TO THOSE That have been formerly in AUTHORITY, And have broken COVENANT WITH God & Man.

By G. F.

LONDON, Printed for Robert Wilson, and are to be sold at his Shop, at the Sign of the Black-Spread-Eagle and Windmill in Martins le Grand.

To Those that have been in Authority, &c.


NOw are the Prophesies fulfilled and fulfilling upon you, which was spoken to you by the People of God, in your Courts, in your Steeple-Houses, in your Towns, Cities, Markets, High-ways, and at your Feasts and Pleasures, when you were at your height of Au­thority, & in your Highnesse, and puft up that you would nei­ther hear God nor man, though raised up from a mean Estate; none to come nigh you without bowing, or the respect of per­sons; and were in the worlds way, Complements, and Fashions, and set down at ease in the spoyle of your enemies: Which for Conscience sake toward God they could not go into, which they were Redeemed from: Therefore, they were by you hated for that cause, but now you may consider the thing is come upon you, which we told you of; who exalted your selves a­bove your Brethren, and threw the just and harmless from a­mong you, until at last God hath thrown you out; and when you cast the innocent out from among you, then you fell abi­ting one at another, until you were consumed one of another; and so the day is come upon you, which before to you was told, though before you would not believe it. And is not your hearts so hardened that you will hardly yet believe, though in captivity? and was it not told you (when you spilt the blood of the Innocent, in your Steeple-Houses, in your Markets, in your High-wayes, and in your Cities, yea and Courts) by such as spoke the word then, and could not put off their hats, that if something did not arise among your selves, to avenge the blood of the Innocent, there would something come from be­yond Sea, which lay reserved there, which the Arme of Flesh, and strongest of Mountains cannot withstand the Arm of God; & yet you would not consider, nor regard, nor hear, but cried peace, peace, and feasted your selves, and sate down in the spoyle of your enemies, and were both treacherous to God and man; and who will trust you now? and have you not taken COƲENANTS and OATHS, and made the Nation take COƲENANTS, and OATHS? and broken both Covenants and Oaths, bewixt God [Page 2]and man, and made the Nation both, break both Covenants & Oaths? So that nothing but hypocricy, and rottenness, and fals-hood, and fair pretences, were seen amongst you. And af­ter when you pretended to set up the Old-Cause, it was but your filliness; so that you long stunk to sober people, which saw that no good you would do, but it was a joy to any of you to get up in Authority, that you might have praise; and them that were in the self-denial were a derision to you, amongst whom That was banished, and so become the honored and respected, Nations Masters, and not Servants, for the greatest of all must be the Servant to all; and so there you lost your Authority, not considering your states from whence you were, & to what God had raised you up, but forgat the Lord, and have quencht that which is good in your selves, and have persecuted them that lived in it, so that an honest man could not live amongst you, but put out till you were overthrown your selves, and so were grown so gross & perverse, that at last you are neither fit for God nor man: Have you not used to call the Quakers, the Phanatick people, and the giddy heads, but whether are you now giddied into Cains City of Nod, which signifieth wandring? And have you not persecuted, and imprisoned till death, such as God hath respect to? and now hath he reproved you for their sakes, by them whom ye have hated. Was not many of you cut off (and yet would not take warning) for your persecuting? was not there a book of Exaples set out unto you, shewing what sudden and strang deaths happened upon the persecutors of the Innocent without a cause? and yet ye would not take war­ning, until the over-flowing Scourge come upon you. Are not you them that have killed, (like Cain that killed) about your Sacrifice? hath not God Vagabonded you, that you should be­come a Curse upon the earth? doth not the blood of the Righ­teous cry out of the ground for Vengeance? will not the blood of the Righteous be required? did you think that the Lord would let you fit alwayes with bloody hands, and fists of wick­ednesse? what is become of all your feasts, and fasts, or the pray­ers and blessings of your Priests? hath the Lord heard you, or your Sacrifices hath he had respect unto? do you not see that its all hypocrisie, and from a false heart? will not the Priests pray for the KING now, as fast as they prayed against him, for the PARLIAMENT, to keep their benefices, who once prayed [Page 4]against him, and said, Cursed was he that did not fight against him: Now what is become of your Sacrifices, you Persecutors, hath God had respect to them, or are they gone where Cain went? O the falsnesse of heart! and treacherousnesse, and security that you were grown to, that you could not trust one ano­ther! have not you caused the Nations, and caused the Souldiery both in arrears, and in wages, to suffer? was the Na­tion behind in their Taxes? and have not the Souldiers bin like to starve for want of their pay? have not you been false to God and man every way, & opprest the Nation every way? & almost all people had a cry of oppression in their mouths, and when they petitioned you; and addrest to you, it was a great thing if they had thanks from you; and some when they laid their grie­vances before you, you would not take it except they put of their hats: Now your place had been to have sought to have done Ju­stice, if you had known your places, for that is it that preserves a Nation. So have not you been the greatest Prayers, and Preachers, and Professors in the Nation, and the greatest Per­secutors? for how many thousands have been brought up to you, and laid before you, that have been Stockt and Whipped, Banished, and put to Death, and their houses Rifled, and their goods spoyled, by your great Professing, and Preaching Priests? as ever did the Tories, and Moss Troops, which made your Religion lothsome, and made the honest people discent from you; but now have you your reward, and the day of the Lord is come upon you, nevertheless God hath reserved a rod in store, for them that do wickedly, that none should rejoyce in wickednesse, and in the downfal one of another, but in the Power of the Lord that doth overturn, which is seen with the pure eye, that lives in Justice, Truth and Righteousness; and the Ravenous Lyons must not be Satisfied, but must suffer hun­ger; the reward of the hypocrite is to be paid, and perse­cutors were ever blind. And now you may see what is come upon you; now see if your Teachers can save you, who have Preached and Prayed for you, and that they would stand by you with their Lives and Liberties, and that they would stand in the gap: Now see how they have deceived you, whose hedg now is laid down to the ground; And have you not imprisoned and persecuted many for coming to you, and warning you of [Page 5]those things which now are come to pass upon you? There­fore, now you may see, that when you had power you did not do good in your age, and so had not a praise, neither a good Saviour in the hearts of the honest upright and inno­cent; for had you stopt, the shedding the blood of the innocent, persecution and oppression, the Lord would have stood by you (for that will be the greatest thing upon you) & stopped the vi­olence of the wicked, from imprisoning them; and these things will follow you to your beds, and on you lye heavy; yea the heaviest thing as ever you did, besides all your unjust dealing, and bad actions, and dealings in the Nation to people, that had regard to you, and that were against you.

And now all ye PRIESTS and PROFESSORS, you may see what good you have done among people, and you who have been the cause of casting so many of the servants of the Lord in prison, and cast out of the Vineyard, and now are you turned out your selves, and mind your vineyard, how you found it, and how you left it, and see if you be at peace with the unrighte­ous mammon, and now you have not power, but are become as weak as water, and have not strength, neither are you to rise, ex­cept you repent.

And Friends, you have brought the Nation to be like a great Sea, and in it hath been like Whales to swallow up; you have been the bad examples and patterns, who have pretended the greatest profession and preaching that ever was in England be­fore, but that you have dishonoured, and that which God hath given to you is quenched, and you would have broken both or­der, edification and comforting amongst Gods people, but now hath God broken you, & reproved you for touching his Anointed, and harming his Prophets; and you have been the example of per­secution to all the Dominion of England, yea to all Nations; who have been the greatest professors of Christ with your lips, but now your hearts, and inward parts, and skirts, hath God brought to light, and made you as bare, and as naked, as the servants of the Lord that went among you as a signe of your nakedness and siripping; (which some of them you abused, and cast into prison) I say, went naked before the people was carried into captivity, as a signe to them, as many have done to you, and some in sack­cloth [Page 5]and ashes upon their heads, and still you rebelled and per­secuted the Lords Prophets, though some with hypocriticall hearts would promise fair, but perform little. Now is a skilfull people come vpon you, and now is the woes and plagues which we have often declared come upon you, which the servants of the Lord have cryed, WOE to England, WOE to the corrupt Ma­gistrates, WOE to the Priests and to the Hypocrites, and fair Pre­tenders, and not Doers: Now you may see the end of your false Prophets and Priests that daubed with untempered morter; Now where is your wall they made? what have you now to cover your heads? lye they not bare now? are you not all become weak as water and faint-hearted, that dare not stand to your own principles? so as you have been examples and paterns of per­secution to all Nations of the innocent, in the height of your pride and vanity, are now become a hissing to all Nations in your fall, which the pride went before, which you were often told of. Oh wo is me for you! That mercy from the Lord you may find, in this great deep dark day of confusion among you, who are like Babilon confounded, who hath long drunk the Saints blood; the Kings of the earth must hate the Whore, as the Re [...]elations the Scriptures must be fulfilled, and thats but begin­ning, your Dalilah hath cut your locks, who has lulled asleep in her lap, who rose and shook your selves, and thought to have been as at other times: This was said to you before your eyes was put out, & [...]ou set a grinding; but now you must see if you can work in the Mill, but your state will hardly be found Sampsons, therefore consider your selves, and see if they were not your friends that warned you of the things that is come upon you; who in the day of your prosperity would have stopt the cry of Wisdom in your gates, and they that reproved sin in your gates (which you Magistrates did not keep down) was become a prey amongst you; your goals you fill'd almost in every corner of the Nation with the innocent and peaceable people; and of such as obey­ed the command of Christ, and could not sweare, you thrust out of you Courts and Places, and thrust them into Goals, that would have done truth at yea and nay. The houses of thousands of Families have you suffered to be rifled and spoiled by the Prie [...]s with a company of club-men, like a troop of Robbers: In all your Courts, Assizes, and Sessions have you caused the in­nocent [Page 6]to be haled up and down, by an unrighteous ministry that they did no work for; and so brought iniquity upon your Throne Likewise men of 60. or 80. l. a year, who reproved sin in the gates, and likewise sober women, you have whipped as va­gabonds, and so have been examples to Nations to Whip, Banish, Prison, Kill, Burn, and drink the blood of the innocent; and so Christ hath not been your example, who saves mens lives.

And besides, thousands you have suffered your Prie [...]s and Peo­ple to drag out of your Steeple-houses by the hair of the head, knockt down, lay for dead, shed their blood, & cast into prison, & be­sides thousands of meetings of the people of God have been by your people tumulted, many there windows broken, houses pull'd down, and men pulled out of the meeting by the hair of the head when they have been at prayer, which has been a dishonour, & a shame to Government: And how many formed lies have been invented amongst you, and by your Priests, that the Quakers was rising to cut your throats; and now what good does your refuge do you? and what is become of your refuge makers? are not the Quakers now tryed and proved? and must not now your refuge of lies go to the pit with you? and was not the people of God called Quakers your friends, in warning you of all this that is come to passe? though you persecuted them, and trod upon them, and cast them out, for the Lords names sake, and because they trembled at his word; but now he shall appear for their sakes, and you shall be ashamed, and the thousands; and multitudes that have been persecuted by you for not doffing hats to you, and respecting persons, in which you went beyond all Christianity (yea, the very Turk) in pride and ambition, and now you may see what you have been cover­ed withall, now you have the substance of it, and you may see how the life of Religion, you have lived out of, and out of the life of Christ and the Apostles; and now you may see that God hath stained, and laid in dust that glory and honour of yours, which you would have had friends to bow down to, and persecuted them because they would not give it you, and because they would not bow down to your will-worships, but worshipt God in Spirit and Truth.

And was not persecution ever blind, and Persecutors? and now you may see into what Ditch you are fallen: And have you [Page 8]not a reward according to your workes? you cannot say, but you were warned both by God and his people, and were in a wilfull rebelling against both; and so the Lord will make you to know his Arm and Power, and his hand stretched out, which layes down the Mountaines with the Valleys, and layes down the stur­diest Oak, and slayes the fattest Bull: View the hand that does this, and Power of the Lord: Whether would not now many of you be glad of a Rock and a Hole in the earth to hide your selves in, when the Lord is risen to shake terribly the earth? now must you not own Quakers whether you will or no? and for all your persecution towards us we freely say, the Lord forgive you, and that from him you may find mercy in this day of your mise­ry, and whether now night is not come upon you that hath been told you, that your walking is there? and now have not you trea­chery enough, who in it has been found both to God and Man? plain dealing men were become, an abominable thing among you, for how many fair promises had you promised to the Na­tion, over and over, and how long did the Lord spare you? and did you not betray the innocent people of the Nation? Now mind and consider, whither that hath brought you selves, and learn to do so no more, but repent.

All men shall be at their wits end about their Religion and Profession which be out of the Life & Power the Prophets and Apostles were in, and in heaps, and confusions, and distractions, one setting up, and another plucking down; And this is the work out of the Life and Power.

And before the Lord destroyed Jerusalem, he long warned them, as he hath long you, and neverthelesse the Lords Arm and Power, will and shall be seen in this Nation.

And did not the Lord warn & fend Prophets among the peo­ple before he destroyed them? and did not they persecute them as you have done? and so cast the Lords Servants out of the vineyard, like the Jews, untill at the last they were cast out themselves, and so you who have betrayed the Nation and pow­er, at last what you sowed, that you do reap.

From one that loves all souls (and the good of all people) which is eternall. George Fox.

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