A Second ADVERTISEMENT Relating to the MILL'D-LEAD-SHEATHING UPON The Rising Eagle.

THis Ship having lain in Newman's Dock, in Lymhouse-Hole, about a month, and her Lead-sheathing much commended by all the unprejudic'd that have seen it; at which, its Enemies being as much offended, they have lately raised another new Objection against it, after all their old Stories of rubbing off by Boats and Lyters, ranging of Cables, lying on Ground, eating of Ruddar-Irons; and lastly, of rotting the Okam in the Seams, have been fully proved from common Sence and Expe­rience, upon 30 Ships, within these 30 years, to be false or frivolous, in ma­ny Papers, Printed and Published by Mr. Hale, from time to time, as they gave him occasion, which they ought as publickly to have answer'd, if he had not fairly prov'd the same, and doubtless they had, if they could have said any thing that would bear a publick Test: But they still run on with new Stories, as false or frivolous as the old ones; not considering how ri­diculous it is, after so much Time and Experience upon so many Ships, so diligently watched for faults by them, to pretend now to new discoveries of defects, never heard of before, as he has heard of late; they say, the Barnicles or Shells (as some there must be, tho' in no proportion for size or quantity, as upon a Wood-sheathing) have eaten quite into the Lead, and cannot be got off, and that therefore this Sheathing won't do: But what ground for this report and conclusion, he cannot imagine; for if they had seen it before it was cleaned, as was intended, and thought the Shells never so hard to come off, they should not have been so positive (that disco­vers too much ill will to it) that it could not be done, since Scrapers in a very little time, for 15 s. pay, have cleaned the whole Ship, to content as well as at first; which, if any please to view by Tuesday next (when she goes out of the Dock) he doubts not but they will receive full satis­faction in this point, as in all others, of the excellency of this Lead-sheath­ing, in preference to the best Wood-sheathing hitherto used.

Mr. Hale, the Ʋndertaker for covering Churches, Houses, &c. as well as Sheathing Ships, lives at the Mill'd-Lead Sign in Orange-street, by Red-Lyon-Square; and may be heard of at John's Coffee-house in Burchen-lane: or Batson's over against the Ex­change; where a Box of Patterns may be seen of the several sizes, prices and uses of Mill'd-Lead.

LONDON, Printed April 5. 1700.

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