CORANT OR VVEEKLY NEVVES, from Italy, Germany, Hungaria, Polonia, Bohemia, France, and the Low-Countries.

From Rome the 17. of September 1621.

FRom Roome it is certainely Reported that Car­dinall Bellermine, after he had receiued the Co­munion and the Popes Benediction died,

From Vienna the 22. of September. 1721.

The Spanish Ambassador is come hether againe with the Earle of Colalto From Presburg and the differences betwene the outlandish & German Ge­nerals are agréed vpon, but vntill this day noe Im­periall Generall hath béene yet named.

The 21. of this moneth to the ordained méeting at Rauensburg on the Maerke, is deputed for Com­missary, the Cardinall Dieterichsteyn, the Archbish­op Basman, the Lord Breuner, and the Earle of Meg­gan: on the Hungarians side both the Earles of Thurso and 2. principall Lords of the Country, who should haue met together this day but because of the contagion, which there much increaseth, it is not yet begun

The Archduke Charles is yethéere he hath caused great quantity of Wynes and other prouision to be transported to the Landiorney in Silesia whether the said Archduke is dayly to march: where also the Elector of Saxon in his owne person should appare. and it is héere published that all prouision of Vittels should he transported hether, and to other strong places and Townes

From Newmarck the 30 of Septem.

At this instant, the Earle of Mansfield who is bro­ken vp from Ambergh, is here expected with thrée Coronets of Horse, and more men shall follow af­ter him, whereupon Women & Children fly from hence with their best goods, & there is great sighing and lamenting, amongst the poore people in the Mentz Country.

From Francfort the 30. of September.

We holde it here, that Franckendal is as much as besiedged, because the Spaniards (by reason of the Generals retyring) is master of the most part of the Bergh street: All the Townes and Boroughes (except the Castle Sarckenburgh) hauing yeilded themselues vnto them.

From Thorne in Prussia.

It is reported, that the Citty of Kigain Lysland is taken in by the King of Swethland, because that after hauing sustained and repulsed 4 assaults, and they without preparing for the Fifth assault before the Citty gates, those that were within, the Citty in many places being set on fire, sought to parley and thus péelded the Citty with composition.

From Vienna the 18. of September 1621.

Some letters from Vienna relate, that the Em­perors army beginneth againe to increase and grow stronger, and that by the Land Townes is much so­li [...]ted, for a truce or cellation of Armes, that at the other side Budiani with his men did yet continue to doe much spoyle had already made himselfe Master of D [...]oskere [...] vnder Newsradt, Menling, Entens­v [...]y, and almost of that whole Country, ransacking [...] the very gates of Vienna, where it is feared that he shall take in his power the Riuer of Douaw, and thereby shut vp the passage both by land and water, whereby the Imperiall army might come to indure great distresse.

The Duke of Bauaria hath not onely vpper Au­stria in pawne, but hath also hath taken the Salt­handel in vpper Austria into his possession.

The Marquis of Iagensdorp, is entred in Mora­nia, and there kéepeth house very disorderly.

The Elector [...]ll Saxonians, haue besieged Glatz in Silesia: which Citty as it is written is well pro­uided with men and munition.

The Marquis hath menaced those of Breslaw very rigorously, because they let the Saxonians haue of their munition.

There was newes that the King of Polonia was broken vp to withstand the Turke, who with 300. thousand men was come to the frontiers of his Land.

From Vienna, the 22. of September 1621.

Bethlem Gabor hath not béene séene in his army this 14. dayes, but hath béene at Ofen, where some thousands of Turkes are arriued, whome he bring­eth to his Leager.

The Marquis of Iagersdorp with his Army, and also the Carle of Thurne, who commandeth o­uer the Germans, are gone to Morauia, where hée hath aloeady burn'd to the ground aboue 12. Villa­ges and Boroughs, and hath caused some hundreths of persons to be slaine, and put to death.

Bethlem himselfe being now reuiued, hath sent word once again to those of Presburgh, that he will shortly visite tham once more with fire and Sword.

The Commander Diepenbach is yesterday come hither with the Imperiall Field-campe vnder Pres­burgh, and our Army shall breake vp from thence and is to goe to the Marckfelt ouer a Shipbridge (which is layd ouer the riuer at Thoben) towards Morauia to binder the bad intention of Iagersdorp because that he with Mansfield is thought to haue a pernicious enterprise in hand against the Imperiall Maiesty.

The Budiani hath as yet strongly continued with burning and ransacking in Austria and Stiria, and now their commeth newes that within 8. dayes time he hath burnt to the ground obout 80. Towns and Villages, and carryed away & put to death ma­ny thousands of soules. Also newes are brought by the Post, who hath brought hither the ransome for the prisoners héere, of a dangerous and hurtfull in­tended infall of the Budiani, who being strong more then 20000. men all Turkes and Hungarians, is resolued to put fire in the Suburbs of this Citty.

The reconciliation of the Palatine with the Em­perors Maiesty is héere in good termes, because that his Maiesty hath written to all the Electors, to heare and vnderstand their aduice, they are all incli­ned to pardon, so that it is hoped that within a short time a Cessation of armes shall be effected.

Moreouer the Plague beginneth héere much to in­crease, and besides all things are héere very déere, one pound of Flesh, that héere before hath cost 14. pence, is now sold for 5. Cruytsers, & many wonder­full [Page]fokens & visions are dayly séen in the Element.

From Pague the 23. of September 1621.

Some few dayes agoe, there is carried againe an other great Piece of Canon out of this Citty store­house to Tabor, and although those of Tabor perceiue the resolute consiancy of the besiegers, and that dayly more and more men resort to them, for all that they are the more scornefull, and the more make a scoffing of it, because that they haue receiued comfort from Mansfield of their onset by him at the first. And newes commeth from Silessa, that the Soldiers of that Country haue taken the Citty of Glatz by composition, but what the conditions are is as yet vnknowne.

We had héere aduice yesterday that the Earle of Mansfield was agréed with the Duke of Bauaria, namely that he should pay to him the said Earle 300 thousand Florins, but to his Soldiers 3. monthes wages, and whosoeuer would be content to serue a­gaine, that he should goe to Hungaria also to voyde and pull downe all the Sconces and fortresses about the Palatinate, likewise the said Duke should pro­cure pardon for Mansfield by the Emperors Maie­sty, vpon condition that all his life time he should not serue nor beare Armes against the house of Au­stria, Bauaria, nor Spaine, and that in recompence thereof hée should be made an Earle of the Empire, with other conditions more, whereupon he with his whole army is retired, taking his iourney towards Ambergh.

From the Bergstrate the 28. of Sept. 1621.

The Spaniards haue begun the 26. hereof to shoote vpon the Towne of Franckendal, but be­cause that those within defended themselues vali­antly, they the last night retired from thence, and went to Keysers Lautexen, what their they shal effect we shall heare. At this instant great burning hath béene séene in diuere places about the same ter­ritories.

From the vpper Palatinate the 28. of Sept. 1621.

Wée are héere in these Countries in a miserable state, because that the Earle of Mansfield will not accept the agréement with the Duke of Bauaria, also because the said Mansfield hath vnderstood, that the Magistrates at Ambergh with the Nobility and City, haue yéelded themselues to the deuotion of the Duke of Bauaria, the said Earle is marched for­ward, hath spoyled, ransacked and burnt, the faire Market towne Hantpach, & Slicht, and killed ma­ny poore subiects, hath also besieged Vilseek, & now he swarmeth with the most part of his Horsemen round about Ambergh, those of the Citty haue shut their Gates, refusing to let him come in, wherefore the Earle hath sworne, that within two dayes he would enter the Towne, which is feared shall not be without bloodshed. And there is such flying, and retiring in all the Country that it cānot be written, In the meane time the Bauarians haue taken Camb, where he lost 800 men. Neuenkirk, Walt­munchen, Prug, Blegensteyn, Kemer, Grasermeer, Waldeck, and other places, where he caused the In­habitants to doe him homage, likewise he hath sum­moned Newenmarckt, but Mansfield hath put gar­risons therein.

From the vpper Palatinate the 29. of Sept. 1621.

This day in the forenoone is the Earle of Mans­field arriued heere at Newenmarckt, with 6. Com­panies of Horse, the Souldiers lye héere and there dispersed, what they intend on both sides to doe, is not yet knowne.

From the Palatinate the 2. of October 1621.

The 30. of September the Spaniards tooke in Lamsheym, our Horsmen are all gone to their quar­ters at Seckenheym, Neckerhausen, and Edingen, they distrust to be able to resist the Spanish forces, they are not strong enough both on Foot and Horse­men. To day a 1000. Soldiers are trayned at Nec­kerhausen, The Spaniards keepe themselues at Franckendal, it is thought that they will march to Newstat.

The 30. of September, she horsemen of Ouer­trout, haue ransacked the suburbes of Weinheim, they will likewise ransacke the Towne it selfe, be­cause that they haue yéelded themselues to the Spaniards.

At Heydelburgh they make before Newenheym a land partition, and a Bulwarke, whereupon great pieces of Ordenance may be planted. On the other side they haue taken downe the tower called Trots Keyser, and filled it with earth, and péeces of Canon shall be set vpon it.

From the Berghstreet the 1. of October, 1621.

Before Franckendal 600. Spanish soldiers were slaine in one assault, it is thought they will retire from thence.

From Cullen the 5. of October 1621.

Thrée dayes past, those of Gulicke being 7000. men strong, sallyed out with Thomas Viller his hors­men, & tooke in a Sconce by Lintsenich on this side of the Roer, wherein some of the Spanish souldiers were slaine, and so with their Lieutenant were ta­ken prisoners and brought into Gulicke, who the next day were all released againe, the said Leiute­nant remaining surety for their ransome.

These of Gulick haue made a Sconce on the Ro­erbridge, through which they can fall out, they haue also these dayes past shot furiously out of it, to hin­der the Spaniards from making their fortifications, whereouer some were killed. In the meane time the gates of Gulick stand yet open, and the Cattle goeth yet out to pasture, and the women and Children of the Soldiers in Gulick, are yet suffered to come in the towne, And thus the Towne and fortresses is yet well prouided of all necessaries.

From France is the Death of Duke of Mayne confirmed, being besides him many Noble and Gen­tlemen slaine, with some odde hundreths of soldiers. And moreouer the contagious disease is great in the Kings leager, if hée will their continue it is much doubted of. It is likewise reported that the Duke of Rohan is néere, with some thousands of men rea­dy and néere to reléeue the siege from Montaubon.

The Duke of Rohan hath with him 20000. men, and hath sent word to the King, that he will not come to any agréement, before all the affaires of France be first pacified, and by fault thereof, that he will resist him to the vttermost, although he should be forced to auoyde the Kingdome.

We heare from Rees, that they worke yet hard on the new Forts ouer the Rhine, that right ouer the Town of Emmerick another Fort should he made, otherwise no mutation of things was done, nor also of the Spanish side, it séemeth that by reason of the long raining weather at this time, no further enter­prises shall be vnder taken.

London Printed for N.B. October the 11. 1621. Out of the Low Dutch Coppy.

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