of Limons; [Page 68]six Drams and half; Oil of Jessamine, five Ounces; and of my Provocative Chy­mical Powers, one Ounce; first mix the Adeps Rosarum, the Essences, and my Chy­mical Powers, and then add the oil of Jessamine, and make a Stimulating Balm, which, if done according to Art, will be very Odoriferous, and finely Transparent.

This Stimulating Balm is not Nauseous to use, but has a pleasant fragrant Scent, and proves excellently serviceable.

If by using it much, the Parts should at any time be over-heated, so as to cause any uneasiness, then presently wash and bathe them for near half an Hour together with warm Milk and Water, and the Heat or Uneasiness will be immediately taken off.

Men may be cured of Impotency by the Medicines prescrib'd in this Chapter, as well as Women of Barrenness; for the Prolifick Elixir admirably corrects any ill quality of the Seed, the Powerful Confect increases it, and that as well as the Stimulating Balm is equally proper and be­neficial for Men afflicted with Imbecility, as for Women, and may be taken and used by them in the same manner.

And now having directed to the most pro­per Method and effectual Medicines for the Cure of Barrenness, I shall end this Chapter with advising all Women who desire to be [Page 69]the honourable Mothers of Children, not to use Venery too often, for that very common­ly occasions Sterility or Barrenness; from the due Observation of which, and punctu­ally following the Directions I have given, with the greatest Reason in the World, may be expected happy Conception and hopeful Issue, unless for Grievous Sins, God is pleased to deny that most valuable Blessing; there­fore above all, let incessant Prayers be put up to the Almighty, who had promised to hear the Afflicted, and who can instantly make the Barren Fruitful, and the most Dis­consolate Glad.

While I was writing this Chapter, a Gen­tleman came to return me Thanks and Gra­tify me for the Service I had done his Lady. The Case was this: About six Months ago he acquainted me that he had been married to a brisk handsome young Woman above five Years, without having any Children, or her being once with Child, which occa­sion'd great Sorrow to them both, and some­times Contention between them, the Gen­tleman alledging that it was not his Fault, and the Lady being as Confident, which from all outward Appearance she might, that it was not hers: After he had inform'd me of the whole Matter, I concluded, that his Wife's not Conceiving was occasioned by Obstruction, or narrowness of the Womb Trumpets, and therefore gave him a Bottle [Page 70]of my Prolifick Elixir (which I believed would render her Fruitful) with Direction for her to take it for a Fortnight or three Weeks constantly, as I have order'd in this Chapter, which he persuaded her to, and she Conceived quickly after, being now, to her great Joy, as well as her Husband's, a­bove four Months gone with Child.

Another Gentleman (near three Quarters of a Year since) let me know, that he had been Married pear seven Years without having Children, and that his Wife, being of a Cold Constitution, he believed that was the Cause of her not Conceiving, which was my Opinion also. I therefore order'd her my Powerful Confect to be taken for a Fort­night together or more, as I have directed in this Chapter, which she took, and without using my Stimulating Balm, it had such Ef­fect, that she quickly Conceived, and is now near the Time of her Delivery.

I could here insert Cases of abundance of Women that I have had under my Care for the Cure of Barrenness, and who by the very Method and Medicines above pre­scrib'd, have been made fruitful, so that they quickly after Conceived; but the Book in general, and this Chapter in particular, ha­ving swell'd beyond my first Intention, I shall save my Readers the trouble of Read­ing, and my self that Writing any farther on this Head.

CHAP. VIII. Of Miscarriage, with Directions how to cause speedy Delivery in Child-Birth, and also how to rectify the Disorders of the Lochia, or Child-Bed Purga­tions.

AS there is nothing more unpleasing than to be disappointed of expected and wish'd for Issue, through Miscarriage, so nothing proves more dangerous to the Female Sex, than that unhappy misfortune; for it being Unnatural, is always attended with ill Symptoms, and proves much worse than a regular Child-birth: And tho' a Wo­man recovers the immediate Danger of lo­sing her Life by a Miscarriage, yet if she is frequently afflicted in the same manner, it certainly ruins her Constitution, weakens the whole Body, brings on incurable Illnesses, and necessarily shortens Life.

And it is a Grievance that often becomes habitual to the Fair Sex, many Women Miscarrying five or six, and some, ten or twelve times following one another, exactly at a certain Length of Time after Concep­tion: Thus Miscarriage happens, to some [Page 72]always in the third Month of their going with Child, to others in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth, and then it is much more dangerous than in the first two or three Months.

The oftner a Woman has miscarried, the more difficult will it be to cause her to re­tain the Fruit of her Womb, the whole nine Months that Divine Providence has appoint­ed, for ripening a Natural Birth; for when a Woman is accustom'd to miscarry, the Womb at the usual time endeavours with its utmost Efforts to eject its Burden.

Miscarriage is commonly caused the first time by a sudden Fright, violent Blow, or Fall, or longing for Things seen without having them, either of which, causes a con­traction of the Womb, and a kind of Con­vulsive Motion, so as to expel the Foetus. In a word, whatever irritates the Womb, and excites the Expulsive, and weakens the Retentive Faculty, procures Miscarriage; so that a great Cold, immoderate Exercise, intemperate Eating, Drinking too much Wine in the first Months, excessive Passion, either of Anger, Joy, Fear, Grief, &c. or disorder of the Kidneys, or of the Bowels, the redundancy and rarefaction of the Blood, flagginess of the Womb, want of Spirits through prodigious Bleedings, also vehement Coughing, Sneezing, or Vomiting, may oc­casion this great Unhappiness.

The imminent Symptoms that threaten immediate Miscarriage, are an heaviness and weight about the Loins, a bearing down of the Womb, Pain of the Back, and Pains from the Navel downwards, also trembling, pal­pitation of the Heart, shivering, inappetency, laziness, flagginess of the Breasts, flux of Matter from the Womb, &c all, or any of which, portend Miscarriage.

If there is Reason to believe, that the Foetus is already separated from the Womb, the Expulsion of it must not be hindred, but, on the contrary, be promoted as much as may be, by the Assistance of a Skilful Midwife or Physician practising that Art; and such Remedies must be given as will hasten its Expulsion, and by their forcing Quality, speedily Ease the Womb of its then dangerous Burden; for which end I recom­mend the following Expulsive Cordial, a Spoonful or two of which, the Patient must take every now and then, first shaking the Bottle, and it will cause the Womb to ex­pel the Foetus or Child, tho' Dead, with admirable and unexpected Ease.

For which reason it is also wonderfully serviceable to those in Labour, who have gone out their whole Time; for being taken as before directed, when the Pains relent, or are weak, it brings them on kindly, and causes a speedy and easy Delivery. [Page 74]

No. 16. The Expulsive Cordial.

Take Bryony Water Compound, Treacle Wa­ter, and, strong Cinnamon Water, of each half an Ounce; Baum Water, and Chamo­mile Water, of each one Ounce; Mugwort Water, and Penny royal Water, of each two Ounces and an half; Testicles of an Horse prepared, four Scruples; Tincture of Castor, two Drams; Tincture of Saffron, one Dram; Spirit of Salt Armoniack, two Scruples; Salt of Amber, one Scruple; Chymical Oil of Savin, Oil of Aniseeds, and Oil of Chamomile (first mixt with a little white Pouder Sugar) of each three Drops; of my forcing Salt, two Scruples; Syrup of Mugwort, one Ounce and an half; mix and make a Cordial according to Art.

This Expulsive Cordial has excellent Ef­fects in the afore-mention'd Cases, and is truly the most proper Medicine in the World to remedy a hard or slow Labour; for it is not only powerfully forcing, but also eases and comforts the Woman, strengthens the Child, and disposes the Womb to expel its Burden with ease and safety, provided the Child is in a right Posture, and fit to be ex­pell'd, which an Ingenious Midwife may presently know; for if it be not, that and all other forcing Medicines will do more [Page 75]hurt than good, and prove dangerous, and therefore must be avoided, till by the Hand of a Skilful Midwife the Birth is made to present right, and then the Expulsive Cor­dial being given as before directed, will soon display its wonderful Efficacy, and speedily cause an happy Delivery.

And if after Delivery, the Lochia or Child­bed Purgations doe not come down regu­larly, then a Spoonful or two of the Expul­sive Cordial, being given to the Patient ac­cording to the Discretion of her Midwife, will prove very serviceable, and bring down the Flux freely.

But to return to Miscarriage: If the Foetus or Child be not separated, nor the Blood Ves­sels broke, Endeavours, by all possible means, must then be used to confirm the Tone of the Ligaments, strengthen the Womb, and corroborate the Foetus; for which purpose such Medicines must be immediately given, as are Comforting, Balsamick, Sub-astringent, Temperate in respect to Heat, and that have a Power to absorb all irritating or sharp Hu­mours, which often cause a Contraction of the Womb and Expulsion of the Birth.

Therefore if a Woman has, never miscar­ried, but, being with Child, is frightned, or receives a Blow, Fall, &c so as to endanger a Miscarriage, I advise her, instantly to drink a Glass, two, or more of strong Florence or Barabar Claret, there being nothing better [Page 76]on those Occasions; for it recovers and raises the Spirits depressed by Frights, &c. and at the same time by its Noble Astrin­gent Quality, strengthens the Womb and its Vessels; Burnt-Claret may also be drank to good Effect: After which, if any Symp­toms of Miscarrying continue; the Patient must take from the Point of a Knife, the quantity of a large Nutmeg of my Specifick Electuary, prescribed for the immoderate Flux of the Courses in the second Chapter of this Book, Page 19. a foregoing, as soon as can be, and continue to take the same quantity of it three times every Day, viz. every Night and Morning, and at three or four a Clock every Afternoon, till all dan­ger of Miscarrying is over, minding to drink a Glass of the aforemention'd Wine or other agreeable Liquor after each Dose, and it will assuredly prevent Miscarriage.

But if the Patient has Miscarried once, or several times before, then it will be highly necessary for her to begin to take the Spe­cifick Electuary, as before directed, a Week or more, before the last or usual time of her Miscarrying, and continue it till a Week or Fortnight after the time she most fears, tho' she has no Symptoms of Miscarrying, by which means she will certainly prevent that misfortune, tho' she has miscarried many times before.

For it powerfully corroborates the Womb and its Vessels, confirms and establishes the Tone of the Ligaments that keep the Birth fixed to the Womb, and strengthens the Foetus more than can be expressed; it also comforts the Stomach and Bowels, absorbs all acrid or sharp Humours, and fortifies the Spirits exceedingly: Therefore the lon­ger it is taken, during a Woman is with Child, the more secure will she be of going out her whole Time with safety, ease and health; yet about the last Month of her Time, if no danger of Miscarrying appears, it will be proper for her to leave taking it, because it strengthens the Membranes, Liga­ments, and Vessels so exceedingly, that be­ing taken too near the Time of Delivery, it may possibly cause her Labour to be some­thing more hard than otherwise it would.

If after a Woman is brought to Bed, the Lochia or Child-bed Purgations should flow violently, so as to make it necessary to re­strain the Flux, then a few Doses of the Specifick Electuary, being given to the Pati­ent by Advice of her Midwife, will do infi­nite Good.

If the Patient, during the time of taking the Specifick Electuary, to prevent her Mis­carrying, should happen to he Costive, or very hard Bound, then it will be necessary for her to take some very gentle Medicine, just to loosen her Belly every now and then, as [Page 78]she finds occasion, for which purpose a small Dose of the Laxative Electuary prescrib'd in this Book, Page 17. aforegoing, being taken, will prove very proper.

If the Symptoms of Miscarriage are occa­sioned by longing for Things seen, &c. what­ever they be, they ought immediately to be procured, if possible.

And if the Patient is of a Sanguine Com­plexion, and full of Blood, it will not be amiss for her to be presently blooded to the quantity of eight Ounces.

Thus I have given all the necessary Dire­ctions concerning Miscarriage, &c. which being duly followed, will certainly have the desired Effect; as the number of Women I have cured of the Habit of Miscarrying, by the Method herein set down, evinces.

About two Years ago, a Gentlewoman near thirty Years of Age came to me much afflicted, having miscarried ten times before, and always about the third Month; she was very desirous to be cured of that Faculty, and was then about nine or tea Weeks gone with Child, and began to have some Symp­toms of approaching Miscarriage, I there­fore order'd her to take my Specifick Elect­uary, as I have directed in this Chapter, and to continue it constantly for six Weeks at least, which she did, and without taking any think else, she was cured, went out her whole Time, and brought into the [Page 79]World a healthy Boy; and so compleat was the Cure, that since that, she has had ano­ther Child, without taking any Medicines, or having the least sign or fear of Miscar­riage.

Note, It being a common thing for Women who are afflicted with Illness to leave off taking Medicines, after the worst Symp­toms of their Indispositions are taken off, and before they are perfectly Cured, I could not here omit advising them, to a­void that Practice, and to keep to the Course of Medicines that they enter into, regularly, for the whole time they are di­rected, otherwise they cannot expect less than to relapse into their Diseases again, which will then give them double Trouble, increase the Expence, and prove more difficult to Cure.


A Catalogue of all the Medicines prescribed in this Book, and which may be had of the Au­thor's own Preparing, at the Two Blue Posts near the Square, in Haydon-Yard in the Minories, London; where only he has al­low'd them to be dispos'd of at the following Prices, viz.

No. 1.Purging Pills prescrib'd in Pag. 6.36
No. 2.Opening Pouder, p. 7.36
No. 3.Corroborating Electuary, p. 9.36
No. 4.Laxative Electuary, p. 17.30
No. 5.Cooling Anodyne Pouder, p. 18.36
No. 6.Specifick Electuary, p. 19.36
No. 7.Hysterick Julep, p. 28.50
No. 8.Uterine Drops, p. 29.36
No. 9.Alterative Pouder, p. 34.36
No. 10.Intrinsick Liniment, p. 35.36
No. 11.Balsamick Electuary, p. 44.50
No. 12.Sanative Fomentation, p. 53.50
No. 13.Prolifick Elixir, p. 65.50
No. 14.Powerful Confect, p. 66.50
No. 15.Stimulating Balm, p. 67.50
No. 16.Expulsive Cordial, p. 74.50

Note, All Persons living in the Country, &c. who have occasion tor any of these Medi­cines, are advised to send for more than one Pot or Bottle, &c. at a time, least that not being sufficient, they should be incon­veniently obliged to stop in the middle of the Course, for want of more Medicines to perfect their Cure.

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