By the King. A PROCLAMATION Prohibiting the Importation of all Wines of the Growth of the Canary Islands, and all further Trade and Commerce with the said Islands, and the Inhabitants thereof, until His Majesties Pleasure shall be further known.


WHereas the Trade of the Canary-Wines was heretofore carried on with much benefit and advan­tage to Our Subjects, by a great Vent and Exportation of the Native Commodities and Ma­nufactures of Our Kingdoms, and the Wines received in Exchange for those Commodities, were usually, when Imported, sold at moderate and easie Rates, until of late, by reason of the irregular and disorderly Trading of Retailers, and other persons no ways experienced in that Trade, and of their extraordinary and unseasonable resort unto the said Islands; with an unusual number of Ships, the Prices of those Wines have beén exceédingly enhaunced, and the Commodities and Manufa­ctures of Our Kingdoms debased in their Value by the Inhabitants of the said Islands, and Our Sub­jects enforced to pay for a great part of those Wines with Pieces of Eight, and Bills of Exchange, to the decay of Trade, and the decrease of the Treasure of Our Kingdoms: And whereas the Inhabitants of those Islands not contenting themselves with the Banishment of Our Consul, and the principal Factors out of the Island of Theneriff last year, have lately proceéded further, and do openly Declare, That no English Ship whatsoever shall be permitted to Load or Vnload, or any English Merchant to live amongst them; And the Governours of the said Islands have published several Proclamations to that effect, and executed them with such severity, That all Our English Merchants lately residing in those Islands, are quite turned off the said Islands, and forced to leave their Estates behind them, to their utter ruine. We therefore deép­ly resenting these injuries done to all Our loving Subjects, and resolving not to suffer the Indignities offer­ed to Our Self, have thought fit by the advice of Our Council, to Declare, and do hereby Publish and De­clare Our Royal Will and Pleasure, That no Wines, nor any other Commodities of the Growth, Produ­ction, or Manufacture of the Canary Islands, nor any other Merchandise whatsoever from thence, shall at any time hereafter be Imported into this Our Kingdom, or into any other of Our Kingdoms and Dominions, until Our Pleasure shall be further known, upon pain of forfeiting all the Wines, Commodities, and Mer­chandises so Imported, and of incurring the utmost Penalty which can be inflicted upon the wilful Con­temners of this Our Royal Command. And We do hereby Charge and Command all and every of Our loving Subjects, of what degreé and condition soever, as well in this Our Kingdom of England, as in any other of Our Kingdoms or Dominions, That they presume not to continue any Trade or Traffique with any of the Inhabitants of the said Islands, nor to have any further Commerce with them, or send any Ship or Ships thither, as they will answer the contrary at their perils. And all Merchants and Commanders of Ships now in Port, and Outward bound for the said Islands, or any of them, are hereby Commanded not to proceéd in such their Voyage, upon pain of Our utmost Displeasure. And We do hereby straitly Charge and Command all Farmers, Collectors, Waiters, and Officers of Our Customs, and all other Our Officers and Ministers whatsoever, That they presume not to suffer any Wines of the Growth of the said Canary Islands, or any other Commodities or Merchandise belonging to any of the Inhabitants of the said Islands, or coming from thence, for the account of any other person or persons whomsoever, to be Landed at any the Ports of this Our Kingdom, or any other of Our Kingdoms or Dominions, until Our Pleasure herein shall be further known, as they will answer the contrary at their perils.

God save the King.

In the SAVOY, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill and Christopher Barker, His Majesties Printers, 1666.

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