Men, Women, or Children.

RUptures or broken Bellies cured by a Traveller famous in Ger­many, and other Countries; no Cure [...]o Money, but for Trus­ses you may have them made easie, none such made in England, as these be found by experience, with Hinges, Springs, Joynts, Screws, or plain, so easie and fit to go about your business without any pain or trouble; he helps those at a distance, as well with directions, as those in London, and helps those that cannot hold their Water, or bearing down in their privy Parts, and makes strait Stockins, and Italian Locks; It is a private Distemper, and suddenly go [...], and many Peo­ple keep it private until they are spoyled, and know not where to go or send, therefore keep this Bill in your House. Many Children be spoyled and undone by neglecting of them when they be young; Therefore if any People of Quality are minded to have them in my House for the better perfecting of the Cure, at reasonable terms. If any Doctor, Surgion, or Apothecary do send their Patient to me for Trusses, they may be very well fitted, and I do never meddle fur­ther with their Patient. Poor and Advice for nothing, take it in time.

By Rich Collins, from Nine to Twelve, at the Bell facing upon the Ditchside at Fleet-Bridge; the Afternoon [...] at the Bell in St [...]. John's [...] in [...]arkenwel Par [...]

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