ANNALS, Being a Large and Learned History of Church and State Affairs in English Manuscript, relating espe­cially to England for 800 Years ending 1626. And consisting of about Eight Reams of Paper, fairly Writ and Compiled by Thomas Harding, B. D. late of the University of Oxford. These ANNALS have formerly been recommended by a Committee of the Honourable House of Commons to be Published in Print, as by the said Committees Order writ thereon, And Licensed accordingly, but have lain Dormant, being in Womens Custody and Property, since the Authors Death till now. Out of which may be extracted for that time, Large Histories or Chronicles either of Church or Secular Affairs ready for the Press. If any Person be willing to Purchase this History, they may see it at the dwelling House of Euclid Speidell in Angel Alley near White-Chappel Church; London, any Afternoon, at Three of the Clock, and know what will be the Purchase thereof.

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