CORANTE, OR, NEWES FROM Italy, Germany, Hungarie, Spaine and France. 1621.

THere is aduice from Naples, that certaine Ambassadours of Messina are arriued there and from thence are to go into Spaine, to con­gratulate the king and to giue him a present of 150000. crownes, as also that in Naples a con­tention falling out betweene the Spaniards and Neopolitans, there were many on both sides slaine and wounded, so that if the Cardinall the Vice Roy had not stept in amongst them, there would haue bene a great slaughter.

The Popes galleyes are gone to Gaeta and Messina, but the gally Saint Peter stayes at Gaeta.

On tuesday Prince Philibert with 15. gallyes sayled along by Ciuita Vechia towards Sicilia.

Here by commandement of the Pope there are costly swadling bands, mantles, and other blankets made, they are embroidered with gold siluer, and other costly workes, to present vnto the queene of Spaine against shel is brought to bed of her first child, amounting to the vallew of 10000. crownes.

BY letters of the 21. from Genua it is certi­fied, that Petro de Liena is arriued there with two gallyes from Spaine, and that the rest stay still at Vado. The next day the Generall follow­ed him, and in a ship richly laden went from Genua to Spaine, and passing by Nizza refused to pay the Tole, whereupon certaine vessels were sent out against them, and ouertaking thē in the Prouince Sea, tooke them and brought them to Nizza from Grieckisckwisenburg. It is certified that the bridges that are made ouer the riuer Donaw by the Turkes, are now ready, and that the Turke hath left an army of 50000. men by Cameniz to defend the bridges, after whom there followed 15000. waggons laden with victuals and munition for the Army, in the meane time the Turks sent 10000. Turkes to forrage the country, who being met with all by 15000. Polonians fought together, the Polan­ders at last hauing the victory.

AFter the Hungarians had burnt & destroy­ed about 200. castles, villages, and market townes, and spoyled a great quantity of corne standing vpon the ground, they went backe a­gaine and planted a siege before Presburge, & vpon the 19. 20 21. & 22. of August shot fierce­ly against it, and still continue their battery; the Emperours souldiers defend themselues va­liantly therein, notwithstanding that they are shut vp therein, and are determined to fight as long as any of them are aliue, if they bee not forced to yeeld for want of ayde and prouision of victuals.

There are 8000. men of Morauia, Bohemia and many souldiers of Sylesia gathered toge­ther in Marble, that are to go withall speede to releeue Presburge.

On this side the riuer Donaw the Budianers in great numbers ouer-runne and ransacke the countrey, doing great hurt by burning and spoyling the same, and haue come within foure miles of this towne, and burnt the countrey: whereupon the poore people in great feare run away, and by that means the corne in the coun­trey is all spoyled. The Earle of Colalto, hath commission to defend Newstadt, and to let thē, from making incursiō. After that the Emperor­had proclaymed a generall pardon in Morauia, and the prisoners set at libertie, they began to defend themselues, and are determined to de­fend their countrey from further inuasions. There are more men exspected to come hither from Inn. Captain Becker, that had bin 3. weekes prisoner with the Hungarians is now released and come hither.

The Ducket is yet 3. Florins and a halfe, and the R [...] Dollor 3. Florin [...] and 20. Crutzers. The gold Doller 2. Florins, which sort of mo­ny shall be raysed to 4. 3. and 2. and a halfe.

The Duke of Saxons, and the English Am­bassadors are yet here.

The Earle of Colalto, 8 dayes since, meeting with the Hungarians that came to Newstadt, and there in the suburbs tooke certaine childrē and carryed them prisoners, whereof some of them were Turkes.

The Budianers with whō there are 6000. Turks ioyned are gone with their army towards the borders of the Steirmarke.

THe 16. 17. and 18. of this month the enemy planted his siege in Hohemery winegar­dens, on both sides about this towne, in such manner that all the ground is couered with thē which done vpon the 19. 20. 21. they began to batter the towne and presently entred the sub­urbs, and began to ensconce themselues against the towne, against whom our souldiers are not idle, and ceased not 3. dayes together to shoot out of the towne and castle against them, and they in like maner against vs, whereby ma­ny are slaine on both sides: the last night the e­nemy brought his great ordināce to the Schād­torfer street, and planted a great peece ouer a­gainst St. Michaels tower, to batter the bulwark and sconce, but to little end, for that not onely the wals in that place are very strong, but also the vttermost Bulwarke, for that they cannot speedily make any bretch, and as soone as any hurt is done, presently it is repayred and tam­perd [Page] [...] [Page]vp againe. The Souldiers within are fully resolued to defend themselues to the last man, and hope that the Emperour will ayd them both with men and other prouision.

THe enemy batters the towne both day and night, and hath already shot 1500. shot a­gainst it, & do assaile the Tower and Bulwarke of Saint Michael, shooting bullets of 15. 18 & 20. pound and more, and they of the Castle and Tower shoot continually at them, we are in good hope that the enemy within few dayes will leaue off his enter-prise, for wee expect the Emperours force this day or to morrow.

THe 20. of this Moneth early in the mor­ning, about 9. of the clock. The Iudges of Ellenbogen and of Stoltz. D: Friderick van Carspadt and D: Luken, with other Prisoners heere, were receiued in an open Wagon, being conueyed by certaine horsemen to purglitz. There to stay till further resolution come from the Emperour, what shall be done with the rest that are Prisoners time will reueale.

Wee are certified from Tabor, that they within still defend themselues valiantly, yester­day it is reported that Baltazars Souldiers had lost another assault, and two dayes past there were 1500. weigh of Powder sent from hence thether. Colonell Paradise that was wounded with a shot before Tabor, is come hether to be healed, and the Surgions are determined to cut out the Bullet that lies betweene his Nose and his Eyes. Tabor is not like to giue ouer without great force and losse of many men, for that if our men should enter vpon the walls, yet they within are so strongly insconst, lodged and intrenched, that they are not to be gotten out.

Yesterday the last Marshall or State-law was holden in the Kleinseytner-place, wherein a­boue 500. common souldiers, and some Com­manders, that had left the Walstein Regi­ment, had their names set vpon the Gallowes

THis day the Earle of Schwarkenberge sat long in Counsell with the generall States, as it is thought about the affaires of Gulicke. Two or three dayes, since there came a Gentle­man from the Marquesse of Iagerinsdorf hi­ther, and had audience of the generall States, it is thought he is come to require some mony. On Tuesday the Arminians in Rotterdame be­gan a new stirre, hauing called secretly one of their Preachers into the towne to preach, which being knowne, and the Souldiers hauing stay­ed him. They thought to haue taken him from them by force, and killed a Souldier with a Hammer, whereupon the Souldiers discharged their Peeces at the Arminians, and kild fiue of them, and tooke twenty of them prisoners, which the rest seeing, got home to their houses, and some of them for that cause threatning the the maiestrates, there are Commissioners by order from the prouinciall Court sent out, to ex­amine the cause, and find out the beginners of that matter.

BEtweene Saterday and Sunday in the night the Arminians sought to preach heere, but being discouered, the foure Burgamasters of the towne, with the burgers watch, entered the place where they were, and tooke the Preacher who before had beene banished from thence, and taking the names of the greatest part of the company that were present, they shall be fined for their labour.

MAarques Spinola lies not farre from hence, with his Army on the other side of the Rhine, al things are prepared for the shipbridge there are aboue 1800. Waggons with Muniti­on in his Campe, and 16. great Peeces of Or­dinance, graue Henrick van den birge, is gone backe with 7000 foote, and 500. Horse, whe­ther he or the other will goe, as yet it is not knowne and Don Lewis de velasco, lieth at Bu­rige not farre from hence, and dayly the Colo­nels and Captaines come hether. So for that the Marquesse of Ansbach, and graue, Iohn van Nassaw are heere, therefore the Marquesse is expected heere about 8. of the clocke. There­fore all our Souldiers are ready in armes, it is said that the States, Forces, are about Elter­berge, betweene Kings-Sconce and Emerick, where they also make a Bridge ouer the Rhine, we dayly expect something to be done.

THe Infanta 3. dayes together hath sat in o­pen audience, and two dayes since the Earle Vratislaus van Furstenberge, the Empe­rours Embassador had audience, who to mor­row is to goe from hence towards Spaine.

In France the Duke D' Mayne, vpon the 19. of August, besiegd the strong towne of Moun­tabon, there are many great Peeces of Ordi­nance in it, but not aboue 1000. foote, and 200 horse, and about 3000 burgers.

GRaue Henrick van den berge, hath taken the house called Reed in the Palatinate, for that as the Lord of Oldenberge, with some of his seruants, being owner thereof, rode thither (it being kept by a company of the States soul­diers) he was taken by graue Henricks souldiers, and carried to Gladback, where he was so dealt withall, that he was content to yeeld the house to Graue Henrick, and to that end wrote to the Captaine to yeeld it vnto him. Marquesse Spi­nola lies yet at Reinberge, and for that all things are prepared ready for the Bridge before We­sell, we shall shortly see what will be done.

London Printed for N. B. September the 24. 1621. Out of the Hie Dutch Coppy printed at Franckford.

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